Ducks at Oilers, G31/08-09

This may or may not be an actual hockey card from 67-68. Jacques Plante was not drafted by Oakland but did attend the training camp that fall as a coach. He ended up playing so well the Seals signed him to a tryout contract at which time the New York Rangers complained (hia rights belonged to the Rangers and there had been no effort to acquire him since the Seals didn’t have many players) and he was sent away from TC. The following offseason, St. Louis drafted him and he had a nice run with the Blues.
The Oilers have fresh new lines and the game is on PPV. Every time I buy the game on PPV the Oilers lose and I’ve purchased tonight’s game. I have a feeling the Oilers are going to win tonight, though. New lines, MacT suggesting the veterans need to man up, PP due for an improvement and the PK cannot be this bad.

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  1. Bank Shot says:

    It’s a good thing that Anaheim is basically a one line team, because I don’t see two lines on the Oilers that can play against anyone with the current configuration.

    Hemsky and the squirts will need to bring alot of battle because the Pahlsson line is going to be running them all night. On paper Hemsky and co have the potential to be very dynamic though. Hopefully it translates.

  2. HBomb says:

    I want to see Corey Perry run at tonight, repeatedly.

    In addition, a -3 evening from CFP would also be pleasant, and to see Sami Pahlsson "eat stick" once or twice would also be quite pleasant.

    It's still easy to hate the Ducks "sans Burke". Carlyle is a pretty big d-bag.

    I will be in attendance tonight, and I'm going to do a thorough go-through of the cocktail menu at Coliseum Steak & Pizza during the pregame meal. Friday night, holiday season, hated rival….it doesn't get much better than this.

    The Oilers best come out pissed off and ready to play tonight, especially after the last couple outings. If they don't, the problems are bigger than we thought.

  3. kanadienkyle says:

    Positive post and a PPV Purchase.

    Fates be damned!

  4. hunter1909 says:

    I want a 10 game losing streak.

    Tavares, Hedman type players and a brand spanking new coach bring out the very best bandwagon fan tendencies in me.

  5. Yeti says:

    Well, MacT has gone for a ‘spread the wealth’ strategy. If you only have one line producing, split them up and see if each can motivate a different line to chip in. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Horpensky back together by period 3.

  6. HBomb says:

    So by splitting up the one line that was effective, the Oilers, instead of having one 1st line and two 3rd lines, now have two 2nd lines and one 3rd line.

    I don’t see that as progress. Keep Horpensky together, put Cole with Cogliano and one of Nilsson/Gagner, and work from there.

    Breaking up the first line, to me, seems incredibly stupid at this point.

  7. Alice says:

    Dennis made a good point yesterday, and it’s something I’ve been wondering for a while – why not 89 and 26? Cole *should* be in the top 6, the 3rd line role’s not doing him or us any good. This also moves Gagner to C, which change can’t hurt as he’s gone dry on the wing. And if they’re Both actually the black holes that it’s looked like this year, they’re only killing one line with their futility. Of all the blending that’s gone on, this should have been the first move for Cole off the ill-fated adventure on the port side.

  8. DBO says:

    No one seems to be mentioning it, but why wqould Mact move Penner to his off wing? have we not been down this road with Cole? Penner has been playing his best hockey as an oiler, so why not move him to the off wing. MacT is so frustrating. i like what Pouliot has done, but why up to the 2nd line? killing me. Does it not make way too much sense to have the lines like his:

    Horcoff – penner – hemsky
    Cogliano – Nilsson – Cole
    Gagner – Moreau – Pouliot
    Brodziak – Stortini – Strudwick/Reddox
    the top 2 lines get heavy minutes, and the third line has some balance with Moreau as protector for gagner, and Pouliot as a solid two way presence. Let gagner focus on a solid two way game, and not worry about the offensive side. He gets to be comfortable back at center, and let him develop his two way game.

  9. goldenchild says:

    The PK looks like it might be that bad. I dont get it its always been the one thing we couls count on now any game they dont give up 2 PPG is a positive.

    The thing I noticed most at the Canucks game is how little pressure the Oilers are able to sustain, lack of puck support when getting into the zone and then real issues winning battles in the opposition zone to retrieve the puck.

    I’m not sure 26 is going to snap out of this funk he just seems dejected like he cant believe what his hands and head are doing, at this point if I got $0.70 on the dollar I would move him.

    All that being said, I agree with LT though I think they win tonight.

    Hunter where i’m from we call guys like you jerk offs.

  10. Ribs says:

    I don’t know if it’s good news or not, but Giguere is out for this game.

    I hope the Oilers curse against backups is lifted as well as the one’s on LT’s positive post and PPV purchase.

  11. HBomb says:

    DBO: My ideal lineup, when Pisani gets healthy:


    (46 on nights where he’s “needed”)

  12. HBomb says:

    One other intriguing option I thought of for lines once Pisani gets back….


    First and third lines should be more than capable of handling matchups, while the 2nd line gets sheltered. 18 and 51 get plenty of PK time, and Moreau brings the “Glencross” element that the 4th line has been lacking.

  13. Traktor says:

    Am I the only one hoping for a loss tonight? It’s probably just my mind playing tricks on me but I get the sense that MacT could be gone if we shit the bed.

    Penner pumps in 10 points in 10 games and played with more gumption than he has all year so MacT puts him back on his off wing on the 3rd line?

    MacT ia easily one of the worst coaches in the NHL. Smart guy and everything but no team can overcome self-inflicted wounds consistently delivered by the coach.

  14. Doogie2K says:

    This is the only other non-O6 Third Jersey Night this season (Jersey Off Our Backs Night). Therefore, we are sooooooo very screwed.

    4-1 Ducks, all four goals from ex-Oilers (CFPx3, Marchantx1), ex-Duck Penner with the lone reply after being reunited with the big kids well after it’s too late. Oilers get booed off the ice after the Prodigal Douchebag’s PP hat trick.

  15. Dennis says:

    Allow me to go all Pat and LT here for a second before I tie all of this into tonight’s game.


    The boys I hang out with now are mostly my softball buddies but it didn’t really start out that way. You know how it is when you move from a small town to a big city — it’s just mainly the guys who also move along with you that you remain friends with — and for me that was the case and a bunch of us started playing sports together in the city and it went from there. Eventually you meet other like-minded guys through school and work and you pick up friends of friends and though you always remain close to the guys who knew who your first crush was or who your first lay was, more and more you begin to hang around with guys that you met past the age of 19.

    Eventually, it got to be five of us that hung out all the time and all four of the other fellows were guys I didn’t meet until later on. One of those guy’s is working in Halifax now and another is finishing school in TO but when all five of us lived in the same city and got together it was an absolute gongshow. It seems like the kind of place where HBomb would fit in until it’s Sunday night and we’d been drinking since 7pm on Friday night and he’s wondering how anyone from Newfoundland lives past the age of 50. So, yes, some of the stereotypes aren’t really stereotypes;)

    Those times aren’t nearly as numerous as before and truth be told I stopped living that hard for little over a year now. We spent the whole summer of ’07 drinking, many summers previous to be honest, and it never seemed like a problem before but there comes a time when you have to listen to what you know you’re starting to hear:) More pointedly, you wake up with your heart beating out of your chest and wondering how you got home. That’s a lot more charming when you’re in your 20′s and/or a rock star and though I fucking wish I was one or the other or decidedly both, that’s no longer the case.

    Now I’m a 15-18 beer once-a-month-guy on a Saturday night and I can still drink those amounts and write a sensible essay, or at least a long post on a hockey forum, but other than that I’m pretty sensible. But when we ran, we ran hard and along the way there was a friend of a friend who was a really funny fucker.

