The Edmonton Oilers arrive at the deadline with a team that has a real chance at the post-season. They have endured injury, bizarre coaching decisions, insane calls by the zebra’s and a management team that seems hellbent on supplying the head coach with options that he finds unusable.

I honestly don’t think there’s been a year like this one. A team that began with three goalies and now has only one, a team that relies heavily on offense from the blue, a team that lacks kings and aces up front but can still find a way to bury its most effective players.

The holes (as I see it) are scoring forward, checking center, 4-5D and a goalie the coach will actually play.

That’s a long list and that’s for sure. However, the important item is that the Oilers are buyers and that fact means today should be a very important one.

I know Craig MacTavish hopes Steve Tambellini can pull the trigger on some trades. We’ll know today.

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  1. Sean says:

    Penner or Nilsson must be gone…

  2. NBOilerFan says:

    O’Sullivan is signed till 2010-11 at $2.925mil

  3. Schitzo says:

    We traded 2 months of Eric Cole for a guy on a 3-year deal who likes to shoot first? Really?

  4. uni says:

    I remember O’Sullivan from the Ice Dogs, a lot of kids loved him and he was a heckuva guy.

    That said, and as much as I like Sully, isn’t Frolov more in line with a need here? Another small scoring offense first forward and shipping out the most physically effective winger?

    Here’s hoping a light goes on and Patrick scores 100 points for the next 10 seasons in Oilers silks =S.

  5. CrazyCoach says:

    Gee I hope MacT doesn’t appear to be an overbearing fatherly type to this O’Sullivan.

    And now, you have your bottom of the barrel reference for the day.

    I thank you

  6. Black Dog says:

    Erik Cole for O’Sullivan?

    That’s pretty good value.

    Of course we are now smaller then any other team in the league but Patrick O’Sullivan for twenty games of Cole is damn good value.

  7. quain says:

    We traded 2 months of Eric Cole for a guy on a 3-year deal who likes to shoot first? Really?

    Exactly. We got smaller… but we seriously just moved a player who likely wasn’t staying for three years of a shooter. The other shoe needs to drop here, who the hell else went the other way?

  8. Loxy says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t hate this?

  9. digger says:

    Weren’t O’Sullivan and Schremp on the London Knights together?

    No, they were the top 2 scorers for Mississauga back in Schremp’s rookie OHL season.

  10. PDO says:

    Lol @ Pierre.

    That didn’t make any sense.

    Uh… why Kotalik? I don’t get it.

  11. Lord Bob says:

    We traded 2 months of Eric Cole for a guy on a 3-year deal who likes to shoot first? Really?

    And draft picks.

    Yes! Yesyesyesyes!

    And O’Sullivan has no Crappy Division Penalty – he’s been playing against the best teams in the NHL in the Pacific Division for his entire career.


    I take back everything I ever said about Fredo Tambellini.

  12. Scott says:

    “You paid Joni Pitkanen AND Erik Cole for Patrick O’Sullivan”

    Someone doesn’t know how this works Pierre.

  13. bookie says:

    That is some confused logic on TSN, how is it Pitkanin and Cole for O’sullivan. That’s some stupid math by TSN.

  14. Schitzo says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t hate this?

    Unless you think we all REALLY love 20 games of Eric Cole, I think everyone is pretty happy

  15. Matt N says:

    Cole to Carolina for Pat O’Sullivan

  16. mc79hockey says:

    Yes, let’s hear Brian Bruke talk about draft picks.

  17. bookie says:

    We traded 2 months of Eric Cole for a guy on a 3-year deal who likes to shoot first? Really?

    I actually cannot believe this, there must be something missing because this seems like it is too good for the Oilers… There must be a pick going the other way?

  18. Lord Bob says:

    “Well, we’re talking to Erik Cole, he’s clearly cut-up, really surprised by the trade, WAIT IT’S BRIAN BURKE!!!!!

    (sounds of rampant oral sex echo through the TSN studios.)

  19. grease trap says:

    Classy, TSN

  20. uni says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t hate this?

    No, I like this trade too, I’m a big Patrick O’Sullivan fan and still annoyed that he went so late in the 2nd and so many teams I like better than L.A. missed him.

    I’m just confused as this seems to have come out of nowhere, since Frolov logically seemed the better fit.

    If they got picks and Kotalik as well I’d be much happier.

  21. Schitzo says:

    Cut out the middle man and call it Pitkanen for O’Sullivan – I would have been ok with that last summer.

  22. quain says:

    Is that… is that… oh my God! It’s Brian Burke’s music!

  23. reijo29 says:

    McGuire is an Idiot. Just said we paid Pitkanen & Cole for O'Sullivan.

    Idiot. We traded 1 of them not both. Cole doesn't come to Oil w/o Pitkanen having been traded to Carolina.

    Lupul/Smid & Picks for Pronger is now.

    Patrick O'Sullivan, Smid, & Riley Nash & Jordan Eberle. Correct?

  24. voxel says:

    One the midgets will get shipped out at draft day.

    If Nilsson doesn’t tear it up… he’s gone.

  25. bookie says:

    Ok folks, lets wait and see what the missing links are…

  26. grease trap says:

    Ok, now tht I’ve calmed down, I can see how we potentially get better, but it just seemed to me hat Cole nd Gagner were finally getting the chemistry together. But since he was gone in 60 days anyway…

    I’m pretty stoked to see how O’Sullivan meshes with Horcoff ad Hemsky.

    How long until Mac destroys his offense?

  27. mc79hockey says:

    I like how Brian Burke takes the credit for Antropov playing well and then says a GM should never take credit for that.

