Oilers at Coyotes, G74/08-09

Stan Weir can divide by zero.

Stan Weir uses a night-light. Not because he’s afraid of the dark, but because darkness fears Stan Weir.

Stan Weir once challenged Lance Armstrong to a “Who has more testicles?” contest. Stan Weir won by 5.

Stan Weir can blow bubbles with beef jerky.

When Stan Weir picks his nose, he REALLY does find Gold.

Stan Weir let the dogs out.

Stan Weir puts the laughter in manslaughter.

Stan Weir puts the fun in funeral.

Stan Weir once played 18 holes of golf using a 12 inch strip of rebar and a sun dried tomato. He shot a 54.

Stan Weir can kill two stones with one bird.

Stan Weir once ate his entire birthday cake before his friends could tell him there was a stripper in it.

Ladies and Gentlemen–Stan Weir!

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  1. Angela says:

    Clap Clap

  2. Coach pb9617 says:

    Craig MacTavish has played four top six players out of position.

    Craig MacTavish keeps sending out Andrew Cogliano to take faceoffs.

    Craig MacTavish has submarined the team’s chances out of personal spite.

    Craig MacTavish’s penalty kill sucks

    Craig MacTavish’s power play sucks.

    Craig MacTavish uses Ales Kotalik in exactly the opposite manner that a good coach would.

    Craig MacTavish has forgotten how to manage line matches.

    Craig MacTavish has angered his superstar.

    Ladies and gentlemen, Craig MacTavish will be checking Stan Weir tonight.

  3. Lowetide says:

    This is an absolute must W for the Oilers tonight. If you’re on the fire MacT train (which I am not) you should be hoping for an L.

  4. mc79hockey says:

    Stan Weir could coach in Edmonton without being blamed for every individual player’s failing.

    I think that you and I will have some space to spread out in the car reserved for those who don’t absolutely want the coach fired LT.


  5. quain says:

    I don’t want the guy fired, I just want him to fix the penalty kill and make Liam Reddox grow a mullet.

    And yeah, contrary to all of the declared must wins in October this is actually a must win because when you need five in nine, and the last five are brutal, you can’t give away points to Phoenix without having to make them up against San Jose.

    Four in a row should be the goal, but getting four in the next seven would leave us hunting for a win in a back to back with the Flames. Theatre dictates the latter is likely.

  6. Oilman says:

    Stan Weir could coach in Edmonton without being blamed for every individual player’s failing.

    I’ve seen a lot of things written about Stan Weirs abilities – but this one just seems far fetched.

  7. oilerdago says:

    While I’m ready for a change behind the bench, I’m still a fan first and would like to see them bounce back with a win tonite.

    Bubble teams at this time of the season have to find ways to put the last game in the rearview mirror. What we’ve seen so far is that they don’t handle success this season. Hopefully they continue to handle adversity better.

    Stan Weir laughed at adversity.

  8. Alice says:

    Correction: Stan Weir laughed at Perversity – which might have had something to do with 12″ of rebar and a sun-dried tomato. Mortals will never know.

    Some songs stick in your head – nice. But 96 Tears? Pretty annoying when it’s on ‘loop’ !

  9. Alice says:

    Really Annoying.

    As a girl I used to work with would say, “Is the noise in my head bothering you?”

  10. Hoos says:

    IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Swabbubba says:

    2 words… Just Win…

    We can not pick all we want but that ius all we need. I could care less if they dressed Joey. Just Win

  12. DBO says:

    So who draws in on the 3rd/4th line? I’d like to see Stortini in the lineup. He was playing well, and he brings solid energy and a physical presence we certainly lack. Leave the top 2 lines intact, and i’d like to see these two lines:
    18-51-stortini (forget his number for some reason)

    Penner can take the faceoffs in their own zone, and that line has a good chance to be a 2nd line if they are going. the 4th line can crash and bang, and could be a solid checking line. Add some sandpaper, and let’s raise the intensity level.

  13. Dennis says:

    I just want to be clear that while I’m not begging for MacT’s dismissal, I also don’t necessarily see a big reason to fear the reaper, either.

    I don’t think this is the same MacT we could all once trust in and he might need a new home before he gets his spark back.

    Tonight should be a time where we win by at least two goals and some guys like 83 get a couple of points and get their confidence back; moreover, maybe the new 10 line busts out of their slump.

    10 got nailed on the Hossa goal by a bad 89 line change but that line was on for yet another two goals at EV last game out. It seems like it would make way more sense to just put 27 back up with 10-83 but apparently he’s more suited to be one of our three third lines.

    I guess it’s the mark of a medicore team but every day there’s a different hole. We had a nice little run at EV that was keeping us afloat while we went 3-16 at ST but now we’ve given up eight 5-on-5 goals in the last three games so don’t look now but there’s another leak.

    We obviously need the first line to do what they used to do and that would be a start. And we haven’t given up a PK goal in three of the last four games but that roof could cave in anytime now.

  14. HBomb says:

    This is an absolute must W for the Oilers tonight. If you’re on the fire MacT train (which I am not) you should be hoping for an L.

    The whole season comes down to the next four games. They need three of them. Split with Minnesota, one of the two with Anaheim, and this one.

    That would likely leave them needing .500 over the last five. Say a split against Calgary and then the LA game. That means they’d need to yoink an OT loss point against San Jose or Vancouver at home or Calgary on the road.

