Avs at Oilers, G17/08-09

The truth is that with age nostalgia comes in waves. I used to ignore it, listen to new music and shun reunion tours (save the Stones). However, at some point in time, when some girl band covers a Monkees tune, or when your kid wants platform shoes or walks around with the “layered” look, it’s impossible to ignore.

I find myself quite happy about the talk that has Quebec and Winnipeg possibly acquiring NHL franchises. I saw some beauty games in Winnipeg and some of the most electrifying games of the 1980s involved the Quebec Nordiques.

This photo (Daniel Bouchard) isn’t a very good one but the good Quebec photos are hard to find. When you played the heart of your career for a defunct club, your name doesn’t come up as often. When was the last time anyone mentioned Buddy Cloutier?


The Avalanche have some absolute strengths and they also have trouble in goal. They are not terribly different than the Oilers in terms of GF-GA (Oilers have the same number of GF in one more GP and have allowed three more goals), with I think the edge going to the Avs in terms of offense. They also have a huge advantage in that they have one area of weakness that, once addressed, will mean they are balanced.

Liam Reddox and Jesse James are apparently going to draw into the lineup, and this morning’s fishwrap tells us MacT will stink eye two forwards who have been vanilla (his word, and it’s a good one).

Any guesses? I’d suggest Stortini and Brodziak, but fear it will be Pouliot and Nilsson.

As for predicting the winner, I’ll say Colorado gives the Oilers a good old fashioned ass kicking tonight. They’ve tightened up the rhythm section the last couple of games and I don’t think anyone can suggest their scorers are subpar. They’ll probably score more special teams goals than Edmonton manages in all situations.

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  1. Bob Arctor says:

    Penner and Brodziak are out. See ON…

  2. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    It appears Penner and Brodziak get the hook at least according to the guys over at Hudson’s nation.

  3. GorillazXL says:

    Brodziak and Penner? I think there’s a long list of players that should take a seat before those two, but both aren’t having great years. IMHO I think Horcoff has been the worst player this year, especially after signing a big contract. Penner hasn’t seen much ice time on the first line and has been limited to 3rd line minutes so you would expect his pt production to drop (maybe not as low as it is but…) Brodziak has had better games then Stortini, actually he’s simply a better player. I like Pisani, but this year he’s been absolutely dismal.


  4. Fake Craig McTavish says:


    Mirtle actually has an interesting post up about the top 30 defensive players so far this season. Pisani is on it.


  5. Coach pb9617 says:

    Looking at the Shift Charts from the Toronto game, it seems like the game got away from the Oilers when Horcoff’s line was no longer head up against the Stajan-Antropov-Ponikarovsky line. Is this attributed to the penalty parade or other reasons?

  6. Coach pb9617 says:

    I like Pisani, but this year he’s been absolutely dismal.

    Hmmm, what now? For a guy that’s played all three positions, he’s having a nice season on defense.

    IMHO I think Horcoff has been the worst player this year, especially after signing a big contract.


  7. Coach pb9617 says:

    Given Atlanta’s attendance history and current numbers, they would be target #1 for a Quebec move if I ruled the world.

    Then again, I’d also have the Panthers bound for Winnipeg and the Lightning become the Regina/Saskatoon Tonians.

    If I ruled the world…

  8. Black Dog says:

    If I ruled the world … ooh the possibilities.

    In the Journal or Sun, there was a list of forwards with less points then four defencemen on this team.

    The list is a long one, too long.

    Now a guy like Horcoff or Pisani or Moreau or yes, Stortini, will contribute far more then just plain old counting numbers.

    And sometimes there is just a lot of plain luck involved.

    But what use is Penner if he is not scoring (1 goal in 15 games) and not using his size (pushed off the puck easily by Alex Steen in the third last game).

    And Brodziak failed an easy clear on the PK last game that led to a goal.

    So you could sit a whole whack of guys – I thought it would be Nilsson and Pouliot myself – but hoped it would be Penner.

    I know I have been harping on R. Wilson a lot lately but the guy benches players regardless – Matt Stajan sat in the PB on two occasions this year and has been one of their best forwards since. And Blake has also sat, including the game against Calgary, and see how he responded against the Oilers.

    A lot of guys on this team are way too comfortable. What has Penner done this year? Guy is the highest paid forward presently, am I right? And he has gotten time playing with Hemsky and the PP.

    And he has done fuckall. He’s Steve Bernier.

  9. Black Dog says:

    And Reddox getting a chance to play with Cogliano and Cole while Pouliot plays between Stortini and Boulerice.

    So Pouliot isn’t in the good books either.

    Little Reddox has a chance to show what he can do.

  10. Fake Craig McTavish says:


    It should be noted that while Bernier has done diddly, he’s outscoring Penner at a 2-1 clip. 4G 4A.

    That’s how bad Penner has been.

  11. Coach pb9617 says:

    And Reddox getting a chance to play with Cogliano and Cole while Pouliot plays between Stortini and Boulerice.

    That’s shocking actually. What of Horcoff and Pisani?

  12. Slipper says:

    Penner has been a passenger.

  13. rananda says:

    They’ve tightened up the rhythm section the last couple of games

    great stuff.

  14. Slipper says:

    I’m going to title this Reunite Hemsky and Horcoff.

    Hemsky and Horcoff together

    Hemsky and Gagner together

    Horcoff and Pisani together

    On these tables, Player #99 is the combined results of the listed tandems when on the ice together.

  15. Dennis says:

    MacT had been getting both 27-89 away from the PK in the last couple of games and that was a good move IMO but in looking at the numbers at BTN, 51 Hasn’t been a problem on the PK.

    Not sure if he takes draws in the “A” but Pendergast has a quote in a Springfield paper today about Reddox being called up to help out the PK unit so we can imagine he’ll be on that unit.

    For my money, I would’ve kicked 27 to the pressbox and brought in Reddox to help on the PK OR more likely I would’ve sat out 46 and brought in Reddox to help the PK and I would’ve bumped 27 down to play with 51-Reddox and just cut his TOI and see how he liked those apples. That’s not me saying that 27 is beyond being asked to sit out, it’s just me saying that 51 could’ve probably helped out on the PK according to the numbers.

    Regarding the new lines, I still don’t see two lines that can handle tough matchups. Sakic is out tonight, he is having a rough year at EV though, and overall the Avs don’t have two lines to worry about at EV. So we might get off with this alignment vs Colorado.

    12 showed some nice things with 10-83 in that loss at Nsh so he has that going for him; the 13-26 pairing plus Reddox is an absolute unknown and 78 gets saddled on the 4th line.

    I expect we’ll see 10 forwards running through three lines and at the very least maybe 13-26 can spark. Cogs had three great chances at MSG and looked ready to pop so maybe it will happen for him tonight; 26 hasn’t been getting a whole lot done lately so maybe this will un-funk him.

