Wild at Oilers, G62/08-09

The story of this season could still be “Oilers finally turn a corner” but at this point I think most fans firmly believe there is something wrong.

At some point it doesn’t matter if Kevin Lowe didn’t gather up the horses, or if Craig MacTavish got stubborn on too many kids.

At some point this organization has to convince the fanbase that there is a plan, our brain trust is better than the other brain trusts.

The Edmonton Oilers always appear to be smoothly run, a tight ship moving forward and a proud brand. The Edmonton Oilers fan is having a crisis of confidence, apparently made even more troubling because no one in charge appears to notice.

Win. Or fix it. Do something.

R. F. N.

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  1. oilerdago says:

    So where’s the freaking penalty on that one? Hooked him down?

  2. Coach pb9617 says:

    ANOTHER goal in the last minute of a period.

    Does anyone have numbers on that? The Oilers have to be the worst in the league at this.

    Cogliano with 1W 5L on the dot that period.

  3. Lowetide says:

    Is it just me or did Marc Crawford leave his sincerity at the hotel?

  4. Henry says:

    Was Cole held then dumped on that play? WTF?

  5. danny says:

    with all sincerity, i wish Crawford left himself at the hotel

  6. danny says:

    Souray was asked about the Oilers emotion, or lack thereof.

    Theres a zamboni in Oakes driveway before dawn.

  7. Phil says:

    Edm trailing after 1st: 4-14-1

    Minn leading after 1st: 15-3-0

  8. PDO says:


    Oilers better spend a good 8 straight minutes on a 5 on 3 after that shit. I figure it’ll take that long for our PP to even it up… but it’s only fair.

  9. Scott says:

    Matt Fenwick!

    Tyler Dellow!

    Holy Crap!

  10. jon k says:

    MC and Fenwick just got mentions on CBC.

  11. Ender says:

    2-4 please! ;)

  12. Scott says:

    Mike Milbury making sense… Tonight is a strange night.

  13. Art Vandelay says:

    Ron Maclean just pimped Matt and Tyler. Didn’t look like Milbury and Hrudey knew what the hell he was talking about.

  14. Bank Shot says:

    MC and Fenwick just got mentions on CBC.

    What did they say?

  15. danny says:

    LT is the Hockeybuzz of the oilogosphere?

    I kid i kid.

  16. bookie says:

    Wow, if I ever saw a panel of guys blame a coach for sucking that was it.

  17. kris says:

    Wait a minute, I didn’t see the CBC thingy with Maclean but weren’t we just talking about Maclean mentioning mc79 on the air?

  18. Henry says:

    I don’t believe for a second that Hrudey watch the CBJ game. I watched that game and Penner was fine. Moreau was running around and Pisani was sucking wind. Total bullshit.

  19. Lowetide says:

    Danny will be traded: E5.


  20. Phil says:

    The penalties will probably even up, but the PK is such a handicap for this team, it probably won’t matter. The special teams is -2 after one period; that’s such a huge stinking hole to try to climb out of.

    Did CBC not pay their power bill? Mine just went off air. Anyone else?

  21. jon k says:

    Bankshot: They mentioned that Fenwick had the BoA blog, he’s been doing something with CBC hockey or something or other, but he’s got a new job in Edmonton now so he won’t be writing as much.

    Mentioned MC as someone who writes a lot about the Oilers, and how he commented that Penner and Cogliano played little in the last 10 minutes of the CBJ game while Pisani and Moreau played quite a bit.

    Panel was then asked what they thought of that.

  22. Scott says:

    We were Kris, and he did it again tonight, as well as wishing Fenwick the best with his new job in Edmonton. He asked the panel to discuss why Pisani and Moreau were out in the last minute last game, as per Tyler’s post.

  23. Traktor says:

    My CBC froze as soon as the word accountability was mentioned. Coincidence?

  24. kris says:


    Did all of your lights go off too?

  25. Lowetide says:

    Plus the Wild PK is top drawer iirc.

  26. danny says:

    phil, nope.

