A couple of Quick Notes

I don’t want to take away from the post below (good info, please read) but did want to point out a couple of things:

  • Rumour about Vincent: Insane. Suspect ownership involvement as the pricetage exceeds Lowe’s outer marker (5 assets) by 2 full assets. I like Vinny fine, but it’s too much and you know that someone like Cogliano or Gagner plus probably Gilbert are involved. Then there’s the first rounders, etc. Just say no. If this is a result of a Katz-memo then it’s time to bring out Slade’s Mama We’re All Crazee Now. My comments on the subject are here.
  • I get a few requests each year about how I track draft prospects. One of the major items to read just came out. Somewhere on that page is the Oilers’ first round pick, the only question now is will he play in TBay or Edmonton.

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  1. Lord Bob says:

    Right now, my hope is that some desperate team with more chips makes an insane Tkachuk-to-Atlanta-level offer to grab Lecavalier and the Oilers are left out in the cold.

    This can’t happen. This can’t happen. Not unless everyone is crazy and we get Lecavalier for Staios, Moreau, and a long, lingering hug or something.

  2. quain says:

    Yeah, if we sell the farm, the wife, the kids, and the dog for 11 years of Lecavalier I’m finding a new team. When I started following the NHL after the lockout I jumped on Edmonton rather than Chicago because the ownership in Chicago was ridiculous. If the ownership in Edmonton is going to be dictating awful trades, well, I’ll find a Patty Kane jersey.

  3. B.C.B. says:

    I don’t think the price for Lecavalier is going to be as steep as predicted; he’ll go for something reasonable but not the whole farm. It doesn’t make sense do give up mulitple good young players and multiple high draft picks for a player the other team can’t afford (the only reason you would do this if your are in a market you think he would never agree to waive his no-trade clause to go to after it kicks in).

    I wouldn’t mind trading one of the young centers (gags or Cogs) and a defenseman for an offensive-minded first liner, who is under contract for a couple years. Preferable a LW, but a center would be so bad.

    If your rumor is true, then say no . . . but if the asking price is less, then I think the Oilers should but in a low ball offer, and hope TB want a specific player (quality) over Quantity (multiple first round picks).

  4. Henry says:

    Lecavalier is having a relatively poor year this year. How many other off years (at $8 M) will he have in the next 11? That contract has to bring their asking price way down. It is just responsible management. Tampa was not smart and there is no way we should let them off the hook.

  5. Bruce says:

    I think the rumoured offer from Montreal is an overpay. In the cap age it’s double indemnity, players/assets plus cap hit, for a guy like this. I didn’t want any part of Brad Richards last year, and the same goes for Vincent Lecavalier now. I like the player fine, but not the price(s).

  6. Coach pb9617 says:

    It would be the largest overpay in NHL trade history.

  7. Unleaded says:

    I really missed something on this rumour. Wheredid it start? What’s the offer?

  8. PunjabiOil says:

    The deal could make sense if the Oilers get Penner’s salary going the other way.

    Penner + Nilsson + Grebeshkov + Schremp + 2 first round picks?

    Something you would have to consider.

  9. Coach pb9617 says:

    If you combined what Gretzky and Lindros netted in every trade they were involved in, it does not equal that package.

  10. Coach pb9617 says:

    I really missed something on this rumour. Wheredid it start? What’s the offer?

    Three roster players, two prospects, two first rounders and a third rounder.

  11. YKOil says:

    Well it IS Garrioch so no one really needs to panic over this. Beside, if it was for these 7 assets:


    Nilsson (1.83), Staios (2.70) and Pouliot (0.83)


    Chorney and Schremp


    2009 1st, 2009 3rd and 2010 1st

    Other than Cap hit (no other trades need for 2008/09 btw) how bad could it be?

    For the record – I am against the trade but to play devil’s advocate I present you with the proposal above – a trade I would seriously consider.

  12. speeds says:

    I’m actually kind of worried about these rumours in the sense that there is enough smoke to be of concern.

    You need to see the deal, but it seems like it would be a crazy overpay based on the rumors.

