Trading the Pardubice Prince

In Jim Matheson’s Hockey World column today he raises the idea of trading Ales Hemsky. I’d mentioned it a long time ago (but can’t find it–Nashville’s Dan Hamhuis was the target) but that was as part of a complete rebuild.

Matheson’s idea is reflected in the following item (from the article): If the Oilers could get two front-line players for him, at least one a bigger, stronger body like winger Dustin Brown of the Los Angeles Kings and retrieve hard-nosed defenceman Matt Greene, too, would they consider it?

The deal (or one like it) does make sense for the Oilers on a few levels. First of all, the stated goal this summer is to get bigger everywhere, but specifically in the top 6F. A player like Brown makes that happen, and a player like Hemsky may be enough to pry him from Los Angeles (I don’t know that they’d trade him, though. He appears to be one of those captain, Dave Taylor-types) with Greene an added bonus.

Secondly, it immediately makes Sam Gagner the replacement option for the PP. Hemsky and Samwise have duplicate skills in many ways, and specifically quarterbacking the powerplay is an area where they’re eerily similar. This also paves the way for Gagner to take the 1line minutes at center (probably a soft parade 1line ala Selanne’s line in ANA) and makes Horcoff the option for shutdown center (he’d play Keon with secondary linemates to Ullman who got the scoring wingers). Also, trading Hemsky doesn’t mean the Oilers can’t get a similar winger. Nikolai Zherdev in New York has some issues but he’d be a nice fit here should the Oilers feel a need to add skill after losing 83. Injury concerns with Hemsky are also a consideration.

Finally, it’s a chance for Tambellini to put his stamp on this club. He can make a groundbreaking deal that gives fans a brand new day and ownership some good press that’ll be needed when the arena strong-arming gains traction.

I don’t like the idea. Hemsky is entering his prime and trading him now means the Oilers will have suffered through the growing pains without cashing in on the riches. Losing organizations do this sort of thing. Oiler fans would have to count on the management team getting back more than they’re sending away.

Recent events suggest that’s unlikely.

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84 Responses to "Trading the Pardubice Prince"

  1. B.C.B. says:

    I agree this would be more of a step backwards then a step forward. Why trade a player entering their prime for those on either side? ‘Cause I am assuming we would be getting back 22 year-olds or 30 year-olds.

    I would only do this trade, if we where entering a re-build. We would have to be gutting out line up of aging veterans too. What we have on defense, and the organizations desire to win/get in the play-offs, makes this unlikely.
    Maybe trade Hemsky and a first round choice for a Dustin Brown type and a Headman, but that will never happen!

  2. pboy says:

    Could this be one of those situations where Matheson is really plugged into the team and they are using him to float this idea and see what the fan reaction is like?

  3. godot10 says:

    My preference would be to see what Hemsky can do under a new coach, to see if a new coach could get him to the next level. I like Hemsky a lot as a player, but I think his game has flaws, which MacT failed to address. Lowe and MacT incorrectly believed the problem is the people he was playing with, that the elusive new star winger would solve the problem.

    I’m convinced that Hemsky would be a top ten scorer if Mike Babcock were coaching him. After the loss to the Oilers in 2006, Babcock convinced Datsyuk and Zetterberg (and thus, the Red Wings) to make subtle changes to their game. He encouraged them to chip and chase more, which diversified their offensive game, and made them much more dangerous offensive players.

    Hemsky’s one-on-one brilliance would be even better if he would chip and chase some of the time.

    But if Hemsky stays in this plateau, this upcoming year will be his last as an Oiler, considering the skillset of Eberle and Omark.

  4. BadSeed says:

    What about if Hemsky has gone to the Oilers & asked to be moved? Matheson suggests that he isn't happy. Brown is one of those guys that you don't trade for – you supposedly have to draft. And Brown & Greene aren't exactly old – I suggest this is a sideways move that could benefit both teams. Brown ain't chopped liver & it would take a Hemsky to get him.
    Besides, good players amke others around him better & can we really say that about Hemsky?
    Don't get me wrong, until this past season I wouldn't have even considered moving him.

