Oilers at Blues, G22/08-09

This is Glenn Hall. I’ve always thought he should be in the conversation when people talk about the greatest goalies all-time. If they gave me a vote (and they don’t) my list of greatest goalies would include Hall, Sawchuk, Plante, Roy and Hasek.

I think Hasek is probably the greatest goalie who ever lived but among the old guard it seems Sawchuk’s fame and legend increases every year at the expense of Hall (and Plante to a certain extent).

The numbers suggest Glenn Hall was a magnificent goalie, and (unlike Sawchuk and Plante from his era) played much of his career for an organization that was not deemed a powerhouse before his arrival. I wonder how Hall’s numbers would stack up if the Wings had decided to keep him instead of dumping him off and re-acquiring Sawchuk.

For old guys like me, the St. Louis Blues have always had a personality. They were good out of the box, unlike Oakland or Pittsburgh. They’ve been a playoff team for many, many seasons of their existence (the Blues missed the playoffs three times between 1967 and 2004 and all three of the misses where in the 1970′s).

I like what they’re building in St. Louis. Former Ottawa draft guru Jarmo Kekalainen has been putting in solid work over the last few years and the kids are alright and arriving by the bucketload. David Perron, Patrick Berglund and TJ Oshie are having an impact (it looks to me like they dealt Stempniak this week to make room for the kids) and that big defender Erik Johnson is going to be something else again (he’s out for the season with an injury).

The Blues have had their share of heartbreak, none more painful than the Bob Gassoff tragedy. They’ve had good (never great) teams but I think they’re building in the right direction.

We’ve gnawed away on the MacTavish angle like a dog with a bone the last few days, so let’s talk nuts and bolts. According to the online newspapers, the kid line is on notice and the word is that Schremp may be the next callup if the offensive woes continue. Brodziak draws in and will center Moreau and Cole on the 3line and Zack Truck will be back on the 4line with I’d guess Liam Reddox and Pouliot. Ladislav Smid is (I’d think) likely to play the blue today.

Huge weekend for this team. The management and ownership have come to the coach’s rescue, but if the losses keep coming in waves something’s gotta give.

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  1. Tyler says:

    What in the hell are you taking?

  2. Schitzo says:

    Land titles

  3. rickibear says:

    “I thought it was the EIG”

    Traktor: You have been reading Lowetides Blog since the beginning.

    I nearly pissed myself whrn I read that one. That pretty much labels 75% of the people in here.

    You comments can be trying sometime.

    I did find myself comming to read the blog after the game to read the comments of the people I respect. Also to see how many of the people I respect would snap at you like whinny little p******.

    Ban him Tsk Tsk people. That upper comment is gold.

  4. Lord Bob says:

    Gentlemen, please, don’t feed the trolls.

    If you think that Traktor is a mindless twit who’s just loving the attention of everybody hating him, the easiest way to improve the signal-to-noise ratio is to just ignore him.

    Of course, people are sensible enough to ignore me most of the time, but I just love the sound of my own virtual voice. :P

  5. Coach pb9617 says:

    So in my eye I saw three guys play their best game of the season today.

    Cole, Gilbert, and Stortini.

    Staios with another stinker.

  6. godot10 says:

    I still don’t understand the logic of some of the Oilers players and coaches.

    The answer to the Backus fight with Horcoff or the hit on Visnovsky is NOT challenging Backus to a fight. It is finding an opportunity to drill Brad Boyes cleanly.

  7. Schitzo says:

    Well, Staios did get Perron with a pretty good shot, that’s why he had to scrap

  8. rickibear says:

    Traktor: Horcoff is 4GP 2G 5A since PenHorsky was united.

  9. Coach pb9617 says:

    Traktor: Horcoff is 4GP 2G 5A since PenHorsky was united.

    And only HF is shocked :)

  10. Traktor says:

    rickibear: You’re a good teammate coming to my aid – knowing that you’ll have to drop the gloves with Boogaard because of it.

    You’re right, I’ve been reading the boards since the start -unlike recently new coachPB who only offers up comments such as “FUCKING GAGNER TURNOVER! FUCK FUCK!”

    CoachPB is no better than HemmerHunny83 over at HFboards. I might not respect unwritten rules like No Being Critical of Pouliot but at least I’m mature enough to not fill the site with vulgar language if Lowetide asks us not to.