    Darchy is one of the five guys I talked about and he had a longterm GF that he never married. That was honestly a common theme among all of us; you could call the team the Peter Pandemics and you’d spend another 100 years trying to come up with a more apt description. Darchy’s one of those guys who’s both left-brained and right-brained, he’s an engineer who’s also a decent wordsmith and he’s a Good Time Charlie who’s, ahem, ingestion has been at times Belushian. His future-but-not-really-brother-in-law was a lawyer named Ned and was one of the most interesting guys you’d come across. I met Ned when I was 35 and and I could go a whole week without shaving and have always looked younger than my years but he looked even younger than me though was eight years my senior. He was a good looking cat who was an amazing pussy wizard; that talent only eclipsed by his penchant for lies, though those two things have always bled together;) For instance, Hiscock is a prominent NF surname and Ned spent a lot of time trying to persuade us that there was a guy back in his hometown named Holden Hiscock;)

    Anyway, Ned was a really bright guy who didn’t suffer fools gladly and among our extended circle there were a couple of guys that had more Ned-needlemarks than Amy Winehouse’s arm. I got a kick out of that because the guy never fucked with me and I thought it was because he knew we were, as my father used to say, well-met;)

    Well, throughout the run we had a Molson beer rep who played ball with us and the guy was a bag of hammers but he kept us going in free beer – no one could really keep us going but he chipped in with a lot of freebies and we really deserved it when you think about it – and the Molson rep had a friend named, well, we’ll call him Hamea.

    Hamea was a big tall guy who was in wicked shape and strong as an ox but the cat was weapons grade ugly. If Dion Phaneuf didn’t have money and was just a regular Joe who showed up at the same Sat night hotspot as Hamea, he would drill for Oil 10 times to Hamea’s one.

    That’s how ugly the guy was.

    Well, at the time we were all going to the same gym and everyone would always be there on Sat afternoon between the Friday night hangover and the Sat night Round 2 debauchery. There was a Sat I missed but when I got to Darchy’s that night he was bursting with a story that’s entertained me henceforth.

    You know how guys break down working out into certain bodyparts or regions so when you’re around you’ll hear guys saying they’re doing chest that day or arms or quads or whatever? Well, on this Sat afternoon Darchy and Ned were leaving the the gym while the Molson rep and Hamea were entering and as they exchanged small talk, Ned says to Hamea, “what are you working on today, Hamea? Face?”

    The Oilers PK is to the team’s fortunes as Hamea’s face was to his potential cocksmanship.


    I thought of all of this today because we’re having our team Christmas party tonight and it’s the 7th annual and it’s been a constant well for long lasting stories. Tonight I will reach into the vault and drink two dozen beer, it will be light beer so I should be OK:), plus a few Bailey’s Shivers, that’s Baileys and crushed ice and it’s a recipe for euphoria:) and if Darchy’s free-to-air satellite is working then I’ll keep an eye on the Oilers as long as the eye’s still working.

    But everything the Oilers do won’t be able to compensate for just how ugly their face is. I opined before that no one could overcome such a horrible PK and then Scott chimed in that both Bos and SJ had been playing well enough at evens that they’d be able to power through it. Well, the Oilers aren’t built well enough to be as dominant as they’d need to be at evens in order to overcome their current PK ‘performance.’

    I’ll be interested tonight to see if 78 can make hay with his new horses and if Gigure’s out then we might even have a decent chance to win. But unless we break out the rubber pucks and the boys start hitting the ice and the D start clearing the front of the net – because I’ve noticed just how many ST screens the Oilers allow as opposed to how many they create – everything will eventually be all for naught.

    I personally believe we need to bring in a couple of PK-centric fellows PLUS going back to the old ways and I’m not sure either thing’s about to happen. But I am sure that 30 games is a big enough segment sample to say that something’s broken.

    The PK is the new Tommy Salo.

    The Old face.

    Merry Christmas, everyone:)

  16. DBO says:

    HBomb: like the lines.I wonder if gagner at center is the way to go, since he’s too small to be a winger in the NHL and battle in the corners. if he is to be successful long term, it will almost certainly be at center. With that in mind, would we be happy with this lineup (with all hands on deck)
    Horcoff – Penner – Hemsky
    Gagner – Nilsson – Cole
    Cogliano – Moreau – Pisani
    Brodziak – Pouliot – Stortini

    i think this was my wish at the start of the season for how our lineup should be, and after almost a third of the season I see this lineup as having the best chance of winning (especially since it puts Cole in an offensive role). it doesn’t address pour need of a center who can win faceoffs, but unless we add someone, i feel this lineup gives us the best chance to win

  17. St George says:

    I am with hunter1909 … at this point, I am ready to see them trade some assets for picks, give the young ones a lot of developmental time, and come up with the first or second pick in the draft. I don’t think this team is designed to go anywhere, MacT or no MacT, so we may as well make something out of nothing.

    I was at the Chicago game earlier this week. Flew in from out of town, took my dad, and bought seats right behind the Oilers bench. Most of them didn’t seem to care they were being handed a 9-2 loss. The only guys that I saw express any emotion were Brodziak (smashed his stick in two on the bench at one point), Souray (clearly upset and mouthing the Chicago bench constantly), Hemsky, and MacT/Huddy (who kept throwing things at the tunnel to the dressing room every time Chicago scored).

    The rest of them seemed pretty mellow about the whole thing, and there were two times when the score was in the 7/8 goals against range when a few of the Oilers were laughing like they weren’t taking one of the worst beatings in Oilers history.

    I just don’t get the sense the current crop care that much. They have had plenty of chance to “come out pissed off” and they generally don’t. I suspect this is really a team culture issue, and that will take some time to deal with. Let’s get some picks, the bottom of the standings, and start the rebuild for real.

  18. rananda says:

    that was awesome, dennis.

  19. Coach pb9617 says:

    Jesus shit Dennis.

    That was amazing.

  20. HBomb says:

    Dennis: nice story, and sure as fuck I even got a shout-out in it. Fantastic.

    Pre-game beverage of choice tonight with dinner, for me, it will likely be a few Long Island Iced Teas. Coliseum S&P makes a mean one.

    For those of you watching at home:

    1 shot rum
    1/2 shot vodka
    1/2 shot tequila
    1/2 shot gin
    1/2 shot triple sec
    "bar lime"
    Cola for color
    Garnish with lemon
    Serve "on the rocks"

    Some people call it a girly drink, but fuck, with THAT mix, it's a drink for all occasions and genders.

  21. Traktor says:

    I agree about the team culture being part of the problem. Of course the people making decisions are too ignorant to believe a new coach could change team dynamic.

  22. Coach pb9617 says:

    Hbomb – only girls use half shots.

    Equal parts clear, sir, equal parts clear.

    On tap for me tonight will be Black Velvets to kick off sixteen straight days of vacation.

    Black Velvet:

    half glass of champagne, layer a half glass of guiness on top, like a black and tan.


  23. Scott says:

    and start the rebuild for real.

    This strategy takes a long, long time. Call me silly, but I’d rather cheer for my team to actually win the games that they play. Rebuilding through the acquisition of draft picks is pretty much a non-starter anyway. In order for that to really work you need to get two or three top three picks. You know who’s not trading their first round picks this year for anything less than Hemsky, our first and more? Long Island, Atlanta, Toronto, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Dallas. We just made three first round picks together two years ago and only one is in the show. Oh, and he’s struggling. Rebuilding through the draft, generally speaking, just doesn’t work very well if your time line is shorter than six or seven years of consistent horrible badness.

  24. Alice says:

    Better go shopping if HBomb’s in charge of the bar – and what could go wrong with that??

    Since I saw Tequila in that list, let me recommend something simple: Tequila makes a nice Caesar – you’ve got the salted rim already, the lime, it’s a natural. Bon Apetit. What you drink after we’re down 2 at the first intermission, you don’t need any of my advice for ~

  25. hunter1909 says:


    Sorry if i misspelled your name.