  5. DBO says:

    PBoy: I was wondering the same thing. The Oil Brass have used the media to float ideas in the past, so who knows. Personally i think for the dollars, age and skill it would be real hard to deal hemsky. However, if this team accepts that we are 1 to 2 years away from competing for the cup, then maybe you can move hemsky now, knowing he’ll fetch a lot of money in 3 years. LT i think you mentioned it before, but would a team like the Rangers and Sather (who loves a splash) make sense? Could you deal Hemsky and Staios for Callahan, Dubinsky and Girardi? Could you pry 3 good young players out of a team like NY who wants a big name player? The Rangers problems was lack of skill (according to TSN), so would they make a huge deal.

    Also, TSN has just reported that naslund may be retiring. bye bye rangers cap problems.

  6. Lowetide says:

    Bad Seed: Actually, Hemsky is the guy you don’t trade for, because teams don’t like to deal really good players.

    godot10: I think Omark is the new Schremp in terms of being so highly rated. He’s had ONE terrific season in the Swedish Elite League. He’s a long way from Hemsky.

    pboy: I’ve learned over the years that Matheson is connected. Big time. Stauffer has the better contacts now (Katz) but Matheson owns the Boys on the Bus and that’s a nice in.

  7. GorillazXL says:

    Why would the Oilers trade the one good contract they do have? With you on this one LT, its time to think out of the box, but its not time to commit suicide. I also believe having the “right coach”…. alright anyone other then MacT will help this club drastically.


  8. BadSeed says:

    LT: I agree but what if he wants out? Would you consider Brown & Greene then? Doesn't Brown have a friendly long term contract?

  9. DBO says:

    looking around for a team who needs a hemsky (I know most do, but who may actually deal for him) what about the thrashers? With kovalchuk nearing UFA status, and them desperately wanting to re-sign him, would they move some young guys for Hemsky to keep Kovalchuk happy? Would we take Armstrong and Bogosian for Hemsky?

  10. rickibear says:

    //I think Omark is the new Schremp in terms of being so highly rated. He’s had ONE terrific season in the Swedish Elite League. He’s a long way from Hemsky.//

    The WC scoring is proving that.

  11. BadSeed says:

    I just hope Tambellini doesn't panic & trade him for some magic beans like Lowe did with Pronger, eh Dennis?
    I like DBO's suggestion, except let's bring all three of Kovalchuk, Bogosian & Armstrong for a package of Hemsky ++. Assuming Kovalchuk signs an extension, of course!

    What would an offseason in Oiler country be without a little drama. If I'm a reporter, this team is a goldmine!

  12. rickibear says:

    All seriousness aside we have hemsky for 3 more years. If we can move him for 6 years of high end young talent. Bye bye.

  13. PunjabiOil says:

    No. Dumb, dumb, dumb. You don’t trade your best offensive forward who is locked up at a reasonable cap hit for downgrades.

    You just don’t.

    That part that worries me is that perhaps Hemsky has quietly requested a trade, and Matheson is presenting the possibility in a manner as if it would be favorable to the Oilers.

    It wouldn’t be.

  14. Savagist says:

    unless the Oilers build a real core around Hemsky to make his contract WORTH the value… whats the difference? and what would Brown/Greene do any different other than LESSEN the teams offense? Gagner isnt ready for the role Hemsky does on the team. anyone can see that who watches him on the PP. he needs some major seasoning there with puck control and decisions. there are times he was sitting on the half-boards and a defender just converged in on him, hit him and through the puck out of the zone. why? cause the kids still too slow foot speed wise (though it seemed to magically pick up the final 15 games… but not enough consistently), etc, etc… like you said, trading Hemsky now would be stupid. the Oilers need to focus on building a REAL CORE around him. until they do that, look to Penner and Horcoff wasting space to do so for huge roles they cant fulfill but pretend they can. 9 million bucks on two flunkies or 4 million for a 75-85 point player? duh.

    if they trade Hemsky without adding two point per game players immediately (through all avenues), id stop watching the team.

    build a core.
    Horcoff and Penner are not part of a core. this team is economically F’d until they get them two out of the system to have space. everything else is lateral and a hope for a playoff cash grab.

  15. Lowetide says:

    rickibear: Quite right. Omarks’ 4 assists against Austria imply NHL impact player, and his goal against Latvia screams Jagr.

