Oilers Turn a Page

Pat Quinn is in the middle row, far right next to the shrimp in the suit. Slats is just over his right shoulder one row behind and poor old Bob Falkenberg is also in the last row, far left.

This isn’t quite coming home for Pat Quinn, he’s from Hamilton and played in the Wings system. That’s how he got to Edmonton, the Oil Kings were a Red Wing feeder.

I’ve written about Quinn and Renney recently (in the boxes) and so don’t feel a need to go over that information again. Instead, I’d like to make some points about the day in general and my take on how this might impact the club on all kinds of levels:

  1. I’m pretty certain the day was Tambellini’s save for the choice of Buchberger as the coach to stay. The Oilers let go Moores and Huddy and we’re fans so there’s nothing really we can say about it. Except. Except that Moores and Huddy have more experience and would seem to be better suited to filling out a roster of knowledgeable and savvy coaching men.
  2. Quinn as the motivator and Renney as the man at the blackboard makes sense. Both men have had success on various special teams and based on appearances won’t have trouble working together.
  3. I think Renney has been given major, major hints he’s the man in waiting.
  4. Despite what people are saying, this team is going to get a makeover this summer. You can talk all you want about the Oilers having contracts that they can’t get rid of, this club will shed some people.
  5. This is a very good day for veterans forwards like Ethan Moreau, Fernando Pisani, Shawn Horcoff, Ales Hemsky.
  6. This is a very good day for veteran defenders like Sheldon Souray, Lubomir Visnovsky, Steve Staios and Jason Strudwick.
  7. This is a good day for young men with size, like JF Jacques, Steve MacIntyre, Zack Stortini and defenders like Theo Peckham and Ladislav Smid.
  8. This is a bad day for tweeners like Marc Pouliot, Robert Nilsson and Liam Reddox. Quinn will love Reddox’s moxy and effort, but will find it in a player 5 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier.
  9. Forwards under 200 pounds better be exceptional offensive players. The Oilers group of forwards under 200 pounds: Reddox, Cogliano, Nilsson, O’Sullivan, Gagner, Hemsky, Pouliot. Some of them are gone.
  10. The Oilers are going to sign a veteran goalie.
  11. Kevin Lowe said something very interesting today. He told Bryan Hall that he was “taking notes” from Tambellini and learning from him because he felt his (Lowe’s) career was midway through and wanted to be a player. I don’t have a link, but he’s the hand at the end of “Deliverance” and he will return.
  12. I see many posters below suggest this is continuation of “same old, same old” and are making connections to Sather. I’d disagree. This (minus Buchberger) looks to me like Tambellini has taken over control of the ship and is steering it to safe waters while he takes the two or three years to outlive the Lowe contracts. I understand the idea of bringing in an Arniel or Dineen, but this works too.
  13. The player most likely to make today a turning point in his career: Dustin Penner.
  14. The player who should do well but might not: Kyle Brodziak. He needs to bang and crash and play uglier.

Fire away.

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74 Responses to "Oilers Turn a Page"

  1. Gerta Rauss says:

    I’m just thankful you’re not passed out on the basement floor LT.

    Carry on.

  2. Coach pb9617 says:

    I think Oilers fans are going to go apoplectic if Renney gets the reins though. He’s a hard-match, grind-em-down, guy. His PK was always excellent, but he did have King Henrik back there. I’m sure that had something to do with it and I’m sure that someone will be along with the SH SVPCT in just a minute.

    I think this combo is going to be fine with kids of all types, especially Renney. He brought high picks (Staal, Korpikoski) along. He developed low picks and free agents (Girardi and Callahan). He developed middle of the road guys (Dubinsky). And he took problem children and dealt with them (Zherdev). He lost Petr Prucha, but everywhere else he was just fine.

    One thing that really bothers me about Renney, just as it did with the previous coach, is that he never once held the veterans that faltered in New York this year accountable. He had no issues pointing out things that the younger players could do better (he was never as much of complete jerk in the press as MacTavish was) but he never said the same about veterans that were stinking it up.

