Springfield gets new Plante!

Oilers signed Alex Plante today. He’s a big kid with some issues and his journey into pro hockey is unlikely to be as smooth as Peckham’s.

Having said that, you can’t teach huge.

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21 Responses to "Springfield gets new Plante!"

  1. Smytty777 says:

    I’m excited to see what Plante can do at the next level. If Plante is in the NHL before the expiry of that entry level deal then the 2007 draft looks like a massive win for the Oilers (without even figuring in Nash’s future impact).

  2. dstaples says:

    Our very own kite!
    (Jim Kyte)

  3. Mr DeBakey says:

    They’re dancin’ in the streets in Stockton!

  4. DBO says:

    As much as we complained about the draft in 07, if all 3 1st rounders end up on the team by 2011/12, then that is a big win for the org and the scouting staff. you could realistically see gagner as 1C, Nash as 3/4C and plante as a 5/6 D. If any draft produces 3 regulars then it’s a win. If he plays bottom pair minutes this year in the AHl, focuses on his own end then i’m happy. give him 3 years 2-2.5 years in Springfield to learn the gaem form Daum, and then slide him next to Peckham or Smid on the 3rd pairing for the Oil. Drinking the kool aid, but if the defense in 3 years is this I wouldn’t be too upset
    Vish/Komisarek type – 35/29 yrs old
    Grebeshkov/Gilbert – 27/28 yrs old
    Peckham/Chorney – 23/24 yrs old
    Plante – 22 yrs old

  5. spOILer says:

    What? You mean all the knee jerk panic over not signing him yet was all in vain?

    I thought this team was being run by a bunch of leotarded fumble-jumbos?

    I though Plante had no loyalty to the Oil and their shoddy organization?


    On another note, HF has him listed at 6’5″ 220lbs.

    On the Hitmen website he’s 6″4″, 220 lbs.

    On the Oiler press release he’s 6’3″ 225 lbs. Which would put him somewhere 5-6 in size on the Canuck defense.

    You might not be able to teach HUGE, but apparently you can sign shrinkage.

    Score another pro contract for WHL legend Cam Plante’s kids!

  6. Bruce says:

    I saw Plante play twice with the Hitmen, once early in his injury-plagued post draft season, and then in the final game (for the Oil Kings) of this year’s playoffs. I was reasonably impressed with his development over that time, he was pretty dominant in a low-key sort of way, really seemed to have a knack for closing the gap which some guys just never, ever learn. (see: Joseph, Chris; Leroux, Francois; Semenov, Alexei; Others, Many) He did take a couple of early-Matt-Greene kind of penalties, and while I didn’t mind the aggressiveness, those rough edges are going take awhile to file down. (see: Greene, Matt; Beukeboom, Jeff; Langevin, Dave) As an Oiler fan who sat through several long years waiting for each of those guys to come around only to see them leave town just as they were getting good, I suggest we will need either more patience still with Plante, or much less. With a three-year contract he’s an eminently tradeable commodity in any sort of quan for qual trade. If he’s going to move on, the fewer growing pains at our end, the better.

    For sure he’s worth more than a 45th overall pick this year, and has the added advantage of being two years closer to the NHL than a similar prospect of the current draft class. But for players of his type, 20 is still 3 or 4 years away from being effective at the NHL level. A strong training camp and a full year in Springfield would be a very good start.

  7. Bruce says:

    Btw, the Edmonton Journal was all over this one, as this morning’s paper tipped off today’s signing with this comment in the Oilers Notebook:

    Plante, who had a strong season with the Hitmen, will be in Springfield next year. He’ll sign a three-year, entry-level contract with bonuses.

    Same piece mentioned Milan Kytnar, who I have “seen good” a couple of times and definitely consider a Player of Interest. Apparently the signing deadline is June 15, not quite as imminent as I had been led to believe, but coming on. I think it’s standard for teams to ink their first-rounders first before turning their attention to the later rounds and lower-money deals, so one assumes that’s what they’re doing here.

    In a similar vein, now that the Oilers coaching situation has been resolved, Tambellini will turn his attention to the Springfield job, which the same article said could be finalized this week. Rob Daum seems to be a favourite, but Tambo hasn’t tipped his hand at this point.

    The notebook (attributed to “Journal Sports Staff” with Matty’s fingerprints throughout) also updated the Grebeshkov situation with the same sort of assuredness as Plante’s.

    Nothing has been formally announced but the Edmonton Oilers will lock up Denis Grebeshkov, likely for three years at a shade more than $3 million.

    I certainly hope so. He’s a younger, cheaper, healthier Visnovsky. Not quite as good, yet, but tending in that direction. For sure Vis and Grebs were the most effective Oilers pair this past season. I’ll breathe easier when that formal announcement finally comes.

    The whole notebook, including mentions of Brule, Schremp, Stone, Trukhno, and likely training camp invite Aaron Sorochan, can be found here.

  8. spOILer says:


    I think Matty is allegedly fishing with Rod Phillips in BC (Skipper and L’il Buddy?), so maybe lost the full byline credit this time round.