    Even Hbomb who insults be all day has an opinion I can respect but this coachPB character nothing but fraud with fake tits.

    The same people who rip on me everyday saying stuff like “leave this discussion for grownups” are the same owns who bite on every word I say. It reminds me of a retarded rat going back for a block of cheese even though it got electrocuted the first 100 times going for it. If you think I’m not mature enough to share the same e-space as you then why not just ignore me? It’s like going to hockeybuzz to see the rumors and then leaving the site cursing Eklund for how stupid his rumors are.

    If I wanted to be revered around here I would talk about underlying numbers and how micro stats are more important than goal and assists. I don’t care what people think of me and I know I had a blow up a few weeks ago when Lowetide said “that says more about you than it does about Horcoff” because I just thought that was so damn rich – I could say the same thing about Lowetide in regards to his opinion of Pouliot and Smid. Lowetide’s “a fan of Smid though”, didn’t you know?

    Is me questioning Shawn Horcoff really any worse than the regurgitated crap that Dennis spewed about Souray for a year? Of course Dennis has too big of an ego to admit how royally wrong he was.

    You got PDO talking calling Lowe an idiot for signning a “bright shiny object, Slapshot!” for a year but that’s all forgotten. Souray isn’t an icon around here like MacTavish or Pouliot so it’s all good.

    PJO posts as much as anyone at HF but he goes around calling people HF Clowns. Nothing worse than someone who shits where they sleep. I could name off 10 posters right now on HF that rival any person that posts here. At least I don’t loose it when 2 people at a game disregard 2 dollars in savings and buy 2 separate bags of popcorn instead of sharing an jumbo bag.

    I don’t care if you like me or not. I’m going to voice what I believe and that’s how it’s always going to be. I know I have a caustic style of posting but when you have a room for of elitist wannabes I rather bring someone down to earth than join them at their perceived level.

    I’m not even going to start on the guys who form opinions based on micro stats – like discounting that Cogliano has ability to generate offense at will and conclude that he isn’t that great because he had an unsustainable shooting percentage.

    Just like Glenx couldn’t sustain his play because “he was just a byproduct of a team that caught fire.”

  11. PDO says:

    You remembered me – how cute.

    Traktor is like a crazy ex-girlfriend. Everything you do drives her absolutely insane, you’re always wrong, as proven by her excessive cherry picking, and she keeps stalking you even though you moved on three months ago. She’ll still constantly threaten, and maybe even say she’s taking her ball and going home… but you know she’ll be hiding in the bushes outside your house in a couple nights again anyway. Continual outbursts as a cry for attention, followed quickly by patting herself on the back and saying it’s all good.

    Usually she gets the point when she sees you making out with some new girl though – where’s Hunter again?

  12. Traktor says:


  13. Lowetide says:

    Traktor: Everyone went home.

  14. Coach pb9617 says:

    PDO, I think Traktor can be summed up the same way I summed up the Gassoff thing:

    Young men are so very, very stupid.

  15. Traktor says:

    “Traktor is like a crazy ex-girlfriend. Everything you do drives her absolutely insane, you’re always wrong, as proven by her excessive cherry picking”

    Only PDO’s ex’s could have a cherry left to pick.

  16. Dennis says:

    I’d like that list of 10 if you don’t mind, Traktor.

    And Souray Has been excellent this year thus far but there was Nothing previously to indicate he was worth that contract.

    You want to argue that?

    As for today, heavy rains in St. John’s this afternoon and early on it knocked out my satelite and then it got progressively worse to the point where I had to go outside and try and save the house from major flooding; the front door was awash with a plugged drain just up the street. Four hours later thankfully the rains let up and the LLF kept me informed of the score and I was glad that the boys kept the axe away from MacT.

    I did manage to see the first period online and the Oilers were giving up five bell chances and it didn’t look promising in the least. In any case I also had the LLF tape the last two periods plus Oilers connected and I”m heading out for a few beer now but I watched the highlights and saw a beautiful pass by 12 off a sweet move — Blake Wheeler did the same thing yesterday to get a SOG vs NYI — and then a sweet saucer pass to Cogs Marchant that reminded of a goal he scored last year during that awesome Sunday afternoon tilt at Chicago.

    Anyway, hard to get really excited until we hear about the status of 71 but if he’s fine then we have a chance to roll just a little with a BTB With a hurting Stars team.

