Canucks at Oilers, G79/08-09

This is Don Lever. He was a quality 2-way forward over a fairly long career, scoring 20 or more nine different times.

Lever entered the coaching profession in the late 1980′s, and has been an assistant in Buffalo, St. Louis and now Montreal.

Actually, why don’t I just lift his coaching info from the Habs press release: A native of South Porcupine, Ontario, the 56-year old Lever has been Head Coach of the Hamilton Bulldogs since the 2005-06 season. A 17-season NHL player, Lever began his coaching career in the Buffalo Sabres organization back in 1987-88. After two seasons as an assistant to Sabres head coach Ted Sator, Lever was hired to coach the Sabres’ farm team in Rochester. In his first season as Head Coach of the Rochester Americans in 1990-91, Lever led his team to the Calder Cup final and was voted AHL Coach-of-the-Year with a regular-season record of 45 wins, 26 losses and 9 ties. Before taking on the head coaching job of the Hamilton Bulldogs, Lever had spent 14 seasons (1,154 games) as an assistant coach in the NHL with the Buffalo Sabres and the St. Louis Blues. The longest serving coach in Bulldogs history (305 games) has a record of 235 wins, 184 losses, 21 ties and 25 overtime/shootout losses in 465 regular-season games in the AHL.

I think he’s probably a good candidate for an NHL coaching job, and wish the Oilers would consider him and others who didn’t play some of their career in copper and blue. Habs fans are moaning about Lever not being named the next coach in Montreal because of his inability to speak French and deal with the powerful Montreal media in both languages. A reasonable alternative (like having a strong assistant like Jacques Laperierre) may be in the cards, but I’ve also heard Patrick Roy is the next man up in Habstown.

Those kinds of restrictions on hiring are baffling. Your head coach is an extremely important job, why limit the candidates for any superfluous reason? It happens a lot, though. It may happen in our town later this year.

I’ve always wanted to build an info-pak on all NHL (and other) coaches. Track their strengths, their weaknesses, their preferences. I made an attempt with MacTavish here. Wouldn’t it be nice to know as much (going in) about our next coach?

The Oilers play Vancouver tonight. The Canucks are a steamroller, the Oilers a house divided. I can’t predict much, but am fairly certain it’ll be a porridge pre-game show on the radio.

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  1. Yeti says:

    Coach – he’s changed his mascara. It’s much more becoming shade now.

  2. Quinn says:

    “Drunken lemur” heh heh

  3. Coach pb9617 says:

    See Hemsky! That’s what happens when you drive the net!

    What fun is that?

    Coach – he’s changed his mascara. It’s much more becoming shade now.

    Since his ankle injury I always check out his skates and lower leg to see if I can pick out an ankle brace of any sort. Skates look strange tonight.

  4. Coach pb9617 says:

    I’m just going to throw this out there:

    Raffi Torres was traded because of Ethan Moreau.


  5. oilerdago says:

    Coach – you’re the straw that stirs the drink tonite.

  6. Quinn says:

    I know I am a neophyte to the ‘sphere, but from my outsiders perspective last year, I thought Torres had proven too inconsistent and injury prone to warrant another year. I know the Oil got hosed in the trade, but at the time, I thought it was a trade that was a while in the making.

    Now, I do believe Moreau is at fault for global warming and the extinction of the East Coast cod fishery. But I am not sure about the Torres trade.

  7. Lowetide says:

    My take hasn’t changed. Stortini is a helluva player, he really is.

  8. Coach pb9617 says:

    Coach – you’re the straw that stirs the drink tonite.

    I’m full of energy after that…uh…nap that I just took.

    The Murphy’s Irish Stout nap.

    I know I am a neophyte to the ‘sphere, but from my outsiders perspective last year, I thought Torres had proven too inconsistent and injury prone to warrant another year. I know the Oil got hosed in the trade, but at the time, I thought it was a trade that was a while in the making.

    Torres was a problem in the room. Moreau seems to have the most room problems.

    If the Oilers keep Torres, thecaptainethanmoreau has to play the fourth line.

    Just throwing it out there.

  9. Dennis says:

    LT’s feeling his oats tonight, it seems;)

    Boss: No, not close to 40 yet.

