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Rob Daum is a qualified pro hockey coach and he took over the Falcons around Valentine’s Day. I thought it might be an idea to post each player’s numbers under the new AHL coach (in context) to see if anyone broke loose from the crowd in an unexpected manner.

A couple of comments to begin the process. We know that Ryan Potulny, Rob Schremp and Ryan Stone were the likely offensive weapons up front and that the checking line was Colin McDonald, Tyler Spurgeon and Tim Sestito or thereabouts.

We also know that the young defenders (Peckham, Wild, Chorney) were getting the tougher minutes earlier in the season at the expense of older hands like Mathieu Roy and Bryan Young.

Let’s begin by listing the powerplay scorers for Daum after he took over in Springfield:

PP under Daum

  1. Potulny 28gp, 7-4-11
  2. Schremp 28gp, 1-7-8
  3. Wild 28gp, 1-7-8
  4. Stone 28gp, 1-5-6
  5. Chorney 22gp, 1-5-6
  6. Roy 17gp, 0-3-3
  7. Eberle 9gp, 1-2-3
  8. Jacques 3gp, 1-1-2
  9. O’Marra 23gp, 0-1-1
  10. Gabinet 23gp, 0-1-1
  11. Trukhno 22gp, 1-0-1
  12. Brule 11gp, 1-0-1

Daum clearly liked the top 5 listed here, in fact that was probably the #1 unit for all of the games until Chorney’s recall. Later in the campaign, he seems to have added Roy (possibly when Chorney got the call) and we see Eberle had some impact in his 9 games.

PK under Daum

  1. McDonald 28gp, 1-1-2
  2. O’Marra 23gp, 0-1-1
  3. Paukovich 17gp, 1-0-1
  4. Brule 11gp, 1-0-1
  5. Stamoulis 6gp, 0-1-1

This isn’t interesting for the offense but as an indicator of the names Daum called upon when shorthanded. McDonald’s two points are a tell: he was one of the top 2 forwards (or the luckiest man on earth) in these games, and I suspect Brule would have been the other top choice. Stone is a guy one would expect might have been in the top 4 but that’s me filling in the blanks instead of reading the math.

Daum’s Falcons at EVs (F)

  1. Stone 28gp, 5-11-16 -1
  2. Potulny 28gp, 9-6-15 -2
  3. McDonald 28gp, 4-6-10 -5
  4. Trukhno 22gp, 1-5-6 -4
  5. Eberle 9gp, 2-4-6 -5
  6. Schremp 28gp, 0-4-4 -16
  7. G Lefebvre 21gp, 1-3-4 -8
  8. Sestito 13gp, 2-2-4 -5
  9. Paukovich 17gp, 3-1-4 -3
  10. O’Marra 23gp, 0-3-3 -6
  11. Brule 11gp, 0-3-3 -5
  12. Spurgeon 21gp, 1-1-2 -5
  13. Urquhart 8gp, 1-0-1 -2
  14. Goulet 3gp, 0-1-1 E
  15. Czuy 2gp, 0-1-1 E
  16. Huddy 2gp, 0-1-1 +1

A couple of quick notes. If a player didn’t score at EVs then he’s not listed, so JF Jacques doesn’t appear despite his PP success. The surprise name in the top 6 scoring forwards is Colin McDonald, and one suspects he may have been moved to a more offensive line (I believe Trukhno was hurt/ineffective and Lerg disappeared during this period). Eberle was playing with skilled men but that’s a nice number no matter how you look at it. Schremp was beyond awful, that -16 is impossible based on the other F’s +/- in the same number of games. I imagine the line that was bleeding every night was the one he was on, and despite the PP numbers over the period Sugartits can’t dance at EVs in the AHL based on this snapshot (three years into his AHL career. He’s the hockey equivalent of “Blind Man in the Bleachers” in terms of bad storyline). Lefebvre and Paukovich seem to have moved up the depth chart under Daum as well. One imagines the top 3 on this list would get good reviews from Daum when the new coach calls his cell this summer.

Daum’s Falcons at EVs (D)

  1. Young 28gp, 3-3-6 +5
  2. Wild 28gp, 1-3-4 -13
  3. Gabinet 23gp, 1-2-3 -12
  4. Chorney 22gp, 1-2-3 -9
  5. Bina 21gp, 1-2-3 -10
  6. Bisaillon 4gp, 1-0-1 -3
  7. Constant 3gp, 0-1-1 +4

I wish Roy had scored because I want to talk about him and Bryan Young. It looked to me all season like one of the problems is that they had way too many young D (Chorney, Wild, Bisaillon, Bina) and you can’t bring that many along at the same time. It looks like Daum used Young, Roy and maybe Gabinet to add experience until Jake Taylor returned to the lineup. Young’s plus minus is as ridiculous as Schremp’s in this context, except at the other end of the scale.

Dubnyk’s SP has improved (.908) under Daum; he was .905 when the new coach took over.

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