Oilers at Kings, G25/08-09

This is Harry Howell. He looked 90 when he was a rookie and by the time he hit the left coast Harry looked ancient. He was a top drawer defender for a long time, won a Norris.

The most amazing stat in regard to Harry is that despite playing 1411 regular season games in the NHL, he skated in only 38 playoff games. In his entire career, Howell played in no more than 6 post-season games in any spring. He began his NHL career in 1952 and ended it in 1973, making the playoffs in ’56, ’57, ’58, ’62, ’67, ’68, ’69 and ’70.

He played in 34 playoff games for the Rangers and 4 for the Oakland Seals.

Harry Howell scored in his first NHL game. “I scored on my first shot on goal. It was a backhand from the blueline that went over Harry Lumley’s shoulder.”

I picked this photo of Harry Howell because those Los Angeles Kings colors are incredible and purple is my daughter’s favorite color.

Oilers played very well against Dallas, albeit against a banged up team playing the second of a back-to-back. The opportunity is there for the Oilers to go on a nice run (with San Jose an understandable bump in the road) and they certainly need it based on the last few games. Despite too many “L’s” they have not lost sight of the NW leaders (Minnesota is stepping out but Vancouver was unable to join them) and a 7-1 run here before Christmas would put them right back in the game.

Edmonton lacks the consistency to run the table like that, and a more reasonable expectation is something like 4-3. Anything less than that and one suspects there’ll be changes, possibly big changes.

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  1. PDO says:


    I like Cole’s game. A lot. But he’s been downright stupid in the utilization of his teammates more often than not. I’d go as far as thinking he looked like a “puckhog.”

    I’m here all night SH. Had a horrific group project today, hit the bar at the school and got a ride home… I’m already flying and it’s only 9pm.

  2. Bruce says:

    Now that’s what I call a high percentage shot. Yeah Cogs!

  3. Showerhead says:

    Oh gracious. I like this first period :)

  4. Lowetide says:

    Holy crap, did Schremp shake that loose?

  5. PDO says:

    Well, this is a nice turn of events.

    Oh, and H.. I love Frolov too. Hell of a player. He plays the toughs and does it well. I’d be all over him.

  6. slipper says:

    That’s 16 penalties drawn by Cole on the year. 4 taken.

    Rob fucking Schremp, huh?

  7. Coach pb9617 says:

    Also, Smid is one ornery bastard and

    it’s so nice to watch. I don’t know why but he’s one of my favorite Oilers to watch. I’ve caught myself losing focus on the rest of the game just to follow him a number of times.

    Cole is like an incredibly dense celestial body that draws sticks and gloves to him.

    Wow. That’s fantastic. Is that RQ or the professor?

    I think Cogliano is going to shoot 42% this year.

  8. PDO says:

    So, how long until there is a thread on HFBoards saying we can trade 89 because 88 makes him expendable? :)

  9. Oil4lyfe says:

    Wow thanks Ersberg, anyone else wondering why Labarbara didnt get start?

  10. Dennis says:

    SH: Avery alluded to the “C” word when talking about Phaneuf’s dating habits and looked what happened to him!!

    Allow me to get into one last Avery rant before I move on to Vic’s beef. After that I”ll get into tonight’s game and I’ll label it Game for anyone that wants to read that and not anything else.

    Did anyone else catch Modano talking about how they don’t get calls from the refs since Avery showed up? So, was Modano upset about sloppy seconds because of it’s connotations towards women or was he just Crestfallen in Calgary because here was Avery spouting off again? I would’ve loved to see someone really dig into why the Stars were so upset at Avery’s comments AND what impact Avery’s had on Turco’s save percentage, Niskanen struggling without his Zubov security blanekt and Lethinen’s injury. I saw Hull came out today and said that the Stars were using Avery’s comments as excuse and good fucking on him. And why didn’t anyone dig into just how much of an impact his own teammates reaction had to how everyone else viewed the story? And why did the team react like it did in the first place? A reporter like Duhatschek might’ve asked those questions but he was too fucking busy hoping that Avery and a piece of meat were thrown into a cage with lions.

    On to Mr. Ferrari.

    I used to post at HF but I’ve forgotten my password over there and I don’t even care to retrieve it at this point. It just got to the point that there were so many people over there who’d never look at things another way and believed that Lowe knew best no matter what he did, I just tuned out. Now I might go back there if the blogs shut down and I needed my fix but awhile ago a lot of the most inquisitive migrated to the blogs from and I think Vic misses what some of these blogs were based on in the first place.

    Before I ever ventured to HF there was Oilfans and that was Micheal John Kozak’s baby and it’s the first place that I “met” guys like TY, Cam and Vic. I can’t remember if LT spent much time there; seems to me now that he didn’t and I only knew him from HF. Now I’d go over to HF and shag around a bit and you’ll hear LT talking about this guy who used to go by the name of Red Twilight. Now, LT has a lot of love for that guy and back then I really liked getting under people’s skins and I knew just how to do it:) and I lambasted Gretzky to the point that Red Twilight said I was “special, in an Olympian kind of way.” I will absolutely make fun of anyone up to the point of those who can’t help themselves and that comment from Red was one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever read. I know the guy’s dead now but it doesn’t change the fact that was a terrible comment and speaks to just how far you can push people; or how people will sometimes let you see who they are or what they can be. What it was in his case I don’t know but my point is that somethings things can get a little bit snarly so it’s not new to me when fellows go to war.

