Roll Away the Stone

The Edmonton Oilers have traded Mathieu Garon to Pittsburgh for a package including forward Ryan Stone. Also included in the deal from Pittsburgh is G Dany Sabourin and a 4th round pick in 2011.

Stone is the player of interest in this deal. Drafted 32nd overall in the deep 2003 draft he was ranked as a possible first round pick that summer. He’s described as a tough two-way player and he does have some NHL experience (8 games, 0-1-1) including 1 game this season.

Where would he rank in terms of value? I’d say he’s about what JF Jacques would be worth healthy, a fairway wood from the Pouliot’s and Brodziak’s of the world. His toughness makes him a somewhat unique player for the Oilers and I wouldn’t rule out another roster move by the Oilers to make room for him right away.

He’s certainly a player of interest.

Sabourin could safely be described as “Deslauriers insurance.” A player Edmonton will no doubt have little problem getting through waivers, he does have a lot of NHL experience and should be considered a suitable backup. His SP this season (.898 in 19 games with the Pens) is comparable to Garon’s (.895 in 15 Oiler games) but the trade makes sense from the Penguins point of view if you believe he can play at a level similar to what he managed a season ago in Edmonton.

This is Steve Tambellini’s first trade as Oilers GM. Leaving aside the mystery surrounding Garon’s fall from grace this is a solid return. The draft pick is another bullet in the gun, nothing more.

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  1. Woodguy says:

    Smyth, Glencross and Hejda plus three additional draft picks instead of Moreau, Penner and Staios?

    Jesus wept.

  2. dubya says:

    Look cockblock, there were several documented articles during that time that put Smyth’s asking price at 5.5M. There is also substance to the fact the Oilers offered 5.4M, and Cal Nichols was quoted as saying, “100,000 isn’t that big of a difference when you factor in taxes in AB and NY”

    First of all, cockblock? Sorry, were you somehow planning on getting laid by being an arrogant/ignorant little prick on the internet?

    Second, I could give a fuck what the Edmonton media report or what Nichols said. Neither are reliable and likely aren’t really party to what happened during negotiations. Maybe the figures are right. Even still, my main fucking point that you are missing or ignoring is that Smyth’s actual cap hit is $2M more than Penners, his salary $10M more over 5 years. Simple concept, no? That was my only point. That, and my usual observation that your arrogance far outweighs your usefulness.

  3. bookie says:

    Since no one can seem to decide if it’s Lowe or Tambellini calling the shots,

    Maybe its a combo deal and we need one of those fancy “bennifer” or “Horpinsky” things.

    Let’s see which is better


    I am betting the non-Lowe fans go for Tambalowney

  4. HBomb says:

    Traktor: Smyth-Horcoff-Hemsky was a pretty good first line.

    However, I can see an argument where, if you want to be a truly upper-tier team, you can’t have both Smyth and Horcoff on your first line. They’re both first liners by my measure, but not the flashy, take-charge-of-the-game type.

    In that sense, I’m glad the Oilers chose Horcoff, because I think at this point he’s a better player than Smyth (not to mention that a solid C is more important than a solid LW).

    Penner-Horcoff-Hemsky is an adequate first line. But let’s say that Lowebellini could pull something together and we had Kovalchuk-Horcoff-Hemsky (or, through free agency, they found a way to add Hossa, or even Zetterberg if he suddenly found his way to open market…I don’t think Detroit’s that stupid, but you never know).

    If any of Kovalchuk, Zetterberg or Hossa was LW for 10-83, I don’t think anyone could complain about Horcoff as 1st line center, because he’d have a top 5 RW and a top 5 LW flanking him on a line that could probably play head-to-head against anyone and score a pile of points while doing it. The trick is making it actually happen.

    Watching this game tonight between the Wings and Sharks, I’m wondering how much money Franzen would have got as a UFA in the past two summers….this summer’s going to be odd due to the coming cap-drop, but this guy is a player, no doubt.

