Sharks at Oilers, G78/08-09

This is Dan Boyle. I liked the Sharks to go deep into the second season before they acquired him, and it looks to me like the team to beat in the west wears teal and black.

I hope they win it all. The Oakland Seals fanbase deserves it.

As for the Oilers, what a dreadful way to end an entertaining season. I stubbornly maintain Craig MacTavish doesn’t deserve the ass-kicking he’s getting from the fans (and he’s getting it) due to the shoddy template used by Oilers management (“we’re out of balance now, but we’ll figure out what we need at the deadline”) but that train has left the station.

Craig MacTavish is a dead man walking today in terms of his Oilers coaching career. I’ll predict two things:

  1. MacT gets an NHL job in a heartbeat.
  2. The Oilers hire someone with deep ties to the organization to replace him.
  3. Said person is a little shy in terms of coaching experience.

We’ll see. Go Oilers. Clap. Clap.

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  1. Schitzo says:

    That was the definition of a bad change :(

  2. PDO says:

    Seriously hockey gods? Seriously?

    @ Phil, Kris.

    Thanks. I know that I get my gross wage over the last 13 weeks divided by 13 for severance.. it’s not a lot, but it’s roughly $200 and it’s a principle thing at this point with the way things have gone in that company since the new year.

  3. Lucinius says:

    Speaking of streams.. why don’t these networks carrying online feeds? CBC does it, the technology is there.. and its right annoying not to have them in this day and age.

    I know I’ve watched at least one game online at Sportsnet and TSN, early in the season, but neither seem to do it anymore. I’m starting to think my memory is going.

  4. Alice says:

    Tito lost the room,

  5. PDO says:

    Roloson just absolutely bailed out Ales Hemsky.

  6. Phil says:

    Fucking Hemsky weak on the puck shithead. Don’t you have world class puck handling skills?

  7. Jonathan Willis says:

    I can’t tell from the radio, but is the Hemsky line seriously going h2h with the Roenick line, or was it a fluke?

    And why were they giving up chances against?

  8. Dennis says:

    Fuck, this Oilers team is dumb.

    ~78 games into the season and you’ll make a change like that??

    Nice to see Roli make two big saves in a row because it looked like all the bills were continuing to come due on the guy.

    Also, Souray is beginning to morph – at least defensively – into what I thought he was.

    Brian: Gillis’s offersheet to Backes looks prophetic at this point, no?

  9. PDO says:


    They are.

    Mostly because the other two players on the line are Cheechoo and Thornton :-).

  10. Lowetide says:

    PDO: As an aside, I think they’re doing the same thing to Pouliot. :-)

  11. Black Dog says:

    Alice – naw that was Ceaucescu

  12. Uncle Joe says:

    MacT. staying on. That could be very unfortunate for Oiler fans.
    MacT. hasn’t lost the room…He’s lost the respect of his team. As a leader, boss, coach you can have many shortcomings and still be an effective leader. What you cannot do is to be seen to be unfair in your treatment of staff and to be dishonest.
    I have been and remain a big fan of MacT. so it pains me to say this.
    When MacT. went from public criticism of Penner’s performance
    to character assassination and tried to publicly humiliate him:
    “He is not fit enough to help us. He never has been fit enough. When we signed the contract with him we saw it as a starting point. He saw it as the finish line” he was both dishonest and unfair. As a one time thing that would not have been lethal but when he continued with further public comments attacking #27 and repeated benching and cutting of his ice-time and demotion to fourth/third line status he was venturing into precarious territory for a leader. And still that need not have been lethal but when he continued his attacks knowing, and the players knowing that he knew,that 27 was being subjected to intense verbal abuse in the community, that his car had been vandalized… became more difficult for them to believe in his essential goodness or fairness……when he continued to play the vets and never held them accountable for their performance yet continued to put the boots to Penner and sometimes Nillson it became impossible for the team to really respect him or trust him to be fair…..even for those who were favoured because they too knew he was behaving dishonourably.
    For any of us, whether young or not so young, to witness an abuse of power up close and personal is very disconcerting.
    I think Mact. is a good man, a smart man and I hope he is also a wise man so that he will permit himself to see that he has betrayed the fundamental trust of his staff…..and once you lose it it is very, very difficult to get it back. It can be done and MacT. has the character to be able to do it…..I say that because of the honourable way he dealt with a much more serious transgression. That my friends showed character.

