Samwise The Hurdler

Last season, Sam Gagner struggled mightily for much of the year and then caught fire at the end of January.

In the season’s final 29 games (starting Feb 1 of 2007) Gagner scored 9 goals while chipping in 19 assists (.966 points per game). In his previous 50 games last year, he went 4-17-21 (.420).

This season, from the beginning of February through last night Gagner has played 17 games and scored 6 goals while adding 3 assists (.529 points per game). In his previous 43 games, he’d scored 4-13-17 (.395 points per game).

Can we expect a point-per-game clip from here until season’s end? I don’t think we can project that kind of improvement as Gagner is unlikely to get the kind of playing time he did a year ago (remember the injuries last season).

It’s also interesting to see how well he’s doing with the secondary numbers. His 5×5/60 this season was 0.77 on December 14th and 1.27 on February 23. Today it’s 1.55.

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22 Responses to "Samwise The Hurdler"

  1. reijo29 says:

    I think Gags is definitely having the bounces go his way of late and it kind of dispels the myth that he and 26 were tied together in terms of production.
    I hope he can continue to be productive (.75 ppg would make me very happy) as I think it is necessary in order to get into the playoffs and not get swept once there. Still holding out hope that we finish 6th & play the Flames in the first round.
    It's too bad that now that we have the glimmer of a 2nd line we can't get anything significant out of the 1st line.
    It will be interesting to see the lineup tomorrow night if Moreau draws back in (for Reddox?).
    Hopefully Souray can play, not that optimistic though.
    Looked at schedule and we should be able to win or at least get points in 10-11 of our final games, I think that should get us in the playoffs.

  2. HBomb says:

    I hope that Moreau drawing back in tomorrow night doesn’t mean

    a) Penner sits again

    b) He automatically goes back on the 3rd line

    Knowing that it’s THE CAPTAIN though, he’ll get preference over 27 if they only make one lineup change.

    If it was me….


    Of course, this probably means we’ll see Moreau on the 1st line and Penner eating popcorn.

  3. Lowetide says:

    Moreau is needed on that line for faceoffs.

  4. Schitzo says:

    Moreau is needed on that line for faceoffs

    You’re not helping my blood pressure any.

  5. oilerdago says:

    I thought we needed Moreau for his ability to take a penalty 200 feet from the net?

  6. Lowetide says:

    Nah, we got lots of those guys. :-)

    Also, Andrew Cogliano has really been playing well lately (offensively) and I wonder if there’s been a step forward there too.

  7. docweb says:

    Moreau is needed on that line for faceoffs

    Making the trek for the game tomorrow.

    Maybe I should pack my nitro!

    I know the problem watching live without a trained eye but…

    To me Gagner just seems too slow, too small, and too prone to the bad pass. Yes, I know he is young.

    But..Cogs has speed (can’t teach that) and gets his points despite poor linemates, limited overall ice time, and no PP time at all.

    In two years I would be surprised (pleasantly mind you) to see Gags in the same statistical spot.

  8. reijo29 says:

    Hbomb – Those are the lines I would run with as well. However. I think 21 stays in and 27 sits for as many games as 12 did (4-5).

    I wouldn't mind seeing 27 play w/ 13&34 again. 18 on 4th line and 19 on 1st line.

    I imagine we will see.


    Maybe he'll put 19 on 1st line and sit 21 but I doubt it.

    It doesn't make sense to me but nothing ever does with big Mac T.

    Do we have to send someone down to bring Pecks up? Or is there no longer a roster limit(just transaction limit)?

  9. Lowetide says:

    There’s no limit know iirc.

  10. Icecastles says:

    Also, Andrew Cogliano has really been playing well lately (offensively) and I wonder if there’s been a step forward there too.

    you’re right, they better get off their asses and bench him. Damn showoff.

  11. Coach pb9617 says:

    I can’t believe this entry isn’t about Pocklington’s arrest.


    I think Gags is definitely having the bounces go his way of late and it kind of dispels the myth that he and 26 were tied together in terms of production.

    When he’s on, he meshes well with a bunch of different guys, but if he’s going to keep getting some tougher minutes, he neds some size around him. Strangely, Pouliot provides that. Pouliot has been working the walls well lately, adn he and Gagner play well in a phonebooth.

    To me Gagner just seems too slow, too small, and too prone to the bad pass.

    That’s getting better, slowly, but it’s getting better.

    If it was me….

    You forgot Carter.

  12. reijo29 says:

    Guys, got some information from a very reliable source that Mac T WILL resign if we miss playoffs.

