Steve Tambellini Had a Good Day

Steve Tambellini had a good day. He managed to rid of himself of an impending UFA and what would have been a bad July day with the jackals (when Cole signed with another team). He added a skilled young player with some years left on his contract and added another big man who can try to solve the “big fellow in the top 6″ problem for the Oilers.

He also gave his coach some things: a replacement for Dustin Penner, who is playing his final games as an Edmonton Oiler; a player who can grab some of Horcoff’s special teams minutes and possibly a player who can cash the cheques Ales Hemsky writes nightly.

It looked for a very long time as if nothing was going to happen. Tambellini said it was after noon eastern before anything resembling traction, and considering how complicated these deals were it looks like it was an all hands on deck day for the Oilers.

Patrick O’Sullivan is the gem on the day. A skilled man who can PK and PP, he has 200 wonderful shots this season. He’s a player.

He’s also a sure-fire top sixer, who (previous thread credited Rishaug at tsn) will play LW with Gagner at C and Dustin Penner at RW to start the new regime. This means Kotalik gets the early Horcoff-Hemsky seat but we need to remember these are subject to change.

I think the Oilers will eventually find that O’Sullivan, Cogliano and Gagner are all wonderful players and that despite a lack of size they are a better bet for the skill minutes than Kotalik. Of course, you need size up front but unless Kotalik has some magic with Hemsky early I can see that 2line being a new buzzsaw line of Gags, Cogs and Sully. This will mean Fat Mann Judgeth will draw back onto the 1line.

Kotalik has some nice things (his shot is a bomb, he has size and can handle the puck) and some things that are a worry (consistency, doesn’t use his size a lot and has a reputation of being an indifferent player without the puck).

As for the trades, I’m thrilled with the return on Cole and not so happy about the return on the 2nd rounder. It’s Calgary’s 2nd which means it’ll be somewhere in the 55-65 range overall. Is a few weeks of soon-to-be-UFA Kotalik worth the price?

We’ll see.

Finally, the Oilers didn’t do anything at G or D. This tells us that all of their eggs are in the Roloson basket, that Dany Sabourin is good enough insurance and that they really are worried about someone claiming Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers-Jingleheimer-Schmidt. It also tells us that the organization is comfortable with Theo Peckham as a #7 option and we should probably start talking about him as a 5-6 option for next season.

None of it really matters, though. The Edmonton Oilers added a very valuable young offensive player today for a soon-to-be UFA in Erik Cole. That’s a trade that will play well today, tomorrow if the Oilers miss the playoffs, and especially in summer should the Oilers not make the second season.

Steve Tambellini had a good day.

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93 Responses to "Steve Tambellini Had a Good Day"

  1. Gord says:

    This is a very interesting story about O’Sullivan…

    Almost Twilight Zone…

  2. Lowetide says:

    Gord: That was a big reason for him dropping so badly. I wanted the Oilers to take him in the first round that season. Not that I’m any expert but that tells you the math loved the kid (because that’s my bias).

    It’s never been an issue since he turned pro and I suspect many of us have some things about our family that are a little different.

  3. Mark-Ryan says:

    I’d understand the argument about the second rounder more if we lost our own. There’s no way we should have gotten O’Sullivan AND a second from LA in that deal in the first place – it’s like coming back for the tellers wallet after you rob the bank.

    Maybe there’s a fallacy named for this line of thinking, but we literally lost nothing for 20+ games of a player Ales Hemsky likes.

  4. Lowetide says:

    Mark-Ryan: Except we had that pick, and it was valuable. Had they kept the pick up until draft day my bet would be that the Oilers would get more value than 20 games of Kotalik.

    Who I like fine, and it’s cool that Hemsky is his friend.

  5. Cloned says:

    Mark-Ryan: Exactly. Great, great trades. Tambellini is 3 for 3 so far.

  6. Lowetide says:

    Cloned: 3 for 3? I’d argue that. The Garon trade was solid and the Oilers received assets in return. I’d call it neutral.

    The O’Sullivan trade is a clear win. The Kotalik-for-a-2 deal works out imo only if he comes in and plays well enough to get an Oiler contract.


  7. Cloned says:

    LT: Given how reluctant Pitts is in playing Garon now, and how he’s basically the only goalie that got anything of value in return this year, I’d say Tambellini won that one pretty solidly.

    The Kotalik trade is debatable, but it’s not a clear loss.

  8. Schitzo says:

    It was pointed out in the other monster, but if the Kotalik deal puts a spring in Hemmer’s step for the stretch drive, we got good value for our 2nd rounder.

  9. Gord says:

    The Kotalik-for-a-2 deal works out imo only if

    To me, a 2nd round pick that we got for free automatically works if the Oilers get into the playoffs.

