Enough Green for Plante?

Time is running out for the Edmonton Oilers to sign Alexandre Plante. In a recent article on the Oilers site Kevin Prendergast is quoted as saying “we’re attempting to sign him. It’s up to him and his agent, whether they’re on the same page as we are. But we certainly feel that he’s going to be part of the organization.” This quote appears after KP compares Plante to Rob freaking Blake (good on ‘ya, KP. Don’t give them any ammo!). As for the prospect, he recently suggested “I have no clue what’s going on. I don’t know what the Oilers want.”

Beauty. Hand in hand, singing Kumbaya. I’ve suggested previously that the Oilers will sign Plante for a multitude of reasons:

  1. He has size
  2. He can move the puck
  3. He was a first rounder
  4. He’s part of the Ryan Smyth bounty
  5. Not signing him would bring shame to Kevin Lowe
  6. Not signing him would bring shame to Kevin Lowe
  7. They need a big D prospect to complement all the skinny college boys who are minor league minus machines.

I still believe it, but as we edge nearer the deadline I’m reminded of a buddy of mine and his comments the day of the draft. He’s a junior management type and in his job scouts a lot of talent (various tournaments at different times of the year and of course the regular season). Anyway, I asked him about Plante on draft day and he laughed. Swore the kid couldn’t play, said the Oilers wasted a pick and wouldn’t sign him.

If the Oilers don’t sign him they’ll get a pick somewhere around #45 and it’s a good draft year. Also, it’s just possible Steve Tambellini doesn’t give a rat’s behind about Kevin Lowe’s legacy as a GM. Finally, the KP quote suggests there’s a number the club has in mind and maybe the agent believes they don’t have the horses to stay on that number through month’s end.

I still say they sign him, but doubt has entered the room and ordered a drink.

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