  13. PDO says:

    Dennis: No shit. It’d be nice if we could use the RFA System to add a legitimate powerforward, lord knows this team needs one.

    .. ;)

  14. PDO says:

    LT: Don’t make me laugh while I’m drinking C’mo’s!!!

    I could’ve choked.

  15. PDO says:

    Did Kevin Quinn think he could become as successful as Phillips if he started drinking during games?

    So far we’ve got Jonathon ChooChoo and Dustin Penner ringing it off the CrossBoar.

  16. relic says:

    Maybe b/c it came from the owner but I’m a little surprised no one is interpreting this as a kiss of death.

  17. Jonathan Willis says:

    Ahh, I heard Cheechoo and Roenick but didn’t hear Thornton’s name. Thank you.

  18. Jonathan Willis says:

    Relic: I think a press conference would be the kiss of death.

  19. PDO says:

    How many times are we going to turn the puck over at our own blueline tonight? 40? 50?

  20. danny says:

    I told myself I wasnt even gonna watch…

    so yeah…

    anyone have a link to the game?

  21. Jonathan Willis says:

    PDO: Sounds like a drinking game to me.

  22. PDO says:

    Detroit ties it up.

  23. Dennis says:

    What about this one from Quinn? “Joe the Jumbo man.”

    Is that a glory hole reference?

    BTW, anytime O’Sullivan’s ready to show up, I’ll be ready to cheer him.

  24. PDO says:

    …and the Blues go right back up 5-4.


  25. PDO says:



    Thank god Vancouver didn’t get him, because he clearly hates us.

  26. danny says:

    Detroit have been as detrimental to EDMs chances as the Oilers themselves

  27. quain says:

    I’m really glad I have Conklin starting tonight. Nothing like having your pool’s championship week ruined by Ty fucking Conklin. It’s 2006 all over again.

  28. PDO says:

    You have got to be kidding me.

  29. Lucinius says:

    Hockey on the radio always sounds so.. dirty.

  30. Black Dog says:

    That injury prone over the hill greedy bum Ryan Smyth fractures his hand.

    77GP, 26G, 33A on that sorry excuse of a club.

  31. PDO says:

    Fivehole, bullet, and off iron.

    Like… wow.

  32. Dennis says:

    PDO: That’s not a big deal because the Blues are in 7th if they can hold serve.

    It’s Ana, Nsh and Min that we need to fall down.

    Nice job, Roli.

  33. Phil says:

    Oh good. Our penalty kill has really been coming around lately.

  34. PDO says:

    …. that clearly hit the glass, no?

  35. Jonathan Willis says:

    Showerhead: Many thanks.

  36. quain says:

    This team can’t make a crisp to save its life, I swear to God.

  37. PDO says:

    That’s an even up.

  38. Phil says:


    An apple crisp?

    Crap, hungry now. Hello, Panago.

  39. PDO says:

    I really wish Souray understood shooting lanes like Pronger does.

  40. Jonathan Willis says:

    The Sharks PK is more good than the Oilers PP is bad.

    I sense an 0-for-1 coming up.

  41. danny says:

    effing Detroit

  42. Jonathan Willis says:

    IS Backes the new Stempniak and does it count if he defeats you without even playing you?

  43. PDO says:


  44. Phil says:

    That is some ghastly PP execution. Zero desperation.

  45. Jonathan Willis says:

    Brodziak, Moreau and Pisani. Because with 20 seconds left on the powerplay, you might as well just concede.

  46. quain says:

    This team can’t make a crisp to save its life, I swear to God.

    Somehow I neglected to include the word ‘pass.’ I execute as well as the Edmonton powerplay.

  47. Showerhead says:

    Funny to watch Ethan have all the time in the world and put the puck ten feet behind his teammate and then Ales one-touches a rolling puck right onto the tape. Facepalm.

  48. PDO says:


    But Moreau thinks he should be on the PP.

    Yes, I did just violently shudder.