    And I totally get why Vic’s becoming disappointed in this blog. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting or reading — because I’ll still be around — but I had to stop posting at HF because of all the dummies and I eventually got away from OF because of guys like this fellow Derrick who was either below average intelligence or just didn’t know that you eventually have to change your act.

    I’m with some of the other guys that just scroll through a lot of the same guys before I get to anyone or anything I want to read. For instance, Traktor seems like a bright fellow but if he fails to acknowledge that bonk and johnson had good years playing tough min he’s either a bright fellow with an enormous blind spot or he’s a guy stirring the point.

    I have no use for either of those figures.

    Game: I guess Brule isn’t gonna make it in time for tonight’s game? 43 on the forward line reminds me of that fateful night that Jani Rita played on a line where Scott Ferguson was on his other wing. It was a TSN game from Col and the internet she did hum;)

    78 gets a shot in an offensive role and I hope it works out. I’m really down on him since he blew that long audition he had with 18-26.

    The way 89′s playing this year it isn’t such a big deal that he’s missing.

  11. Chris says:

    PDO wouldn’t it be more HF to argue that because the Oilers now have Schremp and Gagner that Horcoff is expendable as Horcoff is the most overpaid third line centre in the NHL?

  12. Bruce says:

    And for Bruce, Pat, LT, and a few others: I don’t know if you’ve seen this new tool yet.

    Hey, that’s pretty interesting. Cool that not one Oiler has been on the ice for more icings for than against. Who knew?

    I don’t think I need to tell you who to thank.

    I’ll thank you first, Slipper, cuz without you I’d have no idea this was even out there.

    How do put this delicately: I have the greatest of respect for Vic’s work. Very interesting and useful stuff.



  13. HBomb says:

    PDO: Frolov gets used like Calgary used Tanguay last year. Doesn’t play with the big boys even though a line of him with Kopitar and Brown would be among the league’s absolute best. He’s basically the sacrificial lamb to try and add some two-way ability to another line.

    Yet he’s leading their team with goals and is second in points. Put him with Hemsky and he scores 40. Easy. I’ll put it this way: If they asked for Penner AND Nilsson for him, I’d do it without hesitation. Highly underrated player.

  14. Traktor says:

    Someone needs to tell Cogs that he shouldn’t be cashing in on all those empty netters.

  15. HBomb says:

    Oh, and my 2 cents on Vic F. I can see where he’s coming from, and I can remember OF going through the same revolution once upon a time. More traffic equals more noise.

    Things here are still ok. Outside of two guys who I will not name (but everyone who’s been paying attention can figure out who they are), I don’t have an issue with anyone.

    Oh, and Dennis….the legendary “derrick” from Oilfans is actually quite a good shit if you meet him in person.

    You know what I like? Up 3-0 after one and the Hemsky line doesn’t have a point. Let it roll….

  16. Coach pb9617 says:

    The way 89′s playing this year it isn’t such a big deal that he’s missing.

    If Schremp continues to play well, leave Gagner on the long road to recovery.

    PDO wouldn’t it be more HF to argue that because the Oilers now have Schremp and Gagner that Horcoff is expendable as Horcoff is the most overpaid third line centre in the NHL?

    He is the 88th best centre in the league.

    I’m really confused by the Brule phone call. He has limted time up here and unless the Oilers know that the Gagner injury is going to be long-term, longer term than Nilsson, I don’t see how it makes sense to burn that time.

    Isn’t there a better option with a longer lifespan that could have been tabbed for this seemingly short-term duty?

    Weird call-ups thus far this year to my eye.

  17. Schitzo says:

    I missed Smid’s angry post-whistle behaviour.

  18. HBomb says:

    Coach: In theory, Potulny would make sense as a call-up, but isn’t there a re-entry waivers issue there?

  19. Dennis says:

    How long have we been saying that all 78 needed to jumpstart his offense was some help from Schremp?;)

    13 just got his dander up when Gene asked what he thought of this new Kid Line.

    Cogs: “there’s only one kid line and that’s with Nilsson and Gags.”

    Well, excuse us for living;)

    I was gonna post how 78 was shitting the bed given that MacT gave them three shifts to start in the O zone and he lost all three draws absolutely clean. Then he goes to the tough areas and scores a goal.

    Three points in four periods for Shrimp.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  20. Schitzo says:

    Coach – short-term might be ideal for Brule. It rewards him, but should allow them to send him back down before 8 games if he doesn’t really catch fire.

  21. HBomb says:

    I missed Smid’s angry post-whistle behaviour.

    Roughed up Kopitar after a whistle in the first half of the period. Drew a crowd. Good times all around.

  22. Coach pb9617 says:

    Now they come with Jason La Barbarian?

    Oilers will win 6-3 and he’ll get the loss. Watch.

  23. Bruce says:

    That Cole kid sure can protect the puck.

    Funny you should mention that, Showerhead. I saw Cole for the first time the other night and the one thing that struck me was he wasn’t doing a good job protecting the puck. All night it seemed like he’d get it, put his head down and begin to drive with it, and the defence would just go right after him before he got his speed up and strip him of it. Probably a lot more effective than backing off and letting him get up to speed. He’s a load when he gets going.