    51 really hasn’t been creating all that many chances lately so it’s not like he’s above being sat, but I think it could’ve been shuffled in a better way. Also, this is a big push for 12; in that yes he’s already been given his first big contract but instead of getting a kick in the ass he got a bump to play with 10-34.

    Finally, Penner is who we think he is. I always thought he was above PB duty because of how and what he was signed for but it looks like I’m wrong about that. It’s not his fault that he makes so much but he has to use his size each and every night and he has to show that he can score with people outside of Ales Hemsky.

    Pat: I like Wilson as well; even though I don’t feel good about it;)

  16. Dennis says:

    Slipper: Yes, I think it’s best we build two tough min lines around the 10-83 combo plus 78-51 as the pivot and 26-18-34 rounding out the wings; maybe even put 27 up with 10-83 if we’re looking to get something out of him.

    But right now it’s all about Gagner and we’ll roll or fall or change lines and plans of attack depending on how he does.

  17. mjsh says:

    Interesting times for the Oilers. This is the best team we have seen for a long time but very frustrating for long time fans because we are used to the muckers and grinders that have always worked so hard. Far too many stinkers this year for my liking. Having said that, I seem them coming up with some effort tonight and beating up on the worst team in the division.

  18. Jonathan says:

    That’s shocking actually. What of Horcoff and Pisani?

    With Nilsson as the second line, and undoubtedly the first “tough minutes” line.

  19. Coach pb9617 says:

    With Nilsson as the second line, and undoubtedly the first “tough minutes” line.

    We’re to assume that he learned whatever lesson that necessitated his demotion to the fourth line and that Mac saw whatever he needed to see out of him against Toronto?

  20. St George says:

    I am cheered to hear Penner is being sat out. The guy is the lazyiest player I have ever seen, and the only time he performed semi-consistently in his life was when the ducks repeatedly benches him.

  21. Alice says:

    StG: Not to be a stickler, but the word you’re looking for is Lasiesty

  22. Slipper says:

    God, I hope that was unintentional.

    OT @ Jonathon: You’re the king of the live streaming games. Do you ever come across live streaming of PPV fights in your travels?

  23. Jonathan says:

    Slipper: Sorry, no. Life’s much easier with my wife if I keep my hobbies to a reasonable number, so hockey it is ;)

  24. Doogie2K says:

    This photo (Daniel Bouchard) isn’t a very good one but the good Quebec photos are hard to find.

    I found a decent one of Guy Lafleur from his comeback years. Sad fact that I first knew Le Demon Blond as a Nord and The Great One as a King, but that’s life when you’re born in 1986.

    Given Atlanta’s attendance history and current numbers, they would be target #1 for a Quebec move if I ruled the world.

    Then again, I’d also have the Panthers bound for Winnipeg and the Lightning become the Regina/Saskatoon Tonians.

    Considering the Quebec Nordiques were born as the Miami Screaming Eagles (and moved before they played a game in the WHA), I think it would be apropos for the Panthers to move to Quebec City. Circle of life and all.

    I also remember watching the ’83 Finals during the summer and Bob Cole telling Bill Hunter over the air that all of Canada was pulling for him as he tried to move the Blues to Saskatchewan. I love it when broadcasters date the telecast so perfectly.

  25. Black Dog says:

    Dennis – lol re: Wilson

    Guy gets results though. And Toskela has not even really played to snuff yet.

    Anyways I know this drew some flak a week back but I think MacT has some issues with this team. Performances remain inconsistent and while they harp on how young this team is there are some vets who need to show more as well.

    Nilsson was the first guy and now Pouliot is being dropped down in responsibility and two more guys are sitting. Its about time and you could argue a number of guys who might deserve it but Penner is #1 and Brodziak would be on the list as well.

    Penner scored 29 on a Ducks’ team playing somewhat with dreck and while the opp. was softer in those days the fact is regardless of who he has played with and against he has really done nothing.

    Considering Bernier has a rep as a guy who does not stay interested enough to play hard for long stretches I figured he was a good comp but as pointed out he has raised the bar, a little, apparently.

  26. hunter1909 says:

    I hope the Oilers lose every game they play until MacTavish gets fired.

  27. Bruce says:

    lol re: Wilson
    Guy gets results though.

    … in the regular season only. Which makes him a perfect fit for Toronto.

  28. Bruce says:

    Reddox getting a chance to play with Cogliano and Cole while Pouliot plays between Stortini and Boulerice.

    … meaning the fourth line plays diddly, while we run three lines out there all night. Given the fourth line has gone +1 and drawn three powerplays the last two games, I’m not sure I like it.

    Interesting that MacT is trying to get Penner’s attention at this point. Dustin leads the team at +6 despite having been moved down the depth chart for the most part and played some time at RW. Last year he scored over half of his goals on the PP, and this year his PP ice time has been slashed for no apparent reason.

    Season | ES TOI | SH TOI | PP TOI
    2007-08 | 13:20 | 0:08 | 3:43
    2008-09 | 12:15 | 1:35 | 1:29

    Last year Penner got over 27 minutes of PP time for every 1 minute on the PK; this year it’s less than 1:1. Given that both special teams are delivering less than they should, it leaves me scratching my head as to WTF MacT’s thinking is.

  29. Slipper says:

    Well, his teams do make the playoffs.

  30. hunter1909 says:

    btw…no worries about where Craig MacTavish is going to go after he finally leaves the Oilers.

    I hear there’s a job going on the Titanic – arranging deck chairs.

  31. mc79hockey says:

    … in the regular season only. Which makes him a perfect fit for Toronto.

    How many teams have played six playoff rounds in the last three years?

  32. Slipper says:

    He’s no Scott Bowman, that’s for sure.

  33. Bruce says:

    How many teams have played six playoff rounds in the last three years?

    Just trying for the cheap laugh, MC. But since you asked, and since regular season success guaranteed at least three series, let’s rephrase the question slightly and ask how many teams have won three or more playoff rounds the past three years?

    6 series wins:
    Detroit — 352 points
    Anaheim — 310 points

    4 series wins:
    Ottawa — 312 points
    Buffalo — 303 points
    Carofuckinlina — 292 points

    3 series wins;
    San Jose — 314 points
    Pittsburgh — 265 points
    Edmonton — 254 points

    Sharks have the second-best regular season record since the lockout, yet 5 teams have outperformed them in the post-season. 9 different teams have made the conference finals, none of them being the Sharks. Which presumably is why Ron Wilson lost his job.

  34. Bruce says:

    … to which I will add, the job Wilson has done in Toronto to this point has been nothing short of brilliant.

  35. Slipper says:

    “…yet 5 teams have outperformed them in the post-season”

    That’s not very many in a 30 team league, is it?

