Blues at Oilers, G41/08-09

This is Garry Unger. The Blues stole him from a broken down Detroit Red Wings organization for the last 200 miles of Red Berenson. Unger represented the franchise for most of the 1970s, an ironman who routinely scored 30 goals each season.

The Blues first owners (insurance tycoon Sid Salomon Jr., his son, Sid Salomon III, and Robert L. Wolfson) fixed up a crappy arena and hired the best management people available (a lot of quality men were hired in the 1960s by St. Louis, among them Scotty Bowman, Cliff Fletcher, Jimmy Devallano and Al Arbour) and were easily the class of the expansion division. They were not smart business men and at some point in the 1970s the club (under the younger Salomon) was close to bankruptcy. Emile Francis has often talked about having three employees to run the team but they made the playoffs quite a few times during this era and you still can’t find a former player who’ll bitch about the way he was treated by the club while there.

The Purina era was awful, with the team losing millions and the final straw for the league came when St. Louis didn’t send a representative to the draft in 1983. That’s when Bill Hunter (and Saskatoon) got involved but Harry Ornest stepped in and ran them for a few years. The Blues at that time ran very close to the bone but the players loved playing for the Blues. Seriously. At one point they had a 19-owner group running the joint. St. Louis Blues players love playing for the St. Louis Blues. It’s a tradition that began with the Salomon’s and continues to this day.

Tonight marks the halfway point in the season for the Edmonton Oilers. This has not been a happy season so far, it has in fact been same old, same old and that my friends is causing some commotion in the fanbase. The Oilers are a team that moves slowly during the season and (apparently) it is very hard to trade in the cap era.

I think we should give this thing until the All-Star break. That’s 6 more games. They’ll play the Blues, Capitals, Wild, Avalanche, Coyotes and Blue Jackets in those games and knowing this team as we do there will be little change in the standings.

There will however be a change to the blog. If the Oilers aren’t in 8th (and a clear 8th, no ties allowed) I will devote all of January, February, March and April to:

  • the upcoming draft
  • the HHOF pieces I do from time to time
  • some math stuff
  • prospect updates
  • Columbus

I think I’ll have a good long look at the Blue Jackets after the All-Star break should the Oilers run in place. Columbus seems to have a sense of urgency, there are asses on the line. I know this isn’t news but the Edmonton Oilers aren’t terribly interesting this season. We’ve seen it before. Tickets are getting much easier to get and honestly I’ve passed on a few chances to see games this season. It’ll become the norm by fall unless this mess gets fixed.

Did you hear about Filatov?

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  1. B.C.B. says:

    Preach it, my friend!

    I would never turn down tickets. I remember working extra shifts at 17 to watch the 98-98 Oilers, and being happy to watch another lose. But maybe I don’t get out much.

  2. doritogrande says:

    Not just Filatov LT, but Voracek was the primary assist on all three of his goals. Weren’t we looking at him as being Hemsky-like?

    I’ll welcome the slight switch to prospects, aside from the Oilers they’re the easiest thing for me to get behind.

    Please continue with the GDT’s though.

  3. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    Good call on Columbus LT.

    I’ve watched their last few games and, even with a ton of injuries, they’re getting it done. Filatov looks like something special based on last night’s performance at least. And it seems Howson now has permission to open the wallet.

  4. Jfry says:

    i wonder how our team would be different if howson was here as GM? seems to me we’d have hedja, would have gone after some B+ offensive FAs and would probably have a new coach that would have deslauriers in vezina contention.

    i feel so american in my believed need for change…seems to me tamby is our obama and change isn’t coming.

  5. DBO says:

    According to brownless at Oilersnation the lines break down like this for tonights game:

    Horc – Pen – Reddox
    Brodziak – Brule – Macintyre
    No word on the middle two but I suspect it to be what we saw last game:
    Gagner – Nil – Cole
    Cog – Moreau – Pouliot

    Would love to see potulny in at RW on the first lne, but I doubt he’ll make it in time. Looks like flights are delayed coming into town from the East (my cousin is coming in and he’s at least an hour delayed according to Air Canada). Maybe he’ll be so delayed i won’t be able to take him to the game and be forced to listen to how good the Canadians are playing. yes he’s from montreal. Damn.

  6. Lord Bob says:

    Brodziak – Brule – Macintyre?

    That wouldn’t even be Springfield’s best line. Jesus.

  7. digger says:

    I can’t much disagree with what you’re saying here, Lowetide.

    I’ve been watching this team since it joined the NHL, and maybe it’s the natural progression of things but I find it’s getting gradually easier to not watch the Oilers, even when they’re on TSN. I haven’t listened to a single radio broadcast of them since preseason, and I don’t see that trend changing anytime soon. I didn’t even bother browsing the GDT’s on here and HF during the SJ game, there wasn’t really much point…there’s a sameness to it that borders on the mundane.

    There’s certain players I’m still cheering for (I won’t get behind any trade proposal that involves getting rid of Sam Gagner, for example), but I no longer have any faith that the people running this once proud organization have any clue as to how to get this team from where it is to where I would like them to be…and if Katz is as emotionally invested in the Lowe/MacT regime as we’ve been led to believe at various times this year by guys like Gregor and Brownlee, then what hope is there if any change in the short term?

    I’ll still follow this team, but it’s now reserved in me perusing the box scores and event summaries. I’m done living and dying with them, it’s simply not worth the stress, my life has enough of it already.

  8. Mike says:


    Amen brother! I have poured so much emotion into this team in the past 10 years especially…they were easy to root for particularly before the cap where they would bite and scratch down the stretch every year only to get raped by Dallas and torn apart in the offseason…lather, rinse, repeat. There were small victories that seemed huge, and a pervasive siege mentality that made me want to thumb my nose at other fans. I actually didn’t want other people to be Oiler fans because I wanted this team and the roller coaster of emotion to be, well, mine along with select others.

    They just don’t provoke those feelings for me anymore. I guess love them but I’m not “in” love with them. They don’t seem to care, so neither do I.

  9. Garnet says:

    Oil blogging in general is slowing down; note the demise of Covered in Oil, and no one’s posted on the team at Battle of Alberta in six weeks. I haven’t lived in Edmonton in years, so I don’t know if this disaffection has spread to the public at large, but it should be a worrying sign for the team.

  10. Jfry says:

    we’re starting to sound like islander fans.

    that’s bleak.

  11. quain says:

    Nilsson’s out tonight, Poultny draws in for him if he can get from Springfield in time… if not, we don’t suit a backup goaltender and Roloson plays defense while Smid moves up to second-line LW.

  12. bookie says:

    Hey, the Sens are going to waive Gerber, I suggest that we pick him up because everybody knows that the only thing better than 3 goalies is 4 goalies!

  13. Bryanbryoil says:

    Fairweather fan!!! LOL! It is amazing how fans such as you and I can be so damned discouraged by the same old crap, yet the higher ups seem to take it all in stride.

    It’s not fun anymore to see the same old song and dance, no matter who we feel is responsible, the play of this team is not acceptable and it’s more predictable than pro wrestling.

    Hang in there LT

  14. Jonathan says:

    That’s an amazingly soft upcoming schedule, with three games coming against other playoff competition.

    I’d suggest the Oilers would need to go 5-1 (maybe 4-1-1) over those six games to match LT’s requirement.

  15. bookie says:

    Craig MacT said “We just have to keep it together,” said head coach Craig MacTavish.