    If Tavares or Hedman make the team younger, then yes, I’m all for it.

    The fact is, I don’t hold many grudges against any of the current Oilers lineup.

    Aside from the dummies standing behind the bench.

    The team gets even younger, but gets a superstar rookie, and new coaching staff? I’ll vote yes.

    Bring it on!

    Since some of y’all are talking about drinking, my boozing generally means Guinness by the UK pint, and single malt scotch whisky. Here’s a tip: Avoid anything that claims to be “blended”, because they merely cut a good single malt with something called grain alcohol(moonshine basically) to produce a really shit version of the olde drink.

  26. Lord Bob says:

    First off, everyone, please don’t feed the trolls.

    Second off, the Ducks and the Oilers actually have a lot in common. Both have once-useful veterans who are playing out the string, both have young guys who we thought were better than they are because the once-useful veterans made them look good. Both have some legitimate players, and both have question marks behind the bench. These two teams have each already shot their bolt, and now they’re waiting for the previous generation to die out and the next generation to come of age.

    Of course, the Ducks are better in each of those categories. But structurally, there are similarities.

    I’m thinking 5-1 Ducks win.

  27. HBomb says:

    Alice: Tequila also apparently works well as a substitue in your generic Vodka paralyzer, although I’ve never tried it. I’d probably want to get a good bottle of Patron for that and not the usual margarita/shooter Jose Cuervo shit I keep in the cabinet.

    Another paralyzer variation is known as the “rye dog”. Crown Royal enters the equation. Can’t say I’ve ever done it – whisky in the presence of milk suggests the potential for the drinking equivalent of nuclear holocaust.

  28. Coach pb9617 says:

    Of course, the Ducks are better in each of those categories.

    Eh, there’s no depth in that organization at all. There are two players and then a cliff.

  29. HBomb says:

    3rd liner Horcoff making 7 million.


    That is all.

  30. HBomb says:

    Coach: I assume the “two players” you’re referencing on the Ducks are Pronger and Getzlaf.

    If so, I’m glad to see the contempt for Perry. Guy is an overrated sack o’ shit riding Getzlaf’s coat-tails as far as I’m concerned.

    Anyone want to bet against Pronger landing in Toronto as a UFA on July 1st, 2010?

  31. Oilmaniac says:

    yeah, wow,.. Dennis, I feel like i now know you slightly better than not at all…

    Alot of effort put into calling the pk ugly, but enjoyed it none the less…

    I liked your suggestion of ‘going back to the way things were’ after mentioning a hoped aquisition for 2 ‘pk-centric’.. is raises the question, is the direction of the oilers to be a hard working, hard checking, grind it out w sprinkles of skill team?.. or are there other ways to do it?.. can they out smurf the opposition, cue up a ‘reliable’ finesse style, dominate through pp opportunism.. what is their ‘potential’ identity outside of the old 90′s oiler mold.. or are they just another hockey team, trying to be as adequate as possible, not setup to excel at much.. (except the pp is setup to for punch)..


  32. Temujin says:

    LT, you’re still an Oilers fan? With the Linden picture and Canuck discussion around here I thought maybe you had come to your senses.

    Tequila is a night-ruiner for me. Only had it three times and it’s the same damn story all three times: One shot, guts swirl, dinner lost, night over.

    So HBomb can you recommend a replacement for tequila in that drink? Keeping in mind, of course, how much I enjoy Wisers…

  33. reijo29 says:

    Looks like MacT was listenting.
    Horcoff now playing w/ Penner & Cole. Poo playing w/ Gags & Moreau.
    Reddox in for Strudwick.
    Rollie Starting.

  34. Oilmaniac says:

    Counter balance to bruces:
    “No you aren’t the only one, Traktor, which you would know if you read the thread. You and Hunter have established yourselves as Oilers “fans” who want “your” team to fucking lose. Which sounds like a fucking loser approach if you ask me.”

    I always find it funny reading the pre game posts on oilfans or here, every game the large majority voting/stating their belief that the oilers will win.. while these two are just being miserable bitches, hehe with all due respect, grumbling about the knee deep.. , not often do you finding ‘oilfans’ calling for a loss, but is that because they have a winning attitude or because their simply homers…

    btw, best call out for an oiler loss (recent memory) was LT on game 5, vs chicago,.. ‘can win 82′, yet your winning attitude would beg to differ…

  35. heed says:

    i’ve been wanting to see penner, cole and horcoff together for quite some time now.

    damn you oilers for keeping me interested. who a i kidding? I would watch this team if we iced a women’s ringette team from st. albert.

    ps jussi jokinen on waivers. i think trampa has gone insane.

  36. HBomb says:

    So HBomb can you recommend a replacement for tequila in that drink? Keeping in mind, of course, how much I enjoy Wisers…

    I have seen a recipe for an iced-tea type beverage that involves Rye, but it escapes me at this point.

    That being said, if you want to knock the tequila out of the long-island iced tea, I’d just go 1 shot rum, 1 shot vodka, and half-shots of gin and triple sec.

  37. Kris says:

    I’m all for trading some vets for younger players, too. That is, I’m in favor of a little destruction of the line up to prepare for renovation.

    But as Camus wrote in “The Just Asssasins” ‘Even in destruction, there are limits.’

    Thus, even though, we might not make the playoffs, playing well now, maybe finishing in 9th or 10th, will still help the rebuild. Why? a.) Players learn to succeed by succeeding. b.) Free agents are more likely to come here if they suspect we’re going to win in the future. c.) The draft is deep and we should still be able to get a good player in the middle of the first round. So we ouhgt to hold on to some of what we’ve got.

    Regarding drinks, I know you’ll think I’m a wuss for saying it -quoting Camus above doesn’t helo either- but there is no better tasting, more effective way to get drunk than wine. At the very least, wine is better tasting than the various mixtures of corn-syrup and rubbing alcohol all of you have been proposing. And though it seems unscientific, wine will kick your ass into drunky town faster than anything– just ask the “wine-O’s” :)

  38. Kris says:

    I used to mix iced tea and whisky and call it a ‘whisty.’ It tasted terrible, but I didn’t care.

  39. HBomb says:


    I’m excited to see this. Really excited. These bastards are going to cycle the puck like a motherfucker and see a PILE of tough minutes.

    Meanwhile, I think Gagner is about to get the “Ales Hemsky” experience with 18 and 78. Anyone remember the Moreau-Reasoner-Hemsky like from the first 50 games or so of the 02-03 season?

  40. Traktor says:

    “Which sounds like a fucking loser approach if you ask me.”

    Every Oiler win gives MacTavish 2 more games of life.

    I want what you want – a Stanley.

    That starts with accountability. We have a coach who thinks Staios-Studwick is all world. We have a coach who fails to learn from his mistakes – Penner back on his off wing on the third line. We have a coach says he doesn’t like to play goalies back-to-back yet he goes and does exactly that. He’s totally butchered the goalie situation once again this year. Been happening since the days of Salo.

    I know there’s a bunch of intelligent people here but if they can’t see that the first step in pointing this organization in the right direction is surrounding itself with quality people then I don’t know what to say.

    We have a coach who surrounds himself with useless twits like Bucky.

    Am I less of a fan because I want to see some accountability in the organization?

    As long as we employ Craig MacTavish as the coach this organization will be one that takes 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

    You can be a cheerleader all you want Bruce. I’ll be hoping for what’s best for the organization and that starts with quality behind the bench.

    I’m I less of a patriot because I would sacrifice 1000 men to win the war?

    There’s two ways about going about business. What you’ve always done and what you haven’t tried.

    We know that what we’ve done in the past doesn’t work so all we’re left with is what he haven’t tried. Apparently because I want to try something foreign that makes me less of a fan.