    If they shit the bed in the next four, however, it won’t matter what happens in those last five. The season comes down to what happens between now and April Fools Day.

    And as much as I would like to see a coaching change and think making the playoffs would inhibit such change (not to mention set the table for a beat-down at the hands of the Wings or Sharks)…I cannot bring myself to cheer against this team.

    Go Oilers. Clap clap.

    (NOTE: I’m going to be away from my computer for tomorrow night’s game…anyone able to post a link to the “Private Eyes” video if/when they beat Team Pronger?)

  15. Phil says:

    Stan Weir lives vicariously through himself.

    Must win doesn’t describe tonight. There are two soft spots on the schedule left, tonight and game 80 against LA.

    It seems the consensus is that 90 points gets you in this year. That means that the Oilers need something like a 5-3-1 finish. And, realistically, that means they need to go 5-1-1 in the next 7, because if it comes down to needing points out of the home and home with Calgary to end the season, they’re toast. If Calgary knows they can single-handedly end Edmonton’s season, you can book it.

    Stan Weir can Roll Up the Rim by staring at it. He can, but he doesn’t, because Stan Weir doesn’t drink Tim Horton’s. Tim Horton drinks Stan Weir’s.

  16. Doogie2K says:

    Stan Weir’s tears cure concussions.

    Stan Weir has never cried.

  17. Steve says:

    Stan Weir has never cried.

    Which is a shame, because his tears can cure cancer and fertilize the barren.

  18. HBomb says:

    Having Stan Weir on his wing would make Shawn Horcoff a first line center.

    Stan Weir never lost the room.

    Tom Poti is allergic to Stan Weir.

  19. Coach pb9617 says:

    This is an absolute must W for the Oilers tonight. If you’re on the fire MacT train (which I am not) you should be hoping for an L.

    I don’t know if I want him to go, in fact, I want him to fix his broken coaching brain or go back on the meds.

  20. Coach pb9617 says:


    Try this song , it’s more fitting for the current situation.

  21. heed says:

    goilers for life. goilers for life. my wife and i send our well wishes from california.

  22. anonymous says:

    If they can’t feast on Coyotes, Ducks, Wild, Ducks the hunting only gets harder.

  23. Lord Bob says:

    MacTavish is not responsible for Andrew Cogliano winning fewer NHL faceoffs than I have. He is, however, responsible for constantly throwing Andrew Cogliano over the boards to go win faceoffs.

    MacTavish is not responsible for Horpensky being our only consistently good first line. He is, however, responsible for chewing on old bottles of Wild Turkey before he’d put Horpensky back together again.

    And it’s certainly not MacTavish’s fault that Jeff Deslauriers is not an NHL-calibre backup. That said, the fact that he and his staff drove NHL-calibre backup Mathieu Garon out of town probably didn’t help matters.

  24. hunter1909 says:

    I’m currently on an incredibly cynical 4-0 prediction vis a vis Oilers W/L record lately, and, forced to keep this up until I lose 1 game, I’m predicting another Loss…this time it’s not a confident prediction lol, but something tells me this heartless team just doesn’t know, how to win. Hardly a stretch, given the past 8 seasons.

    Hemsky had better be careful dissing MacT. He is liable to get run out of town, by the fanatical loser society of northern Alberta.

  25. Traktor says:

    There isn’t one God that could stop Edmonton from winning today. Seriously, it’s a lock. I’m so confident that I dare any God out there to even try to stop Edmonton from winning. None are powerful enough. Wimps.

    That should do it…

  26. Black Dog says:

    Nice one Traktor.

    I’m with Dennis.

    He’s lost this room, bit by bit.

    Lets go you Oilers.

  27. quain says:

    If only this team could win an unheard amount of shootouts like last year, then MacT would be a good coach again!

  28. Bill Needle says:

    mc79hockey said: “I think that you and I will have some space to spread out in the car reserved for those who don’t absolutely want the coach fired LT.”

    The car for those of us who want the coach fired is pretty full right now, but there’s always a seat reserved for Stan Weir.

  29. gary b says:

    i hate the fact that when i exclaim “Great Stan Weir’s Beard!!” around the office, my colleagues look at me like i’m from another planet.

    clap clap

  30. Lord Bob says:

    Stan Weir doesn’t need us to save a seat. If he shows up he’ll just glare at the car until it’s bigger.

  31. Scott says:

    There isn’t one God that could stop Edmonton from winning today. Seriously, it’s a lock. I’m so confident that I dare any God out there to even try to stop Edmonton from winning. None are powerful enough. Wimps.

    There is no other God but Yahweh! Amen, Traktor, Amen! You’re like Elijah dealing with the prophets of Baal.

  32. Mike says:

    Look closely at that picture. Stan Weir’s stick defintely has an illegal curve. Of course no coach would be foolish enough to call him on it for fear of a Weir-sian skull punch.

    Actually, I’m wondering if I should have kept my mouth shut about it too.

  33. Robert Blizzard says:

    that stick isn’t curved at all, the gravitational pull exerted by Weir’s five testes causes the light around the stick to bend, which makes it appear to a distant observer that the stick itself is curved.

  34. spOILer says:

    Count me as pro-MacT (like there was any doubt). Move over in the car and make some room, eh (its a little VW GOLF, right?).