  36. mc79hockey says:

    Bruce – they’ve been about the third best team in the West since the lockout; it’s a tossup between them and ANA, I think, although I give ANA the lead. I don’t buy the idea that a guy who knows how to coach in the regular season doesn’t know how to coach in April. I know that you’re basically a sporting determinist but they were 6:47 from going up 3-0 on the Oilers, 33 seconds away from going up 3-1 on Detroit in 2007 and lost 4-2 to Dallas last year in a series in which they lost 3 OT games. Wilson’s teams in San Jose came agonizingly close to breaking through to the third round and it’s a bit silly to suggest that he can’t coach in the playoffs.

    Do I think that their success was largely because of him? No but then I think that the replacement level for NHL head coaches is pretty high. I don’t think that the Sharks would have necessarily done any worse with a different (competent, ie. not Melrose) head coach but I don’t know that they would have done much better.

  37. mc79hockey says:

    That’s not very many in a 30 team league, is it?

    Not to mention, three of these teams play in the shallow end.

  38. doritogrande says:


    There’s never going to be a team back in Winnipeg. We’re just too cheap to afford NHL ticket money. Places like Florida (as was mentioned) are full of retirees (or so I’m led to believe), who have money to waste. Ticket prices would have to come down substantially for Winnipeggers. We’re currently paying 15 bucks for front-row seats for a Moose game. If the farm team was Oilers property and not Vancouver’s it’d be the perfect scenario.

    There’s going to be a second team in Toronto long before one comes back to Winnipeg.

  39. Slipper says:

    And that Dallas series last spring was as tight as a nun at Easter.

    4 overtime games, with three going to Turco… err, the Stars.

    But that’s the nature of playoff hockey. Most people get that. I think.

  40. Doogie2K says:

    Given that both special teams are delivering less than they should, it leaves me scratching my head as to WTF MacT’s thinking is.

    I almost threw something at my TV when Dustin got muscled off the puck by…was it Matt Stajan? Shit like that must be what MacT’s after.

  41. Muller says:

    I applaud Mac T for benching Penner.

  42. Bruce says:

    Bruce – they’ve been about the third best team in the West since the lockout; it’s a tossup between them and ANA, I think, although I give ANA the lead.

    So do I … based on playoff performance. Both DET and ANA have made the conference final twice each and gone all the way once. Sharks have lost three second round series, two of which they were strong favourites and two of which they blew a series lead. I personally would put more of it on Surfin’ Joe Thornton than on Ron Wilson, but for whatever reason they have come up short every year.

  43. Lowetide says:

    It’s a weird year for MacTavish. Gone is the calm presence we knew and instead we’ve got a guy who has twice (now) gone public to lambaste members of the team.

    Inserting Reddox into the lineup that far up the depth chart doesn’t come from any kind of reasonable decision making process imo.

    I think MacT is using up all of his tricks at a strange time and as I’ve mentioned before it seems to me the Oilers management equation is different this year.

    More urgency and someone other than Kevin Lowe who can announce a high level firing from the middle of the OBN.

  44. mc79hockey says:

    Sharks have lost three second round series, two of which they were strong favourites and two of which they blew a series lead.

    Anyone who had the Sharks as strong favourites to beat the Oilers or the Stars is a moron. Let’s ignore that the 2005-06 Oilers played just 20 games with Roloson. Taking their records at face value, the Sharks were all of three wins better than the Oilers. Looking at goal differential, the Sharks were all of 15 goals better (before you deal with SO goals).

    This isn’t the 1980′s. There aren’t that many huge mismatches in the playoffs anymore.

  45. relic says:


    I think the tickets would sell but the corporate side of things might be on the small side in the peg.

    anyway I think it’d be nice if a team came here, stayed near the cap floor and moved guys when they got old and asked for too much money. it’s easier to cheer for a perpetual underdog.

    bring Trotz back to his home province to captain the ship and who knows?

    not gonna happen until bettman is asked to leave though…

    btw, the moose are a much better team than the falcons, the oilers strategy of only playing prospects on the farm wouldn’t fly here.

  46. Coach pb9617 says:

    There’s never going to be a team back in Winnipeg. We’re just too cheap to afford NHL ticket money. Places like Florida (as was mentioned) are full of retirees (or so I’m led to believe), who have money to waste.

    Their attendance doesn’t reflect that.

  47. Doogie2K says:

    MacT’s gone from zero to desperate in record time this year. It’s obvious there’s more to this than we’ve been told. Between this and the sudden obsession with the tough guy, I have to imagine Katz is holding the hammer here, unless Tambellini is in tune with Lowe (and less beholden to Lowe) than we’ve been told.

  48. Bruce says:

    MC: You’re right, the standings were closer in ’05-06 than I had remembered. Last year the Sharks did win their division and finish 11 points up on the Stars, but the GD wasn’t much to choose from. I guess I’ve just been reading too much hype out of San Jose the last few years — much of it emanating from Ron Wilson, or so it seems to me — about how the Sharks were Stanley Cup contenders, and then watching them come up short in the crunch.

    Key stat: 18 second round games (inc. 137:52 of OT), 32 goals for. Only twice did they score as many as 3 in regulation, and lost both, 6-3 to the Oilers. Their offence has let them down.

  49. mc79hockey says:

    I guess I’ve just been reading too much hype out of San Jose the last few years — much of it emanating from Ron Wilson, or so it seems to me — about how the Sharks were Stanley Cup contenders, and then watching them come up short in the crunch.

    Like you said, they’re the No. 2 team in the NHL over the past three seasons. They WERE Stanley Cup contenders, it just so happens that there have been about 7-8 playoff teams that were Stanley Cup contenders the past few years. Parity is a bitch.

  50. hunter1909 says:

    MacT definitely looks like he’s under some kind of pressure.

    Woo Hoo. Isn’t everyone?

    Maybe mean old Mr Katz thinks like I do, and wants to win that 6th cup – no ifs, ands or buts about it.

    I’ve always blown hot and cold about Mactavish until this season. I’ve even bought Lowe’s ‘the NHL isn’t a development league unless you’re me and Craig’ malarkey. But this year, either the coach can produce W’s, or he’s going to be looking for another job.

    With all due respect to the modern era Oiler fans, this team was blessed with one of the greatest club teams in hockey history. And somewhere in the DNA, there resides the clue that a competant coach/general manager will be able to bring out.

    Lowe and MacT? Able to win the cup?

    Because that’s the question going through the owners head right now, and he’s already eliminated one of them.

    It’s obvious that MacTavish isn’t even coaching the team, and that’s coming from out of his own mouth this year.

    Still, the team is greater than any one player, or member of the front office staff. So ultimately with this most dynamic of fan/owners, the team will eventually thrive.

  51. Slipper says:

    So I’m conducting a poll as to whether commenters think MacTavish should be fired or not.

    Hunter1909: On which side of the debate should I list you down under?

  52. Lowetide says:

    I think Tambellini needs to get off his ass. The coach has clearly made a decision on Pouliot re: center on any line of import, so bring in a RH C for that 3 line.