  5. bookie says:

    actually, from this point on, when you wish to speak of the current Oilers management/administration, you can now refer to

    McKatzalowbellini (Mc-cats-a-low-bell-le-nee)

  6. HBomb says:

    Oh, and Matt Cooke sucks balls. Anyone’s production would be inflated if they got ice-time with guys like Crosby and Malkin.

    He’s not in Corey Perry territory in terms of absolute douchebaggery though. Top five for sure, but Perry wins that aware in a landslide. It’s like the anti-Lady Byng….I think naming it after Claude Lemieux would be appropriate.

  7. bookie says:

    I feel shame, of course the term Lowebellini is not new, but I am pretty confident that McKatzalowbellini is.

  8. HBomb says:

    Good lord is Drew Remenda a Sharks homer.

    He’d make Rod Phillips blush.

  9. Ol' Jase says:

    bookie said:McKatzalowbellini (Mc-cats-a-low-bell-le-nee)

    Sounds like a drink you’d find at a European McDonalds.

    As for the matter at hand, I still don’t see how this is a bad thing. The fact that it’s a clear 1-2 situation can’t hurt JDD’s mindset.

  10. Doogie2K says:

    @Hbomb: Hey, I love me some “Sweet Caroline”, too. Would never root for the Red Sox, because as a card-carrying Montreal fan, I can’t get behind any Boston team ever, but that’s fair. I think the Rangers do that in the last few minutes of a sure win, too, come to think of it.

    And for all of you who think I’m a heretic, ask yourselves this: ‘If you had a friend who was the friendship equivalent of Smyth as a hockey player -i.e. too nice, but boring, who girls would say nice things about in comparison to you even though he gets no dates- you’d hate him too. You would, admit it.’

    Jesus Christ, I’m Ryan Smyth.

    I’m gonna have to lie down. This is heavy.

    And since I haven’t made a topical comment in something like two weeks — I haven’t watched a game in that long, either, and I’m actually fine with that — I might as well say that I think it’s fantastic that Tambellini got anything more than a 12th-rounder and a used jock for Garon, given current market conditions. He bolsters the AHL team, opens an NHL roster spot, clears up this Godforsaken practice-net goalie-carousel debacle, and seems to have left himself an Eastern-based asset to be moved in the near future: what’s not to like? Ender and I were talking about that last thing, and he suspects that Sabourin may be destined for Long Island, now that Dubie’s been swiped by the ‘Jackets. I further speculated that if the Jackets hadn’t won the waiver claim, that having Sabourin in Pittsburgh was quite convenient, given how close the two cities are, making Sabourin a good backup plan for Howson, pardoning the pun.

  11. HBomb says:

    D2K: I was an Expos fan through the 90′s, right up until that “Pedro” guy that they had pitching got traded to the Red Sox. At that point, being young and naive, I started to learn a bit about the Curse of the Bambino, and based on a pre-existing hatred of the Yankees, I decided to do the “romantic” thing and get on board with the ultimate downtrodden underdog (hey, I was an Oiler fan, so at the time, I was used to that shit).

    Been hooked ever since. But I’ve got an Expos hoodie and hat, still….never could quite fully bring myself to cheer for the Blue Jays, although I did root for them during the World Series years…nowadays, I consider JP Riccardi a gigantic tool.

    Back to this Sharks/Wings epic….the state of California has the market cornered on highly underrated LW’s. Alex Frolov AND Milan Michalek. And if Gagner turns out to be a “poor man’s Datsyuk”, I’ll do backflips. Considering where this guy was in the 2006 playoffs, his transformation into a complete player is remarkable. Not Marc Savard remarkable, but remarkable nonetheless.

  12. PunjabiOil says:

    Second, I could give a fuck what the Edmonton media report or what Nichols said. Neither are reliable and likely aren’t really party to what happened during negotiations.
    Maybe the figures are right. Even still, my main fucking point that you are missing or ignoring is that Smyth’s actual cap hit is $2M more than Penners, his salary $10M more over 5 years. Simple concept, no? That was my only point.