    Stan Weir’s beard gave life to the primordial ooze, is responsible for the Mongol invasion and the first printing press, and has been declared a National Forest by every country in the UN.

    Stan Weir’s tears were supposed to be used by Ridley Scott in the movie “Alien” as acid blood, but ate through the xenomorph, the sound stage, Hollywood, and has now given us the San Andreas fault.

    Stan Weir’s third testicle from the right beat every one of Gretzky’s career scoring records in three shifts.

    Stan Weir knows the last digit of pi.

    G’oilers!! clap clap

  35. Bluedog says:

    Not sure if you’ve ever seen anything like I see in downtown Cowtown – those trains of two-year-olds out on a walk from their daycare center through the Plus-15 network, all of the little toddlers holding on to a rope so none get lost, all the while with employees at the head and tail ends of the rope keeping an eye on the herd? A pretty sad way to treat little humans, and a statement to our times, but a means to an end, I guess.

    Watching my Oilers this season has been like watching the coach pull a rope-full of toddlers, too, but his course is through a dense patch of saguaro. He’s having a lot of trouble with them keeping their grip, and it shows on the results, I think. Some get jerked and impaled (Penner, Gags, Smid), others get worn out dodging needles (Hemmer, Horc, Roli, Rowbear, Staios) and others just don’t have the agility to keep up with the pace of the rope (Chopper, Poo, Brodz, Storts), ending up spinning and lost. The odd one sees the situation and has the skill and brains to adapt (Souray, Cogs, Lubo, Gilbert) as best they can. A couple at the front of the rope get a little warning to watch for cacti (Strudz, Reddox), but all of them wonder how they can ever get the coach to change this crazy course he’s on (whatever it is) so that the team can succeed. It takes newcomers a while to figure this whole deal out, because something about this coach is hard to catch on to. The dwindling schedule also make the rope go faster and the cacti grow bigger.

    Something ain’t working here, and organizational problems usually have solutions that come from above. I’m hoping MacT is smart enough to drastically change something besides the line combinations, but it’s been a while and I’m losing hope on that – which is disappointing. Find a new course, please! Perhaps something a little easier to follow might work nicely, it seems. We need some grip here!


  36. jon k says:

    Aside from his line creations and playing players out of position, I think MacT’s greatest failure this season has been the PP. The PK can almost entirely be attributed to personnel deficiencies.

    It has never been more obvious than on the 5-on-3 in Detroit the other night. Every player fixated on getting the puck to Souray for the big shot.

    Considering Horcoff’s comments earlier in the season we know that this is by design from MacT.

    It seems to boggle the mind that an organization like the Oilers does not have a single member on its coaching staff who can come up with some plays other than that. The other explanation is MacT won’t let others work on it.

  37. Black Gold says:

    Oil are making the playoffs.
    Nashville has a tougher schedule, Chicago twice, Detroit twice, SJ next. They have the BJs twice, and I’d be surprised if they got more than a point out of them.
    Minnesota has Calgary twice and Van once, just like we do, plus a game against Detroit. Ya they’re a better team with Gaborik back, but they also are going to miss Koivu dearly down the stretch.
    St. Louis has a very tough next 5 games, Van-CBJ-CBJ-CHI-DET.

    Edmonton’s Schedule isn’t pretty, just like everyone else’s.

    I’m calling eighth place makes it in with 88 points.

    (except for Dallas, they’ve got FLA, 2xLAK, PHX, COL, but they’ve also got a 5 pt. hill to climb.)

  38. Greg Saint says:

    Stan Weir can put his arm back on, but you can’t. So play safe.

  39. quain says:

    Reddox in for Pouliot.

  40. pboy says:

    Dennis: They played a video call “Hockey Sock Rock” on Hardcore Hockey the other night starring Phil Esposito, Ron Dugay and John Davidson. As good as the Sasson video is, this has it beat 10x over. I can’t find it online but you gotta see this thing…..

    Here’s the audio but the video needs to be seen to be believed.


  41. relic says:

    Reddox in for Pouliot.

    I just hope this means he plays on the 4th line and Penner gets a bump up the lineup.

  42. dave says:

    When Stan Wier is released, its time to hop aboard, or cheer for Calgary. Go Oil

  43. Black Gold says:

    When Bruce Boudreau was asked about Ovechkin’s 50th goal celebration:
    I feel like Allen Iverson talking about practice.

    Awesome. I like Bruce a little bit more now. :)
    tsn.ca has a clip of it.

  44. Traktor says:

    Reddox over Stortini?

    I wonder who Turris, Boedker, Lisen, Tikhonov, Yandle, ect would rather play?

    Not that it matters though. It’s not like Edmonton’s young skill ever gets canceled out when they play a bigger and stronger team.

    It’s not like MacTavish pointed to Columbus’ size and strength to rationalize a loss against the Jackets a few weeks ago either.

    I can understand playing Stortini over Pouliot or Pouliot over Stortini but choosing Reddox over both is like choosing the ugly girl that has the cheerleaders brain.

  45. Temujin says:

    I’m not one to start nasty rumours, but I’ve heard Stan Weir vacationed in The Virgin Islands recently.

    Which is why they have been renamed The Islands.

  46. Coach pb9617 says:

    Saturday afternoon, young Riley Nash leads his troops against Northeastern in Grand Rapids, MI in the first round of the college hockey playoffs.