    Also, another veteran defender, tell the coach to play Garon for 6 games in a row and let’s get the party started.

  53. Dennis says:

    When I saw Bruce throw out that line about Wilson, he assumed he was either having a laugh, IS HE HAVING A LAUGH;), or he was so deluded that I wouldn’t bother arguing with him:)

    With MacT talking about “the bare minimum” in terms of the effort exerted by 27, that’s about as cutting as it gets. There’s really nowhere else to go when it comes to motivating Penner; the main card’s been played now, putting him in the PB, and in the process you also threw out a verbal jab.

    I’m not saying I disagree that the guy needs to take a seat but MacT’s played all of his cards and the poker tournaments only four hands old.

    Also, I don’t get why Roli gets the start tonight and I certainly don’t support that idea, either.

    Finally, for the guy who said he hopes the Oilers lose every game until MacT gets fired, I’m not sure if you were around for Salo era but if there’s one thing I learned during that time it was that things move slowly in Oilerville and most certainly on their own time. Now that’s not an all compassing bad thing because some orgs make rash decisions; the Oilers on the other hand will exhaust all options and fans patience before they do anything.

  54. Dennis says:

    And, yes, what LT said.

    If MacT isn’t gonna try 51 or 78 as the second tough min pivot, then you have to go out and get one.

    And on the back end, let’s off up a package consisting of some of 12-27-37-5 and try and get a good affordable vet to play with 77 on the second pairing.

    And, yes, let’s find out right now if Garon can’t handle it and then we’ll move from there. Lou’s not gonna wait much longer in NJ and Khabby’s playing well in Chi so why don’t we decide which goalie we’re gonna ship to NJ.

  55. PunjabiOil says:

    Starting Roloson makes little sense. He is what he is; a backup, able to provide an average game every now and then.

    Garon, on the flip side, is capable of providing a high end game. The 4-0 start to the year had him playing fantastic hockey. A few rough games after that, and his ass is stapled to the bench?

    Not really a fan of benching both Brodziak and Penner. The goal should always be compiling the best lineup every night; if you really wanted to give Reddox a shot, take Stortini off.

    Boulerice offers nothing of value to the team. Career minor leaguer, that will not help this team in any manner. Seems like Kevin Lowe has been reading too much into the ”enforcer” mumbo-jumbo found routinetly on everyone’s favourite, HF boards.

    These are the games you have to win at home ice if you want any chance of winning a division.

  56. Slipper says:

    Why aim so low, LT?

    Sports teams are better built top down than they are bottom up. If they can swing one of the chaos defenders+ for a top six forward then the bottom six should be shored up by natural demotion.

    A center of left wing to create two natural top lines composed of veteran forwards.

  57. Lowetide says:

    Slipper: I think that’s an offseason deal but if it’s out there then hell pull the trigger.

    As for Roloson starting tonight, has to be showcase.

    Has to be.

  58. Bruce says:

    When I saw Bruce throw out that line about Wilson, he assumed he was either having a laugh, IS HE HAVING A LAUGH;), or he was so deluded that I wouldn’t bother arguing with him:)

    Not quite sure what you’re driving at here Dennis, but sure, I’ll argue with you anytime. :)

    What can I say? Don’t like Ron Wilson, never have, and I always wind up pulling against his teams in the playoffs. That said, without a doubt he is a very good coach, and as mentioned above I have been very impressed with the early returns in Toronto. I’ve even enjoyed some of his press conferences. He and the COTU media deserve each other, that’s for sure.

    But I’m still having trouble rooting for his team.

  59. PunjabiOil says:

    As for Roloson starting tonight, has to be showcase.

    Has to be.

    Doubt it. Consistently demonstrating being a backup does anything but deflate the already minimal value held.

    You aren’t going to get much in return for Roloson, so why not opt to put him on waivers, and sign a guy like Marc Denis as replacement?

    Maybe the Oilers just love to play nice guy. The fact of the matter is, it’s a business. The Oilers owe Roloson nothing. The guy used his leverage to land an exceptional contract – good for him. That said, there then comes the point in time when you have to act towards the best interests of the team, instead of doing personal favors.

    The time is now.

  60. Bruce says:

    … and having stirred the pre-game pot yet again, I’m off to two (!) concerts and will miss yet another Oiler game. It hasn’t been my year when it comes to timing.

    I guess that’s why god made PVRs.

    Enjoy the game, guys and gals(?).

  61. mc79hockey says:

    Now that’s not an all compassing bad thing because some orgs make rash decisions; the Oilers on the other hand will exhaust all options and fans patience before they do anything.

    Except, of course, when Chris Pronger is dealt in June and Ryan Smyth is moved to anyone offering warm bodies. Then, it’s with all haste possible.

  62. spOILer says:

    Had to take a moratorium from thinking about the Oilers after the TO loss to avoid ending up in some maximum security institution. Nothing I hate more than losing to the Leafs.

    #1 problem right now is the Charlie Foxtrot PK and I’m not sure how removing our top RH FO man is supposed to help.

    Sounds like the Avs are coming in loaded for bear, or at least I assume that’s why we’re dressing the ethnic food line.

    MacT hasn’t sounded desperate to me this year. He’s sounded frustrated, like he has when his players have played below their potential in the past. We’ve heard him cut guys with his words before.

    A move has to be made… a decision on goaltending, obviously. And either another centre to protect Gagner’s minutes or a top 4 defensive Dman.

    As for 3C, I think MacT has been watching Pouliot pretty close at wing–at how he’s handling the minutes and the comp. So far he’s looked okay at wing, as far as being responsible goes, but can he shutdown the other team’s 2nd best centre at this point? I think MacT is working him in that direction, but the kid’s just not quite there yet. Close though, and if he continues to improve, we may finally see him get a shot. He’s done it now on a shift basis, here and there. A little more offense from those stone hands would be nice though.

  63. spOILer says:

    And if there’s anything I hate more than losing to the Leafs, it’s being the only Cndn team out here to do so.

  64. Dennis says:

    Spoiler: Yeah, the Leaves really did a fine screw job on us: lost to the other West teams and beat us in regulation. Up next on the Eastern tip is a reaming by Cuntreal.

    Ty: What you’re talking about is the vengeful Kevin Lowe. That’s the guy who’ll take a lesser package to screw over Comrie and will do the same to Smyth by sending him to Long Island. And the flipside to that is when Kevin Lowe loves a guy and does what’s best for the player: Pronger and Doug Weight are the examples for that.

    Of course that might be hasty on my behalf because any day now Smid could bring his offensive from the AHL and Lupul could turn the corner at any point!!!


  65. PunjabiOil says:

    Of course that might be hasty on my behalf because any day now Smid could bring his offensive from the AHL and Lupul could turn the corner at any point!!!


    Dennis, you are the king of sarcasm.