    “We’ve been down this path for many years, where we know if we keep ourselves in the hunt, it’s going to come down to what you do in March.

    While I generally support MacT, I wonder if the plan of struggling until March is the best one. The Sharks went into panic mode after one bad road loss – maybe higher expectations are in order.

  16. oilerdago says:

    we’re starting to sound like islander fans.

    that’s bleak.

    That’s a very sad comment because the Islanders were such a great organization for a long time before Mad Mike Milbury ran them into the ground.

    They found lot’s of gems in the draft but had no patience and alienated their fan base.

    Oilers are not their yet (don’t have the draft record), but the moves (and lack of) this season are testing our resolve as there is a severe lack of trust in the ability of this organization to make some good moves right now.

    Losing will do that.

  17. danny says:


    Maybe thats why so many diehards seem to experiencing indifference as of late. I mean it hurts me to the core to say it, but it’s just easier to withdraw myself from the oil lately. I’m the type of guy that has trouble sleeping after a tough loss. As a kid/teen I’d spend many 3rd periods with my head under a pillow, with fingers crossed on both hands, and my legs crossed (just incase the hands cancelled each other out). I’m not a superstitious person in any way shape or form but i had to do my part, everything i could to help my Oilers pull out a win.

    it doesn’t kill me any less when I watch the Dys come into Edmonton and everyone and their dog knows theyre leaving with 2 points, but i find theres a new item on the menu now where there never was before… don’t watch.

    You see a guy like Gillis, recognize a need and address it. We sit here day after day talking about the same holes, knowing that we have approximately 200% the number of telephone dialing fingers as Gillis yet NOTHING ever happens.

    We see a talented coach at his wits end becoming a basketcase and making beer league mistakes.

    I find it hard to cross my fingers these days, its hard to help a team that refuses to help itself.

    John Tortorella for President/GM and Coach might be what this organization needs.

  18. quain says:

    The Sharks went into panic mode after one bad road loss – maybe higher expectations are in order.

    I agree, we should definitely have Stanley Cup aspirations for our completely mediocre team playing without its best player. In fact, given the consternation at the outcomes to some of these games, I think we already do.

    That isn’t to say there shouldn’t be higher expectations of management or of the team’s compete level, but right now the outcomes are pretty bloody equal to the talent level.

  19. reade says:

    It is amazing how fans such as you and I can be so damned discouraged by the same old crap, yet the higher ups seem to take it all in stride.

    Yaaaaaawn. Yeah, ‘cos you know.

  20. hunter1909 says:

    Having witnessed the caps v habs game last night – Oilers are in for a royal shit kicking off Ovechkin and co.

    The caps are everything Lowe and his mafia have been preaching to the fans since f*** knows when.

    Just a quality, quality hockey team.

  21. BenJammin says:

    Here, here.

    It’s the same old song
    but with a different meaning
    once you’ll be gone

    I hope that the brass reads your blog LT. I have a question to pose though. What if they’re not in 8th place but make a significant trade or, however unlikely, a change in the coaching staff? Would that be enough of a change to get you to write about the team again?

  22. hunter1909 says:

    Man those old Blues uniforms are cool!

    And as for the Oilers and apathy – wtf else does anyone sane expect?

    We’re not Islander fans – we don’t draft great players LMAO

    This edition of the Oilers is simply too putrid for anyone with a modicum of intelligence to give a flying fuck over.

  23. rickibear says:

    Not going to drive from Hanna to Edmonton and Back today. (120 in gas) (my son travelling) (food and Movies[for my son] at freinds. Plus Knowing MacT wont play the most common sense team on the ice.

    Just let the $87 ticket sit and yell at the TV tonight.

    Cogs Gagner Cole
    Bottom Six: depends on if Potulny shows up.
    Seams simple to me:

    And only 6 of these forwards are NHL calibre right now. One of them has 7G playing with the likes of Struds and Stortini.

  24. David says:

    Remember seeing Unger in my first season watching hockey – fantastic. He ripped up the league scoring 200+ points in 30+ games – and his Peterbourgh team never made the play-offs.
    He must have really enjoyed himself over here as he stayed 3 or 4 years.

  25. Traktor says:

    As odd as it seems I find it easier and more enjoyable watching this team lose. Every win prolongs mediocrity so I find myself hoping for rock bottom.

  26. Bruce says:

    What’s frustrating is not so much losing, it’s so much running in place. Two steps forward, two steps back. Over and over and fucking over.

    The 2008-09 season started with 4 straight wins, followed immediately by 5 consecutive losses. Since then:

    2 W, 2 L,
    2 W, 3 L,
    1 W, 2 L,
    1 W, 1 L,
    3 W, 1 L,
    1 W, 3 L,
    3 W, 2 L,
    2 W, 2 L,
    (to be continued)

    Of course there’s three loser points in there, nicely spread out so that each 3+ game losing streak contained one of those just to keep things from appearing entirely hopeless. But there’s no such thing as a OT loss in the middle of a string of wins to keep a run going. It’s just not happening.

    Splitting the season into 10 game segments shows the same thing:


    Sigh. There’s just no traction, no “momentum”. The team gets a short winning streak together and they go out and lay a massive egg, typically at home against a sad sack like Toronto, Florida or Ottawa, and right back in the shitter we go.

    The problems on home ice are particularly galling. The Oil’s 11 road wins are in a large tie for third in the league, behind just Boston and Detroit. Their 8 wins at home, however, are 15th and last in the West and ahead of only terrible Tampa, Atlanta, and Islanders. This only adds to the frustration as the Oilers built up a nice reserve of home games only to completely Piss it away with a series of desultory performances in the home barn, losing face before the losing-faithful.

  27. Schitzo says:

    MacT on Schremp: Let’s be honest, he’s not helping them down there right now so there’s no reason to think he’s going to come up and help us

    While that’s absolutely true, are the Oilers trying to turn his trade value from a 3rd rounder into a 5th rounder?

    Christ, how hard is it to say “Robbie is an elite playmaker, but right now we’re hoping a one-shot scorer is what can spark this team”.

  28. oilerdago says:

    Schitzo, if MacT is saying it, it must be obvious to everyone else.

    From comments I’ve read, Schremp right now has next to no trade value except as a throw in.

  29. Lowetide says:

    Rob Schremp needs an expansion draft.

  30. Schitzo says:

    I guess one thing that takes the sting out of the Schremp draft choice is that really, in the 25-45 draft spot, there’s a real lack of quality. I can’t see us taking Schneider after already picking Dubnyk, so it’s basically Mike Green or bust at that point.

  31. Lord Bob says:

    Look at all the fair-weather fans leaping off the bandwagon! Boo! Boo, I say! Better when there were just three of us! :P

    On a serious note, as I’ve mentioned before the Oilers are essentially the winter-time surrogate for my true love, the Canadian national soccer team. We’re lousy at soccer. Terrible. We lose all the time, and we just failed to qualify for the last stage of qualifying for the World Cup.

    But you know what? We lose in exciting ways, and so there are more Canadian soccer fans this year than there ever have been before. I’m serious. Soccer’s never been more popular in this country than it was in 2008, even though it was also perhaps our most disappointing year of all.

    Fans are perfectly willing to back a loser so long as it looks like it’s going somewhere. And that’s the problem the Oilers are running into.

  32. Ribs says:

    Where’s the cheese? Or as the Joker would say…Why so serious?