    SH: Salsa dancing? SALSA Dancing?

    And I haven’t had tequila since I was 18 and had a bad experience with Praire Fires. There must be some tequila in those, right? Fuck, bad times

  10. Yeti says:

    Coach – I’ll bite.
    My understanding is that Raffi was traded because he was a drastically inconsistent player, with violently oscillating confidence levels, and a noted attitude problem linked to ‘personal issues’.

    GlenX was let go because of Moreau. Raffi was a dump.

  11. Quinn says:

    I’m with Hrudey – throw money at Kesler. I like that guy. An expensive 3rd liner, therefore a great fit for the newly exploded Edmonton Oilers.

  12. Temujin says:

    Rypien was feeding Stortini so many left, he was beggin for a right!

    Watch as Mats Sundin scores within the first five minutes of the second period.

  13. Temujin says:

    Kesler is going nowhere, btw.

  14. pboy says:

    I knew that this season was officially a write-off after Kotalik scored and I was more excited for Icecastles to post the “Kotalik” song than I was that they actually scored.

    Another nice effort so far. If they played the way they did last game and so far tonight for the majority of this season, they wouldn’t be home watching the playoffs on tv this year.

  15. Quinn says:

    Say it ain’t so Tem!

  16. danny says:

    well if it wasnt done before, its done now.

    NSH win in shootout.

  17. Dennis says:

    Chances: 7-8; 1-4 ST.

    A pretty good period by the Oilers at EV and Van looked like they needed a few min to get their heads in the game.

    RB: that’s a fucking impressive list. I”m not gonna damn the guy just because he’s small but what does the scouting reports say? Does he shy away from the rough stuff and/or can he avoid it?

    I’d say it has to be yes for the later because if he was like say our very own Slaughterhouse 5, he’d be out of hockey by now.

    On the CI channel that housed the Jackets/Preds game – Preds win in SO – they’ve now gone to music and the first song out of the gate was “Dreams” by Van Halen.

    Seems fitting.

  18. pboy says:

    Happy B-day Dennis. Mine was yesterday and after looking at what famous people were born on April 3rd and 4th, I have to say that my birthday kicks the shit out of yours! :}

    April 3: Wayne Newton, Mick Mars, Tony Orlando, Alec Baldwin & Eddie Murphy

    April 4: Maya Angelou, Craig T Nelson, Robert Downey Jr & Heath Ledger

    I think Eddie Murphy give me the win.

  19. Dennis says:

    This guy with the ji, I guess he’s our token troll?

  20. oilerdago says:

    Hockey Night crew is having a field day with texint and twittering references.

    Have to see if KLowe has a sense of humor after the game.

  21. Icecastles says:

    Pboy – that made my day.

    I’d heard through the grapevine from someone in a position to know (and not very prone to speculation) that Torres had a bit of an issue with Chemical Happy Time. Not something you want around your team.

  22. Temujin says:

    I think Kesler signs an extension with Van. He was pretty happy that Burrows signed the extension.

    Someone should post HBombs cell# so I can text him when the Canucks come back and win :-)

  23. Temujin says:

    Damned Post!

  24. Lowetide says:

    Temujin: I’m driving over to your house right now to kick your ass.

  25. Icecastles says:

    Roli has such good vision he can tell when the puck is going to hit iron as soon as its shot. He doesn’t even need to go for those.

  26. jon k says:

    Dennis: From the reports he’s not afraid to muck in the difficult areas and will definitely take hits to make plays.

    His speed and acceleration is quite good and he’s described as an agile, shifty skater.

    What might be problematic is that his game heavily relies upon puck protection, which might not translate well to the NHL.

    There are also reports that in the playoffs this season his play dropped off as a result of being focused by the other team’s top defensive units. He supposedly had no points at even strength in the series.

    Despite the impressive company for his accomplishments so far, I’d say that if he ever reaches his “potential” he’s a second line winger who needs sheltering at EV but can make hay on the PP. He’s far more likely to just be a super star in the Euro leagues, much like Morozov.

  27. Temujin says:

    bwa hahaha!

    I’m nearly drunk enough to tell you where I live. You can see the place really well on Google Earth :-0

    geeziz, hemsky never shoots, does he?

  28. Temujin says:

    Win for Carly!

