Enough Green for Plante?

Time is running out for the Edmonton Oilers to sign Alexandre Plante. In a recent article on the Oilers site Kevin Prendergast is quoted as saying “we’re attempting to sign him. It’s up to him and his agent, whether they’re on the same page as we are. But we certainly feel that he’s going to be part of the organization.” This quote appears after KP compares Plante to Rob freaking Blake (good on ‘ya, KP. Don’t give them any ammo!). As for the prospect, he recently suggested “I have no clue what’s going on. I don’t know what the Oilers want.”

Beauty. Hand in hand, singing Kumbaya. I’ve suggested previously that the Oilers will sign Plante for a multitude of reasons:

  1. He has size
  2. He can move the puck
  3. He was a first rounder
  4. He’s part of the Ryan Smyth bounty
  5. Not signing him would bring shame to Kevin Lowe
  6. Not signing him would bring shame to Kevin Lowe
  7. They need a big D prospect to complement all the skinny college boys who are minor league minus machines.

I still believe it, but as we edge nearer the deadline I’m reminded of a buddy of mine and his comments the day of the draft. He’s a junior management type and in his job scouts a lot of talent (various tournaments at different times of the year and of course the regular season). Anyway, I asked him about Plante on draft day and he laughed. Swore the kid couldn’t play, said the Oilers wasted a pick and wouldn’t sign him.

If the Oilers don’t sign him they’ll get a pick somewhere around #45 and it’s a good draft year. Also, it’s just possible Steve Tambellini doesn’t give a rat’s behind about Kevin Lowe’s legacy as a GM. Finally, the KP quote suggests there’s a number the club has in mind and maybe the agent believes they don’t have the horses to stay on that number through month’s end.

I still say they sign him, but doubt has entered the room and ordered a drink.

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60 Responses to "Enough Green for Plante?"

  1. PDO says:

    There’s no way they’re this stupid. Especially after the season he just had. The chances the 45th OV will ever be anywhere near as good as Plante will be are so minuscule they’re not even worth talking about.

    Get it done, and get it together.

    BTW, any chance we could get Kevin Dineen in a box?

  2. Traktor says:

    Sounds like Steve Tambellini went to the same school as Dean Lombardi.

    It will be interesting when Gagner’s contract is up.

  3. Lowetide says:

    PDO: Do you want Dineen next or Marc Crawford?

  4. PDO says:


    By far.

    I think he’s more likely, and a far better option as well.


    Especially if Gagner has a 20G-50A breakout season against the soft parade.

  5. Black Dog says:

    I’m all for Dineen, any reference to Crawford and depression will enter the room, carrying a shotgun.

    PDO – you do realize that these are the Oilers we are talking about right? The guys who blocked the CBC truck in with a Zamboni.

    They’re that stupid.

  6. PDO says:


    I know.


    I’m starting a one man lynching outside Oilers head office if we hire Crawford. I’ll show up in a cape and assume others follow.

  7. Lowetide says:

    Well he was the first to apply (on HNIC After Hours, he did everything but lick Lowe’s boots) and he’s won a Stanley. Plus, no sideburns.

  8. PDO says:

    Yes, but hopefully all Tambs would’ve had to do to realize it was a bad idea is to actually listen to what Crawford was going on about during the game.

    And the fact that he still thinks it’s Alex Hemsky is probably something that would create some issues.

  9. speeds says:

    Tough to know what the Oilers are thinking.

    If they’ve soured on him as a prospect, to the point that they think they can get someone better at 45, that would explain the delay.

    If they think that creating the impression with Plante (and his agent) that they are willing to let him re-enter will let them sign him for cheaper, that explains the delay.

    If Plante is asking for more than they consider reasonable, even though they still like him as a prospect, that also explains the delay.

    It also depends where they think Plante would go if dumped back into the draft. If they think it very likely they can get him at 40 or 45 OV anyways, then it might make some sense to let him re-enter and sign him for 2nd round money instead of whatever he’s asking for now.

  10. PDO says:


    NHL GM’s tend to have a bit of a code about having these guys fall, right?

    IIRC that’s why Calgary was so mad when we took Stoll?

  11. mjsh says:

    I watched a couple of the games against Kelowna. Not so sure that Plante has what it takes. Looked slow and at times awkward to me and this was supposed to be the big improvement over last year. I hope the kid works out, but right now, I do not think the Oilers would be any worse off if they let him go and took the extra pick.