  13. Lord Bob says:

    Nooooooooo. Nooooooooooooooooooo. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


  14. speeds says:

    some other thoughts:

    - the inclusion of the third rounder seems strange in a rumor like this. Why bother to mention that, unless given that information specifically by your source? That makes the rumor kind of troubling since the Oilers have an extra 3rd rounder this year from the Smith/Pitkanen trade.

    - there are rumors Stamkos is available as well. Who knows if that’s true, but if EDM were getting Stamkos and Lecavalier back it’s easier to imagine, in some ways (less so in others), how EDM could be giving up the number of players, prospects, and 1st rounders in the deal. Then again, I don’t think Garrioch or Matheson would have forgot to mention a “small” detail like Stamkos being involved, so I think I’m just trying to spin this as optimistically as possible to myself.

  15. Lord Bob says:

    Anyway, this can’t happen.

    What it probably is was Tambellini’s butler was like “yeah, if we got Lecavalier it would take, like, three roster players, two prospects, two firsts and a third” while downing half a bottle of scotch, and Garrioch misinterpreted that as something the Oilers were actually about to do.

    That’s what I’m telling myself while rocking back and forth on my chair and whimpering.

  16. PDO says:

    Just say no to Lecevalier.

    We already have a better C on the team.

  17. B.C.B. says:

    YKO has a point. Not all roster players are equal. If getting rid of Moreau was included well I would think there would be more support.
    Plus I would think there would be more then Lecavalier coming back: think Halpern (who is a right handed center) if Horcoff was included, or maybe Artyukhin if Moreau or Pisani was included.

    I am not for or against this trade, till it happens: then I think we can judge it correctly. I know a lot of people are scared about the Lecavalier’s contract, but that might go down accord to escrowment as well. Top 10 players in any position will cost around $7-8 a year: Do we never want one, or are we just against Lecavalier?

    On another note: what number would he wear? 44 is taken, and 4 is unofficially retired.

  18. YKOil says:

    The more I look at it the more I know that it really all comes down to how many difference makers are going the other way.

    It is why we lost our 5 assets trade – not a single difference maker was coming our way on that one.

    So if we looked at Matheson’s deal and it was: Nilsson, Gilbert, Pouliot and a 1st than how bad is it knowing that Gilbert is the only difference maker going the other way?

    Problem is – we know it will be two or more (one of Grebs/Gilbert/Visnovsky and one of Cogs/Gagner and one of Nilsson/Pouliot/Brodziak) difference makers and that is what makes it untenable.

    If the trade if Gilbert, Cogliano, Brodziak and a 1st for Lecavalier it will be, imo, one of the worst trades we could ever make.


  19. Lowetide says:

    speeds: I agree. I think we need to brace ourselves for a “see, we’ve made up for Pronger with 5 assets for this guy” trade.

    Oilers management sometimes resemble the Pakleds.

  20. quain says:

    Tampa isn’t going to shed Vinny’s salary for more salary that doesn’t draw any fans. Moreau and Staios are not going to be our throw-ins.

    What I find interesting is the lusting for Lecavalier… I’d much rather move some spare parts for St. Louis.

  21. DeBakey says:

    Matheson mentions it in his column today.

    I thought to myself
    “Uh-oh, HHOF Jim has been into Greb’s stash.” [to borrow someone's line]

    This is also because he suggested that Nashville might consider Hamhuis for Lupul.
    The Flyers are going to be lucky to gt a second-rounder for that overpaid bum.

  22. Lord Bob says:

    Lupul is a superstar. Do you think the Oilers could get him if the Lecavalier thing doesn’t pan out?

    Next season, let’s run out a Gagner – Schremp – Lupul second line, too. They might as well start fitting us for Stanley Cup rings on opening day.

  23. IceDragoon says:

    pulls herself out of her elf-hibernation fog long enough to say

    Good day.

    This rumour is BS, Lain.

    Now I must go for a nap.
    See you sometime next month.


  24. Scarlett says:

    No way this is true. Vinny is not worth 8 assets. He’s not Gretzky…

  25. Art Vandelay says:

    (Bruce Garrioch, sitting in his underwear at home watching the AS Skills Comp, thinking to himself):

    “The Vinny to Montreal rumours have run their course. I need to shake things up a bit. Plus, I’ve got 15 inches to fill on Sunday.

    “Lemme see. Who’s got new ownership with deep pockets?