  29. Temujin says:


    Oh yes, that’s his right pad, Shawn.

  30. Coach pb9617 says:

    Just once I’d like to see an Oiler charge straight to the net with the puck during an odd man. You know, rather than skate around the net or do a 180.

    GlenX was let go because of Moreau. Raffi was a dump.

    Alright, sounds good.

  31. Icecastles says:

    Hey Temujin! You are from Smithers! I photographed a wedding there last summer. Do you know Lee Corneau?

  32. Temujin says:

    Never met Lee, but I know his aunt Sara, who happens to live in Edmonton with her husband.

    Shitty Damn Grebeshkov

  33. Icecastles says:

    Gagner! Beautiful work for that one.

  34. danny says:


  35. oilerdago says:

    Grebs w/a nice goal there.

    I guess they can’t lose everyone home game?

  36. Temujin says:

    Well this is kinda stupid. You’re all going to be really pissed when Vancouver comes back from 2 down, aren’t you?

  37. Quinn says:

    I’m thinking of coming up from Calgary just to drive LT over to your house for the beatdown Tm.

    The Oil never give up a 2 goal lead with 30 minutes left to play.

  38. Coach pb9617 says:

    Gagner makes points with 12 is on the ice lately.

    “Strudwick with a burst of speed, er, rather, Hemsky”

    Oh sure.

  39. Temujin says:

    Oh God, I need booze right now.

    This is dumb

  40. Quinn says:

    Strudwick lucky not to be wearing goat horns on that one.

  41. jon k says:

    It’s a point I tried making this season as well as last, Gagner seems to always make points when Nilsson is playing well.

    Gagner’s offense seems to dry up when he’s not paired with Nilsson at EV and when Nilsson is playing well they seem to have real nice offensive chemistry together.

  42. Quinn says:

    The height of civilisation is a small dog grabbing a guy in the nards. The apes are gonna kill us all.

  43. Dennis says:

    Steaming Johnsons and Hairy Eyeballs?

    Did I ever tell you about the time that Mark Lee helped me start puberty?

  44. Temujin says:

    So when does Roloson start to show his age? Anytime now, right?

  45. Quinn says:

    Dennis, that last one made my wife understand why I love doing this during games.

    I’m still laughing.

  46. Dennis says:

    Two things:

    – that last shift before the break where Sundin was being covetous with the puck and bringing it from beyhind the net and to our crease? He used to do that shit all the time vs us when he was in TO and it would usually end with a minus for Staios. But that’s the kind of thing he does when he’s one.

    - Two games out of three where 37 is down low to score a goal. the first time happened in the third when we were down by three and anything goes but tonight he went down and wound up screening the netminder while our pivot 89 smartly covered his point – and took the point shot to boot. When’s the last time you saw one of our D screen a tender at EV?

    One last thing. 89 picks up a lot of points without being flashy. If he ever puts on some weight, he’ll be a gem dandy.

  47. Lowetide says:

    Mark Lee is a pro. Hockey game or funeral, same delivery.

  48. Temujin says:

    I remember Grebs scoring a helluva goal earlier in the season against the Canucks, and I don’t think he was shooting it from the point either.

    But the booze might be clouding my memory.

  49. Icecastles says:

    Dennis said…Sundin was being covetous with the puck

    Covetous? Are you sure you don’t write for Gospel of Hockey? :)

  50. Temujin says:

    So, I remember something about the Oilers pk being terrible. Is that so?

  51. Icecastles says:

    Temujin – if you just jinxed it, then we are no longer brothers.

  52. quain says:

    Peckham busting Wellwood open?

    Give that man another six years.

  53. Temujin says:

    Wellwood looks like he is going to get a hattrick in the third. It’ll be a great story in hockey folklore.

  54. danny says:

    dennis ive been beating that mule for a while but despite the impressive numbers our D have been under tight orders.

    I think the late surges are largely attributed by MacT letting the D jump in when we need a miracle…

    thing is, we have a lot of talent back there and could really cause some problems. not to mention how active D opens up time for the skilled smaller guys down low.

    Right now our forwards are just too easy to play against, theyre small and their aresenal is oh so predictable.