  12. Traktor says:

    I’d say that the majority of people here would sound like blabbering idiots if they were live on CBC and weren’t versed hockey announcers.

    Personally I don’t give a shit if he calls our players Dwayne Rolofson and Alex Hemsky and sounds stupid.

    Crawford has 5 divisional titles and 1 Stanley under his belt. He’s the third youngest coach in history to reach 400 wins. He’s won the coach of the year at both the NHL and AHL level.

    The Kings finished 4th in the division both season with Crawford and they have finished 5th in the two years since he was fired – arguably they’ve gotten worse since letting him go.

    Of course there’s always not electing to go with 99 in the shootout though..

    He wouldn’t be the worst hire imo.

  13. Mr. Bugg says:

    I have a feeling Plante is asking for high(er) first round money, just as we had Matthew Lombardi do to us. If that’s the case, good riddance. Big numbers, yes, but he’s not worth top ten pick money (which would be the next tier up).

    Look at it this way:

    10th, 40th, 45th for a top-5 pick, or 10th, 40th and Alex Plante? You’re trading three lottery tickets for one, but…

  14. Jonathan Willis says:

    I don’t like Marc Crawford.

    But I tend to think that Traktor’s right on this one.

    On the topic at hand, I’d like to see Plante re-signed because he fills an organizational need, but the 45th overall pick is probably close to fair value.

  15. Coach pb9617 says:

    I swear the organization reads this blog and the comments.

    I started pumping Dineen here in the comments beginning with the entry that had a picture of Messier titled “The Future”. I thought that both he and Capuano would make excellent candidates here.

    Eventually, like a number of other things that get mentioned here, out of nowhere, the idea has legs with the organization. I’d love to see the IP log of your visitors.

  16. Coach pb9617 says:

    As for Plante – nothing these crazy bastards do surprises me anymore.

    My prediction is that they trade Souray or Gilbert to shore up the forward spot with size. They don’t replace that guy and find themselves woefully short on defense, but loaded at forward.

    They’ll let AP walk and take a coke machine at 45.

  17. speeds says:

    Kytnar hasn’t signed yet either, has he?

  18. godot10 says:

    It might not be the Oilers fault, you know.

    The Oilers could be offering #15 money, and Plante’s agent could be holding out for top ten money.

    Much ado about nothing. Game of chicken.

    If the Oilers are offering him #15 money, then there is nothing that they can do.

    Maybe Plante decided he doesn’t want to be an Oiler. Maybe some GM whispered sweet nothings into his agents’ ear.

    Springfield being a mess doesn’t help.

  19. doritogrande says:

    Screw Crawford, and this Kevin Dineen option as well. Scott Arniel just got his crew into the Calder Cup finals baby! There’s your next coach. Go Moose Go!

    For anyone still starved for Canadian playoff hockey, the Calder Cup finals games will be streamed live for free at theahl.com. I’ll be in the stands for at least one of the first two games. Book it.

  20. speeds says:

    Is there any reason for the Oilers to offer top 15 money? If Plante re-enters, is he really going to go in the top 15?

    Even if he does go top 15, I’m not sure Plante is in a great negotiating position with his new team. Should they so desire they could lowball him, knowing that they hold two crucial years of his development in their hands. Now I’m not sure they’d want to do so, after all I’m not sure you draft a 20 year in the top 15 if you don’t want to stick him in the AHL right away, playing pro hockey.

  21. Lowetide says:

    Kytnar was drafted from a Euro club, right? I think that makes a difference or am I smoking the weed here?

    As for Plante, the Oilers signed Motin in front of him already this year so maybe they really are going to walk him.

  22. speeds says:

    He was drafted from Europe, but my understanding with the new CBA is that you only hold the rights to Euros for two years.

    There are exceptions for teams not in the transfer agreement (Russia), which seem to be pretty loosely applied as it sounds like the Oilers still hold Omark’s rights.

    Or maybe the Oilers hold Omark’s rights beyond the 2 years for a different reason?

  23. Lowetide says:

    speeds: It might have to do with Omark’s age the day of the draft. He was 20 so there’s no draft for him to re-enter.