    If there’s a villain in all this you’re looking at the wrong guy Bruce. What does it say about the organization when fans start cheering against the team in hopes something will finally be done. Go watch the Oiler-Hawks game. There was 1000′s of Oiler fans cheering on every Chicago goal. The place would have erupted if Chicago would have scored the 10th. Over on HF there is a poll and over 80% of fans who voted want MacTavish fired.

    I might not cheer for the team as loud as you but I would slap anyone who suggests I’m not a fan. That’s Dan Tencer material right there. Prick.

  41. HBomb says:

    It tasted terrible, but I didn’t care.

    Sounds like me on May Long 2003 drinking Black Ice beer. It was fucking 9.79 for a 15 pack at Superstore. Being a student at the time, well shit, I couldn’t say no to that!

    Oh, as for getting plastered off wine….those hangovers are something I’d rather avoid. They’re right up there with the feeling you get after drinking 20 or so bottles on 2.75 Corona night back in the days of the Heights (now called the Taphouse) out in St. Albert.

  42. Coach pb9617 says:

    Looks like MacT was listenting.
    Horcoff now playing w/ Penner & Cole. Poo playing w/ Gags & Moreau.
    Reddox in for Strudwick.
    Rollie Starting.

    Penner – Horcoff – Cole
    Moreau – Gagner – Pouliot
    Nilsson – Cogliano – Hemsky
    Reddox – Brodziak – Stortini

    There’s still only one line that can win the nightly battle, however the Cogliano line can counterattack like a mother if they ever get the puck out.

    If Staios is on the ice with the Gagner line, Roloson better sacrifice a chicken to help him keep the puck out.

  43. Traktor says:

    “I believe teams should either be ascending rapidly or descending rapidly.” – Burke

    This organization (and fans like Bruce) would rather go for 8th place every year.

  44. hunter1909 says:

    What’s Petr Nedved doing?

    : p

  45. Coach pb9617 says:


    I’m not a wine guy, but my wife takes me to wine country for weekend benders twice a year. Not only is it a fast drunk, but it’s a mellow drunk and a long-lasting plateau drunk.

  46. Jonathan says:

    a timeline which includes such gems as seeing 3rd liner Horcoff making 7 million

    3.6 million this season, and a 5.5 million cap hit thereafter. I love it when people toss out the 7 million number – it’s like the other five years of his six year contract don’t count, or like calling Daniel Briere a 10-million dollar player. I know you’ve got an axe to grind, but try not to slant things quite so obviously.

  47. Temujin says:

    Petr Klima. League Minimum.

    Make it happen.

  48. relic says:

    Jokinen would look better on that 89 line than 18. Then 18 could slide down to line 4 though Mact appears unwilling to play him there.

    Binge drinking always ends badly no matter the poison. Thank goodness I met mary jane, she keeps me to one or two drinks a night and no regrets the next day.

  49. Jonathan says:

    jussi jokinen on waivers. i think trampa has gone insane.


    Also, nice story, Dennis.

  50. relic says:

    Jonathan: guess I took the bait b/c I can’t find anything.

    Makes me realize though, with the Torres trade and letting GX go, there’s not much depth on LW these days.

  51. DBO says:

    happy to hear that someone lobotomized MacT into common sense and running with solid lines. Dammit, now I have to get the PPV. Might even have to go to the game now. fuck.

    on that note, slow day at work, and my wandering mind focused for a few minutes and came up with some moves the Oilers could make that fit our cap space, set us up long term, adn address all of our needs. Mindy this is only if we truly think we are contenders right now. I would be happy with the moves myself, and I actually think they could work for the othe rteams involved as well.

    So our needs being:
    1. Shut down dman
    2. checking line center that can win a faceoff
    3. Settle the goalie deal both short and long term
    4. get a bigger, physical 30 goal man (who we thought was cole)

    Deal #1
    Edmonton and Florida
    - to edmonton =
    Horton = $4.0 mill till 12/13
    Vokoun = $5.7 mill till 10/11
    Boynton= $2.95 (UFA next year)
    - to Florida
    Roloson = $3.6 cap hit (UFA)
    Cole = $4.0 mill (UFA)
    Grebeshkov = $1.5 mill (RFA)
    3rd rd pick

    Deal #2
    To Edmonton
    Malhotra – $1.2 mill (UFA)
    To Columbus
    Pouliot = $.825 till 09/10

    Move #3
    Waive garon = $1 mill cap hit

    Horcoff – Penner – Hemsky
    Cogliano – Gagner – Horton
    Malhotra – Moreau – Pisani
    Brodziak – MacIntyre – Nilsson

    Souray – Gilbert
    Vish – Boynton
    Staios – Smid/Strudwick

    Florida gets crazy cap relief, and keeps essentially the same mix, while adding a bit more youth in greb, and giving them money to re-sign Anderson.
    Columbus gets a younger piece, and dumps a guy they will not re-sign.

    We only take on $2.9 million overall this year (pro rated = $1.8 mill), which fits us under the cap. We solve our goalie issue for a few years, sets us up withy balance, more size in the top 6 and allows us flexibility in the next 2 and 3 yrs with Satios, Moreau and Pisani coming off the cap, allowing us tpo re-sign Ganer and Cogs while promoting from within for the bottom 6 forwards.

    i need a drink

  52. Dennis says:

    18-89-78 -

    I don’t miss a whole lot but it seems like 78′s only played with the talented guys his own age during the times when 89 was the One he was replacing. I really don’t have anything anecdotal to draw on whether those guys can work together or not. There also isn’t a lot to go on 18-89 wise and in terms of 18-78 they have done some decent work together but mainly when 34 was on their starboard side. And of course I have brought up before how they clicked for two goals in a home BOA win earlier and 18 went out of his way Not to credit 78. We argued that it also could’ve been to keep the heat away from the fact that 78 replaced 51 0r 27 during that game but the point was 78 had two nice plays to set up goals and 18 didn’t bother to talk about.

    I’d bet a case of beer that if anyone on that team dislikes 78, it’s 18 and here’s why.

    We’ve long discussed 78′s fitness being a barrier to long term NHL employment and of course 18′s the original Mendalbaum and the only things he likes more than working out are taking stupid penalties and inexplicably skating the puck out through his own crowded crease.

    So, yes, I Did see that.

    Anyway, that’s the 3rd line so we’re really not expecting much out of them anyway. An interesting sidebar is which line will be given to take on the secondary tough min? We can guess that MacT will go 10 vs Getzlaf/Perry and Carylye will do his usual hoop jumping to run Palhsson against any line that features 83. I haven’t checked who Selanne’s playing with these days but he certainly isn’t scoring goals at EV:D but that’s who the second match will be.

    10-27-26 –

    I don’t think there’s ever been a time when 10-27 coupled without 83 at their side and 10-26 did a little roll being fleshed out by 34 but really not a big enough sample size to say anything with any kind of conviction. And of course 26-27 haven’t played together at all so maybe that’s a little key to unlock Cole.

    When we get to how and why we missed the playoffs and why some purported cream didn’t rise, we can really get into what might have been the best role for Cole. There’s no doubt that 27 adds something to 10-83 but maybe the best plan right off the bat would’ve been to go 10-27-34 as pure PVP and then take the only 27-89 chem and augment it with 26. Of course I’ve never really seen 27-89 as any kind of hell when they weren’t paired with 83.

    Which seems to be a recurring theme.

    Oh and yes, the PK will skill kill us in the end if we don’t change and I’m glad some of you enjoyed my anecdotes. There are a helluva lot more of them and some of them are even fit to post:D

  53. Dennis says:

    BTW, isn’t this a good time for someone to go mad over at Vic’s site seeing how guys play together?

  54. Traktor says:

    DBO: That’s just a horrible deal for Florida.

