The Mighty Quinn

Everybody’s in despair
every girl and boy
But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here
Everybody’s gonna jump for joy

Come all without
come all within
You’ll not see nothing
like the Mighty Quinn

-Bob Dylan

We talked last night about the Oilers roster and the players who might be in trouble. I suggested some of the smaller forwards were in danger and that “tweeners” like Pouliot lacked a specific area of strength and that will impact them.

Which isn’t to say there aren’t roles for these guys. If Pouliot can establish himself as a strong PK option there could be life for him should he survive the summer roster flush.

Tonight I thought we could discuss players and player-types who are likely going to be coming to Edmonton this summer:

  1. Two veteran goalies: One veteran addition would be the case with any coach; in fact Roloson is fairly likely to return based on whispers heard in Ourtown. However, with Quinn as coach and an aged Roloson as the starter I think it’s reasonable to suggest that the Oilers will acquire a veteran backup for Roloson. Where this puts Deslauriers is anyone’s bet but this club didn’t bring Quinney in to miss the second season.
  2. Status quo on the blue: Quinn probably likes the look of Visnovsky, Souray, Gilbert, Grebeshkov, Staios, Smid and Strudwick on the blue. He’ll probably take a liking to Peckham as well. Should the Oilers need to move Gilbert for hitting up front during the summer I can see the club signing a 2M UFA from the two-way D tree (Kurtis Foster please). One thing we can be pretty sure about: kids like Chorney, Wild and that group would have to blow the doors off to make the big roster out of TC. This is quite different than earning the opportunity in the minors and I think that’ll be the way defenders make their way to the big club over the next several years. Matt Greene “learn at the big league level” era development is over.
  3. Center gets a boost: I think Horcoff and Gagner return in the middle and we’ll see what they do with Cogliano. Should they decide to keep the two kids in the middle, then the Oilers are probably going to move Brodziak over to RW and bring in a veteran center like Blair Betts or PJ Axelsson. Along with a veteran starting G, I’d bet good money the Oilers add an actual center to this roster over the summer.
  4. Left Wing Unlocked: The turnover at this position has been stunning. If the Oilers’ brass wants a humbling experience they might want to trace the position from spring 2006 to today (and all the way through, let’s not forget Glencross) and suggest to the new regime (Tambellini, Quinn, Renney, with Lowe peaking through the keyhole and MacTavish idling in the driveway listening on shortwave) this is an area that needs re-work. Dustin Penner simply has to be better, Ethan Moreau needs to be a calming influence and a strong veteran hand, Robert Nilsson needs a U-Haul and Ales Kotalik (or any other UFA) needs to have size and skill. I think the Oilers probably sacrifice a small F (Cogliano?) for some veteran size and grit on LW. JF Jacques is also a factor here, as is Steve MacIntyre.
  5. Little (Right) Wing Unlikely: I think Ales Hemsky is about to get a huge boost in PP time. Hemsky spent 4:14 on the PP last season, and Quinn asked 5:40 from Sundin and others when he was in Toronto. I’m having a hard time marrying Patrick O’Sullivan’s size to Quinn’s roster preferences (especially considering Hemsky, Gagner and Cogliano) but he’s a PK man and can do some other things so we’ll see. Pisani (if healthy) will be worked hard all year long in multiple roles. Zack Stortini will certainly have an elevated role and might end up playing stretches with skill centermen. Pouliot is a complete wild card, especially if Brodziak moves over from center. This position will be bigger by a bunch from the spring. Chris Neil might be an option.
  6. Callups: The AHL team is going to get a facelift this summer with a bunch of minor league veterans signed. I think we should play close attention to the names signed because some of these guys might end up playing in the NHL under Quinn in Edmonton. Should a Pouliot start slowly, I think the Oilers are of a mind to plug in a veteran. Since Edmonton doesn’t have any of those players, expect a half dozen to be airlifted this year. I’m thinking names like Boyd Devereaux, Jeff Taffe, Brad Winchester, Alex Henry and Tomas Kopecky.

