Oilers at Ducks, G75/08-09

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  1. Lucinius says:

    Don’t know, Bruce… the line-ups for most of this year have been mind-boggling. Its a pity either Penner or Stortini will sit next game (if things go as usual).

  2. Quinn says:

    Tanks danny

  3. Bruce says:

    Lucinius: yeah, better get Reddox back in there before he loses his confidence.

  4. oilerdago says:

    You have to be kidding me on that call?

  5. PDO says:

    Officiating in this game is terrible.

  6. Lucinius says:

    I liked how you could hear the few OIler fans calling Rollie.

    And yes, best we get Reddox back in. Wouldn’t want to be deprived of his important contributions. After all, he had a concussion recently, so he’s due two games ala Gretzky.

  7. Quinn says:

    Yeah, that makes sense

  8. Lucinius says:

    Neidermayer pulled a Horcoff!

  9. Quinn says:

    Roli you magnificent oil consuming, non-stop robot, you.

  10. Icecastles says:

    Tis is starting to remind me of that Oilers-Canucks game last year where it took ten minutes to get through the last 30 seconds.

  11. Bruce says:

    Good job these refs are cracking down on the puck over glass and too many men infractions. That’ll learn ‘em.

    How many free punches does Selanne get before they ever call a goddam penalty on him?

  12. Bruce says:

    Does Anaheim qualify as a large American market? This game is sure being reffed as if it were.

  13. Lord Bob says:

    Look on the bright side, Bruce. In ten years, Ales Hemsky is going to be able to shoot a man in the face on the ice and not receive a penalty.

  14. oilerdago says:

    Roli with another incredible save.

  15. Lord Bob says:


  16. Bruce says:

    It’s 5 on 4 when Pronger and Getzlaf move in, Roli gets in there and evens it up and that’s a penalty. Ferfuxsake.

  17. oilerdago says:

    That’s the 2nd or 3rd time Smid’s had his pocket picked. Stop that for crying out loud.

  18. Lucinius says:

    Strudwick has to be one of the last players on the team you want to be the trailer on that, haha.

  19. Bruce says:

    Of all the people on the planet why did that have to be Strudwick?

  20. Scott says:

    Smid really hasn’t been skating away from pressure well this game. That’s twice I’ve noticed him get stripped trying to skate it out.

  21. Quinn says:

    Awwww man

  22. Bruce says:

    Six fucking powerplays for nothing now. SIX. Every one of them a cheesy call or a technicality.

  23. Lucinius says:

    No good deed goes unpunished, indeed.


    So we should get another penalty soon to send the ducks back to a 5 – 3.

  24. Black Dog says:

    thanks danny

  25. Lord Bob says:

    Benito Archundia apparently refereeing this game.

    (What can I say? I’m full of the soccer today.)

  26. Quinn says:

    Someone clear it over the boards. Hurry!

  27. Black Dog says:

    L.B. – happy about Mitchell, eh? Do you know anything about the new womens’ coach?

  28. Icecastles says:

    Oilers are going to win 9 of their last 8 games. They will be that good.

    And with that, I have to miss the rest of this one for a stupid date. She’d better be really really nice. Of all the games to miss… have fun, everyone.

  29. Lucinius says:

    So what do you throw onto the ice if Penner gets a hat trick? Hats or food? *Cough*

    He deserves it, though. He’s certainly played well tonight.

  30. Quinn says:

    //Benito Archundia apparently refereeing this game.//

    So deep I didn’t catch the reference – but I assume someone died as a result?

  31. Scott says:

    Did you actually cancel your date Icecastles?

  32. Icecastles says:

    Scott- no, I’m just waiting until the veeeeeery last minute to leave the house. Which is now.

  33. PDO says:

    You better hit a double.

  34. Bruce says:

    JFJ: 1 hit, +1, 5 PiM, total TOI 0:22.