    It does not matter if we get crushed – so long as our kids get some NHL playoff experience – I am fine with that.

  10. Lowetide says:

    Cloned: I certainly agree he hasn’t made a bad deal yet.

    The Garon trade brought back Stone who is certainly an NHL fringe player (no insult intended) and Sabourin who might be extremely valuable as this rolls out.

    But last year at the draft, Marc-Andre Bergeron was acquired for a third round pick.

    That pick has value this summer.

  11. reijo29 says:

    Anyone else notice that McSorley called Visnovsky a “kid” multiple times over the past day and a half.

    Just thought it was kind of funny.

  12. bookie says:

    THese trades are the result of a multiheaded monster with more than just TambaLoweny involved. The smartest move the Oilers made this season was adding brainpower to the room and accepting that management is made easier when there are more top notch people working at it.

    I think that we may be underestimating the importance of getting Hemsky a countryman who can score…

  13. Smytty777 says:

    I think it comes down to balancing this year and the future. They are probably a better team this year with Kotalik and O Sullivan vs. Cole and they are definitely better off with O Sullivan for two more years than nothing for Cole.

  14. Jon says:

    Great day…let’s hope this positivity transpires into W’s.

    Summer check list for Tamblowe

    * trade Nillson+ for Josh Harding
    * resign Rollie for cheap
    * Dump Staios’ salary
    * resign Grebs for under 2.5
    * resign Smid for under 1.5
    * if he plays well, resign Kotalik for under 2
    * move up in the draft by using the redundant assets (small forwards on the farm)

    Those moves would get us under the 55 million cap and have a lineup with no glaring holes.

  15. 40oz says:

    I love the deals made today, although Im not a huge Kotalik fan I think he makes our PP much more effective. At the end of the day what 2nd rounder do we have?

  16. digger says:

    I’m sure somebody’s already mentioned it, but I can’t help but look at how nasty Kotalik’s one timer is from the L point and think he might mesh much better with Souray on the PP, simply because he’s a right handed shot as opposed to Vis, whose left handedness seemed to mess both him and Souray up on occasion.

    I can see Souray and Kotalik playing patty cake with the puck, taking turns unleashing howitzers.

    At least it’s another option, and with Vis and his point shot out for the year it’ll give the PK something else to think about besides Souray and Hemsky.

  17. bookie says:

    Hey all,

    If you go to the NHL video site.

    Search for players such as Sullivan (O’sullivan does not work), you can see every goal scored this year (by clicking on highlights.

    I am sure many of you know this, but some might not…

  18. Ryan says:

    I loved the trades today. I don’t mind giving up the second rounder, and I somehow believe that the team will re-sign Kotalik. He’s getting to play with a real star (at least to start), and the fact that they are friends will certainly help things.

    Playoffs + re-signing Kotalik would be just awesome.

    I guess we’ll find out in the summer.

  19. Black Gold says:

    I want to see an all 2003 draft bottom six.
    Rowbear – O’Sullivan – Poo
    JFJ – Brodziak – Zorg

    U dont even need to bring Stone or Potulny up.

    I think w/ the Macblender it might happen. Haha.

    Seriously though, very good day for the Oil.
    Someone mentioned the 2nd might of been Calgary’s from LA to Car to Edm to Buf?
    That makes a difference if that pick is 55+ overall.

    If we assume Kotalik is a replacement for Penner on the first line and he works out as well and Penner did up there, I think Penner is a huge upgrade over Cole long term.
    Ppl talk about how much space he made for that top line, I rly like the idea of a guy like Penner making room for guys like Gags or Cogs.
    Happy day for Oil fans.

  20. NBOilerFan says:

    Although the 2nd pick for Kotalik can be debated some, I think that Tambs thinking is that it might be worth the risk to use the 2nd rd pick get a UFA that has connections to the team (Hemsky) and that he will be offered 1st line LW minutes.

    Two big positives which may help them acctually resign a UFA, instead of more then likely not having much opputunity on other UFA’s we might have gotten such as Moore.

  21. NBOilerFan says:

    I’m quite pleased with the deals today… but I put a lot of faith in the Oilers in there choices, which haven’t always proved to be a good idea (lupul one example).

    I personally would rather have Cole for the playoffs, but I do see the dynamics these two players bring this team and MacT for teh playoffs push… and even into the playoffs.

    I like very other Oiler fan are just hoping upon hope that these guys can fit in and find their game with this team a heck of a lot faster than Cole did… (and Peca as another example… perhaps being younger will help them?).

  22. Lowetide says:

    In case anyone thinks I'm making the O'Sullivan stuff up:

  23. Kyle says:

    O’Sullivan is a hell of a return for a month and a half of Cole.