  16. Chris says:

    You know..they can trade just about any player on this team aside from Hemsky and I won’t be annoyed but how on earth they can even think of trading one of the few interesting players to watch on this half hearted team I don’t know. Trading Hemsky would be kicking the fan base when its down. Its bad enough they traded Ryan Smyth but now Hemsky? Are we trying to dump any sucessful player here?

  17. DBO says:

    Another team might the Coyotes? They need something to draw fans, and have a lot of young big players but lack skill. What about Hemsky and Nilsson for Doan and Hanzal (Hanzal was healthy scratched a few times like Nilsson this year). it would allow you to move Cogs up to 2LW, and have Hanzal as your big third line centre. you can also still move a dman for a top LW.

  18. PunjabiOil says:

    Quite right. Omarks’ 4 assists against Austria imply NHL impact player, and his goal against Latvia screams Jagr.Regardless, he does lead the team in scoring with 7 points.

    My personal opinion being, he’s certainly something more than Schremp, and there is a possibility he will develop into something more than Nilsson. I do concede at the moment he’s not a lock at the NHL level.

  19. Lowetide says:

    PJ Oil: Omark MAY be more than Schremp, but we’re talking about one terrific season. When someone says “But if Hemsky stays in this plateau, this upcoming year will be his last as an Oiler, considering the skillset of Eberle and Omark” we’re doing it again: vastly overrating young players in the system.

  20. Santa Merda says:


    As for the Coyotes, neither of those players are going into their prime the way Hemsky is. I would wager that at this point in both of their careers, Hemsky is the superior player to Doan, and I don’t think that’s a particularly dangerous bet.

  21. bookie says:

    I think that there is no player that is untradable and none that should be regardless of who they are or what stage of development (i.e. you just developed them and now its gravy time) because the question is solely about the return.

    Should we trade him for Brown and Greene as LT suggests? I dont think so unless White, Yellow and Blue are part of the deal as well.

    If someone were to offer something stunning in return…perhaps then it is worth accepting.

  22. bookie says:

    Also, I would suggest that Hemsky while very attractive may not garner the value that he is worth due to suffering a bit on a team with some coaching issues this past year (and for a few years). I suspect that with a more aggressive and consistent game plan, Hemsky may demonstrate his value.

    Could be wrong…I just think that

  23. Chris says:

    Sure no player is untradable if we’re offered one of Alexander Ovenchkin, Alexander Semin, Sidney Crosby, or Evigeny Malkin I’ll drive Hemsky to the airport myself. On the other hand for Brown and Green? Hell no. I’m tired of all the good players on this team getting traded away for lesser lights. The only way I’d ever be happy with Hemsky leaving town is if we got someone better coming back.

  24. Traktor says:

    2 more assists for Omark today.

    Team Canada has outscored the opposition something like 30-6 and Horcoff is -1.

    He must be taking the majority of tough minutes and tough draws (sarcastic emoticon).

  25. Dano says:

    Not to mention that Hemsky may not be considered a premier player by other teams. A recent audio clip I heard had Melrose (for what it’s worth) describing Hemsky to be our Alexei Kovalev. This may be a popular perception in the east.

  26. shanetrain says:

    I have been a fan of trading Hemsky for quite some time now. The guy’s trade value has peaked in my opinion, and if you can get Greene and Brown then you go ahead without hesitation! Greene stabilizes the backend while Brown scores a ton of goals along with O’Sullivan. Greene would also enable us to move another big chip on the blue line for some more offense.

  27. Lowetide says:

    I think Omark scored a goal too, against the Swiss! Take down the Gretzky statue.

  28. hunter1909 says:


    We’ve all suffered as every single good player gets traded away for 20 years, and now in 2009 the exact same thing gets proposed except with a new spin!

  29. Chris says:

    Although some of Omark’s points have come from beaint up on the Also Rans of the hockey world, that’s true of most players at this point. Norway, Hungary and various teams Canada has faced haven’t exactly been hockey powerhouses. It certainly is encouraging to see him producing numbers in those circumstances comparable to Jagre, Spezza, and Stamkos. Does it necessarily mean he’d be as good as any of those players in the NHL, no. On the other hand its certainly a positive indicator.

    I’d also note that it seems more than either Schremp or Nilson ever did.

  30. hunter1909 says:

    I’d like to see Omark, Schremp, and Chorney, every single overhyped Oiler draft pick all get to play an entire season, Mikhnov, everyone.