    This team has gone through a lot of change and it’s dissapointing to see them struggle but it can’t be that unexpected. Our first line wasn’t great shakes last season. They insert the new guy to rectify and that is a huge deal. Top lines in this league don’t grow overnight. It didn’t work out and now we’re back to square one.

    The second line is a trio of kids that would be very lucky to duplicate last years success. The slump was going to hit at least one of these guys. I think we all knew that coming in.

    The third line has a captain that hasn’t played on the team since forever. Pisani went down early. No Stoll, No Reasoner, No Torres (who replaces these guys?).

    The fourth line lost Glencross and essentially Brodziak who would be predictably moved throughout the roster with Stoll and Reasoner gone. Poo playing a bigger role (batter up!).

    On defence we pick up a very nice piece in Visnovsky who needs a lot of minutes and that shakes things up on the back end considerably. Souray being healthy for the entire year is something else to take into account as something new.

    Someone decided that a 3 goalie system was the thing to do.

    This is a building year and it’s going to have it’s rough spots. Take it easy and enjoy it for what it is.
    Consistency is the magic ingredient that will make this team play like we had all hoped for since game one. It (should) come with time.

  33. Traktor says:

    Schremp had 3 points and a + 2 rating and Edmonton was 3-1 with Schremp in the lineup.

    MacTavish’s comments can only be viewed as negative and detrimental to both Schremp and the organization in terms of asset management and they should be addressed by Tambo/Lowe.

    It’s clear that MacT is a scared old man that can’t handle criticism but what’s even more clear is how MacTavish performs and conducts himself under pressure and scrutiny.

    He’s a pathetic coach under any measure.

  34. Ribs says:

    Either that, or Schremp kinda sucks.

  35. Dennis says:

    I wouldn’t watch every game these days if I wasn’t counting the scoring chances. It’s just the same old ground and the very rarely do the Oil play an exciting game. That loss the other night vs the Dys was ultra-boring, for instance.

    MacT should just start every season talking about the Oilers needing to do well in the stretch drive.

  36. Traktor says:

    The amount of truth that pertains to the statement is irrelevant.

    It isn’t something that should be said in public the same way a team member going to the media to question one of MacTavish unorthodox decision should not happen.

    MacTavish threw Schremp under the bus for no other reason but to deflect the focus from his questionable decisions and pathetic record.

  37. Schitzo says:

    That loss the other night vs the Dys was ultra-boring, for instance.

    I absolutely agree, Dennis. I’m finding that the amount of time I spend with my laptop open half-listening to the game has greatly increased this year. Good to see I’m not the only one who feels that way.

  38. Schitzo says:

    MacTavish threw Schremp under the bus for no other reason but to deflect the focus from his questionable decisions and pathetic record.

    I don’t know if that’s necessarily the case, Traktor. Maybe MacT genuinely feels that Schremp is a useless slacker who’ll never make it. Maybe he just plain hates the kid (paging BBO)

    But that’s not the point. As we’ve both alluded to already, his comments are devaluing an already-damaged asset, and there’s no need for it.

  39. Traktor says:

    This is the same guy who said to the media “The carvery is not coming. We need to stick together. We need to work through this together.” and then shredded Nilsson to pieces less than 24 hours later.

    The only joke bigger than MacTavish is the pathetic media that covers this team.

  40. Cloned says:

    According to the preview on the Oilers site, Nilsson is out (healthy scratch) and Roloson starts tonight.

  41. Lowetide says:

    As an aside, I’ve been an Eagles fan since Roman Gabriel. Reason? Back in the day you didn’t get NFL until after the CFL season was over and you ONLY got NFC East and Central games and SOMETIMES they’d be joined in progress because HYMN SING went over or someone died.

    But I always liked the Eagles. Great helmets, they had a WR named Harold Carmichael who used to hurdle people (he was unbelieveable, a truly amazing athlete).

    I say this because the Eagles look like they’re going to beat the Giants today. I know very little about NFL football but the old NFC East used to be the Giants, Cowboys, Redksins, Eagles and the St. Louis Cardinals.

    If I drove back to 1974 and told myself it would be the Eagles AT the Cardinals for the NFC championship in my lifetime I wouldn’t have believed it.

    Go Eagles! But even if they don’t win, what a great season for the Cardinals. They are the ultimate longshot no matter the city they’ve played in (and it’s a few).


  42. HBomb says:

    Why the hell is Nilsson out as a healthy scratch? Hasn’t the guy been a hell of a lot better lately?

    As for the Schremp commentary from MacT, I fail to see the point of throwing a kid in the minors under the bus like that at this point. Any trade value he MIGHT have had is now toast. (for those who have not seen the video)

    I’m 100% with the crowd that wants a coaching change at this point. The Nilsson healthy scratch (again) irks me a hell of a lot more than the Schremp commentary, but I disagree with both.

  43. HBomb says:

    I’m rooting for a Cardinals vs. Chargers Super Bowl at this point, only because it would be ridiculously improbable.

  44. Bruce says:

    You’re dating yourself, LT. Old enough to remember Hymn Sing, but not quite so old to have forgotten it.

  45. Cloned says:


    Sorry, that was my bad.

    He’s (Nilsson) officially listed on the injury report.

  46. HBomb says:

    Cloned: Ok, good. Because I know Nilsson’s been better the last couple weeks and shouldn’t be HS’d again.

    The Schremp thing though, in a word, it’s pointless to say that stuff. Bad form by MacT.

  47. Traktor says:

    “He’s (Nilsson) officially listed on the injury report.”

    It was obvious that Nilsson was rocked, yet even after the Hemsky situation this organization still lacks basic common sense and sends him back out there.

  48. Lowetide says:

    He’s done that before, specifically with Rita. It isn’t unprecedented.

  49. Cloned says:


    Regarding Nilsson, I don’t know about him. He’s mindbogglingly inconsistent (just like Penner). Not only from shift-to-shift, but within shifts. He’ll skate hard, then he’ll coast when he shouldn’t, then he’ll overpursue the puck carrier trying to make up for it. It’s hard to watch at times. With his speed he should be driving the net and drawing penalties. That will make defenders respect that part of his game more, allowing his fake slapshot and curl move to actually buy time.

  50. rickibear says:

    //Rob Schremp needs an expansion draft.//

    He would not get drafted!

  51. hunter1909 says:

    Any coach who attacks any of his players publicly is a loser.

    MacTavish plumbs new depths, or, better to say SHOWS that he is going lower and lower.

    MacTavish coaches this team for some other reason than winning hockey games. It’s getting to be pathological now, the way this fool behaves.

    Does anyone care to argue? I’m holding a straight flush.

  52. hunter1909 says:

    Jani Rita. Tore it up at the WJC’s, didn’t he?

    Hmm. I wonder if the Oilers have anyone coming up who fits THAT mold.

  53. Lord Bob says:

    Yeah, MacTavish seems to love calling out bit players who aren’t the real problem while protecting his favourites.

    Seriously. Say all you want “MacTavish is a smart man” (he is) or “MacTavish knows hockey” (he does), but also don’t doubt that he’s too chummy with one half of the locker room and too eager to pin his team’s failings on the other half.

  54. hunter1909 says:

    Sorry for the multiple posts, but imagine Nilsson on the Capitals. Or Schremp. Or Cole.

    Playing for a team that gives a shit.

    They’d probably all be playing at the All Star game.

  55. Schitzo says:

    I think the part that bugs me the most is that at least with Penner or Nilsson you could make the argument that (however misguided) MacT was trying to motivate his players.

