Exile On Main Street

Feel so hypnotized, can’t describe the scene.
Its all mesmerized all that inside me.
The sunshine bores the daylights out of me.
Chasing shadows moonlight mystery.
Headed for the overload.
Splattered on the dirty road.
Kick me like you’ve kicked before.
I can’t even feel the pain no more.

-Jagger, Richard

Someone must have gotten their rocks off today, but it remains to be seen if this move was a wise one. Steve Tambellini’s press conference cuts the cord for the Boys on the Bus and gives way to a new era for the Edmonton Oilers.

This organization appears to be saying “roll me, and call me the tumbling dice” and even more incredible on this incredible day were the words of Steve Tambellini. A man of little color who personifies the phrase “matzah balls” on an everday basis, his presser today sounded like he’s planning to rip this joint right up until training camp.

There may not be a soul survivor.

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