This is Jim Corsi. He’s an interesting fellow, having graced the nation’s sports pages as a teenager as a player for the Montreal Olympics of the North American Soccer League in 1971-72.

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4 Responses to "Tracers"

  1. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    Yeah, but Fibonacci won a Vezina, didn’t he?

  2. Asiaoil says:

    Wasn’t he a LH reliever for the BoSox in the 80s :)

  3. Schitzo says:

    Well, as far as random goaltenders from another era go, it was a more tasteful topic than Malarchuk

  4. Bruce says:

    Jim Corsi was a whale of a goalie. I had the pleasure of watching him in the 1975 CIAU playdowns. In those days there was no tournament, it was best-of-three series all the way, and Bears hosted Loyola in the national semi-final. Corsi was the only reason Loyola had got out of their league, and they were in out of their depth against the powerhouse Bears (that was the “Benny and the Jets” team that was captained by Ross Barros; one of their top players was John Horcoff, Shawn’s dad). Well on the Friday night the Bears just about tore those poor bastards limb from limb, outshooting them by a huge margin, probably on the order of 50-15. Corsi wasn’t just the last line of defence, he was the only line. In a game where the Bears could have easily hit double digits the final score was 2-0. Corsi was fantastic, he did everything but score. The Saturday game was a little sloppier, wound up 4-3 Bears IIRC but again Corsi turned a laugher into a nailbiter with an All-World performance.

    I had forgotten Corsi was a soccer star as well. He wound up his CIAU career as a three-time All-Canadian in soccer, then won the Sullivan Trophy as the outstanding player in CIAU hockey. In fact Corsi was a two-sport professional athlete, having played for a time with the Montreal Olympiques in the old NASL.

    Today Corsi is the longstanding goalie coach of the Buffalo Sabres and the co-author of The Hockey Goalie’s Handbook.

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