Rumors today that BG has asked to be traded. He’s apparently unhappy at lack of playing time and since his cap number is 1.5M (2 more years) this is an interesting player for a team like Edmonton.

Laraque could take Marc Pouliot’s roster spot and slide onto the 4line with any combination of Kyle Brodziak, Zack Stortini, JF Jacques and Liam Reddox.

I love the bug guy and frankly miss him big time. However, the Oilers seem to have filled the need with Stortini and MacIntyre, with the added option of being able to double shift Hemsky (and others) when the need arises.

I’d be fine either way, but it seems to me the organization has adequately addressed this need with MacIntyre and Stortini.

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44 Responses to "George?"

  1. Dennis says:

    Absolutely not.

  2. pboy says:

    George was fun to have around but we don’t need him back. He’s a 4th liner at best who has a knack for playing keep-away with the puck on the boards but not knowing what to do with it. Also, he was a great fighter but he was too choosy in his battles and I think even the though he is twice the fighter Zog is, Big George was less of a deterrent during his time here.

  3. Scott says:

    I really like Laraque, but that contract is just terrible. The answer here needs to be no.

  4. Schitzo says:

    Considering we’re already looking at corners to cut to save salary space, I can’t think of a worse use of a million dollars.

  5. Schitzo says:

    ALTHOUGH we do know him and MacT never saw eye-to-eye. If Katz has such a mancrush on LeGG that he’d fire MacT…

  6. oilerdago says:

    Maybe they’d take Moreau? Naaah. Big George’s best days are in the rear view mirro.

  7. Black Dog says:


  8. Black Dog says:

    By the way LT is the title a reference to that 70s show about the St. Bernard? Wasn’t that the opening credits – everyone saying George?

  9. Eh says:

    What a brutal idea. George is such a liability except when the whistle has blown down the play. He should consider himself lucky to have a contract.

  10. Doogie2K says:

    Nay, sir.

    Just to class up the joint.

  11. oilerdago says:

    Not to threadjack things here, but Springfield gets a win tonite in OT – game winner by Wild.

    That’s points in the last 4 games now under Daum.

    Sometimes a little change will do ya.

  12. HBomb says:

    I think he’s actually got three years left after this one LT.

    Two years, three years, doesn’t matter….too damn expensive for a fourth liner. Pass.

    However, if it was a re-entry waivers scenario….

  13. Icecastles says:

    Stortini is already the next Laraque.

  14. Bruce says:

    Absolutely not.

    Absolutely agree with Dennis. And I don’t get to say that too often.

    In fact, it seems like I agree with everyone. How the heck did that happen?

  15. Mr DeBakey says:

    I also agree with everyone.

    Way overrated

  16. Alice says:

    purple monkey dishwasher

  17. Unleaded says:

    Conformity says no. Logic says no. Salary cap says no.

    What happens if Katz says yes?

  18. PunjabiOil says:

    I’m not really a fan of of Big Georges.

    There has been controversy surrounding him wherevever he’s gone – Edmonton, Montreal, Pittsburgh, and now Montreal. At .9M – you would consider it. At 1.5M? Just why?

    My favourite BG moment was after he got a speeding ticket on Whitemud, he prompted to write to the Edmonton Sun a few days. He mentioned how he’s doing charity around the city (as if that should get him a free pass), and implied racism was the reason why he got a ticket.


  19. robert cleave says:

    I think the hivemind has spoken, LT. That ship has sailed.

  20. Dennis says:

    I”m not even sure I’d take him on re-entry, HB; certainly not over 78, for instance.

  21. HBomb says:

    Dennis: With Stortini and MacIntyre, I think they’ve got the fourth line crash-n-bang enforcer thing covered, so Laraque serves no purpose.

    As for MAP, I’m genuinely thinking that if he’s dealt, he could be the biggest “miss” by this current Oiler management regime. Not on a Miro Satan level, but in terms of a guy who could be a 20G-20A 3rd line center in a couple years.

  22. doritogrande says:

    Laraque to Edmonton for Moreau and Staios.

    That’s the only way I take LeGG.

  23. Black Gold says:

    Edm could throw a second rounder in and I’d still take that deal.

  24. doritogrande says:

    Not to threadjack things here, but Springfield gets a win tonite in OT – game winner by Wild.

    That’s points in the last 4 games now under Daum.

    Sometimes a little change will do ya.