    I’m not happy, I’m not perturbed and I’ll wait to see how this is going to work. Unless this is a Submarine Captain and the XO kind of relationship, I don’t see this lasting long.

  3. Moose says:

    TSN is reporting that if Renney is still employed, and Quinn retires, that there is an unwritten understanding that he will be given the opportunity to take over.

  4. Matt N says:

    I, for one, welcome our new overlords.

  5. David says:

    I agree with the stroke comment. Never thought that Quinn would come.

    My feeling, Renney and Quinn are both being paid top end head coach money.

    Our coaching tandem will command respect and that is a good thing. We are moving in the right direction and hopefully UFA’s will want to come to Edmonton to play for these guys.

    We still need a goalie. Major changes to come. I am thinking we go after Tavares. I know it sounds stupid but we have the assets to do it. If that doesn’t happen we deal Gilbert, Staios, Souray and Nilsson for better bodies. Possibly we deal Hemsky. I sure hope Hossa likes Quinn.

    That Horcoff contract looks horrible.

    Go Oil!

  6. St George says:

    Kevin Lowe said something very interesting today. He told Bryan Hall that he was “taking notes” from Tambellini and learning from him because he felt his (Lowe’s) career was midway through and wanted to be a player. I don’t have a link, but he’s the hand at the end of “Deliverance” and he will return.I have come to the conclusion that Lowe is one of those guys that really only thinks about a day ahead in his life, and is constantly saying things just to have something to say and fill dead air. Accordingly, I think trying to pull some meaning out of any one thing to come out of his mouth is a fool’s errand.

    Other than that, I love the commentary.

  7. Coach pb9617 says:

    That Horcoff contract looks horrible.
    Horcoff’s contract next year is still a $250,000 bargain

  8. Lowetide says:

    The Horcoff train has left the station but it’s never made any sense to me. I’m still happy with the contract, always have been.

  9. PunjabiOil says:

    This is a good day for the organization. On a stand alone basis, I was somewhat indifferent to Quinn. The fact that Renney, a respected name who has coached at the NHL level (successfully) was willing to coach in Edmonton as an assistant is encouraging. These guys are respected guys in the hockey industry, and may play a role in free agents/contract negotiations.

    On HF they mentioned that Moreau’s wasn’t all that enthusiastic about new guys, and that he emphasized the defensive approach. Anyone else catch the interview?

    Would have been nice to keep Huddy. The Oilers have kept 3 assistant coaches in the past (Moores/Huddy and one of Daum/Simpson). It appears they will play it out with 2 this year.

    Apologies to Lowetide for the link I posted earlier.

  10. Quinn says:

    I don’t want to change the name I post under here, but I may be forced to do so.

    I don’t like the hire, but I am willing to see how it all shakes out this year.

    Nevertheless, I hope the team does not give up on good young players, even if they are small. And I love the idea that Penner will be appreciated (but I still want to see an official stats guy hired too).

  11. jon k says:


    I’m significantly more pro-Horcoff than the majority of the fanbase, but does that analysis take into account any other considerations in determining player salary?

    On my reading it seems that your assertion only considers whether a player faces the toughest opponents on their team and outscores at even strength.

    In looking at your argument and ykoil’s previous work which shows that Horcoff’s new cap hit is in line with his previous 3.6 cap hit adjusted for cap inflation, one can see that there is a skillful argument to be made that 5.5 is an appropriate average salary going forward.

    The problem I have is that most skilled player agents can create arguments for their clients getting paid more, and it’s not clear that Oilers’ management did an effective job of countering and deflecting those arguments.

    Though it’s speculative, it seems to me that Horcoff’s agent got the job done during negotiations and the team wasn’t very successful in keeping his price down.

    Potential arguments the team could have brought forward?

    Inconsistency of performance over the previous 3 seasons. Major injury requiring surgery at the time of the negotiation. Term of the contract extending past traditional player prime period, with a risk that player performance might decline over the term of the contract.