    Either way, this is more your department. :-)

  24. speeds says:

    Euro’s can re-enter the draft at 22 – Omark would have gone back in the draft this year had the Oilers not been given an extension.

  25. St George says:

    Listening to Prendergast being interviewed by Tencer. He basically blamed the agent (for “grinding for a bit more money”) but ended by saying “… I’m sure by end of May we will have him done.”

  26. speeds says:

    Any mention of Kytnar or Omark, St George?

    BTW, my wording is kind of sloppy in my previous post, Im not certain the Oilers were formally given any sort of extension or anything, but he appears to qualify as some sort of defected player which sounds like it gives the Oilers more time to sign him?

  27. Lowetide says:

    speeds: I thought I read somewhere that players were no longer eligible for the draft after they turned 20. Have you read that?

  28. Mark-Ryan says:

    As per Prendergast, Linus Omark is considered a defected player and as long as he is in Russia (and there is no transfer agreement), Omark is Oilers property.

    Kytnar and Plante both need to be signed.

  29. Lowetide says:

    Mark-Ryan: Thanks. So there’s 2 WHLers who need to be signed this week.

  30. Ribs says:

    I find myself increasingly concerned with the signing of our top prospects. I seem to see a lot of quotes from the players saying that they don’t know what is going on and that their agents are talking with the club.

    Is this just the way things are done these days? Or are the Oilers just not communicating with the players as well as they probably should be?

    I think Plante is certainly a guy that should be signed…And there should be no confusion about it.

  31. St George says:

    speeds – not that I heard. Tencer asked if Schremp should try Europe for a year, and Prendergast said something close to “maybe, but not until we see what happens at camp”, but the rest of the talk was about coaches and the draft activities.

  32. oil dude says:

    Prendregast wasn’t worried about getting Omark signed either from what I recall. It’s also kind of funny that the Oilers are lowballing Plante (from the Plante/agent perspective) while publicly comparing him to Blake, a conspiracy guy might say they don’t want him to sign the offered contract. Personally I think the 45 pick would be a nice one to package with 40 and move up like bugg mentioned earlier. 2nd and 3rd round picks can be moved for depth NHLers, are we sure that Plante has MORE value than a 2nd in a deep draft?

    As for the coaching stuff I’m betting that Arneil is Tambo’s guy. He is the only one on the rumoured list that is still in the playoffs currently and the Oilers are obviously dragging this out to interview him. If Arneil isn’t the target then why is Tambo leaving “his guy” blowing in the wind right now for other GMs to pursue?

  33. Gord says:

    Theo Peckham (at the same age) is already twice as good as Plante will ever be in the big bruising tough guy niche.

    Plante will never, ever be an offensive defenseman.

    I would take the draft pick & be almost guaranteed to have no regrets…

  34. uni says:

    10th, 40th, 45th for a top-5 pick, or 10th, 40th and Alex Plante? You’re trading three lottery tickets for one, but.

    I’d like to see that too. Only problem is, I highly doubt that any GM out there will even consider it.

    It’s disturbing that the Oilers seem to be alienating prospects in such a manner. I know we focus on the bad things more than the good, but it does seem awfully odd.

    Would it have hurt to give Omark et al a call a few times in the season to see how they’re doing and get on good terms with them? Let them know that they’re part of the team’s plans and make them feel wanted? “A little more development and seasoning…we like your progress a lot, keep up the good work”, etc.

  35. Smytty777 says:

    Isn’t the question whether or not Plante would be drafted higher than 45th in this year’s draft. I would think he would, but don’t know.

    If he is better than 45 he has more value to the Oilers than a pick, as a prospect or as a trading chip.

  36. Traktor says:

    Edmonton has called a PC at 12 where it is expected they will announce our new head coach.

  37. robert cleave says:

    Story here. Pat Quinn? I think he’s past it, and certainly is a short term answer at best. I’m not an Oiler fan, so whatever, but that seems surprising if it happens.

  38. quain says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Marc Crawford!

    I’d pay a lot of money for them to announce Greg McLevish as the new coach and then just have MacT walk out with a fake goatee.

  39. NBOilerFan says:

    As per TSN:

    Quinn could be named new Oilers’ head coach

    The Edmonton Oilers have found their man. Or is it men?

    A source told TSN that when the Edmonton Oilers announce their new head coach this afternoon at a new conference in Edmonton, don’t be surprised if the Oilers may be getting more bang for their buck by announcing two new coaches at the same time.