  47. shanetrain says:

    Must win tonight and we are going to need at least a point against Anaheim.

  48. Dennis says:

    First off, SF’s playing Worcester on the NHL Network on Friday night at 8:30 NST.

    Not sure if this is a live bcast or not but I’m it is – though I’m sure I could check.

    Also, I’d say they’d recast it but with the NCAA Sweet 16 afoot, the NHL Network should be showing a lot of those games, shouldn’t they?

    I’m not surprised 85 draws back in because he was playing a lot of min previous to his injury and the impact of his loss was reflected in the Oilers being outscored 1-6 in his absence.

  49. oilerdago says:

    //Reddox in for Pouliot.

    I just hope this means he plays on the 4th line and Penner gets a bump up the lineup.//

    If I'm not mistaken 85 was on a line w/13 & 34 and they were doing some good things.

    //I'm not surprised 85 draws back in because he was playing a lot of min previous to his injury and the impact of his loss was reflected in the Oilers being outscored 1-6 in his absence.//

    Not sure I'd get that carried away, but right now they just need to win the game no matter what it takes.

    Just win baby.

    Not sure that I'd get

  50. Dennis says:

    OD etc all: I swear to you that I wrote those comments Before I realized what MacT said about 85 at around the 3:30 of the audio clip that you can find on this page.


    His mention of the Oil record without 85 is like something I would write in jest!

  51. Bruce says:

    Reddox over Stortini?

    My question exactly.

    I wonder who Turris, Boedker, Lisen, Tikhonov, Yandle, ect would rather play?

    My Other question exactly.

    I hope Reddox will do OK (and is doing OK) but he’s no world-beater at this stage. In my books he contributes less than either 78 or 46. Can’t take a faceoff to help Cogs, won’t drop the gloves or an opponent with a crunching check, whereas his addition to the PK unit doesn’t signify anything good based on the numbers to date. The ginger kid’s game is defintely vanilla in terms of impact.

    Whatever, if we dress 18 guys that won’t lose a game for us, maybe we can get a Bettman point, which is more than we’ve been getting during his brief absence. Those regulation losses are absolute killers, and two in a row is nothing short of a disaster in the current situation. It has to be turned around Tonight.

  52. R-Gib says:

    Stan Weir IS what Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

  53. Dennis says:

    Bruce: 85 rolls out of bed in the morning and he just executes.

    And, he’s a lot like Fernie!

    Check out the clip, I beg of you!

  54. Quinn says:

    News Item – “For decades, the poisonous cane toad has plagued Australians, breeding rapidly, eating voraciously and bestowing death upon most animals that dare try to consume it.

    So officials came up with a novel — some say poetic — solution: Hold a festive mass killing of the creatures and turn the corpses into fertilizer for the farmers who have battled the pests for years.”

    Stan Weir offered to glare in the direction of the toads but officials worried about the mass extinction of plant and animal life as a result. As a peace offering they give Stan Weir all the toxic carcasses to put on his breakfast cereal.

    Reddox? Really? Seriously? REALLY?

  55. Bruce says:

    Awesome. I like Bruce a little bit more now. :)

    That’s good to hear!

    Reddox? Really? Seriously? REALLY?

    The idea of Reddox playing while bells continue to peal on the distant horizon doesn’t concern me at all. Obviously Hemmer hasn’t missed a beat since being rushed back from his own concussion, and Liam’s had what, 4 or 5 days now?

    Important note: Ginger ain’t Hemmer. We got several other guys ready, willing and more than able to serve as the 12th F.


  56. doritogrande says:

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck was Stan Weir?

  57. Bohologo says:

    Stan Weir watches the watchmen.

    And gives them the heebie jeebies.

    I sure wish I could quit this team, but I guess I’ll keep cheering through another soul-crushing game.

    Go Oilers!

  58. Mr DeBakey says:


    “every time Iginla is on the ice, you’ll see Columbus’ best defender, [D]an Hejda”

  59. Councilman Les Winan says:

    When Stan Weir wants popcorn, he breathes on Taber.

    The only reason the color pink still exists is because Stan Weir is color blind.

    There is no ‘ctrl’ button on Stan Weir’s computer. Stan Weir is always in control.

    Wow, Columbus is absolutely killing Calgary tonight.


  60. Councilman Les Winan says:

    DG – I believe the correct answer is “all of it”.

  61. gogliano says:

    With Columbus’ win, that pretty well leaves it a 5 horse race for 7th and 8th.

    In rough order of likelihood:

    St. Louis

    The good news? Both St. Louis and Nashville are trailing.

  62. gogliano says:

    Sorry. That post went up with SJ up two goals.

    Nashville is sure to win this game now. No god could possibly have the smarts or power to stop it.

  63. Oiler Mag says:

    Oh the hockey gods – The Preds just scored 3 in 3 minutes

  64. doritogrande says:

    Watching the end of the Calgary/Columbus game is great to watch.

    The whole building on their feet for the last minute. That city deserves a deep playoff run.

  65. Councilman Les Winan says:

    Nothing against Steve Mason (I like the guy), but I’d like to see the look on his face if somebody asks him how it feels to be the first rookie goaltender since Roman Cechmanek to record 10 shutouts.

    “Really? Roman Cechmanek? From Philly?” / Dejectedly slinks back to dressing room.