    Just so we all know once and for all just how bad the team’s prospects really are.

  31. Traktor says:

    Hunter: It sounds like you want to bring back Pouliot for another year.

  32. HBomb says:

    Team Canada has outscored the opposition something like 30-6 and Horcoff is -1.

    He must be taking the majority of tough minutes and tough draws (sarcastic emoticon).

    Hey look kids! There’s Big Ben! And there’s Parliament!

  33. HBomb says:

    No to trading Hemsky, unless it’s for a singular better player.

    Enough trading Kings for three sixes, to reference Lowetide’s favorite analogy.

  34. Traktor says:


    Except he had the season that I predicted he would.

    I guess it will take another 2nd rate season for the fans to realize the earth is round.

  35. Lowetide says:

    Omark did have a good game against the Russians. That imo is the best indicator. He was 0-1-1 +1, had a penalty, got a couple of shots and the Swedish coach seems to have trusted him a little.

    Here’s a list of the TOI for forwards against RUS:

    1. Rickard Wallin 19:13
    2. Markus Nilson 18:03
    3. Kristian Huselius 14:38
    4. Linus Omark 12:25
    5. Johan Harju 12:22
    6. Johan Andersson 12:09
    7. Martin Thornberg 12:08
    8. Niklas Persson 11:37
    9. Patrick Berglund 7:50

    That’s a pretty good tell than Bengt Gustafsson trusts him a little.

  36. HBomb says:

    Traktor: a “second rate” season where he played about as bloody difficult assignments as possible, coming back from shoulder surgery.

    The season before this one, he was damn near a point a game player up until he got injured. Guess it’s going to take him returning to the form that saw him do that (and score north of 70 points in 2005-06) to convince narrow-minded fans that the guy is far from useless.

    And for the record, your “sarcastic” comment about him playing tough minutes at the worlds is quite ironic, considering that’s probably exactly how Ruff is deploying him, Upshall and Lombardi as a trio. Think they’re getting offensive zone draws and powerplay time with the top two lines containing the pairings of Heatley/Spezza and Stamkos/St. Louis?

    For the record, Horcoff’s tied with Doan for 3rd among forwards on that team in ice time per game through five games (only St. Louis and Roy are playing more minutes), despite the fact he’s not drawing said “candy minutes”. What does that say?

  37. rickibear says:

    //rickibear: Quite right. Omarks’ 4 assists against Austria imply NHL impact player, and his goal against Latvia screams Jagr.//

    Your welcome for the RIP SEWELL. The WC was suppose to be Omarks coming out.

    The next round is the real test. Your response to my eephus is premature.

    Come on do you think I don’t know were he got his points from. But i would take a 1 point/gm pace against teams like russia.

    Ps: I was going to post Traktors traditional Horcoff point response but he already got it in.

  38. rickibear says:

    //What does that say?//
    Hbomb: Bangon!

  39. Ribs says:

    Trading Hemsky sounds like madness. He’s a top level talent who has completely bought into the Oilers organization and is the backbone to any powerplay the team might hope to have. I don’t think you get that kind of return on him from anyone.

    …That No..1 pick the Islanders hold would be mighty tempting though.

  40. Lowetide says:

    rickibear: I hope Omark has a huge run at the WC’s, but cannot agree with godot10′s statement that “But if Hemsky stays in this plateau, this upcoming year will be his last as an Oiler, considering the skillset of Eberle and Omark.”

    And I do believe that Omark is the next Schremp in that fans will scream bloody murder for his inclusion amongst the top 6F despite more proven and more obvious candidates.

    He brings lots of good things, and he doesn’t bring lots of good things too.

  41. HBomb says:

    Detroit and Anaheim underway.

    Datsyuk gets all the praise in Detroit, but guess who’s getting matched against the Getzlaf line? The Zetterberg/Franzen/Cleary duo.

    Nice second line, considering that Franzen is probably a first line quality player on pretty much every team in the league, and I don’t know if there’s a forward past Crosby and Ovechkin that I’d rather have than the guy who wears #40 for Detroit (and is probably their next captain when Lidstrom retires).

    Christ, they’re something else. In a good way.

  42. oil dude says:

    How about this one LT?

