Oilers at Coyotes, G56/08-09

This week, I’ve been quite surprised to see so much negative press about Wayne Gretzky’s salary.

A Globe and Mail article by Matthew Sekeres and David Shoalts tells us that the average salary for an NHL coach is just south of $1M and Gretzky is making between $7M and $8M.

A quote from an unnamed source in the article says “he doesn’t translate to one ticket sold. They pimped him so much, but he didn’t represent $1.”

I always find these articles (and fan reaction to them) to be both predictable and galling. NHL owners have over many decades financially sodomized workers and their families, so the idea of feeling sorry for them is outrageous. Wayne Gretzky is going to take some money from North America’s idle rich–honestly, I’ve never liked him more!

Steve Tambellini’s nickname should be Pat, as in stand Pat. Reading the local fishwrap this morning, it looks like they’ll try Theo Peckham, Taylor Chorney and Mathieu Roy (possibly in that order).

As a fan of prospects, it’s kind of exciting thinking about Taylor Chorney’s NHL debut and Theo Peckham’s first real audition. As a fan looking at the Oilers prospects of making the post-season, this news is depressing.

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  1. Asiaoil says:

    My biggest fear is that we waste a good effort by Roloson tomorrow in futile effort for a win – plus wear him down. Putting JDD in the tank tomorrow is basically chumming the water – but we need the Dallas game way more and really can’t afford to wear Roloson out going into the stretch drive. Of course all of that probably means that MacT starts Roloson tomorrow. JDD hasn’t had a decent game since the first week of January in the AHL – but of course there are a dozen team waiting to claim him. Wish Sabourin was available.

  2. Icecastles says:

    Listening to Overtime Open Line… Who is this TW guy, anyway? And why does he refer to himself in the third person? I think he calls in as an exercise in branding….

  3. HBomb says:

    Ok, so quietly, here’s Tom Gilbert, chugging along, currently on a 47 point pace. Playing the toughs while doing it too.

    Despite bitching on the fanboards about how he’s not physical, blah blah blah (he’s third behind Horcoff and Penner in the whipping-boy department), he’s actually earning that 4 million dollar cap hit thus far.

    And it’s only his second year.

    If you land Bouwmeester and need to move a d-man, you only move Gilbert if the return is a boatload (i.e. one damn good young forward).

  4. Lord Bob says:

    Lord Bob thinks that more radio callers need to speak in the third person. Lord Bob thinks that would really class up the joint.

  5. PDO says:



    Gilby is a beauty. He’s worth that contract already.

    In his second pro season.

    Hot damn.

  6. Councilman Les Winan says:

    Exactly!!! One aspect of Phaneuf that isn’t overrated is how ugly he is. Plus, rather than looking tough, he always looks to me like he’s about to cry.

    Everytime I look at him, I think of that old SNL sketch, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.

    He used to be a caveman, and now he is an overrated defencemannnnnn…

  7. HBomb says:

    Icecastles: TW is “The Warrior”. Legendary caller to 1260. Obnoxious as hell, and to make it worse, a complete idiot. Dangerous combination.

    Only guy who’s worse is that Adil character, the huge Habs fan.

  8. HBomb says:

    PDO: Past Hemsky and Gagner, #77 is the most untouchable asset on this squad right now. Visnovsky and Horcoff round out my top five in that department.

    Your mileage may vary.

  9. Lord Bob says:

    HBomb: Holy crap, the Warrior is still calling in? I haven’t listened to 1260 online since, like, 2007.

    Man, what kind of person would stick around interactive forums commenting on Oilers games for that long?

    I mean, besides all of us.

  10. Mrs Gertrude Inkpen says:

    “I am currently sitting in my boxer shorts, drinking rum and coke, listening to Hall and Oates.”

    Its Benny Goodman and a glass of sherry for me

  11. Icecastles says:

    Icecastles agrees with all that is said here. Icecastles seconds Lord Bob’s sentiments and suggests taking it a step further: from now on, everyone who calls in after the game refers to themselves by Blogger nickname, in the third person.


    While spouting platitudes and cliches.

  12. Icecastles says:

    HBomb: In terms of untouchable, I would add Souray to that list. Serious, major, huge captain material too.

  13. PunjabiOil says:

    Amusing that in the post-game team huddle that Moreau was on the perimeter like an outcast. Followed up with Souray mouthing, “Good Game Boys” will individually slapping each Oiler player on route to the dressing room a high-five

    Eerily similar to the “Nation of Domination” saga in the WWF days.
    The controversy arising was just who was the real leader of the nation of domination?