    I may be overstating things here, but hell is freezing over in Springfield under Daum. Rob Schremp with two assists tonight, Taylor Chorney with an assist, +3 on the night.

  25. bookie says:

    The money is a bit of concern for me with George, but to be honest having Mac come out for 2 minutes a game to intimidate seems like a waste of a body. And lets face it Sortini is a great ‘pest’ but he intimidates nobody.

    Yet at 1.5 a year, I am not certain he is worth it. If it was the 2000 George with 29 points, that would be ok. The guy never learned to dedicate himself to hockey though. He also never learned to dedicate himself to doing his job to the best of his ability. He often lets people off the hook.

    Simply put, if I could have George at his POTENTIAL for 1.5 a year, I would totally do it. For the comfortable drifter that he is now though….no thanks.

    Given that MacT did not find a way to bring out the best in him before, I can’t see it happening now.

  26. jon k says:

    Montreal has been one of the worse teams in the league after the first 30 games of the season and GG can’t get playing time there. $1.5 million for 2 more seasons for a useless player? Pass.

  27. bookie says:

    Though, if the Oilers could dump one of their overpaid players like Staois it may be worthwhile for both teams.

    Montreal would use Staois as an overpaid defenceman.

    We would get an overpaid 4th line player who the fans like and who would probably not create any problems in the room. With that, we could drop Smack (who is an AHL player taking $525,000 to mostly sit and watch) and use Sortini as a ‘pest’. We end up with $2M more in cap space and really don’t give up anything.

  28. kris says:

    I’m not big on the heavy weight goons, but, just to buck the trend, I’d go for:

    SMAC, and Staios


    George and a reasonably priced, average, 5-6 Dman.

    Why? Well:

    1. We take George’s overpay but get rid of Staios monster overpay. A net savings.

    2. The organization can appease the “average fan” -who the org. thinks love Staios and Moreau- while discarding Staios: “a fan favorite.”

    I think a deal like this could happen.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not thrilled about bring back Laraque. I don’t think I ever found a player so frustrating to watch; I hated when he’d out muscle a defender in the corner, drag the puck in front of the net, only to cough up the puck easily or roll it lightly towards the goalie. In fact, I often wondered if people thought Laraque lightly rolling the puck at the goaltender after dragging a defenseman around for 40 seconds was a scoring chance.

    Dennis? Anyone?

  29. bookie says:

    If Daum has a big positive impact down on the farm, does that make him next in line to coach the Oil?

  30. kris says:

    Oops, I should’ve just said ditto bookie.

  31. bookie says:

    kris – no need to include SMAC as I believe he is on a two way contract (unless Montreal wanted him). But I agree with you – if we trade a problem for a problem (a common trade in the NHL) then its possible for everyone to win.

  32. B.C.B. says:

    I think it is a waste of money, we can have both Zorg and SMac for the same price, and Zorg still has a chance to become a third liner, His junior numbers are better, his AHL numbers are better, h is a better skater, and he is younger. Why? because we loved him?

  33. DBO says:

    bookie: SMac is on a one way. that’s how we were able to pick him up on waivers from Florida.

    As for the big guy coming back, I’d like to see him but it’s hard at that cost. The Oil did want him this summer, and he is a huge fan favorite but it’d be hard with the coming cap issues in a few year. SMac at his cost is a more effective player.

    hell, we might as well deal for Ryan Smyth, Todd Marchant, Bill Guerin, Doug Weight, Dean Mccammond, Greg Devries and Cujo. Bring back 1997-98! On that note, can anyone believe that Mccammond was our 2nd leading scorer that year with 50 pts.

  34. Brett Gee 英 明 says:

    McAmmond with 50? For 2nd on the team? Crazy.

    I would think that a big guy that can’t really score that much but will take up a regular roster spot is the last thing this team needs.

  35. Coach pb9617 says:

    I think the hivemind has spoken, LT. That ship has sailed.

    Which means it’s going to happen.

  36. Icecastles says:

    I think the core thing with Georges is that when we look at what is needed most here (leadership, heart, legitimate first line centreitude, PPism, goal scoring, grit (arguable at this stage), or a rental defenseman), he is 2/7. When we look at what he adds to a team (intimidation, fightitude, visual contrast), we more or less have those things.

    He loves Edmonton and he is a great role player when you need a tough guy, but for the first time since he left for Phoenix, Edmonton just doesn’t have the kind of holes that he could/would fill.