  28. Schitzo says:

    Of course, we’re still looking at Horcoff taking an NHL record number of draws this year :(

  29. bookie says:

    I think the Oilers have improved their asset holdings while not necessarily addressing some shortcommings.

  30. gary b says:

    now it’s a 4-way, says sportsnet. Buffalo gets a 2nd rounder, we get Kotalik.


  31. Coach pb9617 says:

    The coach will treat the irishman like Lupul.

    Just wait.

  32. Black Dog says:

    A 4 way?

    Its like they’re a bunch of bloggers!

  33. CrazyCoach says:

    Glad to see Cole gone. He never looked comfortable in Edmonton. I was actually surprised when they signed him.

    O’Sullivan has had it tough growing up, but he is a good player. Hopefully it addresses the need for a centre who can actually win a draw.

    More on him here.

  34. Schitzo says:

    So do you play him with Hemsky and use Penner to create size on the second line?

  35. voxel says:

    Well, Cole gave his effort while wearing Oilers silks unlike that floater Lupul.

    I hope Cole gets treated well every time he plays in Edmonton.

    I don’t know why Tambellini didn’t go for Justin Williams tho’? Injury history?

  36. reijo29 says:

    Not sure how a 2nd rounder to Buffalo turns this into a 4 teamer.

    Kotalik is alot bigger then I thought.

  37. bookie says:

    I kind of agree with Burke. If a player wants to waive a trade clause than thats ok, but i dislike it when the fans attack the player for not being willing too.

  38. Lord Bob says:

    Kotalik. Veteran. One good offensive season but mostly a third-line guy.

    He’s not Jim Dowd, but he watches his own back. A second is a lot but it addresses a position of weakness, and running Horcoff, O’Sullivan, Kotalik, and Brodziak down the middle with Gagner, Cogliano, and Pouliot ready to shift over works.

  39. Boondock says:

    Why wouldn’t we send a 2nd to T.O. For Moore? Would he not help us more than Kotalik? Our 2nd would be better then BUF’s.

  40. Schitzo says:

    And do you play Kotalik in Cole’s spot, or elevate St. Fernano to play with Nilsson and Gagner. Come on, Fernie’s Kids!

  41. reijo29 says:



  42. CrazyCoach says:

    Cole may have had effort and worked hard, but its like I say, my washing machine works hard and gives a good effort to, but I wouldn’t count on it to score goals.

  43. bookie says:

    The 2nd rounder could be from Carolina…

    Also Cole is a great player, but I think he needs a very exact supporting cast. He is not versitile, but he fits Carolina very well so thats why they paid. They want him to resign there, but if he went to LA or something there is always the risk that he will end up signing elsewhere.

  44. uni says:

    I think the danger with Moore is that he might have just been having his career season. The guy has lots of try but I don’t know if he can maintain his level of play and thus be worth a 2nd.

    Kotalik is a known commodity, and his career arc seems higher than Moore’s this season notwithstanding. Still, a 2nd is a high price to pay.

  45. Lord Bob says:

    Here’s what I’m thinking as our best healthy lineup:

    Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Cogliano – O’Sullivan – Nilsson
    Pisani – Kotalik – Gagner
    Reddox – Brodziak – Stortini

    Horpensky go power-vs-power, Kotalik and Co. get a rough ride and take own-zone draws, second line eats up soft minutes, fourth line plays energy.

    How doesn’t that work?

  46. bookie says:

    Why wouldn’t we send a 2nd to T.O. For Moore? Would he not help us more than Kotalik? Our 2nd would be better then BUF’s.

    You may not have heard, but there is a bit of animosity between our President and the GM of Toronto. It was a pretty quiet issue that took place over the past couple of years and it would be easy to miss it. That may have played a role in this.

  47. Phil says:

    The Cole-Sully move is great, cap wise as well. Cole, had he resigned, would’ve cost the Oil close to twice what O’Sullivan is signed at, and he won’t get twice the numbers.

  48. pboy says:

    Huge goal scorer with the Ice Dogs, hopefully he will be able to put the puck in the net for us.

  49. PDO says:

    Kotalik is a RW as far as I know.

    I think the thought process was that he can come in, give us the same production Cole did, and we got to add O’Sullivan for nothing?

    Kotalik is a UFA right?

  50. uni says:

    Bob that doesn’t look half bad.

    I still would like Mclaren as an insurance policy; but I’m going off of memories of playoffs past, and I haven’t see him in quite a while. A 6th round seems a reasonable price though.

  51. devin says:

    Kotalik has a laser of a wrist shot. Big guy, consistent (if unspectacular) – should be a good replacement for Cole, even if his style is a lot different.
    Top 9 of O’Sully, 10, 83, 27, 13, 89, 34, Kotalik, and one of 78 or 12. Not bad.

  52. reijo29 says:

    Lord Bob – Lots of guys playing out of position there.

    - Pisani, Gags, Cogs, Kotalik, O’Sullivan (?)
    - Plus, I think Penner’s days on 1st line are numbered at least as long as Mac T is Coach.

    Is Kotalik a UFA after this season?

  53. bookie says:

    Is O’sullivan a centre only or does he play wing ever? LW? RW?

  54. Bruce says:

    That is some confused logic on TSN, how is it Pitkanin and Cole for O’sullivan.

    Actually, it’s Cole, Pitkanen, Lupul, Pronger, Brewer, Hamrlik, Steve Kelly and Jason Bonsignore for O’Sullivan.

    We traded an entire Top 4 defence for one unproven kid? So why am I loving this trade?

  55. doritogrande says:

    I don’t see O’Sullivan as the fix for the first line, Penner should be staying there to go PVP. Where O’Sullivan fits into this team is playing on Gagner’s wing. He’ll absolutely tear up soft-minutes with a re-vamped Gagner and Cogliano.