    The Horcoff contract is an interesting one because he’s a complex player who fills several roles for a team, but doesn’t particularly excel at any one facet. It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall in the negotiations process.

  12. shanetrain says:

    Is Penner capable of giving any more effort than he previously has? Only he knows I guess. I dont think he likes working hard and would love to see him packaged with Hemsky for a top 2 pick +.

    I like what happened today. It certainly wasnt a step back.

  13. Lowetide says:

    Shanetrain: I think Penner could improve tremendously in two zones.

  14. shanetrain says:

    I hope your right because we are probably stuck with him.

  15. bookie says:

    PJO – Sorry, did Moreau feel that these coaches brought too much of a defense first approach or did Moreau want to see more defense?

    It seems to me that the whole team was looking for a shift towards offense…but I cant tell by the comment you made.

  16. HBomb says:

    One of the few things more ridiculous than the repeated Horcoff-bashing is the simple suggestion that trading Ales Hemsky somehow is a step forward for this hockey club.

  17. jon k says:

    HBomb: I agree that trading Hemsky is likely not a good idea but one always has to keep an open mind about these things.

    Looking back, I don’t know for certain that Ottawa regretted trading Hossa.

    I don’t know if Tampa Bay would end up regretting trading Lecavalier either, to be honest.

    Obviously in the vast majority of cases you don’t benefit from trading your best player, but it is within the realm of possibility.

    It’s certainly absurd to trade an established player like Hemsky for any draft pick but first overall in almost all draft years.

  18. rickibear says:

    Quinn’s quote about building a team from the centers who can play the transition game and are strong in their zone.

    When he said that in the press conference. All i could think was, “Did he just say he would take this job because the team has Shawn Horcoff.”

  19. Dennis says:

    LT: You mean Lowe said he’s only halfway through his career as a GM?

    The more I think about this idea the more excited I get. Or at least in terms that we’re a fanbase – or at least a corner of one – that loves seeing new things tried and this certainly nestled safely under such an umbrella.

    The kids will love Quinn’s stories and he will motivate them and Renney will run six forwards on the PK and hopefully right that ship.

    I’m not saying this will work out in a great fashion but I think it’s got a chance to at least work out.

  20. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: rent the movie. :-)

  21. mjsh says:

    The early prognosis is that the problem in the room was MacT. I have always liked Quinn going back to his days as a player. Hardnosed, never say die kind of player. (An earlier version of k-lowe imo.) I also like Renney going back to his team Canada days. Their presence will improve this team.

    My take last August was that the talent was there for the Oilers to do well and I still believe that. It was the lack of effort that I could not stand. I remember the Calgary exhibition game as the second worst hockey game I have ever seen. I wrote here that the 4-0 start was not indicative of the way the Oilers had played. That did even out during the season.

    Penner & Brodziak may well be the key players to the Oilers fortunes this coming season. If they play big body hockey, then the room is there for the smaller guys to shine. Same thing that Mac T likely said all last year, but I think Quinn has what it takes to bring out the best in these two lads. In addition, JFJ could finally become a solid NHLer.Yes, they need a goalie but I think this team is closer than a lot of you think.

    I also think it very likely that Jagr comes to Edmonton this fall.

  22. Lowetide says:

    The bottom line is this: IF the men who disagreed about Reasoner last summer no longer have their fingers on the button then we at least have hope despite the fact that the wrong man walked the plank.

    They’re still not the good guys, though. And the Bucky staying on thing needs to be explained to me.

  23. Oilmaniac says:

    Even tho the horcoff train has left for some, I really appreciated the link and the comment by jon k.. phased by the first into grit teeth submission, yet was in full agreement with the analysis of the contract…

    anyways, I liked the group coaching hire better than if either were hired alone… Bucky still gets grooming (which i never was sold on, but management (lowe) continues with this old plan)… wish huddy was staying, but he was a MacT guy and one could speculate they may travel together.. if …

    Lastly, great day for penner – i totally agree… which also means its a good day for the Oil moving forward imo!