    I think it starts with Gagner/Cogs if you’re asking for Horton.

    Cole is a UFA. The only rebuilding club that would trade a significant asset for a UFA is Edmonton.

    Roli is a UFA and has zero value.

    Grebeshkov is due for 3.5 million next year or he walks to the KHL.

    You don’t get Horton for 2 UFA’s and Grebs and that’s not even counting Boynton and Vokoun.

  55. Coach pb9617 says:

    I don’t think there’s ever been a time when 10-27 coupled without 83 at their side

    Seven games last season:

    Horpen ’08, 7 games:
    Penner: 4G 1A 5Pts 0.71 PPG
    Horcoff: 0G 4A 4Pts 0.571 PPG

  56. hunter1909 says:

    Even though they’re playing under expectations, the last thing this team needs to do is to start trading away it’s young players.

    Trade Horcoff(lol good luck with his ahem, 5.5 million dollar cap hit), Moreau(worth a lot to a contender), or some other veteran.

    Guys like Gagner and Cogliano are the ones who will potentially be lifting that 6th cup, sometime in the future.

  57. doritogrande says:

    As much as it pains me to agree with hunter and traktor, but I could also give less of a shit if the team mailed in the rest of the year for a shot at Hedman. Building through the draft is the only way to succeed in the NHL. And if anyone tries to argue me otherwise, I give you the example of the Detroit Red Wings, and the counterpoint of the post-lockout Tampa Bay Lightning. Blow the team up, keep a few core veterans and go young the first year. Make MINOR changes each and every year while giving the young kids more responsibility when they’ve proven themselves worthy of it. Start with Cole, Staios, Grebeshkov, Strudwick, Roloson, Moreau, Pisani and (seriously) Souray. Cutting ties with them still leaves us with a tough minutes Horpensky line and a glut of very talented kids if they ever get it together up front, a top-2 pair of Visnovsky-Gilbert with Smid-Peckham and Bisallion-Roy rounding out the defensive corps. Yes we’ll get lit up every game, but it gives the kids at-bats to judge who’s going to sink or swim and we most assuredly get a hell of a pick in the first round.

    As much as I don’t like admitting it, given the way the Oilers are going about their rebuilds, Toronto’s going to win the cup first. Fletcher has been the best GM in the league save Holland for the last 18 months and really deserves credit.

    No game for me tonight for two reasons. The World Juniors open up exhibition play tonight, and friday night curling. My team scored an 8-ender last friday ( the first for all four of us) and the kudos keep pouring in from the club and Asham supplies. I love sports where beer is served on the sidelines.

  58. hunter1909 says:


    It’s not an axe I’m grinding, although you’re very close.

    It’s actually more like a guillotine blade.

  59. Schitzo says:

    DBO: Are you fucking high? Grebs and Cole don’t get you Vokoun, much less Vokoun and Horton.

  60. Bruce says:

    I want what you want – a Stanley.

    I also want to beat the fucking Ducks tonight. In fact I want to win every game. I don’t expect to win every game, I don’t always call a win either, but I always want to win. Every time the Blue and Orange (archaic: the Oilers) take the ice I don’t think twice about who I’m rooting for. Been that way since 1972, and don’t expect to change.

    I might not cheer for the team as loud as you but I would slap anyone who suggests I’m not a fan.

    Apparently you’re a fan who wants his team to lose. Not just at the end when out of contention, but 30 games in to a 14-14-2 season. Maybe that just makes me a fanboy and you a Machiavellian strategist. What it does make us, is different.

    Let’s move on. Goilers!

  61. Jonathan says:

    Here’s the link on Jokinen, found via Illegal Curve.

  62. Jonathan says:

    I want to see a win tonight. Then I want to see a trade right after the Christmas roster freeze, with one of the goalies and any combination of Cole, Grebeshkov, Staios, prospects, Moreau leaving town for either of two things:

    1) A nasty, physical defender who hurts people
    2) A nasty, physical centre who hurts people and can handle the tough minutes

    If that trade doesn’t get the team back on track, I want to see a coaching change. My preference, however, would be for the team to get back on track.

  63. Coach pb9617 says:

    Building through the draft is the only way to succeed in the NHL. And if anyone tries to argue me otherwise, I give you the example of the Detroit Red Wings, and the counterpoint of the post-lockout Tampa Bay Lightning. Blow the team up, keep a few core veterans and go young the first year.

    Horcoff, Hemsky, Pisani, Gagner, Cogliano, Brodziak, Pouliot, Deslauriers, Reddox, Stortini all came through the draft.

    Nilsson, Roloson, Grebeshkov, Vishnovsky are direct results of first-level drafted assets.

    Smid, Gilbert, Cole, Penner and Moreau came as a result of second level draft assets.

    Souray, Staios, Garon were FAs.

    So either they have to draft better, or they have to trade better, because this team is built through the draft.

  64. Scott says:

    With the successes of Pittsburgh and Detroit, “build through the draft” has now come to mean one of two things:

    a) Tank for 6 years, with at least 3 top 3 picks, and be sure to grab a generational talent in a lottery if you can.

    b) Have the best scouts in the business (especially European scouts).

    Come on, this is easy ;)

  65. Dennis says:

    Traktor: If you were a real friend then you’d just call the cops and take out the waiting/guesswork;)

    Anyway, I thought the same as you once upon a time but was about Tommy Salo.

    And it didn’t really work.

    Lowe doesn’t like admitting he made mistakes and that along with the new climate makes that big trade hard to fathom.

    Now if someone happens not to agree with something said by Vish Throttler, then all bets are off!!

  66. relic says:

    Traktor: or you could take their keys, call them a cab…

  67. Coach pb9617 says:

    a) Tank for 6 years, with at least 3 top 3 picks, and be sure to grab a generational talent in a lottery if you can.

    You mean, 5, 2, 1, 2 over four years.

    Yeah, I can see how that might help someone build through the draft.

  68. Scott says:

    Shake it up and you got yourself a Vrbata Mirage.

    Lowe totally should have listened to you and went after him.

    Traktor, I might be wrong about this, but I really don’t recall anyone in these parts suggesting that the Oilers sign Vrbata and I recall you bringing it up before. Do you mind letting us know what the antecedent for “you” is in the above comment.

  69. Traktor says:

    I shouldn’t have thought before I wrote that. Loweride LLP might use it as evidence when they find coach gutted.

    Scott: Coach was all over Vrbata. “You” clearly represents coach as I quoted him.

  70. Scott says:

    Incidentally, Vrbata was ninth among Phoenix forwards who played at least thirty games in QC. He had the fourth best teammates and his Corsi was negative (eighth among regular forwards). So, uh, Traktor, those stats, yeah, they say he’s not very good. You should maybe have checked that.

  71. Scott says:


    I forgot to add a caveat to approach (a)

    i) Win coin flip on team relocation
    ii) Hope that enough of fan base has not committed suicide so that arena can be filled

  72. Jonathan says:

    Is it hust me, or did a whole bunch of comments just disappear?

  73. Unleaded says:

    You’re right Jonathan… and I am feeling much more sober…

  74. Coach pb9617 says:

    Two things the Oilers are not. If they start slowly, and the crowd gets on them again, it makes it that much tougher to come back.

    “You do hear it,” Penner said of the boos. “You have to have a pretty good filter to play here.”

    Oh Dustin. Why? Why even say that? Just lie about it — say “in those situations we’re just trying to focus on getting back to basics and playing simple hockey that we don’t hear the crowd.”

    You’ve got a bunch of crazed dogs in the stands that are still outraged over the offer sheet and you just told them that you can hear them. Don’t go through a slump this year again.

  75. Jonathan says:

    So… does anyone think Jussi Jokinen is a fit on this team? Honestly, as an NHL GM I’d be tempted to rummage through the NHL bargain bin all the time, but I wonder if the Oilers’ cap space isn’t btter spent on a more pressing need.