    If the Kotalik trade is also true, there’s our Moreau replacement.

    I like today.

  56. James Gunner says:

    How much longer is TSN going to be broadcasting this Brian Burke crap? Get to the trades, Toronto just made one.

  57. gary b says:

    seriously, does TSN need to capture every word that comes out of Burke’s mouth?

  58. Scott says:

    Is Kotalik a UFA after this season?


  59. LittleFury says:

    If the Kotalik trade is also true, there’s our Moreau replacement.

    What’s the line on his PPFAFON (Penalties Per Foot Away From Own Net)?

  60. grease trap says:

    wait wait wait…

    We already have our guy for Hemsky a la BDHS:

    Reddox. He was under our collective nose the whole time.

  61. Schitzo says:

    Man, Tampa is even throwing in one-armed goalies so that they don’t have to pay them?

  62. gary b says:

    i think the question on everyone’s mind is not what these late trades mean to the Oilers, but how Burkie thinks the Leafs are gonna play out the string.


  63. doritogrande says:

    And what the Fuck is a Richard Petoit?

  64. Scott says:

    If that last trade isn’t an indication of how freaking broke these guys are, I don’t know what is. Good on Toronto for taking advantage and all that though.

  65. Alice says:

    O'Sullivan > Moore, and 4 yrs younger. Just what Burkie might have wanted.

    Everybody's ok with that, right?

  66. CrazyCoach says:

    Len Barrie is a world class dick, so any shitty thing that happens to the Lightning is karmic balance.

  67. LittleFury says:

    Man, Tampa is even throwing in one-armed goalies so that they don’t have to pay them?

    Bolts los ethe big paycheque and the Leafs get that much closer to icing a Def Leppard cover band.

  68. jon k says:

    Edm In: Kotalik, O’Sullivan

    Out: Cole, Edm 5th, Edm 2nd

  69. Sean says:

    Interesting Tambellini/Lowe keep 13 to play hard minutes. He may not take the draws but he is playing with 34. Might suck this year but good on em…

  70. CrazyCoach says:

    Little Fury, that was a good one.

  71. Bruce says:

    Pierre sepnt one whole rant dissing Tampa for their strategy of going for UFAs without ever once considering they are probably the Last team that will dip in the free agent market, if the team even still exists on July 1.

    Tampa is all about dumping payroll. The Kolzig/Heward deal is the proof in the pudding.

  72. Cory Klein says:

    JonK: apparently it was Carolina’s 2nd to Buf

  73. grease trap says:

    And now Burke on the phone???

    What is this sh!t?

  74. Mr DeBakey says:

    O’Sullivan is listed as a Center

    But he’s played over half his minutes with Kopitar this season.
    So, in real life he’s a winger.

    Kotalik is a RW – Cole’s replacement
    Sort of.

  75. jon k says: just crashed.

  76. Schitzo says:

    Edm In: Kotalik, O’Sullivan

    Out: Cole, Edm 5th, Edm 2nd

    We acquired a 2nd in the O’sullivan deal, apparently.

  77. Phil says:


    6 weeks of Cole and our 5th Rd pick nets 2+ years of O’Sullivan and 6 weeks of Kotalik. Not terrible.

  78. Boondock says:

    You may not have heard, but there is a bit of animosity between our President and the GM of Toronto. It was a pretty quiet issue that took place over the past couple of years and it would be easy to miss it. That may have played a role in this.

    You may not remember, but even when Burke was in Anaheim, he said they would deal with Edmonton and he would have his assistant handle it.

    Now we have a new GM with a long history working directly under Burke, so I assure you that Burke would have taken Edmonton’s pick over Buffalo’s if it was higher, especially since Buffalo is one of the teams ahead of Toronto and their slim playoff hopes.

    I think Moore’s faceoff ability and penalty killing would have been a much better fit for us than Kotalik.

  79. LittleFury says:

    Glad I’m not watching TSN right now. between Maguire and Burke, I’d be out one TV once its all said and done.

  80. PDO says:



    I only see one line there that can play defense…

  81. Lord Bob says:

    Lord Bob – Lots of guys playing out of position there.

    - Pisani, Gags, Cogs, Kotalik, O’Sullivan (?)
    - Plus, I think Penner’s days on 1st line are numbered at least as long as Mac T is Coach.

    Pisani plays both wings with some skill. O’Sullivan is a natural centre, Kotalik played centre most of his early career and, frankly, I still think of him at that position. I think O’Sullivan played almost only centre in Los Angeles.

  82. Backhand says:

    They way i’m seeing it we got O’sullivan and Carolina’s 2nd for Cole and then flipped a 2nd (not sure who’s) for Kotalik.

    So basically Cole for O’sullivan and Kotalik

  83. Scarlett says:

    TSN is a bunch of Burkie kiss asses. Let’s talk to Burke now that we just watched his 30 min press conference and cut off Eric Cole. ASS!!!!

  84. doritogrande says:

    Pat O’sullivan From

    “O’Sullivan said he’s leaving Los Angeles with mixed emotions.

    “This was my third year here in L.A. and having to leave this young group of guys is tough,” O’Sullivan told Hockey Night in Canada Radio. “Once I get over the initial shock, I think I will be pretty excited.””

  85. Bruce says:

    “We’ll get to Brian Burke in just a couple of seconds.” Wait a minute, James, didn’t we just spend the last 10 minutes listening to Brian Burke? Why on earth would we want to get to him again? (Unless somebody’s planning to throw a shoe at him.)

    First time today, I’m pissed at TSN. Had to happen eventually.