    Oilers had a pretty decent period. Two goal posts, a few other decent chances…

  49. Dennis says:

    Chances: 4-7; 1-0 ST

  50. Jonathan Willis says:

    Not a big fan of Drew Remenda. At all.

  51. Derek says:

    Wholly buckets, I can’t believe Sportsnet is trying to pump Nick Kyprios (sp?) as a legitamite journalist of some kind with that last commercial.

  52. Jonathan Willis says:

    That’s a pretty sweet Roenick commercial on this Sharks feed.

  53. Jonathan Willis says:

    Yeah, we complain about the Edmonton media, but they’ve got nothing on the Sportnset crew.

  54. Traktor says:

    Fuck this team.

  55. Traktor says:

    “This is a result-orientated business.”

  56. Schitzo says:

    PDO: What makes you think you’d be entitled to severance? They can always just give you your notice.

    (Unless you mean the company normally pays out their employees instead of keeping them on)

  57. PDO says:


    One of the guys called the labour board when we heard the store was closing and was told part-time employee’s are entitled to gross pay over the last 13 weeks / 13 for severance.

    Like I said, it’s not much… but it’s something.

  58. Derek says:

    The dreaded second frame on the way, hold onto your butts.

  59. Showerhead says:

    I’m sure someone else out there has missed work, or part of work for the Oilers. Tonight I am going to give the 2nd period a chance before heading out but I’m sure there are some stories better than mine for the telling – fire away, folks!

  60. Schitzo says:

    PDO: From my understanding, that’s how you calculate termination pay IF they decide to fire you on the spot, instead of leting you work out your notice period.

    But if you’ve simply been reassigned to a new location, I can’t see how it applies.

    I see where you’re coming from, though. I’ll look into it a little bit for you.

  61. Jonathan Willis says:

    Go Canucks. If only they had gotten David Backes.

  62. godot10 says:

    If MacT is back, Bruce Wayne must serve up JayBo’s signature on a contract to us screaming hordes demanding MacT’s head.

  63. Phil says:

    Roli thought that was in…

  64. Jonathan Willis says:

    Cogliano, Pisani and Moreau sure don’t look like much of a third line right now.

  65. PDO says:


    Yes… but haven’t they essentially fired me if they didn’t give me any notice and simply told me I’m going from 12 hours a week + commission to 7 hours every third week and no commission?

    Either way, thanks.

    Roloson thought that second opportunity was in.

    .. and Gilbert just saved a goal.

  66. Phil says:

    Wow. Grebs of old there.

  67. Jonathan Willis says:

    Way to get it deep, Kotalik. I’d say he’s clearly outclassed on this line but I don’t know that that’s been the case tonight.

  68. PDO says:

    Anaheim up 2-0.

  69. Jonathan Willis says:

    Shelley and Stortini? That should happen at some point tonight, you’d think.

  70. Showerhead says:

    But PDO:

    Neither of those goals count – they were “scored” with an illegal stick and by a wasted draft pick. Bobby-Lou for the shutout.

  71. PDO says:

    Penner finishes a hit, Oilers keep the puck in, Brodziak gets TWO five bell chances.

    But no finish.


  72. Jonathan Willis says:

    Hell of a shift by the 4th line. Pretty hard to seperate Stortini/Penner from the puck when they’re playing like that.

  73. Jonathan Willis says:

    2-1. Thanks, Henrik.

  74. PDO says:

    Since that initial flurry, the Oilers have had 4 quality scoring chances…..

  75. Showerhead says:

    There’s a faceoff that should be outside the zone. Fuuuck linesmen.

  76. Lowetide says:

    Man, this team has a lot of runners at third and less than 2 outs but can’t get a run in.

    Lordy. They should have one tonight. Of course, San Jose should probably have at least 2.

  77. Jonathan Willis says:

    Showerhead: Don’t get me started on the LA game. Intentional offside, my ass.

  78. Jonathan Willis says:

    I really shouldn’t watch games. Jason Strudwick seems like a perfectly nice guy, but my dislike of him is starting to surpass my dislike for Cory Cross in 2005-06.

  79. Jonathan Willis says:

    Kotalik’s a mess.

    Plus, Roenick went down easy, but Grebeshkov put himself in that spot.

  80. PDO says:

    And our PK strikes again.