    Anyone know about that assistant coach? that was attached at Quinns hip? sounded like Pat would want him (from the presser)

    Lastly (this time for real) Go Management Team Canada! If only we had the same roster options…

  24. No longer Quinn says:

    That’s a good point, LT. I don’t remember what Bucky’s area of focus was as a coach, but was he really so good at it that he deserves another chance? And Huddy doesn’t? I seem to remember that defence at EV was one of the strengths of this team in the past year. Surely, Huddy must get some credit for this?

    But, I must confess, I am a Huddy homer, so I may have blinders on.

  25. bookie says:

    I think that this says to potential players that this organization is good enough to get Tom Renney to be an assistant coach. Reality check says the owner has deep pockets and that for enough $$ Renney would likely take over for Dancing Dan who moved to Spruce Grove from the west end, but one thing I have learned is that logic doesn’t trump gut instinct in decision making and this will give potential players a good feeling about this team.

  26. Oilmaniac says:


    Its nice to have Quinn who doesnt shy away from ‘leading’ this team from behind the bench…

    MacT never committed to motivating through leadership..

    Quinn sounds like he loves this shit, and thats the kind of passion/exuberence he might share with the kiddies..

  27. bookie says:

    If anyone is complaining it could be much worse. Imagine how stupid it would have been if our GM came out and said “I am probably the bestest coach around and the only one to lead us to victory, but just to prove to everyone that I am not an arrogant bastard, I am going to pretend to look around for a while and then choose me – the best coach EVER!”

    But no professional GM in the big leagues would ever say that

  28. Oilmaniac says:

    No offense Bookie, i disagree… I think sutter has been put into a tough position (that he probably doesnt want).. remember that he wanted to move out of that role and now the expectations of management have been simplified to the point that hes is been pushed into the role of savior.. could cost him his job if he doesnt go along w their ‘request’ for him to go back behind the bench, instead uses another coach that takes the team no where…

  29. Oilmaniac says:

    and that assistant was rick(y) lee.. any idea who he is..?

  30. bookie says:

    I wouldn’t care if Sutter had the best record in the history of the NHL, its his arrogant tone that I think is unprofessional.

    Read the article.Here is a taste “Right now I’m the best one,” Sutter replied. “All the best coaches in the league are under contract. There’s three guys who are excellent.

    “I won’t tell you who they are, but then I’m fourth. If I find out at the end of the search that I think I’m the best candidate, then I am the coach.”

    I mean, every GM and coach in the league think they are one of the best, but not too many are so unsophisticated that they announce it in public. Sorry thats just classless. Do a search and then in 3 weeks say something like “I think that with this team, at this time, We have the best chance to win with me at the helm”.

  31. Oilmaniac says:

    Pretty brutal qoute.. point taken!

  32. Tamara says:

    [I]Lowetide said…
    They’re still not the good guys, though. And the Bucky staying on thing needs to be explained to me.

    The Bucky thing has Lowe’s fingerprints all over it. A special favor for the Old Boss.

    I seem to remember talk of Kelly being fast tracked to an NHL coaching job in spite of empirical data and anonymous player quotes indicating there was nothing special there.

    Promises were probably made; from one ex-teammate to another.

  33. kurri_17 says:

    I must say that this to me seems like something only a club with some $ to spend could do. You have to imagine that both Quinn and Renney cost some money to bring in. From that perspective I like it and I think the different skills mesh since Quinn is obviously set as the alpha dog. I think Quinn will handle the players and Renney will be the bob mccammon of this team in this era.
    Just a thought..

  34. CrazyCoach says:

    Oilmaniac, Rick Ley was an assistant under Quinn in Quinn’s Canuck days.

  35. kurri_17 says:

    Matt N – nice reference :-)

  36. doritogrande says:

    One question I haven’t seen answered yet:

    What did we do with Pete Peeters?

    Can anyone in Edmonton with access help me out here? I’d be in favour of dumping him, he essentially cost Mathieu Garon his career and I can’t think of a legitimate reason why.