    Cole bring some interesting pieces, speed, hits, drawing penalties. Not too sure he’s the sharpest knife in the drawer, but not everybody can be. When he brings the sum of his parts he solves a lot of problems.

  24. Showerhead says:

    No way. No freaking way. A Schremp knockdown?

  25. Oil4lyfe says:

    88 credited with assist on 3rd goal. and it was only a matter of time before a turnover cost us this game.

  26. mc79hockey says:

    If Mudcrutch comes on later tonight and reads this, or Dennis, or RQ, and they all start a new blog where only those who pass a test can be a part of the group does that make us less as a group?

    Lain – don’t pretend that you haven’t been part of the secret blog we’ve been running since about the middle of 2007.

    Also, FWIW, slipper sums up my position on the whole thing pretty well.

    Christ. 3-1. Cogliano’s gotta be harder on that puck there.

  27. Lowetide says:

    Oh damn. Now the worst lead in hockey is 3-0. Is there a rotation on this? Honestly, let me know.

  28. PDO says:

    Cogliano first turns the puck over instead of cycling it to 78, then tursn it over behind his net, and then stands around doing nothing while Handzus scores.

    That one is going to look ugly on the tape tomorrow….

  29. Schitzo says:

    Who knew cogs would be the weak link on that line?

  30. Coach pb9617 says:

    Coach: In theory, Potulny would make sense as a call-up, but isn’t there a re-entry waivers issue there?

    Same thing, I believe. Lerg, maybe?

    Smid hates people. All people.

  31. Showerhead says:

    Bruce, and PDO before you: Cole definitely puts his head down a little much, literally and in the blinders sense. Not exactly a natural distributor. As for how often that works for him re: how soon the defender engages him, I’ll keep my eye out.

  32. Coach pb9617 says:

    Coach – short-term might be ideal for Brule. It rewards him, but should allow them to send him back down before 8 games if he doesn’t really catch fire.

    Is that when Nilsson is due back or when Brule expires?

  33. Bruce says:

    If Smid isn’t ornery by now, he never will be. Let that man out of that cage.

  34. Lowetide says:

    Fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck.

  35. Traktor says:

    Dennis: Mike Johnson had a good year. I don’t think anyone denied that. The thing is some of the readers of Lowetide made him out to be one of the best defensive players in the league. If he was don’t you think he could have found a job the next year?

    All I’m trying to say is these stats aren’t perfect and I think sometimes they are too often used around here as some kind of be-all-end-all to the player in question.

  36. PDO says:

    Can someone knock someone on their ass?

    This team needs a Jason Smith.


  37. Oil4lyfe says:

    how many times has johnny been on the spot already tonight?

  38. HBomb says:

    Fuck me, pure garbage goal by Kopitar. First period goodwill slowly disappearing.

    The Kings put in LaBarbera, and they start playing well. Apparently he owns the Oilers (4-0-0, 1.00 GAA career).

    Solution? Sign him next year as back-up goalie.

  39. doritogrande says:

    Just got home and I see that Schremp has another two even strength points.

    And I’m wondering if I had too much to drink at the curling rink.

  40. Schitzo says:

    Coach – I thought it was 8 games for Brule to need waivers, but hockeyDB suggests it might be 14.

    Most dangerous lead in hockey indeed.

  41. Showerhead says:

    I’ve shit on Garon earlier this season AND I think his rebound control has been awful this game. However, he has made two nice saves on quick reflexes so that’s still there. The puck is absolutely not sticking to him – this happens to most goalies when they haven’t been playing a lot, no?

    Basically, coverage on the goals aside, there were some first period rebounds that had me shaking my head too and I’m wondering if I blame Garon or his playing schedule.

  42. Coach pb9617 says:

    Someone with some ability to read goalies, please chime in, but is Garon fighting the puck like heck tonight?

  43. mc79hockey says:

    That first goal, tough to stick it to Garon for failing to control the rebound. A bit of a surprise to him where the puck ended up and the shooter stepped into it from real close.

    13 just got his dander up when Gene asked what he thought of this new Kid Line.

    Please tell me this a joke.

  44. Coach pb9617 says:

    Hm. Horcoff in the box and Gagner the expert on the PK not available.

    Schremp and Penner first over the boards.

  45. Lowetide says:

    I know it’s been a soap opera all season, but this team is a coach killer. Seriously. How in hell do you explain this? Up 3-0, you probably say “okay boys, nice start, let’s tighten things up a little keep it to the outside no stupid penalties hard on the puck” and 10 minutes later it’s 3-2 and you’re in a 30-foot well yelling for help at sundown.

  46. Showerhead says:

    coach: I vote yes re: Garon.

  47. doritogrande says:


    Brodziak and Moreau.

    Thank christ.

  48. RiversQ says:

    Garon’s rebound control is pretty awful and who comes out to challenge a scrum in front? That’s just mental.

    Also not liking 44/71 out against the Kopitar line.

    Anyway, the top line can generate chances at will against LA so it’s hard to get too worried.

  49. Bruce says:

    Solid hit by Stortini behind the LA net there, first time I’ve heard the boards rattle all period. Then a nice defensive play by 46 to clear Yet. Another. Rebound. and start the rush the other way.

    I really like what I’m seeing from Penner, he’s really got it going with 10 and 83.

  50. mc79hockey says:

    Are the whistles just not coming through on the Fox feed? It seems like I’m not hearing any whistles.