    “S’gotta be a team teetering in the edge of desperation.

    “Got it! The Oilers. Where’s their roster. Better Google hockeydb.

    “OK, a little from here, a little from there. Throw in some picks. Voila! A semi-plausible trade.

    (Exercises dialing finger; calls some shmoe scout/drinking buddy)

    Garrioch: “I’m thinking Penner, Nilsson, Grebeshkov, two firsts and a third?”

    Scout: “I can’t say that couldn’t happen.”

    (Garrioch bangs out 15 inches of fiction, hits Send, makes trip to refrigerator.)

    (Meanwhile, sitting at home watching the YoungStars Game, Jim Matheson is “researching” his column. He calls up the CP feed.)

    “Great. Garrioch’s filed his Sunday column.

    “Bingo. He’s invented an Edmonton rumour.”

    (Hits Spacebar three times to highlight paragraph, Ctrl-C, click over to Word, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-S, hits send).

    “To think Andy had to score 498 regular season goals and then wait a decade to get into the Hall.”

  26. Art Vandelay says:

    When Matheson and Garrioch go on vacation, this guy steps in.

  27. Traktor says:

    I love how Lowe was an idiot for stock piling assets for the last 5 years but now he’d be an idiot if he parlayed some of them into an elite talent.

    Make up your mind.

    Obviously if it’s a 7-1 it isn’t going to be all quality.

    2 firsts is probably 40% of the value going back right there.

    Toss in Chorney and Omark and there’s 60% of the deal done.

    Gilbert or Gagner would bring the deal close to done.

    Moreau would most likely be involved in the deal for cap reasons.

    Toss in a warm body like Reddox and the deal is done.

  28. Lord Bob says:

    I love how Lowe was an idiot for stock piling assets for the last 5 years but now he’d be an idiot if he parlayed some of them into an elite talent.

    Make up your mind.

    An elite talent would be great! Forget the overrated Lecavalier and his albatross of a contract, let’s get one of those instead.

  29. DBO says:

    Where theres smoke theres fire. I hope not at the cost mentioned, but i for one am for bringing Lecavalier here. I agree it depends on what assets we have to give up. A few points we have to keep in mind:
    1. Grebeshkov will get betweem $3.5 and $4 million next year.
    2. Gagner and Cogliano in 2 years will get around $4 million each.
    3. With our fading “leaders” does it make more sense to go for it over the next 2 years or stay at the fringe of the playoffs and be content with competing for the last playoff spot for the next few years.

    I am not a stats guy like most of this site (although I do appreciate your work, it does make for some compelling discussion). however if the salary cost is the equivalent to Cogliano and grebeshkov in 2 years ($7.7 cap hit for the lecavalier extension), then I take the deal. Of course the extra parts (picks, etc.) will also make an impact. But if the deal is:
    Cogliano, Grebeshkov, 1st round pick, 3rd round pick and Schremp
    Lecavalier and Paul ranger (young, stay at home defenseman, decent corsi number).

    it is a lot to give up, but it allows us to move Horcoff to centre the 3rd tough minute line, adds some toughness to the back end, and solves the “is Cogs a 3rd line centre” question.

    Lecavalier – hemsky – penner
    gagner – Cole – Nilsson
    Horcoff – Pisani – Moreau
    Brodziak – Pouliot – Brule
    Souray – Gilbert
    Vish – Ranger
    Staios – Smid

    That’s a deep team that can compete for the division right now. We still have gagner in the fold, and next year you can re-sign Rollie for a few million and Cole for a few years at or below $4 mill and we fit under the cap. When Staios, Moreau and Pisani fall off the books, you plug in cheap bottom six players/dmen or promote from the farm.

  30. Ribs says:

    Yea, those Richard trophies are stupid anyway! Buncha bums, all of ‘em.

    The rumour is so vague that I don’t really have an opinion on this one other than if it’s marginal talent and picks for a true first line player, do the deal.

    Plus, the blogs will be so much fun!

  31. Traktor says:

    Lecavalier has 319 points in 290 games since the lockout. 1.1 PPG

    Horcoff has 206 points in 258 games since the lockout. 0.79 PPG

    Lacavalier is a full + .21 ppg better than Horcoff.