    And, let’s hope the new guys have the insight to move Andrew “Mendoza” Cogliano to the wing first day of TC. Which doesn’t bode well for Row-bert at all. I’ll disagree with you on the major changes LT. Maybe a minor tweak or two to get rid of some kiddlings, but I don’t see, for example, Penner and Souray moved out for a goalie.

  37. Oilmaniac says:

    Thanks for the correct spelling..

    “Ley then rejoined the Canucks. After serving as an assistant coach under Quinn for three season from 1991–92 to 1993–94, Ley became the 12th head coach in Vancouver Canucks’ history on August 10, 1994. In 121 regular season games as head coach, the Canucks posted a record of 47–48–26. He also served the Canucks in a professional scouting capacity in 1996–97 and 1997–98.
    In 1998, he was once again hired by Quinn as an assistant coach with the Toronto Maple Leafs and held that role for eight seasons until he was relieved of his duties at the conclusion of the 2005–06 season.”

    Just in case anyone else was interested.. sorry for the thread jack, just sounded like quinn still likes this fellow…

  38. Gerta Rauss says:

    I find it interesting that since Tambo’s hiring,we’ve been able to mend fences(intentional or not) with our potential 29 trading partners.(with the possible exception of Burke)

    Quinn’s hiring today takes that to another level again.We’ll have a pretty well connected management team pressing the flesh at the draft,I hope this can work to our advantage.

    And I think(hope?) this does change the perception of the Oiler org for the better in the eyes of UFA’s.

  39. Gerta Rauss says:

    and MattN…that was a beauty.

    Hail Ants!!

  40. Coach pb9617 says:

    Can anyone in Edmonton with access help me out here? I’d be in favour of dumping him, he essentially cost Mathieu Garon his career and I can’t think of a legitimate reason why.

    He’ll have a big year this year. He’s an every other year goalie.

  41. rider guy says:

    I’ve seen and heard several comments on line and on the radio about Renney being willing to come to Edmonton as an assistant and how this might put the city and the team in a better light. If I’m not mistaken, couldn’t Renney have just sat the year out and collected the remaining $’s on his contract with the Rangers. To me, it’s really impressive that he’s willing to come here, to work as an assistant for little short term financial gain.

  42. Lowetide says:

    I’ve been looking for that clip all damn night! It was Kent saying it right?

  43. Gerta Rauss says:

    yes…it was little Kenny Brocklestein

    with a cameo from James Taylor…and the NASA recruiting guy kept clubbing people with the blackjack

    “where’d you get that thing..?”
    -”uhh..sent away for it”

  44. Scott says:

    Ley ran the defense for Quinn both in Vancouver and in Toronto. I think there’s a good chance he ends up in Edmonton. It may even be one of the reasons that Huddy was let go, although that could be reaching.

    As for Pete Peeters, Tambellini mentioned that he hasn’t had time to sit down with him since the season ended. The message that sends to me is that Peeters isn’t a priority and probably isn’t coming back. Either that, or Peeters doesn’t really have any other options.

    As for Garon, he can take solace in the fact that he’s only four wins away from winning the Stanley Cup.

  45. Traktor says:

    When Pat Quinn brought up the center position he said that we have two good young guys and then we’ll see – hardly the glowing appraisal for Horcoff that some seem to be leading on.

  46. uni says:

    I’ve been looking for that clip all damn night! It was Kent saying it right?

    Here you go LT, you shouldn’t stress yourself out so much and relax more since that stroke….

  47. blackadder says:

    This hiring leads me to a couple of conclusions. First, that there won’t be a lot of changes to the roster over the summer – you hire a Pat Quinn if you think you’re close to getting to the playoffs, not if you’re moving towards a rebuild. Second, the probability of seeing former mullet champ Jamomir Jagr in an Oilers uniform just grew substantially.

    I’m also puzzled by Bucky’s retention. I look at the way Grebeshkov, Smid and Gilbert developed over the last couple of years and I thought for sure that if one of the asst’s were kept it would be Huddy.