  86. Opie Rules says:


    Uhh, 85??

  87. James Gunner says:

    Burke was just on for the last half hour, let’s give him some more time. Sweet merciful crap.

  88. jon k says:

    Ok disregard my prior post. It seems:

    Edm out: Cole, Edm 5th
    Edm in: O’Sullivan, Carolina 2nd

    Edm out: Carolina 2nd
    Edm in: Kotalik

    Overall out: Cole, Edm 5th
    Overall in: Kotalik, O’Sullivan

  89. bookie says:

    Kotalik seems like a pretty good player for a 2nd rounder. I dont know him, but I am looking at the stats and seems fine.

  90. CrazyCoach says:

    Great another guy disappointed to be coming to Edmonton.

    Is Edmonton hockey purgatory?

    Mind you, LA in March is pretty nice.

  91. Schitzo says:

    PDO: Make it 34-13-Kotalik or 78-13-34 and you’re fine

  92. gary b says:

    “… And now with his reaction to the Brian Burke press conference, let’s go to Brian Burke…”

  93. Lord Bob says:

    Nice of Brian Burke to explain to us how he’s such a genius but shouldn’t take credit for all the genius moves that he makes, the genius he is.

  94. speeds says:

    Is it just me, or does Burke look kinda like David Lynch?

  95. quain says:

    Marty Reasoner is still a Thrasher.

    The trade deadline doesn’t end until the trade that moved him is processed and announced, because only a horrible GM wouldn’t flip Reasoner into a pick or prosp…


  96. Scott says:

    My only concern with the O’Sullivan contract is that it runs through 10-11 and we now have an awful lot of those. It’s about 39M committed with 11 slots to fill including starting G, second-line F and a top 4 D. That’s a little scary.

  97. dawgbone says:

    Sully may like to shoot… but he can’t score.

    He’s not an answer if you think “Whifcroff” is the problem

  98. CrazyCoach says:

    I was pissed this morning that I couldn’t get the TSN feed on my work computer, but after hearing they have Brian Burke on ad nauseum…..

  99. Lord Bob says:

    Sometimes, I wonder why TSN feels obliged to prop up Burke. They always did, even when he was in hockey purgatory in Anaheim. But it reminds me in a way of HBO saying that some fat, lousy journeyman is a great boxer just because he was nice to Larry Merchant.

    Brian Burke traded useful high-calibre players for draft picks when he’s never been able to draft worth a tinker’s damn. His team has so many holes shot in it it’s a wonder he can still fly, and he has what a better GM could turn into mid-range prospects.

    Yet here we are.

  100. dawgbone says:

    And don’t be upset about TSN cutting off Cole… they did Edmonton a favour. Afterall, Cole was just going to complain about life in the wasteland.

  101. Opie Rules says:

    It’s about 39M committed with 11 slots to fill

    Introducing the new Co-Assistant Playing Coaches for YOUR
    Oklahoma City Roadrunners,
    Ethan Moreau & Steve Staios

  102. digger says:

    They may as well rename their station “BSN” and have done with it.

  103. Sean says:

    Man I’ve heard 96 variations of this trade…

  104. Phil says:

    I like

    Penner-Horc-Kotalik 2way Line
    Sully-Gagner-Hemsky Scoring Line
    12-Cogs-Pisani Fernie’s Kids
    JFJ/Brodz/Storts/Pou Redbull Line

  105. reijo29 says:

    bookie – Kotalik is a really solid player (4 x 20 goals+) for a 2nd but he’s a UFA at end of year and with the Sabres giving Miller and now Connolly lots of dough there is pretty much kjnow way to bring him back in the 2-3 million a year range.
    That being said I don’t think we bring him back either unless he lights it up Nedved style.

  106. doritogrande says:

    Definite loser today?

    Vancouver Canucks.

  107. dawgbone says:

    Burke, speak on your former team:

    “I can’t speak for Bob Murray, but I’m pretty sure he hates me now… I fucked him good!”

  108. PDO says:

    Oilers improved today. Jackets improve today. Anaheim declined. Nashville, St. Louis and Minnesota run in place.

    I think it’s a pretty good day for the Oilers, as much as I didn’t want to part with Cole. We didn’t give up any future and we solidified a playoff spot.

  109. LittleFury says:

    I’m looking forward to that dink Mark Lee re-naming a second Oiler player “Alex.”

  110. doritogrande says:

    TSN is listing Kotalik as a LW/RW.

    I’ll reiterate, there’s your Moreau replacement.

  111. Traktor says:

    Kotalik is pretty similar to Torres and POS has the shot to score 30.

    Cole was a disaster from day 1.

    Absolute thievery.

    Simply can’t believe how well this worked out for Edmonton. I might even be back on the bandwagon.

  112. Scarlett says:

    Is there another Ales out there? We can have an Ales first line? lol

  113. reijo29 says:

    I don't know how anyone could think that the Oil are losers with these deals.

    I'm elated both for the rest of the season and for next year and beyond (have some concerns about Cap in '10-'11, but as has been said we just stash Staios/Moreau on farm).

    Got to think one of Penner or Nilsson is done at the draft or on July 1.

    Probably see Viz or Souray dealt after next season to allievate cap issues in '10-'11.

    Means 2 out of Chorney, Petry, Wild, Peckham & Plante need to be ready to play by that season, which is realistic in my book.

  114. doritogrande says:

    Is there another Ales out there? We can have an Ales first line? lol

    Yep. We’d have to move him from his natural postion, but MacT doesn’t really seem to care about positions anyway. AND! He has a history with the organization.

    Say Hello to the Ales line!


  115. bookie says:

    Ales Kotalik’s contract?