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53 Responses to "The Mighty Quinn"

  1. Blake says:

    Brad Winchester…


  2. oilerdago says:

    Lot's of stuff to respond to LT so let me offer some quickies to hash & trash.

    1) Re: Pou-A shot at PK is perfect. He did this in 06-07 and recall he was not bad at all. Still, he's a C and a tweener so I can see him in another jersey next year as well. Re-united w/Crosby in Pitts?

    2) Re: Cogs-I HATE the idea of trading him so it better be "knock my socks off" coming back. He scores 18 as a 3rd Liner @ 21 years of age. Disagree w/me on this but I bet he's a 30G scorer one day on the wing.

    3) Re: D-Agree with you on this BUT, one concern here is we've heard for weeks they are about to resign Grebs and it's still not done. The KHL is throwing money around again and the cost of gas is going up. Could the Russian league be on the verge of a comeback? If that's the case, Gilbert's not going anywhere.

    4) Re: G-I wouldn't mind seeing Roli back w/an affordable vet back-up. I'm not as high as others on Biron but Anderson from Fla or Clemensen from NJ would be a nice addition here.

    Bottom line: Fewer kids feeling their way (goodbye Nilsson), Penner gets appreciated and the Oil are more competitive nite in/nite out.

  3. Garnet says:

    If we need AHL vets, I’ll point out that Tony Hrkac has improbably come out of retirement.

  4. Dennis says:

    Quinn talked about some vets having their feet up and maybe needing a boost.

    Quinn was always loyal in TO to guys like Hoglund and Reichel when everyone and their dog was screaming for the alternatives.

    So, not sure he read the exit interviews or will bother to check the TOI but I hope he did and that he orders 18 and 24 out of town on a fucking rail. Both guys were shown loyality by MacT and basically spat in his face on the way out. Both guys have contracts that they can’t cover.

    I hope all these things are noted.

    I loved the Rags PK from afar when Renney was in charge and it kept grinding once he left so I assume they figured that was one area they didn’t need improvement and they just kept it as was.

    To continue on that theme I expect him to run the PK and use six guys and 10-19-34 will assuredly will three of those six guys. Who else rounds out the group? 18 if he’s here and one of 51 or 78 because I imagine one of those guys will be the 4th line pivot and will be a PK guy.

    I’m with LT here in that I think Smid’s the real deal and that Lupul’s the next Bossy.

    Wait, what just happened????

    No:), seriously, I am with Lain in that there will be a secondary tough min pivot picked up and that guy will be a big part of the PK.

    Other predictions:

    - Quinn will love the hell out of Souray but if Sheldon starts ’10 like he finished ’09, hopefully Quinn will bust him down to say 4th in D EVTOI.

    - Peckham just picked up a huge supported. I’m not saying MacT didn’t like the guy but I could see Theo thugging as the 6th guy; ala O’Brien for the Dys.

    - New life for 5 for the same reason.

    - 12 has three feet out the door

  5. Mr DeBakey says:

    in fact Roloson is fairly likely to return based on whispers heard in Ourtown..
    Really? I haven’t been listening very hard. One year max please.
    I like the idea of trading for Lehtonen

    Should the Oilers need to move Gilbert.
    Robin Brownlee is tht you?
    I’m a big fan of moving a member of the veteran leadership group – Steady now….

    Center gets a boost.
    I think folks can sart pencilling Blair Betts into their 09-10 line-ups.

    The turnover at this position has been stunning.
    I think they’ll re-sign Kotalik, and of course Jagr is very likely.
    Is he a LW?
    I can never figure that out. Damn Europeans.
    Ethan Moreau needs to be….moved.

    Pouliot is a complete wild card, especially if Brodziak moves .
    One of those two, at least, is gone methinks.

