Oilers at Flames, G82/08-09

Word today from Matty in the EJ that the Oilers are close to signing Grebeshkov to a 2-year deal. If we assume it’s a 3.3M cap hit (per year) that would put the Oilers 09-10 blueline at about 23M (nhlnumbers.com): Visnovsky-5.6; Souray 5.4; Gilbert-4; Grebeshkov-3.3; Staios-2.7; Smid-1.5(est); Peckham-.600.

That’s 23.1M, let’s say I’m wrong a little on Grebeshkov and Smid and it all comes in at 23.5M.

Does that leave enough for the forwards and a new #1 goalie? Probably not. You’d really like to keep that top 4D intact, so Staios would probably be the first trade option. After that, my wish would be that they find a new home for Sheldon Souray. As impressive as he’s been this season (and his shot from the point is pure joy), Souray has enough chaos in his game that the dollars paid are too much for what is delivered without the puck.

There’s a game tonight, last one on the schedule. In baseball these games often take about 90 minutes: season is over, swing at the first pitch (umpires often get involved too–don’t leave that bat on your shoulder today, son) and pitchers work quickly.

There’s plenty of time in the next few months (!!!!) to talk about July 1, but I’ve been thinking about the Sedins. The twin piss-cutters are without contracts this summer, free as birds in their mid-to-late 20′s. It’s a massive opportunity for any team, and would effectively cripple a pretty nice situation in Vancouver. They made 3.575M each this past season and will certainly get a raise.

Leaving aside the weather and number of beautiful women with legs to the sky that walk among the common folk everyday in Vancouver, could the Sedins help the Oilers in a big way? Yes. Does Tambellini have any pull with the Sedins? Who knows. He did negotiate contracts in VCR if I’ve read his bio correctly, so he may even have negotiated the last one.

How much salary would the Oilers need to shed? A bunch. Assuming they’ll save some dollars with Roloson leaving (and Erik Cole is off the books, of course), they’d still have to dump some dollars to make the Sedins happen.

They’d have to trade Shawn Horcoff.

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