  76. Traktor says:

    Jokinen is a RFA at the end of the season so it’s all reward no risk.

    Then package Nilsson and Staios for a defender that Smid can learn from.

  77. Kris says:

    “Is it hust me, or did a whole bunch of comments just disappear?”

    If only they could be removed from my mind.

  78. Jonathan says:

    Traktor: That isn’t a half-bad idea. Best part of it is, the Oilers are in a position where they have a half-decent shot at getting him too.

    It’s also possible that by “best part” I meant “worst part”.

  79. Scott says:

    The thing about Jokinen is that 1.8 really isn’t all that cheap. If we pick him up now, we’d really be limiting our ability to take back salary in a trade. I think it’s probably best to pass and then re-evaluate the situation if he comes back on re-entry waivers.

  80. Jonathan says:

    Scott: Unless there's already a deal in place to move Nilsson out of town – they're fairly comparable players right now (although I'd be comfortable projecting Nilsson as a slightly better player down the line), and the dollars are pretty much the same.

    If Traktor's idea of Nilsson & Staios were to happen, so much the better.

  81. Bruce says:

    Is it hust me, or did a whole bunch of comments just disappear?

    I’m sure glad you wrote that, cuz I am just catching up and suddenly the whole thread took a left turn at Albuquerque and I found myself going WTF? Am I insane? (Don’t answer that, Traktor, at least not today!)

    Was it anything important?

  82. Bruce says:

    Oh man, did Hedman ever get rocked. First shift, by Dana Tyrell. John Tavares had already laid a good one on him before Tyrell smoked him. Exhibition game or no, Canada’s giving Hedman the Ovechkin treatment.

  83. Ribs says:

    You didn’t miss anything Bruce. LT was just cleaning up the garbage.

  84. Jonathan says:

    You didn’t miss anything Bruce. LT was just cleaning up the garbage.


  85. Traktor says:

    If I was the coach I was tell the team to go watch the Canadian Junior team and play like they do.

    If it moves.. hit it.

  86. Jonathan says:

    I put this up at ON too, but check out this quote from one of the Aaaheim beat writers:

    If the Oilers have anything positive to build on, following a 4-2 loss to Vancouver on Wednesday and a 9-2 shellacking by Chicago on Tuesday, it’s that they’re finally on a roll. Third-period goals by former Duck Dustin Penner and Sam Gagner in the loss to Vancouver mean that the Oilers were able to play well for one period.

  87. Kris says:

    Ottawa is likely looking to deal and they have players we could use:

    2 Way Centers:
    Fisher, Vermette

    Defensive D:
    Phillips, Volchenkov, Smith

    Jam Players:

    Star Center:

    Which of these players is worth going after? Can anybod think of a deal that they’d take that would work for us?

    I was thinking

    Cole, Nilson, and Grebs


    Fisher, Volchenkov, and Ruutu

    But I haven’t seen the Sens a lot in a while, so I don’t know.

  88. Jonathan says:

    Kris: Fisher’s contract is way too long; in a couple of seasons, Fisher, Horcoff, Gagner and Cogliano will be the options and it’ll get two expensive to keep more than two of them – and I’m not sure trading Horc/Fisher will be possible.

  89. Kris says:


    Would the same deal work with Vermette, then? Or would we haave to add if we want Vermette?

  90. Kris says:

    Jonathon: I’m not sure we’re going to keep Horc, Cogs, and Gagner as centers one way or the other.

  91. Doogie2K says:

    Wow, I totally forgot about the World Junior exhibition game. I think I might throw that on while wrapping Christmas gifts.

  92. Schitzo says:

    Cole, Nilson, and Grebs


    Fisher, Volchenkov, and Ruutu

    I doubt that package would get you Volchenkov alone. Christ, is this HFBoards now?

  93. Bruce says:

    If it moves.. hit it.

    I’m with you in liking physical hockey, Traktor, though we don’t really have the players to do it consistently. But there’s no substitute for the occasional crunching check. e.g. in Vancouver when Stortini walloped O’Brien (by “coincidence” the same guy who had taken liberties with Kyle Brodziak on Saturday) and drew a bonus powerplay when dumbass Brown instigated a subsequent scrap. If the PP had managed to click there it was a potential game changer.

  94. Kris says:


    a.) Simmer down.

    b.) You’re probably right about Volchenkov.

    How about this, instead

    Cole, Grebs, Nilson


    Vermette, Smith, and Ruutu

  95. Schitzo says:

    Kris – I’d think that’s in the ballpark. Doesn’t hurt us a lot as we likely can’t keep Grebs after this year anyways, and moving Nilsson at least means the org has made a decision as to where Schremp fits.

  96. godot10 says:

    Grebeshkov and Schremp for Vermette would be a good deal for both teams.

    Grebeshkov could be babysat by Volchenkov in Ottawa. Ottawa needs an offensive defenseman in the worst way.

    Vermette is good on faceoffs, and can penalty kill.

    Vermette(LW), Cogliano, and Nilsson(RW). Vermette could take the defensive zone draws for the line.

  97. Kris says:


    Who do you think we should acquire?

    BTW, you do know there’s no ‘t’ in ‘schizophrenia’ or ‘schizo’ right? The t sound is just the german way of reading ‘z.’

    And yes, I know ‘kris’ should have a ‘ch’ not a ‘k.’ It’s the cross I bare.

  98. Doogie2K says:

    And yes, I know ‘kris’ should have a ‘ch’ not a ‘k.’ It’s the cross I bare.

    Well played.

  99. Doogie2K says:

    Also, I believe this is the stream, for cheap bastards like me who don’t want to pay $13 for what may or may not be a travesty.

  100. Bruce says:

    Ha! Doesn’t get more last minute than this … I just got freebies to the game! Am off like a shot, more later.

    Enjoy the game, everyone!

  101. Kris says:

    “And yes, I know ‘kris’ should have a ‘ch’ not a ‘k.’ It’s the cross I bare.

    Well played.”

    Yes, it is a naked cross– totally bare.

  102. Schitzo says:


    Yeah, I know. I’ve been using this name online for 11 years now, and unfortunately when I first picked it I was a dumb kid who couldn’t spell.

    Honestly, I’m not sure what this team needs at this point. I think we have the depth to absolutely sell the farm should a superstar become available, but waiting for Waddell to lose his mind isn’t the greatest strategy.

  103. Schitzo says:

    Feed working for anyone?

  104. Dennis says:


  105. bookie says:

    Wow, i am super uncertain how the team is going to come out.

    One part of my brain says they come out flying…

    The other part says that they come out and let it be known that they are done

  106. bookie says:

    Doogie just gave this, scroll up guys!

  107. Schitzo says:

    That’s the one I’m using, but I’m getting a slideshow

  108. bookie says:

    That link was good but is starting to ‘buffer’ a lot

  109. Doogie2K says:

    Hm, that link’s being kind of sticky for me so far.

    Also, thumbs-up to the Ducks guy who acknowledged that there was an Oilers team in the ’70s as well as the ’80s, though I’d hardly call that a “heyday.” ;)

  110. Lowetide says:

    Selanne. What the hell?

  111. lickety split says:

    that could be the best rendition of oh canada that I’ve ever heard. I hope that is not an indicator of what we’re in for here tonight.

  112. Kris says:

    mmmm…. bloody slush

  113. Showerhead says:

    Hey guys, checking in to announce that for the first time in my life, I hold two tickets to an Edmonton Oiler game. They arrived in the mail today and are for the Feb 21 Battle of Alberta at Rexall.

    Fucking eh.

  114. Coach pb9617 says:

    Perry is effing garbage.