    A great achievement to be sure, but who wants to be associated with Roman Cechmanek?

  66. PunjabiOil says:

    Great. Nashville scores 3 goals in 3 minutes, to lead SJ 3-2 after 40

    St. Louis also scores 2 goals, to make it 2-1 over Vancouver – mid second.

  67. Coach pb9617 says:

    Watching the end of the Calgary/Columbus game is great to watch.

    The whole building on their feet for the last minute. That city deserves a deep playoff run.

    And the city is electric. I’ve already scored tickets!

  68. jon k says:

    Online feed should be here:


  69. doritogrande says:

    Is that really Roloson’s record over the last 29 games? 13-10-6?

    That’s not a world-beater record at all. The more I think about it, the crazier it is that Deslauriers hasn’t gotten a start.

  70. rider guy says:

    jovo is one of the top defencemen in the league. where can i get some of whatever gene’s smoking?

  71. Councilman Les Winan says:

    Is it just me, or was Gene’s statement that Jovocop is one of the top blueliners in the NHL the funniest thing he’s said in weeks?

  72. Black Dog says:

    Thanks jon

  73. Coach pb9617 says:

    Wow, the sportsnet guys called Columbus a team on the way up and Calgary a team on the way down at the end of the broadcast.

  74. doritogrande says:

    Craig MacTavish – 298 wins.

    Wayne Gretzky – Managing partner and head coach.

    Fantastic comparison done by SNW there.

  75. doritogrande says:

    Strudwick gets pylon’d. Lombardi snipes.

    Baaaaad medicine.

  76. PDO says:

    That can’t go in.

    Just can’t.

  77. bookie says:

    Wow, that shot was a pretty easy save…that JDD sure sucks.

  78. Chris says:

    I’m kind of with Garrioch on this one, if we can’t beat Phoenix in a must win game this team should just commit sepaku.

  79. rider guy says:

    strudwick makes me miss cory cross. dudes nickname should be “turnstile”

  80. doritogrande says:

    Patrick O’Sullivan kills penalties?

  81. PDO says:

    We’re 1 mintue into our first PK, and we’ve sent 10-51, 34-18 and now 19-85… and now we’re on to 10-18… good sign?

  82. PDO says:

    How did Phoenix not get a penalty in that sequence right before they hit the post? There was a slash followed by a bump on Roli…

  83. Councilman Les Winan says:

    I really wish that they’d tether Roloson to the net sometimes. He can bat the puck out of the air all he wants, but for the love of God, don’t let him play it behind the net…

  84. Lowetide says:

    Strudwick wandering around in his own end, Roloson passes it to where the D should be but Jason’s skating in front of the net. Wow.

    Plenty of jump for most of the Oilers tonight,though.

  85. PDO says:

    HUGE save by Roli on that Russian with the famous father.

  86. Coach pb9617 says:

    I know that the PK was a factor, but getting 5 and 43 out with 85 and 13 on an ES shift is bad news.

  87. gogliano says:

    Smid really is a magnet for big hits; it has happened too many times not to be a problem for which is he is partly responsible. Luckier than M. Roy, though.

  88. PDO says:

    I really miss 71.

  89. Lowetide says:

    Coach. And Granddad iirc.

  90. Lord Bob says:

    Stan Weir could lead the Oilers to victory, but he knows Craig MacTavish doesn’t deserve it.

    Most teams need a backup goaltender. Most teams aren’t Stan Weir.

    In his rookie season, Stan Weir only won 30% of his faceoffs, but to be fair he was taking them from the other end of the ice.

  91. jon k says:

    Who was it that just got lined up there?

    Strudwick does not look like an NHL defenseman the last 10 games.

  92. relic says:

    It looks to be bad news anytime 5 and 43 are out there.

  93. PDO says:

    Guess I should leave references from before I was born to LT :-).

  94. Bruce says:

    Wife: The Oilers are having trouble scoring these days.

    Dusgruntled Husband: At least we got Reddox back. That should solve that problem.

  95. Lowetide says:

    PDO: lol. At least you knew he was Russian. :-)

  96. doritogrande says:

    PDO and LT:

    I think it is actually just his Grandfather who was the famous hockey player, not the father.

    It is also the grandfather that young Viktor draws his namesake from.

  97. PDO says:

    The hockey gods appear to be angry with the Oilers tonight.

  98. jon k says:

    What the eff Moreau?

  99. PDO says:

    Was it just me, or did Louie laugh at Moreau’s attempted pass to Smid?

  100. PunjabiOil says:

    Nashville wins. The Oilers are now 9th.

  101. PDO says:

    Atta boy Dustin.

  102. Lord Bob says:

    This just in: tee times at Edmonton-area golf courses becoming hard to come by for May.

  103. Bruce says:

    Columbus beats Calgary.
    Nashville beats San Jose.
    St. Louis leads Vancouver.

    And Edmonton trails Phoenix.

    Tell me again about how the top teams are the tough games on the sked. They’re home and cooled out.

  104. Lord Bob says:

    (Some players go golfing when they miss the playoffs. Stan Weir went golfing during playoff games. During the second intermission of one game Air Canada lost his luggage and he had to score three goals with his sand wedge.)

  105. jon k says:

    Rickards White, gross.

  106. PDO says:

    Pilsner, excellent.

  107. Schitzo says:

    Rickards White, gross

    Die in a fire, you heathen.