  81. Jonathan Willis says:

    Well that didn’t take long.

  82. Quinn says:

    That 30 second mark seems to be a killer for the PK.

  83. PDO says:

    …. Souray? Seriously?

  84. Phil says:

    You knew they would score, because the Oilers had their one successful kill for the night already.

  85. Showerhead says:

    Count on ol’ faithful to cost EDM another goal. Roar.

  86. Traktor says:

    I’m so glad that we get to repeat this all over again next year.

    I hope Katz goes broke and this team moves to Vegas.

  87. Jonathan Willis says:

    Gagner, Hemsky and Kotalik against the Thornotn line. Hands up, everyone who sees this ending well.

  88. PDO says:

    Souray managed to miss the puck, the man, and the shooting lane.

    All at once.


  89. Jonathan Willis says:

    Yep, if errors were awarded on the PK Souray would have just earned one.

  90. oilerdago says:

    Just came back from my son’s hockey practice. Nice to see that I’ve missed another stellar performance by the Oil.

    Well the good news is that after they are pretty much eliminated tonite they can finally start playing JDD so they can make a decision about him this summer too.

  91. Showerhead says:

    Alright then, this game is shot. Just to finish this drink and then off to work ;)

  92. Jonathan Willis says:

    Another good shift for the 4th line. I wonder if it’s because some of the players there are better than guys higher up the depth chart.

  93. PDO says:

    How the hell did that hit the post?

    And how does Edmonton get a penalty when Hemsky was clearly hooked or he had a freaking breakaway?

  94. Quinn says:

    Now now Jw, don’t be spreading that bad religion! The guys on 4th line earned that doghouse~

    Yah! Another PK!

  95. Phil says:

    I’ll call that penalty a Hemmereau.

  96. Jonathan Willis says:

    An opportunity on the breakaway, a great pass, and a lazy hooking penalty.

    Ladies and gentlemen: Ales Hemsky!

  97. Showerhead says:

    Wellwood ties it vs. Anaheim.

  98. Black Dog says:

    Ending with a whimper.

    Too bad too bad.

    Off to bed for me.

  99. PDO says:

    Jonathon… yeah, but Hemsky was hooked or he has a clean break…. calling that after not calling the first one is fucking retarded.

  100. Schitzo says:

    PDO: You didn’t happen to sign a formal contract of employment, did you?

    What you’re arguing is constructive dismissal – using my law student copy-paste skills, that would be something which

    “occurs where a unilaterally imposed and consequential change in the terms of employment so undermines the original contract of employment that the employee can claim to have been dismissed (and entitled to notice) even if no formal dismissal notice has been issued and work in some form continues.”

    Your problem is that if you don’t have anything in writing, it’s tough to prove any sort of guaranteed hours in a part-time environment.

    Plan B is to wave around the phrase “constructive dismissal” and hope they just pay you.

  101. Black Dog says:

    If I didn’t know any better I would say Hemsky’s looking to get moved along himself.

  102. Jonathan Willis says:

    PDO: It doesn’t excuse being stupid with your stick in the offensive zone.

  103. Dennis says:

    I cannot understand how someone could watch our PK unit all season and not thing we don’t need a coaching change somewhere.

  104. Jonathan Willis says:

    Dennis: It makes me long for the heady days of Craig Simpson.

  105. Lowetide says:

    I can’t understand how someone can watch this team all year and not acquire a fucking center.

  106. Jonathan Willis says:

    That’s it Souray – pass it through the Sharks forward at the offensive blueline.

    And Staios – a hard shot with no screen from just outside the high slot almost always scores!

    You can’t teach these kinds of instincts.

  107. Quinn says:

    LT, doesn’t that make the centre a pooer …. face off man?

  108. Over and Out says:

    There’s a reason the Habs used Souray on the #2 PK. He was a –28 player the year before he came over.

  109. Showerhead says:

    I’m afraid to call this team the NYI of 2009 because the Isles haven’t gone anywhere in the last decade or so… but with all of the youth among core players, the lack of balance, the lack of depth or even truly developed impact players… can anyone else see it? Five years from now the coach will be gone, half this roster will be turned over, and a disproportionate amount of quasi-stars will be able to trace their roots here.