    Did you pay your cable bill? :D

  27. Dennis says:

    You have the feeling that Kelly didn’t see that game if he thought 18 had something worth depending on for that last minute.

    It’s no big deal and perhaps he should’ve admitted that to Ron OR maybe Ron blindsided him and he didn’t know it was coming and he didn’t want to admit that he didn’t watch the game.

  28. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    PDO said…

    Oilers better spend a good 8 straight minutes on a 5 on 3 after that shit. I figure it’ll take that long for our PP to even it up… but it’s only fair.

    Narnia. Is that you?

  29. Phil says:


    No, lights on, all the other stations ok, but CBC is MIA. Stoopid Shaw cable.

  30. Bank Shot says:

    Hah, thanks Jon k. Guess we’d all better go post on their blogs tonight so we have a chance at fame. ;p

    Nice to see Maclean drop some credit rather then just claim the ideas as his own. It’d have been a pretty easy omission to make.

  31. Traktor says:


    I’m with Telus and I’m seeing the same thing as you.

  32. Dave says:

    Ya my CBC stopped working too right after they were talking about “blogging” ha.

    I’m in Calgary though

  33. Coach pb9617 says:

    I wasn’t going to drink tonight after tying one on last night. But I’m just sitting here annoyed at the same old shit, so it’s beer time.

    Anderson Valley ESB. Me and a 12 pack. Let’s rock. Oh, and the empties will be more useful than Moreau.

  34. Dennis says:

    Oilers played well when they weren’t taking penalties. I thought there were two plays where both 26 and 51 got mugged but it’s easier to see why the penalty was called on 24 considering how close it was to the net.

    I know that’s not the way it’s Supposed to work but it is the way it will Always work.

    Wild had two goals and they hit three posts so I’m not sure what to make of that.

    10′s line scored but they weren’t carrying the play but the 89 line was going great. they got threw out of line with all the ST work but I’d start them out for the second and see if it carries over.

  35. danny says:

    The fiance is potentially taking a part-time job with westet soon.

    I get to fly to Alberta for about $20.

    Anywhere for about the same.

    I’ll probably be buying mini-packs next season.

    I love that girl so much :D

  36. PDO says:


    Oil also had a post, and one of the Wild post essentially was a goal, as it set up a tap in to an empty net.

  37. Bank Shot says:

    Grebeshkov is pretty slick.

    Hopefully the Oilers get a good shutdown guy this offseason to compliment all the skill back there.

  38. PDO says:

    78 looks good.

  39. Phil says:

    Well, this is great. The only time CBC runs anything worth watching, and it goes off the air. I bet this never happens during the Ann of Green Gables marathons.

    Hello, Justin.TV.

  40. Scott says:

    Nice release by Gagner there. Also, the finish on that 2-on-1 by the Wild was pretty poor.

  41. Bank Shot says:

    You guys could try watching the game on CBC online if your cable crated.

  42. Coach pb9617 says:

    Fernie with a stiff arm on the rush. Nice.

    Whoa! Moreau DREW a penalty?!

    *runs to window to check for flying pigs*

  43. oilerdago says:

    So we get a penalty, but will the PP show up tonite?

  44. danny says:

    CBC can be viewed via open air. got a set of rabbit ears?

  45. Coach pb9617 says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww…..shit. Penner with position down low and Hemmer fumbles for a split second….dammit.

  46. Phil says:

    Bank Shot:

    Why watch it in English, when Justin.tv is running the RUSSIAN feed. Way better than having to listen to Crawford :)

    Seriously, it’s awesome!

    BTW, apparently, it’s pronounced GREE-beesch-koff.

  47. oilerdago says:


    Sniper (ho ho)

  48. danny says:




  49. Scott says:

    Zorg! You don’t win too many games going -2 on special teams… but we have a chance with this one.

  50. kris says:

    I feel bad about my Zach bashing

  51. Phil says:


    “GOAL!!! Schestoy blago slav dobra retag yaddayadda Zek Stortini!”

  52. Coach pb9617 says:

    There ya go kids. Work your butts off, avoid the PB.

