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This is Scott Glennie at the Top Prospects Game. He’s a guy I’ve been following this winter in the hopes that he’s both good enough to sustain the first round rumblings and doesn’t step up so much that he’d be out of range for the Oilers when they pick in their window (#17-22).

It’s been a strange year for the talented forward. He had a very nice start to the season, but in February had what looked like a very bad break. Quoting Luber’s Lounge: The Brandon Wheat Kings have learned that right-winger Scott Glennie has been lost indefinitely after sustaining a broken left elbow during last Saturday’s win in Calgary. xGlennie, who missed Tuesday’s game against the visiting Red Deer Rebels, is currently tied with Jay Fehr for 6th-place in the WHL scoring race with 27 goals and 66 points in 52 games.

Michael Remmerde summed up the general feeling: No one’s asking if he’s just riding (Brayden) Schenn’s coattails anymore. Now some scouts are asking if it might be Glennie who was making Schenn look good. Tremendous speed plus good hands is a nice combination. I was hoping he’d go back to showing more of that grit he seemed to have last season, but now we’re going to have to hope for a long playoff run by the Wheaties to get another look.

As it turned out, Glennie got back into action before season’s end, posting 1-3-4 numbers in three March games. Brandon opened their playoff season last night, and Glennie posted 3 assists in a 7-2 win over the Ice.

His final regular season numbers (55gp, 28-42-70, 1.27) alone are quality, but added to the resume (terrific speed, very skilled) and the math (Desjardins’ NHLE says 82gp, 13-18-31) says he would have been in a very nice slot on last year’s list. Earlier in the season, Redline ranked him #19 for this season’s draft. He could fall to the Oilers and there’s a lot to like about Scott Glennie.

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  1. Matt N says:


    Are you in favour of the BPA approach at the draft table or finding a fit for your system?

    BPA seems to be the traditional approach. It seems to me that the organizations that draft well in all sports use the fit for system approach.

    I think that Glennie might be the BPA when the Oil pick, however, Kassian and Ashton fit better. A big scoring power forward winger seems a better fit than a smaller speedy center.

  2. Lord Bob says:

    Remember, a hockey draft isn’t like an NBA or an NFL draft. In those two sports, a player is expected to fit into the lineup immediately. In the NHL (and MLB back when it still existed), you get the occasional John Olerud but most players aren’t expected to be ready for prime time for a few years.

    So drafting for need in hockey just doesn’t make sense from a logical perspective. You don’t know what the Oilers’ needs will be by the time our first rounder this year has turned 21 and is ready to be a core player.

  3. Lowetide says:

    Matt N: I’ll zip over, but remain skeptical.

    Matt N: BPA. Lord Bob expressed it well (including reference to the now defunct MLB and the way they used to draft).

  4. Traktor says:

    The thing with taking BPA is you have to make moves at a later time to address needs.

    The thing with Getzlaf, Lucic, Brown, ect.. you’re only getting those type of players if you draft them.

    Do you have any faith that Edmonton can land Brown type player via trade?

    You should probably draft Kassian then.

  5. Traktor says:

    “So drafting for need in hockey just doesn’t make sense from a logical perspective.”

    That is what the Ottawa Senators have said the past decade – they still don’t have a goalie.

  6. hunter1909 says:

    How about a draft for management?

    This management era gives out the vibe that “this isn’t a development league” all the while we fans must submit to watching Lowe and MacTavish stumbling and staggering with their own near decade of on the job training. For drafting for need over best player available. Example? Drafting Pouliot over Parise(Oilers already had a pair of midget centers).

    Oh yeah, this might not be the best time to diss them. After all, the team is on a mighty 3 game win streak over a pair of league doormats and a crashing playoff bound one, lol.

    Personally I’d love to draft the Bruins scouting staff, which consistently comes up with brilliant picks(Bergeron, Lucic come first to mind here).

  7. dwillms says:

    TSN’s mid-season rankings had Glennie as the 9th best prospect, and their Draft Lottery Lookahead posted yesterday has him going 8th overall.