  35. Lord Bob says:

    Black Dog: ecstatic about Mitchell. Honestly, I give MacTavish stick, but Mitchell was worse. MacTavish is a superb teacher and knows a lot about how to play hockey, even if he doesn’t know a lot about how to manage it. Mitchell hasn’t got so much of that.

    Regarding the new womens’ manager, Carolina Morace – well, I was a bigger Pellerud fan than just about anybody left breathing, but I find it amazingly positive that the CSA wasn’t afraid to go to Europe and pick up a big name coach with plenty of relevant experience. She stunk as the Italian manager, but she was a long, long way from the only woman to bomb out of that joint and their association just has problem with the women’s game.

  36. Lucinius says:

    He’s seriously only played 22 seconds!?


  37. Bruce says:

    Getzlaf is something.

  38. Schitzo says:

    Scott- no, I’m just waiting until the veeeeeery last minute to leave the house. Which is now.

    Man, and I’m looking at the clock wondering how late past my 10pm bedtime this game will go

  39. Lucinius says:

    Roloson clears the zone more consistently than the rest of the team.. kinda sad.

  40. Coach pb9617 says:

    Is Ales Kotalik the NHL-level Rob Schremp?

  41. Bruce says:

    We seriously need to work on our breakouts.

  42. Black Dog says:

    L.B. – yeah, likely not as big a fan as you but onto it enough to know that Mitchell was a complete disaster, talk of keeping him after this last campaign was frightening

    I liked Pellerud and I think he deserves a ton of credit for getting the program going but I thought they had gotten as far as they were going to under him. I haven’t the foggiest about the Italian but lets hope she can bring them further along.

    They’re at BMO soon I believe, may have to check them out.

    Ok, enough soccer talk. ;)

  43. Scott says:

    Souray works hard on the self-cycle against two guys eventually moving the puck to Kotalik who… throws it behind his back to a Duck.

  44. Coach pb9617 says:

    JFJ: 1 hit, +1, 5 PiM, total TOI 0:22.

    Reddox would have a goal and an execute and a try in that amount of time.

  45. Quinn says:

    Zorg takes on the Ducks, all by himself.

  46. Lucinius says:

    Nice to see them play physical for once. I just can’t believe some of these guys keep on getting sat.

  47. PunjabiOil says:

    Strudwick, Smid, Jacques, Brodziak, Stortini all on the ice at the same time.

    Consistently baffling decisions like those end up costing you over the long run.

    On an unrelated note, Lowetide didn’t utter a word and he’s already pushing for 300 plus comment. Lowetide is “The Rock” of the Oilogosphere.

  48. Lord Bob says:

    Black Dog: May 25 v. Japan! Good seats still available!

    (I’m actually a bigger Canada soccer fan than I am an Oilers fan. Which makes me highly concerned about long-term mental stability.)

  49. Bruce says:

    Nice shot by Smid. Had to be a lefty goalie. Kid can’t buy a break.

  50. rider guy says:

    awesome comments pjo…in the first period you say “why jacques and stortini are in the lineup is beyond me,” and after they combine to set up a huge goal by doing exactly what they are in the lineup to do, the only comment you can come up with is that the ice is terrible.

    it’s really quite sad, actually.

  51. Lucinius says:

    Not exactly a hard shot, though Bruce. He does need to work on that shot.

  52. Black Dog says:

    L.B. – yeah you’re young but definitely headed for the asylum with that lineup

    Great place to see a game, BMO. Will have to check it out, I think.

  53. Bruce says:

    I’ll bet Ladi would have scored on Giguere with that shot.

  54. Lucinius says:

    Maybe. Maybe with Giguere. He needs a goal something fierce. He makes Horcoff’s scoring issues look like nothing at all. What is it, 130 games since he’s scored?

  55. Quinn says:

    I don’t care what else Smid does offensively. He makes me not miss Matt Greene so much.

