Oilers at Flames, G82/08-09

Word today from Matty in the EJ that the Oilers are close to signing Grebeshkov to a 2-year deal. If we assume it’s a 3.3M cap hit (per year) that would put the Oilers 09-10 blueline at about 23M (nhlnumbers.com): Visnovsky-5.6; Souray 5.4; Gilbert-4; Grebeshkov-3.3; Staios-2.7; Smid-1.5(est); Peckham-.600.

That’s 23.1M, let’s say I’m wrong a little on Grebeshkov and Smid and it all comes in at 23.5M.

Does that leave enough for the forwards and a new #1 goalie? Probably not. You’d really like to keep that top 4D intact, so Staios would probably be the first trade option. After that, my wish would be that they find a new home for Sheldon Souray. As impressive as he’s been this season (and his shot from the point is pure joy), Souray has enough chaos in his game that the dollars paid are too much for what is delivered without the puck.

There’s a game tonight, last one on the schedule. In baseball these games often take about 90 minutes: season is over, swing at the first pitch (umpires often get involved too–don’t leave that bat on your shoulder today, son) and pitchers work quickly.

There’s plenty of time in the next few months (!!!!) to talk about July 1, but I’ve been thinking about the Sedins. The twin piss-cutters are without contracts this summer, free as birds in their mid-to-late 20′s. It’s a massive opportunity for any team, and would effectively cripple a pretty nice situation in Vancouver. They made 3.575M each this past season and will certainly get a raise.

Leaving aside the weather and number of beautiful women with legs to the sky that walk among the common folk everyday in Vancouver, could the Sedins help the Oilers in a big way? Yes. Does Tambellini have any pull with the Sedins? Who knows. He did negotiate contracts in VCR if I’ve read his bio correctly, so he may even have negotiated the last one.

How much salary would the Oilers need to shed? A bunch. Assuming they’ll save some dollars with Roloson leaving (and Erik Cole is off the books, of course), they’d still have to dump some dollars to make the Sedins happen.

They’d have to trade Shawn Horcoff.

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  1. HBomb says:

    Traktor: Moreau’s been shit tonight while Penner and Nilsson ride the pine.


  2. Traktor says:

    Moreau stayed out for a full one minute after his mates changed and basically floated the entire time.

    He’s a joke.

  3. Lord Bob says:

    Rod Phillips can’t retire.

    Rod Phillips can’t retire.

    Yes, he constantly seems to think it’s 1988 and talks after a bad goal like he’s expecting Gretzky, Kurri, and Lumley to come out for the next shift and turn things around.

    I don’t care. Listening to other cities’ radio broadcasts, you realise how lucky we are to have somebody who genuinely cares about the game and carries so much of the history of the greatest team to ever play that, on his best days, you feel like you’re looking back on a distant age as shadows dance in the glass.

  4. oilerdago says:

    So Lemaire quits in Minnesota but says he still wants to coach.

    Anyone think he could be in the mix in Edmonton?

  5. Lord Bob says:

    The Oilers are a pretty stereotypical Lemaire team. They’re young, primarily defensive, in turmoil, and could use a steady hand at the tiller. We’d be a perfect fit for him and he’d be a perfect fit for us.

    Wait, I hop over to HockeyDB and notice he never played for the Oilers in the eighties. Never mind then!

  6. Steve says:

    I’m with Lord Bob – despite the fact that about half my comments around here are to point out something unintentionally hilarious that Rod said, a lot of games he’s the only reason I’m listening at all.

    To hell with saw him good – with Rod, I evaluate players on the basis of heard him good. And I heard Rod very good.

  7. doritogrande says:

    That’s the third time tonight! Hit the fucking net 21!

  8. doritogrande says:

    It had to be Moreau, didn’t it?

    Why couldn’t that have been O’Sullivan, or god even Horcoff?

  9. oilerdago says:

    The Moreau of 2006 buries that chance.

    But not tonite.

  10. Chris says:

    I’m not sure Lemaire is the direction I’d want the Oilers to go. On the other hand he would be a direction which is more than we’ve seen from the team this year.

  11. doritogrande says:


    Beaten by 15 skaters. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Edmonton Oilers, a team in the Western Conference.

  12. PunjabiOil says:

    Sign Gustaffon (SP?)

  13. oilerdago says:

    Chorney doesn’t tie up his man and JDD gives up a juicy rebound.

    Kids will have to learn.

  14. Coach pb9617 says:

    A fitting end to this season and this coach. Beaten by 15 skaters with his top two LW in the press box and his pets sucking hard.