  8. Lowetide says:

    I remain convinced the Oilers procurement department is a good one. I also haven’t seen an in-depth analysis implying otherwise. Did I miss it?

    As for Ottawa not having a goalie, well the Oilers drafting Dubnyk 14th and don’t have one either so it’s not an argument I can get behind.

    dwilliams: Really? Damn. Well if it’s Bob McKenzie then it’s probably true. Was this before or after the injury?

  9. hunter1909 says:

    I think Oilers have a fairly decent management group. I wish it could be as inspired as the early Slats era, but
    on the whole everything looks a lot better than it did prior to the lockout.

    My abiding point of reference is: Brewer, Smith, Ulanov, Cross, Ferguson and Semenov v Souray, Visnovsky, Gilbert, Grebeshkov, Staios and Smid = very little comparison.

    Then again, I’m also currently basking in that rosy 3 game win streak, even if I hold zero hope for anything better than a 7th place finish.

  10. Dennis says:

    It’s a prospect thread so how did Nash do last night for Cornell? They won, right?

    How did he look?

  11. Matt N says:

    I remain convinced the Oilers procurement department is a good one.

    I think that they are certainly above the curve in reguards to other NHL teams. However, this doesn’t necessarily make them good. Evaluating 18 year olds is obviously extremely difficult.

    ( I am using Scott Cullens numbers off the TSN website. )

    In between 1995 and 2004 a player drafted in the first round played 100 games in the NHL about 67% of the time. If you take the lottery picks out of the equation the number goes down to 61.2%. (Using 100 games played seems like a very low bar for the expectations of a first rounder.)

    The point I am trying to make here is that NHL teams should explore using a different approach or organizational mindset when evaluating picks. Whatever methodology is being used right now seems very flawed.

  12. Bill Needle says:

    One of the problems with best-player-available theories is that if the same people are making the drafting decisions, they will favor the same type of players time after time after time. That may be one of the reasons why the Oilers favor smaller, faster players recently and why they favored bigger, stronger guys under previous scouting management. It may also explain why teams like Calgary in the 80s favored U.S. college players and why Vancouver drafts so many crappy players. It’s the same reason why we all shop at the same stores or drink at the same bars.
    If the team sticks with the same decision-making process on who the best player available is, the team’s prospects should naturally become, over time, very similar players.

  13. knighttown says:

    @ Bruce

    Jeez that discussion over at MC is insane. There was a post by Vic Ferrari toward the end that didn’t go a sentence without a word I’d never heard. Fascinating stuff.

    I know Lain is in media, presumably sports, but what do the rest of the ‘Spere’s heavyweights do (you, Vic, JW, MC79, Dennis)? The stuff that comes off these sites is NOT the work of hardcore hockey fans noticing some trends (like me). Like, how in hell did Tyler know there were 13,000 segments of 20 games where a team had a +6 GF/GA differential? How?

    As for my previous stats, I know after watching that Habs/Oilers tilt live there is some substance there so I’ll try and go a little further with the sample size. However, after reading that post I fear I may feel like the guy who dates Shaq’s ex…wholly inadequate.

  14. hunter1909 says:

    “It’s the same reason why we all shop at the same stores or drink at the same bars.”

    I’m not sure about that. I’m perfectly willing to stop going to any place that extracts money from me, for the simple reason that I’m dissatisfied for any number of reasons.

    As for bars, there are so many of them within walking/staggering distance I’m even more able to stop one for another, on virtually any pretense.

    The point being, times change. Anyone who doesn’t have the ability to adapt, invariably ends up on the wayside of life, staring in disbelief at his dumb rotten luck.

  15. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: Nash looked good, real good. He’s far more physical than I’d been led to believe from the Prendergast spin and he scored a goal.

    Most impressive was a brief segment of about 12 seconds where he created a lovely opportunity, then had a point blank chance on a rebound, and then incredibly the best chance of the sequence came from the LH boards maybe one foot from the goalline where he shot the puck at the goalie who was back in his net with a crowd all around.