  53. danny says:

    Dwayne Nogoaloson!!!

  54. oilerdago says:

    Roli with the big glove!

  55. PDO says:


    Zach just like… sniped. That was pure geno.

    And Roloson with two massive saves to keep it 2-2.

  56. Icecastles says:

    SCORTINI! ZORG! HUGGYBEAR! JESUS! My Hero. My ugly, hairy, scrayy, goal-scoring grinder hero.

  57. Phil says:


    “GOAL!!! Schestoy blago slav dobra retag yaddayadda Zek Stortini!”

  58. Bank Shot says:

    Why’d Mactavish leave the 4th line out there against Minny’s top guys?

    I know they just scored a goal and all, but come’on.


  59. danny says:

    Phil, thats what Crawford said

  60. oilerdago says:

    That was a nice shift by Gagner. Cleaned the garbage up in front of our net and a nice hit to finish the shift.

    That’ll work.

  61. Coach pb9617 says:

    Fernie is skating like St. Fernando. Imagine if there was another coach willing to go 13-78-34. Just imagine.

    Bah, screw it – coach doesn’t matter.

  62. Phil says:

    Sorry about that guys. Not sure why that post went up 3 times…

  63. danny says:

    LT… this is what I was talking about. Maybe Roloson lets in a bad one, maybe Harding goes perfect the rest of the way, but I tell you if they keep this intensity the final 30 minutes, Im putting my money on hockey in April.

  64. Icecastles says:

    holy crap, its actually in Russian…. and you can hear Rod Phillips behind the Russian commentator. Sigh. Why did I decide to be all noble and spend the evening at the university? I knew I’d get sucked into the game….. and now I’m stuck either listening only, or watching in Russian.

    And when I watch regardless of the language, I don’t get to hear Rod announce an ABOSOLUTELY MOOOOOONSTROUS SAVE every two or three minutes.

  65. Black Dog says:

    A little late to this party but LT, seriously? A couple of weeks ago they had a feature on Gilbert and he spends hours on Facebook. Every day.

    Guaranteed they read this shit. The young guys anyhow.

    Where’s Bruce? Probably on the phone to Lowe. ‘Zach’s holding out next fall. Yes I know we signed a contract. Hey, if Rickey Henderson could do ir, so can we!’

    Nice shoutout to Ty and Fenwick. Milbury agrees with Ty. Hrudey, um, kind of a dummy.

  66. Coach pb9617 says:

    I’ve not had a replica sweater since my first when I was a kid – a 17 in the early 80s. Kid has a 17, a 39 and an 83.

    I’m thinking of buying a 27. Not to wear, just to have.

  67. kris says:

    The commenter at the live feed think the russian commentary is french.


  68. Coach pb9617 says:

    Neat. Another veteran penalty.

  69. Icecastles says:

    Phil said… “GOAL!!! Schestoy blago slav dobra retag yaddayadda Zek Stortini!”

    I think I just pissed everyone at University Centre off laughing very loudly at that. :)

  70. Phil says:


    Unfortunately, that’s not Rod behind the Russian announcer – it’s the CBC assclowns.

    Interestingly enough, a quick comparison between the CBC feed and the Russian one (which is also the CBC feed) shows that CBC’s website is broadcasting 10 seconds behind.

    There’s a joke in there somewhere.

  71. kris says:

    What a well coached PP. Not so many superstars or Souray like shooters but so well coached.

  72. Ender says:

    HD over the air is about 10 seconds ahead of over cable as well.

  73. PDO says:

    Brunette not scoring there evens out Captain Penalty missing an empty net.

  74. Coach pb9617 says:

    This penalty kill, it’s not good.

    78 always looks so skilled when he’s playing with skill, I wish he’s try to shoot every once in awhile.

  75. danny says:

    They do HD over the air?

  76. Henry says:

    Was Penner benched on another shift for Reddox? jeez. We need to win forfuxsake

  77. Ender says:

    I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but if there are any of you with newer HDTVs out there that don’t want to pay for HD cable (especially in cities), you can pick up most of the canadian stations in HD on what amounts to rabbit ears.