    Chris Neil might be an option..
    I wonder what Daum’s report of Lefebvre and McDonald said?

  6. Showerhead says:

    Is anybody else worried about Quinn’s quotes saying the top two centres on this team are still kids… and that he doesn’t necessarily like the team down the middle? I figure he needs a Horcoff to solidify things a little so whatever other plans he’s got pan out but he certainly isn’t talking like it.

  7. Lowetide says:

    Well if he thinks Horcoff is the problem he’s addled.

  8. PDO says:

    LT = Super Mod.

    I saw the changes and lol’d.

    Quinn had two very contradictory quotes on Horcoff (both indirectly).

  9. Lowetide says:

    PDO: What were they? I didn’t see them.

  10. PDO says:

    Paraphrasing both..

    The first was along the lines of “at the centre position we have 2 young guys who look good, but not much past that….”

    But, the other quote was, again paraphrasing:

    “We have some strength down the middle, especially in our ability to play in our own end and drive the transition game.”


  11. Showerhead says:

    Anyhow, more on topic…

    The one thing I don’t like with regards to the consensus that Edmonton is too small is that there seems to be a very good chance a very good young player goes out the door. Even with Nilsson gone, is Quinn really going to run with 83, 13, 89, and 19 in his top six?

    The old Edmonton Oilers would trade Cogliano halfway through the season after he busts out and shows a 25+ goal pace… and get Anson Carter in return.

  12. Black Dog says:

    Good stuff LT.

    Quinn likes guys who bang but guys with skill will get their minutes too – Ronning and Geoff Courtnall were Canucks under him, no? And of course Bure. And the Leafs had Mogilny and Hoglund (would he qualify as a skill guy ;) ) and Kaberle so guys like Gagner, Cogliano, Gilbert etc will get their ice if they stick around.

    I’m very interested to see what Tambellini does. Some suggest that he will essentially stand pat but I cannot see it. Just as he went with a safe (and imo pretty good) bet for coach I think he’s going to make some significant roster changes and put his stamp on the team.

    As you say good news for Smid and Peckham and for all of the D except Staios – I think they move him. Its not a bad looking group imo.

    And they will move some of the extra bodies. I think O’Sullivan stays and I think he will flourish under Quinn.

    The D is a fair size – I think you can run with O’Sullivan, Gagner and Cogliano as well as 10 and 83 as long as you beef up around them.

    LT – do you think they make another run at Hossa or at Bouwmeester for that matter – they would have to shed big salary to do so but Katz likes the home run and anyone watching the game tonight? Hossa may have had a nagging injury or something – he looks like he did during the season.

    Wrecking crew.

    Of course he and Quinn have a history so that might be that.

  13. PDO says:




    What if it’s something like say, Gilbert, Cogliano and our 1st for Hartnell and Coburn?

  14. Mr DeBakey says:

    I didn’t see them..

    I was sure one was in the media scrum
    I just re-watched
    Its not there now

    I got the feeling he just didn't introduce the thought properly<

    I think he wanted to talk about the good young centermen, but not necessari;y to the exclusion of others.

  15. Black Dog says:

    showerhead – I think he’ll run with the best talent they can find

    iirc Quinn doesn’t run a checking line per se. So you may be spreading those guys out over your top nine more like.

    In any case they want to get bigger but the key is to have the best guys available. They aren’t going to replace Cogliano unless his replacement can play.

  16. Gerta Rauss says:

    Traktor made reference to the quote in last night’s thread…I found it last night but can’t remember where…

    And to be fair to Quinn,the quote was more along the lines of:

    “We have two young guys that look good,and after that we’ll see”

    I’ll post if it find it

  17. Lowetide says:

    I don’t think Hossa will be UFA this summer but if he is then yeah the Oilers will shoot the moon imo.

  18. PDO says:


    How is Detroit gonna pull that off? They already have 51 million committed next year with Hossa, Samuelsson, Kopecky (OILERS GET HIM), Leino, Chelios and Conklin to sign….