    To be honest I think Lacavalier’s contract is closer to market value than Horcoff.

    You might not think the 20 or 30 points is worth the extra 2 million cap hit but I disagree.

    It’s a little like paying a Luongo or other elite goalies in the 7 million range when the difference in 2nd tier group is a .915sv% instead of a .920sv%.

    The problem is paying Horcoff 5.5 million is like paying Cristobal Huet or Manny Fernandez 5.5 million.

  32. YKOil says:

    That is the problem dbo – the odds of this being a deal we are happy with (i.e. limited loss of good assets) is borderline delusional.

    Traktor’s deal is as bad as the one I used just playing advocate. Difference is – I knew mine was just a dream.

    This deal goes down we all know Ranger or Stamkos isn’t coming back as a part of it and we all know that two prime assets (as I described earlier) is going.

  33. Traktor says:

    That should read a full +.31 better.

  34. DBO says:

    And though matheson was just speculating (seemed like it in his piece) he mentions that it would take a top end defenseman and forward under 25 (Cogs/gagner + Greb/Gilbert) and a 1st round pick. 3 assets for Lecavalier and I take it. Yes it means we need to move salary, or stash some in the minors (like the rest of the league). Pipe dream maybe, but a 40-50 goal scorer to pair with hemsky is something we haven’t had in almost 20 years.

  35. Sean says:

    I’d offer something along the lines of Marco Sturm, Wayne Primeau and Brad Stuart

  36. jadeddog says:

    oh dear god no… as many others have mentioned, a deal anywhere *close* to this could ruin our franchise for (another) 10 years… unless we somehow got stamkos back as well as vinny AND we only had to give up 5 assets AND two of them do not include gagner/cogliano/gilbert/grebs AND …. well you get the idea

    this is a horrible, horrible trade, even if you don’t look at vinnys albatross of a contract (which is a whole different problem of its own)

  37. Ribs says:

    Just think, LT can cover both the Bluejackets and the Lightning! The draft just wouldn’t be worth covering as all of the Oilers picks would go to Tampa! Two for one!

  38. Lord Bob says:

    Nilsson, Gagner, Gilbert, first-rounder, third-rounder.

    There. That’s what I’d do. Anything much more than that and we’re losing out.

  39. PunjabiOil says:

    Nilsson, Gagner, Gilbert, first-rounder, third-rounder.

    That’s way too much.

    Gilbert going the other way is fine if neccessary, but adding Gagner in there?

    How about this.

    Sam Gagner + 1st?

    Would that be a reasonable deal?

  40. DBO says:

    Also remember that in the off season Mr. Katz and KLowe will overpay to get someone. is Hossa at $8 million worth it? We would have to move assets to fit under the cap, but would we rather have Hossa at $8 million vs. Lecavalier at $7.8? not sure which would be better. Do you move Greb and Cogs for Lecavalier plus picks/prospects, or sign Hossa and not resign Cole?

    Horc – Hemsky – Hossa
    Gagner – Nilsson – Penner
    Cogliano – Moreau – Pisani
    Brodziak – Brule – Pouliot
    Lecavalier – Hemsky – Penner
    Gagner – Cole – Nilsson
    Horcoff – Moreau – Pisani
    Brodziak – Brule – Pouliot

    Not sure which I like more.

  41. Ribs says:

    I’d go with the guy who will play for Team Canada in the upcoming Olympics.

  42. Lord Bob says:

    I included Gagner on the assumption that a trade for Lecavalier means we’re going for the Cup in either year one or year two. Gagner would be of marginal-at-best value in such a run.

    Second, I don’t think there’s any chance Tampa would take a trade based around Gilbert-plus. If they did, obviously, I’d be jubilant.

    If we can run out Lecavalier, Horcoff, a hypothetical veteran 3C acquired by trade, and Brodziak as our centre core, that could be the best in the league for two seasons.

  43. speeds says:

    DBO: how can you afford to keep Cole under the cap with Lecav but not with Hossa?

    Isn’t that a bit of a false choice? Or at least, by showing only the F and not the projected D and G, I don’t think there is enough info to choose between the lineups.

