Cap Bargains 09-10

Among the brightest possible news available for Oilers fans this summer is that the “baby bonus” clause doesn’t count towards the 09-10 cap.

This means that Sam Gagner’s cap hit for next season will be $875,000 instead of $1.625M. I’d completely forgotten about it until Jason Gregor mentioned it on his show this afternoon.

Huge advantage. Here then are the top value contracts for the Edmonton Oilers next season:

  1. Sam Gagner (.875M): Final season of his entry contract and he had a very nice second half of the season. He went 36gp, 13-14-27 +1 in the back half of 08-09.
  2. Andrew Cogliano (.850M): Another bonus baby, I think he’s reaching an early crossroads but has all kinds of ability may improve markedly season over season.
  3. Marc Pouliot (.825M): If he can play in the top 9 he’s a bargain at this price. His 5×5/60 numbers are somewhat similar to Cogliano’s and he might surprise given a full season’s worth of plate appearances.
  4. Zack Stortini (.700M): He’s made progress and as mentioned by others could get some shifts inside the top 9 next season.
  5. Theo Peckham (.560M): He could be a tremendous asset should Edmonton find a need to offload Smid this summer (while having a suitable replacement).
  6. JF Jacques (.525M): If he’s healthy Jacques could help this hockey club. Everyone talks about the Bruins rough and tumble style, and this guy fits that description.

Other value contracts could come when Kyle Brodziak, Denis Grebeshkov and others are resigned. I also remain convinced Ales Hemsky’s deal is still a killer, although not at the level of this one.

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15 Responses to "Cap Bargains 09-10"

  1. Jonathan Willis says:

    That’s incredibly good news. An extra 1MM in cap space isn’t world-changing, but every bit helps.

    Thanks for the reminder; I’d completely forgotten too.

  2. speeds says:

    LT: It’s not that the bonuses don’t count against the cap – Gagner’s bonuses still do count as part of his cap number next year.

    The difference is that team’s are allowed to go over the cap for bonuses like Gagner’s, I think the number is something like 8% of the cap total?

  3. Lowetide says:

    speeds: Ah, gotcha. That’s about 4.5M right? I don’t think the Oilers will approach that number but it’s still a little more breathing room.

  4. PDO says:

    Pierre Maguire just said Micheal Ryder is like Tim Kerr, because all he does is score.

    I laughed.

  5. Schitzo says:

    A followup to what speeds posted – if you exceed the cap, and the player actually earns the bonuses, you have that much as an automatic cap penalty next season.

    Not a big deal if the bonuses are “win the Hart trophy” but if they’re “hit 40 assists” we’ll have to be careful.

  6. Bruce says:

    OT, for those who might be interested in the WHL final, it’s on Shaw Cable (Channel 10 here in Edmonton). Game 1 is currently late in the second: Kelowna 1 Calgary 1.

  7. HBomb says:

    Why talk about offloading Smid when the discussion should be about offloading Staios?

    Trading 5 at this point would be very short-sighted.

  8. B.C.B. says:

    That sounds like a reasonable priced fourth line (JFJ, Stortini, and Pouliot) at 2.05 million. That is only 3.7% of the cap for 13% of the roster. Add Peckham and a 1.25 million dollar Smid for a 1.81 third pairing defense.
    For a total of a fourth line, a third pairing defense, and two top 6 kids at 5.58 million or 10% of the cap for 30% of the roster.

    The future is kinda looking bright!

    * this is all assuming that the cap is $56 million, we have a 23 man roster, and Pouliot is on the fourth line (where he belongs, sorry LT)

  9. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: I’d much rather trade Staios.

    BCB: I’m fine with Pouliot on the 4line.

  10. Chris says:

    I sort of raised this but at the moment I think its highly debatable whether either JFJ or Pouliot bring more to the roster than Potulny. One thing that this team needed this year was more secondary scoring. JFJ set shutout records, unfortunately not of the goaltending variety. Nor has Pouliot taken the league by storm with his offensive prowess unlike some of the fellows who were drafted shortly after him.

  11. hunter1909 says:

    “Nor has Pouliot taken the league by storm with his offensive prowess unlike some of the fellows who were drafted shortly after him.”

    Yes, but I’ll bet his checking has improved.

  12. Unleaded says:

    @ HBomb

    We still don’t really know for sure where Tambi is going to go with this team. Considering the comments about team needs, like size and physical play, it would be rather unlikely that they trade Ladi. That being said, he’s an inexpensive D man with room to grow, and therefore he does have value. I’d be really unhappy if he was traded (esp. if thesidekicksteadysteve stays) but failing to recognize it’s possible would be assinine.

    If you take some time to look at what we have, and at what level they are playing, I think it’s pretty clear that unless some of our young guys start taking it to the next level, The Oilers are in trouble. Between the projected cap, the current contracts they have, and the lack of proven players they have at every position really leads me to question where this team will be in six months.

    There are a lot of players we have who could be top 9 players. But how many actually are?

    I’m a pretty simple guy when it comes to these things. If a guy has the results, then he fits. If he doesn’t… something needs to change.

    So, what do we have?

    Well, The easiest way for me to figure out who qualifies as a first line forward, second pairing D, etc… is to go through the list of players for each position in the league ad sort them by their pts/60 at evens, and make sure they played a minimum of 40 games. The top 90 forwards represent your line in the sand for a first line forward this year, next 90 your second line, etc… All courtesy of behind the net.

    This is where the Oilers players ended up on my little test:

    1st Line:
    Hemsky (#89)

    2nd Line:
    Stortini (#65)
    Penner (#73)
    Cogliano (#79)
    O’Sullivan (#81)
    Gagner (#82)
    Pouliot (#87)

    3rd Line:
    Brodziak (#8)
    Horcoff (#19)
    Moreau (#39)
    Reddox (#60)
    Kotalik (#72)

    4th Line:
    Nilsson (#19)

    Note: Pisani didn’t play enough for this search. He would have ended up with the Second line players though, ahead of the kids by a smidge.

    I don’t have time to do the defence this way right now, but I hope this provides a little more light on who is producing for us, if not who is stopping the oppostion from producing.

  13. HBomb says:

    Unleaded: good exercise, but to be honest, if I were you, I would expand that search to all post-lockout seasons and look at a sample across several seasons.

    It’s overly flattering to some players (Stortini) and overly damning to others going off of just last year’s numbers (Horcoff). Plus it gives you a better idea of where a guy like Pisani fits in, under the assumption he’s healthy and ready to go in October.

    Good idea though.

  14. Bruce says:

    Nor has Pouliot taken the league by storm with his offensive prowess unlike some of the fellows who were drafted shortly after him.

    Not to mention defensive prowess:

    #22 M.Pouliot
    #23 R.Kesler (Selke finalist)
    #24 M. Richards (Selke finalist)

  15. Chris says:

    You’ve added a new verse to the Oiler Fan’s Lament, Bruce.

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