    G stopped all 3, and they were all truly exceptional chances.

  16. Traktor says:

    I think to just assume that you can just pick up a player at the desired position at any time is wrong.

    Power forwards are like those old muscle cars you see cruising around once every so often. It’s not that there isn’t faster and better engineered cars out there, it’s the rarity that makes them so popular.

    It’s what Alexeev goes 8th overall. It’s why Mikhnov goes 17th. It’s why Hugh Jessiman goes 12th. It’s why Blake Wheeler goes 5th. It’s why we sunk 3 picks and 20+ million into Dustin Penner.

    If we have a chance to draft Kassian and pass it will be a huge mistake.

    You can have all the assets in the world but if the one thing you need isn’t for sale then what good is it?

  17. doritogrande says:

    I’ve taken a look at a couple projections recently, and I think that in the mid-first round we should be looking at either Zack Kassian or the kid Guy Flaming has been pimping all along John Moore.

    I’ll go on record as saying Kassian would be a great addition to the prospect pool.

    Also, let’s just pray we don’t get Landon Ferraro.

  18. rickibear says:

    It’s why we sunk 3 picks and 20+ million into Dustin Penner.

    Amen to that. He is our best outscoring forward at even. His numbers have gone up since the poor fellow got of the Hemsky turnover train.

  19. rickibear says:

    Does anyone know the deal on Ben Casavant. Top 12 in the Q in scoring 39G 41A in 68 Games. 6’1″ 210Lbs. Turned 18 in January.
    CSB has him so low ranked.

  20. Dennis says:

    LT: Thanks for that.

    I know I saw the final was being televised somewhere tonight and I’ll try and keep an eye on it while watching the Jackets/Cats. That’s an interesting game because a reg loss by CBJ would allow the Oilers to vault into 6th place with a win tomorrow AND I’m cheering for the Cats to claw back the Habs.

    You’d have to live on the East Coast to truly enjoy a playoff season without both the Leaves and Les Scabitants!;)

    The only thing better would be if the Flames and Dys were on the sidelines as well:)

    LT: BTW, there’s a local guy playing on Nash’s team who’s also a Sens pick. His name’s Colin Greening. Did you notice him last night?

  21. Matt N says:

    @ rickibear:

    The big knock on Casavant is skating. Lots to like with him though. He is a classic high risk pick.

  22. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: Colin Greening was the best player on the ice. No question.

  23. Dennis says:

    LT: Yeah, I don’t get into praising locals because I try to be more of a Canadian than a NFer, you know what I mean? There’s Cleary, Clowe, Ryder and young Purcell’s on the cusp so I’m not that guy who lives and dies by the fortunes of potentially new NF NHLers. By now, we’ve proven we can produce players so now I judge them on what they’re like when I meat them.

    BTW, one of my good friends played youth hockey with Clowe – my buddy could’ve played in the Q but he didn’t grow past 5-10 and the demon drink sorta got a hold of him;) – and he sees him here in the bars in the summer. Clowe’s a good-time Charlie but seems approachable.

    Ryder’s as stunned as a bag of fucking hammers and I never minded the fellow until he pulled a stunt playing against our softball team a couple of years ago. The funny thing about Ryder is he’s got all kinds of houses and cars but there are certain things he’s unbelievably cheap about. For instance, good softball bats cost anywhere from 300-500 bucks and he played with his local team and they were good athletes and fast and could hit but they’d probably only have about one or two bats between them. Now, on our crowd we’ll have guys buy a bat apiece or we’ll throw in say 100 bucks a summer to keep the kitchen stocked. Sure, Ryder’s crowd could do the same but why didn’t that dummy buy them a bat or two from his own pocket? Also, the guy wore a pair of black ballpants there were certainly no more than 20 bucks.

    It used to kill me every time.

