Cornell Wins over Northeastern

Riley Nash got an assist on the winning goal for Cornell today, as the Big Red advanced against Northeastern 3-2. The goal came at 19:42 of the third period. Nash’s season stats are now 35gp, 13-22-35.

Cornell awaits the winner of tonight’s other Midwest regional game between Notre Dame and Bemidji State. Notre Dame are heavy favorites to advance this weekend, and no one apparently knows one damn thing about Bemidji State. I do know that Joel Otto and the tragically named Dale Smedsmo played there.

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16 Responses to "Cornell Wins over Northeastern"

  1. Coach pb9617 says:

    Nash played well today — one of Cornell’s best players on the ice. I was going to be disappointed if Cornell lost – they really outplayed in the first period and just had some unlucky bounces to go down 2-0.

    His pass at the end was almost comical – he fell over on his own.

  2. Lord Bob says:

    “Bemidji’s Smedsmo” sounds like two word verifications on Blogger.

  3. godot10 says:

    Somebody didn’t tell the bottom seeds in the NCAA hockey playdowns that they are supposed to lose! -).

    Upsets all over the place.

  4. Lowetide says:

    I feel for UND. They are a quality program but can’t seem to win the thing recently. I wonder if Chorney would have made a difference today.

  5. Icecastles says:

    Right on Cornell! Andy Bernard is stoked.

  6. Baroque says:

    I know Bemidji State is farther north than Fargo, North Dakota – I looked it up years ago when I was looking at colleges.

    Right in the middle of about 95,000 lakes, so probably very pretty country.

    And that’s all I know about that. :)

  7. godot10 says:

    Scott Howson got the second best forward on the Ottawa Senators for Pascal Leclaire.

  8. Coach pb9617 says:

    Bemidji is beating up on Notre Dame something good.

    Nash has a chance to make the frozen four against a beatable club. He’s now the organization’s most battle-tested young player.

  9. dawgbone says:

    Cornell’s been pulling a lot of comebacks this season.

    Down 2-0 in this one, down 3-1 in the ECAC semi’s, down 4-0 in a game earlier this year… all Cornell wins.

    And Nash has scored the tying or winning goal in all of them.

  10. Lowetide says:

    Springfield wins tonight, Eberle with an assist. He’s 2gp, 0-2-2 +3, which is a very nice start.

  11. Coach pb9617 says:

    And Air Force with a possible pro goalie that can’t get his commitment put on hold…

  12. reijo29 says:

    Chris VandeVelde finished his junior year today in a 6-5 loss to UNH.
    He scored 2 goals today, to end the season with, I think:

    Last year he was:

    2 schools of thought on him leaving early. His team is losing 8 guys so he will be the star without question.
    However, losing 8 guys likely means they won't be nearly as competitive next year as they have been in years past.

    I personally hope he comes out as he is something we sorely lack both in the NHL & AHL, a 6'2"/206lbs Center who can put the puck in the net. Also, if he comes out this year, it buys Nash a year as I don't think the brass would want to have both in the A next year.

  13. rider guy says:

    Off topic I know, but…with St. Louis’ win tonight, they are now tied with the Oil for 8th, both having played the same number of games and both with the same number of wins and obviously loser points. If we were to end up tied with St. Loo at the end of the year and we have the same number of wins, am I correct in assuming that head to head is the next tie breaker? If it is, we’ve got the tie breaker on the Blues as it stands now.

  14. Dennis says:

    RG: Yes, first breaker is overall wins and the second is HTH. I believe the third breaker is GF/GA in the series and the fourth is goal differential overall; or maybe those are switched around.

    BTW, I think the fifth tie breaker is EVGF.

  15. Icecastles says: is listing the Blues as ahead of the Oilers for ninth… according to their own rules, that seems wrong.

  16. Scott says:

    The second tie-breaker is head-to-head record by points percentage and the third is goal differential over the whole year.

    The Oilers win on the second tie-breaker against the Ducks and Blues, lose on the second tie-breaker to the Predators and are tied with the Stars and Jackets. If we beat the Wild in regulation we have the second tie-breaker on them, if we win in overtime it’s tied and if we lose then we’ve lost that tiebreaker.

    Barring some serious blowouts we lose on the third tiebreaker to the Wild and Jackets but beat the Stars.

    Also, way to go Bemidji State!

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