    I don’t have cable, but I’m watching the game in HD right now.

  78. Scott says:

    So… this Russian feed is on ESPNAmerica. Interesting that ESPN has international rights to the NHL.

  79. oilerdago says:

    Tom Gilbert!!!!

  80. Coach pb9617 says:

    Brunette not scoring there evens out Captain Penalty missing an empty net.

    So Brunette backwards with a man on = Moreau looking at an empty net?

    Hm, actually that sounds about right.

    Was Penner benched on another shift for Reddox? jeez.

    Yup. It’s always Penner’s fault.

  81. quain says:

    Reddox is pretty good at hockey sometimes.

  82. Bank Shot says:

    Reddox quit proving everyone except Lowetide wrong!!!!!!!

    I mean hurray.

  83. Scott says:

    Gilbert with the goal!

    Reddox replacing Penner on the top line!?

  84. danny says:


    Reddox was definitely trying the Give-and-go.

    not Gilbert.

    We’ll take it.

  85. Schitzo says:

    WTF did Penner do wrong now?

  86. Black Dog says:

    Penner’s too fat to make that pass.


    By the way Reddox actually went to school with my kid last year. JK. Nice kid.

    coach – Pouliot is going to end up in Minny or Columbus or NJ and he’ll score 20 a year. I can just feel it.

  87. danny says:

    I blame Tyler Dellow for MacT getting mad at Penner again.

  88. Black Dog says:

    Ty has lost the comments section. Him and LT.

    Crawford is such a dink.

  89. danny says:

    A decent powerplay and a decent penalty kill, and this game is 4-1.

  90. Bob Arctor says:

    Ender: Do you need a clear line of sight to the TV transmitter to receive a signal?

  91. oilerdago says:

    Decline the penalty?

  92. Phil says:

    Wow, very timely whistle and penalty.

  93. Ender says:

    Depends how close you are to the tower. I have my antenna out on the balcony because I’m in the middle of a bunch of apartment buildings on the first floor, but a lot of people can set it up inside by a window or even a wall and it’s fine.

  94. Lowetide says:

    Jesus, poor Penner. We should nickanme him “MacFly” or “Goob” or something.

    If this was Vegas they’d find him out in the desert. Or out in dessert in his case.

  95. Phil says:

    Well, these look better;

    Edm leading after 2nd 18-0-1
    Minn trailing after 2nd 1-17-2

  96. Ender says:

    Oh, and I don’t have mine with a reflector. i really have (effectively) short rabbit ears on the balcony. If I went to the trouble of tossing a metal screen on it as a reflector like on that site, I could get it running inside (a cookie sheet *intermittently* works if I put the antenna in my apartment).

  97. Black Dog says:

    Thanks for pointing that out Phil. Jesus. ;)

    LT – they meant to healthy scratch him just like the Isles did Guerin. If he’s playing only a few minutes he won’t get hurt before they move him for Bouwmeester! ;)

  98. Lowetide says:

    Ender: Are you wearing your aluminium foil hat?

  99. Ender says:

    LT: Hey, it works, and I don’t need to pay for cable ;)

    (Funnily enough, too much metal in the room seems to interfere with the signal anyway.
    Not sayin’. Just sayin’.)

  100. Black Dog says:

    Apparently Guerin supposed to be going to an EC team.

  101. Phil says:

    Oh hey! Cable’s back!

    Those hard working CBC techs getting off their lardasses and gettin it done.

  102. Phil says:

    Oh, Billy Guerin expected to be traded…

  103. PDO says:

    Ronny MacLean just said it was likely the Caps.

  104. Dennis says:

    Here it is after 40 min:


  105. Coach pb9617 says:

    Jesus, poor Penner. We should nickanme him “MacFly” or “Goob” or something.

    LT, Chunk

  106. Lowetide says:

    Notice how they don’t let Scott Oake talk to the people in small town Canada anymore? I hope Kelly Hrudey writes a book about how many threats Oake got during the Kraft promotion last year.