    What can be said to defend crapping on a marginal prospect 3000 miles away?

  56. Dennis says:

    I’m in my early 30′s but I can remember Hymn Sing as well:)

    I’m an old Houston Oilers new Titans fan and yesterday sucked. The Ravens D bent but wouldn’t break – Ray Lewis should be in jail, BTW – and the Titans turned the ball over And the refs blew the 3rd down play where Flacco didn’t get the play off in time but the refs somehow didn’t notice. Plus, I’m pretty sure Flacco stepped out of the end zone on a PA.

    So, 12′s likely concussed as well, eh? It’s nice for the Oilers that some excuses have arrived right on time.

  57. PunjabiOil says:

    Pretty pathetic for MacT to call out Schremp (true or not) when he’s not even playing with the team.

    It’s strange really – he’s been calling out players left and right this year. Maybe he just wants to get fired, so that he will continue getting paid for the duration of his contract.

    Whatever it is, it’s not a good thing.

    What’s more is I have no confidence in the Oilers winning tonight.

  58. hunter1909 says:

    Speaking of the Houston Oilers:

    What’s say these Oilers move away and we invite one of the struggling SE teams here to relocate?

  59. eidy says:

    i kind of wish we had thoreson back, small but lots of try and smarts and could kill penalties. i miss that fiesty norviking

  60. Oilmaniac says:

    “i feel so american in my believed need for change…seems to me tamby is our obama and change isn’t coming.”

    thats a money line, cheers..

    “It’s not fun anymore to see the same old song and dance, no matter who we feel is responsible, the play of this team is not acceptable and it’s more predictable than pro wrestling.”

    It really has become harder to cheer for the same old same old.. work ethic, desire, passion are all qualities the oil org has been able to promote as their on ice image, but it is sorely lacking on many nights… (outside of roloson, to agree w a poster a few threads ago, as he appears to have commited and worked hard to play as well as he has..) I want to see some fight, some gumption, some passion for petes sake…

    Alas, I realized it a few days ago how apathetic im becoming to the fortunes (wins/losses) of this current team.. like someone said, if they are – why should i care more?.. but, there are some good things, seeds planted, that will take time (not 10-20 games) to fully develop.. Gagner ‘still’ has the chance to become a beaut of a player, (w a good attitude, as LT has highlighted for us all to see) and players like grebs are developing (from a fringe MAB pickup) into quality, still getting there tho, players…

    As Ribs goes on to say,
    “This is a building year and it’s going to have it’s rough spots. Take it easy and enjoy it for what it is.”

    Outside of the coaching/management ongoing debate, this summarizes my new found attitude w this team.. cheer for the plays, and players, you can along the way… its a development year, although we had had hopes of more… and probably still do…

    all in all

    “… as the Joker would say…Why so serious?”

  61. godot10 says:

    What the hell is wrong with calling out Schremp.

    Any player in his third NHL season is at best a marginal prospect in need of a special situation to make it. And with Gagner, Cogliano, Nilsson, and Eberle on the depth chart, that special situation is not likely in Edmonton.

    MacT said nice things about him when he sent him down, and Schremp goes down and sulks.

    Prendergast pumps the prospects all the time and gets condemned to his rose coloured glasses.

    MacT tells the truth, and get condemned.

    Some of you guys should be consistent. Do you want propaganda or do you want the truth, and if the coach if giving the truth, which he is in the case of Schremp, he shouldn’t be criticized for it.

  62. godot10 says:

    //Any player in his third NHL season is..//

    That should read AHL season.

  63. uni says:

    As much as I hate to say it, the Leafs have actually been a far more entertaining team to watch this year; at least more times than not they work their A**es off, they just don’t have the talent right now to do much.

    I find myself feeling less and less willing after getting home past 7 PM to stay up till 1 AM EST to watch the conclusion of more of the same and then drag myself out of bed at 5 AM to get to work.

    I’m something of an eternal optimist…it sure would be nice to see the Oilers string together a 20-1-1 run or something insane like the end of last season =).

    I’m relatively new to Oilers fandom, only having started to follow hockey in 1998 and the Oilers in 1999; just loved the way those underdog teams worked with dogged determination but always came up short (just that one more gamebreaker was all they needed haha). I think I’m a bit unlucky to have missed the ‘glory years’ but at the same time I’m thankful I’ve not had to suffer as long as some of the rest of you; 89 being traded was hard enough, I can’t imagine what a 99 or a 11 would feel like.

    Also I’m with Lord Bob, I’m pulling for Team Canada and the Soca Warriors to qualify for the next World Cup =D.

  64. Coach pb9617 says:

    I’ve tempered my trade list from the other night. I think that if they can go 4-1-1 to the break, get Pisani and Hemsky back and make a trade for Wes Walz, they might be okay for a 6-8 spot.

  65. digger says:

    Here’s a sample of where I am with this team:

    If they beat St. Louis tonight, so fucking what? It’s not like this team has any coherent direction, and it’s not like this group of misfit toys have shown any intestinal fortitude that would indicate they have what it takes to man up once the pressure’s back on.

    I have no faith that this team can go anywhere important until this Lowe/MacT mutual admiration society is GONE. They can’t be gone soon enough for me, in fact yesterday is still too late.

  66. Coach pb9617 says:

    Of ALL of the things that the crowd can be pissed at MacTavish about this year, they continue to make up this imaginary slight of Rob Schremp.

    It’s stunning.

    What should the fan base be upset about?

    Cole on the wrong wing? Nope, Rob Schremp can cure leprosy.

    Horpensky not reunited for 20 games? Nope, Rob Schremp can bring peace to the Middle East.

    Reddox, Brule, Moreau, on the Horpen line insteadof Nilsson? Nope, Rob Schremp is Gretzky that just neds a big break.

    Smid in the press box and on the left wing? Nope, Rob Schremp can fix the penalty kill.

    A penalty kill that has gone to complete hell? Nope, Rob Schremp is the center of the future. Joe Thornton in Lucille Ball’s clothes.

    Ethan Moreau screwing the team by ignoring a linemate? Nope, Rob Schremp can eat glass and shit nails.

    Rob Schremp is not an NHL player. There are mites with more try, there are better skaters in Junior. There are felons with a better attitude and there are beer league guys with better battle. When he wants to, he can pass well and do cool shit in the shootout. Great. When I want to, I can dunk a basketball. Doesn’t mean I should be in the slam dunk contest.

    Ridiculous made up arguments lessen the thrust behind legitimate arguments.

  67. DeBakey says:

    Let’s get this Robbie Schremp thing Straight

    He’s not good enough
    He never was
    Never wil be

    Its not Craig Mactavish
    its the whole organization
    From Day 1,
    the whole organization has spoken as One on Schremp

    Sure he got a few points playing with the enigmatic Pouliot, who happened to be entering a very rare hot streak.
    But, they all saw him play when he was here – Tambo, Lowe, Predergast.
    Truit sees him every damn day.
    They all think he ain’t good enough.

    MacT announces Potulny is replacing an injurred Nillson.
    What the first thing out an idiot media guy’s mouth?
    “What about Robbie?”

    Robbie is a Free Agent July 1
    Look for him to be tearing up the Swedish League next year.

  68. Bruce says:

    I think that if they can go 4-1-1 to the break,

    Coach: The Oil would need a change of character to go on a 4-1-1 run. The best 6-game stretch they’ve had the entire season is 4-2-0. Haven’t had more than 8 points in 6 games yet.