  24. Mr DeBakey says:

    I have no problem with the pick for Kotakik thing

    I’m looking at this as
    -Kotalik for Cole, and
    -Sullivan for a 5th rounder

    It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Its a marginal play-off team that needed upgrades.

    I’m amazed they couldn’t make a simple trade to find someone better than Strudwick to play D.

  25. St George says:

    Is no one else (even Traktor) worried about the fact that we just traded the one guy left that actually hit people and mixed it up? (Cole 134, Moreau 104 but he is out, Stortini is the next forward with 70). I think one could make the argument we just got even easier to play against.

  26. Brett Gee 英 明 says:

    Is no one else (even Traktor) worried about the fact that we just traded the one guy left that actually hit people and mixed it up.

    Good point, St. George. Though I still like the trades for the long term, team toughness needs to be a priority come the off season.

  27. Black Gold says:

    I wonder if that lack of hitting in the top 6 is going to mean more ice time for JFJ and Zorg and a lot less ice time for Nilsson.

  28. Mark-Ryan says:

    Kotalik has nearly 100 hits in 56 games. He’s a big guy, not easily thrown around and he does hit more then a Dustin Penner.

    Actually, O’Sullivan averages about a hit per game which puts him on pace with Penner (*cough*and quite a bit more then Iginla*cough*).

  29. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    Mark-Ryan said…
    Kotalik has nearly 100 hits in 56 games. He’s a big guy, not easily thrown around and he does hit more then a Dustin Penner.

    Actually, O’Sullivan averages about a hit per game which puts him on pace with Penner (*cough*and quite a bit more then Iginla*cough*).

    And Horcough

  30. HBomb says:

    I like the deals. Good players both.

    What I don’t like is that, by having more top-six guys, MacT can continue to make Nilsson and Penner his personal whipping boys. Both have taken more crap from the coach than they deserve this year, IMO.

  31. Bob Arctor says:

    Interesting read about the trade from the King’s end here:

    And a response from the comments section by the blog’s author about how the trade became a three-way:

    As far as the “longer” version of the story, it involves Edmonton finding out that the Kings were getting Williams and not being happy about it. It’s definitely a long story for another day

  32. chartleys says:

    This could lead to an interesting stretch drive still have some mixed feelings about the day.

    Much like the smitty deadline dealings I don’t get why things were left undone…That year, the price for rentals was above market futures and we spend all this time pissing away right to the deadline then pull that trade but keep around ufa’s like sykora and others.

    This one feels very similar…Spend so much time focussing on one deal you miss out on the side deals that make it a great day.

    Love the deal but you put the bodies down on paper and you come up with a wierd picture:
    1. Hemmer 2. Horcoff 3. O’Sullivan 4. Penner 5. Gagner 6. Cogs
    7. Kotalik 8. Pisani 9. Poo
    10. Nilsson 11. Moreau 12. Brods
    13. Zorg 14. JF Jaques 15. Reddox

    Like the look of the bottom six sans Moreau but we all know that won’t last if he’s healthy. Unless the captain is really injured (fingers crossed) That means JF is down Reddox is bottom 6and Poo/Nilsson are on the outs.

    This deal coupled with a two for one or three for two could have taken us up a notch. Between moreau, nilsson, poo and schremp I was hoping for either side of that vermette-leclaire. Hell JDD as part of that batch (if he’s really sooo valuable) get a potential next year goalie and a solid third line center with some pk experience.

    We’re left with too many eggs in the basket. Hopefully draft day ends up being busy.

  33. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: This spells the end for Penner I’d expect. This summer the top 6 might be:

    1. Hemsky
    2. Horcoff
    3. O’Sullivan
    4. Gagner
    5. Cogliano
    6. Penner

    So I can see the Oilers trading Penner and one of the small forwards for a legit big man.


    And then the 6th spot goes to Reddox.


  34. chartleys says:

    For the record,

    I only included Poo in that trade list as I’d rather see him dealt to a team that will make him into a third line center than watch MacT crush the life out of him.

    Hoping another small guy like O’Sullivan and a big somewhat seemingly ‘soft’ big guy in and not dealing Penner is in line with MacT not being in the picture next year but wouldn’t bet on it…

  35. bookie says:

    Doing some research (youtube based mostly) on Kotalik and am starting to drool over a powerplay with Hemsky – Souray – Kotalik (and some other players too).

    I am thinking that I might ask this guy if I can take over his website.

    Clap Clap

  36. geowal says:

    “Kotalik has some nice things (his shot is a bomb, he has size and can handle the puck) and some things that are a worry (consistency, doesn’t use his size a lot and has a reputation of being an indifferent player without the puck).”