    Oake ALWAYS pisses people off. I remember one time when my kids were small and he asked Tom Barrasso a question right after a playoff loss and Barrasso said a bad word.

    Oake has a (bad) way with words.

  107. Phil says:

    LOL. I do believe that is the Truffle Shuffle :)

  108. Coach pb9617 says:

    Smid saves a goal – he’s an underachiver. Trade him.

  109. oilerdago says:

    I think we’re going to need another goal tonite.

  110. Lowetide says:

    That was proof Smid’s not terribly skilled in the blue paint.

  111. Black Dog says:

    And then he made a nice play along the boards to clear the zone.

    Good shift. He’s getting there. Slowly but surely.

    Better not trade him for Wes Walz.

  112. danny says:

    Uh oh.

  113. oilerdago says:


  114. Lowetide says:

    If they’re going to play the third period like this, I’ll just go ahead and move the toilet into the living room.

  115. danny says:

    Nogoaloson, shades of 05 overtime.

    ‘cept against Colin Farrell this time.

  116. Scott says:

    Man I love the windmill save. It just looks awesome even if it is mostly for show (I assume, goalies?).

  117. Phil says:

    Man, Grebs, buddy. Heads up, eh?

  118. kris says:

    This is going badly.

  119. Scott says:

    Also, I’m going to really hope that Hemsky’s foot isn’t broken. I don’t think we’ll know for sure until tomorrow.

  120. danny says:

    “here in eastern canada” – Marc Crawford, Edmonton AB

  121. Phil says:

    Holy freaking shit.

  122. Scott says:


    Comically terrible giveaway by Horc. Laugh or you’ll cry.

  123. Coach pb9617 says:

    Wow, nice TO Horcoff and die.

    Penner is stapled. He’s going to the PB for Nilsson. Watch.

  124. oilerdago says:

    We don’t deserve this game the way this period is going. Absolutely brutal.

  125. danny says:

    Cogliano has been a force tonight.

  126. Phil says:

    Sweet Buddha, what is going on here. It’s take-a-wide-open-slap-shot-on-Roli night.

  127. Scott says:

    P-M Bouchard off the post again.

    Crowd seems more into this game though. Let’s go Oilers!

  128. Lowetide says:

    How many pucks have dribbled by the goalmouth this period? Pouliot’s looked good in this week’s game.

  129. Black Dog says:

    Smid seems to be the calmest guy on the ice.

    That’s good.

    But also bad.

  130. Lowetide says:

    Did they send Penner out for Slurpee’s?

  131. Black Dog says:

    LT – Pouliot has looked good, definitely.

    Wild are carrying the play but Pisani and Gagner had golden opportunities too.

    A goal by either and we could exhale.

  132. danny says:

    those Horc plays happen. It wasnt a missed check, or a lazy backcheck, it was a blooper. Meh.

  133. Scott says:

    Penner just had a shift. Hemmed in most of it, then chased a guy behind the net once they got the puck out. I’m sure it really endeared him to MacT.

  134. Dave says:

    I seem to recall Penner scoring on his own net in 1986.

  135. Lowetide says:

    So is Reddox playing 2 shifts? Where’s Penner?

  136. Coach pb9617 says:

    Who was it here that suggested a “play died on his stick” metric?

    THE CAPTAIN leads the league in that one too.

    Anyone else want Peckham on the ice instead of Strudwick?

  137. Lowetide says:

    Souray and Staios sending each other grenades is kind of funny.

  138. oilerdago says:

    LT: the decision is made. If MacT’s going down, he’s going down his way, and Penner’s not his kind of guy, Reddox is.

  139. Ender says:

    Anybody see why Brodziak took Gagner’s place on line 2?

  140. Aram says:

    no dumb penalties Oil, cmon. let’s steal this one clean.

  141. danny says:

    ok thats just bad karma. nobody has a beef with Pies.

  142. Black Dog says:

    coach – here!

    Hemsky’s appearance brings about sighs of relief

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pisani pissed off before.