    In closing, I was wondering about Colin Greening but unlike a lot of fellow NFers, my chest won’t be any less puffed if he doesn’t;)

  24. HBomb says:

    Ok, in the department of “out of town help”, San Jose over Dallas 4-1 after forty.

    If the Oilers win in regulation tomorrow, they’re going to be in really good shape….

  25. Bruce says:

    NHL Network is showing the ECAC final at 17:00 MDT. That’s 20:30 for you Dennis, though I know you’ll be wired in to Leafs-Habs.:)

    Nash got the tying goal in the last 30 seconds last night that sent the game to OT. I tuned in after that when somebody made a comment on the GDT about the game being on, and watched the OT when there wasn’t anything happening in Chicago on the small screen. Nash nearly won it in the first OT with that three-save sequence that LT described, in which Nash had three cracks at it, made three good shots and the netminder made three excellent stops, all in about 3 seconds.

    KT: That was a good thread, no? I recognized some of the math terms that Vic was throwing around, as he is wont to do when the discussion gets hot and heavy. Not being a trained mathematician I’m never sure how useful some of those methods are w.r.t. hockey but it’s good to know there are smart people out there trying stuff with advanced methods. The trouble, as always when it comes to science, is translating it into English for us dummies to follow along.

    As for the 1300 * 20-game segments, that’s just brute force number crunching. In the 82-game season each club will have 63 * 20-game segments per year: Games 1-20, 2-21, 3-22 … 62-81, 63-82. Multiply that by 30 clubs and the 20-game segments pile up quickly, almost 2000 per season. It would simply be a matter of computing power and programming chops to calculate GF/GA for each segment and separate out those with exactly +6 GF – GA. In that case at least I understand the methodology and it certainly works. Tyler’s data shows how the Bettman point has skewed the standings points in reality, just as one would expect in theory applying old-fashioned logic.

  26. Dennis says:

    Bruce: Yes, I’ll be keeping an eye on that one as well as Cats/Jackets and Canes/Caps.

    And of course I’ll have catch a couple of Avery shifts in Buf.

    But I’ll fit in some Cornell as well.

  27. PunjabiOil says:

    Dennis: Colin Greening was the best player on the ice. No question.

    He should be. He’s 22.

  28. PunjabiOil says:

    In other news, Brad Richards returned to the lineup today from a wrist injury.

    He subsequently broke his hand.

  29. Dennis says:

    That’s some bad hockey.

    It reminds me why I hardly ever even watched AHL hockey down here unless the Oilers affiliate was in town.

    I did see Nash have a nice scoring chance and maybe it’s just the hockey but it looks like he’s on cruise control.

    Maybe it’s just that the guy has a nice skating stride.

    I also noticed a couple of Cornell guys – Nash included – set up almost sideways when it came to taking faceoffs.

    LT: Yes, I’d say two points in either reg OR the SO and we’re in good shape.

    It’s funny what six points in three games can do for you!;)

  30. Dennis says:

    Please watch the above clip and prepare to laugh your ass off.

  31. quain says:

    The NHL has suspended Chicago Blackhawks forward Ben Eager three games for a hit to the head of Edmonton’s Liam Reddox in Friday night’s game.


  32. HBomb says:

    Ok, tell me if I’m a bastard for taking great satisfaction in watching the Habs season go down the shitter.

    Does this make me a bad person?

    Didn’t think so.

  33. Lowetide says:

    It’s a wonderful year. Refs can’t save them now, plus Toronto continues to forge toward that 14th pick. Good days.

  34. HBomb says:

    Lowetide: talk about a no-lose proposition.

    Life is not all good though, not yet at least – if Calgary/Vancouver play in the first round, based on past history, one of those teams would end up in the finals, which would suck. And lest we forget the possibility of that dink Lamoriello getting himself another Cup ring…..

  35. HBomb says:

    Wow, Florida less than 3 minutes away from a win against Columbus, and guess who scores?


  36. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: No sir. One of them will win and THINK they’re going to the Stanley and then it’ll hurt even more when they get Stempniaked by someone who isn’t even Stempniak.