    Free Agent Status?

  116. Dean says:

    O’Sullivan logs the 4th most minutes on the pk per 60 of LA forwards…just behind stoll

    Maybe he helps out the unit a bit? can’t get much worse… 5.21 GAON/60 on the pk looks pretty good on Edmonton although La is 14th on the pk.

    And how come we can trade with Buffalo? All forgiven about Vanek?

  117. PDO says:

    O’Sullivan can kill penalties….

  118. Mr DeBakey says:

    As an Oiler junkie
    I’d say that’s a damn good trade[s]

    I’m not happy tho’
    that they didn’t add a defenceman.
    There were a tonne available for cheap.
    Oh well

    Kotalik is a UFA, $2.3mm

  119. bookie says:

    Man, this was nice and smart in my books. I knew the silence from the GM and President was a good thing.

    Lets face it, its not a cup run, but its smart and it might just get us to the playoffs!

  120. relic says:

    a little disappointed we didn’t find at least a 6-7 D if they’re set on getting to the dance.

  121. digger says:

    Oh, and in case there was any minuscule sliver of hope that Rob Schremp would have an Oiler career that amounted to more than him talking about his favorite breakfast cereal on the Oilers homepage, the acquisition of Patrick O’Sullivan pretty much stomps it into the dirt and takes a piss all over it.

  122. R-Gib says:

    Some nice trading… I really like O’Sullivan… too bad Kotalik couldn’t have been Dominic Moore instead… but still good value.

    O’Sullivan has played wing all year… he’s only taken 40 draws all season… I’d guess he’ll slot in on Horc’s left for starters.

    Kotalik will probably start on Sammy’s right with Penner? That line just might work…

  123. Master Lok says:

    Somewhere in Edmonton.

    A gray, curly haired Oiler coach is staring blearily at an empty hockey rink.

    He lifts up an iron fireplace poker and starts smashing into the hockey boards. He screams maniacally as he punctuates each word with a smash.


  124. bookie says:

    OK Kotalik is a UFA, but one thing that GMs know is that a player on your team has a propensity to resign on your team IF they have success. Cole was the corrollory to that (if a player sucks ass on your team, they are signing elsewhere).

    So, if Kotalik ‘finds his game’ here and clicks then he may decide to sign here for a year or two (If we want him).

  125. grease trap says:

    Well, they didn’t blow up the future to get into the playoffs now…I’m impressed.

  126. Scarlett says:

    Oilers did a great job today. The only other deal I would have liked is a replacement for Struds who is a frickin’ disaster. I like the forward group much better now!!

    Maybe next year they can grab Pisa to complete their all Ales line? :)

  127. Lord Bob says:

    Los Angeles’s PK forwards aren’t the best, but I’m surprised O’Sullivan’s PK cred is that good.

    Also, I swear to God Kotalik came into the NHL at centre. Cross my heart and hope to die.

  128. dawgbone says:

    Funny think about all the oral felatio going on over the Flames:

    Jokinen replaces Bourque’s offence. Aside from that, it doesn’t change the fact that they’ve gone 0-5-2 and been outscored 33-12 against Detroit and Chicago this season.

    They didn’t address the one thing they needed, which was someone to keep the puck out of their net.

  129. bookie says:


    Cause you failed to make Lowe look good by making Penner look Fat…

  130. godot10 says:

    The Oilers will just buy out the last year of both Moreau’s and Staios’s contracts if necessary.

  131. Schitzo says:

    Good post over at BoA – Lombardi had all the underlying numbers pointing the right way, Jokinen had basically mirror opposites in the negative.

  132. bookie says:

    I hear that Horcoff offered to change his name to Ales just to make it work….

    Penner said he would change his name to Ales or even Alice in exchange for an Triple Baconater from Wendy’s.

  133. MattM says:

    Godot: Better to stash them in minors than buy them out. That way there is no cap hit, rather than 2/3rds spread out over twice the years.

    As for the trades, I like it. Kotalik plays Cole’s role and we add O’Sullivan for now and the future. Gotta think it means Nilsson is out the door at the draft though. Maybe Penner, but Nilsson makes more sense to me.

  134. LittleFury says:

    I’m…content? Weird feeling for an Oilers fan. Nothing left to do but watch how things shake down and hope for the best.

  135. godot10 says:

    I pity the team that has to play Columbus in the first round.

  136. Scarlett says:

    TSN are morons: Cole and Pitkanen for O’Sullivan. Now fans are emailing CHED passing that lovely analysis along. TSN, you are morons. I wish McGuire would be traded to Siberia!!

  137. LittleFury says:

    Funny think about all the oral felatio going on over the Flames:

    Is there naother kind of fellatio I’m not aware of? Link?

  138. Schitzo says:

    I’m still in shock – this is basically O’Sullivan for a 5th. Even if he doesn’t help us at all, that’s terrific asset management.

  139. kamus says:

    Oilers won the trades talent wise, but the reason they were able to do it is that they took on O’Sullivan’s big contract.

    If he doesn’t work out the Oil are screwed cap wise.

  140. Mark-Ryan says:

    I don’t understand this.

    O’Sullivan, who at this stage is better than Gagner and Cogliano with similar upward potential AND Kotalik and we give up a UFA Erik Cole?

    I don’t even care that Horcoff has to take all the draws (he’s doing well enough in my estimation), Staios is playing way too many minutes and Roloson is a tired old man who needs backup. This is a playoff team for shizzle – sixth seed. Book it.

  141. doritogrande says:

    Penner said he would change his name to Ales or even Alice in exchange for an Triple Baconater from Wendy’s.

    Product placement. BAM!