  19. Lowetide says:

    PDO: They’ll find someone to take Rafalski off their hands I’d expect. I don’t think EDM gets Hossa, if they do it’s a brand new day.

  20. Black Dog says:

    PDO – well Chelios won’t be back, I suspect Samuelsson will go elsewhere also, maybe Maltby, Draper

    This Ericcson kid has been solid so one of the D will go – could be Rafalski though I suspect maybe Lilja.

    Leino and replacements would be cheap.

    Be tight though but if they move Rafalski it’d be a piece of cake.

    The Oilers have to move money anyhow, if they picked up Hossa or Bouwmeester there’d be a busload heading out of town.

  21. godot10 says:

    Patrick O’Sullivan has one “skill” most other Oiler forwards don’t have. He shoots the puck.

  22. Black Dog says:

    Isn’t Hudler RFA too?

    Tougher summer for the Wings then usual but the damn kids they bring in. Helm couldn’t crack the roster and now he’s the #3 centre and he’s a force out there.


  23. Vic Ferrari says:

    I’m assuming Renney will be running the forwards from the bench. He’s not like Carlyle/MacTavish/Quenneville/Hitchcock etc with the matchups, but he is still a bit active.

    He goes by zone a lot. Jagr was on the ice for more EV offensive zone faceoffs than anyone else in the league in 07/08 iirc. Jaromir was never going to change, so I suppose that’s wise. It was a good team territorially as well, so there were a lot of offensive zone faceoffs to go around.

    This past season he ran these guys in a position to succeed, as a ratio of O-zone/D-zone draws:

    Korpikoski 1.8
    Callahan 1.7
    Dawes 1.6
    Zherdev 1.5
    Voros 1.5
    Naslund 1.5
    Roszival 1.4

    The top three all look to be young guys, and they didn’t near enough territorially with the opportunity they were given. They were in the black at corsi, but not nearly enough given that slope of the pitch.

    Zherdev and Naslund are what they are, in fairness to them they delivered with the icetime. A bad year with the shooting percentages for both though.

    And taking on the own zone draws:
    Betts 0.9
    Orr 1.0
    Sjostrom 1.0
    Prucha 1.1

    And everyone else at 1.3.

    So Betts was once again the man, though most of the own zone draws against the other team’s top line were probably taken by Drury or Gomez, I would think.

    Betts managed to stay near evens with the shot proxies as well, and his ZoneShift is +51.

    Orr is the curious one, that’s two years in a row that Renney had him in that gig. And two years in a row that he got squished at corsi, relative to his teammates. His numbers sans-Betts are gruesome.

    The Oilers need a Betts AND a Sjostrom type methinks. I’ve rated Sjostrom for a while. And they need to come cheap.

    Even then, Cogliano and Gagner both give a lot back the other way, and end their shifts in a bod way more often than good. I know they’ll get better, but it won’t be easy for the new coaches if Tambellini still wants those two to play as pivots. You can only hold so many corks under water at once.

    This is all just for the time that Renney was coach btw, just to game #20890.

  24. Gerta Rauss says:

    Here's the quote from Quinn…interview with Stauffer and Tencer…around the 13:30 mark:

    I gave him the benefit of the doubt at the time-at that point he had been talking for almost 3 hours,and just had a brain fart with Cogs and Gagner on his mind.None the less,I doubt Horc puts this endorsement on his CV.

    To to the Horcoff bashers this may be the equivalent of the Zapruder film.

  25. Vic Ferrari says:

    I think the Wings will move Brad Stuart. Let’s all hope that Tambellini isn’t tempted.

    PHX GM Maloney said that he and Tambellini were in serious talks about Olli Jokinen at the deadline, but the CGY offer was a bit stronger. So that tells us that Tambellini is still big game hunting. I’m glad he missed on that one.