    Keep it coming

  66. Slipper says:

    Traktor should take notice:

    We don’t mind the beating of a dead horse around here, as long as the majority agree with the summation;)

  67. Dennis says:


    Not to mention if it’s A: funny and B: has supporting evidence.

  68. spOILer says:

    Red Ox! Get your Red Ox!!

    Oy you, I’ll have some Red Ox. Should go down nicely with this here vodka.

    Great sir, but it’s not that kind of Red Ox.

    Aww, dammit.

    Yes, sir. Now would you prefer pasta or a bowl of rice with that, sir? The bowl of rice comes with chopping sticks.

    *Stares down at plate and murmurs*

    Right you are, sir. Pasta it is.

  69. Vic Ferrari says:

    I have the same ominous feeling as Lowetide about tonight’s game. Then again, the last time I had a positive feeling they stumbled out of the gate in Pittsburgh. So maybe that’s a good sign.

  70. Slipper says:

    I don’t know, Dennis. Five assets is a pretty nice return…

  71. RiversQ says:

    Bad matchup for the Oilers – too much forward depth and the D can play too. This is a candidate for a Bruce-ian game though because Budaj can give them up.

  72. mc79hockey says:

    I don’t care about the precise definition, if Grebs doesn’t get an error for that giveaway about a minute in, I’m going to lose all faith in the stat.

    Also, funny little sequence there where Gilbert had Christmas eyes looking at a pass through the middle across the front of his own net before deciding to make the (somewhat) safer play to the centre who was leaving the middle of zone. It was liking watching an adult at a restaurant decided to order a salad.


    BTW, has Traktor been through to update Cogliano’s shooting percentage lately or does he only do that immediately following a Cogliano goal?

  73. Scott says:

    The key to the power play success must be Pouliot. Anyone else find it strange that he’s playing on the PP and yet on the fourth line while Reddox plays on the third line?

  74. RiversQ says:

    You always want assets. Where are all those fuckers loving O’Marra at this point? For their sake I hope they’re in Mass or NorCal so they can be happy.

  75. mc79hockey says:

    Is there somewhat I can bet on Dennis making a CCR reference relating to the Cole/Cogs/Reddox trio?

  76. spOILer says:

    Reddox hasn’t looked out-of-place on his two shifts so far.

    I already want to punch Mark Lee in the face.

  77. icho says:

    fortunate son

  78. mc79hockey says:

    Where are all those fuckers loving O’Marra at this point?

    C’mon Riv…Remember that time e gave Pierre McGuire an orgasm?

    Incidentally, I don’t think he’s played in a televised game since that date.

  79. spOILer says:

    Gagner struggling so far.

  80. spOILer says:

    MC NHL has Grebs with one GV.

    Not sure which one they counted though.

  81. mc79hockey says:

    Does anyone else get those Waste Management commercials about how their landfills are really wildlife preserves, full of kids wandering around and looking at nature? I can’t help but think that this is a more accurate picture of their “wildlife preserves”.

  82. Scott says:

    Viscoff has been conquered by the Mullet

  83. RiversQ says:

    Woooo!!! Smytty!

    Yeah I said it.

  84. mc79hockey says:

    Agree with Riv. 3.75 years until he comes back. Assuming he can play any sort of a role still, you know Katz will be at his door.

    I hope Kevin Lowe is sitting beside Dustin Penner watching that.

  85. Steve says:

    1. Is this being video streamed anywhere?
    2. Is CHED’s audio streaming non-functional for anybody else?

  86. Bob Arctor says:

    cbc.ca for the stream

  87. relic says:

    listening to CHED right now, seems to be fine.

  88. Dennis says:

    Three early shifts where we same some 13-26 chem, 13 playing playmaker mostly. That’s a good sign because I mentioned earlier the most interesting thing about that new line was they haven’t played together and now with some chem between 13-26 we might be able to work something with 89 on that line as well when MacT comes to his senses and shelters the kids.

    How odd was it to see 78 on the second PP unit with 10-12 instead of 26?

    Col’s third line just owned the 89 line in our own zone and it goes without saying that this is a real statement game in terms of knowing if the boys are still gonna play for MacT. He sorta laid it out there with his benchings and declarations and if they dog it tonight then it almost screams for a change,.

  89. Scott says:

    Nice little pass there by Boulerice.

  90. mc79hockey says:

    The fourth line has had some decent looking shifts but you can really see what Vic says about where the play starts. Basically, they come out for faceoffs in teh offensive zone and then leave the ice once the puck comes back to the Oilers end.

  91. mc79hockey says:

    The Smyth line is six flavours of alright. Tough period for the 89 line.

  92. PunjabiOil says:

    Gav me a chuckle when Horcoff was pimping his hair right before the interview with Scott Oake

  93. Dennis says:

    I will say that was a HORSESHIT period for the 89 line. They got hemmed in their own end on at least two shifts and they took a penalty to boot.

    I agree with the 4th line sentiment because those guys actually looked like a line. I’ll also say this looks like the bad and overconfident Souray where he thinks he’s a rushing defensemen and plays way too fast and loose.

    And if you believe this is a referendum on whether MacT still has the club’s ear or not, the first period wasn’t a good sign.

    Also, major Plus One for the Avs that the Stasny line scored against the opposing coach’s line of matching choice.

  94. mc79hockey says:

    This first game after a long road trip thing seems like something to check out for me.

  95. Black Dog says:

    Fourth line actually generated a couple of chances?

    MacT does know he has last change, right? Smyth scores and a couple of shifts later he runs the fourth out against them for the draw??

    Reddox is a heady player, two nice passes crossice on one shift near the end of the period.

    And first out on the PK.

    Gagner line spends way too much time in their own end, doesn’t matter where they start or who they are matched against.

    Nilsson right in front of the net multiple times. Someone is getting the message.

  96. mc79hockey says:

    Wow. Kelly Hrudey is a pretty fucking amazing psychologist, able to tell all of this from a TV studio in Toronto.

    I don’t know what the hell Hrudey is talking about. I mean, Garon has played seven games this year. It’s ridiculous.

    Man, oh man, he follows that up with a personal anecdote and “I’m not saying I was special, I just found a way to overcome that.” Why not just go out and rent a penis costume to wear while you sit on the set?

  97. mc79hockey says:

    “all of this” = attributing the problems with Garon to a lack of mental toughness.

  98. spOILer says:

    Pisani seems to have a little jump tonight, and the goal has ignited a small fire in Nilsson. Gagner line looks rough, and MacT has had them out against an assortment so far.

  99. Steve says:

    Sorry, maybe I’m just dumb, but I can’t find where on cbc.ca it’s streaming.

    Failing that, does anybody happen to have the address for the station that carried Colorado games?

  100. William says:

    I like the hustle out there tonight. Team finally skating hard and not going all cutesy. Random thoughts:

    - Reddox playing with jump and looks pretty good.