    He shows it over and over again. He should go back in time to play for the Flyers 30 years ago.

  115. lickety split says:

    It worked! I’ve had issues logging in, but that is really cause I’m just an idiot. This time I wrote down my password.

    Good to be back. LT we still going to see billy joel? I just dropped Eric Cole in my hockey pool so I fully expect him to score.

  116. Doogie2K says:

    I hate backup goalies.

    Hell of a play by Hemmer, though.

  117. hunter1909 says:

    Gagner must want to be the next captain.

  118. Doogie2K says:

    What the hell is this? It can’t be the Oilers penalty-kill.

  119. Coach pb9617 says:

    Wow. Put a little bit of wheels on the PK and look what happens. Maybe it’s the shitty Ducks PP, but that looks almost like the PK of old.

  120. Lord Bob says:

    I didn’t even know LT had emotions beyond wistfulness!

  121. Traktor says:

    Coach: I was just kidding around. Happy Holidays man.

    Go Ducks :D

  122. bookie says:

    Sorry guys, that justin TV link was showing todays game for a while, it just died and is now showing an old game.

  123. Doogie2K says:

    The link I put up keeps skipping and failing on me. Anyone else having that problem?

  124. Schitzo says:

    Doogie – me too, it’s a shame. Hopefully they work it out for the last 2 periods

  125. Coach pb9617 says:

    The link I put up keeps skipping and failing on me. Anyone else having that problem?

    The feed is hosed up on CI right now too. It might be related to that.

    Good work Staios. Make sure you even things up.

  126. Doogie2K says:

    Oh come on Stevie.

  127. Coach pb9617 says:

    Awwww, that’s sweet. Thanks Traktor, and I mean that.

  128. Schitzo says:

    That’s what I’m using, but slideshow. Is it working for you?

  129. Lowetide says:

    Taylor Chorney -18 in 27 games. If Jeff Truitt says “he’s playing well” one more time what does that tell us? Prendergast has a brother?

  130. Coach pb9617 says:

    So Dad just walks in to see the grandkids. He notices the game is on and says “Gagner is just like Bob Bourne from the Isles back in the day.” I have no idea what that means, but I know it’s related to Gagner sucking this year.

  131. Doogie2K says:

    Well, if it’s a CI issue, it seems to be sorted now.

  132. hunter1909 says:

    Looks like a street hockey game. Almost no physical contact.

    Whatever happened to physical hockey?

  133. DBO says:

    schitzo and traktor: not high, wouldn’t mind being though. On a serious note, the deal i mentioned (way late in reply , sorry) is for a florida team that has stated that it needs to dump salary, wants to clear cap space, and doesn’t consider itself a contender. they get grebeshkov and a high pick, and also the barganing power of Bowmeester and Cole (if a change of scenary does him well which I think it would) at the deadline. Not to mention almost 10 million in cap space for next year. A rebuilding team (which they are) takes that deal in order to cut costs and survive in a shit economy.

  134. NBOilerFan says:

    My god, this link is buffering horribly. Glad to hear it is not just on my end.

    BTW, it froze up on me right when Selanne went down… what happened to him?

  135. Coach pb9617 says:

    I hate watching the Ducks. Hate these sucking sucks. They interfere on every damned shift and every faceoff and the refs let it go. Burke is gone! What the crap – they don’t have to suck up to him anymore!

  136. Doogie2K says:

    @NB: He bled like a stuck pig, and they seemed to be implying it was something bad, but damned if I could make out what they meant. They said something about worrying about the tendon, which would potentially imply some sort of laceration in a bad spot or one mother of a bone break.

  137. Coach pb9617 says:

    BTW, it froze up on me right when Selanne went down… what happened to him?

    He dug his own heel into his own lower thigh/upper knee and got himself good. Real good.

  138. Doogie2K says:

    My heart skipped a beat. Jeepers boys.

  139. Doogie2K says:

    He dug his own heel into his own lower thigh/upper knee and got himself good. Real good.

    That would explain the tendon concern. The patellar tendon is tied to a lot of the muscles of the upper leg, so damage to that is a particular problem.

    And shit. Special Nieds with the shortie.

  140. NBOilerFan says:

    Thanks guys… wow, strange accident.

  141. Lowetide says:

    Gary Bettman: I understand parents out there are saving money so their kids can have jeans and socks and then maybe get a couple of years in at NAIT, but the Edmonton Oilers need that money so they can build a mondo downtown stadium where those same children can make minimum wage wearing orange polyester tops and a name tag so a millionaire can treat them like the help while still calling them by name.

    On behalf of middle class parents everywhere, thanks Gary.

  142. docweb says:

    2 positives that period. Best period by Cole since the early Vancouver game…and the PK not only did not get scored on but looked non-tentative. Considering the Ducks hit two posts the score is probably fair.
    Early I know but maybe Cole will fit in with Horc and Penner. Hemmer looks fine without them that’s for sure.

  143. Doogie2K says:

    LT: The thing that continues to scare me about this whole debate is that Calgary is going to want a new arena, too. Then it affects me, and not just because there’s nothing the hell wrong with the Saddledome.

  144. devin says:

    I play ball hockey with a couple guys like Cole. Fast, strong, but extremely annoying to play with because they NEVER PASS. Consequently, like Cole, they get nothing done out there despite “looking good”.

  145. hunter1909 says:

    “where those same children can make minimum wage wearing orange polyester tops and a name tag so a millionaire can treat them like the help while still calling them by name.”


  146. hunter1909 says:

    I think the Alberta government owes Calgary and Edmonton new arenas.

    NHL hockey is the only true big league sport in Alberta, and gives the joint cred outside the province.

    The government is up to it’s neck in oil revenues, so fuck it – better to blow the money and promote the future instead of idiot beaurocrats frittering it away on various ‘initiatives, or ‘programmes.’

  147. Coach pb9617 says:

    *slaps forehead*

    Cole. Shoot. Net.


  148. bookie says:

    Gary Bettman: I understand parents out there are saving money so their kids can have jeans and socks and then maybe get a couple of years in at NAIT

    Wow, LT, socks are like 10 for $5 now. With one hour of work at McDonalds in this city you can get 20 pairs of socks!

    The reality is that most households are doing pretty well. I look around and it seems like every 22 year old kid is driving a new car. I am old and cheap and have never bought a new car (depreciation is for suckers).

    There are some people suffering out there, but if people would have said that years ago, we would never have commonwealth stadium or any other number of things that were built and paid for by past generations.

    Cash for a building would mostly return back to Edmonton in wages for construction workers, fees for engineers, etc… The building will probably service the city for the next 40 years at least. The reality is that cities only survive and thrive if every generation does their part in contributing to a few grand projects.

    I say that people who are not willing to contribute their share to building a city should move somewhere like Moosejaw where taxes are low and everything is ugly and boring.

    Many of the benefits of a building go to the general public (such as not having to live in a sh#$hole city) so the general public should pay. Let the NHL team pay the market share and let the city pay the Public share.

  149. Coach pb9617 says:

    Lubo neatly avoids Perry and Perry eats boards. Awesome.

  150. Doogie2K says:

    I think the Alberta government owes Calgary and Edmonton new arenas.

    They owe us no such thing.

    Calgary’s arena is barely 25 years old, one of the largest in the NHL, completely renovated in the last 15 years, and continually upgraded with new seats, new boards, new glass and most recently, a new state-of-the-art scoreboard. I can’t speak to the state of the Coliseum, since I’ve never been inside (the closest I got was the CHED tent prior to Game 6 of the Finals, trying to win my way in), but having been to the Saddledome close to 100 times in the last two and a half years, I can definitely speak to the state of the Saddledome, and unless an independently-contracted architectural engineer can convince me otherwise, there’s no good reason it can’t be used for another 25 years.