  15. Lord Bob says:

    The good news is that next year we won’t have to worry about Ethan Moreau sucking on the ice.

    The bad news is it’s because he’ll be the coach.

  16. doritogrande says:

    Oh. Hell.

    Maybe there was something to MacT playing Roloson after all.

  17. Chris says:

    I begin to see why we played Roloson for the last 35 games straight.

  18. PunjabiOil says:

    Mr. Backup – JDD.

  19. Lowetide says:

    Lundmark. I said he’d make it when he was a St. Albert Saint. Took awhile. :-)

  20. doritogrande says:

    I think Chorney might be -4 on the night now.

  21. oilerdago says:

    No excuses on that one for JDD.

  22. Chris says:

    I really do hope that this is the last time we see Craig MacTavish coach the Oilers. We need something good to come out of this debacle of a season.

  23. doritogrande says:

    Fuck. Now Moreau’s going to demand he play goal too.

  24. doritogrande says:

    It’s over!

    Go Philadelphia!

  25. oilerdago says:

    This season could not end soon enough and this game epitomized the season.

  26. Coach pb9617 says:

    It’s over.

    Sweet, sweet relief.

  27. Showerhead says:

    Just got in for Calgary’s 3rd and 4th goals and gave the thread a quick readthrough. Two things worth commenting on are

    1) nice to see the Winnipeggers carry the play in here – well done Icecastles and Doritogrande :)

    2) When Lowetide says sitting Penner and Nilsson might be the offseason roadmap, I definitely think he’s right if MacT were to stay. If the coach is gone, however, I’d suggest it’s one last message sent… towards those two players and management alike.

  28. PunjabiOil says:

    Chorney minus 4 tonight. He’s got a long way to go before becoming a NHL defenceman.

    I really hope we don’t draft a defenceman at 10th overall.

  29. Scott says:

    Horcoff is one of 22 outscoring centers against the other teams best.
    1 is an entry level contract
    6 are rfa with the 4 signed in the last tewo years averaging 4M
    The rest are ufa contracts that average 5.25M
    One is Conroy at 1M anf 3 are due for big raises. An average of 5.5-6M for the ufa next year.

    A bit late to the party on this, but the thing with the Horcoff contract to me is that it’s for his 30-35 y/o seasons. By age 33 most guys are on the sharp decline so for the first three years, we’re hoping that the contract is good value (and it probably will be) but for the last two seasons, it seems quite unlikely since Horcoff will probably need to move down the lineup in order to be effective and at that point (whenever it happens) the contract will probably stop being good value. Maybe Horc will be an exception and he’ll perform at his current level throughout. I still don’t know that it was a good bet to make.

  30. doritogrande says:

    @ Showerhead:

    Did you wind up finishing ENVR2000, or did you VW? I didn’t see you on the last day of picking up all our pointless shit.

  31. Schitzo says:

    Rod made me crap my pants when he said “this concludes my 36 years with the edmonton oilers”, only to immediately follow with “i’ll decide on a 37th over the summer”

  32. doritogrande says:

    I really hope we don’t draft a defenceman at 10th overall.

    Plante graduates to pro hockey this year, why would you not want to replenish the pipeline? Especially with a talent like Kulikov hovering around the #10-spot?

    Just because the kid had a bad game is no reason to never draft a defenseman with a high pick ever again. If we went by this standard, what the hell would we have been drafting after Bonsignore?

  33. Showerhead says:

    PJO: rookie has shitty night in meaningless game = Oilers can’t draft D?

    doritogrande: I kind of had to laugh out loud at the thought of VW-ing ENVR 2000. I’ll admit I really phoned it in by only ever showing up to hand in assignments but that had to be the easiest course I’ve ever taken, bar none. Had there been a final exam I would have suggested beers afterwards but perhaps we shall have to wait until hockey gives us the excuse.

  34. doritogrande says:


    Agree 100%. I didn’t go to class after the third assignment. Wish I had smartened up long beforehand like you did. I took my A and walked out.

    Funny though, that I had to play her ultimate team Thursday night. We beat them by a single point to advance past the 1st round of the playoffs (we were #6 to their #3). I almost took her head off with a disc, looked her in the eyes and told her, only half jokingly, that she should’ve given me the A+.

    Beers would be a great idea. I’m done on the 20th.

  35. PunjabiOil says:

    Dorito: Defencemen generally speaking, take too long to develop before they start helping the teams win games. Of the Oilers defensive corps, who have they drafted? Peckham? That’s it?