  44. Scott says:

    Winning will require outperformance and as such trading for Vinny is probably unwise. It is particularly unwise if one disposes of the players most likely to outperform (Hemsky, Gagner, Cogliano) in the next couple of seasons, especially if those are the “going for it” years.

  45. Lord Bob says:

    How likely is it that Gagner will outperform his entry level contract, really?

    He sure hasn’t been this year and hasn’t even been particularly close. Really, high-drafted rookies who come right out of junior seldom outperform simply because they get very healthy entry-level deals.

    Cogliano I think is an exception, because he’s not making as much money and is both older and more experienced. Gagner’s in a bad position, though, and he hasn’t shown he can back up that money yet.

    (In the long run? Great player. But we’re not talking about the long run.)

  46. quain says:

    Once again, if we’re going to ship out every blue chipper we have and ‘go for it’ with this lineup, why aren’t we aiming for an underpaid guy with a couple years on his contract? You don’t win Cups with the elite guys who already got their $8M payday. Add a Frolov to the roster for Gagner or Cogliano. Fill out your depth with a couple of prospect for a third liner, since you can afford it. Resign Cole. Resign Grebs.

  47. Lord Bob says:

    Can we get Frolov for a similar price, quain? If so, by all means! Although he plays the wing and I’m more worried about getting a centre.

  48. Dennis says:

    I am very worried about this for these reasons.

    - Matty threw up his old trial balloon today

    - Oil have a lot of young talent who are affordable

    - Oil went balls out this past summer for Hossa and then sniffed around Jagr and we know they like the big ticket items. Just about a week ago Vish Throttler mentioned getting an elite forward.

    - Great point by Speeds about getting that marquee guy to help sell the new building.

    We all remember how many guys outperformed their contracts during our last Cup run and like Scott said, the key is to have a few of those guys kicking around.

    And, yes, Katz had better have the idea in mind to stash salaries in the minors if he plans on paying Vinny.

    Did I mention I’m worried?

  49. Lowetide says:

    The Oilers had 6 beauty contracts that season:


  50. Traktor says:

    LA probably has the best prospect stable in the entire NHL so I highly doubt the Kings would hold Gagner/Cogs in such high regard that they would trade Frolov for one of them.

    Sure Frolov is a UFA after 09/10 but he’ll never make it to free agency.

  51. PunjabiOil says:

    Robin Brownlee had this to say on ON:

    I spoke to Matty this morning when I read the item you posted the link to. While Jim hasn’t been told by anybody with the Oilers they’ve inquired about Lecavalier, it’s a sensible assumption — thus he worded it carefully — on his part.

    Makes sense. Jim Matheson doesn’t seem to have the connections we’ve been lead to believe. I remember his article from the Comrie saga – he pronounced that Comrie would sign a 1 year deal, only to see him hold out of camp a few days later.

  52. Traktor says:

    I was just looking up some contracts and Rostislav Olesz is making 3.125 until 2012/2013.

    The guy has 5 points in 24 games this year.

    He’s career high is 30 points in 75 games.

    Last year he had 26 points in 56 games.

    He’s career high in PIM is 26 so I cannot imagine he’s overly physical.

    It makes me feel better about all the brutal contracts on our team.

  53. Asiaoil says:

    Horcoff – Vinny is a formidable 1-2 punch at center and makes the remaining Hemsky contract years worth something. There is no point in wasting Hemsky’s contract on developing Gagner if there is a chance to win now – and who knows what Gagner becomes. As long as the Horcoff, Hemsky and Vis stay then I’m willing to consider trading anyone else.


  54. YKOil says:

    Sorry Ao, given the size of that contract and the choices it will force in years going forward I could only countenance something like:

    Gagner, Nilsson, Staios, Schremp, Chorney & 2 1sts
    Lacavalier & Malik

    Looks like a lot but in terms of team performance only Gagner really matters off that list.

    The more good for bad substitutes (Eberle for Schremp or Smid for Staios, etc) one makes from that list the worse this trade gets.

  55. Bohologo says:

    There is no reason for TB to move Lecavalier unless they are in financial distress. Furthermore, Lecavalier’s contract has severe salary cap implications for any team. Given these two considerations, if Lecavalier is traded it’s because TB is desperate, and the return will be underwhelming from a TB perspective. Pennies on the dollar.