  48. Gerta Rauss says:

    thanks Uni…i’ve been chuckling for a couple hours..and i had forgotton about the underground sugar caves

  49. Lowetide says:

    Uni: THANK YOU! Classic.

  50. Oilmaniac says:

    Blair Betts,
    Great part of the Renney interview w tencer and co, for me..

    ‘great penalty killer, knows his role, great competitor, always first to go to the tough areas’


    Just say yes, imo…
    F’yea.. just say yes…

  51. PunjabiOil says:

    Ryan Rishaug mentioned on TSN that Quinn remarked that he might add another assistant by the time the season begins.

    My vote would be Lowetide. He can then blog after he comes home from games, having ”saw them good”

  52. Lowetide says:

    PJ Oil: THAT would put this team back in the dark ages. :-)

  53. GSC says:

    Here’s a number for all the math whizzes out there: 657.

    No one is pissing on my parade today, Tambo did a helluva job to get BOTH Quinn and Renney on the staff.

  54. blackadder says:

    One reason to be optimistic about this choice – every team that hired Pat Quinn showed huge improvements in his first year. Flyers in 1980 – 21 point improvement. Kings in 1984 – 23 points better. Vancouver improved by 31 points and Toronto by 28 in Quinn’s first year.

  55. Shannon says:

    I am definitely not a fan of Quinn as a coach based on the fact he isn’t an X and O guy and watching the last couple three years and how it appeared that inmates were running the asylum the Toronto. Maybe part of it was similar to what we saw with MacT last year … a coach drawing his last straws and acting desperate or just giving up ?!

    I think adding a guy like Renney with his background and hockey knowledge is an excellent addition to any team. Head coach or associate coach or whatever title you want to give him.

    Trying to keep an open mind about Quinn, for all us people questioning hiring an old coach … think about the experience and knowledge he brings to the management team, the league-wide connections, the respect garnered by a coach with his winning record, successes, etc.

    I think the Oilers are better off today than they were yesterday whether you like Quinn or not.

    Kudos to Tambellini for adding two very experienced hockey people to the team.

  56. Tyler says:

    Here’s a number for all the math whizzes out there: 657.No, he’s only 66.

  57. DBO says:

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned too much and to me is a bigger point of emphasis is the tie to Hockey Canada. I think this is more important to the Oil then the link to Vancouver with these hirings. i wonder if Tambellini is considerig the fact that with Quinn and Renney you have two of the most successful Canadian coaches in international play history, and it gives you a marketing/link to any Canadian player who wants a shot at international play. I guarantee that Lowe’s part in Hockey Canada has led to a lot of the Oil being asked to play in the WC, and not to mention Smyth and his role. i wonder if this is another card to play in the UFA negotiations since all 4 main coach/management people in Edmonton are or were part of Hockey Canada. it can’t hurt your chances if you’re a bubble player for the next olympics or WC to come to Edmonton and have those 4 guys in your corner come selection camp.

  58. oilerdago says:

    LT: After re-reading your post I really do see a glimmer of hope in two things that you said:

    1) Re: Penner, I think he’s been better than some have made him to be (David Staples numbers have been imo a better guage of his value) but I think Quinn will find that way to get him to a new level. This is something that the surly Carlyle and MacT were not able to do.

    2) Re: Tambo’s hire of these guys is a safe hire that gets us to the point where we can outlive a couple of Lowe’s bad contracts. I think this could be where Renney provides a more objective rationale for the use of guys like Moreau and Staios. With Staios, it’s not giving him more minutes than he can handle and w/Moreau, it’s not letting him get over-matched by expecting more than he can deliver at his age/ability.

    I also have to believe Renney will find a way to improve the PK over last season. It has to get better.

  59. alphahelix says:

    Just a note on your comment involving Renney having had major, major suggestion that he would be the man in the wings for us…

    Tambellini made a point of saying that no promises had been made of that nature, no promises at all. Renney’s comments on the proceeding were also devoid of any interest in any implications that he might be the future head coach.