    Or alternately, I’ve got some Rickards White for you right here, IN MY PANTS

  108. doritogrande says:

    New over/under game:

    How many cliches can Steve Staios give in a single interview??

    I’m setting the bar at 12.

  109. PunjabiOil says:

    St. Louis wins too. Now they are tied with the Oilers.

    A win tonight is VITAL.

  110. Dennis says:

    Chances: 8-7; 6-6 EV; 2-1 ST.

    Another GA for the 10 line but I don’t know if that even matters anymore.

    There looks to be lots of chances in this game but Roli’s already let in one shit goal and we can’t afford a second. Another KABONG for 5 and that isn’t a fluke.

    Bruce: without checking, it seems like SJ’s been scuffling for awhile now. A lot of that seemed to happen with Boucher minding then twine but Nabby’s back now and it’s still happening. Maybe the numbers won’t back that up though.

    Blues just won as well.

  111. Quinn says:

    Stan Weir disdains Pilsner, since it is less tasty than his own sweat.

  112. Bruce says:

    Phoenix scorekeepers have the Coyotes down for 0 missed shots, 0 attempts blocked, 0 giveaways, 0 takeaways, and 17 hits.

    Oilers with just 7 hits, but we’ve made up for that by shooting wide 5 times. That said, with numbers that suspect I think the right answer is to shoot the messenger.

    Whatever the hit count, the Oil do seem to be lacking on the physical intensity side yet again. Sigh.

  113. knighttown says:

    Darren Pang wants us to know that playing in the NHL is not all “peaches and gravy”.

    I see.

  114. doritogrande says:

    Ales Hemsky, if you want to be ridden, you have to fucking bury that chance.

  115. mc79hockey says:

    Who made that pass to Hemsky? Beauty. Glad to see that they went right to the graphic instead of showing that pass again.

  116. mc79hockey says:

    Oilers are owning this period.

  117. Quinn says:

    I only got here in time for the second period and watching this, it is hard to believe they are down a goal

  118. Bruce says:

    O’Sullivan made that pass. Bryzgalov made it look easy, though. Ales needs to renew the subscription on his wand.

  119. jon k says:

    Schitzo: Try Blanche de Chambly. A nice white beer that doesn’t taste like urine.

  120. mc79hockey says:

    I can’t believe I’m listening to the announcers on a PHOENIX FUCKING COYOTES broadcast talk about how Gary Bettman has an unblemished record in terms of keeping teams in their town.

  121. Bruce says:

    Eleventh best road team? Be still my heart.

  122. doritogrande says:

    Try Blanche de Chambly. A nice white beer that doesn’t taste like urine.

    That, and the 11% will put you on your ass right quick. If we’re doing weisbeer, Hoegarden’s top of the list.

  123. doritogrande says:

    Go Jets Go?

  124. Bruce says:

    And the Team was without form, and void.

  125. mc79hockey says:

    Walking a very slender wire over a very deep gorge here.

  126. Lowetide says:

    THAT was an awful 60 seconds.

  127. PDO says:

    There’s no way we should be down 2-0.

  128. Lord Bob says:

    Stan Weir is coming to put me out of my misery.

  129. Bruce says:

    At least we got Liam Reddox to clean up our defensive messes.

  130. Lowetide says:

    Tyler: Really? Or are you joking?

  131. DBO says:

    for a team with a defensive coach, we really suck in our end of the ice. Offensive struggles aside this year, the defensive struggles are the most glaring problem to me. Man this is a painful team to watch. i’l still watch, cheer and hope. but man this is driving me to drink. A lot.

  132. Schitzo says:


    YES – god bless Earls for having it on tap.

    And at this point, so long playoffs.

  133. Bruce says:

    This looks likea home game.

  134. Chris says:

    Time of death of the Oilers playoff chances 9:14 pm.

  135. Lowetide says:

    The good thing is that PHX is young and mistake prone so getting back into the game is–oh a third goal.

    Never mind.

  136. doritogrande says:

    Fuck you Stan Weir.

    Deslauriers please.

  137. Lord Bob says:

    Bring on goddamned Deslauriers already.

  138. mc79hockey says:

    About the Bettman thing? God’s honest truth.

    Nice work Oilers.

  139. DBO says:

    pull rollie. Put the kid in. let rollie rest. we are not winning this game with play like this. JDD, welcome to the game. Of course it won’t happen.

  140. Coach pb9617 says:

    Rickards White, gross.

    The bartender in that commercial is a bit of a creeper.

  141. Chris says:

    3-0 against Phoenix in a must win game in a playoff drive…wow. I’m not sure if they need to get MacT a gold watch of leave a horse’s head in his bed but..man you have to think someone should be able to get more out of this team than he is.

  142. Bruce says:

    Reddox in the corner picking up his stick while his man makes the centring pass for 3-0 goal. Threw snow against Doan, dropped his fucking stick, and turned away from him to pick it up.

    What is this, Tom Thumb hockey?

    The Oilers have been throwing snow all period, it’s not just Reddox, it’s Nilsson, Gagner, Hemsky, Cogliano, pretty much all of them. I haven’t heard the boards rattle once this entire period.

  143. PunjabiOil says:

    Yup. It`s pretty much over. Up 5 points on 9th a week ago.

