New Sensations

This is Rob Daum. He’s the new head coach in Springfield (AHL) and the Falcons are still awful.

However, some dead and near dead prospects are doing good things. Since arriving in Springfield (he was hired February 10 but missed the first game) the club has continued to play poorly (3-8-2 by my count).

If all things remained equal, we could expect that Ryan Potulny and Rob Schremp would continue to lead the scoring parade and that Taylor Chorney would avoid offense like the plague.

Let’s look at the point race since Daum took over the Falcons (I haven’t included GP, this is just G-A-P since Daum arrived):

  1. Schremp 2-9-11
  2. Stone 4-5-9
  3. Linglet 3-6-9
  4. Potulny 4-3-7
  5. McDonald 2-5-7
  6. Chorney 2-5-7
  7. Willis 2-4-6
  8. Paukovich 4-1-5
  9. Trukhno 2-3-5
  10. Jacques 1-4-5
  11. Wild 3-1-4
  12. Sestito 2-2-4
  13. Brule 1-3-4
  14. Young 1-2-3
  15. Bina 1-2-3
  16. O’Marra 0-2-2
  17. Gabinet 0-2-2
  18. Bisaillon 1-0-1
  19. Spurgeon 0-1-1
  20. Goulet 0-1-1
  21. Lefebvre 0-1-1

Interesting items in bold.

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16 Responses to "New Sensations"

  1. St George says:

    They were arguing about hockey as I waves and went outside and headed for the mountains feeling warm inside …

    So what do we read from this? New system? New lines? Time on ice?

  2. Unleaded says:

    Damn right that’s interesting. Now, if the team is still losing, and these guys are putting up these numbers, does it mean that they are actually playing better? Or is there more to it than that?

    I’m almost wondering if Daum took over simply to boost guys’ numbers. There had been suggestions that many players would not be getting contracts again next year. Is this an effort to boost their numbers by playing in an offensive system? Or is this a chance to for Daum to show what he has while MacT sinks himself?

    This is definitely an interesting story – the question is what stry do you tell?

  3. PDO says:

    So… Brule’s officially a bust?

  4. Mr DeBakey says:

    I just put this comment on BDHS:

    I hit the Falcons site today.
    The Falcons lost two more on the week-end.
    There's audio from noted underwhelmer, Geoff Paukovich,
    it seems Daum has put Paukovich & MaDonald together to take on the toughs.
    They did it too.
    Their line scored a goal each game,
    5 Falcons ended up at a point-per-game in their two matches:
    McDonald, Paukovich, Chorney, Schremp and Linglet.
    Our two large heroes were the only + players of the 5.
    Schremp was -3

  5. pboy says:

    I was watching NHL Classics this evening (Shaw Channel 108) and I think I was given a sign for the rest of this season.

    From 1980 Oiler-Leafs battle which the Oilers won 8-5. In the second period, Sather throws out his checking line (Dave Hunter, Dave Lunley & Stan Weir), they chip the puck in, Toronto's defense starts to scramble and Salming ends up covering the puck in Palmateer's crease giving the Oilers a penalty shot.

    Who takes the penalty shot for the Oil?

    Stan fucking Weir

    I don't have to tell you guys if he scores or not, you already know the answer.

    Edmonton 21 – Montreal 0 tomorrow night!

  6. Mr DeBakey says:

    “There had been suggestions that many players would not be getting contracts again next year”

    What’ll determine how many get contracts is how many Oilers get moved in 2 for 1 deals,
    And how many of VandeVelde, Nash, Petry, Omark…..
    want to turn pro.

    Its a bit of a log jam.

  7. Bank Shot says:

    Well at least now they are losing 4-3 instead of 4-1.

    While I’d prefer for the AHL team to win, I’m not sure that it is really neccesary for prospects to be developed.

    The so called “real” prospects are showing signs of life so that’s something to be optimistic about.

  8. Icecastles says:

    Mr. DeBakey – or they don’t renew a stack of contracts in anticipation of freeing money for a big summer signing, they don’t get the signing, so rather than leaving cap space open for later deals, they sign Reddox at $6 mil/year.