  55. hunter1909 says:

    First time poster:

    Watched the 2nd period. First and last of this crappola team I’ve seen since January, and probably the last until Pat Quinn takes over officially.

    Priceless two shot of Tambelinni and Lowe, both miserable except Tambelinni who will still be employed this time next week.

    Bad hockey, Staios late period penalty taking Moreau’s penalty time. The Captain should have a word with Steve.

  56. Dennis says:

    If you have a PVR, go back and watch the last shot directed towards Roli in the second period.

    You cannot convince me that the Oilers aren’t being told Not to block shots.

    51 almost jumped off the fucking side.

    Chances: 4-8; 0-3 ST

    Chances after 40: 11-16; 10-9 EV; 1-7 ST

    Ducks are odds-on faves for 7th place if they haul two points out of SJ tonight. They’ll have a home game vs SJ left along with a visit to Dal and then finishing at home vs Phx.

  57. hunter1909 says:

    Fire List: Lowe, MacTavish, Huddy, Buchberger, Moreau’s fucking brother, Lowe’s brother also, goalie coach. J. Katz

  58. hunter1909 says:

    I heard Joey Moss is writing his memoirs.

  59. Dennis says:

    Did anyone else notice how HNIC has morphed into the fucking View?

    You’ve got two good looking guys in Stock and Hrudey who honestly don’t have a c***sucking clue.

    That just came to me while they were laughing over Stock’s “winner winner chicken dinner” mark.

    Funny thing about that was one of my buddies was saying that phrase a couple of months ago and one night I just go sick of it and told him how dumb it was.

    Lastly, I hate people.

  60. Quinn says:

    That replay of Tim Thomas makes him my choice for the Vezina. I love goalies who hate and attack easily. Especially when they take on slime like Avery.

  61. Temujin says:

    The spirit of Don Lever compels the Canucks.

    Here comes a PP goal from Sundin, and EV goal from D Sedin, and aSH goal from Burrows.

    Book it.

  62. hunter1909 says:

    Don’t worry, Kovalchuck and Bouwmeester are either coming, or else Mister Lowe is going to talk a lot about how much he wants to sign these guys for MacT’s already potent lineup.

  63. CrazyCoach says:

    Rypien was feeding Stortini so many left, he was beggin for a right!

    Temmi, or you could say that Rypien was giving him so many rights, Stortini thought he was one of the Bacon Brothers.

  64. hunter1909 says:

    The HNIC color guy called the Oiler goalie “Salo”, early on during the second period.

  65. Lord Bob says:

    Can I get an honourary “take ‘em wide!” for Zach Stortini?

    I’m telling you guys. If we couldn’t spell Kelli Buchberger’s first name, Stortini would be his clone.

  66. Dennis says:

    No Joey Moss jokes, seriously.

    I’d make fun of the fucking devil but I’ve got one rule: you don’t make fun of anyone who can’t help themselves.

    Stock just called Cuntreal “the Habbies” which mean’s he’s echoing that dumb nickname coined by Dutchsyen.

    Who’s another fucking stupe, BTW.

  67. hunter1909 says:

    Was I the only one who saw Lowe and Tambelinni, whatever he really does.

  68. Temujin says:

    Isn’t Dutchyshen from Edmonton? I seem to remember him on ITV waaaaaaay back in the day

  69. hunter1909 says:

    Why were Lowe and Tambelinni sitting in the dark, when the camera went on them probably for the first time this season.

  70. Dennis says:

    Vish Throttle’s on After Hours tonight, BTW.

    Maybe I’m wrong but it seems to me the last time he was on was just after the 94 trade when he summarily threw Smyth under the bus.

    I look forward to tonight’s int. because he’ll either have that wide ” no one has the guts to call me on anything” grin or he’ll have that tight one going that shows his laughlines like a geriatric Joker.

  71. hunter1909 says:

    I seriously thought these guys were good enough for 8th fucking place.

    Thanks for another wasted season, MacT.

  72. Icecastles says:

    Dennis said…
    No Joey Moss jokes, seriously.


  73. Tyler says:

    Happy 45th Dennis.

    Vish Throttler should be good tonight. It’s been a tough week in Edmonton.

    My money’s on rictus grin and no questions about Katztextgate.