    Look at all the fair-weather fans leaping off the bandwagon! Boo! Boo, I say!

    LB: Hold the phone. There’s a big difference between expressing frustration/discouragement vs. bailing on the team. To long-term Oil fans, these are good times compared to the Oilers of the post-dynasty era. If you think Ethan Moreau is a bad captain, try Shame Corson. Not only a fucking loser but a complete scumbag to boot. That team was flat-out embarrassing at times; this one is merely frustrating. And even then the die-hards hung in through some pretty lean years.

  69. Cloned says:


    I’ve really come almost 180 from my stance at the start of this season.

    However, I’m not sure there is a mutual admiration society going on right now between MacT and upper management. I’d argue quite the opposite, actually.

    MacT’s stubborness and, frankly, his apathy towards the team means he’s lost the passion behind the bench of this team imo. He doesn’t care about certain things anymore. He knows management isn’t going to make a move soon, and he’s thinking “what the hell more can I do?” You can see it in his comments and in his actions.

    It’s almost like he’s daring management: either make a roster move, or fire me.

  70. PDO says:

    Dennis the Ravens are a fantastic team, and you should join the dark side :-).

    NFL Network had a nice reverse angle on the PA in the end zone… Flacco was in bounds by about 6 inches. The missed time count violation was bad, but given the fact we’ve dealt with a Pittsburgh phantom TD and Suggs “roughing the passer” in Week 5 against you guys, I’m all good with getting a call going our way for a change.

    I wouldn’t be throwing the jail barb when your best player tried to curb stomp someone on the field only a couple years ago either… ;)

  71. Coach pb9617 says:

    Coach: The Oil would need a change of character to go on a 4-1-1 run. The best 6-game stretch they’ve had the entire season is 4-2-0. Haven’t had more than 8 points in 6 games yet.

    The only thing I can counter with is that this is also the easiest stretch they’ve played all year. If they can’t do this, then I’m back to where I was last night: trade 1 of Souray/Gilbert, trade 1 of Nilsson/Cogliano, trade 1 of Moreau/Staios, and trade a goalie.

    Clear some space on the cap, resign Grebs, Smid and Brodizak, sign Havlat and Wes Walz and bring in one of the million goalies on the market this summer. Try again next year.

  72. Ozzieoiler says:

    Dubnyk with a big game in Springfield today. Seems like a break did him good. And as LT would probably say JDD still struggling with AAA pitching.

  73. Coach pb9617 says:

    And as LT would probably say JDD still struggling with AAA pitching.

    He played a total of six times in seventy-five days. I’m not surprised he’s having some problems.

  74. Schitzo says:

    Of ALL of the things that the crowd can be pissed at MacTavish about this year, they continue to make up this imaginary slight of Rob Schremp.

    The point isn’t whether Schremp deserves it or not (which he does). The point is that the kid will never be an oiler, so it would be nice if the organization would say good things and try to find a sucker with a third rounder burning a hole in his pocket. Calling him junk in the media just makes him more worthless.

  75. Lowetide says:

    I don’t know 5 people who think Schremp can help the Oilers. I don’t think anyone really believes that, it’s like me with Pouliot. I’ll defend and cheer for the guy because he’s a favorite but I can certainly see the possibility he’s already over halfway into his NHL career.

    I think Schremp is the boiling point because the fanbase has been so focused on the draft for so long (because of $$$) combined with recent success.

    And for all of Schremp’s dazzle, I suggested reasonable expectations this season for him would be to lead the AHL in points.

    Which he isn’t.

  76. Cloned says:


    He’s frustrated. It’s not an excuse, it’s an explanation. He knows what *he* needs to ice a better team, but it’s not coming, and I think he knows it’s not coming anytime soon. I would be frustrated too, and when that happens, you let some things slip that you wouldn’t otherwise.

    Not that MacT’s free of blame in all this. Yeah, you might be frustrated in the lack of help coming via roster moves. It doesn’t mean you should sit back, pull the blinders on things you don’t want to deal with, stop caring about the lockerroom, and stubbornly persist in playing a system which is obviously not producing good results.

    If you really aren’t having any fun coaching this team anymore Craig, just resign instead of trying to force management’s hand. It’ll make it easier for everyone, including your friend in the President’s position.

  77. Coach pb9617 says:

    Which he isn’t.

    He has three goals in thirty-one games against the soft minutes IN THE AHL.

    He was up and played like all hell for a game and then the skating and try went. Look at the GDTs. People noticed it immediately. He stood around waiting for the puck to come to him. He took shifts that never ended.

    He has three goals in thirty-one games IN THE AHL.

  78. Scott says:

    I thought JDD played five good games and one bad one in the AHL. I mean, the bad one was REALLY bad, but still, he did pretty well. He’s not a great NHL goalie or anything, but his conditioning stint went fine I thought.

    As for the Oilers, I find myself caring about the team still. Admittedly, this is my first year away from Edmonton, so it’s something to tie me to my hometown while I’m away. And really, there have been some great moments this year so far.

    That passing play with Pouliot, Moreau and Pisani against Calgary.

    Cogliano streaming down the wing and beating Kiprusoff early in the season.

    Hemsky’s game against Philadephia with the ridiculous moves.

    Roloson’s performance against San Jose where I was giggling because of the absurdity of our chance at victory through the entire game.

    With that in mind, and to put some pep in our step, what was everyone’s favorite moment of the season? I think I’ll go with the passing play for now.

  79. jon k says:

    I’m all for the change in the blog’s focus if your conditions are not met.

    However, I’ll be watching Chicago instead. They’ve got a real nice team there.

  80. Traktor says:

    Lowetide: I remember around 11 months ago you suggested on the Bruins board Stoll for David Krejci and a pick and I shot it down quickly. Boy was I ever wrong.

  81. Coach pb9617 says:

    what was everyone’s favorite moment of the season?

    Nilsson’s pass. I laughed out loud at that pass. On the tape? Get the hell out of here.

  82. Coach pb9617 says:

    Not that MacT’s free of blame in all this. Yeah, you might be frustrated in the lack of help coming via roster moves.

    I think he holds a piece, he has two kids that can’t win a faceoff, and no one he trusts on the PK outside of Horcoff and the worst captain since Caveman. He asked for that seven months ago and the question wasn’t answered. He was saddled with three goalies through a short-sighted management decision.

    However he also made some piss poor decisions in the first three months of the year, a couple of them were detailed above.

    There are a number of things that could have been done better this year by management and coach and given the state of the roster right now – a new coach isn’t going to fix that. A new coach isn’t a panacea. Even if the new guy pulls the right strings there are still fundamental problems with the structure of the roster.

  83. hunter1909 says:

    “what was everyone’s favorite moment of the season?”

    Already past tense, lol.

    MacIntyre hammering that flame, then beating the shit out of another flame and rallying the team.

    He was like King Kong until that licking he took.

  84. Lowetide says:

    Coach: I think it was a reasonable expectation (that Schremp lead the league). If he’s ever going to have an impact in the NHL it’ll be offensively and he finished in a tie for 7th in AHL scoring one year ago.

    Whatever his current problems he can put up points in the AHL.

  85. Coach pb9617 says:

    Whatever his current problems he can put up points in the AHL.

    So can Jason Krog and Alexandre Giroux.