    BTW, that Roli Awesome save looked a lot like – at least lateral movement wise – like the initial save he made in CBJ before the Jackets potted the rebound for the winner. Which is to say I”m not overly impressed.

  17. Tyler says:

    Basically, Traktor’s comment boils down to “I know that I behave like a complete dick, it’s intentional, but everyone who wants me to fuck off is at fault because they could just ignore me.”

    Seek professional help, man.

  18. rickibear says:

    Traktor in the last three years i looked at when Horcoff was not with Hemsky and when hemsky was not with horcoff. They were a by product of each other. In the past when one or the other was out the production went down about .8G/GM.

    Since Horcoffs injury Hemsky has established himself as a productive player on his own. functioning with gagner.

    Hemsky needs a center who can play off of him. It makes it a functioning pair. The Lw is forced to reasd off of the center. Someone else has brought up this point in the past.

    I am a big fan of Penhorsky and hope it continues this year. But today you saw an example of Penner and Horcoff not needing hemsky so much as a right wing that can transition the zone.

    Down the road, next year I would not have a problem with a prospect(Eberle or Omark) with Penner and Horc. You will get the similiar results.

    I would say Nilsson but have allways been of the belief that he and Cogliano belong as a pair.

    I hope the team chases a large sized scoring LW or center for hemmer with the assets we will have to dump in the future: Cole, Vishnovsky, Roloson.

    To not identify Horcoff as a complete package is silly. The man has constabtly adjusted his game to match who he plays with. Yeild to Ryan. More pass. last year and the start of this year more of a quick release guy. Know that penner is back with him that same shooter with another scoring target.

    You are allowed your opinion. I mill not allways agree.

    It is obvious tomost of us the nature of everyones comments.

    I am not a fool but neither are all the people who have been posting for the last three years.

    A little less vitrol. You are pissing off the locals. A lot of them are very consevative by nature. (In a critical thinking style not political way.)

  19. kinger says:

    I’d like to see a roll call of those that appreciate what Traktor brings to these threads.

    So far we have:


    Anyone else?

  20. rickibear says:

    Like what he brings as a criterial.
    Hum. I come to this blog to read LT. And the comments of Bruce, Aoil, Ice Dragon, Rod, Dennis, Mc, Vic, Matt, CoachPB, PDO, MC 79, J willis, B dog, Alice.

    Tracktor on this site. Not so much, though I recognize others that have been at hockey futures and traktors discussions on that site have been more refined. Than some that post here.

    It is like he has a different personna here. driven by? The elitist bias that some time swells from this sight. His performance is deserved.

    Get off the high horse people.

    LT: I look forward to tommorows game day thread. I was sent a survey by the oilers. They asked were I referenced the oilers on the web. I said “Lowetide, Behind the net, Oilers.com in that order of importance.”

  21. Black Dog says:

    rickibear – what’s that old saying? I don’t have a dog in this fight?

    I’m an oldtimer when it comes to the sphere but I’m not a stats guy and I don’t think anyone would call me an elitist

    not saying that you are saying that, btw, and also I appreciate your mention of me

    I’m just tired of it, plain and simple

    A few weeks ago hunter spent a whole thread posting crap. It was silly and I said so because he actually is a guy who had posted stuff before that was well thought out. He posts over at my site all of the time and generally its good stuff.

    traktor is the same – he’s not a dummy and I used to find his comments a good read

    but almost every comment now is posted to pick at people and get under their skin

    I try and respect people here, the people I know personally and those I do not. A person I respect more them probably anyone is Louise. Has she ever said anything bad about anybody? I would guess you could not name an example.

    I echoed what she said the other day. People get under each other’s skins here all of the time. I certainly do not agree with a lot of what you say but I try and respect you and when I disagree I don’t start off my comment with “that dummy rickibear said Horcoff was terrible, where is he now?”

    Know what I mean?

    And I know that you have been sniped at as well in the past so I can see where your comments are coming from.

    But traktor has no excuse. He’s a smart guy but he chooses to be a dink. I have three kids. If my son ever acted like traktor he would not do it again once I got wind of it.

    Buddy has to grow up.

  22. rickibear says:

    ” I have three kids. If my son ever acted like traktor he would not do it again once I got wind of it.

    Buddy has to grow up.”

    We are Irish descedents.

  23. doritogrande says:

    LT: Maybe you should devote a thread solely to muck-slinging.