  142. dawgbone says:

    I meant verbal… though I suppose even that is redundant (at least if they’re good).

  143. Woodguy says:

    Rob Daum was interviewed on the team and said O’Sullivan played LW for 50 games when he coached him in Houston.

    O’Sullivan has also played the wing this year in LA. Nice to see that he can kill penalties as well.

    MacTavish obviously hates Fats with Horsky, so its now Horosulsky.

    A left handed shot with a quick release is something the Oilers don’t have, so he’ll play there. Rowboat had a chance to be that guy, but never panned out.

    I think Penner looked good with 13-34 last night. Penner himself said he feels better when he’s not in the spotlight, so maybe this can help him, but if he’s not gone in the summer I’m very suprised.

    If MacTavish can keep himself from playing RedOx in the top 2 lines, I see the lines being:

    O’Sullivan – 10 -83

    I can see MacTavish move 22 and 85 up to the second line when he’s in the mood. He said loved 22 yesterday and when he loves someone he plays them.

    Disappointed that they didn’t improve the defense.

    Next year Jagr plays with Horsky, and O’Sullivan plays on the 2nd.

  144. godot10 says:

    //Godot: Better to stash them in minors than buy them out. That way there is no cap hit, rather than 2/3rds spread out over twice the years.//

    That only works after the season starts.

  145. reijo29 says:

    Gregor Says -
    O’Sullivan will play LW. We are currently speaking with Rob Daum who coached him in Houston. He had O’Sullivan on the LW for 50 games and he is a better winger. No doubt he will be playing the LW with Hemsky and Horcoff to start.

    Kotalik is a RW and has size like Cole, 227 lb and 6′1″. He has scored 25, 23 and 21 in the NHL and is a UFA at the end of the year. Expect him to slot into Cole’s position on the 2nd line RW.

  146. doritogrande says:

    O'Horsky > Horpensky?

  147. NBOilerFan says:

    Come on Lowetide… where is the new post on these trades to continue this discussion in?


  148. godot10 says:

    //O’Sullivan, who at this stage is better than Gagner and Cogliano with similar upward potential AND Kotalik and we give up a UFA Erik Cole? //

    Laviollette explained it on TSN. Seller’s remorse in Carolina. Staal’s offensive stats went down, and he didn’t have chemistry with Williams. Cole had great chemistry with Staal. So Carolina will pay Cole’s price to sign him this summer.

  149. Lord Bob says:

    Let’s go four pages of comments!

  150. MattM says:

    Godot: Yeah, but you get a cushion over the offseason. 10% maybe?

  151. gary b says:

    “more smashy, more mouthy.”

    that belongs on a t-shirt or something.

  152. uni says:

    People keep saying that Kotalik is Cole, but just one little caveat, while is offense is decent, he’s by no means a physical player.

    Still, not a horrible plug in for Cole.

  153. dawgbone says:

    Pierre keeps selling Kipper stock, but I don’t think he realizes that in a battle of goaltenders (based on the last 2 seasons), Calgary has the worst goaltending of all the playoff teams.

  154. Schitzo says:

    So we lose the penalties Cole would draw, while losing the penalties Moreau would take.

    I’d call that a wash.

  155. Jon says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like the oilers ALWAYS wait till the last minute.

    I’d run these lines

    Sully Horc Hemsky
    Penner Gagner Kotalik
    Nillson Cogs Pisani
    Moreau Brodz Storts

    It is okay…we’ll see how they gel. All it took was GlenX for the team to catch fire last year.

  156. reijo29 says:

    TSN Guys say that Kotalik can play point on 2nd PP. “Bomb from the point”.

    Why did Carolina give up so much for 20 games of Cole? They could have signed him for nothing in off season. Are making the playoffs this year that important there?

  157. LittleFury says:

    Do either Coat Rack or Lucky Charms play the PP?

  158. Cloned says:

    Terrific day. Wish they could have gotten a d-man as well, but to get that much for Cole (one UFA forward for the present, one piece for the present and future) – is unreal imo.

  159. Scarlett says:

    I like that the Oilers only gave up Cole, a UFA, and no one else. Nice job keeping your young players together.

  160. godot10 says:

    I seriously expect that Moreau is done for the season. He didn’t lose an eye, but it will still take time for the eye to heal.

  161. Rod says:

    All of that for pending UFA Cole? Wow. No other way to look at it.

    Here’s my take on the lineup (and yes, I’d leave Horpensky intact):



    + 10 whenever one of those four is in the box. Otherwise, Horc can rest for EV and PP.

    I assume O’Sullivan is better on the draw than 13…

    First shift after PK:




    Just a first stab at a lineup, but I think it has some good balance. Course it won’t happen. First order of business for MacT is putting 27 back under the bus.

  162. Schitzo says:

    Look for O’sully to take Horcoff’s spot on the PP. Left-handed shot, gives Horc rest.

  163. bookie says:

    Using TSN’s logic, this was a terrible trade for the Oilers. I worked it out and here is how it works. Bassically its O’Sullivan for Cole, Pitkenen, Jason Smith, Joffrey Lupul, a fourth-round pick in the 1999 NHL entry draft, a second-round selection in the 2000 NHL entry draft, Chris Pronger, Eric Brewer, Jeff Woywitka, Doug Lynch, Roman Hamrlík, Jason Bonsignore, Bryan Marchment, Steve Kelly, Mike Comrie, Craig Millar, Miroslav Satan, Barrie Moore and Craig Millar.

    Thats Terrible! The Oilers must be Idiots.

  164. relic says:


    sub 78 for 12 and 85 for 18 and I’ll agree.

  165. Traktor says:

    I still can’t believe it.