    And what a narrow, uniformed point it was.

    That, and my usual observation that your arrogance far outweighs your usefulness.

    Did you spend all day thinking about that one?

  13. HBomb says:

    Oh yeah, I’m saying Schremp and Sabourin for Jeff Tambellini. Just a wild-assed guess, but the Oilers could use some LW depth…..

    Optics of bringing in the GM’s son might not be great, but I’ve read enough positive on the kid that I’d be OK with it.

  14. HBomb says:

    Final score: 6-5 Sharks.

    Absolute epic – best game I’ve watched so far this season.

  15. Dennis says:

    HB: Remenda let me down during his brief stint on HNIC. I used to rip this guy to my buddies all the time and when the CBC hired him I told them to wait until they got a load of that guy. But he was ultra-sensible on Canadian TV; though now he’s back to his old self in Northern Cali. Of course their PBP play is a tit as well. Still, nothing will ever beat the smugness of Brian Hayward when the Ducks were worth worrying about.

    It’s like he’s a member of Oilers MGMT or something…

    Speaking of which, take the 94 move and look at it in the whole realm of things and decide that 94 at 5.5 plus Torres at ~2mill could play the top six LW tough min and then you don’t blow your comparitive brains out on an Ethan Moreau. You look at it in the terms of what we knew 94 could do could while playing toughs and then it makes sense to pay him more than Penner and you scrape back the savings by letting 18 walk.

    How is that people can’t understand that? Here’s an easy way to look at it: how many years have we made the playoffs since the lockout? Exactly. So, Lowe wasn’t doing a whole lot of correct things, no?

    As for Franzen and the cap, the cap isn’t gonna drop until the 2011 season so maybe GM’s Will have the foresight to think that way when July 1st comes around but most likely they won’t.

    BTW, I watched a fair bit of that Sharks game tonight and just look at the event summary for the 5th and 6th SJ goals and you’ll see why a few of us waste so much time talking about match-ups.

  16. Ribs says:

    2) There are a bunch of UFA guys on the market this summer.

    Really? I’m looking around and not seeing much in the UFA market. Fernandez looks great but I’m not sure why Boston wouldn’t re-sign him. Backstrom’s talking contracts already with Minny. Biron is playing like a poop shovel. Khabiboulin? Not a fan but would be okay I suppose. How much?

    What’s left after that? A Thomas/Roli duo? Take a chance on a guy like Clemmensen? Is Andersen the real deal?

    I’m a bit worried that next season could see a mess in net again ala Conklin and Markkanen but I’m glad one of the goalies was ushered out just because the real search for the new #1 will now begin.

    I think Roli has another decent year in him and should probably stay on as some insurance if we can’t find anyone for the job.

    Offer Sheet to Mr. Pogge’s house? Can we do that?

  17. Coach pb9617 says:

    San Jose had Semenov out for the final shift against the six Wings attackers.

  18. Ribs says:

    Semenov is so good he can play as a forward vs. the Oilers though.

  19. Coach pb9617 says:

    A sampling of what will soon be on the market in the southeast:

    Bouwmeester, Vokoun, Boynton, Skrastins, Zednik, Dvorak, Lecavalier, Recchi, Malik, Reasoner, Little, Perrin, Schneider, Havelid, Melichar, Walker, LaRose, Seidenberg, Whitney, Cullen

  20. Doogie2K says:

    HBomb: I’m told I was an Expos guy at one point, but I can’t believe it, because to my knowledge, I’ve watched exactly one baseball game in my entire life (the wild-card tiebreaker that the Rockies took in something like the 14th or 15th inning on their World Series run a couple of years ago). I think it’s a Canadiens-Bruins thing more than anything.

  21. Ribs says:

    Here’s a fancy list of UFA and RFA goalies that are coming up…

  22. Coach pb9617 says:


    Roloson, Biron, Khabibulin, Fernandez, Backstrom, Labarbera, Thomas.