    PJO, that’s why I keep coming back. LT has the best stuff. I will go into withdrawl when the season is over.

  56. docweb says:

    Entertaining game at least.

    If only we had a PP that was a well oiled machine. I’m sure throwing Smid and Zorg out there will help though.

  57. Bruce says:

    Faceoffs through 2 (by weight):

    Horcoff 12-7, 63%
    Brodziak 3-6, 33%
    Gagner 2-5, 29%
    O’Sullivan 0-5, 0%
    Cogliano 0-2, 0%
    Moreau 0-1, 0%
    Penner 0-1, 0%
    Pisani 0-1, 0%
    Kotalik 1-0, 100%
    Stortini 1-0, 100%

    Oilers 19-28, 40%

    10 ! guys taking faceoffs, Horcoff with nearly all of the faceoff wins and 7 guys at 33% or below. At least we got Zorg.

  58. Lord Bob says:

    Clearly not “by weight” if Horcoff’s ahead of Penner.

  59. Bruce says:

    Lucinius: Maybe with Giguere tonight.

    Its easier to measure Ladi’s drought in calendar years. He’s coming up 2 in a week or so.

  60. Bruce says:

    OK, by volume. I’m measuring heavy lifting, and Horc’s doing more than his share. Only JFJ and Hemsky haven’t taken a draw among the forwards. Roli is stil waiting in the wings.

  61. PunjabiOil says:

    I just don’t hope we pull a “Vancouver 2005-2006 Canucks”

  62. Scott says:

    Strudwick, Smid, Jacques, Brodziak, Stortini all on the ice at the same time.

    Consistently baffling decisions like those end up costing you over the long run.

    But who was on the ice for the Ducks? If you dress the guys you’re going to play them some time. Seriously.

  63. Lucinius says:

    Roloson has tried to do everything else.. only fititng he take a draw.

    I’m still waiting for him to score a goal on one of his baseball swings. If only he could get both hands on the stick when swinging..

    Giguere doesn’t tend to play well when he gets mad/emotional, and we managed to get to him early tonight.

    So, yeah.. Smid missed his best chance to score for awhile, methinks.

  64. Bruce says:

    Kotalik draws another penalty. Hes taking this business of replacing Cole seriously.

  65. rider guy says:

    pjo: i don’t disagree with you on 12 playing well, but the chances have dried up the last couple games. in a game that you know is going to be physical, he’s probably going to be the guy to get the short straw because if he’s not producing offence, he’s probably not helping you. 22 and 46 definitely have an element that he doesn’t. given that macdt isn’t going to take out “THE CAPTAIN”, at this sate of the game, 12 is the most obvious option i’m afraid.

    as for wheat…if you’re just farming wheat you aren’t making money. you’ve got to diversify into lentils my good man!!

  66. PunjabiOil says:

    I do hope they retain Kotalik. Preferably one of Moreau/Pisani goes to balance the ledger, but it will probably be Nilsson.

  67. Lucinius says:

    If he can actually replace Cole by the time the regular season ends I’ll be very happy. Not a big price to get him. I’m not a huge fan of our drafting, though, so..

  68. PDO says:

    Moreau is fucking useless.

  69. Lucinius says:

    Jebus. Can we try not to play protect the lead? We suck at it.

  70. oilerdago says:

    The most dangerous lead for the Oilers is a 1 goal lead. This period is not making me feel good right now.

  71. Bruce says:

    Putrid powerplay with a chance to put it away. And bam, it’s 4-3. This team’s lack of killer instinct is its Achilles heel. One of them at least.

  72. Scott says:

    That was just terrible. Souray points at the guy. Staios delays. Souray goes over. Pass across. Goal. Yuck.

    This 1-2-2 business really hasn’t treated us well over the last couple of games.

  73. rider guy says:

    once again the pp has a chance to bury a team and does absolutely nothing except give the opponent life.

    good call on roli taking the faceoffs bruce. with that wide paddle he’d be awesome *cue flashback to last nights discussion*

  74. PDO says:

    Officials continue to stick it to the Oilers.