  110. Alice says:

    JFJ, don’t fail us now!

    No, wait…

  111. Jonathan Willis says:

    LT: You know I agree with you, but… I also wonder how someone can watch this team from the bench all year and not come to the conclusion that Pouliot might be worth a try up the middle.

  112. Jonathan Willis says:

    Blede, Staios, Bleed!

  113. Jonathan Willis says:

    Baby steps. If they get a shot on net I’m declaring victory.

  114. Alice says:

    Smyth woulda bleded,

  115. PDO says:

    Diving should be a four minute penalty.

  116. oilerdago says:

    //LT: You know I agree with you, but… I also wonder how someone can watch this team from the bench all year and not come to the conclusion that Pouliot might be worth a try up the middle.//

    Thanks JW. I also don’t see why he could not be tried on the PK either, but that’s beside the point.

  117. Jonathan Willis says:

    4-on-3. Ooh, Pavelski’s mad.

  118. Quinn says:

    I go to change a diaper, and I come back to a 4 on 3? Cool.

  119. PDO says:

    Sam!!!! There we go.

  120. Jonathan Willis says:

    Samwise. Thank goodness.

  121. Quinn says:

    I find it interesting to see what results when you string together 3 good passes.

  122. Phil says:

    That offsetting minor thing pisses me off as much as guys going after someone after a clean hit and not getting an instigator. Did he dive or not? If he dives, that should be the only penalty.

    Rowbert making Gagner look good again.

  123. oilerdago says:

    Nice goal Sam.

  124. Jonathan Willis says:

    I hate to criticize a goal, but why did Nilsson pass there? Odd play.

  125. Jonathan Willis says:

    Worst two passes of the game: to Ethan Moreau on the 2-on-1, and from Ethan Moreau on the 2-on-1.

  126. Cory Klein says:

    @ Phil: In addition, how does the faceoff end up in the Oil zone when the “offsetting” penalties were at the opposing blue line.

  127. PDO says:

    Sully appears to be fantastic at tipping pucks, but not so good at tipping them towards the net.

  128. Alice says:

    Quinn, you wanna try that diaper trick again, maybe 2 and a bit left in the 3rd? Save MacT from hisself ~

  129. pboy says:

    Maybe Nilsson needs to be back in the press box? Results be damned!

  130. Quinn says:

    I am going to prepare a bottle to force feed the kid to start the third.

  131. Dennis says:

    Chances: 5-8; 1-3 ST.

    Pat: 83 basically said he doesn’t have fun and if you’re not having fun and you’re not winning, then why would you want to stick around?

    I don’t blame the guy for wanting out; though I will be pissed if/when it happens and I hope we do a better job of dealing with it than we did Pronger.

  132. PDO says:


    Is it even possible to do a worse job?

  133. Jonathan Willis says:

    Dennis: If 83 were to leave town, it would basically trigger a rebuild, would it not? There’s no way you get fair value for him right now.

  134. Jonathan Willis says:

    4-2 Vancouver. I’ve always liked the Sedin twins, but a “thank you” to Alex Burrows is something I never thought I’d utter, even under my breath.

  135. Jonathan Willis says:

    22-12 faceoffs in favour of the Sharks.

  136. B.C.B. says:

    You don’t trade 83 without fair value, not on his salary!
    You fire the coach, do not trade your most talented player. I think MacT is being give some unfair treatment, but if I have to choose between Mact and 83. I choose Hemsky.

  137. PDO says:

    Jonathon: He’s 25 years old, signed at $4,100,000 a year for the next 3 after this year (!) and has been a hair off of being a PPG player for the third consecutive season.

    There’s no way he doesn’t bring back a LOT.

  138. Phil says:


    That all depends on what you consider Hemsky’s fair market value to be. This could be a very hotly debated topic.

  139. quain says:

    If we built a time machine, went back, and forced Lowe to give up Bobby Ryan for Pronger, I’d be pretty happy.

    Let’s get on that.

  140. Alice says:

    Trade deadline’s where you might get fair value, where they should have floated Pronger. Summertime everyone Thinks they’ll fill the holes, and no one’s under the pressure of making a run. Or missing one. Answer to Burke after ducking Getzlaf for Pronger? See you next Feb. Lowe let Pronger dictate the timing, gave away his leverage. IMO. Don’t get me started on GlenX. Who are we firing, anyway? ?