    You’ve got Leclaire and Vokoun available via trade.

    You can also take a shot on Gerber, Emery, Nittymaki or one of the million euro tenders that J was talking about on his blog.

  23. dubya says:

    And what a narrow, uniformed point it was.

    Ehh, what? Dennis made a good post but suggested Smyth’s and Penner’s salaries were comparable. I simply stated that 50%/$2M difference per season is a large one, IMO. Care to explain how that is uniformed?

    Narrow in that I was referring only to Current. Cap. Hits. Not every fucking transaction or negotiation that led to Penner and Smyth being where they are now. Why? Because I don’t care anymore, I’m sick of hearing about Lowe/Smyth/Nichols, and it was irrelevant to the small point I was making.

    Did you spend all day thinking about that one

    Umm, zing? What are you, twelve?

    You know, you occasionally make good posts but most of the time you run around posting the same worn-out shit and parroting the views of more intelligent posters on the ‘sphere. Which is fine, if you didn’t sound so self-important while doing so. Seriously, do you ever find it ironic that you repeatedly refer to posters on HF boards as “HF clowns”, despite the fact that you have almost 7000 posts there?

  24. slipper says:

    Ryan Smyth is still pretty good

    On a team that has a minus 252 shot attempt differential, Smyth is posting a plus 7 while playing 15 even strength minutes a night against the heavies.

    I am beyond surprised this season with everything Sheldon Souray has brought to the table. He has easily covered his salary this season. I was amongst those most opposed to the signing at the time and wasn’t the least bit surprised that he re-injured his shoulder and missed most of his first contract year, because the injury history was there. Part of what pissed me off was the MSM carried stories after the Smyth saga with MGMT and ownership voicing that singing Smyth long term wasn’t wise due to his age and injury history and then they turned around and signed Souray who had a far greater history of injury and far less sustain as a difference maker. It is worth noting that so far he has only played two half seasons with three years remaining on his deal.

    Jan Hejda was an obvious oversight but to have it continually raised as this massive failure is a little much. 1 in 100. The figurative needle in a haystack. Most of the players doing elsewhere what Hejda is doing for the Jackets are getting paid or soon will be. It seems that 28 other teams made the same error not grabbing that guy when he was on the open market.

  25. slipper says:

    Can you imagine the temperature in here when Tambellini makes an actual note worthy trade?

  26. shepso says:

    quick thought…there’s lots of talk regarding making a push for Backstrom or Manny Fernandez for next year. What about Minny’s other goalie, Josh Harding? He’s an RFA, so it would mean offer sheet territory, but we’ve got assets to move and the kid’s numbers are on par with Backstroms, plus at 25, he’s barely scratched the surface of his potential. If any franchise knows how to develop goalies, it’s the trap happy Wild. I don’t know, call me crazy, but why not make a play for him in the off season? Every time Backstrom’s gotten hurt in the last few years, Harding has played pretty much otherwordly, and has a save percentage on par if not better than Roli’s in his young career. It’s just a thought, maybe a stupid thought, but who knows? I think he’s a better play than JDD, Anderson, ‘Bulin and most of the other available goalies projected to be in FA land this offseason. Lets be honest, we’re not getting Manny or Tim Thomas from Boston, we’ll never go after Pogge, despite how hilarious it would be to try and burn Burkie with another offer sheet, Vokun won’t come here no matter how much we offer him. Why not? Really, as far as 2nd tier goalies go, why not go for a 25 year old with great numbers and no chance to start for Minny long term. Or am I just plain retarded?