    - What’s with St-Fernando? TO at centre that leads to the goal, checks 12′s stick on the wide open net so neither can score, then hits the crossbar on the 2nd opportunity. He’s looked good with 12/10, but guy’s not having things go his way.

    - 4th line looks alright so far and even had a couple of chances. Brings nostalgic pains for last year’s 4th line with GlenX.

    - The way Hemsky rags the puck when his head is 100% into the game is sick. Wish he had more acumen for getting the puck out of his own zone though. I don’t think 89/18 are the right linemates for him. He needs Luc Robitaille.

    - 24 continues to make me nervous with the puck in our own zone, always taking that extra second that forces him to keep turning back farther and farther resulting in us getting hemmed in.

    - Seems to be a bad habit of Strudwick to come 2 ft short of the centre line and dump it in to cause an icing.

    - The only guy who didn’t look like he was moving his legs all the time was 44. Somehow I felt more confident when our previous 44 would slow the game down and skate it out than when Souray tries to do it.

    Please, please skate hard for 60 minutes tonight…

  101. mc79hockey says:


    Steve – it’s on the right hand side of this page, there’s a box listing what CBC is showing right now.

  102. Slipper says:

    There was a time I didn’t mind Hrudey.

    Also, from now on whenever I catch myself thinking the Oilers should move somebody “for the sake of change”, Mike Milbury will immediately pop inot my head and I’ll slap myself straight.

  103. Scott says:

    The adventures of Pouliot on the PP.

  104. Dennis says:

    The kid stays in the picture!

  105. spOILer says:

    Red Ox!

  106. RiversQ says:

    Chalk one up for Powder.

  107. mc79hockey says:

    There was a time I didn’t mind Hrudey.

    I thought he was fantastic during the 2006 playoffs. In retrospect, maybe it was in a “in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king” sort of a way.

    I still like him when he’s breaking down when specific plays that he sees on the ice. When he talks about anything outside of that or talks about things in a macro sense, he sucks.

  108. Scott says:

    Kyle Brodziak: Well, shit.
    Dustin Penner: Yeah.

  109. mc79hockey says:

    Chalk one up for Powder.

    Oh, I think we’ve got our nickname for him now.

    In honour of the occasion, I’ve started a poll at HF.

  110. Steve says:

    Tyler – thanks!

  111. RiversQ says:

    absolute nightmare shift. Pouliot loses his stick and we have zero forwards out there. Oh and that’s where Zach hurts you – not quick enough to challenge the puck onthe boards when the d has to reverse the puck.

  112. Slipper says:

    Zach’s pretty good at defensive zone coverage.

    “Me Zach Stortini. Me let guy with no stick hustle to puck instead.”

  113. Scott says:

    That was a pretty brutal read by Moreau diving at the non-shot. The new personnel has been struggling on the PK but some of the established guys, and I’m thinking of Moreau in particular, seem to be having a hard time too.

  114. Black Dog says:

    Better period still. Two good PKs.

    Anyone notice how Cogliano and Cole have been noticeable in a good way. Cogliano did a lot of nice work on the goal.

    Good to see the kid rewarded. Smart player. And nice to see them call up a guy and play him, unlike past years where a guy would get 5/6 minutes and then get sent down.

    Pouliot not in the doghouse based on the time he is getting on the PP.

    Still not a fan of Gagner’s line at all although they had a better period.

    I would say Tom Gilbert is back.

  115. Scott says:

    Why did we ever trade Ryan Smyth? That interview… it was special… it’s enough to make a guy curse this organization for the whole thing ever happening. Maybe if by some wonderful chance Colorado tanks they’ll be looking to ditch Smytty. I dream today of a Penner/Schremp/Goalie-Smyth trade.

  116. Black Dog says:

    By good PKs I mean no GA …:)

    But really not too bad. Although the Avs certainly look like no hell on the PP, the Oilers were aggressive. And good to see Cogliano getting a shot at it. Born to PK I would say. Smart and fast.

  117. Dennis says:

    Scott: BTN isn’t liking 18 on our PK thus far, in that regard 51 has shown up well but MacT has gone back to 18 tonight and he used 10-85 and 13-34 for our first kill and then used those four guys plus 18 for the second kill. Incidentally, 10-13 did a good job on the second one going down to confuse the point man. Oilers still haven’t gone back to their old ways of pressuring and using three two-man units to do so.

    I actually slowed down that play where 78 lost his stick and he directed a rebound with his back skate to 46 but Zach missed it and then Boulerice had a chance to clear it but he skated it to right boards and failed to clear it.

    I think that was the last shift for that crew.

    We’re three games into the new 83 line and we had one awful game at MSG and then a great game vs TO and now another poor game tonight. The Stastny line was pretty much negated in the second period and 83 didn’t have to play them but they still got hemmed in.

    I don’t think it’s gonna work.

  118. spOILer says:

    Cogs and Cole making me think we might see two good lines this year after all.

    Grebs gets the puck on the net far more often than say Lubo Meshnovsky does.

    25th overall PP is just what the doc ordered for a struggling PK.

    Hemmer looks determined to get a point tonight. Maybe he’ll get a shift with different linemates.

  119. docweb says:

    Is there any line that looks “in sync”??? I’m not convinced that anyone looks comfortable out there and I’m for sure not convinced Rollie is good enough. This just has the smell of a 3-2 loss.

  120. Dennis says:

    Scott: I missed the 94 interview. What did he say?

  121. Black Dog says:

    docweb – I’ve liked the Cogliano line and the Horcoff line as well. For the most part the puck is moving in the right direction in both cases.

  122. Black Dog says:

    Dennis – along the lines of ‘all is forgiven – I’ve asked the Avs for a trade and my wife wants to go back home – nuff said’ ;)

  123. Lord Bob says:

    Cole has been thundering every shift he’s had so far this game. I love this – it’s only a matter of time before he pops one in.

  124. mc79hockey says:

    You’re such a bastard Pat.

  125. PunjabiOil says:

    I missed the 94 interview. What did he say?

    Nothing special. His typical cliches; getting the puck in deep and trying to get the rebounds. Also mentioned it’s good to get the first goal out of the way, and he’s had lots of good memories at Rexall.

  126. Dennis says:

    Pat etc all: seriously, what did he say?

  127. mc79hockey says:

    Also, HF sucks. I don’t care who you are, Schremp is a complete bust at the moment. Guys with better careers than him from that draft year have been waived. Reddox has had a better NHL career.

  128. Derek says:

    Why not just go out and rent a penis costume to wear while you sit on the set?


    I think this may be the second or third time i’ve ever posted a comment on lowetides blog, but jesus, I had to after that.

  129. docweb says:

    PJ just reminds me of the type of guy you never want to sit too close to…”I wanted the news not the weather”!!

  130. mc79hockey says:

    Also referenced how it’s special because of the jerseys hanging from the rafters. It’s like he never left.