    I know it won’t happen, but if we could bring *any* ex-Oiler back that would fill the holes that need filling, it would by Ryan Smyth. He can score, he has heart, leadership, grit, and he plays well with Hemscoff.

  37. Doogie2K says:

    George and a reasonably priced, average, 5-6 Dman.

    Francis Bouillion?

  38. knighttown says:

    The other new wrinkle with George is that he’s become the new poster boy for the “even enforcers don’t want fighting in hockey” movement.

    Some other quotes from Georges:

    On the staged fight controversy a few years ago when he wished Ivanins “good luck”:
    “I always say that,” he said. “It’s the toughest job in the league, and I respect every fighter in the league, and I always wish them luck….There was no big deal. It was just because the mic was on, [fans] were like ‘Oh my God!’ but that’s how I am. I don’t get mad. It’s not in my nature.”

    On Brashear asking Shanahan twice if he actually wanted to fight…George ends up condemning hi for even accepting Shanny as a willing combatant:
    Me personally, I wouldn’t even fight [Shanahan],” Laraque continued. “I would turn it down, I wouldn’t even do it. But some guys are comfortable doing it. Even if he’d asked me to go I wouldn’t do it. You have nothing to win for doing that. We’re different in that regard. I wouldn’t do that. [Brash] did it.”

    This guy is such a contradiction in so many ways. He’s the heavyweight champ of the NHL who would never drop the gloves again if he had that option. He’s the pacifist pugilist who has spoken out against staged fights yet he’s the same guy who was heard “mic-ed up” wishing Raitis Ivanins good luck. He admits he has no temper so as a deterrent he might try and answer the bell if Tootoo knocks out Hemsky but he’s too much of a gentleman to fight him unless Tootoo is dumb enough to oblige him.

    There is such a thing as being too tough in today’s NHL. You need to have a dance partner, even if the fight is justified (ala the Tootoo situation). All the combatant has to do is say “NO” and that’s that. We know BG will not risk getting suspended for a blatant instigation, so Tootoo will end up picking Strudwick or Moreau later on to “answer to”.

    Storts is becoming the ideal enforcer. Tough enough to go with anyone but not so tough that anyone really ducks his fights. Plus he has become a must play on the 4th line and can even play 3rd line minutes if needed. My only worry with him is be that, once his role as grinder is reinforced, will he still be willing to do the dirty work? He has some of the same characteristics George does (smart, thoughtful, well spoken, nice guy) and we’ll see in a few years.

  39. Schitzo says:

    bookie: SMac is on a one way. that’s how we were able to pick him up on waivers from Florida.

    Not the same thing. Can need waivers on a 2-way deal.

  40. Steve says:

    I’ve always said that Georges Laraque would be the perfect hockey player if only he could play hockey.

  41. digger says:

    I’ll always remember with fondness how the Oilers tried to plug Laraque into Grier’s old 3rd line spot alongside Marchant/Moreau in the early parts of the 02/03 season? Yeah, that went well.

    I have to be honest though, if the salary wasn’t such a burden I’d rather have Laraque patrolling the 4th line than SMac. At least BG can play hockey, and was surprisingly adept at keeping the goals against down when he was on the ice. When MacIntyre hits the ice, I’m literally counting the seconds until he gets back to the bench, hoping he can escape the shift.

    I’ll agree he knows his “enforcer” role better than BG ever did, but IMO the actual impact it’s had in winning hockey games and preventing his teammates from being punked out has been overstated. Only my opinion, of course.

  42. Master Lok says:

    NO. There is not one single reason to bring back Laraque.

    Can he play the PP? No.
    Can he shutdown anyone? No.
    Can he play the PK? No.
    Can he hit people on a regular basis? No.
    Can he fight anyone on more regular basis? No.

    We already have a Stortini, who is younger, cheaper, a better hockey player, hungrier and is #3(or so I’ve heard) in the league in fights.

    And SMac for the heavyweight.

    I wouldn’t even take Laraque up for $450K for three years.

  43. Dennis says:

    Digger: you raise some good points here and I’m not sure if the habs are willing to send him down and then try and bring him back on re-entry waivers but for 750K, yeah, I’d bring the guy back as the 14th forward over say a guy like SMac.

    Not sure if the habs are really set to cut the ties, though, and that’s what they’ve been effectively doing if they sent him down to Hamilton.

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