  27. Bruce says:

    On a team that has a minus 252 shot attempt differential

    Thanks for that, Slipper. That is such an odd set of team stats, the Avs are +7 on the shot clock, -108 according to Fenwick, and a staggering -252 by the Corsi metric. I really don’t know what to make of that, sure the other guys have a huge edge in shot attempts, but if the shots aren’t making it through to goal, well how big of an edge is it really? Given 58% of Colorado’s attempts are actually on goal and the other guys are barely at 50%, it must say something about style of play (esp. shot blocks) and shot choices and stuff, and maybe it says something about territorial play too or maybe Colorado is just more patient with the puck and doesn’t blow possessions with wasted shots … could be interpreted a lot of different ways. All I know is if I’m a Colorado fan I don’t mind if the other guys have 250 more attempted shots if none of them even test my goalie. Some day when I have time to kill I will look at all the teams’ bottom line totals, but I would bet right now I won’t find a more extreme spread between shots and Corsi than this one.

    Can you imagine the temperature in here when Tambellini makes an actual note worthy trade?

    Yeah it’s been interesting. I’ve been reading along all day and not saying Word One about the actual trade, but all the while smiling at how people on opposite sides of the various fences are finding ways that this deal somehow supports their previously established — frequently, WELL-established — opinions.

    Mine on the deal is “meh” (for mellow), I thought Garon showed real flashes last night for the first time in a long while and I guess that was what Pittsburgh needed to see. Playing like that he could have helped this club. That said, the 3 goalie situation definitely was NOT helping the club, in fact it clearly fucked with Garon himself. So that problem is solved, and we got a few minor assets, including some immediate help for the farm and a fourth rounder so far in the future one just hopes the league remembers when the time comes.

    As for contrived-combined nicknames I hate them for the most part, but I do have a soft spot for Tambelloweni, since it doesn’t just rhyme with baloney, it comes right out and says it. It also brings back fond memories of a staple of Newfoundland cuisine, balogna cups, in which one fries up a nice thick slice of balogna until it really starts to curl up, then you flip it over and fill it with Kraft Dinner. Hey presto! that’s two of the major food groups, three if you have a beer or two with it … which is almost a necessity to wash down that unholy combination.

  28. Jonathan says:

    I’m going to get lynched for this, but I’d be fine running a Labarbera/Roloson tandem next season, if Vokoun or Huet aren’t available via trade.

  29. hunter1909 says:

    “It’s fun reading everyone typing louder trying to create the narrative of the Garon trade. “I HAVE A VIEWPOINT ON THE TEAM AND THIS TRADE REINFORCES MY VIEWPOINT!”

    I hate to admit it, but this is true, lol. Personally I couldn’t give a shit about the Garon trade.

    I’m too busy preparing myself to be outraged over the upcoming Schremp trade.

  30. Temujin says:

    The impending Hemsky trade will shock you all even more :-)

  31. Doogie2K says:

    Jan Hejda was an obvious oversight but to have it continually raised as this massive failure is a little much. 1 in 100. The figurative needle in a haystack. Most of the players doing elsewhere what Hejda is doing for the Jackets are getting paid or soon will be. It seems that 28 other teams made the same error not grabbing that guy when he was on the open market.

    I think the maddening thing is that people who saw him in the preseason knew what we had here, but MacTavish either didn’t notice or wasn’t able to make use of him because of word from on high. Either way, it was an unnecessary error, is the thing.

  32. godot10 says:

    //I’m going to get lynched for this, but I’d be fine running a Labarbera/Roloson tandem next season, if Vokoun or Huet aren’t available via trade.//

    One of the benefits of the Garon trade at this point in time is that the Oilers won’t have to waste the early part of next season finding out if Deslauriers is an adequate backup. They will know by April if they have to look for a backup as well as dealing with the #1 job.

    If he is an adequate backup, they only have to focus on who will be number 1. If he isn’t, getting JDD through waivers next fall won’t be a problem next fall.

    If Vancouver screws up this season, Luongo could be on the trade market as early as this summer, since he might not be willing to sign an extension, forcing Gillis into a really difficult spot.

    So a one year contract for Roloson this summer will enable the Oilers to be a player in the Luongo drama might be part of the plan.

  33. Dennis says:

    Slipper: I’m with you on how the things that made 94 so unattractive longterm were buried by the press when it came to the signing of Souray. I basically read it from two angles:

    1. We aren’t allowed to write anything critical.

    2: Thank fuck that someone would sign to play in Edmonton.