    What the Oilers need are some legitimate top 6 forwards. How quickly has St. Louis rebuilt their team, after the diaster of a season in 2005-2006? Berglund, Oshie, Backes, etc.

    Scott Glenie is my pick.

    By the way, Ron Mentioned the Oilers are close to signing Grebeshkov at 3M.

  36. Lord Bob says:

    Are we doing Best Player Available (Unless He’s A Defenseman Or A Goalie) now?

  37. Scott says:

    Dubinsky fills our need at 3C, while Girardi is a nasty stay at home dman with a bit of offense. Those two would add our 2 biggest hitters (they rank 8th and 15th in the league for hits).

    I don’t know if people are still hanging around, but this smells like counting bias to me. How do they rank at “road hits.”

  38. PunjabiOil says:

    Radek Dvorak scored his 15th goal today.

    There is no reason to be paying bottom six players the money the Oilers are.

    It just kills me that Pisani’s camp wanted 1.1M back in January of 2006, and the Oilers declined because they wanted to see how the season would play out.

    Hedja, Glencross were other blunders. Lowe had opportunties to sign value contracts, and failed to take advantage of them.

    It’s going to be a long off-season. Approximately 6 months before the Oilers play a meaningful game.

  39. Lord Bob says:

    It just kills me that Pisani’s camp wanted 1.1M back in January of 2006, and the Oilers declined because they wanted to see how the season would play out.

    Yeah, Lowe should have expected Pisani to turn into Cam freakin’ Neely for one glorious playoff run, the idiot.

  40. doritogrande says:


    I’ve been following the Wheaties pretty closely this year because of Schenn. So I’ve seen Scott Glennie on a bunch of occasions. I don’t think either Schenn or Glennie will amount to much more than 3rd liners in the NHL. Their counting numbers are grossly inflated by PP, they’re scoring in clusters in large scoring games and they don’t seem to drive the bus offensively. Brandon is more a score by commitee team with Schenn and Glennie being two of a group of players who had good seasons.

    I really like the Swede Paajarvi. I think he’s worth trading up to pursue. Give Toronto our second-rounder to swap picks and we immediately solve our LW problem, our size problem, and our lack of grit.

    Failing that, there’s a good change that Schroeder will still be available at 10, and we’d be foolish to pass him over merely because he’s undersized.

  41. PunjabiOil says:

    Yeah, Lowe should have expected Pisani to turn into Cam freakin’ Neely for one glorious playoff run, the idiot.

    Even if Pisani didn’t go all John Druce, the 1.1M asking figure was very reasonable for a solid 3rd line player.

    To go from a position to where they wouldn’t pay Pisani 1.1M to a position where they are willing to pay him 2.5M illustrates a poor job of cap management.

  42. Showerhead says:

    dorito: I love that ultimate story on a lot of levels and even moreso b/c she doesn’t exactly rank among my favourite profs of all time if you get my meaning. I too won’t complain about the A but I can’t help but think all I got out of ENVR 2000 was a cute blonde girl’s phone number who happened to find her way to the same houseparty as me a couple weeks back. How she recognized me from my sum total 2 hours I ever spent in that lecture hall I never figured out but I was 6 Keith’s in at that point and I didn’t think complaining about it would do me any good ;)

    Anyhow I’m done on the 24th so hopefully there will be a Flames golf season worth celebrating by then.

    PJO: I tend to agree re: most defensemen. Back when I had a little more time and energy for blogging and the boards, I had a debate with one poster over the state of Nashville’s D that ended with me going year by year since Hamhuis’ draft and showing how the kids were sheltered until they were old enough. In a perfect world you’d either draft stars worth waiting on or just let someone else give them the AB’s kind of like what some lucky team will do with J-Bo this summer but that’s a whole lot easier said than done for any team and if you’re of the mindset that Edmonton starts at a disadvantage than hey it’s even harder, etc etc.