    I urge a reconsideration of the assets needed to make this deal happen, and at the same time suggest we take a closer look at how cap-crippling that contract would be.

  56. Scott says:

    How likely is it that Gagner will outperform his entry level contract, really?

    Very likely. The bonus payments are bonuses, so he actually needs to earn them before we pay them, and next year they don’t count against the cap, making his cap hit a tidy $875,000. He, Cogs ($850,000) and Hemsky (4.1M) are sure-fire locks to outperform their contracts next season.

  57. godot10 says:

    I know Steve Staios is going to hate me for saying this, but Tampa could use him to mentor all their young defensemen! -).

    If the deal is going down, I think it is Cogliano rather than Gagner.

    My prediction:
    Smid, Cogliano, Pouliot, Omark, Schremp, a 1st, and a 3rd.

  58. Traktor says:


    If Lecavalier is overpaid then it’s only by around 1.5 million.

    And if Lecavalier was making 6 million everyone would be saying he’s a steal at that rate.

    Would you rather overpay VL by 1.5 million or overpay Staios by a million? or Moreau by a million? The list goes on.

    The real crippling contracts are 2nd tier guys.

    Obviously Lecavalier is better than Horcoff in an offensive roll – I don’t think anyone can deny that. Common sense would dictate that if we brought in a center like VL then Horcoff would be regulated to a checking role with Pisani.

    Now here’s the real crippling question: Is Horcoff at 5.5 in a checking role a better bet than say Malhotra (1.2 million) or Peca (1.237)?

    I know where I’d be saving my money.

  59. Lowetide says:

    I hate the Habs, always have. But they certainly know how to do things with class. No communists them. :-)

  60. PunjabiOil says:

    Souray with 2 goals so far in the ASG but a -1.


  61. Hoos says:

    Not much math to add here but, after reading this blog since the SCR a few years ago I’d like to add a few things I’ve learned:

    1) I never argue with Louise;
    2) I can’t remember the last time an Oilers trade in the K Lowe regime was leaked. Everything seems to happen, quickly and quietly and then after we pick it apart.

    Examples: Pronger, Peca, Pitkanen, Carter, Vishnovsky and Souray. Things happen while Matty provides the necessary misdirection.

  62. PunjabiOil says:

    2) I can’t remember the last time an Oilers trade in the K Lowe regime was leaked. Everything seems to happen, quickly and quietly and then after we pick it apart.

    The Cole/Pitkanen grade was leaked well in advance.

    Dan Barnes also said the day before of the trade that it would go down the next day or so.

  63. Sean says:

    Interesting read

  64. Schitzo says:

    Assuming it costs Gagner to get Vinny, you’re looking at a cost increase of 5 million per season.

    If the cap was staying in the same place, you could make that up by losing Cole and playing a kid in his place (-3.25), plus someone cheap to replace Staios.

    If the cap goes down, god help you. Oh yeah, and whichever of Cogs or Gagner is left needs a raise pretty soon.

  65. PunjabiOil says:

    Gagner’s cap hit, I believe this year was 1.7M.

  66. Schitzo says:

    Gagner’s cap hit, I believe this year was 1.7M

    Man, can you believe I have a math degree?

    Meant to say an increase of 6 million, as Vinny is 7.7.

  67. Mike says:

    The site that shall not be named (but rhymes with Shmockey Duzz) is reporting that Edmonton and TB have NEVER discussed Vinny.

    So, that means it’s all but a done deal now! Welcome to the city of Champions Vinny!

  68. Lord Bob says:

    It is 8:33 AM Pacific Standard Time and we still don’t have Lecavalier? What gives? I had 7:45 in the office pool!

  69. quain says:

    A fun exercise: three Edmonton and three Tampa Bay forwards are below with only their GFON-GAON/60 and QualComp Rank (among forwards on their team, having 20+ GP) identified, see if you can identify who is who without cheating!

    Player A: -0.23 QCR: #7
    Player B: 0.76 QCR: #2
    Player C: -0.54 QCR: #9
    Player D: 0.19 QCR: #1
    Player E: 0.55 QCR: #6
    Player F: 0.78 QCR: #1

    There’s not even much of a point here, I was just fiddling with the numbers and found the results interesting.