    The way I see it playing out is: if we have success with this tandem and Quinn bows out gracefully then Renney is the natural replacement and we will almost certainly see him take the reins. If they are not successful on the other hand, it is unlikely that Renney will replace Quinn.

  60. hunter1909 says:

    TSN is full of shit. Tambo stated unequivocally that he hasn’t made any promises. Now why would have have done that, given the fact that there’s an “unwritten understanding?”

    Penner should break out next season, now that he’s got a coach who will be able to motivate him properly. Penner looks incredibly intelligent, something which drives stupid/average intelligence level coaches crazy. Particularly given the fact that he doesn’t bother to hide it.

    Just wondering, but does this all mean that Rob Schremp makes the team, as first line center next TC?

  61. Marc says:

    Good Quinn interview on AM640 last night.

    Key points:
    - roster has too many players that are similar (ie small/skilled)
    - Tambo will address this problem this summer

    Quinn Interview on AM640

  62. quain says:

    If Dustin Penner is a high intelligence guy, and that’s the reason he can’t be bothered to show up outside the offensive zone, then I can’t see why any coach would motivate him. He’s smart enough to realize that he has a few more big paychecks coming his way regardless of how many walls he runs through. Might as well just participate in the fun part of hockey and then act real smug whenever someone pushes for more.

  63. Woodguy says:

    The bottom line is this: IF the men who disagreed about Reasoner last summer no longer have their fingers on the button then we at least have hope despite the fact that the wrong man walked the plank.

    I disagree that the wrong man walked the plank.

    That is not to say Lowe doesn’t deserve to sink as well, but MacTavish had to go.

    I’m re-hashing old stuff but….

    Penner’s 5v4 GFON/60 was a team leading 6.88. If the whole team had performed to that level, the Oiler’s PP would have been 9th in the league under that metric.

    Penner’s 5v5 CORSI was also best on the team with a 7.0 (O’Sully was 7.2, but most of that was with the Kings), he got that with a QUALCOMP of 0.0 and QUALTEAM of 1.1.

    So what does MacTavish do with his statistically best 5v5 and 5v4 player?

    Take him off the powerplay, reduce his 5v5 minutes and play him with the dregs of the roster.

    MacTavish let his own ego get in the way of winning. Once that happens, its time to go.

    (Not to mention that Penner was the straw that stirred the HorcSky combo…..)

    I saw that you wrote that yesteday’s news was probably the start of a turn around for Penner.

    I think the biggest thing that needs to be changed for Penner is his public perception.

    With Terry Jones calling him a coach killer and veneer thin Oiler fans wondering if Quinn can handle Penner, there is no question that MacTavish’s sourness spread in this city.

    Hopefully Quinn can put the kybosh on that.

    It would be nice to see the Fridge hit someone once in a while too though… :-)

  64. Woodguy says:


    The Bucky staying thing has to be 100% Kevin Lowe.


    Huddy has done such a wonderful job bringing up the defense, I hope that won’t lag under the new regime. I will miss Chuckles.

    If the Oilers don’t make the playoffs this year, I hope Lowe walks the plank.

    He should have been tied to MacTavish anyhow….

  65. Tyler says:

    Penner looks incredibly intelligent, something which drives stupid/average intelligence level coaches crazy. Particularly given the fact that he doesn’t bother to hide it.

    Crazy has taken over the internet.

  66. NBOilerFan says:

    I agree with most of what you said LT, but I do have the following comments;

    Item #4 – I don’t think the hires will have impacted Tambs vision at the MacT firing presser. He has an idea of whom is goin gand I suspect that those are still teh same few. And he already said that he needs to shed some contracts, so I don’t see the hires getting credit for that either.

    Item #7 – I agree, and that is a good thing. I like all three guys you mentioned and maybe JFJ takes that next step under Quinn.

    Item #8 – Again, I think the bad day for these players was Tambs MacT firing presser and comments of getting bigger, tougher and grittier (paraphrasing). I’ll agree that yesterday did nothing to change there fate, but it was already sealed weeks ago, IMO.