  86. Dennis says:

    PDO: The stomp was bad but it’s not a curbing and you know that;)

    I’m a MacT guy through and through and Schremp for me has never been anything more than a curiousity but I really can’t condone the coach opening up on the guy like that. For my money it’s Mac pissed to fuck that he has to keep awnsering the same questions and today he lost it and in the process took a swipe at a guy in the minors in the process.

    For the dude who said it’s a rebuilding year, outside of ’06 it’s been a fucking rebuilding year since 1993.


    And Lowe almost waited too long That year before he picked up a real netminder.


  87. Lowetide says:

    Exactly. I’m not suggesting the Oilers call him up, in fact I don’t know what the fuss over Schremp is about. However, he is not without talent in a narrow view.

  88. oilerdago says:

    Whatever his current problems he can put up points in the AHL.

    So can Jason Krog and Alexandre Giroux.

    Bang on Coach. Bang on.

  89. B.C.B. says:

    My favorite 08-09 moment: is when Hemsky scores on Kipper in the last game of the season, cliching the 8th spot in the west and a date with the Sharks.

  90. hunter1909 says:

    coach: I’m not trying to be funny, but Schremp was a top ten scorer in the AHL last year. And as a first round draft pick, he’s entitled to every possible chance to play for the big club. When he was up, he scored at a .75 point a game clip. This gives every reasonable expectation that he MIGHT be able to play in the NHL.

    Given the fact that the Oilers haven’t been exactly terrorising the league lately, please can you find a single example of any player who has scored 3 points in 4 games, on a clearly underachieving team who was then sent back down to the minors to effectively rot?

  91. Jonathan says:

    Whatever the deal is with Schremp, MacT shouldn’t have said what he did. There wasn’t any reason to.

    Here’s the thing with MacTavish – he sings the praises of the Staios and Strudwick pairing and screws around with Smid when the young’n is clearly the best of the three this season. He won’t say a word about Gagner (which is fine) but he keeps feeding him ice-time while other hard-work types (Brodziak, Stortini) get scratched and called out despite the fact that they’re getting thrown out in the defensive zone 65% of the time or more.

    Not a word of criticism for Moreau, who’s allowed to run off at the mouth in the media and rip the young players for a lack of effort. Next game, Moreau will take too stupid penalties in the offensive zone and get outshot while playing with Hemsky and Horcoff, but it’s all cool – he’s the captain.

    I’m fine with Huddy and Moores, but Peeters seems odd by track record, and the rails were greased for Rob Daum so Buchburger could get a preferential spot after two AHL seasons, only one as head coach.

    Then MacT screwed around (and really, that’s the only description) with the roster for the first 20 games and beyond.

    I’ve been a fan of seeing Lowe go before this season, and now I’d be happy seeing him, MacTavish, Buchberger and Peeters gassed and if there’s some collateral damage along the way, so be it.

  92. Jonathan says:

    And as a first round draft pick, he’s entitled to every possible chance to play for the big club.

    No way. First round pick or seventh round pick, you earn your icetime. That’s the only way for things to be.

  93. hunter1909 says:

    Where I come from, scoring at a .75 a game clip entitles you to stick around.

  94. hunter1909 says:

    All they had to do was let Schremp fall flat on his face a few times.

    But no, this team is run so much on arrogance it’s hopeless to expect anything approaching common sense.

  95. Lowetide says:

    Hunter: Schremp hasn’t earned it, he’s been beaten out enough that we can question his NHL future. Should he get traded to Atlanta and become an outscorer then he’ll have the last laugh.

    But at this point the smart money is on him having a career as a guy who gives up more than he generates.

  96. hunter1909 says:

    Of course Jonathan is right about earning icetime. I must be out of my mind to even think like that.

    And perhaps Lowetide is right about Schremp being a dud.

    Still, 3 points in 4 games then fuck off back to the AHL tells me there’s more to this than meets the eye.

  97. godot10 says:

    //Still, 3 points in 4 games then fuck off back to the AHL tells me there’s more to this than meets the eye.//

    The guy Schremp was replacing got healthy, and would have had to be waived. MacT sent him down to the AHL, with praise about his improvement, and Schremp goes down and sulks.

    The Oilers sent Ryan Smyth to the minors. It took Ryan Smyth all of six AHL games to prove the Oilers that he didn’t belong there. A first rate prospect who is ready will stick out like a sore thumb at the AHL level.

  98. RiversQ says:

    Lord Bob: let me get this straight? You’re an Oilers fan when you’re not watching one of the most inept, dysfunctional and completely terible institutions in Canada (CSA)?

    That’s depressing buddy. I feel for you. I prefer to pretend Canada doesn’t field a squad in that sport.

  99. RiversQ says:

    Schremp is crap. Let’s move on.

    MacT is probably tired of people asking aboutvplayers that can’t help.

  100. Tyler says:

    I am watching this via the internet thanks to the Golden Globes but TSN seems to have an astounding number of camera angles.

  101. RiversQ says:

    Potulny looks useful. It seems overdue for him to get here. What is Brule’s waiver status now? Has he used up his games yet?

  102. Bruce says:

    re: the first PK. It’s just careless when Horcoff gets the puck to the blueline with three Blues trapped behind him, but rather than move the puck six goddam inches to trap all those guys offside, he delays while looking for a pass and gets stripped. The puck then stays in our end for 30 seconds ending with a semi-dangerous shot on goal. That type of lapse in concentration is a Rookie mistake that’s not acceptable for a veteran player.

  103. Lowetide says:

    Some of the good Oilers seem to have their legs tonight, specifically Lubo, Cogliano and Cole. Plus Roloson looks good tonight.

    Anything else positive?

  104. Black Dog says:

    Ridiculous pass by Lubo on the PP there, cross ice though three Blues and on the tape.


    Brad Winchester, huh?

  105. Black Dog says:

    I like Smid’s game.

  106. doritogrande says:

    No Nilsson? I haven’t seen him yet.

  107. Coach pb9617 says:

    Potulny looks useful. It seems overdue for him to get here. What is Brule’s waiver status now? Has he used up his games yet?

    If Bruce’s calcs were previously correct, Brule has two games left.

  108. Coach pb9617 says:

    Some of the good Oilers seem to have their legs tonight, specifically Lubo, Cogliano and Cole. Plus Roloson looks good tonight.

    Cole has jump, so do Horcoff and Penner.

  109. Tyler says:

    Gagner actually came very near to winning some puck battles coming down the left side there. Unbelievable.

  110. Lord Bob says:

    doritogrande: He’s hurt.

    Permit me to rephrase. He’s “hurt”.

  111. Lord Bob says:

    RiversQ: why yes I do tolerate the CSA. Something about organisations that hire management just because they used to be good players speaks to me… :P

  112. Lowetide says:

    Ferraro ripped the bad ice. I hope he makes it out alive.

  113. gerald78 says:


  114. Black Dog says:

    MacIntyre slowed up by Crombeen.

    I thought he was slowed up by lack of talent?

  115. gerald78 says:

    if this is supposedly a skill team how can they justify having such bad ice with a new billionaire owner (ferraro was just commenting on all the snowbanks)

  116. Black Dog says:

    The ice is great.

    Its terrific.

    Oilers hockey!

  117. Dennis says:

    Does it bother anyone else that Vish – insert vomiticon – is gonna walk away from all this unscathed?

    Katz is wingnutty enough to offer Georges all kinds of scratch so there’s no way that when the dust settles, The Throttler will have fallen by the wayside as well.

    No way whatsoever.