    Lt: It may be a coincidence of wording, but the ‘worry’ of Kotalik you describe is eerily similar to how many would describe Penner…

    Jon: If Tambellini gets Smid under 1.5m and Grebs under 2.5m, I’ll be amazed. Impressed, and happy, but amazed, especially in Grebs’ case.

    Incidentally I can’t figure out the nice formatting for making italics for the life of me. Keep getting told html cannot be accepted. I know someone posted some instructions a while back. Any help?

  37. bookie says:

    even if he is lazy, he can cover the point opposite Souray on the PP and that may be enough to justify his existence here…

  38. bookie says:

    geowal its like this, but you need to change the [ to the pointy sidways 'greater than' and 'less than' signs above the , and the . ok

    [i]put text for italics in here[/i]

    thats it… give it a try…

  39. Ribs says:

    reijo – I heard him say he was a “good young guy” and wondered if he knew who he was talking about. Maybe he’s young at heart?

  40. Lowetide says:

    [i]Thanks Bookie![/i]

  41. bookie says:

    LT, I know you are just doing that to mess with my head!

  42. geowal says:

    Ahh, it was just the little / I was missing…

    Much obliged.

  43. Doogie2K says:

    @Geowal: That was exactly what I was thinking. Other than the shot, that’s the book on Penner to a T.

    As for the trades, I’m thrilled with the return on Cole and not so happy about the return on the 2nd rounder. It’s Calgary’s 2nd which means it’ll be somewhere in the 55-65 range overall. Is a few weeks of soon-to-be-UFA Kotalik worth the price?

    The heck did we wind up with Calgary’s second? Did we get that from LA?

  44. Lowetide says:

    doogie: Yep. LA’s.

  45. geowal says:

    So at the end of the day, we still have our own 2nd rounder right?

  46. HBomb says:

    LT: Yeah, Penner plus Nilsson for Kovalchuk or Frolov. That’s what will go down.

    Not enough? Fine, throw in Reddox. Gotta give to get, right?

  47. bookie says:

    So, I just watched the whole interview with Erik Cole on the Oilers website and I have to say two things. What a class act! If he had been here for a few years, we would have seen a guy who bleeds blue and orange (copper?) like Ryan Smyth…

    Second, it looks as though he actually liked being an Oiler. He honestly seemed sad to go. Thats weird for us, isnt it?

    Third, some interesting comments with regards to MacT. I don’t think its possible to really read into them. He either really respects MacT or thinks he is nuts – one or the other.

  48. knighttown says:

    A few things I find interesting:

    1. Surprised it wasn’t Cole for Justin Williams. But O’Sullivan will do.

    2. Pretty pleased Jay-Bo didn’t get moved. If I’m Tambo I’m discussing things with his agent before the draft, tampering charges be damned, to find out if the rumours that he’d like to sign here are true. Then start dumping salary.

    3. Vancouver I can give a pass to since they made their Sundin move and the West is nasty, but Montreal should be rioting. 100th anniversary and a horribly unbalanced team who’s lost Lang for the duration and they can’t match the Flames package for Jokinen? The East is wide open and they’ve got no shot.

    4. I’ve been talking hockey economy for awhile and how this recession thingie is going to make the NHL cap start to work like the NFL or NBA models. Weird trades that make no sense like Matt Cassell and Mike Vrabel for a 2nd or Jalen Rose and a 1st for an Antonio Davis who never would have considered coming back to Toronto.

    I think Carcillo for Upshall and a pick is one example and there is no question Morris for Prucha, Dawes and Kalinen makes no sense unless you do the banking.

  49. Hemsky is a gangsta says:

    Ok, this is slightly off topic, but there’s a video on where Barry Melrose says that Bouwmeester wants to sign in Edmonton. When these rumors first came up I was skeptical. Then I was troubled that one version of the rumor had him wanting to be anywhere in western canada. In the last week someone gave me some second or third hand information that he does, in fact, want to become an Oiler. We all live in Edmonton, someone else surely must have heard something like this. Quite frankly I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten more play in the MSM. Even Brownlee was pretty adamant that Bouwmeester would never want to come here, but after some commentors on one of his blogs brought this information to his attention he came back and said that because of some “circumstances that changed within the last year” that this was a possibility.

  50. Black Dog says:

    Oilers are still soft and small but they add more skill.

    Basically for nothing.

    So first they will see if they can make the playoffs and then in the summer things will suss out.

    The Oilers are going to have to shed salary.

    And they are going to have to breakup the logjam at forward.

    So Nilsson will be gone and likely Penner and one of the big four on D.

    And they should move Moreau and Staios as well.

    They will keep Fernando – his contract expires so they can afford to do so.

