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A recent Pete Peeters interview left me scratching my head a little and wondering about save percentage.

In the interview (I don’t remember the source at this point, the quote is lifted from something called “Fantasy Hockey Breaking News”-google doesn’t care where it gets what I need it just gets it. Sweet, reliable google) Peeters said the following:

“You see how many shots that guy faced (1,910 in 62 games)? And his save percentage (.906)? I thought he played really well, considering the team he played on. You have to be tough mentally when you’re not winning that many games and putting in those kind of performances.”

I like the quote because he throws everyone on the team under the bus aside from his guy (will Pete be back? Why would Mr and Mr Peeters call him Pete, anyway? Does he still farm? Remember that ridiculous streak he had with Philly?) and defends his turf in a summer where jobs are going to be lost. Never let it be said that he stood in the middle of the road.

So, what do we have in Dubnyk? How horrible were they? Is that really a lot of shots?

Dubnyk faced 1910 shots in about 60 hours of hockey, which works out to 31.5 per game. That does seem high. Let’s compare that number to Leland Irving of the Quad City Flames. He’s a highly regard prospect and he played for a much better team (-4 in overall GF/GA, compared to Springfield’s -70). Irving faced 25.26 shots per 60 minutes which is certainly less than Dubnyk’s number.

But isn’t SP supposed to be about the goalie? I know there might be more penalty killing situations, but how much of a difference does it really make? Dubnyk’s SP was about equal to JDD’s, to Saboruin’s and well clear of Glenn Fisher this season. If he’s better, shouldn’t the SP be much better?

So, what are the arguments for cutting the goalie some SP slack if he plays on an awful team? Is this even reasonable? Or is this another Oilers urban legend?

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