  166. OF17 says:

    Absolutely love the Erik Cole for O’Sullivan and Kotalik swing. Kotalik is producing about as much as Cole this year, AND we get a young center locked down for two years who’s on pace for 20G and 50P? I’ll take that any day. O’Sullivan was also named LA’s best defensive forward last year.


    That is ALOT better than what we had going into the deadline. We actually have 4 legit lines!

  167. bookie says:

    Does anyone think that the Oilers messed it up with either of these deals?

  168. Cloned says:


    As of now, I don’t know very many that think these are bad deals.

    Hindsight will obviously come into play down the road, though.

  169. reijo29 says:

    Guys O’Sullivan is coming here as a LW to play on 1st line. At least to start. Let’s accept that please.

    If I’m wrong I will move back to Finland and will request that Slats no longer protects me in the annual waiver draft.

  170. Master Lok says:

    whoa whoa, you’re almost on the verge of Oiler positivity there.

  171. LittleFury says:

    Does anyone think that the Oilers messed it up with either of these deals?

    Hard to say, as HF Boards is down at the moment, but I can imagine…

    Where’s the deal for the Superstar Sniper To Play With Hemsky? What about the need for a True Numbah One Centre??? They didn’t fire CRAPT?!? TamBLOWenni really messed this one up.


  172. Master Lok says:


    O’Shorsky? = O’Sullivan-Horcoff-Hemsky?

  173. OF17 says:

    I think it’s very unlikely that these deals could turn out bad for us, unless Cole scores 15 goals in his last 20 games. Even then, I’m not sure it would be a bad deal. 2 years of Patrick O’Sullivan and 20 games of Ales Kotalik is worth 20 games of Erik Cole any day of the week.

  174. bookie says:

    As of now, I don’t know very many that think these are bad deals.

    Its just when Traktor isn’t ranting about what a worthless organization this is and how he is done with it, I begin to wonder what the heck is going on. It confuses me.

  175. Unleaded says:

    “Penner said he would change his name to Ales or even Alice in exchange for an Triple Baconater from Wendy’s.”

    Quote of the Thread Bookie. Congratulations

  176. Temujin says:

    Definite loser today?

    Vancouver Canucks.

    Not sure I agree with that, although it does make me wonder if all the other GM’s basically blacklisted Gilles and wouldn’t talk to him. There’s been talk of that all season since he was a player agent. Maybe there is some truth to it after all. Though Gilles did say he probably wasn’t doing anything at the deadline.

    For the first time all season, I actually think the Oilers will make the playoffs.

    Two guys named Ales and a dude named Pat. Ladies and gentlemen, your Edmonton Oilers!

  177. spOILer says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Kotalik will play on the 1st line with fellow Czech, The Hemmer.

    Kotalik can play both sides and getting set up on the off-wing with that laser shot of his might be the first option. If it doesn’t work, then O’Sullivan slides up.

  178. Dennis says:

    The Oilers have 16 forwards, 5 D and 2 goalies so someone’s going to SF or the Oilers can take the easy way out and put 18 on IR.

    85′s the only guy we have waiver rights on and the last time the Oilers came up against the limit – last Sat when 37 came off IR – they took the sensible route and sent down the guy they still had rights on: 49.

    So, I imagine today’s moves mean that 85 gets sent down, 18 goes on IR or the Oilers cut bait on 33.

    The Oilers decided not to move guys like 12 or 78 for a rental D so I doubt they’re gonna try and waive them now.

    85 might be in a bit of a no-man’s land given Sully’s earmarked for one of the top two LW spots and how can you bench 78 after his last game? 12′s the guy who seems to be in absolute limbo right now; though that could change if 85′s sent out.

    So, look at the 12 forwards from last night and you have 26 out and Sully in and it should roll that Kotalik replaces 22 or 85.

    Now, Sully in and 26 out is lateral for ’09 for sure. Maybe the kid catches fire with 83 and puts up 7 or 8 goals but going forward I think he’s a very good bet to out-perform his contract. He had a great rookie year in the A and then fell off just a tad in his second year; had a good first full season in the bigs and now has dropped off a bit this year. I wouldn’t bet against him scoring 25-30 goals and putting up 60-65 points and that would be great considering his hit. The thing is he’s gotta gel with either one of 83 or 89 and then 27 has to work with the other fellow. You get that happening and we’re in good shape.

    The main thing is that 26 wasn’t coming back – though I would’ve given him say 3/10 – so this was a good move to get a return that has a good bet to be a nice piece moving forward.

    Kotalik’s on pace for a second ~ 45 point season and maybe he’d come back as a bargain if things go well; perhaps enough that you move 34′s contract this summer for a draft pick.

    Someone else made this point but isn’t this a tip to what the Oilers view as 13′s future role; checking line pivot? I’m not a big fan of it but it looks to be the way we’re gonna roll.

    Three points to close:

    - we’re thin at back-up goalie
    - we needed to pick up a #4 D that can move the puck
    - this summer’s gonna be fun because we’ve got an absolute fucking glut of forwards and some of them like 12 and 78 are signed on affordable pacts.

  179. reijo29 says:

    One thing that I think is being unstated (Gregor kind of touches on it) is that Rob VAN Daum coached O’Sullivan in Houston (93 pts in 78 games plus 10pts in 8 playoff) where he predominately played LW.

    Oil don’t make this deal without Daum being very much involved.

  180. bookie says:

    Kotalik can play both sides and getting set up on the off-wing with that laser shot of his might be the first option. If it doesn’t work, then O’Sullivan slides up.

    I am with you on that. So Horkotski? Kohemscoff? Hemcofflik?