    Anyways I’m cheering for O’Sullivan. He had a tough go of it as a youngster.

  51. bookie says:

    Ok, Clearly we could have had Justin Williams for Cole (in fact we kind of did have that).

    Anyone thing Tambi blew it by ‘trading’ Justin Williams to Carolina for O’Sullivan. Cause in many ways that is what happened.

  52. bookie says:

    Ah, I see that he has a broken hand so would be of no help to us now…

    With that noted, what does LA gain. Is it just a salary dump?

  53. Black Dog says:

    knighttown – you made that comment the other day, right? you’re right on. I think today was the start of it.

    Makes sense. Who is going to take Penner unless the Oilers sweeten the pot.

    Hemsky – Strachan mentioned it a few weeks ago. He’s an ass but he’s connected.

    Someone else with a pretty good reputation mentioned it as well.

    And Bruce Garrioch ;)

    Anyway there were enough folks that it sounds credible – now a lot of times this is a deal where someone reads about it and then throws it in their column but as Dennis says where there’s smoke …

    I heard that his fiancee is from Edmonton, is that right?

    Strachan broke Pronger too remember.

  54. geowal says:

    I am thinking that I might ask this guy if I can take over his website.

    Clap Clap

    You’ve got to wonder if he considers it ‘under construction’ or if that’s a perfect website for him. Could be the tune to play after he scores in the playoffs…

    Listening to Cole’s exit interview, not only does it seem like he liked being an Oiler, he really doesn’t seem to thrilled to go back to Carolina. Maybe he likes playing in front of a full building.

  55. Black Dog says:

    bookie – Kings are spinning it as gaining a sniper with Cup winner experience. He came up with Philly and Murray was involved there so that’s a connection.

    Williams is terrific but he’s hurt a lot. Might be unlucky or just fragile.

    Second player that Lombardi has dumped after a contract issue. Camalleri last summer.

    I think that has something to do with it. Hopefully Frolov is a tough negotiator. ;)

  56. Lowetide says:

    I heard the same thing about Wade Redden for years. First chance he got he headed for the coast.

  57. bookie says:

    So I think we can all pretty much count on the fact that this team will have Bouwmeester and Jagr next year, right?

  58. geowal says:

    Don’t forget Hossa. After he’s won a cup with Detroit he can settle in for a nice run with us.

  59. Black Dog says:

    LT – thank goodness for that, right? ;)

    Who knows about the whole Bouwmeester thing. You can bet that Katz will throw a pile of money at him though.

    knighttown – you should call Doug MacLean – discussing trades and he “just doesn’t get” the Upshall deal.

    Can’t believe he’s not a GM, that guy.

  60. CrazyCoach says:

    Hey LT,

    I pointed out O’Sullivan’s story this afternoon and no one notices it. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Poor kid got a raw deal in the dad department and it cost him a shot in the first round. You know you have a wing nut for a father when the NHL assigns you two bodyguards for draft day because the restraining order is only applicable in Canada.

    Sadly, O’Sullivan’s story is not unique and there are parents like that everywhere. Unfortunately for many kids, they don’t share the same spotlight as O’Sullivan, so their abuse goes unnoticed.

    I have dealt with parents like John O’Sullivan and if I were to give my minor league CSIS profile on him I would say:
    -Former player.
    -Played at a high level.
    -Feels they were treated unfairly when their dream ended.
    -Knows how to play the game, but cannot separate game skills from coaching skills.
    -Has either incredible social skills or is socially inept (no middle of the road).
    -Will tolerate you as long as things go good for their kid, and will hide minor disappointment under a veil of buddy buddy behaviour (Old coach rule When things are going good, look for those who slap you on the back the most, because when things go bad they will be the first to put the knife to you
    -Either a physical runt or the biggest SOB you ever saw (No middle ground)

    Good god, its CSI: Hockey Rink

  61. Sean says:

    Just keep trading with LA – Visnovsky and now Sullivan. I just msn’d Gabe Desjardin asking him about the trades and his response was “steal of the day, kings are idiots” … love it

  62. Black Dog says:

    CC – I saw your comment this afternoon.

    The O’Sullivan stories are legend. I probably read it from Gare Joyce where the dad hauled him off of the team bus and smacked him around as he dragged him to the car.

    Brutal stuff. Really sad.

    I used to coach hockey and we had a great bunch of parents but the highest level I coached was ‘A’

    I have a friend who coached AAA up in Sudbury. A good start would have been banning the parents from the arena. Usually just a few bad apples but sick sick people they were.

  63. CrazyCoach says:

    Black Dog- You know, its all a matter of actually putting it in context. Some people actually believe berating your kid for hours on end in the car and throwing stuff at them, is good for them.