    Furthermore, of all the things the Alberta government can spend their money on in these economic conditions, this is pretty low on my list. Looking out my window, street cleaning is actually pretty high on my list right now.

  151. bookie says:

    LT – Still liking the lines?

  152. Lowetide says:

    Roloson has to avoid those running backs or he’s going to get hurt.

  153. Coach pb9617 says:

    I need a comp. A 3rd pairing defensemen that plays 18% of his time on the power play and doesn’t do that well.

    Awfercrissakes Moreau. 200,000 feet from your own net you take a slash.

  154. bookie says:

    btw, I also think we should build a COllossus in Leduc and some Pyramids between Edmonton and Stony Plain. It would cost a lot, but would be so awsome I think it would be worth it!

  155. Lowetide says:

    Coach: Jim McKenny.

  156. Doogie2K says:

    I also think we should build a COllossus in Leduc

    Or the airport. Close enough.

  157. bookie says:

    I just put my Selanne voodoo doll back on the shelf with a fork stuck in its leg…

    I am making my Sundin one now, and will start my Mondano one next…oh wait maybe it will be Getzlaf.

  158. Lowetide says:

    bookie: They seem to be a moving target, and don’t look like the lines we were promised. How often has Horcoff played with Poo tonight?

  159. Doogie2K says:

    And crap.

  160. Lord Bob says:

    The Blender has moved up past “liquify” and is serious danger of actually chewing through space-time.

  161. Coach pb9617 says:

    Moreau and Staios with reaching minors tonight. Again.

  162. Coach pb9617 says:

    The ES lines are probably fine. Who knows right now? Mac is in puree and it seems like half of this game is special teams.

  163. bookie says:

    LT- Oh (listing to the game so its hard to tell), sound like its the blender again! One more little bit of my MacT respect gone. If he can’t even stick to a plan for a full period….

    I wonder if the lines were a plan from the Three Kings of the organization (Lowe, Tambi, and Katz) and the Floor supervisor just cant buy into it?

  164. Coach pb9617 says:

    LB – I think that I did just see Zdeno Ciger and I couldn’t figure out why.

    How in the hell does Hemsky end up against Pahlsson every time AT HOME?!

  165. Doogie2K says:

    Wow. Hayward said something pretty neat about goalies breaking periods down in to subsections to reinforce that they’re playing well. I actually did that exact thing myself playing soccer, though the units of time were largely in my own head.

    Perry down, brawl ensues. I’m not sad.

  166. Doogie2K says:

    Looks almost like Smid got a gut-shot on Perry. He had the gloves off as soon as he saw Getzlaf. Good on him.

  167. DBO says:

    Can no one take a freakin body check anymore?! Clean hit. Don’t throw a suicide pass if you get pissed when your player gets nailed

  168. Lowetide says:

    Holy Bob Baun. Nice hit Smid. Lordy. If the Oilers win this game (and they need to) that play might be the one that clicks things in.

  169. Oilmaniac says:

    OH BOY! someone just got their wish… BOO YEAH!! perry down n out for now…

    Smidy doin well.. cant wait to see it…

  170. Coach pb9617 says:

    I love you Ladi.

    Call me.

  171. Doogie2K says:

    What is it with FSN and that crappy version of “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”? Really.

    Big Power Play boys.

  172. DBO says:

    just started watching. How has the game been? the lines the same or has MAcT blendered them up already?

  173. Temujin says:

    I think that’s Bruce Springsteen singing that song?

  174. Doogie2K says:

    Who was it that said Gagner was doing his best Moreau impersonation?

  175. Temujin says:

    Nice work, Samwise.

  176. DBO says:

    shit call. what has gagner done to deserve PP time anyways? Let the kid play on the 4th line for a week or so and give him some time to develop wthout the pressure of PP or top 6 minutes

  177. Doogie2K says:

    Let the kid play on the 4th line for a week or so and give him some time to develop wthout the pressure of PP or top 6 minutes

    Or the opportunity.

    Ooh, the talented Nieds is going off. This is promising.

  178. Doogie2K says:

    This better not be against Hemsky. He got shoved right into Hiller. Spare me the bullshit, Hayward.

  179. Lowetide says:

    Hemsky with a half Anderson there (Glenn used to skate THROUGH the goalie).

  180. Temujin says:

    The talented Hemsky follows him :-0

  181. DBO says:

    What is worng with playing a kid who is 19 in some soft minutes with no pressure. it’s not like he’s outplaying anyone else, and right now Cogliano, Nilsson and cole should get more time based on age, experience and play year to date. hemsky played a bunch on the 4th line for a year or two. Give him super soft minutes on the 4th line, and let him get back to playing center. That is where he will play in the future, so play him there with no pressure.

  182. Doogie2K says:

    @DBO: The problem is, that’s what’s supposed to be going on with the second line right now: playing soft minutes with talented players. Playing soft minutes with untalented players on the fourth line won’t make it better.

    God damn it, Moreau, why’d you make it worse? The entire audience could lip-read that.

    Nice save Roli.

  183. Doogie2K says:

    Oh good, the period’s over. I was running out of ways to keep it PG-13.

  184. Dennis says:

    Funny that the oil would give up a PP GOAL!!

  185. Coach pb9617 says:

    Captains are good. Why does the Oilers Captain suck?

  186. dubya says:

    Hey, what do you think Moreau said?

  187. Doogie2K says:

    Captains are good. Why does the Oilers Captain suck?

    Because he’s not this Captain?

  188. oilerdago says:

    Down by 2 after 2. Haven’t we seen this before?

    While they’ve generated a lot more chances tonight (so far), the lack of discipline is unacceptable.

  189. Temujin says:

    The Island of Ethan Moreau is a strange, strange place.

  190. Coach pb9617 says:

    Wow. I didn’t realize that Smid took the time to remove his helmet as he prepared to brawl Getzlaf.

    Let the young buck roll with Lubo. He’s earning it.

  191. Traktor says:

    Kevin Lowe needs to put old yeller to sleep.

  192. PunjabiOil says:

    Moreau still an idiot. Takes another 2 for unsportsmanlike conduct by mouthing off. Great leadership…fucking cunt.

    The Oilers are snakebit. They have one line that can score, and a bunch of others trying hard.

    Ultimately, it was Kevin ”Overrated” Lowe’s responsibility to field a team with enough depth. He failed to do so, and his failure to sign Glencross and Reasoner is unforgivable.

    Tanking the season wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Garon, Roloson, Cole, Staios, and Moreau all gone by deadline.

  193. docweb says:

    Moreau is honestly stuck in the prelockout game. Absolutely terrible. If he was one of the young guys he wouldn’t see another shift.
    Worst penalty call…high sticking on Scott Neids…did not even touch Horcoff. What a joke.
    Cole on fire but still no results.

  194. pboy says:

    Staios and Moreau are filling up the scoresheet, unfortunately it’s with stupid penalties. You have to love what these to veterans bring to the team! Rolli has been fine but I have a feeling he’s only going to get 7 or 8 more games to turn it around and then he’ll have to sit for at least 1 period. I can’t help but be sarcastic, this team is killing me right now. My lungs are aching from screaming at the tv, at the shitty refs and our hapless team.

  195. Doogie2K says:

    I guess we’re past watershed now.

  196. slipper says:

    There’s something seriously wrong with this team and it’s consting them wins but I… just… can’t… seem… to put my finger on it.

    What a hit by Smidly, though. I skate boarded into a low brick wall once and that’s exactly how I imagined it looked.

  197. pboy says:

    BTW, Principe’s interview with Bettman was beyond terrible. He did everything but ask Gary what his favorite kind of ice cream was. Geno doesn’t really get all that into the journalism part of “sports journalist”…

  198. pboy says:

    Another PPV, another loss. At least we all have Rob Brown’s hair to smile about.

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