  51. Ender says:

    Someone with some ability to read goalies, please chime in, but is Garon fighting the puck like heck tonight?

    I’d say, but you told me to be quiet earlier ;)

    But seriously though, he’s been fighting pucks all season, even when everyone seemed to think he was playing amazingly (during the first few games of the season). I’ve heard him say on some interview that he was having problems getting used to his new pads, which are apparently a bit bouncier, and I’d expect that in the real game his instincts take over vs practice where he can compensate a bit. He just needs some time getting drilled.

    (with pucks.)

  52. RiversQ says:

    Sorry I meant 44 and 77.

  53. doritogrande says:

    Fuck you Jarrett Stoll.

    Now do that at EV.

  54. Showerhead says:

    Stoll learned a new shot!

  55. Bruce says:

    3-3 is the safest lead in hockey.

  56. Schitzo says:

    I haven’t seen 24-5 flub a 2-on-1 like that all year.

    Ah, memories

  57. PDO says:

    Is it me, or does Garon just instantly drop down the second there is trouble?

    He’s playing like ass….

  58. mc79hockey says:

    I assume everyone saw the appalling post on Deadspin today about Sean Avery? If you’re the kind of guy who uses the phrase sloppy seconds, you probably can’t expect your girl not to start telling Jarret Stoll that shit when she starts dating him after you.

    Also – fuck the PK again.

  59. Showerhead says:

    Grebs has to realize who he’s dropping it to on that play through the neutral zone. Pouliot had already been out there for a long shift that covered the entire rink.

  60. doritogrande says:

    This Doughty kid is going to win Norris trophies.

  61. Showerhead says:

    MC79: sounds juicy. Link?

  62. mc79hockey says:

    Penner can’t really complain about that. He should have got a penalty earlier in that shift in the offensive zone when he wasn’t moving his feet.

  63. Schitzo says:

    Man, I don’t think either of 24 or 5 is actually this bad. Put them together and it’s just Yakity Sax all over the place.

  64. mc79hockey says:

    This story isn’t safe for children. Link.

  65. Lowetide says:


  66. doritogrande says:

    …and people still think this is a playoff team?

  67. Bruce says:

    Sheesh. In Edmonton the Kings held a one-goal lead for half the game. Now in L.A. the Oil can’t hold a three-goal lead for half a period.

    Another powerplay coming up. Uh-oh.

    Well there you go. Couldn’t even hit send and it was in the net.

  68. Showerhead says:

    I’m still not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Schremp touched the puck on Cogliano’s goal.

    Also, I just puked in my mouth a little bit. This period has been absolutely disgusting.

  69. Coach pb9617 says:

    Who is the back up tonight?

  70. Schitzo says:

    LT cursing this much makes me uncomfortable.

  71. PDO says:

    Can Peeters tell Garon to stop kicking the puck into the slot every time it’s directed towards him?

  72. Bruce says:

    And another powerplay. What are the chances we kill this one off? 30%?

  73. Chris says:

    The Oilers penalty kill bleeds goals like its a hemophilliac.

  74. mc79hockey says:

    Fire MacT, of course.

  75. doritogrande says:

    I’m starting to think we should have listened more to Pete Peeters. Garon is not, not the same goalie he was last year. Rebound control was one of his strong attributes last year. This year, not so much. I like Roloson’s battle much better at this point.

  76. HBomb says:

    Fuck me. The Oilers getting called for everything here, yet they could have EASILY called the LA player for tripping and/or cross-checking on Souray in front of the net on the Frolov goal.

    This period has been a G-D disaster.

  77. Lowetide says:

    I just shot my treadmill.

  78. Oil4lyfe says:

    coach: roli is backing.
    would hate to have to put him in but garon looks shaky as ever.

  79. Showerhead says:

    mudcrutch: now I really, really wish I had not italicized juicy. Would be funny as hell if the getting beaked for it by everyone is true.

  80. Coach pb9617 says:

    What in the blue ….Garon must’ve been in Grebs’ acid at intermission. What was that play to the boards?

  81. Schitzo says:

    Why would you dress Roli tonight, if you know he gets SJ tomorrow?

    The ONLY benefit to 3 goalies, and we screw it up

  82. Paper Designer says:

    Whatever they do, they must not put even strength specialist Robert Schremp on the powerplay. That’s simply not where he is most effective.

  83. Bruce says:

    the old refrain: why wouldn’t Hemsky just shoot the puck there? He was on his forehand, in better shooting position than the guy he was passing to (Penner), and in any case the best way to get the puck to Penner is likely a shot and a rebound. Shoot the puck, Ales!

  84. Bruce says:

    Nice pass by Schremp there. We just needed an L.A. boucne.

  85. doritogrande says:


    can’t do anything about that.

  86. Bruce says:

    Another nice pass by Schremp. Good shot by Pouliot too, but the Kings pull out the old secret weapon, a Save.

  87. HBomb says:

    Potentially Crazy Comment #3: is it just me, or has Brodziak been very “meh” tonight?

  88. PDO says:


    An LA bounce, or a Garon bounce?

  89. mc79hockey says:

    I like how Hemsky has Smid sliding down into position to shoot there and he doesn’t even think about giving him the puck. Smart fucking guy.

  90. Paper Designer says:

    Blah. What I would do to have a good, pure shooter on this team.

