Eberle Update

Jordan Eberle scored another goal tonight and is in a 2nd place tie for the goal-scoring lead in the WHL (he has 18).

Scoring 50 in any junior league at age 18 isn’t easy to do, and the WHL specifically is a tough league to do it in. Last season, the leading scorer in the dub (48) was Colton Yellow Horn and he was 20 years old. Eberle by the way finished in a tie for 4th one year ago with 42.

Here are the goal scoring totals for some recent Oilers drafts when they were 18 years old:
  1. Rob Schremp (41)
  2. Jarret Stoll (40)
  3. Liam Reddox (36)
  4. Slava Trukhno (28)
  5. Ales Hemsky (27)
  6. Marc Pouliot (25)
  7. JF Jacques (20)

Eberle is on pace for 52 goals this season.

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28 Responses to "Eberle Update"

  1. Doogie2K says:

    Random plug for my other team: the guy Eberle’s tied with is undrafted shrimp Brandon Kozun of the Hitmen.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Wow, that Kozun kid looks like he can score Doogie.

    Since you’re plugging favourite prospects, I’ll toss one out there too – Andrew Perugini is 3-0-1 with a 2.14 GAA and .935 SV% for Stockton thus far this year.

  3. HBomb says:

    To quote you Lowetide….

    “Stu MacGregor, you magnificent bastard.”

  4. raventalon40 says:

    How is he doing in comparison to other more highly touted draftees in his year?

  5. Oilman says:

    well, I believe 9 of the players from his draft are now in the NHL – crazy

  6. Lord Bob says:

    “Stu MacGregor, you magnificent bastard.”

    I read your BOOK!

  7. Asiaoil says:

    Oilman – yeah I watched a Kings game this week – Doughty is just sick for an 18 year old dman.

  8. choppystride says:

    Good numbers for Eberle but here are some quick thoughts:

    1) The WHL is a higher scoring league this season as shown by goals/game/team:

    2006/07 3.06
    2007/08 3.00
    2008/09 3.23

    2) Eberle can no longer to be considered a 1-man show down in Regina. The Pats now have a couple more guys that can generate offense.

    3) While Regina has improved its GF/game by 0.73, its GA/game increased by 0.47. As a team, Regina seems to have drifted slightly towards a more run-and-gun style.

    In light of these factors, I think that a 50-goals, 90-points season for Eberle will be par for course for prospect of his calibre (which is very good).

    I’m not trying to be a party pooper here but it seems to me that, right now, as far as his development is concerned, Eberle is simply hugging the expected upward curve (instead of showing the explosive upside deviation that some might be implying). And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  9. raventalon40 says:

    Speaking of books, I went and got a copy of Bring On the Empty Horses

  10. Loxy says:

    I made you a wordle!

  11. hunter1909 says:

    Asiaoil: Many 18-19 year old defencemen look great early on, then fail to develop into the real deal. Their bodies aren’t fully developed, which leads to injuries which they sustain from getting smacked by grown men. Or, they will tend to lean on the same skillset that got them though juniors which will work during their rookie year, but by the second season everyone has figured them out, and suddenly they’re on the spot, in the big leagues, and nowhere to run, thanks to previous expectations.

    Oilers own Gilbert Brule being the perfect example, since he was rushed into the league by a losing franchise desperate to win at all costs.

  12. honkey says:

    I’ll chip in an update on our swedish prospect. Omark continues his strong play and has been Luleås best player by far the last 10 games or so. He now has 10+10 in 22 games and are +7.

    Motin had a slow start but have established himself on 3rd pairing and played over 20 minutes last game. He also had a very strong 4-nations U20 tournament last weekend in Uppsala and was maybe the best defenseman for Sweden.
    Sweden played a bunch of players born 91 and 92 and still managed to beat a good Russian team and win the tournament.

  13. Black Dog says:

    Thanks honkey – terrific stuff

  14. Ribs says:

    hunter…Brule was a defenseman? Probably not a “perfect example”…

    What the heck is a Wordle?

  15. B.C.B. says:

    Hunter: most likely a good exmple of a young defensive man plateauing is our very own Smid. Drafted 9th overall, one year in the AHL, and makes the show at nineteen. Impressed the hell out of every one in his first year, but has maintained on that plateau since then (but did add strength since then). Where injuries the problem , I don’t know?
    (I have read everyone interesting comments about 1st round defensive men going against NHL competition early on and agree with those whom think players like Schenn/Smid need to learn defensive against the big boys; I figured I’d try and give Hunter a better example then Brule)

    Thanks Honkey. Go Motin GO. What can you say I have a soft spot for Big meanish European defenders (ever since I saw Ulanov block a shot with his balls).

  16. Phil says:

    I think the only concern here is his size. And that’s only a concern because of all the other hobbits on the team. If he shows to be a bona fide natural goal scorer at the pro level, I think that the team has no choice but to find room for him. IMO, this means that one of the other small skilled guys goes, simply because to have 4 of your top 6 forwards sub 6′ and sub 200lbs is madness.

