Radunske Still an Oilers Prospect?

The Edmonton Oilers website continues to list Brock Radunske as being “In the System.” He is now 26 years old, hasn’t played in the North American minors since 2006-07 and is seeing the world at this point in his playing career.

Radunske played in Germany in 2007-08 for the Augsburger Panther where he went 7-19-26 in 37 games. It’s not the RSL or even the SEL, but the German league has some quality to it. Gabriel Desjardins’ equivalencies put it just a hair below the Swiss league and less than a day’s drive from the AHL.

Radunske went offroading in 2008-09, playing for Anyang Halla of the Asian League. He scored 29 goals in 35 games in Anyang (or Halla). If he’s still an Oiler, Radunske has to be on page 2 of the left-wing depth chart.

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