    To EDM: Brown, Greene, 5th overall
    To LA: Hemsky, 10th overall

    Oil move up into the vaunted “top 7″ with a chance to add Kane or Schenn?

  43. speeds says:

    If Hemsky gets traded, I wouldn’t bet against PHX. Gretzky has talked glowingly about him in the past, I don’t know how much pull he would have in regards to trades, but I would imagine some kind of deal could be made there.

    PHX has a bunch of interesting assets, and trading Hemsky for young cheap players would open up some cap room, perhaps enough to throw the bank at Gaborik, Tanguay, the Sedins, in particular if coupled with another trade involving Souray or Visnovsky.

  44. Lowetide says:

    oildude: I’d say no. This franchise spend “claw back the cluster” throughout the Lowe era and I think at some point an organization needs to point all of their cannons in the right direction.

    speeds: Except that if you trade Hemsky in order to get Hossa and don’t get Hossa then you’re a bottom feeder.

  45. hunter1909 says:

    Wouldn’t the very best policy be to bring in this new coach, and keep everyone we’ve already got, then see how everyone does under what I assume would be a fresh start?

    Players that for whatever reason struggled over the past few seasons, given a fresh outlook from a new coach might yet blossom.

    Or am I being delusional?

  46. Par says:

    Teams that float ideas in the press to gauge fan reaction to help their decision making process instead of making actual moves and being able to justify them afterward are not good teams.

  47. godot10 says:

    //rickibear: I hope Omark has a huge run at the WC’s, but cannot agree with godot10′s statement that “But if Hemsky stays in this plateau, this upcoming year will be his last as an Oiler, considering the skillset of Eberle and Omark.”//

    First. LA isn’t going to trade Brown for anybody (except Crosby, Ovechin, or Malkin).

    I clearly stated that Hemsky shouldn’t be traded this summer and that we should see what he does under a new coach.

    But if he is still the same Hemsky and does not progress, NEXT SUMMER is the time when a decision has to be made one way or another for good or bad, because that is when he will have maximum trade value, with two years left on his contract. Waiting longer than that means his trade value begins decreasing because he is unsigned, and signing him will not be cheap.

    If he is the same Hemsky, and doesn’t progress, Eberle should be ready for a roster spot in a year.
    One more year also give the team to decide whether Gagner is the guy they should be building around or not.

    I don’t dislike Hemsky. I don’t think he should be traded this summer. I want to see what a new coach can do with him. But if Gagner progresses this year, and Hemsky doesn’t, then than his contract duration dictates that next summer is decision time.

  48. oilerdago says:

    To those who say that trading Hemsky signals the Oilers are in a rebuild I would ask what you think we’re in right now?

    There’s a cluster of players both young and old. As a group, they were not good enough to get to the playoffs this season because they were missing essential pieces (3C, backup goalie, 1LW-single shot scorer).

    So while the d-corps is above average, there are big issues at forward and the goalie situation is at a crossroads going into 2009-10.

    This team as it sits now is not close to competing for a deep run so I would not say no to listening to offers for Hemsky. But someone would need to blow me away.

    Brown + Greene does not get me there (although oil dude’s suggestion gets me closer because I can solve several issues and move another d-man to fill other holes).

  49. Gerta Rauss says:

    Trading Hemsky this year would be a mistake,unless you are really blowing up this team and starting over.

    Next year however….that’s a different story.

    I think this group needs another look by the fans,the new coaching staff,and management.Sure,we’ll make our usual 2 or 3 moves this
    summer,(we need a goalie),but I think a more subtle approach is required this year,and if we don’t get the results we need(playoffs
    a minimum,and I would like to see this team play with some emotion) then bring in the scorched earth policy.Nobody is immune.

    Our contracts are lining up to support this approach as well-in the summer of 2010:

    Penner-we’ll have burned 3 of the 5 years of this contract…he’s either scoring 25+ goals and playing well under the new coach,or he’s’ll be easier to move him with just 2 years left on his deal via trade or buyout or bury him in the minors.

    Souray-he too,will have just 2 years left on his 5 year deal,and his no trade clause expires July 1 2010.

    Cogs/Gagner-their first contracts will have expired,and we’ll have had 3 full years to decide what these guys are,and where they fit in this organization.

    Staios/Moreau-both of these guys will have just one more year on their deals…much easier to move,and probably get a better return for them.