  75. Lord Bob says:

    This team genuinely dosen’t know what to do when they have the lead.

    I hate to say it… but it seems like coaching. When they’re down and out, they loosen up. They go for it. They play decent hockey. But so long as MacTavish is interested in preserving a lead, they grip their sticks too tightly, play strict formations that never work, and screw up all the time.

  76. knighttown says:

    This coach is a fucking joke. You can’t sit back like this for an entire game an expect to win. Even if they get two points, if they give up an extra point to the Ducks it may come back to haunt them.

  77. danny says:

    You just know that tonight will be yet another in a seemingly never-ending string of epic disappointments.

  78. Lord Bob says:

    Every time I think I’m in, they shove me back out!

  79. rider guy says:

    that’s a penalty, in the 3rd period of what’s essentialy a playoff game? van mustache-hoven and his friend are doing their best to wreck a fantastic game.

  80. quain says:

    I don’t understand it, I mean he spent a good portion of an interview talking about how the team doesn’t keep its foot on the gas when it has the lead and it just lets teams keep hammering them.

    And then they do this again and again and again. The coach is either a liar or isn’t quite explaining his vision of the Oiler Trap to his team.

  81. rider guy says:

    NO. it’s not a freaking tv timeout. don’t make us miss the game. are quinn and debrusk even watching the game tonight?

  82. Coach pb9617 says:

    I’m too lazy to check nhl.com — has Andrew Cogliano been deactivated?

  83. Lucinius says:

    Of course he plays his best games when he faces that many shots DeBrusk.. he has to!


    We really need to win this, but if it weren’t for Giguere we’re even in it.

  84. PDO says:

    This is fucking ridiculous.

  85. Bruce says:

    How many giveaways in our zone tonight? It seems like a thousand. Another unforced error, and another Anaheim powerplay. This can’t continue.

    Steve Staios needs a lesson from Walter Gretzky on chasing the puck where it’s going to be.

  86. docweb says:

    Wow, this is brutal.

    Even a modicum of offense would be useful at this point.

  87. quain says:

    The last ten minutes has been special teams, but he got two shifts prior to that block.

  88. PDO says:

    Double minor.

    Fucking hell.

    I wouldn’t be so mad if Anaheim hadn’t been given a million PP’s for no reason already.

  89. Coach pb9617 says:

    Say good night Gracie.

  90. Quinn says:

    I am at this moment watching a chick flick with my wife at the most emotive part. And this game and the comments thread is making for a most surreal experience.

    Highly recommend it.

  91. Lucinius says:

    It will continue Bruce. Its how we play in our end. its a problem that’s plagued us for awhile now. We panic in our zone and struggle to get it out, win battles cleanly and all too often take moronic penalties.

    Its depressing because that should not be a weakness in a team coached by Mact.

  92. Scott says:

    After this PP Anaheim may well have more PP shots than we have total. That’s not usually a good sign.

  93. oilerdago says:

    Like dying a thousand deaths.

  94. Bruce says:

    It’s like a 5 on 0 powerplay out there. The Oilers are clearing the puck like their sticks are made of cooked spaghetti.

  95. Lucinius says:

    I’ll say this; Roloson is a bloody freak the way he keeps us in games we have no right to be in.

    I love the old man.

  96. slipper says:

    What a perfect ending to that shift: 2 straight minutes of PK endin a blast that naild iron and deflect out of play for a whistle.

    Thank-you Jesus, you are the one and true son of God.

  97. Quinn says:

    Hey Bruce,
    why play defence when you have a Rolobot 5000?

  98. Lord Bob says:

    God, some nights, Dwayne Roloson makes Glenn Hall look like Chico Resch, I swear to god.

  99. oilerdago says:

    Hemsky misses icing the game. Ugh.