    I know when I teach the Speak Out course, I usually remind coaches that a great deal of crap occurs during the car ride. There’s a simple solution for coaches. Tell your parents at the first meeting that their kid has an option on the ride home. If they don’t want to talk about the game, then nothing is said, end of story. Once the parents know, then you tell the players and its a hard fast rule.

    Getting back to context, that kid from Ontario who wrote about the Magic Hockey Helmet put it perfectly. When he puts on the helmet, adults who politely opened the door for him in the lobby and didn’t yell at him for spilling his pop, are now allowed to treat him like crap.

    When I confront my parents about the way they yell, I ask them, “Do you yell at your co-workers or boss like that?”

    Yeah I have a rep, but no one runs rough shod on my players. No one!

  64. bookie says:

    Yeah I have a rep, but no one runs rough shod on my players. No one!

    That is something to be commended!

    I think that every coach should get a T-Shirt that says “Parents who try to live through their kids are total losers – now sit down, shut up, and enjoy the game”

  65. CrazyCoach says:


    You just made me laugh and spit up my tea in the library. Yeah I should be writing my paper, but this is wayyyy more fun.

    I like your idea. Next time I coach, I’m going to put that on shirts and you will get credit.

  66. Dennis says:

    Pat: Yeah, Strach keeps trotting it out and I’ve seen Garroich write it and I also heard Millard and Kypreos talk about it on Hockeycentral at noon.

    I didn’t hear or read about it today but when I brought up all the evidence to Brownlee over at ON, he went to his JB source and came back with the info that the biggest hurdle in him signing in Edm would be all the money the Oil already have tied up in D. So, it looks like he’d come for sure.

    But the Oilers would have to do a helluva lot of moving around to bring him in. Maybe something like a sign-and-trade with 37 and then 37-27 plus a 2nd.

    I’m not sure if we can get 44 to waive the NMC but I’d rather keep 37-71-77 and then build from that. I’m not saying we couldn’t use JB but I’m not sure if we need him.

    Cole did seem to like it in Edm, though. Or maybe it was just the shock of being moved after he was finally starting to pop a few goals and finding some chem with 89.

    Not sure what to make of the Kings picking up Willliams other than, yes, Lombardi deals another guy that gave him problems with contract negots and maybe that’s the trend.

    Williams had a couple of years with season-culling injuries so I’d be loathe to take a chance on him. And I would say that Frolov shouldn’t get too comfortable in LA, either.

    I like the work today but we really needed a vet pivot or another D. The fact we didn’t get a vet pivot’s probably a tip-off towards 13′s future role and the idea of going with 49 as the 7th D and Roy as the 8th D is more than a little bit staggering.

    And all the forward depth means we’re lined up for a quan-qual deal and there’s also the problem of having lots of money tied up in the D with 37 coming up for a raise.

    So, still lots of work to be done but we can certainly pick out 12 and 27 and bet good money they won’t last until July 2nd.

  67. HBomb says:

    Dennis: In theory, the Oilers don’t need J-Bo, but he’s better than anything we’ve got, he’s only 25, and he’s a local.

    If he truly wants to come here and you can get him done long-term for somewhere between 6-7 per season (say over 6-8 seasons), you make that move and then move Souray or Visnovsky for a forward.

    Adding a high-end UFA like that isn’t something Edmonton’s had luck doing. If someone WANTS to come here, you don’t pass that opportunity by.

  68. Lord Bob says:

    Is dumping money off the front end really the way to go, though?

    Particularly if we’re taking a run at Bouwmeester, surely it would be better to try and flip Visnovsky or – if you could swing it – Souray. As much as Bouwmeester, Souray, Visnovsky, Gilbert, Grebeshkov, and Smid would be possibly the best top six in the NHL in a decade, it just couldn’t be sustained.

  69. Ribs says:

    That picture is freaking creepy.

    I like the new toys. Hopefully they can help the team score a few more goals as it’s going to be more run and gun than we’ve seen in awhile…..I hope.

  70. LV says:

    I suggest checking out:

    for the Kings take on it, and noting that Edmonton almost spoiled it, until LA threw in the pick.

  71. Icecastles says:

    geowal said: You’ve got to wonder if he considers it ‘under construction’ or if that’s a perfect website for him. Could be the tune to play after he scores in the playoffs…

    Oh gawd that would be awesome. I could even handle that tune replacing Private Eyes….

    For anyone interested, it’s “Call On Me” (even the songwriter didn’t understand his own lyrics. He is clearly saying Kotalik) by Eric Prdyz. Famous for good trance and ridiculously hot videos.