    Pisani-he’ll be a UFA…sign him to hometown discount,or free up 2.5M in cap space.

    Hemsky-4 of the 6 years of his deal will be up,and the mystical “Hemsky window” will either be closing,or painted shut.At the start of this season I would have never considered trading Hemsky,he was the guy to build,I’m not so sure.I think he has plateaud,and perhaps a new coach will take him to the next level,perhaps not.

    And if he has requested a trade,we won’t have much choice in the matter,trade him,and we’ll all move on with our lives.

    haha…in the time it took me to write this post,it seems that Hunter and and godot10 have expressed the same opinion

  50. Ribs says:

    Datsyuk gets all the praise in Detroit, but guess who’s getting matched against the Getzlaf line?

    I’m thinking Datsyuk is playing through some kind of injury at this point. He hasn’t been himself these playoffs.

  51. Gerta Rauss says:

    2-2 Anaheim/Detroit
    I thought Osgood was supposed to be the weak link…he’s looked great so far

  52. Lowetide says:

    I haven’t checked the TOI but Anaheim seems to be cheating a little tonight.

    OR Carlyle is beating Babcock at the matchup game.

  53. speeds says:


    That is true, but I’m not sure this summer will be as crazy as other summers, with the expected cap decrease in 2010/economic outlook. I guess I wouldn’t be shocked if I were wrong though.

    That may mean that if EDM is offering money and term, they may look more attractive this summer than they have previously.

    That said, if you can move Hemsky for something like two of Mueller, Turris, Boedker, maybe one awful season (and another top 5 pick) isn’t the end of the world, going forward, if you don’t happen to land a top UFA to replace Hemsky on the top line?

  54. Asiaoil says:

    I said it midway through the season – that if things don’t change dramatically – Hemsky is gone. He looked like a guy who was fed up with all the BS in the 2nd half of the season. Firing MacT was a good start – but this team has to get a coach who actually understands that motivation is half of his job. Playing kissy face with guys who are self motivating is easy – publicly humiliating guys who are more difficult is just weak and shows that you have no skills n this area. Getting rid of Moreau/Staios and letting Roloson walk is also needed to give the team new leadership.

    Hemsky has a great contract – but if we can sign Hossa it gives us options and you think about it.

  55. Charlton says:

    Hemsky for Tavares?

  56. PDO says:

    If you trade Hemsky, you don’t trade him for a bunch of Tens.

    You add a ten and trade him for an Ace.

    Lundqvist. Malkin if Pittsburgh decides they have to move him. Nash if CBJ is worried about resigning him.


    Dealing him for two lessers is fucking stupid.

    The one thing I will say though:

    If he’s as good as we think he is, why does he need a player better than himself on his line to be that guy?

  57. speeds says:


    I don’t think it’s as simple as ” Dealing him for two lessers is fucking stupid.”

    I don’t like the idea of simply tading Hemsky for young guys and prospect, in isolation, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a terrible idea if it’s done, with a plan, in concert with other moves. I mean, it could be disaster, but it could work out well.

    Then again, I’ve said that before, and then I don’t see an easily discernable plan when looking at all the moves of a given summer. So who knows?

  58. PDO says:


    I’m far too bitter after the Pronger and Smyth debacles to see another star player dealt for pieces… even if they’re really shiny. It certainly could work out, but 3 years later we’re still waiting for Smid’s offensive potential.

  59. Gerta Rauss says:

    “It certainly could work out, but 3 years later we’re still waiting for Smid’s offensive potential.”

    Hey,c’mon now…you’re forgetting about the Nilsson and Lupul/Pitkanen/Cole/O’sullivan assets we recieved in these deals…oh wait…:)

    Agreed with the sentiment-If we deal Hemsky,we’re dealing two assets-him,and his contract.

    That should get us an Ace.

  60. rickibear says:

    //There’s a cluster of players both young and old. As a group, they were not good enough to get to the playoffs this season because they were missing essential pieces//

    During the non playoff post mortem I asked how man of our players are 27-31 next year.

    JW pointed out the diffrence in +/- for the team: behind, even, or Ahead. We do need another year to see the team under an agressive system.

    Sounds like they will hope to bring in Omark and Hartikainen in next year. We will be able to move assets next summer.