  74. Dennis says:

    I assume that one day I’ll wake up and hitch the pants to my nipples and at that point I’ll find Ron James funny?

    I’m assuming that’s how it works.

  75. hunter1909 says:

    Has any team in NHL history beside the Seals, ever depended on a player with Horcoff’s talent, or better still, with an idiot like Moreau as “the Captain”?

  76. Coach pb9617 says:

    Is there a rule in the NHL against hitting the Sedins?

  77. Icecastles says:

    But does that mean Jason Strudwick, Steve Staios and Ethan Moreau are off-limits too?

  78. Quinn says:

    People find Ron James funny? I thought he was just can-con filler.

  79. hunter1909 says:

    Katz wants 12 months to assess the team, then everyone is getting fired.

  80. Lord Bob says:

    If Sean Avery was a Canuck there’d be a rule against hitting him too.

  81. Icecastles says:

    Coach pb9617 said…
    Is there a rule in the NHL against hitting the Sedins?

    you never hit a girl.

  82. Lord Bob says:

    Guys, I have a great idea for the Oilers powerplay.

    Let’s pass the puck around while our guys are stationary, try to get it to Sheldon Souray, and then he shoots it really really hard.

    That is such a brilliant strategy it could not possibly fail.

  83. CrazyCoach says:

    Yeah no Joey Moss jokes please.

  84. Quinn says:

    Ice, does a post get the song?

  85. Temujin says:

    I feel as though the Canucks are not going to win this thing.

  86. hunter1909 says:

    Here is how bad the Oilers have now become: The Flames fans aren’t even laughing anymore, because the Oilers are now irrelevant.

  87. Icecastles says:

    Which peice of equipment is the “blockerpad”? Must be a new composite hand and leg thing.

  88. oilerdago says:

    Temujin: A little reverse psychology for the 3rd period?

  89. Icecastles says:

    Quinn – I was trying to figure out how to half-link. :) he’s had a few excellent chanced tonight. I think I’ll be singing his praises again before the game is over…

  90. hunter1909 says:

    Marion Hossa would probably be a really good backchecker by now, he should have signed to play for the Oilers.

  91. Temujin says:

    reverse psychology or no, I’m not sure how Brodziak misses the net from there

  92. danny says:

    I think the punchline is that hes a newfoundlander

  93. Lord Bob says:

    God, Bobby Nilsson is feeling it lately. He thought he could take on the entire Canucks defense and he was very nearly right.

  94. hunter1909 says:

    PS: Fire that refugee from “Green Acres” PA announcer, who drives away player’s wives the way he’s so completely useless.

  95. Quinn says:

    I think the punchline is that hes a newfoundlander

    Isn’t that the punchline to all the best jokes? ;) Just kiddin’. They are my favourite people group to immigrate to Canada.

  96. Lord Bob says:

    Goddamn, Hemmer, showing us how the drop pass is done! Gagner, pay attention!

  97. hunter1909 says:

    Lord Bob: Since when hs everyone suddenly decided to start calling him “Bobby”?

  98. Tyler says:

    LT: At the end of the year, can we vote a commenter off the site? I have a nominee.

  99. doritogrande says:

    Finally got home to see the Oilers up by two, H-bomb three sheets to the wind and mason raymond fucking scoring.


  100. Temujin says:

    We need Perry Mason!

  101. Dennis says:

    Remember that thing i wrote about Sundin behind the net and Staios?

    Eat that, eyebags:)

  102. Quinn says:


  103. danny says:

    Ok everyone owes dennis a beer

  104. CrazyCoach says:

    Sundin on Staios-I haven’t see someone get beat that badly since Rodney King.

  105. jon k says:

    I seem to remember Sundin tooling Staios on a very similar play last season versus Toronto. Wasn’t a pass though, he quickly tucked it into the side of the net.

    Le sigh.

  106. hunter1909 says:

    It’s cute how Canadians freely point out other countries alleged faults, then make fun of Newfoundlanders, just like a minstrel show.

  107. Temujin says:

    LT: At the end of the year, can we vote a commenter off the site? I have a nominee.

    I think I may know who he is!