  100. PDO says:

    Hemsky had a fucking tap in and the puck jumped. Christ.

    The Anaheim fans are bitching at the officials?


  101. slipper says:

    By the way, I’m on ludes.

  102. Lord Bob says:

    PDO: seriously, listen to the Anaheim radio feed sometime. These announcers are terrible homers. They’re the sorts of guys who talk about how Chris Pronger is a gritty but fundamentally clean player and Corey Perry is a classy guy who you hate to play against.

  103. slipper says:

    The Oilers are clearing the puck like their sticks are made of cooked spaghetti.

    I swear I invented this line when challenged to desribe Souray’s puck handling skills.

  104. Lord Bob says:

    Slipper: I swear I invented “the Blender” as Craig MacTavish’s nickname. Just consider it your sacrifice to the hockey gods. :P

  105. oilerdago says:

    After this game, anyone who ever complained about Roli’s contract way back when should be drawn and quartered at dawn. Roli has been unreal tonite.

  106. Bruce says:

    JF Jacques just proved conclusively to me he hasn’t got the hockey sense of a tsetse fly. Comes out of the box after his dumbass four minute minor, he has four teammates absolutely sucking wind, the puck comes right to him, and while still in the zone he passes the puck sideways to one of his teammates.

    There is only One play there, JF, take the puck, get it to vcentre, get it in deep, get the fuck off the ice, and say thank you.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb play.

  107. Lucinius says:

    Amount of time the PKers have put in tonight, Hemsky may get on for some PK time tonight just because he’s not dead of exhaustion. I feel sorry for Horcoff. Sure he has trouble finishing plays, but the man works his bloody ass off.

    And unlike Moreau doesn’t tend to screw the pooch doing so.

    So, bets on Moreau taking a penalty soon?

  108. Chris says:

    I said it the other night but man Roli looks like Roy out there some nights of late with the way he’s trying to single handedly win games.

    Is it wrong that I see Moreau on the ice towards the end of the game and my first tought is “please no stupid penalty..please”.

  109. PunjabiOil says:

    Blatent hooking not called.

  110. rider guy says:

    yeah kevin, great defensive play there by strudwick, except the part where he lost it in his own end and almost ended up costing us the tying goal. other than that, it was great though.

  111. Bruce says:

    Where’s your fucking penalty now, ass wipe? Clear hook on Strudwick.

  112. PunjabiOil says:

    Sorry, meant holding the stick.

  113. PDO says:

    How the fuck did Selanne net get a holding the stick penalty.

    This is fucking retarded.

  114. Scott says:

    I think the saving grace of all those penalties early is that the Oilers will need to do something completely filthy to get another one.

    Strudwick and Smid in the last three minutes seems like asking for trouble though.

  115. oilerdago says:

    Selanne does a very nice job holding Struds stick.

  116. slipper says:

    At this point in their careers I’m sure glad Smid is on our side and Prongers players for them. Ecspecially in the final two minutes of a game.

    Smid is like ativan on skates.

  117. Quinn says:

    No no no not holding the stick. Gently encouraging him not to skate. C’mon stop being so one sided gentlemen.

  118. Lord Bob says:

    The Anaheim announcers think it was disgraceful the way Strudwick’s stick obstructed Selanne’s hands like that.

  119. Lucinius says:

    Reffing in this league is a joke. I was watching a recent Washington game and it was embarrassing with the non calls and soft calls.

  120. oilerdago says:


  121. PunjabiOil says:

    Great job by Hemsky on that empty net goal.

  122. Bruce says:

    Stuff that puck up your ass, ref.

  123. PDO says:

    Oilers win!!! FUCK THE DUCKS!!!

  124. Chris says:

    Kotalik! Only turned away once by a wide open net!

  125. PunjabiOil says:

    Character win tonight. Need to keep it going witha win on sunday.

  126. Bruce says:

    This is one of those games where you take the win, And take the fine.