    After tonight – tied for 9th with St. Louis, and Minnesota 10th only a point back.

    Massive choke job.

  144. Schitzo says:

    The bartender in that commercial is a bit of a creeper.

    What, you don’t like the molester face he makes?

  145. Bruce says:

    Gene: I’ve been putting up with your bullshit all year, but to say that any Oiler is focussed on tonight’s game is too much.

  146. Lord Bob says:

    Don’t worry, guys! Craig MacTavish will turn everyone into checkers and we’ll be good to go! Have faith!

  147. doritogrande says:

    I’ve started searching for positives from our prospect pool. Plante had a goal and three assists in the sweep of the Oilkings. Philippe Cornet had 9 points in Rimouski’s 4 game sweep of Chicoutimi.

  148. Chris says:

    I think we might as well start talking draft picks and comparing the relative virtues of Guy Carboneau, Tom Renney and Pat Quinn. I think I just heard them turn on the Rita McNeil record at Rexall Place.

  149. Bruce says:

    Hey MacT, you saving your timeout for when it’s 5-0 in the last minute? You’re team needs a wake-up call right fucking now. Come to think of it, so do you.

  150. DBO says:

    What we need is a big hit/fight. Oh wait, stortini is out for reddox. that’s really working out. Beer, you’re my only comfort.

  151. Dennis says:

    The executioner, Liam Reddox, is -2.

  152. Coach pb9617 says:

    What, you don’t like the molester face he makes?

    There’s a bizarre look of desire in his eyes towards the guy ordering the pint.

  153. Lord Bob says:

    Still plenty of good seats on the Columbus Blue Jackets bandwagon, guys.

    Even Stan Weir is on it.

  154. PDO says:

    Score here and go from there?

  155. Lowetide says:

    The shots of MacT on the bench tonight have been epic. Kind of like Shelley Duvall when Jack Nicholson puts his face through the door and says “here’s Johnny.”

  156. Smarmy Boss says:

    So which golf course do you think the boys were having beers at this afternoon?

  157. DBO says:

    something new on the PP that is not working would be nice. having a hard time being positive.

  158. Chris says:

    I think I’m just going to spend the playoffs cheering for Ovechkin.

  159. Matt N says:

    Principe interviews Bettman at the intermission while the Oil are down 3-0 to the Gretzky led ex-Winnipeg Jets during a desperate must win playoff push game.

    Am I in hell? Did I die on the comute home and didn’t know about it?

  160. oilerdago says:

    Yes, get the tee times set and sing goodbye to the coach. 8 games and 1 period left.

  161. PunjabiOil says:

    The Oilers will need to go 5-3 to make the playoffs.

    Going to be difficult; lots of home games, but games gainst Vancouver, Calgary, and SJ at home will make it awfully difficult (who are all jockying for position themeselves).

    The Oilers had their chances throughout the season but fucked them up. Third period blown leads in recent weeks against Calgary, Nashville, Montreal, Atlanta, Detroit, and possibly others have put them on the outside looking in.

    Fire Kevin Lowe.

  162. Quinn says:

    I am very excited about draft day. I wonder if we can trade up from 6th spot?

  163. Bruce says:

    Well if Phoenix is the second worst team in the conference, we know who The Worst is. They’re toying with us.

    As for something new on the powerplay, I liked the one where Souray, Grebeshkov and Hemsky make 13 passes among themselves, finally spring Hemsky with a little space and Ales buttonhooks and takes it back to the point.


  164. PunjabiOil says:

    The executioner, Liam Reddox, is -2.

    Pisani has been junk too this year. He doesn’t bring the 5 on 5 offense anymore either.

  165. Lucinius says:

    Ugh, so very painful. What’s amusing is how its mainly been our strong defensive lines getting so horribly out-played in our own end. We just look so weak on the puck tonight.

    Oh well, I guess it was to be expected from this Oiler team.

  166. mc79hockey says:

    Yup. It`s pretty much over. Up 5 points on 9th a week ago.

    After tonight – tied for 9th with St. Louis, and Minnesota 10th only a point back.

    Massive choke job.

    Am I crazy? @CHI, @MIN, Detroit in Edmonton. 1-2 ain’t half bad. This loss tonight is going to be a killer.

  167. George B says:

    Ugly. Just ugly.

  168. Lord Bob says:

    When we draft Viktor Hedman, do you think we should leave him to rot on the vine in Europe until he’s 24 or sign him immediately and give him four minutes every two games until his confidence is utterly shot and coach-GM-president Craig MacTavish eventually finds him dangling by his neck in his hotel room, before telling Gene Principe that his death came because he wasn’t backchecking hard enough?

  169. jon k says:

    Hoegarden’s is amazing. Good call.

  170. PunjabiOil says:

    As for something new on the powerplay, I liked the one where Souray, Grebeshkov and Hemsky make 13 passes among themselves, finally spring Hemsky with a little space and Ales buttonhooks and takes it back to the point.

    That powerplay is evidence enough that MacT needs to go.

    Souray is a good weapon on the PP, but isn’t Pronger who could run the PP.

    MacT is a dummy.

  171. Quinn says:

    Lord Bob,
    you forget option three. Turn him into a “checker” with a minus rating.

  172. Matt N says:

    Switching to Jim Beam for the third. Willing to blow a shift tomorrow if it brings us a third period rally.