    The rumor, and it remains unconfirmed at this point, is that Pat Quinn could be named head coach with Tom Renney possibly named as an associate coach.

    The news conference is at 2 p.m. local Edmonton time.

  40. spOILer says:

    With respect to coaching…

    A source advises Dineen would be similar to a Dave Tippett style coach.

    The same source played with Arniel in Winnipeg, but that was an Eocene or two ago, so he doesn’t know him that well any more. He figgers based on the kind of guy he was back then that he would be more of a players coach. Perhaps Dorito can comment on whether or not this is correct from his close-by perspective.

    As far as Plante goes… I gotta think he would go higher than 45 if he was to re-enter, so we put up with the saber rattling and wait for him to be signed. I’d keep him in Junior for another year though.

    I was wondering if he was harbouring any bitterness towards the Oil for not forcing a move from the Hitmen this past summer, but wouldn’t he also be pretty happy with the way the year turned out after all? And wouldn’t there be some loyalty there since our “braintrust” did talk to their braintrust?

    I think this is just the typical game of Agent Chicken.

  41. robert cleave says:

    The rumor, and it remains unconfirmed at this point, is that Pat Quinn could be named head coach with Tom Renney possibly named as an associate coach.

    That would certainly cast a different light on things. What’s the play here, have Quinn stay for a year or two and then hand the keys to Renney? I’m a bit shocked that a proper NHL head coach (Renney) would take an associate job, so maybe that’s the deal.

  42. spOILer says:

    Crap. Take 15 minutes to post and the whole world changes. Love the al gorenet.

  43. Ribs says:

    This is fun news today. Instead of worrying about getting a coach who’s too loose or one that’s too technical, we get one of each!

    It will be very interesting to see how these guys mesh together as a unit. It will sure be nice to have someone (Renney) who can concentrate on the details while Quinn controls the linework in-game.

    Now when does Jagr arrive?

  44. gogliano says:

    Well as regards Renney taking the job, it is a probably a combination of the job is his in the future, and Katz’ money (i.e., being paid more than a normal ass. coach in the interim); I hope so, anyways, it would be a sign that Katz is willing to spend money when possible.

  45. CrazyCoach says:

    I’m at a loss for words right now.

    I hope they turn our team around. Quinn is old school to a degree and Renney knows the game.

    Where does this leave the current asst. coaches?

  46. NBOilerFan says:

    Rumour has it that Bucky will be kept on in some coaching role.

  47. PDO says:

    I like it.

    Renney cover’s a lot of Quinn’s weaknesses (specifically, line matching and youth).

    It’s nice having an owner that isn’t a cheap bastard too.

  48. Coach pb9617 says:

    while Quinn controls the linework in-game.Quinn doesn’t control linework. He rolls without line-matching over and over. It’s basically:


    No matching.

  49. alan says:

    The news conference is at 2 p.m. local Edmonton time. edmontonoilers.com says noon local time. 2 p.m Eastern

  50. uni says:

    Quinn’s more of a motivator. He gets more out his teams than he has any business getting. He does seem to get outclassed with line-matching and fine details but what do I know?

    Also his lines roll more like:

    1-2-3, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4. He seemed to favour a line of role players with 10 or less minutes a night, Domi, Belak, Valk type guys usually.

  51. NBOilerFan says:

    Yea Alan, that was from TSN, which wuld ne their local time, not Edmontons.

    Shouldn’t have included that line I suppose.

  52. NBOilerFan says:

    Quinn is not a line matcher… but Renney apparently is.

  53. PDO says:

    Anyone know where I can get the presser?

    And Renney absolutely is a line matcher.

  54. Ribs says:

    He rolls without line-matching over and over.

    I think some consistency would do this club a lot of good at this point.

  55. Lord Bob says:


  56. Julian says:

    Quinn looks huge next to Tambellini. He’s hulking! I guess that’s what Tambs meant by getting bigger…

  57. Julian says:

    Let the record show the phrase “true oiler” took less than three minutes to appear.

  58. Lord Bob says:

    I can’t even tell you guys how much I just became a Blue Jackets fan.

  59. Dennis says:

    That Rob Blake comparison is gold.

    The only thing more humourous than KP’s blonde moustache is the the words that emit from just underneath it.

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