  127. Scott says:

    Well, I hope IceCastles is having a good date:


  128. Chris says:

    They ought to get four points for that one they beat the Ducks and the refs *insert drumroll and cymbol crash here*

  129. jon k says:

    What a game to miss the first two periods.

  130. Quinn says:

    So that’s what, 200 shots given up in the last three games?

    Still, nice to see a win.

  131. rider guy says:

    that game took about 10 years off my life i’m sure.

  132. Bruce says:

    22-51-46 with the game winning goal. Sweet.

    I still think Stortini tipped it, but you know what? It don’t matter.

  133. Lord Bob says:

    HBomb’s not back yet, right?

    Because GOILERS!

  134. quain says:

    This game? It didn’t happen. I don’t know how we got two points, but it’s on the standings, even though we never played this game.

    I don’t want to see it in the Corsi charts, I don’t want to see Dennis’s scoring chances, because this game never happened.

  135. danny says:

    im exhausted.

  136. Lucinius says:

    Totally, Bruce. You have to call out the refs on that. Its just pathetic and a reason why the NHL has trouble being taken seriously anywhere.

    The fact its taboo on holding the officials responsible for crapping the bed is a disgrace. The worst thing is, the Oilers don’t even get the worst of it.

  137. rider guy says:

    cue macT with the “spastic” and “retarded call” postgame comments.

  138. PunjabiOil says:

    Hopefully LA does us a favour by beating Nashville tommorow. The Flames at home against Minnesota, and Columbus vs St. Louis.

    Some OOTS help is needed.

  139. Chris says:

    Bruce this team is definately better with Sortini in and Reddox out. Although what’s up with the Zorg nickname?

    Sortini does collect the most colourful nicknames on this club tough, Huggy Bear, L Column, Zorg.

  140. Garth says:

    Okay, this game inspired me to finally post something here.
    A win is a win is a win, but, my god, were the two teams on the ice even playing the same sport this evening? I recognize that the Ducks played a fine game of hockey, but what on earth were those Oilers up to?

  141. PunjabiOil says:

    im exhausted.

    When you come home from work, you want to sit back and enjoy the game.

    The Oilers make it just as stressful as the office.

  142. Lord Bob says:

    Although what’s up with the Zorg nickname?

    A GDT many moons ago where somebody called him Zack, and someone else called him Zach, and eventually we went through basically every name beginning with ‘Z’ any of us could think of.

    Zorg stuck.

  143. Lucinius says:

    Just imagine how Rollie feels, PJO. The man deserves to be re-signed. I don’t care, he’s the only reason we’re still in the playoff mix you have to try and re-sign him.

  144. Quinn says:

    Zorg is also the best character in one of the most enjoyable sci-fi films of all time. Memorable, just like Storts.

  145. rider guy says:

    added bonus: christopher was -3 on the night. lauren’s going to give him hell when he gets home:)

  146. quain says:

    So, crawling back to “The Big Z”, like a bird on it’s belly. Delicious!

  147. oilerdago says:

    He looks like a Zorg, he plays like a Zorg, he smells like a Zorg.

    HE’S ZORG!

    Besides, it beats Zuk.

  148. Quinn says:

    Hey does anyone know who got first star tonight? Anyone?

  149. Swabbubba says:

    what a game… way to go… Tuesday game is going to be war,,,

  150. Chris says:

    Ouch watching the high lights that Perry goal was ugly. It looks like something out of the EA sports NHL series where you deke the entire freaking team.

  151. Lucinius says:

    Quinn: Rollie got it.

  152. knighttown says:

    Are we really going to blame that effort on the refs? There wasn’t a single call I thought was blatantly bad and only O’Sullivan’s trip really bothered me. When you never have the puck for 3 hours, the other team doesn’t need to obstruct you very often.

    I try not to get too upset when the Oiler play well and lose so conversely I’m livid with tonight’s effort. Back-to-back, road game, hot opponent blah, blah.