  70. Coach pb9617 says:

    #2 gotta be Penner’s lack of weight loss.

  71. Alice says:

    It would appear D and F don’t play on the same team.

    [I cheated... the results are printed upside down on the comics page]

  72. Coach pb9617 says:
  73. Coach pb9617 says:

    Heh, I didn’t notice that Alice.

    F gotta be Hemsky, B gotta be Penner’s lack of weight loss.

  74. quain says:

    St. Louis

    Fatty marks pretty well, and Hemsky obviously looks pretty good too.

    Like I said, I wasn’t trying to make a point, although Gagner does look pretty studly in this metric. Just thought it was fun to see comparisons.

    But, seeing it lined up like this, it’s pretty clear that Horcoff isn’t a first line center… and that Lecavalier would score 300 points if he had better teammates, played weaker competition, had puck moving defensemen, a better goalie behind him, his hands replaced with the Robot Devil’s, and we all sacrificed a virgin in his name.

  75. Lord Bob says:

    Holy crap, I had no idea Gagner was outchancing by that much against decent hockey players. No idea.

  76. quain says:

    He has God on his side a bit with a .925SV% and 9.5% SH% when he’s on the ice at ES (especially given his 5% personal SH%), but that’s pretty much dead average with the rest of the team.

    He’s not exactly setting the world ablaze, but he’s pretty good at hockey at an age where he clearly can’t grow facial hair.

  77. Showerhead says:

    “his hands replaced with the Robot Devil’s”


    No video here but I think it frames the issue quite well.

  78. goldenchild says:

    Schremp Army up in arms with news of 85′s recall to be the 12-14 F. Good Times.

    No to Vinny at 8mil and 5,6,7 assets.
    Yes to Dim Sum lunches and CNY!

  79. doritogrande says:

    In other news, who the hell is Shane Malloy?


    If this is the crap he can compile for the Oilers 12 best prospects, Bob Mackenzie should be kicking someone’s ass right now. Including Bryan Young and Ryan O’Marra on a prospect who’s who should be a cardinal sin.

  80. Master Lok says:

    From Gregor’s blog:

    it would have been:
    - Horcoff or Penner
    - plus Gagner or Cogliano
    - plus Gilbert or Grebeshkov
    - plus Eberle
    - plus dman prospect (Peckham/Chorney/Petry)

    and probably draft choices.

  81. Lord Bob says:

    Master Lok, that sounds like a practical joke. That is one “Ales Hemsky” short of the worst trade the Oilers could even theoretically make.

  82. PDO says:

    Gagner’s ankle isn’t getting any better and he’s having another MRI. Now listed as questionable for tomorrow night.

  83. Kris says:


    Gregor’s article concludes that Vinny isn’t coming, and we all knew that was true, without having any contacts or “coversations” with unnamed sources.

    The part about who TB asked for sounds like some third party’s speculations about what TB “might” have talked about in “preliminary” discussion.

    That is, Gregor’s article is sufficiently filled with weasel words and qualifications so as to be totally uninformative. (Matheson’s article that started the Vinny buzz was worse, something like, “You can bet Lowe probably made a call about Lecavalier…”

    Moreover, I highly doubt that if TB were looking to move Vinny that they would demand more than any marquis player has gotten in years. Decades even. I’m higher on the guy than some here, but geez. Horcoff, Gagner, Gilbert, and Eberle? TB is stupid and nuts, but I doubt they’re that out of it.

    IMO, somebody in the Oil organization is spreading these rumors to keep excitement about hockey high in order to get people to be willing to shill out tax dollars for Rexall part deux. I can just see Lowe: “Yeah, we almost had another elite player, the price tag was just too high. Don’t worry, we’re almost there…” Okay, that’s a bit paranoid, but it’s hardly a conspiracy theory. More like using the media 101.

  84. Shawn says:

    Everyone keeps forgetting the biggest problem…

    Lecavalier wears #4

    No way this happens

    (Where there’s smoke there’s fire might mean Tambs made a call, but there’s no way this deal is happening)

  85. Doogie2K says:

    Everyone keeps forgetting the biggest problem…

    Lecavalier wears #4

    No way this happens

    Tell that to Jean Beliveau. ;)

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