    The one exception may be O’Sullivan whereby I felt he was likely safe prior to yesterday, but today a bit less so.

    Item #11 – Could you elaborate? Is Lowe suggesting he might go back to a GM role here again at some point, or somewhere else?

    Item #12 – My reaction from Quinn’s comments yesterday regarding another coach being brought in being that it will either be Rick Ley brought aboard or no one.

    I have to think that Huddy not returning paves the way for Ley.

    Which also leads me to wonder, if the power struggle will be much less between Quinn and Renney, as it will be Quinn and Tambs?

    Item #13 – Well its definitely a fork in the road for Penner. If Quinn can’t motivate him, no one can. But I think it comes down to Penner…. does he finally start listening and change his mindset? One would think so… but it’s up to Penner, not Quinn.

  67. Coach pb9617 says:

    Let’s all pray to the hockey gods that Renney can turn JFJ into Ryan Callahan.

  68. digger says:

    “This is a very good day for veterans forwards like Ethan Moreau, Fernando Pisani, Shawn Horcoff, Ales Hemsky.”

    Perhaps, LT.

    Given how vocal management’s been (and was brought up yet again during the presser by Quinn) about the team’s leadership having some questions to answer, I’m of the mind that at least one of the veteran core could be facing a change of job description.

    One thing that caught my eye, though it may be me reading too much into things (a common malady among fans, so I refuse to apologise for it) was this choice of words from DVD’s “Players like Trifecta” article today:

    Current assistant captain Steve Staios likes the combination of the three.Why add ‘current’ to that? It seems unnecessary.

    We’ll see how it shakes down in the next couple of months, but I simply can’t believe that the veteran leadership core currently in place is going to not see any changes, especially with how often this team looked completely rudderless on and off the ice.

  69. uni says:

    Quinn was very patient with Ponikarovsky in Toronto, who is a bit of a comparable to JFJ.

    He brought along and refused to trade Antropov who seemed to have a lot more talent though, and who knows how injuries impacted his potential.

    Stajan came up under Quinn’s watch as well, and Steen had his first and best offensive season under Quinn.

    As for D men, Kaberle coming in as a 19 year old comes to mind as the highlight, and McCabe’s PP revival. Colaiacovo likely would have been a star if not for all the injuries as well.

    Quinn also got a lot out of his pluggers like Domi, Berg, Cross, Valk etc.

    This all gives me reason to hope for JFJ and maybe Pouliot. Penner I think may be where he’s always going to be but who knows.

    Quinn missed the boat big time on Sullivan, I will never understand how he didn’t protect him and let a 20G 20A 40P in 60GP young player go for nothing. He did, however, bring up McCauley who’s pretty comparable in size to Schremp, and turn him into a good 3rd line player.

    This makes me fear for Gagner, Cogliano, and O’Sullivan. But then again besides Sully Quinn didn’t have a small high-end scorer comparable to those three. Nilsson will need a minor miracle and renaissance to survive =(.

  70. uni says:

    Oh, in my blue-sky world JFJ will become Ponikarovsky with more speed and greater physical edge, Pouliot will become a McCauley without the concussion problems, Schremp = Wellwood (which is a sad thing to hope for), and Mikhnov comes over and morphs into Antropov sans horrible injuries and with a slightly less awkward stride.

  71. Art Vandelay says:

    I was under the impression that lack of talent cost Mathieu Garon his career.


  72. uni says:

    Others have mentioned it, but just listened to a Terry Jones interview soon after MacTavish left.

    He said right away that Huddy would likely be leaving to follow MacTavish, so I guess we can’t fault anyone for not keeping him.

  73. gogliano says:

    Penner looks incredibly fat, something which drives coaches which have lost the room crazy. Particularly given the fact that Penner doesn’t bother to hide it.

  74. James Gunner says:

    If only Pat Quinn was a better coach than Darryl Sutter, we’d be golden.

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