    It took a goalie posting Rod Carew numbers for save percentage AND the greatest achievement in the history of sports by Roloson to win the game. Actually, it was probably top 5 moments in World history after the resurrection, man on the moon and the invention of the Snuggie blanket.

    I’ve been banging this drum since the Habs game I attended but why won’t they play the same way with a lead as they do when they’re tied? Anyone?

  153. knighttown says:

    Theoretical question. If this team could somehow turn it on, how scary does facing Dwayne Roloson (again) seem to the Wings?

  154. Lucinius says:

    Knight; I don’t blame the refs for how they played the game, no. How they play with the lead is dumb. Edmonton can’t play “protect the lead” to save their soul. I don’t understand why they keep tying to.

    Edmonton is at its best when its play aggressive offensive and hard-hitting hockey. They players seem to enjoy it more to boot (big surprise). Its going to burn you now and then, but its not like they’re doing much better trying to play defensively to protect the lead and end up just getting hemmed into our own end.

    Until Edmonton learns to consistently get the puck out of their own zone they should be slapped upside their collective heads when they try to play like that.

    The refs, however, missed a lot of blatant penalties by the Ducks, especially Selanne. The guy gets away with damn near bloody murder in front of the ref all the time.

  155. gary b says:

    note to Sparky Kulchinsky:

    after he’s been patched up and rubbed with salve, please ensure Roli is wrapped in bubblewrap and placed CAREFULLY into his fluffy feather-down-lined carrying case. and maybe duct tape some foam around the whole shebang while you’re at it.

  156. Bruce says:

    Zorg, a man who can hurt you many different ways.

  157. gary b says:

    love Zorg, love that movie, but Milla is the best part, IMHO.

  158. docweb says:

    Remember how Grebs used to make at least one boneheaded play per game??

    Now its Gilbert and unfortunately almost every time he makes his one bad play it ends up in the net.

  159. Bruce says:

    Gary: I thought they just packed Roli into the portable hyperbaric chamber between games.

    Slipper: I thought your line was that Souray played like his stick was made of rubber. It was a perfect description. Spaghetti works too, didn’t mean to steal it though. But tonight it applied to any Oiler who got the puck in his own zone, it seemed.

    As for the Zorg moniker, that one’s mine. Love the movie, love the character, love the other character too. But you had to be there the night of the Zed thread.

    Gary: Mmmmmmilla mmmmmmade the the mmmmmmovie. Incredibly fucking hot.

  160. Robert says:


    The management has not managed.
    The coaches have not coached
    The leaders have not lead

    The win in Anaheim was one player not a team effort. 50+ shot vs 20. For a team that is supposedly fighting for a playoff spot it was another poor effort.

    Change is necessary and long overdue.

  161. Risto Siltanen says:

    I’ve been banging this drum since the Habs game I attended but why won’t they play the same way with a lead as they do when they’re tied? Anyone?

    When Dan Barnes was on Gregor’s show the day the Hemsky story was printed, he mentioned a couple things that were not in the article.

    One thing that stuck with me was that Hemsky gave Barnes an example of his frustration.

    MacTavish specifically forbid the defensemen from making the lower percentage stretch pass to Hemsky with speed if they had the lead or it was tied.

    I am convinced that MacTavish is in the player’s heads and some fo them play with some fear of making mistakes, especially with the lead.

    Any time an elite level athlete has to think while they are performing the results are much less than when they just read and react.

    Crash Davis was right, “Don’t think, you’ll just hurt the ball team”

    When they need the next goal they are doing much more reading and reacting, and doing what got them to the NHL.

    Good vetern players like Horcoff and Pisani can play good safe hockey while in read and react. The younger players still have to work on making that style of play second nature.

    The result is spastic scrambly play.

    I’m sure MacTavish is constantly trying to teach them to make “the safe play” automatically, but being able to switch how you read and react takes times and experience.