    Christ guys. It’s an Oilers thread, not a trash each other-athon.

    “Mr. Cole: I am more concerned with your making me look bad than your current slump. Please send your apology letter to Winnipeg, complete with 10% of your current contract. “

    I’ll take a cut of that one.

  24. Black Dog says:

    rickibear – partially, by way of Northern Ontario, more Scotch then anything though

    dg – perhaps another place for our friend to post??

    I’m tired of it, is all. Just as I tired of the garbage this summer.

  25. mc79hockey says:

    “Mr. Cole: I am more concerned with your making me look bad than your current slump. Please send your apology letter to Winnipeg, complete with 10% of your current contract. “

    Good call making the claim against his current and not future contract.

  26. Master Lok says:

    I don’t comment much on LT’s site, but I read every single comment and every single one of LT’s stories every day. Simply put, it used to be the highlight of my lunch hour. But I agree with Black Dog, about hunter1909, and Traktor, it’s just really tiring reading the vitriol. It’s why I find myself reading less on HFBoards and I see the same thing occurring here. When IceDragoon blew up on these guys the other day – I agreed with her entirely.

    Should Traktor have an opinion? Absolutely. Should he be a drama queen and pick fights in every thread? Not in my opinion. It’s distracting and pointless since it seems that no one ever respects his arguments.

    And frankly, as someone else posted – if Traktor doesn’t like the high horses on here, the posters, or the postings, AND it seems that no one else appreciates him here… then why the hell does he come here? Answer: in order to draw attention and disturb shit.

  27. Jonathan says:

    RE: Traktor

    Every so often I get *this close* to not interacting with Traktor anymore, but then he says stuff like he did at the start of this thread about Brodziak (stuff that isn’t always mentioned because I think the majority here prefer Pouliot to Brodziak for the third line gig). That then reminds me about the other conversations I’ve had with him where he was reasonable, or even brought something new to light.

    That’s why I’m content with him here, despite the occasional “I’ll take the organization’s word over a number on a computer screen” or the routinely acerbic attacks on Horcoff or MacTavish.

    I do wish that he’d realize thath is comments on the latter two don’t move anybody to his side; I think there’d be a lot more willingness around here to look at Horcoff’s flaws if guys who don’t appreciate what he brings to the table weren’t ripping him all the time.

    Oh, and as for Andrew Cogliano, 10 points in 22 games with a ton of draws in the offensive zone isn’t exactly “making people look stupid” (in point of fact it’s behind last year’s pace). I’m one of those guys that Traktor’s “not even going to start on” because I felt that Cogliano’s SH% was unsustainably high. The early returns are that he’s going to maintain a high SH%, and if he does, that’s great. But I’m not too proud to admit that I was mistaken (if he keeps it up)- it happens all the time. Souray, for example, has put up easily the best numbers of his career in every conceivable way, and I that defies what his earlier career has been like – and thus defies my personal expectations.

    The problem with a guy like Traktor (and it isn’t exclusive to him) is that he feels the need to keep score, whereas some of us just feel like talking about the players and the game.

  28. Dennis says:

    Traktor seems like a bright guy who’s either choosing to be the dummy or he’s just playing one.

    In any case I’m older now and the flame wars are fewer and I pretty much dismiss anyone who can’t see the value of Horcoff.

  29. Lowetide says:

    Keeping score. That’s it right there. I always come here with the assumption that someone is going to point out something I missed or challenge something I believe to be true.

    If we want a giant circle jerk there are places. I don’t want to ban people, never have and always encourage spirited debate.

    But I think this is about respect. Traktor and Hunter clearly wish to have their opinions heard but perhaps feel the only way to do it is by being the loudest guy in the room.

    Doesn’t work. It’s their job to learn it and our job to stay above a certain level and keep the comments about the game.

    And keeping score is evil. PLUS it makes me look bad.


  30. Doogie2K says:

    The problem with a guy like Traktor (and it isn’t exclusive to him) is that he feels the need to keep score

    At the risk of being first off the bench here, he ain’t the only one around here who does that.

  31. Jonathan says:

    Doogie: Which is why I said it wasn’t exclusive to him. Heck, I do it sometimes – try not to, but I do from time to time.

  32. Doogie2K says:

    See, somehow I missed the parenthetical that’s right there in the Goddamned quote that I was responding to.

    In my defence, it was before noon on a weekend. I don’t do “thinking” that early.

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