  91. Jonathan says:

    Paper Designer: Yeah, a real one-shot sniper. I heard Philly had one that was on the market ;)

  92. mc79hockey says:

    Someone better have taken Doughty’s number on that one.

  93. Jonathan says:

    For the love of God – somebody needs to jump in for Hemsky there.

    That’s just crap.

  94. Chris says:

    Labarbara has looked sharp since he got into the game.

  95. Bruce says:

    Hey, at least we get the wind in the third period.

  96. PDO says:

    Anyone notice, when we shoot the puck, the goalie just… stops it and covers it.

    When LA shoots the puck, our goalie decides to kick it into the slot.

    I have this crazy theory that covering it is a better option.

  97. Lowetide says:

    Chris: Absolutely. He made a save on Pouliot that was a killer.

    Question: if you’re the coach, what do you say between periods here?

  98. RiversQ says:

    Looks like a job for Fearless Leader. That Doughty kid needs a beating.

  99. Bruce says:

    Yeah, Penner needs to challenge Doughty there. That just can’t be tolerated. I’d rather have 4-on-4 with message delivered, thanks all the same.

  100. PDO says:


    I quite tell Garon he is done for the night, I tell the rest of the team to work their asses off, because you can’t blame blowing a 3-0 lead on any singular player, and I tell them to get back to getting pucks deep and using the simple plays.

  101. HBomb says:

    Yeah, Penner needs to challenge Doughty there. That just can’t be tolerated. I’d rather have 4-on-4 with message delivered, thanks all the same.

    As would I, mostly because the PP isn’t doing SFA right now.

  102. Schitzo says:

    Need a pure shooter? Man, I can’t believe nobody took a chance on Vanek as an RFA.

    I just made myself sad.

  103. Traktor says:

    I’m so glad we have team toughness.

  104. Unleaded says:

    Do any of you remember where we keep the cement shoes? I seem to recall a pk coach that needs a pair…

    But seriously… if the team can’t find a way to do something about either
    – taking penalties
    – pking effectively
    it won’t matter if we make the playoff or not. giving up a goal a game on their PPs means we don’t have a hope of competing in the playoffs even if we make it.

    Oh, St. Fernando, why have you forsaken us?

  105. mc79hockey says:

    That Gretzky game against VAN that they just showed a highlight from…man, that was magical. Five point night, IIRC. He still showed flashes every now and then.

  106. PDO says:


    Would a real #1 C have shit kicked Doughty? :-)

  107. Bruce says:

    Garon leads both teams with 3 GV. That last one in the corner was a doozy. He had a horrible period. So did 44-77 who were on the ice for all 4 GA.

    Not exactly the Miracle on Manchester, but I’m not liking this one much either.

  108. Jonathan says:

    Maybe it’s just the 4-3 deficit after a 3-0 lead, or the fact that Hemsky got mugged and there wasn’t even a scrum, but now seems as good a time for this as any.

    I’m not going to say anything bad about Vic because I’ve learned as much from him as anyone here – and he’s always adding more stuff.

    On the rest of the stuff earlier, I’ve got a live and let live philosophy with most everybody here (although, sometimes you need your elbows up when you go into the corners).

    Hunter: You said a lot of crap about my opinion of Schremp, and when I proved you wrong you whimpered about how badly you were treated a few weeks ago when you brought up Schremp. That’s fine, but if you want to throw a retaliatory hit, get the number of the guy who nailed you, or you’re going to look stupid. And you do that enough already.

    As for Traktor, he says he’s a stats guy, except of course when things get ugly, and then he reverts to “I’ll take what the org says over numbers on a computer screen”. Unless, of course, what the org says doesn’t mesh with his personal opinion. It must be nice to be selective of which words from on high count as gospel and which don’t.

    Outside of those two guys (who, I’ll admit, both make some good points when they’ve a mind to) I think it’s a pretty good group here. Without sounding too elitist, I’ve learned a lot reading here, and I wouldn’t want to wave someone else away before they have a chance to get their feet wet.

  109. Steve says:

    Bob Stauffer just mentioned Earl Weaver. Didn’t quite catch the context.

  110. gary b says:

    I’m finding it hard to hang this all on Garon when there’s a 12-man mosh pit in his crease on every King goal.

    jeezus cripes, why can’t we kill penalties any more?

  111. Coach pb9617 says:

    Question: if you’re the coach, what do you say between periods here?

    1 man in, 4 men back and for the love of god please don’t let them put shots on our tender.

  112. Chris says:

    If Labarbara hits the free market he’s an option I wouldn’t mind pursuing. I know Mudcrutch has shown his numbers to have been consistently promising.

    Strangely a week ago who would have predicted that Pouliot and Schremp would be the driving force behind the most effective line in any game this season?

  113. Dennis says:

    There’s a line in Deadwood where Al Swearengen tells one of his whores that she’s got “seven different kids of cock breath.”

    That’s the Oilers PK unit and we’re 25 games in and nothing seems to be changing.

    Ty: Cogs made those comments and it wasn’t a joke.

    Traktor: he had a full year playing the tough min for Cuntreal and did a wicked job doing so. Why didn’t he get a job the next season? Maybe he was looking for too much money, I don’t know for sure. But I think he was worth a look by us.

    That was all around shit by 13 on the 3-1 goal; he’s got 88 supporting him on the cycle but he tries to go through 10 different Kings and turns the puck over and it goes the other way and then he gets picked.

