Keenan Fired

This is Mike Keenan in the uniform of St. Lawrence University. He’d be early 20′s in this photo. Keenan has been one of the NHL’s most famous coaches since arriving on the scene 25 years ago. The golden era for Keenan was ’84-’94 but he has been getting jobs with little playoff success for many years now.

Keenan’s Rangers won the Stanley in 1994, and he coached a pennant winner three other times (’85, ’87 Flyers, ’92 Hawks) but the Flames job lasted only 2 seasons and has ended in disappointment.

From the men who belong to his generation (Keenan is 59) he seems destined to replace Don Cherry as a salty television icon.

I wouldn’t mention this story (this is a Flames item) save for the way he was fired. A press release. GM Sutter won’t meet the media until next week, and the timing (Friday afternoon in late spring) is a beautiful thing (it must be in the Liberal Red Book–all bad news media releases get sent out after 2PM Friday) if you’re trying to avoid crowds.

I think it’s a little arrogant to be honest. The organization owes their fanbase a full accounting of this moment–why it happened, when it happened, what the future brings. Darryl Sutter is a salty fellow in his own right, but this smacks of disregard for the paying customer.

Lord knows the Oilers take a beating from this blog and their fans, but credit where due: a media conference with sound bites is the least you can do for the people who pay the bills.

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