This is David Bowie. From the moment a song called “Space Oddity” hit the airwaves 40 years ago Bowie has been able to keep himself at least somewhat viable as an artist all down the line. I believe he has had something to do with Scarlett Johansson’s career (although my daughter is currently unable to inform me of who the hell David Bowie is) and anyone my age has a list of favorites (mine are “Young Americans,” the stunning German version of “Heroes” and the ridiculously catchy “Sound and Vision”) from the Thin White Duke.

One of his early 70′s hits was called Changes, and featured a stutter intro to the chorus (there’s a ton of these in pop music, from The Who’s “My Generation” to BTO’s “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” to Van Morrison’s new live version of “Cypress Avenue” and beyond) that makes it fun to sing-a-long to.

I find myself wishing the entire Oilers organization would have been tongue-tied in the last 24 hours. As I understand the events owner Katz was riding in his car to the game with his wife, didn’t like what Bob Stauffer was saying, sent a text that said “MacT is going nowhere” and Bob had a stroke. Or some such.

This was followed by Kevin Lowe’s “press conference from the set of Rocky Horror” and I would not have been a bit surprised to hear Lowe sing “but it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane” at the end of the PC.

As near as I can tell, this was a case of several guys coming to the aid of a friend, which is cool and all but once again reminds us of why there are PR people and talking heads to handle this kind of thing. A much better response to the Katz gaffe would have been a nice young man with a short haircut and expensive suit saying “Mr. Katz sent an private message to Mr. Stauffer that was misunderstood and made public. The Oilers will evaluate all areas of the organization at season’s end and make decisions in due time” or something along those lines.

What we now have is an old fashioned dog-and-pony show, with everyone but Ziggy Stardust and Iggy Pop getting involved. Ethan Moreau told us today there will be changes and the kids are different now and the special teams weren’t helped and if you read between the lines he’s saying don’t trust anyone under 26.

A fine mess we have here. A little while ago I suggested that if MacT stayed we could predict a few of the players heading out (Penner, Pouliot, Nilsson). After today I think we might be looking at something deeper here, something resembling a really big mistake.

Really big.

Why? Daryl Katz is way more involved than he should be, to the point where “loose cannon” and “Wild Bill Hunter” may end up being relevant references this summer.

I feel sorry for us.


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