  108. Icecastles says:

    Hunter – I’m going to go out on a limb here, but are you in a bad mood tonight? You clearly aren’t teh happy drunk that the rest of us are tonight. Enjoy the lead and be happy! There are precious few chances to be happy lately – I’m going to cling to this one and milk it.

  109. Lord Bob says:

    I think I may know who he is!

    Yeah, that HBomb better watch his back!


  110. Temujin says:

    You wanna go where everybody knows your name…

  111. Quinn says:


    I can mock anyone. Anywhere. For anything.

    Don’t be thin-skinned. I don’t want Danny Williams knocking on my door.

  112. danny says:

    did you just call newfoundland a fault?

  113. Icecastles says:

    LT: At the end of the year, can we vote a commenter off the site? I have a nominee.

    I think I may know who he is!

    It’s because I Rickrolled your asses, isn’t it. :D

  114. hunter1909 says:

    Okay guys, sorry to be the cause for the Oilers missing the playoffs, especially now that when they “win” a game, really they will “lose” at the drafting position.

  115. Dennis says:

    The Ron James thing was I think you have to at least 45 years old to like the guy.

    Twice in the past week we’ve seen the perils of using a forward on the PP point. Both instances involved 21 and the first one was Brookbamk scoring just after a PP expired and then tonight Burrows works him as well.

    Oilers have two PP chances by my count .

    Ducks have two PK chances by my count.

  116. CrazyCoach says:

    Danny Williams is awesome.

  117. doritogrande says:

    Questions for Kevin Lowe!

    Everyone get on the cbc site and get your licks in now!

  118. Temujin says:

    Never gonna give, never gonna give…

  119. CrazyCoach says:

    A million bucks or million rubles for Omark?

  120. Icecastles says:

    Someone tell Omark not to take the Russian offer. The Oilers builds character!

  121. jon k says:

    Sounds like a good after hours show.

  122. Tyler says:

    Danny Williams is awesome.

    Don’t get me started on Danny Williams. Newfoundland seems to be learning from Quebec. Eventually we’re going to have a federal Parliament with ten provincial parties that all demand special treatment. It’s bad for the country.

  123. Quinn says:

    danny, I don’t think NF is a fault, more a planar fracture

  124. Icecastles says:

    Temujin – you’ll love this

  125. CrazyCoach says:

    Ok, doorknob from Terrace, we get. You’re stupid town is HOckeyville.

  126. Temujin says:

    As an anarcho-capitalist uber-libertarian I must say this discussion of Danny Williams is truly unfortunate.

    Oh boooo…..

  127. doritogrande says:

    To join in tonight’s revelry, I found a can of the black stuff in the refrigerator. I also found Baileys.

    I’m making carbombs bitches!

    Oh, and Icecastles, as to your previous comment of I’m at the rink with my sign and feeling very alone. Apparently I’m at the wrong arena…. the protest *(is* to bring back the Winnipeg jets, right? , whatever are you doing in the middle of the Polo Park shopping FUCKWHAT A GOAL! Mall.

    Holy shit kid.

  128. Lord Bob says:

    Sometimes, I think this Gagner kid’s gonna be okay.

  129. Icecastles says:

    GAGNER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now for the hat trick.

  130. Quinn says:

    That Gagner kid might have some talent.

  131. oilerdago says:

    Have to love that move by Gagner even if it costs us in the draft.


  132. Dennis says:

    +1 to Dennis for the Sundin/Staios comment

    - 1 to Dennis for the “89 not being flashy” comment.

  133. Lord Bob says:

    Scored unassisted, in the true sense of “if he’d been the only Oiler on the ice he’d still have scored that goal”.

  134. Coach pb9617 says:

    Everyone that wants to trade Nilsson should remember what 89 does with 12. Seriously, if Nilsson is going to be Jan Hrdina to Gagner’s Jagr, he stays.

  135. CrazyCoach says:

    I guess that means the discussion on Section 35 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is off the table then?

  136. jon k says:

    Methinks Sam is trying to showoff, maybe Dad came along with the team tonight?

  137. Quinn says:

    Heyyyyy, there isn’t a section 35 is there?

  138. Icecastles says:

    Dorito – that was beautiful.

