#14 Winter Prospect: Bryan Lerg

Current Rank: #14
Summer Rank: #13

Among the group of prospects who make up the Oilers top 20 list, the gap between Jeff Petry at #7 and the player at #17 is not great in my opinion. You could flip flop the whole 7-17 and have a better ranking 5 years from now.

The one player I’d bet on among this group is Bryan Lerg. 5 months older than Rob Schremp but a new pro as of this fall, Lerg has a rare skill: scoring goals.

He’s been a home run hitter wherever he’s played and that includes NCAA which is a pretty tough league. He scored 68 goals in 169 games in his 4 seasons with Michigan State (that’s 33 goals every 82 college games) and continues to drive in runs in pro:

  • AHL: 14gp, 6-4-10
  • ECHL: 7gp, 2-8-10

Lerg is scoring in the AHL about as often (per game) as he did in college and is getting some nice reviews from management. Gabriel Desjardins NHL equivalencies suggest he’d score about 16 goals in a full NHL season.

Springfield coach Jeff Truitt: “Brian has been very co-operative, doing everything we’ve asked of him, and he has earned his way back here. He’s a skilled player, skates very well and has the ability to make good reads on the ice. He’s a reliable guy with the puck, and a guy who can finish (by putting it in the net).” Truitt was talking about Lerg’s trips to the ECHL, which the player himself described this way: “I got a lot of ice time there, and that was good for my confidence. Stockton has been a positive experience for me.”

Lerg was signed by the Edmonton Oilers this summer and impressed during training camp with his skill and ability to compete despite a lack of pro experience and being undersized. He signed for two seasons that will pay him $568,500 if he plays at the major league level. He’s about the same size as Liam Reddox with good speed and some hands.

Those skills may get him to the show. He isn’t among the group you’d absolutely count on to emerge from the group, but he does have a pretty nice resume in some important areas.

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5 Responses to "#14 Winter Prospect: Bryan Lerg"

  1. doritogrande says:

    One of the better NCAA free agent signings in the last couple of years. While he hasn’t exactly come out of nowhere his numbers are probably exceeding expectations at this point. Undersized but has oodles of un-duplicated skills in the organization.

    Now if only we can make a play for Nash’s teammate goaltender Ben Scrivens, I’d be a happy camper.

  2. Lord Bob says:

    I think that undersized scoring-first undrafted college plays have a lot to prove before they can be taken too seriously.

    The good news is that so far, Lerg is proving it. If by the end of the year he’s running the show in Springfield, I’ll be quite satisfied with him. If he’s not, it’s only money and a good gamble anyway.

  3. doritogrande says:

    sorry to threadjack, but has anyone else seen this story?


    The team was taken to task again for lazy play. But not from MacT. Apparently Pete Peters is calling the shots now when it comes to odd-man rushes and controlling rebounds.

    Who’s coaching this fucking team? I want answers.

  4. Lord Bob says:

    You know, if Pete Peeters is going to end up running this team, I will die to have MacTavish back.

  5. Master Lok says:

    I don’t have a problem with it. The article says that MacTavish wasn’t at the optional skate, so if the players weren’t putting any effort into it – the coach that’s there SHOULD be chewing them out on it.

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