    Just wondering if you guys would trade missing playoffs for a new Coach?

    Also, saw some pictures of the new Arena/Shopping/Retail/Office complex that Katz wants to build. Looks sweet, quite a better different then what Gene Dub threw out there a couple months back.

    Noticed that Forbes newest list is out and it has Katz listed as the 468th richest man in the world, with a net worth of 1.5 bilion. I think that's up from last year, one of the few.

    Back to Ganger though. I really think he needs to start next year with Hemmer. However, in order to do this I think we need a Bang & Crash 1st line LW. Legitimate Ideas Anyone?

  13. Matt Sletto says:

    Time to bring back the kid line?

    Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Nilsson – Cogliano – Gagner
    Kotalik – O’Sullivan – Pisani
    Moreau – Brodziak – Stortini

  14. Icecastles says:

    Am I the only one at a loss as to where the ‘Louise’ handle came from?

  15. docweb says:


    As much as I think it would benefit the young guys to get in the playoffs, and as much as I would love to be there for another couple of playoff games…

    If you could tell me that it would mean Lowe would get canned (which I think we all know won’t happen), MacT would resign (which is unlikely), and we would get a much better draft pick (which really is a crapshoot considering how close the race is) then I would gladly give up the playoffs.

    But.. in other words, might as well cheer to make the playoffs as at least it is a tangible payoff.

  16. Brett Gee 英 明 says:

    Getting back to things…

    I love the way Sam has been playing lately. It’s certain that he’s been getting some bounces, but the main thing is that he’s burying them. I hope he can stay confident.

    How about a 21-89-83 line?

    Please, please put Atlanta in their place. I want to see at least 8-1.

  17. bookie says:

    I’ve been saying that this is a team of finishers, Lowe put together a team of guys that don’t really show up until about March…so watch out!

    Ok, I haven’t really been saying that (maybe once), but now I am! Cause that is where hope lays (or lies?)!

  18. Lowetide says:

    kris: There is that condition (can’t remember what it’s called) where a person is influenced by the lack of sunlight.

    Maybe that’s the problem. Might be hurting the PP too. :-)

  19. kris says:

    The condition is called ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder.’

    Unless you mean the condition the whole team has, which is called ‘seasonal win-loss disorder.’ Its prevalent amongst young impoverished teams and geriatric teams too.

  20. Coach pb9617 says:

    What about Tom Fitzgerald for coach?

    Kotalik – O’Sullivan – Pisani

    Kotalik and Pisani on the same line reminds me of a Three Dog Night song.

  21. knighttown says:

    Just got back in from Montreal and I’m a day late with this post I suppose. Stayed in the same hotel as the Oilers and had a chance to interact with a few of them in the lobby while they were waiting for the bus. They all seemed very nice especially Stortini who more or less came and talked to me. He feels very good about contributing and when i told him he and 51 have a certain chemistry, he said 51 gets it deep and he goes and gets it. “Pretty Simple”.

    I asked Hemsky who was going to be on his portside and he said Kotalik. With Coach and Bruce’s brainwashing, I couldn’t help but mention that I thought Penner should be there. I told him I’d talk to Craig about it and he chuckled.

    Anyway, on to the game. 10 rows up, center ice and man that’s the way a game should be watched. The minutiae is less noticeable than on the big screen but you can see some trends. The conversation in my section was ALL about why the Oilers kept getting caught with their 4th line out. Not surprised to see it was a theme of the blog.

    Can anyone explain why the Oilers do that shutdown thing in the 3rd? I knew it was coming. It’s just a question of whether we’ll get the bounce or not, but there is no way in hell we were scoring a goal in that 3rd period.

    Tough way to lose but nothing a few “H-Bombs” at Wanda’s couldn’t fix.

  22. knighttown says:

    Which of these 3 facets of the game will/has affected the Oilers playoff aspirations the most:

    1. The penalty killing. Ahead of only TO and ATL and sitting below 77%.

    2. The Power Play. Personnel with historically strong PPGOn/60 numbers yet they’ve been below average all year. Now at the time of the year when things are the most important, they’re 1 goal in the last 10 games?

    **I did a post about a week ago that showed the Oilers had won the special teams battle twice since the all star break and nothing has changed.

    3. The Oilers ability to extend a lead. Extend is different than defend. A few years back they couldn’t hold a lead but they are NHL above average at shutting things down. However, it seems to me that the shutdown comes entirely at the expense of scoring that next goal. Anyone else notice a seismic shift as soon as they get a lead?

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