  131. Black Dog says:

    Dennis – pjo is a liar. Don’t believe a word that guy says.

    Word is that Lowe, er, Tambellini is packing up Penner right now and he’ll play the third with Horc and Pisani.


  132. Lowetide says:

    The Oilers PP is back to old times. I can go pee, grab a beer, talk to the kids, chase my wife around the living room without fear of missing a G. D. thing.

    Nice chance by Hemsky though.

  133. Scott says:

    Smyth is the Oiler identity I grew up with so whenever he talks about old times with the team it always brings back fun junior high memories.

    Regardless, Oake asked him if it was still special to score at Rexall and he responded immediately with an “absolutely” and talked about how special it was to be a part of the Oiler organization. Mentioned looking up to the banners and being reminded of the good times he had in Edmonton. I always remember Kevin Lowe declaring him an Oiler for life in the 06′ run and my blood boils a little bit.

  134. Slipper says:

    Brock Lesnar!

  135. mc79hockey says:

    Since traktor doesn’t seem to be around, I thought I’d let everyone know: with that shot and save, Cogliano’s shooting percentage is now down to 11.5%.

    When, oh when, will the statzi’s who said that his 18.4% from last season learn? They should ocver themselves in ash and wear sackcloths.

  136. mc79hockey says:

    his 18.4% from last season was unsustainable, that is

  137. PunjabiOil says:

    If Moreau was playing foot hockey in elementary school, he’d be called out as a ”puck hog” on that 2 on 1.

  138. Scott says:

    Staios looked like he was about to grab the puck. Earlier this year he gave up a penalty shot for that. Strange first instinct.

  139. mc79hockey says:

    3/27 now. Cogs falls to 11.1% on the year.

    They’re praising Budaj here but he looks to me like he’s been lucky on a lot of these. Edmonton’s really played well tonight.

  140. mc79hockey says:

    This Smyth fellow seems like quite a hockey player.

  141. Scott says:

    And now for death by penalty kill.

  142. mc79hockey says:

    If there’s one area in which Craig Simpson should be an expert, it’s identifying when a coach has no confidence in his PP.

  143. Slipper says:

    Awww, that’s just more fodder for the HF crowd.

  144. Scott says:

    Horcoff can’t even score on Clark! Seriously though, this could be bad.

  145. Oilmaniac says:

    horc haters unite…

    an empty net to seal the win….



  146. Oilmaniac says:

    sweet jesezzz…

  147. Slipper says:

    That one’s on Pat.

  148. Scott says:

    And now death by penalty kill for the WIN!

  149. Oilmaniac says:

    horcoff… a real beaut…

  150. docweb says:

    Did I say smells??? How about reeks of a 3-2 loss. Horc…give me a break!!!

  151. Lowetide says:

    Just when you think you’ve seen every possible way to blow a lead, two veterans get a penalty within a few seconds of each other.

    How’s Horcoff’s shooting percentage?

  152. Scott says:

    It worked and all, but why in the hell did MacT ask Horcoff to stay out for the whole penalty?

  153. Lowetide says:

    I think all 3 stayed out, right? Horcoff, Souray, Staios?

  154. Slipper says:

    You guys realize 10 created that opportunity out of thin air, I hope. Sure he fucks the 4v6 empty net chance, but the chance doesn’t happen if he doesn’t create it in the first place.

  155. mc79hockey says:

    Grebs and Gilbert have both made some nice plays in the offensive zone tonight. One of the real joys of watching Gilbert is his sense of when to sneak up into the O zone. He just seems to appear down low in a nice spot to take a pass.

  156. Lowetide says:

    Slipper: Certainly. Horcoff is an outstanding player and that was a Dave Keon special. :-)

  157. Dennis says:

    Is this the part where people pretend 89 isn’t like 1 for his last 11 or 12 in the SO?

    And 10 Has to fucking score on that ENG and after that Sheldon Souray gives a lesson that we should never forget that he’s The Sheldon Souray who was posterized on a regular basis in the Eastern Conference.

  158. Lord Bob says:

    Whichever one of you guys owes the hockey gods $50, pay them back already.

    I’m so sick of this crap.

  159. Scott says:

    I’m pretty sure the D changed. I saw Strudwick out at the end.

    As for Horcoff, I like him. I was joking about the empty net miss when I wrote it… and then we took a penalty, so I added the last part.

  160. mc79hockey says:

    I hold it true, whate’er befall;
    I feel it, when I sorrow most;
    ‘Tis better to have created a scoring chance and missed
    Than never to have created a scoring chance at all.

    If the Oilers lose this game and miss the playoffs by a point, this will be 2008′s version of that game in 2004 against LA on HNIC.

  161. Lowetide says:

    Looked pretty good to me, Dennis.

  162. mc79hockey says:

    Penis jokes, poetry references and a locked thread at HF. I feel like I’ve made the world a better place tonight.

  163. Lowetide says:

    COme on, Kenta!

  164. Lord Bob says:

    The real tragedy is that the Oilers don’t even have the decency to rip our hearts out when they break them!

  165. mc79hockey says:

    I’m impressed that Smyth is able to come within a foot of the net with a wrist shot and that stick blade he uses.

  166. mc79hockey says:

    OK. Now I’m worried. Does anyone know traktor off the internet? Has he died?

  167. Scott says:

    You know if Smyth would have scored, that’s karma and I can understand that. But TUCKER! TUCKER! TUCKER!

  168. Slipper says:

    The Darcy Tucker show is brought to you by the wonderful writer at Black Dog Hates Skunks.

  169. Lord Bob says:

    So. Who had November 15 in the “Peter Budaj inexplicably turns into Dominik Hasek” pool we were all in?

  170. Lowetide says:

    Well if you’re MacTavish there isn’t much else to do aside from actually shooting someone. Better effort tonight, the kid from the AHL showed well but there’s some things wrong with this team.

    Oh well, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

  171. docweb says:


  172. Oilmaniac says:

    Im sick of MacT’s love of garbage grinders… fuckin Poo on the power play and the fourth shoot out… for the win… absolute garbage…

  173. Garnet says:

    That was horrible.

  174. Slipper says:

    It’s almost as though the hockey internet gods are punishing us for being such assholes.

  175. Lowetide says:

    Slipper: I knew Al Gore was too clean cut.

  176. Slipper says:

    Budaj sucks! Just ask LT!

    And Pat!

  177. Black Dog says:

    slipper – hey what?

    that breaks my heart – frigging piece of shit Tucker

    Ty – well traktor did promise to take his ball and go home a few weeks ago, maybe delayed?

    or maybe hbomb hunted him down

  178. docweb says:

    Seriously am I the only one that felt that this game was like a rerun of so many games over the last couple of years? One or two goal lead…a few good chances, missed PP chances, then finding a way to lose. I don’t think this game will improve MacT’s disposition any.