    Don’t laugh, they’ll do it.

  9. oilerdago says:

    Bank Shot: While Bruce Landon wants the team to win (because it helps to sell seats), the most important thing on the farm is DEVELOP. You absolutely nailed it.

    Putting up big numbers is not necessarily the equivalent of development, but it seems that Daum has a system that’s he’s implementing and players are responding.

    While they’re not winning as much as anyone would like, they’re playing a lot more exciting hockey – which will help to sell tickets more than losing 1-0 or 3-1.

    One other thing – if I’m not mistaken, in at least 3 of Daum’s losses, empty netters were scored against – inflating the minus for some players.

  10. Ribs says:

    Schremp’s almost doubled his goal output since Daum arrived! Halleluja!

    …The team still stinks. They still can’t score. Missing the playoffs hurts development.


  11. bookie says:

    I forget where I saw the study, but some study indicated that changing coaches seldom resulted in an improvement in play through the remainder of the season, but that there were often significant improvements in the following season (once a new system was in place).

    This new system of Daum’s fits the Oilers (and farm team) players better. If Daum is in Springfeild next year it may translate into wins.

  12. DBO says:

    One thing about Daum is that he is a career coach. And has had success at pretty much every level. He has had to think the game from a strategy stand point, and not an emotional one. By that i mean many of the coaches today are former players who coach on emotion/feeling/instinct as opposed to solid system play. Personally on a young team i think you need system play where they know their roles and execute them. It is about developing that young talent and getting htem to the next level. Ask Nash how he likes Hitchcock. He has raised his level with a solid system coach. It’s been said many a time, but MacT is a gut feeling emotional coach who often gets lost when system coaches match up against him. Put solid vets around him who already know how to play and he’ll do well. put kids around him and he fails to get the most out of them (which means either dump the kids and put a veteran team around MacT, or move macT). i would love to see Daum as the coach for next year in the AHl as well. He’ll do a lot of good for the kids down here, whereas the last few years they’ve had bucky, who from reports does not know anything about systems and did very little to develop some of our prospects. It’s no surprise that the only player who really improved was a player like Bucky (Reddox).

  13. Tim Thurmeier says:

    I beg to differ, DBO. The evidence doesn’t conclusively support or deny your assertion concering MacT’as knowledge of systems play. You state that he is good with bvet players, who know how to play the systems, and cannot coach systems to kids who are not asw strong on system play. Where soes the players’ own responsibility for playing the systems come into your logic? If IRC, he did a masterful job of designing different systems in the SCR of 2006, and the vets executed well. He still chose the systems for each opponent…

    The last rwo years he has had systems lapses from players who are STILL learning the systems and are still working their way up the learning curve. Give him some credit for the daunting task of developing so many kids so quickly! They will not be stars overnight, but they ARE developing at a respectable pace and they ARE learning. I think MacT is doing a credible job in a difficult situation, as are our predominantly young team. My issue is with the vets who are making bad system errors, like Ethan Moreau, jason Strudwick, and lately Shaun horcoff (and I generally LIKE Horcoff)…

    Most teams that are rife with kids like we currently are, struggel to compete for a couple of years and are not even CLOSE to the plasyoffs. Except for 2007 (after the Smythe) trade, a 20 game segment and an abhorrent injury situation), we have performed very well for a very young team. Not as good as Chicago this year, but they are in a perfect storm situation. people will talk about this Chicaago team for years, with the jump they are making, as long as they show sustain in the results… they are an exception, not the rule for young team development.

  14. Tim Thurmeier says:

    BTW, please forgive my selectively sylexic typing. it is late and I have had a LOT of caffeine….

  15. Black Gold says:

    Interesting read, LT.
    Interesting, but the last thing I need is more false hope. haha
    The part I enjoyed most is O’Marra 0-2-2 isn’t in bold.

  16. Dennis says:

    PDO: not sure if Brule’s a bust but it’s one of the little things to watch for in 2010. I don’t think there’s going to be room for him with the big club and I don’t think he’ll pass through waivers so I imagine the Oil will trade him if his camp’s anything like it probably will be: lackluster.

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