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I have links to only two blogs that are non-Oiler. Mirtle and Benjamin. Today, we add one.


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13 Responses to "Add One"

  1. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    Good call LT.

  2. oilerdago says:

    Great read LT. Thanks for including.

  3. doritogrande says:

    This is more curiosity than anything, but what do you classify Colby Cosh as?

  4. Lowetide says:

    Cosh is an Oilers fan with a wide range of interests. An oddity to be sure, but he’s one of us.

  5. Phil says:

    Nice write up on Eberle there. Encouraging words coming from someone outside of the ‘sphere – read: no bias.

    Since everyone here likes to speak in terms of ‘comps’ – how about Cammalleri as one for Eberle? Lots of similarities – (under)size, shoot first, had good WJC tournaments. Cammalleri was 0.67ppg at U of M in his 17 year old season, Eberle 1.07ppg in Regina, which I think is close given that college hockey is lower scoring. Finally, Cammalleri is a C who is playing the wing in Calgary, something I imagine Eberle will be forced into in Edmonton (depending on when he gets here).


  6. Jonathan Willis says:

    Good addition, LT.

  7. Hawerchuk says:

    Wow, I always wondered what happened to Brad Hornung. Amazing guy. Great choice, LT.

  8. PunjabiOil says:

    Petr Sykora may not be a bad comparable to Eberle.

  9. Chris! says:

    Holy shit, Brad Hornung? I still have a Regina Pats card signed by Brad from my time in Saskatchewan. His and Bobby Jurasin’s are the two names from that era that I still carry to this day.

    Great find, LT. Incredibly important tome. Thank you.


  10. digger says:

    I’ve always liked the Joe Mullen comp that PM brought up during the WJHC in regards to Eberle…not very big, not tremendously fast, but deceptively elusive with a tremendous knack for finding open ice and is simply lethal within 15 feet of the net.

    The kind of player that will probably never be a team’s leading scorer at the NHL level, but he’ll be a mainstay on the line that the team’s leading scorer plays on.

    Of course, this is all contingent on him actually making the NHL…and we would be so lucky as for him to have a career that even approaches the stature of a Joe Mullen. :)

  11. danny says:

    Does anyone see any similarities between Parise and Eberle?

    Aside ‘e’ thats pronounced ‘a’ at the end of their names of course.

    Parise was less of a finisher in college, probably face double teams and such so found the open guy, but in the NHL hes a 1:1 goal assist ratio guy.

    Similar skating styles, size.

    Eberle was drafted 22nd overall, ironically the same slot that NJ traded to edmonton so they could pick Parise 17th. As we all know MAP went 22nd that year.

    We can surely assume from all of this that Ethan Moreau hates Mattias Tedenby.

  12. Bruce says:

    Nice find, LT. As for the Eberle-Mullen comparison, it’s a good one bearing in mind that projecting 18-year-olds is a mug’s game. But as players there were some similarities; including the change of pace that Hornung mentioned in his detailed scouting report. Whether Eberle’s skills translate to the NHL level is the obvious question. We can only wish he’s “the next” Joe Mullen, who was a wonderful player.

    I hear there are 11,000 tickets sold for Saturday’s Regina at Edmonton game.

  13. CrazyCoach says:

    Nice addition LT. If you ever get a chance, pick up a copy of Roy MacGregor’s book, “Fathers and Sons”, and read the chapter entitled, “The Promise!”

    In it you will see what a wonderful human being Brad Hornung is.

    The story is timeless and gives a new perspective on the recent events surrounding Don Sanderson.

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