  72. PunjabiOil says:

    If Jay-Bo wants to come here at reasonable dollars – you simply make it work. Trade one of Souray/Gilbert/Visnovsky (preferably one of Souray/Visnovsky given age).

    That’s why it was idiotic on the Oilers part to honour Visnovsky’s NTC when they had the option to terminate it. Just dumb, dumb, dumb – and this coming from a guy who loves Visnovsky.

    I agree with the consensus that this was a good move. Trading a UFA whom the Oilers had no chance in re-signing due to cap constraints, for an young player with a reasonable contract who will be still be an RFA after his contract expires in 2 years.

    I just wonder if we’re going to see a dramatic drop is SOG for O’Sullivan as we did with both Penner and Lupul.

    The Oilers are well positioned to make the playoffs. Failing to do so would be quite sad, actually

  73. Lowetide says:

    Thanks Coach!

  74. rider guy says:

    As far as moving one of the current big 4 to land Bouwmeester is concerned…I’m wondering if Souray to Anaheim wouldn’t be a fit in the summer. Souray has the NMC, but he’s got kids living in LA with his ex so he’d probably be open to the move. The Ducks might be in need of someone to replace The Human Rake who seems like a sure bet to be dealt in the summer and perhaps Niedermayer moves on as well.

  75. grease trap says:

    Ship out Souray? Why? To make the team tougher? Add leadership? Reward someone what was excited to play in Edmonton? Get a harder, more brutal and effective slapshot?

    Sounds good!

  76. Icecastles says:

    Just thinking… with Hemsky and Kotalik (who are apparently good friends and have long talked about playing together one day) united and the possibility of Jagr coming over the summer, does that mean that next season, 83 will be on the Czech-ing line?

  77. grease trap says:

    Ha ha good one

    Am I only one who thinks acquiring Jagr is all crazy and stuff?

  78. Brett Gee 英 明 says:

    Have a, what seems to be, 2 or 3 year plan to obtain Jagr or Hossa does seem a little strange. Who knows what will happen this summer.

    Lowe failed on both attempts so I doubt he’s even thinking about it anymore… that much

  79. Black Dog says:

    cc – hit the hay last night but wanted to check out what you said in response

    great stuff

    Dennis – yeah they could have used that Dman and that veteran pivot and a backup goalie as well I think but overall it was a positive day; I didn’t want to move Cole unless they could get the equivalent plus and they did just that, two NHL players for one is a good deal no matter how you slice it

    and yeah they’re still small and they’re still soft but I think that’s the next phase – bringing in some size and some grit

    GT – you’re right about Souray but given his age and his contract he’s the guy they need to move I think, if they move anyone from those four guys. You can have the size and toughness from his replacement and the bottom pair

    Having said that if they move 24, 18, 12 and 27 that’s over 11 million bucks right there. Of course then you have to replace those guys.

    As for Bouwmeester, if he’s available and wants to come to Edmonton you sign the guy. You make it work.

  80. bookie says:

    Am I only one who thinks acquiring Jagr is all crazy and stuff?

    Depends on the deal, if its not a multiyear deal and doesn’t require some kind of dumping of good players to get under the cap then go for it.

    With Jagr tired of Russia (disgusted with it really) and wanting to have some fun. Perhaps he is looking to play with Hemsky (fantastic playmaker and countryman) and the addition of kotalik makes it more attractive.

    As unused to it as we are, we may end up with a player signing here for LESS than he would elsewhere. That would be fun!

  81. Woodguy says:

    Perhaps he is looking to play with Hemsky (fantastic playmaker and countryman) and the addition of kotalik makes it more attractive.

    When all the Jagr stuff went down last summer, he was record saying that the reason he would come to the Oilers would be to play with Hemsky. I still think he signs here in the summer.

    As for the Jbo rumours, what I heard (not sure where, take it for what its worth) was that he is engaged to an Edmonton girl who wanted to be close to her family when it came to raising kids, given that her husband is going to be on the road a lot….again no substance to what I heard, pure rumor.

    Some are saying that Kotalik = Penner.

    That may be true to some point, but Kotalik sounded pretty excited to play with 83, and 27 only sounds excited when the buffet has 4 types of beef.

    Motivation to play hard may the common denominator with 27 & Kotalik. Lets hope that Kotalik has found his motivation.

    The obvious move to get $$$ for Jbo is 44. He is by far the worst defensively among 37,77,71, 44.

    He's shot on the powerplay is great, as is his toughness, but his defensive short comings for his price tag makes him the guy to move.

    44 & 27 for Bobby Ryan in the summer? :-), dump salary and get a guy you want? (Klowe comments aside)

    44 & 27 for Frolov in the summer? :-)

    A guy can dream can't he?