    Mind you, he’s a few years away at least, and lots will happen roster-wise before he’s ready. And, maybe he sprouts a bit as well.

  17. George B says:


    Agreed. We have to find a spot for the best players regardless of size.

    Size is why we have Pouliot instead of Parise.

  18. godot10 says:

    //Size is why we have Pouliot instead of Parise.//

    It also was the old NHL. The Oilers had no right shot centres. And Comrie was young, on the roster, and had a future in the organization at that point. In the old NHL, the number of small guys a good team good have on the roster basically was “1″.

    Arguably, Comrie cost the Oilers Parise.

    Injuries slowed Pouliot’s arrival to the NHL, and that horrid training camp before last season. What was he thinking?

    Pouliot is going to have a career in the NHL barring injury, not at the level of Parise, but a career.

  19. Coach pb9617 says:

    Good numbers for Eberle but here are some quick thoughts:

    Can you do the same for LTs list of other prospect’s totals?

  20. Scott says:

    Smid. Drafted 9th overall, one year in the AHL, and makes the show at nineteen. Impressed the hell out of every one in his first year, but has maintained on that plateau since then.

    If you were impressed by Smid in his first year, you were buying the hype. The guy was brutal. Now, I also think that he’s improved quite a bit since his rookie NHL campaign. I do not think he’s a good comp for Doughty who seems to be having some actual success in L.A. rather than just getting press clippings.

  21. Oilmaniac says:


    I totally agree… huge difference between smid’s rookie year and Doughty’s… I’ve only seen a couple kings games but this kid is pretty unreal! heads up, making decisions w confidence, and skill… give time for that boy to grow up and they have a bonafide #1D… smid, well…

  22. Traktor says:

    Edmonton would be wise to pick up some mid-round picks this year with the way they’ve been drafting lately.

    Sorry to go OT but did anyone see the quote from MacTavish where he said he could rank his goalies daily and their rank changes daily after a win or loss like college football programs? Is this guy for real? This guy couldn’t see past his nose.

  23. B.C.B. says:

    Scott: Smid impressed by comparison; as a young inexperienced defensive man on a bad team (like Doughty is).

    17pg 2g 4a 6pts +6 (0.353 pts/gp)

    77gp 3g 7a 10pts -16 (0.130 pts/gp)

    Well it appears that Doughty is far and away a better player I would urge caution (while I think Doughty will be the better player). These D-men play a different style: Doughty is offensive and Smid is a two-way player (leaning on the defensive side).
    Other then Shea Weber I can’t think of a good comparison.

    PS: Weber’s rookie numbers 2005-006
    28gp 2g 8a 10pts +8 (0.357pts/gp)

  24. hunter1909 says:

    Ribs – I was referring to the cult of generally overhyping/rushing draft picks regardless of position into the NHL.

    The Potvins and dare I say Phaneufs can make the jump fairly certainly. But these are both already physically developed players.

    Growing kids need to…finish growing. Then join the big club.

  25. Doogie2K says:

    Wow, that Kozun kid looks like he can score Doogie.

    I really like Kozun. He’s been magic all year, and best of all, he’s one of those short guys who’s not “smart” enough to stay out of the danger areas or stay down. He’s a tenacious bastard, even if he does look about twelve years old, and if he gets passed over again this year, there’s something seriously wrong with NHL GMs. We’re supposed to be putting up with these pseudo-hooking penalties specifically so that short fries like him can succeed, right?

    Or put another way, we picked Bendfeld over him because…?

  26. godot10 says:

    //Or put another way, we picked Bendfeld over him because…?//

    One needs affordable goons in the minor leagues to protect ones top prospects.

  27. Bruce says:

    Scott: Smid impressed by comparison; as a young inexperienced defensive man on a bad team (like Doughty is).

    “Bad” is an understatement. I recall being fairly impressed by Smid myself, albeit I was comparing him to guys like Young, Syvret, Bisaillon and Toby Petersen, so it could hardly be otherwise I suppose. Smid was playing upwards of 22 minutes a night down the stretch after the Smyth trade, and posted a not-as-bad-as-it-looks -9 in that stretch on a team with a post-Armageddon goal differential of -44. You know from those minutes that he wasn’t being sheltered at all, indeed he was doing the sheltering for some of the afore-mentioned, and he showed that he had lots to learn but that already he could damn well compete. Fortunately since then he’s been mostly on the third pairing where he belongs.

    Traktor: MacT’s “goalie rankings” comment was very much tongue-in-cheek.

  28. Doogie2K says:

    One needs affordable goons in the minor leagues to protect ones top prospects.

    Was anyone really going to take him in the last dozen picks? It’s called a free agent deal, for crying out loud.

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