    Target large veteran depth for the forwards. Knuble is my #1.

    we need to get dollars off the back end. Gilbert and Greba are our base.

    Godot and Greta have it correct.

  61. Henry says:

    Hemsky was a great hockey player in November and December, then got a concussion for New Years. 10 games missed, then he had two or three terrific games right when he got back. It looked like he was fine at that time, but in my opinion he wasn’t playing at his highest level pretty much since he singlehandedly beat Columbus. Traumatic brain injury takes a long time to fully heal and for a guy that relies on timing and creativity to beat the Regehrs, Mitchells and Prongers of the league, everything has to be right. Matheson should know that and mention it with his critique about sucking wind coming off the ice. Shit, it took a year and a half for Jarrett Stoll to get right. What Hemsky needs is the summer off, a new coach and stability in his line combo.

    The entire team except Roloson, Grebs and Zorg was should be disappointed in their performance overall last year. I can’t imagine Hemmer was happy about the team toward the end of last year. Anybody remotely happy about the last 20 games is the guy to trade.

    Brown is a fine energy player that can score too. Hemmer is a reason to watch hockey as a sport. The organization is lucky to have him at all especially with his contract. This Matheson article looks like a shot across the bow from the organization that nobody is safe, but acting on it would give the fans one more reason to bail on the team.

  62. Lowetide says:

    I loved you in Hansel and Greta.

  63. Bank Shot says:

    I’d trade Hemsky plus, for a better player on a long term contract.

    I don’t think he ever reaches the level we Oiler fans think he’s capable of because he lacks the smarts, and consistant effort, especially away from the puck.

    Hemsky for Brown and something is probably a deal I’d make. I doubt Lombardi does though. He’s been purging his lineup of guys like Hemsky.

    Seems like guys like Huselius or Cammalleri are availible every offseason and can bring you offence and nothing else just like Hemmer does.

  64. Gerta Rauss says:

    Todd Marchant scores in 3OT


  65. rickibear says:

    //ummm…it’s gerta//

  66. Quinn says:

    I’m following this thread, and I think I can agree with a couple things:
    -Hemsky is a player of exceptional talent that would be attractive to other teams
    -Hemsky’s contract is an asset in and of itself
    -Trading star players rarely works out favourably (ala Pronger, Smyth, Thornton, etc, etc)
    -Unless the Oil are re-tooling, trading Hemsky is a large step backwards
    -Gerta and Greta are different names.

    I personally feel a first line player and a first round pick (preferably top 10) and a quality 2nd liner is what I would want. I like Atlanta, Phoenix or the Kings, but I don’t know that they give the Oil what I would demand.

    Having said all this, Willis did a comparable on Hemsky’s season to other players at 25 and the numbers seems to suggest that we as fans, and the Oil as an organisation will be well served to give him several more years.

  67. Quinn says:

    What I meant to say:
    I like Atlanta, Phoenix or the Kings as trading partners, but I don’t know that they give the Oil what I would demand.

    Plus, Anaheim is already doing much better in their series that I was prepared to give them credit for. Rats.

  68. DBO says:

    The problem when looking at Hemsky is the “offensive vortex” that was macT. by that I mean, we as a fanbase would shoot ourselves if we dealt hemsky away and he became a 100 point player. Hemsky has only known MacT, and we can’t predict what will happen under a new coach and a new system. One thing that has prosperred has been the defense, and while macT gets some credit, we should also acknowledge the contribution of charlie huddy. That being said, it means we can reasonably expect some increase from our pack of disappointing forwards, if only due to maturity. And at the same time we can probably expect our defense to NOT repeat their performances offensively in coming years. Souray had arguably his best season ever, Vishnovsy prior to injury was on pace for one of his best seasons, grebeshkov and gilbert got big points while not being asked to carry the load for most of the season. i think you move a dman at the draft and try and get an impact top 6 forward. i also think you give most of our forwards a chance to prove themselves, and I think that hemsky is the one forward who may take that huge step we are all expecting. Mid way through the season you can make a decision, but right now you move a dman, sign a new goalie and move/clear some of the spare parts and see what happens with a new voice in the room.

  69. Steve says:

    The Zetterberg/Franzen/Cleary duo.

    HBomb: Okay, sure, Cleary’s not on the level of the other two, but that still seems a little harsh.