    MTS Centre isn’t at Polo Park though. Though I *was* at Polo Park yesterday returning Harry Potter books. :)

  139. CrazyCoach says:

    and the irony is that I’m watching the Terrace CBC feed

  140. Temujin says:

    I’ve got a hankering to go to Casinorama…

  141. Quinn says:

    Sorry, I’m an idiot. Aboriginal rights.

  142. Coach pb9617 says:

    - 1 to Dennis for the “89 not being flashy” comment.

    Dennis sucks.

    I have heartburn. Is it:

    Newcastle Brown

  143. Tyler says:

    Questions that won’t be asked on After Hours:

    “The Oilers started the years with three goalies in order to make sure that Jeff Deslauriers wasn’t exposed to waivers and then traded Mathieu Garon in order to end the three goalie rotation. It’s as if the team has been playing without a backup goalie since as Deslauriers hasn’t played a meaningful minute since November 30 and Roloson has started 35 games in a row. It could be argued that giving Dwayne Roloson the occasional night off would keep him fresh.

    Given that Deslauriers is an unrestricted free agent in two years, how does this investment of time make any sense?”

  144. danny says:

    lol Quinn… pretty good ;)

    I was talking to hunter though… canadians aparently dont have the right to criticize other countries because they have newfoundland.

    (not that I gave the guy much credit for being that sharp before tonight)

  145. Temujin says:

    For the record, Terrace is still Hockeyville.

    Thank you.

  146. Icecastles says:

    Sorry what’s section 35? Is that Roli’s crease?

    Watching the replay of that goal, that was fucking Crosby/Ovechkin/Malkin level stuff. Fucking beautiful. I bet they can get a lot for that boy on a trade. ;)

  147. doritogrande says:

    MTS Centre isn’t at Polo Park though. Though I *was* at Polo Park yesterday returning Harry Potter books. :)

    The Jets never played at the MTS Centre though. It would make more sense to have a rally native-style in a parking lot than having one downtown for fear of all the trash begging for change.


  148. oilerdago says:

    Coach – you’re right about 12/89 but remember, this is a management team that has the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  149. Temujin says:

    I love Mr Everything.

  150. CrazyCoach says:

    Was that my rec league I just saw on TV?

  151. Quinn says:

    Ohhhh my sciatica

  152. Lord Bob says:

    Bat a puck, Dwayne. Put this thing away.

  153. Tyler says:

    How has someone not assaulted that guy in the goofy fadeout style Canucks jersey? Is his face painted?

  154. quain says:

    Wow. If only we had a real coach, maybe our defensemen would have the basic skills taught to twelve year olds.

  155. Temujin says:

    So that would be goal #28 for Burrows.

    With none on the PP.

    And a damned penalty to boot…

  156. bookie says:

    I’m telling you, this Gagner kid is going to be something. We can put him together with Nillson and Cognliano and boom, that would be an awesome line.

    If we can sign Roli, we will have a top notch goalie. With a couple of minor additions, I bet we can challange for the division lead, if not the conference lead!

  157. Quinn says:

    What was that about Mr. Everything? Mr. I-can-take-a-Moreau-penalty?

  158. oilerdago says:

    Shouldn’t there be 2 penalties – a trip at the blueline too?

  159. boopronger says:

    I didnt think i would have to yell “hemsky shoot” anymore after watching him earlier in the year, but its back to same old hemsky. Pass up a shot in the slot to take one from the worst angle.

  160. Coach pb9617 says:

    I wonder how long it’s going to take the forwards on this team to stop throwing every puck to the point once Souray is gone. A full season?

  161. Lord Bob says:

    Sheldon raising his stick to signal the pass was a good clue to the Canucks forwards that he was about to get the puck. Great move. Now if he’d whipped it back, we could talk, but nooooooo…

  162. doritogrande says:


  163. danny says:


  164. Temujin says:

    Souray should be the captain of this team

  165. Lord Bob says:


  166. CrazyCoach says:

    Quinn you know your charter. Excellent.

    Wow! What a shot

  167. oilerdago says:

    Amazing what happens when Souray puts it on goal.

  168. Icecastles says:

    And with that goal, I scared my cat. I unleash a Mighty Roar.

    Hahaha: “When you’ve got movement, you’ve got options”. That’s the philopspy behind the Edmonton PP, allright. Been that way all year.