  181. bookie says:

    The Oilers have 16 forwards, 5 D and 2 goalies so someone’s going to SF or the Oilers can take the easy way out and put 18 on IR.

    The Oilers have two goalies?

  182. Lowetide says:

    O’Sullivan was the guy I wanted Edmonton to draft in 2003. Seriously.

  183. Cloned says:


    So I’m guessing you’re happy about today’s developments?

  184. Lord Bob says:

    Well, Marc Pouliot wasn’t traded, that’s a +1 for LT right there.

  185. Cloned says:


    Maybe the paper jammed in the fax machine or something. ;)

  186. Lowetide says:

    Cloned: Yes. Very pleased about O’Sullivan but that 2nd rd pick for Kotalik could probably have been better used.

    Plus Petry being an issue is irritating, but then again Oilers usually know defenders.

    Bottom line: I’m happy with the day in a big way. Oilers looked after the future and helped the present.

    How is O’Sullivan in the FU circle?

  187. hypogeal says:

    The day of the Oilers/Sabres game I posted here calling for Kotalik in Edmonton… I sure hope he doesn’t let me down now.

    Living in Buffalo I got to see a lot of him, so for those of you unfamiliar with Kotalik he has been primarily RW for the Sabres. He also has nice size but is not a banger, but at least he won’t get knocked around so easy. Kotalik’s greatest asset is his shot, and he’s also a good option on the PP. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him given a chance on the other side of Souray to see if that can’t jump start the stagnant PP.

    Overall, he’s not a star but I can see this being a very nice fit and would love to see AlesKo mesh with the team and sign a fair deal this summer.

  188. kris says:

    I’m pleased with the trades. I mean we got O’sullivan for a guy who was leaving anyway, and we grabbed a rental who can sort of replace Cole.

    But there is still more to be done with this forward core: too many small, soft, inconsistent players. No true superstart to play with Hemsky, lack of PK’ers and D-Zone face off guys, etc.

    In fact, it’s still hard to figure out how the lines are supposed to work, especially since Cole-Gagner was the best thing we had going.

    I was playing around and I came up with a weird set of lines:

    Penner-Horcoff-Pisani (Toughest Min.)
    Reddox-Brodziak-Stortini (4th Line)

    I know these lines aren’t perfect, but I don’t see any combo that is.

    I do think the time has come to see if Gagner-Hemsky can work.

  189. dawgbone says:

    Random Kotalik factoid:

    Since the NHL introduced the shootout, Kotalik is 18/36 in his career in the shootout, including scoring 11 shootout winning goals.

  190. Cloned says:


    What I’m hearing from LA fans is that he plays wing primarily.

    I assume they’ll run O’Sullivan / Penner / Cogliano / Nilsson down LW, Horcoff / Gagner / Brodziak / Pouliot down C and Hemsky / Kotalik / Pisani / Stortini on RW.

  191. dawgbone says:

    LT… Sully has only taken 39 face-offs this year (46.2%) and went 44% on 461 draws last season.

    He is 57% on SHF though… mind you it’s on 7 draws.

  192. Lord Bob says:

    I’d still like to see Sullivan go at centre, if only to save us from Cogliano.

  193. Cloned says:

    I don’t think he’s here to play C.

    He’s the solution for a top end skill guy to play with Hemsky… without actually being an elite player that would have cost the farm.

  194. Kristopher Milligan says:

    Im not sure if anyone mentioned, but the second round pick was originally calgarys, i assume from the cammaleri deal.

  195. speeds says:

    LT: That is my thought as well. Obviously they must think Kotalik is a better fit than Moore, but I’m not sure I wouldn’t have rather held onto the 2nd and got Reasoner for a cheaper price. OTOH, ATL never moved Reasoner at all, so maybe (for some reason, I suppose perhaps they want to extend Reasoner?) he wasn’t available?

  196. Black Dog says:

    No complaints from this quarter. Another D and a backup G would have been nice but adding another quality youngster and giving up none of their own kids is a very good day.

    Very good.

  197. relic says:

    so how does the waiver thing work now? I seem to remember it being harder for teams to claim players after the deadline. the oilers have to find ice time for a lot of guys up front now.

  198. reijo29 says:

    78-89-Kotalik (78 takes some draws)
    27-13-34 (27 takes some draws)

    Extra's – 12/85/33
    Injured – 18/71

    Moreau goes on IR to make room for Kotalik. If Moreau comes back this year, Reddox goes down or Steve Mac gets waived.

    I think Penner could excel with the offensive expectations off his shoulders. I imagine he will eventually be playing on the 2nd scoring line with Gags/Kotalik.

    Just saw a bunch of O'Sullivan highlights. At least 2 were PP Goals from the Horcoff/One Timer Position. However, that means nothing to Mac T.

    Both Kotalik & O'Sullivan (3 of 5 as of Jan) are good options in the shoot out as well and that could be the difference coming down the stretch.

  199. Mark-Ryan says:

    We gave up 20 games of Cole, 2nd pick and a 5th pick for 3 years of O’Sullivan, 20 games of Kotalik and a 2nd pick.

    I don’t understand any negativity here. That’s insane value.

  200. Bruce says:

    Oil don’t make this deal without Daum being very much involved.

    Consult his former coach? I’m thinking the OBC is a little more Sutterly than that. Maybe Kevin Lowe talked to his brother Ken, who once ran out on the ice to tend to O’Sullivan after a high stick and gained valuable insights on what makes the kid tick.

    How is O’Sullivan in the FU circle?

    This is important. I feel we defintely could use a little help in the FU dept. Let’s hope that O’Sullivan has a high FU Quotient (FUQ).

    I’m giddy from these trades. Can you tell?

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