  70. PDO says:

    Carolian just got screwed.

  71. Art Vandelay says:

    Could this be one of those situations where Matheson is really plugged into the team and they are using him to float this idea and see what the fan reaction is like?More like: Did this story run in the L.A. Examiner or the Orange County Register last week?

  72. Art Vandelay says:

    Ahh. Forgot to add the “…”

  73. Dennis says:

    There’s something quite sickening about discussing a move of 83 on a day when I have to watch the Ducks beat the Wings with Pronger in fine form and all of Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan producing.

    Seriously, Lowe should’ve been fired the day he made that fucking trade. All the stock of young talent and all you get is Lupul and Smid and hopes and wishes.

    Fuck anyone who still believes in Lowe.

  74. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: He got 5 assets. That’s many, many assets. 5 for 1.

    Incredible. 5 assets.


  75. Woodguy says:

    No to trading Hemsky, unless it’s for a singular better player.This is the correct answer.

    0.91 ppts/gm

    4.1M/season, under contract for 3 more seasons.

    On a different note, Chad Larose is a 26 year old free agent making 850K and he played 3C like a young Peca tonight and really frustrated the bruins.

    He was the 2nd or 3rd best player on the ice in game 2 of the second round against the conference champions.

    Might be worth a call.

    He would make both Poo and Brodz redundent if they want to leave Cogliano at center.

  76. bookie says:

    I don’t think he ever reaches the level we Oiler fans think he’s capable of because he lacks the smarts, and consistant effort, especially away from the puck.Sounds wrong to me….sure you are talking about Hemsky?

  77. Showerhead says:


    Assets, Burke, you boy… Drained dry. I’m so sorry.

    Here, if you have your assets and I have my assets, and I have a Hart trophy winner locked up to a cheap contract for the next four years… There it is, that’s a Hart trophy winner, you see? You watching? And my Hart trophy winner gets traded acrooooooooooosss the continent, and wins you a Stanley Cup…

    I… Take… Your… Assets!!!

  78. PunjabiOil says:

    Dennis: He got 5 assets. That’s many, many assets. 5 for 1.

    Incredible. 5 assets.

    Five .

    Then one of the assets acquired (Lupul) + Oilers asset (Jason Smith) were traded for 2 more assets (Pitkanen + 2009 third).

    Pitkanen was swapped for another asset – Cole.

    Cole was moved for O’Sullivan + 2nd. That’s 6 assets.

    Though the 30th overall pick (asset) was moved with the Oilers 36th overall pick for Nash – getting us back down to 5.

    You’re correct; 5 assets indeed.

  79. Bank Shot says:

    Pitkanen was a nice salvage.

    Too bad Lowe fucked that one as well.

  80. HBomb says:

    Everything associated with the Pronger trade to this point still has stink on it. Hopefully Nash and Eberle pan out, but Dennis is right – Lowe showed flat-out incompetence in dealing Pronger.

    He should have insisted on Getzlaf as part of the return and told Burke to “stuff it” unless that demand was met. So maybe instead of Lupul and Smid you end up with Getzlaf and a guy like Vishnevski (who the Ducks dumped for salary concerns weeks after acquiring CFP), and no draft picks.

    I’d rather have on really good asset than five mediocre ones.

    The really disgusting thing? If you think about it in these terms, that entire first line of Anaheim’s could have theoretically been Oiler property by now:

    - draft Getzlaf
    - take Perry as the return for Comrie
    - ask for Ryan in return for CFP

    At the very least, Getzlaf should have been an Oiler by now. On any one of THREE occasions.

  81. quain says:

    Yeah… but Ladislav Smid could be a top four defenseman next season.

    I blame the coach.

  82. Dennis says:

    I dunno, I think Lupul still has a chance to be the next Bossy and that Smid could be a Tommy Albelin.

    I kid because I love, Lain:)

  83. HBomb says:

    Joffrey Lupul sucks.

    Smid, however, he’s still got promise to maybe be a top four shutdown guy (I always likened his absolute upside to Ohlund because the offense isn’t his forte).

    And Nash and Eberle are both quality prospects.

    But it’s not enough for Chris Pronger on a 4-year remaining value contract (by relative comparison). Getzlaf flat out should have been part of any return, but Lowe lubed himself up and bent over for Burkie.

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