  173. Lowetide says:

    Astounding game. I mean, this has been a weird season and all but man this club needs to win tonight.

    And they looked fine to me. Soft goal, but you respond right?


  174. Dennis says:

    Chances: 4-8; 4-7 EV; 0-1 ST.

    PJO: Well, time may be catching up with 34 and it’s hard to be viable when you’re not bringing any offense. I wasn’t picking on 85 as much as I was having fun with MacT saying he gets up in the morning and executes.

    I know a good nickname when I see one:)

    From now on, I’ll also refer to the PP as “Souray Souray Souray” until we score two PP goals in a game.

    Anyway, I’ve got enough of the propaganda for tonight. I’m gonna watch the third period and make my notes but I’m listening to Sports Rage on hardcoresportsradio.com

    It’s a really good show.

  175. Quinn says:

    LT you forget this team has the iron inner core of a roasted marshmallow.

  176. knighttown says:

    Beyond me how you guys in the VW can possibly think bringing back MacTavish is the right move for this team. Put Lowe on the funeral pyre if you need to but for a team at the Cap with an excellent Top 7 D core this team is in the conversation for most disappointing team in the NHL, with Dallas, Anaheim and Montreal.

  177. godot10 says:

    //As for something new on the powerplay, I liked the one where Souray, Grebeshkov and Hemsky make 13 passes among themselves, finally spring Hemsky with a little space and Ales buttonhooks and takes it back to the point.//

    Hemsky has been in the league, what, eight years, and doesn’t know how to attack that gap. Turris has been in the league 50 games and does.

  178. PunjabiOil says:

    Back in the 1980′s the Oilers won the Stanley Cup 5 times in 7 years.

    In the 2000′s, the Oilers missed the playoffs 5 times in 7 years.

    It’s quite sad, actually.

  179. DBO says:

    since our pp suchs. what about adopting the canadian juniors PP?
    1 – 3 – 1
    Souray at the top. hemsky and Gilbert/Grebeshkov on the sides, with Penner in the middle and Horcoff/gagner/o’Sullivan at the bottom. I liked how that PP worked, and it opens up the down low play. of which we have used all of one time all year.

  180. doritogrande says:

    fuck tonight, I’m going to play NHL09 and make myself feel better.

  181. Lowetide says:

    Well MacT’s time may have come and this team certainly doesn’t seem to have much in the way of comeback but I still think MacTavish is a helluva coach.

  182. gary b says:

    here we go Oilers, here we go.

  183. Quinn says:

    My beloved wife is back from a week away and does not believe I can spend an evening with her without typing on the computer and periodically cursing. For the sake of my marriage, good night and I hope for a miraculous third period I curse missing the rest of my life.

    Is Stan Weir getting the call up?

  184. Dennis says:

    LT: you Also believed in Lupul and Smid;)

  185. godot10 says:

    MacT choked big time this year.

  186. DBO says:

    LT: hell of a coach or not. 8 years is enugh. lost the room. insert tired line here. Change it up. start new. get a new drink. I hope we get a career coach who knows system play. just need a change in voice.

  187. DBO says:

    Someone show some emotion. At this point I’ll take a moreau glove to someone’s face.

  188. Lucinius says:

    I’ve never understood the support for Mat or Lowe, but I disagreed with them being brought in to begin with. Mact isn’t a horrible coach or such, but I dislike the style of his coaching and his general attitude, and its not like he’s had a history of delivering results with the team.

    The one run aside (blessed that run may have been, though), the team has been a mixture of disappointment and inconsistency.

    But I don’t like how much of the Oiler’s organization is run.

  189. Bruce says:

    I got Kotalik to break the ice.

    He only scores in games that are out of reach.

  190. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: Yes I did.

    DBO: I’d peg our chances of getting a better coach at less than 50%. Seriously.

  191. DBO says:

    mac blender?
    horc – O’Sullivan-Kotalik
    Gagner – hemsky- Nilsson?penner?

  192. Bruce says:

    The ref blows the play for a frozen puck for the first time since 1996.

  193. DBO says:

    LT: at this point I don’t expect a better coach just a different one. A new voice is needed. A new attitude in the room. Sometimes you just need a change.

  194. Bruce says:

    Hemsky looks like he has completely run out of ideas.

  195. DBO says:

    is that Ethan Moreau on the PP. Am i drunk?

  196. Bruce says:

    Yes it is, and it’s not you that’s drunk. Well maybe you are too.

  197. Aram says:

    oh man, they’re playing “private eye” to add to the misery that is tonight…

  198. Lowetide says:

    DBO: And we’re starting all over again. A lot of smart people are looking at this team’s record and forgetting just how many games MacT entered with fewer actual NHL players than the other guy.

    PLUS a lack of balance. Every damn year.

  199. Icecastles says:

    193 comments… No fun scrolling through that on an iPhone. Thank god the gallows humor on here tonight. Fellow cynics are about the only enjoyable thing in this game.

    I was thinking Strudwick deserves a star on this game, but then I remembered he’s not actually a Coyote.

    Aaaah! Private Eyes! Okay that has to be a good sign.

  200. DBO says:

    I am officially done. Ethan Moreau on the PP. good coach, shitty in game decisions and terrible personnel decisions. you can be a smart guy (which he apparently is), but if you can’t get your team to play and make confusing and terrible in game decisions you suck. So angry.

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