    - Labarbera came in on fire and that save off 78 was unreal.
    - 88 is the only guy who’ll pass to 88. I’d like to see what they could do with 12.
    - Of course we still wouldn’t be able to kill penalties so what’s the point.

    It would be very disheartening to lose tonight with both Cgy and Van already having won. Plus, Glencross had two more points.

    Did I mention we can’t kill penalties?

  114. PDO says:

    I’m finding it hard to hang this all on Garon when there’s a 12-man mosh pit in his crease on every King goal.

    That would stop happening if he didn’t kick every single rebound into the fucking slot.

  115. doritogrande says:

    This team needs a Toby Petersen, and badly. The powerplay’s not working, and we need a forward who can step up and play defense.

    Do you think Dallas would add him as a pot sweetener in our Sean Avery for a 7th rounder trade?

  116. PDO says:


    You mean, like say… Marty Reasoner?

  117. bookie says:

    Ok – A number of things.

    LT – Are you not anti profanity on the blog?

    Garon – He is sucking, but I still blame Peters because as I understand it Peters is now coaching Garon wheras last year Garon had his own goalie coach who the Oilers bumped so they could use Peters (is this correct?). Let Garon play through it, as someone said, his reflexes are still there.

    Showerhead – Schremp hit the puck with his stick and passed it to Cogs. You can see it clear as day if you rewind it and watch it in slow-mo

    Lastly, is it just me or did the second period seem a little less fun than the first period?

  118. Bruce says:

    I’m finding it hard to hang this all on Garon when there’s a 12-man mosh pit in his crease on every King goal.

    Gary B: Very true. Oilers pay from the middle hash marks back to the goal line was an unmitigated disaster all period long. But Garon continuously kicking the puck there sure the fuck isn’t helping.

    Oilers definitely lost the physical battles in the goal mouth that period. On the night Smid and Staios have 4 hits apeice, the other two pairs have a total of 1 among the four of them.

  119. Jonathan says:

    I’ve missed most of the game, so I may be way off here – but shouldn’t this team be able to hold a 3-0 lead against L.A. given where they are in the standings and who they’re playing next?

  120. Coach pb9617 says:

    Someone needs to shoot the puck of off Penner’s giant ass or love-handles to confuse La Barbarian.

  121. Dennis says:

    Jason L outplayed Garon and the Kings are outplaying the Oilers.

    It all adds up to a loss.

    Only way we win this one is if 83 takes over and we don't take anymore penalties.

    I really don't know what else to say about the PK. It doesn't appear we've got the personnel in-house to take care of but the Oilers aren't out beating the paths for vets that just might be able to.

    Do you want Reddox and Stortini in the lineup or two guys who can kill penalties>

  122. Bruce says:

    OK, this calls for a couple fingers of Auchentoshan.

    Game on.

  123. Kev says:

    December 5, 2008 – The Springfield Falcons downed the Portland Pirates 3-2 for a shootout victory on Friday night, ending a season-high five game losing streak.

    for anyone interested

  124. Bruce says:

    Oilers pay from the middle hash marks back to the goal line was an unmitigated disaster all period long.

    I meant “Oilers play” of course, but “Oilers pay” doesn’t seem wrong somehow.

  125. doritogrande says:

    I’m quite okay with the hit on Hemsky. Ales, unlike most star players is better after being involved in the rough stuff. Always seemed to me like it made him hungrier.

    If the Oilers happen upon a tying goal, my money’s on Hemsky being involved.

  126. PDO says:

    BTW, if we lose this game, 13 is on my shit list for not cycling that puck and instead being selfish with the puck before the third goal.

  127. slipper says:

    Well, that first period was something else.

    How many hits do you think even strength stalwart Rob Schremp has thrown tonight?

    I counted three just in the 2nd period. NHL RTSS lists him down for one.

    He had that really poor coverage play where the entire left wing side of the Edmonton zone was left gaping, but that whole sequence was a clusterfuck after Smid pinched, so I don’t judge him too harshly.

    Ya can’t really hold that GA on him either, can you? Cogliano did all kinds of stupid, starting from the LA end and ending in the Oilers’ net.

    So far, two games, three points, EV+4/-3.

    He’s certainly high event.

  128. Traktor says:

    Jonathan: What does the KP have to gain by saying he thinks JDD was the best goalie in the AHL if it weren’t true?

    If he’s making things up he’s just going to end up looking like an idiot in the long run. Fans don’t forget.

    Why didn’t he make up the same things about O’marra or Schremp?

    I honestly think this organization believes that JDD was one of the best goalies in the AHL – why else would he still be with the team right now?. Think about it.

  129. doritogrande says:

    Son of a bitch. We’re getting goalie Stempniak’d!

  130. Bruce says:

    It’s 4-3. Why does it feel like 1-0?

  131. PDO says:

    That is now 3 five bell saves from their goalie.

    Our goalie, on the other hand, can be directly faulted for all four goals.


  132. Kev says:


  133. mc79hockey says:

    Man, LaBarbera stole another one there. Horpensky has looked pretty good tonight.

  134. Showerhead says:

    bookie: Thank you – I trust your slow mo and the slow mo they have in Toronto too. I just saw a bounce that indicated the puck had to have been hit by something but not the actual stick/puck contact.