  143. Scott says:

    Penner is on the 4th line. But he really hasn’t been hustling back in the third at least. The last shift I recall it was ripped up his side and he was just getting back to the zone while the Wild kept him in. I think that was about 6-7 minutes of game time ago. Haven’t seen him (them) since.

  144. Mr DeBakey says:

    marc lee “The fans now chanting”

    Thanks marc!
    I wouln’t have known

  145. Lowetide says:

    EV icetime tonight:

    Moreau 12:08
    Reddox 11:22
    Pouliot 10:15
    Penner 9:44

  146. Henry says:

    MacT must have dared Penner to call him a cocksucker. I’d take the dare to Dustin.

  147. kris says:

    gong show

  148. Coach pb9617 says:

    Souray and Staios sending each other grenades is kind of funny.

    You don’t want it!

  149. Lowetide says:

    You see, this is why they need to make a trade. Get a veteran RH center and another veteran for the blue. I know they want a scoring LW but this club has fundamental flaws.

    Marc Crawford is addled.

  150. kris says:

    Penner might get moved?

    Why not at this point. If MacT won’t play him, and MacT won’t be moved…

  151. oilerdago says:

    Wow. The look on Lemaire’s face says it all.

    I say that’s a make good call.

  152. Coach pb9617 says:


    Is that The Specials playing in the background?!

  153. Scott says:

    I don’t understand why referees make that call. There’s no need for it. Just don’t make a call.

  154. Scott says:

    Ha! Thanks MAB!

  155. Black Dog says:

    Wow, they are playing the shit out of the Reddox.

  156. Bank Shot says:

    You see, this is why they need to make a trade. Get a veteran RH center and another veteran for the blue. I know they want a scoring LW but this club has fundamental flaws.

    Yea, but the Oilers veterans make just as many or more blunders then their inexperienced players. They all just fall apart under pressure.

  157. Coach pb9617 says:

    What in the world was Staios doing there?! He turned INTO the goal?!

    Good calm veteran decision.

  158. Lowetide says:

    It wasn’t the Specials but this is a Pressure Drop.

  159. kris says:

    gong show

    moreau gone?

    :) ?

    or :(?

  160. Phil says:


  161. Lowetide says:

    Ouch. Eye injury. Man you hate to see a play like that one. All the best wishes, Ethan Moreau.

  162. danny says:

    All joking be gone,

    Lets hope thats not as serious as it looks.

  163. Phil says:

    Que the visor debate.

  164. oilerdago says:

    That’s ugly. Say what I will about 18, but that’s ugly.

  165. Scott says:

    Holy Crap. I know that we’ve ragged on Moreau, but I hope he ends up being okay. That looks really bad.

  166. PDO says:

    As much as Moreau being hurt isn’t necessarily a bad thing for this team…. I sincerely hope he’s better. That’s a disgusting thing to look at, and I hope he has a full recovery.

  167. Black Dog says:

    He just realized he’s penalty free tonight.

    And then his brain exploded.

  168. Ender says:

    Wow. He looks like Frank the Bunny. That’s nothing I’d wish on anyone.

  169. kris says:

    Oh, that’s bad, nobody wants that.

    I am actually a one time Moreau booster, BTW. I was just kidding

  170. Aram says:

    clap clap, chopper. looked bad…

  171. Black Dog says:

    Oh boy.

  172. PDO says:

    Moreau even gets a penalty when he takes a stick in the face.

    That takes talent.

  173. Lowetide says:

    Big, big win. Huge. Seriously. Plus MacT has found his new Raffi.

  174. Coach pb9617 says:

    He takes a hooking minor with one eye.


  175. Scott says:

    Minnesota loses their MUST-WIN game. So they’re officially eliminated right?

  176. Black Dog says:

    And now they’re in seventh.


    They were buyers anyway but …

    I hope Moreau is ok.

    Only the Cyclops could take a penalty while getting his eye carved out.