  141. Dennis says:

    JW: I’ve always found it easy to like young Burrows. He toiled in the E and fought his way up and he works like a bastard and isn’t dirty. He’s having a super Pisani regular season and he’s much more of a likeable workmanlike Dy than was that fucking dirtbag Matt Cooke.

    You think any Oilers reporter – even the grumpy ones who have disdain for the people they want to read their blurbs:) – has the guts to call Lowe on his Bobby Ryan comments?:)

  142. PDO says:

    Given most players with Hemsky’s point totals would be making twice as much, AND the cap is forecasted to go down…

    Anything less than a difference maker signed to a long-term deal AND first round picks would be a terrible deal.

    I just don’t see it happening though. They’ll make him happy.

    If they can’t, then he’s headed to Philly for Jeff Carter and three first round picks.


  143. Jonathan Willis says:

    So, for everyone talking about Hemsky’s market value – what would we accept back?

    Because I don’t see a similarly young, reasonably-paid difference maker that any team is going to give up for Hemsky.

    I don’t think that 83 gets traded, but if he does it’s going to be for futures. And that will be bad for everyone.

  144. Quinn says:

    Sorry, but with his contract, his talent and his health, why would you EVER consider trading Hemsky. I mean, maybe for another elite franchise player, but anything less is a waste. Don’t even talk to me about prospects (Ryan O’Marra).

  145. Dennis says:

    Quain: wasn’t the whole point of the deal to make the Ducks good enough to get “Burkie” into the Finals but not good enough to win them?

    And then you could crow to the media about how you picked up another asset!

  146. Jonathan Willis says:

    PDO: It would be something more like Hemsky and Gilbert for Briere, Carle and a 1st round pick.

    Kevin Lowe does not have the ability to get a maximum return on a star player.

  147. Jonathan Willis says:

    That Strudwick/Peckham pairing reminds me of 2006-07. You know, the bit where nobody could get the puck out of their own zone.

  148. Alice says:

    Didn’t we get the Biggest Asset?

  149. Smarmy Boss says:

    God bless these Oiler fans cheering on this lame duck franchise.

  150. Jonathan Willis says:

    Very nice shift by the 2nd line. And for that matter, Steve Staios.

  151. PDO says:

    He doesn’t.. but Tambellini did turn 6 weeks of Cole into 6 weeks of Kotalik and 2 years of O’Sullivan.

    … that puck just hit O’Sullivan and missed the net. After it was headed in. That’s worse than a post.

  152. Quinn says:

    I think someone told the Oilers there was only 5 mins given for the 3rd. There’s lots of try there.

  153. Jonathan Willis says:

    Sharks TV has the scoring chances at 10-10. That seems wrong somehow.

  154. Phil says:

    The hobbit line with some nice things there.

    Nice follow up shift too.

    Some nice things going on here.

    Btw – Peckham has played well.

  155. Jonathan Willis says:

    Phil: I REALLY like PEckham. He just looks his age from time to time; it’s unfortunate but nothing to be ashamed of.

  156. PDO says:

    … how did that stay out?



  157. Quinn says:

    That was a Hemsky shift! Whoa.

  158. mc79hockey says:

    Anyone remember Dennis’ rule about the team hitting more posts losing?

  159. Jonathan Willis says:

    Very close, that one.

  160. Phil says:

    Kotalik beats the goalie five-hole twice in one game, and it goes off the post both times. That’s cruel.

  161. PDO says:


    We have 4.

    And a puck off of Sully that was behind Nabakov and headed in.

  162. Jonathan Willis says:

    Another beauty play by Staios there.

  163. mc79hockey says:

    This reminds of G3 with SJ in 2006.

  164. Jonathan Willis says:

    The TSN ticker says Anaheim and Vancouver are now tied at 5.

    That can’t be right.

  165. Dennis says:

    I Never say this but I felt really good about the Oil’s chances to tie this game given how hard they worked during the first five min. And I didn’t get a chance to post it but I felt like there’s no way the Sharks wouldn’t take a penalty if we kept on digging like that.