    And now that that’s out of the way, good god Labarbera. I want their goalie.

  135. Black Dog says:

    Hmm, guy plays hockey, has a few pints, comes home, puts the baby to bed and comes here and all hell has broken loose.

    3-0 lead is the worst lead in hockey, bar none.

    Reminds me of this time I was raking leaves. We have a monkey who lives in our backyard, no word of a lie. This stupid monkey …

    Oh never mind. Tired and drunk. Going to bed. Come on you Oilers.

    Safe weekend folks.

  136. Lowetide says:

    Bookie: I certainly am. No profanity allowed, guys. Thanks.

  137. Jonathan says:

    Traktor: I do believe the organization feels very strongly about JDD’s value, but given their track record with goalies I don’t think there judgement is to be trusted there, at least untill they have some success.

    And Prendergast never met a prospect he couldn’t say good things about.

  138. Bruce says:

    Shoot the puck, Reddox, let Stortini battle for the rebound instead of a cutesy backhand to backhand pass that has no chance. 85 turned something into nuttin’.

  139. Black Dog says:

    Egads LT. Pistols at dawn you swine!

    You’re a better man then I. By now I would have deleted the blog, I think. ;)

  140. PDO says:

    Everyone who thought BDHS has a real story coming up raise their hand.

    And is it just me, or does this feel like 05-06 again?

  141. doritogrande says:


    Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a father…but care to explain how the baby is still “up” at 12:30?

    Or is this one of the 7.4 feeding periods said children go through each night?

  142. Black Dog says:

    The stupid money took my sandwich. That’s the punchline.

    LaBarbera is the monkey. The sandwich is two points.

    I hate that monkey.

  143. doritogrande says:

    Oh good. Another Smid concussion from a former teammate. And he gets punched again!

    How many wives did our boy sleep with?

  144. Showerhead says:

    What in the world could Laddy have said or done to that Torres/Stoll duo to incite this? Someone call Rachel Hunter.

  145. Bruce says:

    Another high hit … no call, no retribution. Was it clean?

  146. Chris says:

    That was just a lovely play by Gilbert there to pluck the puck out of the air and play it back out of the defensive zone. Gilbert just seems to read the flow of the game so well.

  147. Jonathan says:

    Doughty got clunked by Penner. That’s a good thing.

  148. Lowetide says:

    Traktor: There is no way JDD was ever the best goalie in the AHL for any stretch during his time there.


    There is zero chance this was true based on all available evidence. The Oilers say stuff all the time that isn’t true.

    Example: Springfield coach Truitt keeps saying Taylor Chorney is playing well and he really isn’t based on the math.

  149. mc79hockey says:

    If he’s making things up he’s just going to end up looking like an idiot in the long run. Fans don’t forget.

    You’ve apparently forgotten him pumping up Mikhnov.

    Bonus quote re: Pouliot. If you sort through Guy’s archives at HF, you’ll find all sorts of ridiculous shit.

    “[Pouliot]’s a kid with character and that’s one of the reasons we picked him last year,” said Prendergast. “He’s creative, gritty and he’s got really good hockey sense. We fully anticipate that this kid is going to be a No. 1 center in the NHL.”

  150. Showerhead says:

    Chris: indeed it was – looked very left fielder of him.

    Now if only some of this pressure could turn into a goal? please?

  151. Coach pb9617 says:

    The Kings really like to get their hands up when they hit people.

  152. doritogrande says:

    Told you.

    Hemsky goes globetrotters.

  153. Showerhead says:

    Thank you. Oh thank you thank you thank you Hemsksqueee!!!

  154. Chris says:

    Damn I love Horcoff, he’s the best 88th best centre in the NHL ever.

  155. Coach pb9617 says:

    Hemsky is god.

    Hemsky is god.

    Hemsky is god.

    Hemsky is god.

  156. Jonathan says:

    Whatever MacT & Co. said during the intermission, it's working.

  157. Black Dog says:

    dg – heh. well, the baby is nearly five months old so it does as it pleases. Most nights she’s in bed by 10 am and then gets up at times to feed. Tonight she has different ideas.

    Luckily the other two sleep, although the boy was up a while back. He was playing with himself in his sleep and managed to give himself some air, so to speak, so when he peed he soaked everything but his pullup.

    Best times ever (although I feel like I’ve been dragged across Canada behind a truck). Take your time, enjoy shit when you’re young and when you’re ready give your all to being a Dad. Kicks ass. Beyond everything.

    Sorry for the lecture, can’t help myself. But its true.

    And I’m loaded.

  158. Bruce says:

    Wow, what a goal. Who called Hemsky to be in on the tying goal? bingo.

  159. mc79hockey says:

    Horpensky deserved to get a goal. Hemsky’s just a ridiculously talented guy.

    Bruce is right about the wind.

  160. Showerhead says:

    Seriously though, that is the third goal whose scorer was described as “Johnny on the spot”. Get some new descriptors, buddy!

  161. Chris says:

    I have to say though, Schremp actually showed some defensive awareness on that last shift. Two games is still a small sample size admittedly but so far it looks like in Springfield Schremp had his Happy Gilmore moment and now has a much more complete game.

  162. Coach pb9617 says:

    Seriously though, that is the third goal whose scorer was described as “Johnny on the spot”. Get some new descriptors, buddy!

    And the fifth person overall.