  179. mc79hockey says:

    I can summarize the last minute of Mike Milbury’s soliloquy in 15 words:

    “I definitely didn’t fuck up picking Nilsson before Ryan Getzlaf, Brent Burns and Zach Parise.”

  180. Garnet says:

    There’s a Zen lesson here, I think. Everything I truly hate becomes powerful enough to beat my team: the Leafs, Tucker …

  181. Slipper says:

    Seriously though. Horcoff misses the empty net, loses the game tying possession face-off, and after Pat’s favourite player Darcy Tucker scores in the SO, who gets the call to take one last attempt at Lowetide’s favourite goaltender?

    All the signs point toward us having some serious repenting to do.

  182. Black Dog says:

    I really do hate that fucking guy.


    Well Horc made a beauty play at the end but he had to score there.

    Moral victory – everyone came to play tonight, for what its worth. Three good periods and no passengers – that has been a rarity.

    Now, can they get some traction?

  183. PDO says:

    Haven’t read this..

    Too much beer, and too distracted by the UFC while it was going on.

    All I have to say is..

    #1) I thought #10 was the best player on the ice. By quite a bit. When you can’t buy one – you can’t BUY one.

    #2) We deserved to win this. By quite a bit.

  184. Lord Bob says:

    Garnet: maybe the key is for the Oilers to keep losing until we fans hate ourselves for cheering for them, at which point CUP DYNASTY?

  185. Black Dog says:

    slipper – the only way it would have been worse is if they had brought Domi out of retirement ;)

    I need to have a beer and watch some porn.


  186. spOILer says:

    They should have had the two points tonight; had the effort and the composure even though they were hemmed in at times; kept coming at them and couldn’t put it away. I feel bad for Reddox who should’ve had the GW tonight.

    Some bright lights: having Souray and Vish split up on the PP for most of the night. Keep it that way, for pete’s sake.

    Grebs seems to be gaining confidence, don’t know if it was the knock on the head, or getting the good PP time, but I’m happy to see it.

    Cole and Cogs might be 2/3rds of a real line. However there still doesn’t seem to be a puck battle Gagner can win.

    Maybe go:


    for the top two lines.

  187. Lord Bob says:

    Also, regardless of what Milbury says, I think the Moreau “slash”, and by “slash” I mean “hack at the ice and miss Svatos’s stick by so far that it didn’t even twitch in his grip”, was one of the worst calls I’ve seen all year.

    Pisani belonged in the box for sure, though. What’s the matter with him? Is Jason Blake’s Masterton gnawing at his soul and turning into a perverted shell of his former Instant Chemistry self?

  188. Dennis says:

    LT: Yeah, he’s one for his last 12 now.

    Budaj made a lot of saves in tight; he made three or four dandies in the third alone. So in that regard we did create enough opps to have a good chance to win.


    - the new 83 line has a good chance at getting killed when we get back on the road. And for that matter it could happen at home too if we can’t shelter them. Teams will put good players against Hemsky and 89 won’t be able to hang.

    - dumb play by 44 to get owned on the Svatos rush that lead to that penalty by 18. Moreau’s got a few of them in him every year.

    I’m sorta out of gas here. We know what the Oilers need to do and until they do it then do you really expect them to win a whole helluva lot?

    The team’s young and the results are being sacrificed for Gagner so I don’t know where we go from here.

  189. Lowetide says:

    I thought the best player on the ice was Lubo. I honestly think he’s pretty much the best defenseman I’ve ever seen play for the Oilers.

    Seriously. He’s a beauty.

  190. PDO says:

    What amazes me, is how Horcoff is being crucified for not being able to buy one while no one (save Dennis… and I’m not talking about THIS THREAD by any means) is talking about Souray getting absolutely owned by a guy like Svatos…

  191. mc79hockey says:

    Looking at PJ Stock’s suit, I have an uneasy feeling that there’s a couch somewhere missing its upholstery.

  192. Dennis says:

    I dunno, LT.

    Souray IS from Alberta.

  193. Lowetide says:

    PDO: I don’t think anyone is ripping Horcoff, are they? He’s not hitting line drives right now but he will as soon as MacT strangles someone and puts him back with Hemsky.

  194. PDO says:

    LT, you know, as much as we don’t like to admit it, 44 did play here, and I’m not talking about someone who played for the Scabs at one point ;).

    That said.. I ‘luve’ Lubo. Unreal player.

    Still, I stand by saying #10 was the best player on the ice. Drove possession all night long, created all kinds of chances… just no finish.

  195. mc79hockey says:

    Dennis – agreed. Jason Spezza is one thing but he got made to look pretty foolish by Marek Svatos there.

    I’m saying this without having heard MacT’s post game comments but there was a game at the start of the road trip, Nashville I think, where they played really well and just had no luck. MacT sounded like he was on the edge of suicide post-game. Vic’s theory that he’s under the gun this year will get another test tonight I think because the Oilers did a lot of good things in this game.

  196. Black Dog says:

    Yeah Lubo’s terrific.

    It will be interesting to see what’s next. They played a strong game. Do they pull Boulerice and Stortini and plug Penner and Brodziak back in on the fourth line? Or let them sit some more?

    Reddox really did look good. And I know its just one game but he wasn’t overwhelmed and even aside from the goal he was generally in the right place, save one shift where he got caught out a little long.

  197. Phil says:

    Maybe the first game this season where you could argue they deserved to win one but didn’t. Plenty of horns to go around. Roli played pretty well, but when he starts that bitching to the refs act… he loses me. Fucking shut up and play.

    Horcoff’s wife better go stay at a friend’s house tonight.

    One can only hope this will add some edge to the team going forward. I’ve been saying this for a while…they need to get some emotion going. I like that MacT benched some regulars. That will light some fires.

    On another note – Fuck, Big Georges ROTFLMFAOPWNED Gratton tonight…

  198. docweb says:

    For whatever reason Rollie just can’t seem to get it done. For a while the team couldn’t even spot him a goal, then they scored plenty and he would let in one more. Tonight on the tying goal he was to busy trying to clear out guys that were OUTSIDE of his crease and of course his SO record is what it is. Great guy but I just don’t think he is the “one”

  199. mc79hockey says:

    Good point re: Penner, Pat. I was thinking the same thing. It’s funny last year, Vic commented that he thought MacT hid Penner against the Avs with a home game and kind of gameplanned around Smyth, suggested that MacT didn’t want to show Lowe up. Tonight was like that game in reverse, what with Penner in the PB and Smyth doing what he does.

    Stauffer went on when Penner was signed about betting that Penner would outscore Smyth over the next three years. It’s now 52-47 for Penner, with Penner having played an extra 27 games and Smyth having a terrible season last year. Health matters too but, as I said at the time, I’d put my money on Smyth winning that bet. With Penner now seemingly without a top 9 spot…fuck does Lowe ever look bad.

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