  26. Vic Ferrari says:

    I have no idea why Quinn never liked Sullivan or Jason Smith. Though I’ve always suspected that it was because they were acquired by Mike Smith during that time of the vague Leaf management structure put in place by Dryden.

    A lot of small guys can win puck battles, Sullivan is one of them, he can play against anyone, and has often played power vs power in his career. Lindsay and Barnes are little guys that Ruff ran against the Lindros line when he was in FLA (I’m assuming that he ran the forwards fro MacLean in Florida back then, Doug seems far to oblivious to have managed that). Like Ruff says, small players can win more than their share of puck battles, but they need to get to the puck first to do it.

    I don’t know how many Oiler forwards are interested in getting to the puck just a shade before a bruising defender ot winger, though. The first forward into the zone has to decide to pursue or sit back (there isn’t much sense chasing Niedermayer behind the net), and the second forward should follow his lead unless he thinks it’s egregiously bad judgment by the first guy in.

    The second forward hung back a lot for this team. I remember Peca doing the same with Torres charging in vs DET once … granted Torres was a touch over aggressive. I remember because it was rare.

    With this season’s Oilers it was commonplace. Kotalik seemed to be implying that it was a lack of courage from some of the forwards. I’m leaning the same way. A shame that Kotalik isn’t a better EV player, I like the guy’s try.

    Pre-lockout Peca

  27. Coach pb9617 says:

    That picture…

    “Are you not amused?!”

  28. Oilmaniac says:

    PDO.. (sorry if someone else said this, didnt finish reading)

    “We have some strength down the middle, especially in our ability to play in our own end and drive the transition game.”

    Quinn said they ‘Need’ some strength down the middle to play the puck posession style he wants the team to play… never said they have it already…

  29. quain says:

    Reading the Quinn quotes a different way…

    He really thinks Cogliano is good down the middle? Really? I mean, the kid can play hockey, but it’s going to be a miracle if he turns into a guy who can play pivot at the NHL level.

    If his intent was to say Horcoff isn’t worth talking about, and that Cogliano is a fixture at centre going forward, we already need a new coach.

  30. Paper Designer says:

    For a team that has an identity problem, why on earth would they bring Pouliot back?

    Trade the kid to a team with little depth that will let him play a 3rd line center role, and give him a chance to try to become a legitimate NHL player. I’d much rather give his spot to Brule. Smaller? Yes. But he brings more jam, and it’s that, not size, that the Oilers need most.

  31. Gerta Rauss says:

    “If his intent was to say Horcoff isn’t worth talking about, and that Cogliano is a fixture at centre going forward, we already need a new coach.”

    Not to worry Quain,I think we’ve got a spare one kicking around.

  32. PunjabiOil says:

    If his intent was to say Horcoff isn’t worth talking about, and that Cogliano is a fixture at centre going forward, we already need a new coach.LOL. Won’t be long before the Fire Quinn! chants flow out.

    It’s quite possible it’s going to take some time to get out of the salary cap mess Lowe created. My other big concern is whether Lubomir will rebound from his major shoulder surgery. It’s vital Visnovsky stays healthy if the Oilers are to make the playoffs next year.

  33. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    To to the Horcoff bashers this may be the equivalent of the Zapruder film.

    Creeps out from behind the grassy knoll with Traktor in tow.

  34. Moose says:

    Hitchcock seems to like the two-headed hire:

  35. rickibear says:

    Pat quin Scrum:


    Paraphrase: I like Horcoff!
    Cogliano needs to play wing!

  36. Coach pb9617 says:

    Trade the kid to a team with little depth that will let him play a 3rd line center role, and give him a chance to try to become a legitimate NHL player. I’d much rather give his spot to Brule. Smaller? Yes. But he brings more jam, and it’s that, not size, that the Oilers need most.

    Someone upthread mentioned the Pens. If he’s rollin’ on, that’s not a bad thought. They are going to somewhat desperately need cheap contracts at forward next year.

