Desjardins NHLE for AHL (The Blue)

Not only is it becoming fairly obvious that Theo Peckham is a better prospect than the 3 college boys (Chorney, Petry and Wild), it’s also at this point an open question as to which of the 4 will deliver more offensively in the show.

Theo Peckham is continuing to develop as a hockey player. He has a good variety of skills, he’s tough, has a clue and desire. It’s an extremely effective combination, to the point that one could make a reasonable argument that he is the de facto #1 prospect in the organization.

Here are the Desjardins’ NHL equivalencies for the Springfield blueline (per 82gp):

  1. Theo Peckham (20) 5-11-16
  2. Sebastien Bisaillon (21) 6-9-15
  3. Taylor Chorney (21) 3-9-12
  4. Cody Wild (21) 3-9-12
  5. Mathieu Roy (25) 1-7-8
  6. Bryan Young (22) 2-4-6
  7. Robbie Bina (25) 1-5-6
  8. Mike Gabinet (26) 1-4-5

Later this spring I’ll grab the EV and PP numbers for each and suspect that the gap between Peckham and Chorney will increase. Defensively Peckham is well ahead of Chorney at this time, and if the offensive gap is minimal then it’s completely reasonable to assume Peckham is the better man moving forward. The thing we need to consider is that this was Chorney’s (and really Wild’s) first season in pro hockey, so we’re comparing apples and oranges when we discuss Peckham.

On other fronts, Bisaillon remains a prospect of interest (despite the trips to Stockton) and Mathieu Roy played 59 games without injury. Finally, here are the plus minus numbers (with GP) for the 8D listed above:

  1. Bisaillon -1 (31gp)
  2. Young -2 (63gp)
  3. Peckham -7 (47gp)
  4. Gabinet -13 (45gp)
  5. Wild -14 (49gp)
  6. Bina -18 (37gp)
  7. Roy -20 (59gp)
  8. Chorney -29 (68gp)

When Jonathan Willis did his AHL toughness of minutes post midway through the season, he had the players listed above ranked as follows:

  1. Theo Peckham: 1.834
  2. Cody Wild: 1.812
  3. Taylor Chorney: 1.693
  4. Robbie Bina: 1.651
  5. Mathieu Roy: 1.608
  6. Bryan Young: 1.476
  7. Sebastien Bisaillon: 1.309
  8. Mike Gabinet: 1.130

Based on the information available to us, Theo Peckham is clearly the pick of the litter among the Springfield blue.

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