    That was an amazing bit of hulking up by 83 to set up 83 on the doorstep.

    Fuck, i got a little fired up watching it.

  166. Phil says:

    @JW – that may be so, but I would say he “stands out” less than any Oiler rookie Dman in recent memory.

  167. Jonathan Willis says:

    That Nilsson’s a heck of a powerplay performer.

    Oh well, 30 seconds left.

  168. Phil says:

    Good play by Gilbert there to not take a penalty.

  169. Jonathan Willis says:

    Phil: True enough. Matt Greene he ain’t.

  170. Jonathan Willis says:

    Nevermind on that Vancouver/Anaheim score. 4 of the golas have come off either an illegal stick or a wasted draft pick.

  171. Phil says:

    That may be the first time this year that you could describe the team as ‘buzzing’. Imposing their will on the opponent.

    Maybe since the early season wins against CGY.

  172. Phil says:

    c’mon boys. You only get so many chances.

  173. Jonathan Willis says:

    Nice give away by Cogliano. He just killed 30 seconds of this PP himself; maybe he’d do equally well on the PK.

  174. Quinn says:

    deep sigh

  175. Temujin says:

    Nevermind on that Vancouver/Anaheim score. 4 of the golas have come off either an illegal stick or a wasted draft pick.


    I’ll remember it on my way to the hospital with the stroke I’ll be having in the 3rd period.

  176. Jonathan Willis says:

    Nice shot by Nilsson.

  177. Schitzo says:

    Good news guys, only 5 minutes left. They’ll start playing even better now.

  178. Jonathan Willis says:

    Temujin: In fairness, it isn’t my joke. I think Black Dog mentioned it above.

  179. Jonathan Willis says:

    What in the %@^#$^%@ are Peckham and Strudwick doing out against the Thornton line with 4 minutes left in the third and the Oilers season ?!?!?!?

  180. Lord Bob says:

    Hurry up and lose, you losers!

  181. Lord Bob says:

    Hey, is it just me or is Thornton’s stick curved a bit much? I say MacTavish calls for a measurement!

  182. Jonathan Willis says:

    Well, Jen “I’d better hear cheering” Sharpe and the rest of the Oilers PR staff got their wish.

    I don’t think it’ll matter.

  183. Quinn says:

    Some more Homerisms please.

  184. Alice says:

    Quinn, that’s your cue buddy

  185. Schitzo says:

    Quinn addresses The Best Ice In The League!

  186. Quinn says:

    No joy – the kids finally sleeping after 5 hours awake. I’d rather season end.

  187. Lord Bob says:

    Like all of you, I blame the fans. And Shawn Horcoff.

  188. PDO says:

    The Oilers have not tied up a game the entire year with the goaltender pulled.

    I can’t think of a time they have ever deserved it more than they do tonight.

  189. Jonathan Willis says:

    1:07 left. Timeout. Faceoff in the Sharks zone. Huddy and Moores helping MacTavish with strategy.

    Hemsky not even watching.

  190. Quinn says:

    JW, in all fairness, he knows how to be a checker now.

  191. Jonathan Willis says:

    O’Sullivan, Gagner, Nilsson, Souray, Grebeshkov and Gilbert on the ice.

    What the hell?

  192. Cory Klein says:

    Holy F that ice must be terrible. How many times can it hop over the dman’s stick at the blue.

    …Goodnight nurse.

  193. Jonathan Willis says:

    Hemsky can play 1:07 straight with the season on the line. So, for that matter, can Horcoff. What the hell?

  194. Temujin says:

    I should be laughing heartily at the Oilers, after they officially eliminated the Canucks from the playoffs last year. But I just can’t bring myself to do it.

    Good God, you poor bastards that follow this team… you all deserve a helluva lot better.

  195. oilerdago says:

    Officially playing for draft position now.

    A nice period and a half, but that does not cut either.

  196. Alice says:




  197. Phil says:

    Nice effort.

  198. Jonathan Willis says:

    Well, the only thing left to do is cheer for the Blue Jackets.

  199. Schitzo says:

    Well, at least now I can get good and hammered at the game on saturday and not worry about blacking out for anything important

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