  37. Sean says:

    I’m not moving Cogliano unless he is part of a package for a player more affordable than Lecavalier. The Oilers decided in March that Cogliano was a C they were committed to developing when they were in 7th place and faceoffs were an obvious need and left Cogliano there … or I’m wrong but development decisions shouldn’t be changing every 3 months.

    This organization needs some continuity. Re-sign Roli to a one year deal, sign a top end forward (Gaborik if you can), upgrade Pouliot to Blair Betts and ditch salary to make the books balance. Other than that I’d like to recognize next years roster.

  38. bookie says:

    Ok, let me be the first to start it.

    Quinn has done nothing since he arrived, we are still out of the playoffs and nothing has improved. THe guy is a bum – FIre Quinn!

  39. Anonymous says:

    I think we need to point out that even Chris Chelios is a young guy by Pat Quinn’s standards. As you may recall when Pat Quinn started coaching the American Civil War was just getting underway.

  40. oil dude says:

    That Hitchcock article was a good piece, I have yet to hear a single hockey person (that matters) slam this dual hire, all praise so far. The Oilers have now made 3 hires (including Tambo) outside the org since Katz took over, the common denominator? They all have previous experience with Hockey Canada, apparently this is something to keep in mind going forward. We also need a moniker the the coaching duo.
    Quinn + Renny = Query ???

  41. PunjabiOil says:

    More nonsense on trading Hemsky

    Dies the media know something we don’t?

  42. Gerta Rauss says:

    I think this article is quite reasonable…all items that have been discussed around here ad nauseum.(does the MSM read this blog..?)

    Changes are coming,that can’t be denied-what I would like to see is a subtle approach,rather than a sledgehammer…a little continuity may work to our advantage…for now.

    If you can make this team better at the draft,you do it.If not,you take your #10 pick and move on to the free agency window.If you can make upgrades to the team in July/August,you do it…if not,you head to training camp and let the coach(es) see the players face to face.

    Goalie and veteran Center are my minimum requirements for summer acquisitions.

    If at the 60 game mark we’re stinking the joint out,you trade everyone that isn’t tied down…Staios and Moreau will bring a better return in March ’10 than they will this summer…2 playoff runs and a full season left on their deals will be an easier deal to accept for the other 29 GMs.

    This team has a long road to travel before we’re competitive,we don’t have to make ALL the changes this summer.This rebuild may take until the summer of 2010 before all 4 wheels are back on the road.

  43. HBomb says:

    So Mackinnon’s assertion is that this team doesn’t have enough high-end talent, yet he suggests that we deal off the only high-end forward on the roster (Hemsky), despite the fact his contract may be one of the bigger bargains in the league? Not to mention the fact that he talks about Hemsky as if all he is is a turnover machine of some sort.

    I’m with PJO here – that is an absolutely awful article. I cannot see how trading Hemsky is a good idea, as there is no way you get the better end of such a trade.

    Hemsky, Gagner, Gilbert. Those would be my untouchables on this roster. And “Viscoff” is not far behind….

  44. Gerta Rauss says:

    HBomb-fair enough..for the record:

    subtle = not trading Hemsky this summer

    but if this team is crashing on the rocks in March 2010,all bets are off

  45. Psyche says:

    I like the signing of Grebs. Personally I have him ahead of Gilbert.

    Vish is also on my protected list (ahead of Gilbert too).

  46. Bruce says:

    The Oilers have now made 3 hires (including Tambo) outside the org since Katz took over, the common denominator? They all have previous experience with Hockey Canada,

    Oil Dude: All three have extensive experience with Hockey Canada, a connection I explored in some depth here.

    To summarize, Quinn has been extraordinarily successful (5 gold medals in 6 competitions over 7 years), typically heading a strong coaching staff but with a more limited voice in player acquisition. Renney has been successful as a head coach and much more successful (given the small sample size of gold medal games) as an assistant. Tambellini has had a hand in delivering gold medal talent as both GM and player personnel manager.