    Throwing the odd player under the bus and in the PB doesn’t help them play any cooler under pressure either.

    Most of our players are 25 and younger and didn’t get good defensive coaching until they got to the NHL.

    The Oilers of the fabled 06 run were great under pressure. They played the rope-a-dope against the Wings to T. Give them the outside and never let them get a rebound, score when you can.

    Most players on this team do not have much experience trying to play that way, and they end up thinking to much, panicing and under performing.

    Couple this with veterns who tend to panic under pressure (Souray, Staios, Moreau, Strudwick) and it gets real ugly, real fast.

    No Pronger (or Vis) back there to slow everything down when they get the puck so they can get their collective shit together.

    Having Vis and Bouwmeester anchoring your top 2 pairings would put a stop to most of the running around in your own zone bullshit fairly quickly.

  162. Icecastles says:

    Back from my date. Not going to read any of your comments or check the official site until I can watch the Game in an Hour on Sportsnet at 1am. Though I see I missed a call from my dad, and he usually only phones me when they win. Fingers crossed. Is it foolish to wear my lucky jersey to watch a taped game?

  163. Risto Siltanen says:

    Is it foolish to wear my lucky jersey to watch a taped game?


  164. hunter1909 says:

    “Back from my date”.

    How did it go?

  165. Icecastles says:

    Good date. Turns out we have insanely overlapping taste in music which is rare when your favourite bands are things like Aphex Twin, Autechre, Amon Tobin and other unpronounceable things that start with A. :) She’sfrom Ottawa but she’s a Habs fan, so points for taste and courage there.

    Thanks for posting the Kotalik song, Chris! That page is vital to keepin Ales2 pumped. He checks in here, you know.

    Not the best game, think I probably saw the most exciting half before I went out, but what more can be said about Roli? The man should be a Vezina candidate. I know he won’t be, but I’m biased. Also really nice to see Zorg have such a productive night again after getting back in, and Penner get a pair against his old team.

    Last comment -62 minutes of penalties!? I know Aneheim always takes a lot, but is Edmonton’s new strategy to improve the PK by spending half the game being forced to work on it? Insane.

  166. Dennis says:

    I was out tonight but I taped the game and just finished watching it – I had the chances 16-42.

    I’ll read all the comments tomorrow but I’ll just close by saying that oriental businessmen have felt shame for less things than the PK’s performance tonight.

  167. R3dm3n8c3 says:

    This coach is a fucking joke. You can’t sit back like this for an entire game an expect to win.

    This team genuinely dosen’t know what to do when they have the lead.

    I hate to say it… but it seems like coaching

    The most dangerous lead for the Oilers is a 1 goal lead.

    The coach is either a liar or isn’t quite explaining his vision of the Oiler Trap to his team.

    The Oilers are:
    19-4-1 leading after 1 period
    22-1-2 leading after 2 periods

    This certainly does not jive with some of the views expressed here, as painful as it can be to watch.

  168. Coach pb9617 says:

    This certainly does not jive with some of the views expressed here, as painful as it can be to watch.

    Considering the amount of goals given up in the last minute of periods this year, do you have this data broken out by intra-period leads?

  169. Doogie2K says:

    She’sfrom Ottawa but she’s a Habs fan, so points for taste and courage there.

    Well, before the Sens, it was either Leafs or Habs, and pretty evenly split; my boss is an Ottawa native and a Habs fan himself. Probably got it from her parents. That being said, yes indeed, points for taste.

  170. HBomb says:

    Lord Bob: Thanks for filling in on the `Rolled Oates`.

    Anyways, terrible officiating but good result last night. Glad I have tickets for Tuesday. I want to see Sheldon Souray be the one to deliver to Corey Perry what’s been coming to him since the day he set foot in the NHL. The cross-checking penalty at the end of the first was bad because the Oil were already down two men…and I 100% approved of it.

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