  169. Tyler says:

    Amazing what happens when you don’t just spend your PP standing around.

  170. Temujin says:

    Birthday: FAIL

  171. Coach pb9617 says:

    Coach – you’re right about 12/89 but remember, this is a management team that has the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Keep that up and you’ll get texts from Katz.

  172. CrazyCoach says:

    I’m almost scared to watch the rest of the game

  173. danny says:

    do you just laugh when a sedin shoves you?

  174. Lord Bob says:

    I want to see Daryl Katz’s Twitter.

    “@bstauffer: sorry, mact is safe. ps goin 2 hudsons 2nite!”

  175. Coach pb9617 says:

    Amazing what happens when you don’t just spend your PP standing around.

    To be fair, they were only moving because Gagner and Hemsky were trying to occupy the same piece of ice at the same time. One of them had to move occasionally.

  176. Tyler says:

    I’d like to see a twitter sent from Terry Jones blackberry: “JAK:LF:LKJDS :LKDSJF: IWOGESLKSHDF:”

  177. CrazyCoach says:

    Was that Willie PIckton’s accomlice sitting behind MacT?

  178. Quinn says:

    I agree Coach. The PP looked the same as always.

    But even a blind chicken finds an egg once in a while. Umm, no wait, that’s not right.

  179. Coach pb9617 says:

    do you just laugh when a sedin shoves you?

    Well, they certainly don’t hit them back! Why will no one hit a Sedin.

    Way to go captain stupid.

  180. oilerdago says:

    Hey, it wouldn’t be a complete game w/out a penalty from thecaptainethanmoreau.

  181. doritogrande says:

    I’d like to see a twitter sent from Terry Jones blackberry: “JAK:LF:LKJDS :LKDSJF: IWOGESLKSHDF:”

    We are sorry, the hands you have used to text are too fat. To order a special “dialing wand” kindly mash the keypad.

  182. danny says:

    I feel an OT loss coming…

  183. Lord Bob says:

    There‘s the puck bat! Write this one in pen, boys!

  184. Quinn says:

    We are sorry, the hands you have used to text are too fat. To order a special “dialing wand” kindly mash the keypad.

    Best. Episode. Ever.

  185. Coach pb9617 says:

    Peckham should hit a Sedin. If he can make little Kyle’s head bleed, he can hit a Sedin.

  186. Icecastles says:

    Now why the hell do they whistle it down so fast? Because they knew he was going to bat it? What dicks. Meanwhile in other plays, the refs will stand there with their thumbs up their asses while players slashaway at his body as he lays on the puck.

  187. doritogrande says:

    Speaking of fat hands, where’s Dustin Penner?

  188. Icecastles says:

    Where is the dialing want thing from? I remember loving it, and I can’t even recall what show it was.

    I want to see the Sedins fight.

    Each other.

  189. Lord Bob says:

    If Todd McFarlane ever makes a Steve Staios action figure, he needs to find a way to make it ring the puck weakly around the boards with the press of a button.

  190. Quinn says:

    Well, you see dg, they need guys who can play tough minutes, so they sent out Staios, Struds and …


  191. Coach pb9617 says:

    Lee just said “now they face the puck off”. Is that English?

    Speaking of fat hands, where’s Dustin Penner?

    It’s his fault they aren’t up by 8.

    Way to go captain stupid. I guess that penalty wasn’t aggressive enough to kill off.

  192. CrazyCoach says:

    All this happens with everyone’s fave captain in the sin bin

  193. Hemsky is a gangsta says:

    As MacT knows, those 6on4s can be dangerous

  194. Lord Bob says:

    Guys, help! I’ve fallen into a parallel universe where standing in a goalie’s path in the crease isn’t goaltender interference! Someone call a physicist!

  195. doritogrande says:

    Did it look like Roloson was about to cry to anyone else there?

    Fuck Wellwood.

  196. Icecastles says:

    Sigh. It’s still Edmonton’s game to lose.

    Hmm. Im hoping I don’t regret that phrasing.

  197. Lord Bob says:

    Hey, Ales Hemsky remembers how to score after all.

  198. danny says:

    luuuuuuuuuu ?

  199. CrazyCoach says:

    slump over

  200. Icecastles says:

    I won’t regret it.

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