    The deal with Hejda is, sure, all the other teams had a chance to sign the guy on the cheap but Hejda is like that hot girl that moved next door to you just at the start of summer vacation. So, she’s out strolling around in her cut-off jeanshorts all of July-Aug and you have the occasional chat with her and then school opens and she speaks to you in the hallway and your buddies are all, “who in the fuck is that and how do you know her.?”

    They get their first look at her and are duely impressed but if she dates anyone else then you’re the fool because you’ve been jerking off to her since late June:D

    I’ll admit that I put too much early stock in MacT’s opinions because once he got some early HS’s I chalked him up to a bust. But by the end of that awful ’07 campaign I was signing his praises and I thought he was worth a shot at bringing back. The Oilers had a half-season to evaluate him and be it because of a thumbs-down from macT or just ignorance from Vish Throttler, Someone fucked up.

    Shep: Seeing as how the org wants to rebuild until the next lockout, young Harding might not be a bad choice;)

    GD: Yes, we Can find out down the ’09 stretch if JDD has the appropriate chops and in the process we can miss the playoffs by the four-to-six points we waste in finding out he likely wouldn’t wasn’t worth the trouble. Wouldn’t you rather have Garon as Roli-insurance? Was the return worth the loss of depth? I don’t believe so and that’s why I don’t like the deal.

    Bruce: My 75 year old mother’s in town and is currently preparing Sunday dinner – albeit for supper – at the sister’s place. You know the drill: carrots, turnip, salt beef and bread pudding; a roast and gravy to top if off. As we would say back here, I’m starving already:) That being said, I never did hear tell of perparing baloney in such a way as you just described. BTW, I imagine your wife doesn’t have any NF roots, correct? Have you passed down any of our food traditions to her?

    Best for your heart if you haven’t, mind you, but then again, every now and then you should go full out:)

  34. slipper says:

    Bruce: If I was Colorado I wouldn’t be too excited by that -252. In my mind the opponent still has to have your zone and then have the time and space to get the shot off. The Avs are only floating around five hun by a fortunate OT record, and if anythings, those shots that are missing the net or hitting legs are going to start making it through on net rather than disappear altogether.

    Dennis: It certainly is an evaluation fuck-up, but the magnitude is exaggerated due to Hejda’s success in Columbus, which I don’t think anyone predicted or expected.

    Sure he appeared like a capable defender who could shore up a defense on the cheap, but nobody rated him as a minute leading, heavy hitter. I would bet not even Howson. Atleast as I recall, so correct me if I’m wrong. Dude played 600 minutes for Edmonton in 06-07 and posted a +18/-28 on a crap team. An oversight for sure, but it’s not like they let Chris Pronger walk for eff all…

    … again.

    I think you’ll consistently find that a rare late rounder or over ager will slip under a team’s radar. Sometimes you’ll grab them for a finished goaltender and it works to your benefit and other times they escape through free agency and end up some other team’s good fortune.

    Since then Jan Hejda has become sort of a paradigm around these parts, where people believe all these really useful impact player exist to be poached on the cheap. I think it’s far more of a rare bird.

  35. R-Gib says:

    Okay… a lot of hostility here…

    So Conklin is having a great season as a 1b, and Boucher is obviously the reason SJ is so good this yr… lets sign both to 5yr contracts! ;)

  36. Bruce says:

    Dennis: I have to admit to never having eaten a bologna cup myself; I got that recipe from my ex-brother-in-law who is from up Mundy Pond way. May just be a family tradition.

    Slipper: It’ll be interesting to watch Colorado’s shots results going forward. Interesting test case if nothing else.

  37. Master Lok says:

    Apparently in a 1260 interview today, Garon has denied using another goalie coach as brought up by Jason Gregor. Garon said that he used Peeters last year as well, and only used the other goalie coach ONCE.

    That’s what’s being said from people who listened to the interview (I did not).

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