  177. Dennis says:

    Here’s the final tally


  178. danny says:

    there was no impact on that stick to his eye, just a swipe. Top of those sticks are sharp.

    hope it wasnt as serious as it seems.

    its pretty incredible he took a penalty too.

  179. Bank Shot says:

    Edmonton has to lead the league in undeserved wins. It can’t be otherwise.

  180. Lowetide says:

    Plus it was a legit penalty. He was guilty.

  181. Phil says:

    You wouldn’t want to frame this one, but it was definitely more inspired than the CBJ debacle.

    It’s not normal for a team to allow 2ppgs and score none themselves, and still win. They need to sort out that whole PK thing.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Moreau sit a few out, but Jesus, not like that.

    Hall and Oates!

  182. danny says:

    wow Roloson just singled out the younger guys as the reason behind needing a team only meeting.

  183. Lowetide says:

    Milbury giving free instruction to Lemaire. What world is this?

  184. cartooncolin says:

    Oake: Chopper off to hospital.

  185. Dennis says:

    I’m no fan of his play – and especially his contract – but I had a sick feeling when I saw him go off the ice. You couldn’t even make out his right eyeball; it looked awful.

  186. kris says:

    I feel bad for making a joke about Moreau’s injury. An eye injury isn’t funny to wish on Moreau, or anyone, because it doesn’t just affect whether he can play; it affects his quality of life outside the game.

    Here’s to hoping he’s okay.

  187. Hemsky is a gangsta says:

    6-6-2 in February after 7-5-1 in December and 8-4-0 in January.

    15 games in March, only 3 games against teams ahead of them in the standings (Detroit, Chicago, Montreal). What are your expectations for a record?

  188. Black Dog says:

    Apparently they can’t see the problem and the eyeball may actually be cut.

    That’s horrible.

  189. cartooncolin says:

    MacT: looks serious; it raked across the eye ball

  190. Woodguy says:

    As much as I dislike the Captain I don’t want him to lose an eye.

    Hitting the ice immediately coupled with blood all around the eye is not good at all.


    Is it bad karma that I burst out laughing when I read:

    He just realized he’s penalty free tonight.

    And then his brain exploded.”?

    Oldason steals another game, with help from the posts and Smid.

    A win is a win is a win.

    clap clap

  191. Scott says:

    Seriously. Saying a prayer for Moreau tonight. Get well Chopper.

  192. oilerdago says:

    Scott: Amen.

  193. bookie says:

    Few things I need to say.

    I know the stats suggest Penner is awesome and I have often defended him, BUT I am not sure I have ever seen a guy sooo apathetic when the puck is 6 feet away from his stick. The guy just coasts. I get that he is big and may not look fast, BUT when the puck is right there and his feet don’t move, he is slacking.

    He may be more of a positive than a negative, but I suggest that MacT cannot stomach a player playing at 33% effort. If Penner played at 100% effort he would likely have an 80 point season, but he is a coaster!

  194. danny says:

    yeah not to be repetetive, but that stick didnt impact his face, it want an impact wound at all. it was a slice, and if its not flesh, its eye.

    I dont like the way it looked.

    I honestly think our captains career has ended, but im just a drinking guy that didnt like what he saw.

  195. kris says:

    The whole injury thing reminds me of the years he was one of my favorites.

    He’s given us a fair bit over the years.

  196. Black Dog says:

    Yeah Scott lets hope he’s ok.

    I don’t understand why these guys don’t wear visors. I guess that’s another debate.

  197. bookie says:

    Second, how serious are we really when we talk about how bad Moreau is.

    He has taken quite a few bad penalties this year, but I remember a guy who was pretty darn important in the year before last (or was it the previous year?). Anyway, he sometimes is taking the body and he has contributed a bit offensively. Is he as bad as he seems or just a whipping boy?

  198. bookie says:

    I don’t understand why these guys don’t wear visors. I guess that’s another debate.

    I think it is pretty relevant to the issue, not wearing a visor is dumb and it is basically rooted in machismo…

  199. Scott says:

    Hemsky going to get an x-ray (on his foot I assume). Eeeeeeee.

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