  43. rickibear says:

    Carl Klingberg please:

    SEL 2008/2009 u18 Top 5 Scoring
    # Player Team GP G A TP
    1. Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson Timrå 50 7 10 17 .34Pts/GM
    2. Jacob Josefson Djurgården 50 5 11 16 .32Pts/GM
    3. Anton Lander Timrå 47 4 6 10 .21Pts/GM
    4. Tim Erixon Skellefteå 45 2 5 7
    5. Carl Klingberg Frölunda 10 2 1 3 .30Pts/GM

    2008/2009 sort: u18

    # Player Team GP G A TP
    1. Oliver Ekman-Larsson Leksand 39 3 14 17 .44Pts/GM
    2. Carl Klingberg Borås 8 4 2 6 .75Pts/GM
    3. Anton Mylläri Västerås 24 0 5 5 .21Pts/GM
    4. Patrik Näslund Växjö Lakers 6 1 1 2 .33Pts/GM
    5. Tim Erixon Malmö 3 0 2 2 .^^ pts/GM

    Carl Klingberg

    BORN: 1991-01-28
    Göteborg, SWE
    AGE: 18
    NATION: Sweden
    HEIGHT: 190 cm / 6’3″
    WEIGHT: 93 kg / 205 lbs
    CONTRACT: Junior

    Klingberg is a lightning fast skater with great acceleration as well as top speed. He has good size and strength and uses this to his advantage. Work ethic is good and so is his attitude. Furthermore, he has good hockey sense and technical skills and is able to set up as well as finish play. Has the potential to become a high scoring player in the future, but could also be used a a role player.

  44. Coach pb9617 says:

    Out: Moreau, Staios, Pouliot, Nilsson/Cogliano, 2nd round pick, Wilhorny

    In: Armstrong, Dubinsky, Mondator, Harding

    Sign Montador

    OS Harding (HT: Tyler)

    Trade Pouliot, Wilhorny and Staios for Armstrong.

    Trade Moreau, Nilsson/Cogliano for Dubinsky

    Total 54.62






    The following year, Pisani and Souray, JDD and Harding are up and you’ve got 11.4 in cap space.

  45. rickibear says:

    No coach the 2nd is for Klingberg

  46. Showerhead says:

    Speaking of the upcoming draft, can anyone recommend some good overview reading? It’s not going to engross me like in the Gagner year but I figure #10 overall is worth reading into at least a little bit.

  47. Scott says:


    Where did the Swede play most of his games? You only have him down for 18gp.

  48. Coach pb9617 says:

    Ricki, I think I got your HF account right – check your messages.

    No coach the 2nd is for Klingberg

    Trade up to get him :)

  49. doritogrande says:


    Anything Bob MacKenzie over at TSN says is the best prospect news you’re going to get. I’d check out the few things he’s got so far.

  50. Fake Craig McTavish says:


    I may be time to change the “2nd in the NW, 6th in the Conference. Book it.” slogan.

    Unless you were referring to next season when it would also be wrong.

  51. Lord Bob says:

    We have a shot at second in the northwest and sixth in the conference in the upside down standings.

  52. Icecastles says:

    doritogrande said…
    @ Showerhead:
    Did you wind up finishing ENVR2000, or did you VW? I didn’t see you on the last day of picking up all our pointless shit.

    Wait, you guys are in ENVR2000? With Kristina Hunter? Shit, I’m in that class!! Christ it’s a small world.

    Hey the three of us (and any other Winnipeggers on here should get together for a beer some time in the next week. t would be nice to put a face to at least a couple names on this blog and so far, I’m the only Oilers fan out here I know, though I do see the occasional oil drop on a hat or t-shirt. Probably you guys.

    I head back to Alberta for the summer on April 23.

  53. Icecastles says:

    Beers would be a great idea. I’m done on the 20th.

    Guess I should have read the rest of the thread. :)

    Drop me an email

  54. Woodguy says:

    Zannon versus Volchenkov:

    Ev ga:
    Zannon 2.02 #20
    Volch 2.32 #62

    Qual Comp Team Diffrence:
    Zannon +.14
    Volch +.24

    Outscoring +-GA/60:
    Zannon +.04 #80
    Volch -.96 4th worst in eague

    Zannon .40 Bottom 30
    Volch .34 bottom ten

    Zannon 6.57 #56
    Volch 5.96 #37

    Zannon 237 #3
    Volch 177 #8

    Zannon 153 #24
    Volch 180 #12

    One you have to trade assets for. The other is UFA.

    Rob Scuderi vs. Zanon

  55. Woodguy says:

    Damn. Hit the return key too quickly.

    Was going to post Scuderi’s numbers vs. Zanon’s.

    Scuderi puts him in the shade. Scuderi was also making $750K this year and is a UFA.

  56. Chris says:

    I’d take you fellows up on the beers in Winnipeg but I moved out west five years ago but its always amusing to hear the lot of you speak of old haunts.

  57. Icecastles says:

    Chris – too bad, the more the merrier. Where did you end up?