    Of course, having the pick of Canada is a different proposition from the challenges facing the Oilers or any team (save seemingly Detroit) with a 1/30 share in the ocean of talent. That said, it’s hard to imagine Hockey Canada’s success has all been at the player level and that “anybody could have done it”. The Program of Excellence has included Steve Tambellini, Pat Quinn and Tom Renney on numerous occasions, and all have delivered the goods. That bodes well.

  47. Oilmaniac says:

    Morning gents,

    looks like I must have missed the boat, but I’ll drop a line just in case…

    thought of another bonus of bringing in Quinn last night.. During one of the interviews, or maybe the presser, Quinn commented on his time coaching the juinors.. and how incredible that goal by eberle was with less than 5 seconds to play… Who would be the best person the develop Eberle, or at least, who would be most encouraged to bring along eberle into a position to succeed… Quinn has ‘seen him good’ and has already vocalized his thoughts on how brule was rushed and he doesnt want to do that with oilers prospects… maybe not next year, but maybe.. the year after i would guess that it’s a sure thing! eberle in the show…

    With this in mind, I believe that the future prospect of eberle entering the show creates a position that O’sullivan will occupy and develop in the mean time… similar players in stature and offensive make up…


  48. Bruce says:

    Oilmaniac: Quinn has already coached Eberle to two championships, at the U-18s in Kazan and the U-20s in Ottawa. Eberle played a key role on both clubs. IIRC he scored a couple of beauties in the shocking finale of the U-18s, an 8-0 laugher over the host Russians that was every bit as comprehensive a whuppin’ as the score suggests; 9 months later he delivered the quintessentially Big goal in the knee-knocking, nail-gnawing “rematch” of the two rivals at the subsequent U-20s on home ice.

    Fwiw, Colten Teubert, Tyler Myers, Ryan Ellis, Cody Hodgson, and Eberle were teammates on both squads; a few guys on the U-18 club who didn’t make the jump this year but certainly will next include Taylor Hall, Brayden Schenn, Matthew Duchesne and others. That was a helluva club, but Pat Quinn made the most of it, as 8-0 right in Russia attests. I’ll never forget that game.

  49. Oilmaniac says:

    thanks for elaborating on the quinn-eberle connection.. me thinks, parallel with the notion that these new coaches bring added ‘street cred’ w potential free agents… my thoughts are that for this club to become successful, there is a distinct need to ‘team canada’ players…

    Gags n cogs may have a chance of developing into those players?! eberle?!..

    those are the players to build a franchise around and im wondering if this duo helps draw in young ‘internationally experienced’ canadian talent (not to say talent from other countries are not important, but…)

  50. Oilmaniac says:

    Probably too simple of a thought process, teams are made up of the best complimentary players available.. coaches are there to do the best they can with whomever…

  51. mc79hockey says:

    So Mackinnon’s assertion is that this team doesn’t have enough high-end talent, yet he suggests that we deal off the only high-end forward on the roster (Hemsky), despite the fact his contract may be one of the bigger bargains in the league?In fairness, if I understand MacKinnon correctly, his plan is to trade him for someone like Zetterberg. Obviously, that’s a great plan.

  52. HBomb says:

    mc79 hockey: Every damn team could use a Zetterberg – the Oilers damn sure could. But Detroit was smart and locked him up for a decade at a cap hit that is quite reasonable for a player of his stature.

    I rate him higher than others though. Past Crosby and Ovechkin,
    there’s not a forward I’d rather have (I give him an edge over Malkin and Getzlaf). What a player.

  53. Smarmy Boss says:

    Nah Malkin over Zetterberg.

    Pittsburgh is damn lucky to have both and in this crazy cap world they’re gonna have to be damn creative if they want to keep both.

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