  118. godot10 says:

    //if this is supposedly a skill team how can they justify having such bad ice with a new billionaire owner (ferraro was just commenting on all the snowbanks).//

    Katz has NOT been owner long enough to address the issue, and to get blamed for the bad ice. If the ice is this bad next year, then you can blame him.

  119. Traktor says:

    Great play by Reddox that period. When we look back at the end of the game that play where he dumped the puck in and changed really might be the difference in the W/L.

  120. Dennis says:

    I had the chances as 9-5 Stl; 3-2 EV and 6-3 ST.

    The last PK was good but the previous two were absolutely fucking porous. It’s not a coincidence that we keep giving up goals on that unit.

    BTW, 78′s a player now. We’re not gonna have to worry about paying him for awhile – if at all – and he’s certainly at the very least a top niner. Had a nice scoring chance and made two really sweet passes on the PP. BTW, 13 botched one of those passes but him setting up to the right of the tender is also something we saw in the Dys loss so it’s something to watch for.

  121. doritogrande says:

    Schremp responds to his verbal shit-kicking from MacT today by going pointless for the Falcons in a 4-1 win today.

    Getting outscored by Colin Macdonald will get you a recall all sorts of fast.

  122. Tyler says:

    Does it bother anyone else that Vish – insert vomiticon – is gonna walk away from all this unscathed?

    Oh God yes. I read LT’s post today, agree with the thrust of it in terms of just being turned off by this team – to paraphrase mike w., I’m less horny for the Oilers than I once was – and thought that I could handle MacT going if only because I’m sick of these people.

    Really though, I don’t think it’s the coaching. I’d rather see Vish Throttler get thrown under the bus. Problem is, from the perspective of selling something new to the fans, the coach is a lot more instant, whereas the impact of a new GM needs to filter down.

    (Yes, I know that Tambo is the titular head of the SS Oiler at the moment but we all know that VT has a ton of input.)

  123. Tyler says:

    Not to disagree with Dennis but there was a pretty ugly sequence with 10 and 26 on the PK towards the end of the period there, with the two of them having a hell of a time figuring out who was responsible for what at the top of the circles.

  124. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: I’ve always defended Lowe (as you know) but the things I believe he does well (leaves the draft nerds on staff alone, exceptional at PR and has a pro scouting staff who can identify value defensemen at midnight in a snowstorm and he had a dandy deadline when he needed it) are lost in the flood.

    It’s time for him to assume the Jean Beliveau role on the Oilers.

  125. Tyler says:

    It’s time for him to assume the Jean Beliveau role on the Oilers.

    You know what though? That’s not really good enough for me. I don’t know that he can go assume that role now, without every GM of the Oil wondering if Lowe will be whispering in Katz’ ear like Tommy Lasorda did after he was finally relieved of his duties in LA.

    It’s an awkward situation. By virtue of having been the GM for ten years, it’s kind of tough to transition Lowe to VP of Remembering the Glory Days.

  126. Ribs says:

    Schremp responds to his verbal shit-kicking from MacT today by going pointless for the Falcons in a 4-1 win today.

    I like the new #1 line he was on though. Schremp, Lerg, and some guy named Cory Urquhart. The Falcons are awesome.

  127. Lowetide says:

    Tyler: I hear you, but hopefully Katz hires someone strong in the role. Henri Richard bitched and sniped at Al MacNeil but he never said a damn word to Sam Pollock.

  128. Jonathan says:

    Tyler: Unless they put him in charge of the arena drive, which would make all kinds of sense.

  129. doritogrande says:

    Cogliano just won a faceoff…

    Who is this team?

  130. Scott says:

    They solved the problem of Moreau stepping in on the draws by having Pouliot take the draws and Cogs come in when he gets thrown out.

  131. Jonathan says:

    Urquhart’s a scorer; last year he was scoring in the Central League. Funny guy – from what I’ve read there seems to be a screw lose or something there.

  132. Black Dog says:

    Man all I think of with Lowe is Bob Pulford.


    First thing Rocky Wirtz did was fire that guy. Thirty years and he ruined the franchise.

  133. Lowetide says:

    That’s one thing that’s always been a mystery to me about hockey fans. When a first baseman gets sent to triple A and hits .250 with 2 homers and 12 rbi in a half season NO ONE on earth talks about him as a possible callup.

    Want to know who should have gotten the call from Springfield?

    He’s on the ice.

    MacIntyre skates like me.

  134. Jonathan says:

    Well that was a lousy shift.

  135. Lowetide says:

    Me. I’ve always liked St. Louis so I follow them.

  136. Black Dog says:

    Just to further that if you think that a guy only has enough rope, check out Isaiah Thomas’ run with the Knicks.

    I sure hope and pray that Katz isn’t a starfucker.

  137. Lowetide says:

    Well he offered Laraque the sun moon and stairs so I’d say he owns Made in the Shade.

  138. Bruce says:

    I dunno who #62 is for St. Louis, but evidently he’s better than Andrew Cogliano and Dustin Penner combined.

    I learned from playing Intellivision hockey that the team on the PP can play the body while the team on the PK really can’t, but there’s just no evidence of that on the Oilers’ unit.

  139. doritogrande says:

    A real captain would have buried that.

  140. gerald78 says:

    nice two on one ethan and steve!

  141. oilerdago says:

    Staios can’t hit a barn door from 5 feet away, let alone a net.

  142. Black Dog says:

    I know this will raise some hackles but Andy Murray is a terrific coach. This club is riddled with injuries – McDonald, Kariya, Brewer, McKee, Johnson and now Steen.

    And they’re busting their asses, playing physical, playing well.

    Same as those L.A. clubs he had.

    Wasn’t he an Oiler back in 1982?

  143. Bruce says:

    Moreau and Staios 2-on-1. Be still my heart.

    Hey lookit! there they go again. At least they got a shot on net this time.

  144. Jonathan says:

    Blues fans are clamouring for Murray’s head right now; I’m really not sure why. He’s a perpetually good coach.

  145. doritogrande says:

    Yep. We’ve been recalling the right falcons.


  146. gerald78 says:

    pretty calm finish there by brule

  147. oilerdago says:


  148. Black Dog says:

    Moreau and Staios would have scored two goals there if they weren’t cancers!

    Nice goal by Brule.

  149. Jonathan says:

    Finally – good stuff, Brule.

  150. Bruce says:

    Potulny to Brule. Who knew?

  151. Jonathan says:

    Holy crap – that was Potulny. I thought Schremp was the playmaking Falcon.

  152. oilerdago says:

    Now that Brule has scored, maybe we should send him down and bring up Schremp?

    Sorry, that was too easy.

  153. Tyler says:

    I think “BRUUlet”, in the fashion of Will Ferrell’s “GOOOOOUlet”, should be the agreed upon celebration.

  154. Black Dog says:

    jonathan – imo he’s one of the best coaches in the league

    like Hitchcock he’s a nag and it wears thin after a few years but he can coach kids and I have never heard of him getting outcoached or a Murray team getting outworked.

    I know some folks think a coaching change wouldn’t mean a thing but its very clear that while this team isn’t a bunch of world beaters they’re also underachieving.


  155. uni says:

    Didn’t know Brule could roof it like that, I thought Legace would make the save there.

  156. Jonathan says:

    Brule on the powerplay – is that a new thing, or a result of the goal?

  157. Jonathan says:

    Well, I hope Brule enjoyed his time on the powerplay. Not gonna happen again.

  158. Black Dog says:

    Result of the goal.