  82. Woodguy says:

    Before people scream OVERPAYMENT! at my two tongue-in-cheek (kinda) trade proposals at the bottom of my post, keep in mind that:

    1) Its tongue-in-cheek

    2) When dumping salary you will never get back what you give up, it will always be an overpayment.

    If Tambo can get a 1st and a prospect for Penner in the summer I would consider that enough to dump him. Cut your loses, deal with the reality of 27 actual market value vis-a-vis his contract, and move on.

  83. Scott says:


    I’m pretty sure the Oilers quote the week they traded for 71 was that they verbally agreed to honour the NTC for one year only…so trading him before July 1st wouldn’t break that agreement.

    I’d still trade 44 or even 77 (assuming 37 is signed cheaper) before 71, though.

  84. Sean says:

    I agree with the JBo thinking. Make it work.

    Move Penner, Moreau and/or Staois. Or if that doesnt work move Gilbert for Vanreimsdyk. Do what you gotta do. Acquiring a player of that ability not via trade is what this organization has been waiting to do for 15 years.

    I’d try to keep Souray myself..

  85. Sean says:

    Another note is that passing on Avery with the moves they had on the table was also the right call…

  86. Bruce says:

    Count me among those not anxious to trade Souray. Bouwmeester is a skater — to say the least — whose skill set more closely matches 71-77-37 than it does 44. Yes Sheldon does have defensive deficiencies, but he also has strengths in the D-zone: quick stick, good at separating guys from the puck, the only one of the current top 4 who will really battle a guy on the edge of the crease, etc. He offers a pretty unique skill set.

    Any talk of the core group on the blue should include mention of Smid IMO. I would be thrilled if the Oilers could re-up him for as little as $1.5 MM (one-year Grebeshkov-type deal, with similar big-money implications at the end of it). Depends on how the market might soften, I suppose, but guys with his pedigree, experience, and upward career curve have value. An RFA raid is not out of the question … for sure there’s lots of teams that would be interested.

    CrazyCoach: Outstanding.

  87. George B says:

    Steve Tambellini had a great day.

    When you add Kotalik for a 2nd rounder because he is buddies with Hemsky, that is a good hockey move. The sum of the two is greater than the parts and allows you a shot at a UFA when you may not have had one before.

    It also gives you a trial run with the player to let you decide whether or not he is worth the price of admission. (Better than throwing some big dough at a guy and find out that he doesn’t fit.)

    I like the deal.

    As for O’Sullivan and a 2nd for Cole…..that was just highway robbery.

  88. Doogie2K says:

    That may be true to some point, but Kotalik sounded pretty excited to play with 83, and 27 only sounds excited when the buffet has 4 types of beef.

    Hard to blame the man; that’s my kind of buffet.

    Since we’re talking Buowmeester, the 411 from BTN (40 GP, 10:00+ EVTOI, 1:30+ PPTOI, 1:30+ SHTOI):

    EV TOI/60: 18:25 (1/6)
    EV QualComp: 0.10 (1/6)
    EV QualTeam: 0.16 (1/6)
    EV Corsi: -10.2 (4/6)
    EV PTS/60: 0.74 (4/6)
    EV GFON/60: 2.52 (2/6)
    EV GAON/60: 2.21 (2/6)
    EV PDO #: 102.9% (!)
    PP TOI/60: 4:11 (2/4)
    PP PTS/60: 3.71 (1/4)
    PP +/- ON/60: 6.02 – 1.62 = 4.40 (2/4)
    PP +/- OFF/60: 4.44 – 0.00 = 4.44 (2/4)
    SH TOI/60: 3:16 (1/5)
    SH PTS/60: 0.30 (2/5)
    SH +/- ON/60: 0.59 – 8.02 = -7.42 (4/5)
    SH +/- OFF/60: 1.01 – 4.05 = -3.04 (4/5)

    He’s definitely The Guy in Florida, and doesn’t seem to have a ton of help (though probably better than it was two or three years ago). I think a bunch of those numbers go up on Edmonton’s D, particularly the offensive ones.

  89. Dennis says:

    Bruce: I understand that 44′s tough as nails but he’s getting up there and has been hurt before and if we’re talking age as the criterion to move guys, he goes before 71.

  90. Bruce says:

    Dennis: Theyre both getting up there, and they’ve both been hurt before. 71 has two understudies, and if it really is as case of making room for JayBo, it’s Visnovsky’s skill set that is more directly being replaced. Nothing against the guy, I like him just fine, but as usual my balanced line-up has more nails in it than yours does.

    We just see the game differently, is all.

  91. Lowetide says:

    I’ve been to Terrace and I’ve been to Humboldt. Good for both cities and that mountie needs to relax.


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