    As for Lou, I think they should take back the Stanley’s NJD have won. My suspicion is that they were stealing signs on the sideline.

  37. Scott says:

    Are you watching the Columbus feed HBomb? The colour guy screaming “YEEESSS!” after Torres scored was hilarious.

  38. HBomb says:

    Lowetide: ideal scenario is Columbus getting Vancouver and Chicago getting Calgary first round and them both getting bounced. Then, after the Oilers take out the Wings, the eyes of the nation will be on the Cinderella from Northern Alberta once again.

    And the fact that you’ve made a loose analogy between Lamoriello and Bill Belichick? That’s great.

    Ninety seconds left, the BJ’s take the lead. Guess who? Torres, AGAIN.

    I’d have kept Raffi over Moreau. And I stand by that still.

  39. Scott says:

    “Number 14 in your program, number 1 in your heart! Raffi! Raffi does it again!”


    2-1 BJ’s.

  40. HBomb says:

    Scott: I’ve got the Florida feed on centre ice.

    Torres – still love that guy, despite the fact he is helping out a playoff rival. If only the Oilers had kept him instead of Moreau and not botched the whole Glencross thing….sigh, our LW would look a lot better.

  41. HBomb says:

    Ugh, the booing in Montreal tonigt at the end of the game is downright vicious. 5-2 final in favor of the Leafs.

    The Habs slide, and the Leafs continue to screw themselves out of a shot at Tavares. You’re right Lowetide, this IS no-lose!

  42. danny says:

    man, CLB are gonna be a nightmare in the playoffs. I think they beat Calgary.

    LT, just tossing the idea out there but being the stretch drive with huge games every night, maybe an out of town GDT for non-gamedays?

    Somehwere for everyone to congregate.

  43. Dennis says:

    No one else enjoyed that Rangers jeans commmerical as much as I did?

    It killed me and the ladyfriend; I suspect the second guy to shake his hips had more than a few Ned Flanders type incidents where his “buttocks slipped while he was doing the hustle and came into contact with the buttocks for another man.”

    HB: Now, it doesn’t make you bad a guy but it almost makes you something like a guy who grew up in outport NF surrounded by Habs and Leaves fans.

    The thing that makes it easier to predict success for CBJ is there’s one thing they’re really good at: keeping the GAA down. Now, whether it’s because they keep the chances down or Mason carries them, the only thing that matters is they’re consistent in this exercise.

    I’d have no reason why it would after a season of dormancy but if their PP even catches smolder – no need for fire:D – they’re gonna be a fucking super-tough out come next month.

    BTW, how did Brule do tonight?

    Salary dump.

  44. HBomb says:

    Dennis: I’ve already wagered a sixty of Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum on Columbus IF they happen to draw the Flames in the first round.

    That match-up would scream upset. Hell, I’d like their chances against Chicago, Vancouver, San Jose or Detroit just as well.

    That team is built (and coached) for the playoffs.

  45. danny says:

    I mentioned it in a gdt here before, but CLB have that 05/06 Oilers feel to them. Just solid, all round team that keeps the opposition off of the puck, has a hot goalie and a cerebral coach.

    Any team in a 7 game series has a chance to win when they have the best coach and the best goaltender.

    Pronger doesnt hurt either.

  46. Bruce says:

    Freakin’ Torres. That’s his 9th and 10th goals of the season, and by my count he has 8 game winners and 4 game tie-ers. Nothing but Huge goals, for sure.

    What a double kick in the nuts for the Panthers, who were three minutes away from two points and wound up with none. They would have passed the Habs with a win.

  47. Dennis says:

    LT knows he tempted fate by not paying proper tribute to Raffi with a picture before the first CBJ/Edm game and now we’re all paying for it;)

  48. Scott says:

    That’s his 9th and 10th goals of the season, and by my count he has 8 game winners and 4 game tie-ers.

    For someone that likes math…
    Something here doesn’t add up Bruce.

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