    And the last time we see that for a while.

  159. uni says:

    BDHS – I remember that Detroit-LA series where Murray’s team tied two games after pulling the goalie. That’s exactly what I remember about the man, helluva coach and his LA teams at least seemed very motivated and never quit.

  160. Tyler says:

    That was weird, how the Blues PK was holding back on Horcoff there. I’ve seen that done to Hemsky a few times, Crosby in TO…never Horc.

  161. Tyler says:

    Funny that you mention Murray pulling the goalie – that was actually one of the first posts on my blog. He loves that shit, and rightly so, I think.

  162. Bruce says:

    Andy is the best-coaching Murray in hockey. His international record is fantastic. In both L.A. and now St.Loo he never seems to have had a healthy club, they had like 500 man games lost to injury in LA a couple of years he was there, and that org. was never deep enough to handle that sort of thing. Now it’s the same in St.Loo — Erik Johnson, Andy McDonald, Paul Kariya, Eric Brewer — and still the team is competitive most nights and wins more than one might expect given the salary on IR.

  163. Bruce says:

    Wow, was that a sweet read, interception, and breakout pass by Gilbert there, all in about half a second.

  164. doritogrande says:

    letigimate question, given the salaries StLou has on the IR…

    If a team has such a roster on the IR that they dip below the minimum salary cap level, how is this resolved? Say a team has 20-mil on IR and replaces all that with AHLers, are they immune to the cap basement number required to not have the team suspended from play?

  165. Black Dog says:

    Jeez Cogliano is a fun player to watch.

  166. Coach pb9617 says:

    So, the power play has lost it since Hemsky went down and Cole replaced him. Instead of trying Gagner on the boards in place of Hemsky – which would be the logical fit, he benches Penner.

    Mac, you’re killing me.

  167. Black Dog says:

    Yeah coach that is stupid.

  168. Scott says:

    You still need to pay people when they’re injured. The injury exemption is an option rather than a requirement.

  169. Black Dog says:

    69 seconds.

    Heh heh.

  170. jon k says:

    Cole really is an example of a player with outstanding physical qualities who is held back by less than outstanding hockey sense or intelligence.

  171. uni says:

    That was a good read. I always wondered what the real advantages gained by his teams were if any.

    Yeah I remember Murray did indeed love that pulling the goalie shit, a full 2-3 minutes left sometimes and even down 3 goals.

    Also I once posted on a forum only to notice:

    Posts: 666 Rated: 69

  172. Jonathan says:

    Did Brule just say that Craig MacTavish told him how to score that goal?

    Either Brule’s telling the truth, or he really doesn’t want to go to Springfield.

  173. B.C.B. says:

    How about this:

    Gagner, Gilbert, Schemp, Pentry
    Vinny Lecaliver

    I am drunk, or is this not enough.

  174. Jonathan says:

    Plekanec, Higgins, Subban, and a draft pick for Lecavalier. If that’s the deal, do you do it?

  175. Traktor says:

    “Bobby Ryan was a questionable pick.”

    He just scored his 12th goal in 26 games. 26 points in 26 games.

    He’s better than everyone on the team besides Hemsky.

    This org continues to make themselves look like idiots.

  176. Coach pb9617 says:

    If the rumors are true and Tampa asked for Komisarek, both Kostitsyns and a 1st, Tampa be crazy.

  177. Jonathan says:

    He’s better than everyone on the team besides Hemsky.

    That’s pushing it, but Ryan’s having a good run, for sure.

    And Lowe would have been well-advised to keep his mouth shut on that particular front.

  178. Tyler says:

    I don’t know MTL well enough, in terms of what they mean, but Vinny L. just doesn’t seem like he’s worth his ticket.

  179. doritogrande says:

    “69 seconds.

    Heh heh.”

    Get that vasectomy yet Pat?

  180. Jonathan says:

    Coach: Have you seen anything to date to indicate Tampa isn’t crazy?

  181. Tyler says:

    Funny thing re: Ryan, was that if you looked, his numbers looked real in the AHL. What Lowe should have said?

    “Fucking guy is a piss poor drafter, finally gets a decent looking one in Bobby Ryan, who looks like he might be worth a top ten pick if not a top two, and he pisses it away because he can’t run the cap.”

  182. B.C.B. says:

    Coach: according to your scale what is Vinny worth? Just the types of players, not names.

  183. Jonathan says:

    Tyler: Not for Edmonton, but in Montreal? Probably not over the long haul, but for this year I think it could be.

  184. Traktor says:

    “That’s pushing it, but Ryan’s having a good run, for sure.”

    Who’s better?

  185. Black Dog says:

    Plekanec, Higgins, Subban and a pick – I think so.

    Not the other one.

    But that contract is a dog. 11 years? WTF. Forget it.

  186. Traktor says:

    Lowe should know more than anyone that power forwards taken awhile to develop. Zing!!

  187. Black Dog says:

    dg – naw its booked though, two weeks from Thursday

    You’ll know about it, I’m going to do a four part series leading up to the big day ;)

    Had friends over Friday and my buddy gave me a good piece of advice, make sure they prick each nut before they cut.

    Apparently they did not and the freezing only took on one side.

  188. Scott says:

    Vinny is a great scorer but he gives up a ton going the other way. He’s not really elite on the PP either and that contract is just so long. I think it’s tough to take him period let alone giving up a huge package to get him. Other guys making his coin include Iginla, Datsyuk and Thornton who are all much better.

  189. Dennis says:

    Chances 6-6 in the second; 6-3 Stl EV and 3-0 Oil ST.

    I like the new Traktor…he even takes shots at Lowe:)

  190. mcmatterson says:

    I’ve never seen a player play a lazier game than Penner tonight. For the love of God, move your feet, man!

  191. doritogrande says:

    Horcoff-Gagner-Cogliano on teh powerplay.

    Sweet lady fuck. Who got to MacT during the intermission?

  192. Jonathan says:

    Traktor: Well, there are a couple of defensemen that come to mind. Outside of that, Horcoff for sure.

  193. Tyler says:

    Without having seen Bobby Ryan play a ton, I’m pretty sure that Horcoff, Vis and Souray are all better players right now; I’d imagine Gilbert is too.

    Re trading Vinny L: TB is basically in the engagement phase of what is destined to be a long wedding and they’re already trying to break things off? Fuck. What a disaster.

  194. Tyler says:

    I’ve never seen a player play a lazier game than Penner tonight. For the love of God, move your feet, man!

    Yeah, was thinking the same on teh last PP, the one where they were sitting back on Horc.

  195. Coach pb9617 says:

    Coach: Have you seen anything to date to indicate Tampa isn’t crazy?

    You win this round, J.

  196. Black Dog says:

    I agree with Tyler. You could probably throw Cole in there too.

    Having said that if worse case is he’s a finisher who can only play soft opp the Ducks have something for sure.

    And he’s likely better then that.

    I’d take him. ;)

  197. Jonathan says:

    Black Dog: But Lowe couldn’t say that – he’d get investigated for tampering again.

  198. doritogrande says:

    “TB is basically in the engagement phase of what is destined to be a long wedding and they’re already trying to break things off? Fuck. What a disaster”

    Given that they did this to Brad Richards last year and Dan Boyle this year, I’m not overly surprised.

    Watching the Lightning manage their assets makes me happy to be an Oilers fan, because at least we’re not the worst organization in the loop.

  199. Black Dog says:

    I still find it weird when a network has an ad for a show on another network.

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