  58. Woodguy says:

    Here’s what I meant to post in the other post.

    At $750K and a UFA I wonder how cheap you can get Scuderi?

    Ev ga:
    Zannon 2.02 #20
    Scuderi 2.00

    Qual Comp Team Diffrence:
    Zannon +.14
    Scuderi +.04

    Outscoring +-GA/60:
    Zannon +.04 #80
    Scuderi +1.08

    Zannon .40 Bottom 30
    Scuderi .82

    Zannon 6.57 #56
    Scuderi 5.16

    Zannon 237 #3
    Scuderi 164

    Zannon 153 #24
    Scuderi 61

  59. Coach pb9617 says:

    Scuderi puts him in the shade. Scuderi was also making $750K this year and is a UFA.

    Pens can’t afford him either :)

    I wonder if Pisani and Nilsson and a pick would be enough to get Hanzal.

  60. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    Coach pb9617 said…
    Scuderi puts him in the shade. Scuderi was also making $750K this year and is a UFA.

    Pens can’t afford him either :)
    I wonder if Pisani and Nilsson and a pick would be enough to get Hanzal.

    With a first round pick, maybe.

    Are you playing?

  61. Coach pb9617 says:

    Are you playing?

    I was thinking second.

    He’s on the block, apparently.

  62. hunter1909 says:

    The odds of Craig MacTavish returning next season = zero.

    Having taken the last month off from bothering to watch this sad sack “team”, I’ve come to the conclusion that come summer, this organisation is in for a housecleaning. It started with “Mad Kevin” Lowe being taken away from actively running the team last year, and no fucking way Katz stands for this Purina Cat Chow hockey club.

    As for his wanting to hang out with the “Boys on the Bus”, he can simply get Paul Coffey aboard, to regale him with anecdotes about what an actual winner saw, instead of the relative stickboys of MacT and Lowe.

    Incompetant media hyped clowns like Chad fucking Moreau get the boot, and no doubt as soon as Pat Quinn, or whichever actual NHL coach takes over(I want Laviolette but wtf does it matter who I pick), the Renaissance starts.

  63. Master Lok says:

    I think there’s a message sent by MacT when Brodziak, Penner and Nilsson are all sitting out the last game.

  64. Schitzo says:

    The biggest problem with drafting defencemen is that unless they’re top-5 type picks, it’s rare for them to outperform their contracts.

    They’ll spend a good chunk of their entry level deal in the AHL, and then likely another year or two getting sheltered. By that point they’re creeping up on their third contract and looking to get paid.

    Or worse, they go the college route like Greene and Gilbert did, so their entry level deal is shorter and they get paid right away.

    If they’re BPA maybe you do it anyways, but seeing as how anything short of a superstar is usually available by trade, why bother?

  65. Scott says:

    Thanks RB. The totals don’t look like any hell in the U20 league (although I don’t have much of a gauge for what would be good in that league, I’m assuming it’s equivalent to the CHL in Canada) but he does have size on his side as you’ve already said. I guess it’s time we went shopping for a better deal on Coke in another country.

  66. Dennis says:

    Wow, how high event was Chorney in this one? I won’t even get into how many times he made a notehworthy play either way – though mostly in the negative – but the biggest positive I saw was how fast the guy was. I’d like to see 10-15 pounds of muscle on him to give him more ballast for the battle and then see how he’d turn out.

    Hopefully, him and Peckham are an affordable 5-6 and somewhat dependable come ’11.

    There was a play last night where 78 got stripped of the puck by Leopold but then he siad fuck it and blasted the D off the puck and sent it out to 89 in the slot. But, 78 doesn’t use his size enough and he had to do that more because his playmaking and skill would be more en vogue as a pivot but that was never really considered.

    Nice digging on some of the guys we might be able to pick and I’m in love with Joel Ward’s work ethic. Fuck, I’d like to bring him and a vet pivot in who can also kill penalties and put the new guys together with 34 and get back to grinding. Then, take those guys plus 34-19-10 and work the PK like we used to.

  67. Traktor says:

    I was watching Big Love last night..

    Throw a helmet and a Yotes jersey on Barb and you’ve got Shane Doan.

    The resemblance is just crazy.

  68. Chris says:

    I’m off in Edmonton now Icecastles

  69. Icecastles says:

    I’m off in Edmonton now Icecastles

    Hey that’s where that NHL team plays!

  70. PunjabiOil says:

    Reading through this thread reminds me how clueless fan boys are:


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