    I’m not familiar with the rules of “Johnny on the spot”, but this guy should clearly adjust to “Johnnies on the spot”

  163. Coach pb9617 says:

    How in the world does Horcoff not get a call and Brown does?

    You have to be freaking kidding me. Come on.

  164. mc79hockey says:

    CHrist, 5-4. How in the heck does Brown draw a call when Horcoff doesn’t at the other end?

  165. doritogrande says:

    Bruce: Twas I. Thank Doughty though, it was all because of him.

    Pat: Sounds like a great thing you got going.

    Now, how in the name of the little baby jesus is that a call on the Oilers, but not on the Kings 20 seconds earlier on Horcoff. A little continuity zebras, please.

  166. Schitzo says:

    Not sure how Horc gets no call but Brown draws a penalty there

  167. quain says:

    The only thing the Kings didn’t do on that rush by Horcoff was ask him to turn his head and cough, but no penalty, keen!

    And then one going the other way.

  168. PDO says:

    How is that a penalty drawn by Brown but not Horcoff?

  169. Lowetide says:

    Back in the 70′s Gary Dornhoefer used to say “Jolly on the spot.” Perhaps they can work that in.

  170. slipper says:

    Can anyone who can rewind their feed tell me why that wasn’t a pnaalty on Horcoff right there?

  171. Bruce says:

    Horcoff hauled down, No penalty, Brown gets grazed, Penalty.

    Fuck you Mr. Zebra, and you too, Mr. Other Zebra. That is a zebrashit pair of calls.

  172. PDO says:


    How does Horcoff get called down with nothing, and then Lubo gets a penalty for that?

    That’s atrocious.

  173. Bruce says:

    I rewound it and Horc got flat out Tripped on what would have been a short breakaway.

  174. HBomb says:

    Dustin Brown is the white Jarome Iginla.

    Same damn player long-term.

    But shit, how he draws a penalty yet Horcoff does not, that’s bullshit.

  175. Lowetide says:

    I think we have that Horcoff/Brown exchange taken care of guys. :-)

    BD: Classic set of posts here.

  176. Chris says:

    The penalty kill has so bad this year that it makes me nervous in the same way Ty Conklin facing shots on net used to.

  177. mc79hockey says:

    So, uh, anyone else think that Horc should have drawn a call? That was a pretty spectacular string of comments there.

  178. Schitzo says:

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the non-call on Horc?

  179. Kris says:

    Are all the Johnnies on the same spot, or should it be “Johnies on the spots?”

    The more you say Johnny on the spot, the more lewd it sounds.

    I think Lowetide’s response to Vic was exceptionally judicious– a model of virtue.

    And I still don’t get where the slap at Ender and Doogie came from. I’ve been reading religiously here for a while and I don’t ever remember being irritated by either of them.

    I recommend that this be the end of this foolishness though.

  180. mc79hockey says:

    10 separate people bitched about that, all apparently without knowing that 10 other people had. Hilarious.

  181. Showerhead says:

    If the Kings don’t score here, Hemsky finds a way next shift over the boards.

  182. doritogrande says:

    In an ideal world, every team has a Dustin Brown. Just wow. And the affordable long-term contract too? Beauty player.

  183. Showerhead says:

    Or not, lol. I guess that non-call on Horc’s break gummed up the ol’ goal predictor.

  184. Jonathan says:

    The difference between 13-88-78 and 85-88-78 is striking.

  185. Coach pb9617 says:

    Isn’t Jerome Iginla the white Jerome Iginla?

  186. doritogrande says:

    For anyone keeping track, Eberle with two more goals tonight.

    22 on the season. Second to Jamie Benn in league goals (23).

  187. Bruce says:

    So, uh, anyone else think that Horc should have drawn a call? That was a pretty spectacular string of comments there.

    Sorrry, that sort of serial inconsistency just pisses me right off. My mistake for getting emotional in a clinical game like hockey.

  188. Jonathan says:

    Off all the players on this roster, Visnovsky seems to be the one who sees the game the same way as Hemsky.

  189. Jonathan says:

    Who are you guys and what did you do with Horpensky?

  190. Coach pb9617 says:


    Gilbert – Get. the. puck. out.

    Why, why does this team try to make the soft, cute play at the worst time? Curse of Gagner at work.

  191. doritogrande says:

    Is that the Erik Cole we were supposed to get?

  192. Bruce says:

    Cole is feeling it tonight. One thing is for sure, he’s Due.

  193. namflashback says:

    Do Souray and Gilbert have the flu today? They are just not reacting fast enough.

  194. Coach pb9617 says:

    Maybe Cole will shoot 6% for the year.

  195. Chris says:

    Who was Garon’s personal goalie coach again Jussi Markkanen?

  196. Showerhead says:

    Thank you Tom Gilbert. That would have been the most ridiculous way to lose a game.

  197. Bruce says:

    Shawn Horcoff, pull your head out of your ass. How can you carry the puck into the blue paint and not get it over the goddam line. In the last minute no less. Be still, my heart.

  198. doritogrande says:

    After that second period, even a single point is something this team does not deserve.

  199. Coach pb9617 says:

    Shawn Horcoff, pull your head out of your ass. How can you carry the puck into the blue paint and not get it over the goddam line. In the last minute no less. Be still, my heart.

    Curse of Gagner.

  200. Bruce says:

    Hey! We still have the wind!

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