    Thanks for the updates.

  9. Coach pb9617 says:

    I certainly hope so. He’s a younger, cheaper, healthier Visnovsky. Not quite as good, yet, but tending in that direction. For sure Vis and Grebs were the most effective Oilers pair this past season. I’ll breathe easier when that formal announcement finally comes.

    Please send Staios, not Gilbert, out.
    Please send Staios, not Gilbert, out.
    Please send Staios, not Gilbert, out.

  10. Bruce says:

    spOILer: I think Matty and Joanne Ireland typically contribute to the notebook. Sometimes the mishmash of facts and insider info coupled with random opinions, wild speculations, and non sequiturs wrapped up in subsubsubordinate clauses is just a dead giveaway as to which Hall of Famer wrote a particular item.

  11. Lowetide says:

    spOILer: Where is this knee-jerk reaction you speak of? I think fans were fairly reasonable about it.

  12. Steve says:

    He’s a younger, cheaper, healthier Visnovsky. Not quite as good…

    Calling that an understatement would itself be an understatement.

    (I like the signing, assuming that’s how it plays out. But Grebeshkov is no Gilbert (yet), and Gilbert is no Visnovsky.)

  13. Mr DeBakey says:

    But trading Gilbert seems to be soething all the Free-Beer-and-Lasgna boys agree on.
    It must be something they agreed upon between the Caesar Salad course and the Hot Wings course.

    For me, watching Souray & Staios not clear the zone made me appreciate Gilbert all the more.

  14. Lord Bob says:

    I’m a massive fan of the LSD Blotter, so $3 million per for three years seems fantastic to me. If we can flip Staios for a used skate-sharpening machine, our defense will be expensive but it will also be young and magnificent, which is a good combination to have. Better, all the key elements of it would be locked up long-term.

    As for Plante, I am looking forward to seeing him in action. He’s big, he’s smart, and he’s not a minus skater, and with a combination like that barring further injury he’ll have a career somewhere.

  15. Lowetide says:

    Me DeBakey: Souray would be the guy I’d deal, Staios too. But if they’re going to get some skill up front Gilbert is a guy who could be gone. Value for value.

  16. PunjabiOil says:

    Amusing is in an interview (can’t find link) they asked Plante what his favourite food was.

    The response? Meat

  17. PunjabiOil says:

    As for Plante, let’s see what he shows on a poor team.

    His PPG didn’t improve (stayed effectively the same) since his 17 year old season.

    He could very well be Alexei Semenov version II.

    Signing him would probably the right move, however.

  18. speeds says:


    Matheson had it wrong, the deadline for Plante, and maybe Kytnar (maybe not because of the whole transfer thing, I haven’t really found the answer yet) is June 1st.

    Kytnar was drafted two years ago, but he wasn’t drafted out of the WHL; he was drafted out of Slovakia.

    According to the CBA he should also have to be signed by June 1st, but because there is no transfer agreement with Europe he may not have to.

    His situation is also complicated due to having played in the WHL for the past 2 seasons. I’m not sure if that effectively makes him a CHL player in the CBA’s eyes, or not.

  19. Bruce says:

    But trading Gilbert seems to be soething all the Free-Beer-and-Lasgna boys agree on.

    By my count Souray has been traded by the Oilogosphere over 3,000 times, Gilbert just 600 or so. Dennis alone has traded Souray more than 150 times. :)

    Calling that an understatement would itself be an understatement.

    Steve: By the numbers Grebs stacks up pretty damn well. Here’s some 5v5 numbers from BehindtheNet:

    Stat: Grebs / Vis
    Q.C. : -.03 / -.01
    Q.T. : +.16 / +.18
    Corsi: +2.6 / +5.8 (all others minus)
    G/60 : 0.27 / 0.14
    A/60 : 0.96 / 0.78
    P/60 : 1.23 / 0.93
    +/60: +0.85 / +0.71

    … and some 5v5 faceoff data from TimeOnIce:
    ZoneStart (D – O):
    37: 315 – 295 = +20
    71: 225 – 230 = -5

    ZoneEnd (O – D):
    37: 322 – 283 = +39
    71: 244 – 219 = +25

    37: +59
    71: +20

  20. Smarmy Boss says:

    I only saw Plante play live twice this year and I was rather “meh”. That said, I’m glad they signed him so I can see what they can make out of him.

    I saw Kytnar play 40+ games live this past season and his renaissance as a player is owed a lot to Molleken and the Blades. They traded for him. Made him their first line center and he really blossomed as a two way player.

    My two fondest memories of his season were the game he got a hat trick. (His girlfriend from Slovakia was in attendance. Showoff)

    And the game against Spokane where he took the puck off the halfboards and beat Tokarski clean for a big game winner. (Cowan played the best -2 I’ve seen a player play in that particular game)

  21. speeds says:

    So much for my theory that the Oilers would try to hardline Plante in their negotiations.


    This article reports a cap hit of 1.075 mil. I would presume in the form of the rookie max of 875K + 200K in bonuses, but that’s just a guess.

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