    Moreau is Farooq. Souray is The Rock.

  14. HBomb says:

    Icecastles: Souray has exceeded any expectations I ever had for him, but he’s in the “sell high” category.

    The thing that keeps him safe is that he’s tough as nails, and the Oilers are, overall, kinda soft.

  15. Councilman Les Winan says:

    That article should be required reading for every media member and Flames fan. Somebody should throw Pierre McGuire into a cold shower and make him read that. I had a couple of conversations with friends who were also incredulous that Phaneuf got a Norris nom.

    BTW, thanks to those who recommended Taleb’s books a while back. I’ve finally taken some time to read Fooled by Randomness, and I’m working on The Black Swan right now. Some really interesting stuff. Correlation vs causation in the media has always driven me nuts.

  16. Icecastles says:

    PunjabiOil said… Moreau is Farooq. Souray is The Rock.

    Souray is the Scorpion King.
    Moreau is The Bushwackers.

  17. Lord Bob says:

    Alert! Alert! LA has clawed two back after going down 6-3! It’s now 6-5! Johan Hedberg Is Being Johan Hedberg Warning in full effect!

  18. Icecastles says:

    Atlanta is my favourite non-Oilers team for the next 8 minutes.

  19. HBomb says:

    Frolov with 1G-2A so far tonight. Mr. Completely-underrated is at it again.

    Not saying, just saying.

  20. Dennis says:

    A Nation of Domination reference??

  21. Lowetide says:

    And it’s Denis Gauthier who scored to make it 6-5. Who’s coaching Atlanta now, Fred Creighton?

  22. PDO says:

    Do you smell what Laraque is cooking?!

  23. HBomb says:

    Good lord, LA fans are just as stupid as they were in 1991.

  24. Coach pb9617 says:

    Good lord, LA fans are just as stupid as they were in 1991.

    It’s the entire population, not just the Kings fans.

  25. Bruce says:

    Bruce: That goalie interference penalty, was that in that shitty game three where the Oilers had like 3 goals disallowed and a 3rd period 2-0 lead turned into a 3-2 Stars win?

    HBomb: That was the one. Oilers played great and the zebras held the Stars in the game long enough to get back into it. I’m still bitter.

  26. Coach pb9617 says:

    Stupid Kings.

    Moreau + Schremp for Reasoner.

  27. Phil says:

    6-6 with 5 seconds left…

  28. gary b says:

    6-6. more late game heroics for the Kings.

  29. HBomb says:

    Make that 1G-3A for Frolov.

    He’s a 6-foot-5 version of Hemsky, with a better slap shot. What a player.

  30. Icecastles says:

    Kings tied it in the dying seconds. Fuck. I blame Peter Pocklington. And MacT of course.

  31. PDO says:

    Guess who bet on LA -.5 tonight?


  32. Lord Bob says:

    Le sigh.

  33. reijo29 says:

    Hbomb – Too much rum my friend. I get the whole idea of "selling high" in some situations but I can't justify it with Souray. How could you fathom that we could replace his shot, toughness,& most notably leadership?
    I think other then Hemmer & maybe Rollie he is the most important player on the team.
    A healthy Lubo is the trade chip not Souray. We have 2 guys (Gibert & Grebs) that can step in for Lubo none for Souray. Also, we have numerous young guys (Chorney, Wild, Petry) that could join the puck moving D man ranks and we only have 1 guy (Plante) that I can think of that may eventually be able to do what Souray does.

    Even if we can convince J-Bo to sign this off-season, Souray needs to stay and be given the C.

    I love Lubo just think he and his contract make the most sense to trade away, for his 5.7 we could re-sign Grebs and Smid and have some dough left over.

  34. Showerhead says:

    Drew Doughty… -3 so far tonight but by my eye he looked way better than a kid his age should against Edmonton. I checked BTN to find that while playing behind LA’s best lines and against anyone and everyone, young Doughty is on pace to go even on the season with 24 points. Not bad at all!

  35. godot10 says:

    In the spirit of the early eighties, Hall & Oates, and the new post-victory dance ritual, I nominate

    The Pointer Sisters

  36. Icecastles says:

    That’s beautiful, Gary. Now to see one of Don Cherry sitting with Waldorf and Statler

  37. HBomb says:

    reijo: I should have been completely clear. I agree, they can’t deal Souray right now.

    Ideally, they’d have more grit and guts elsewhere in the batting order and could afford to move him instead of Visnovsky (straight up, I think 71′s the better all-around player, and salary difference is negligible). But they can’t (toughness, plus Souray actually has a binding no-trade-clause, where Visnovsky’s went out the window when he got dealt here by the Kings).

  38. HBomb says:

    I think I saw a Statler and Waldorf / Bob Cole and Harry Neale photo once….

  39. reijo29 says:

    Final Observations for the Night
    - Kopitar & Frolov are both sick, sick hockey players. Kings are going to be really really good soon, methinks.
    - Why does tsn.ca list Liam Reddox as the 1st Star tonight? Really?
    - Glad ATL pulled it off but come on, Hedberg? Either of their other 2 goalies would likely have helped keep the 3 goal lead in the 3rd.
    - 3 out of 4 pts for ATL against ANA & LA is pretty awesome.
    - Coach pb9617:
    Were you serious about that trade? I don't think we are that desperate to get Marty back. He was 4-11 in the circle tonight while all Oilers (Cogs 4-4, so that counts) were positive at the dot tonight.
    Maybe Schremp straight up for Reasoner. Throw in a late pick if necessary.
    That is all.

  40. HBomb says:

    NHL.com probably mixed up the numbers 83 and 85 again.

    Hemsky as first star makes much more sense….

  41. Bruce says:

    That circle jump after the game seemed to be started by Smid. Makes sense, it’s kind of a Czech tradition. Loved Ladi’s game tonight, he skated miles, lugged the puck, made no visible mistakes.

    Souray with a mammoth game, first star with a bullet in my books. Namely, the bullet that blew past Tellqvist to win it in the third. I loved his battle level all game long, esp. against Jovo late.

  42. speeds says:

    I don’t see a big need to dump either 44 or 71 this summer, unless opportunities come up that you can’t turn down. The cap is expected to be more or less flat, from what I’ve read.

    Roloson and Cole are the exiting UFA’s, their combined 7.7 cap hit goes a long way towards Horc’s 2 mil raise and their replacements, along with Brodziak, Smid and Grebeshkov’s new deals. It may be tighter than this year, but it’s not like there’s a ton of trades these days anyways.

  43. Doogie2K says:

    Couple of odd things I noticed tonight…

    –I swear Sportsnet had Michalek-Sauer as the third pairing in their little scroll at the start of the game. The fuck?
    –Behind Hemsky in one shot they showed a bunch of sticks, including two labelled with a “34″. They wouldn’t have Pisani’s sticks on this trip if they didn’t think he might make at back at some point.

    Anderson Cooper was once the Host of a show called The Mole.

    The Mole is a fun little distraction that always seems to get jerked around by ABC. Kathy Griffin and Stephen Baldwin were fantastic going after each other on the celebrity edition.

    seeing a good bit of camraderie from this team. did anybody else see that after the game?

    Sure did. It was bizarre seeing Moreau jumping around on the ice at the edge of the pile like a soccer player. Something about that just looks wrong.

    On another note, looked like a home game for the Oilers. Tons of Oiler fans leaping from their chairs after the Oilers goals.

    I know! Don’t those assholes realize there’s a local team there now?

    @Gary B: Since we’re making fun of Phaneuf, I’ll resurrect this.

  44. HBomb says:

    I don’t see a big need to dump either 44 or 71 this summer, unless opportunities come up that you can’t turn down.

    Definition of such an opportunity: Jay Bouwmeester.

  45. Dennis says:

    While I understand trading one of the three puckmovers (strenght) to address defending and/or thuggery (weakness), 71 is the best of the puckmovers and is most likely our best dman overall.

    I love 44′s Bully Boy act but at this age and with his injury history, I just don’t think he’ll remain healthy.

    But if you can’t convince 44 to shake his NMC clause and/or you realize just how fucking good 71 is, maybe you look to move 77 for a defender and then you try and ink a favourable deal with 37.

    The main thing we need going forward – IMO – is a goalscorer to go with 89 and we have some of the D plus 27 in guys that we’d like to try and move or need to move in order to diversify a little bit more.

  46. Bruce says:

    Dennis: Don’t look now, but Visnovsky’s got an injury history too. This is the third year in the last six he didn’t make it to 60 games.

  47. Dennis says:

    Yes, but when he’s healthy, he’s better;)

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