Don’t You Know You Are A Shooting Star

This is Paul Rodgers. With due respect to Mick and Robert Plant and Eddie Vedder, he’s probably the best male vocalist rock music has ever produced. His Free days (pictured here) included some stunning live versions of “All Right Now” which you can youtube for proof.

Anyway, Rodgers helped form something of a “supergroup” after Free, they were called Bad Company. Former members of Mott the Hoople, Free and I think King Crimson got together and produced some fine music.

The problem was the lyrics. They’re awful. An example:

Here come the jesters 1-2-3
It’s all part of my fantasy
I love the music
And I love to see the crowd
Dancin’ in the aisles and singin’ out loud

Since I can remember, Bad Company are the strongest example of a great band with simply awful lyrics (John Fogerty is close, but for every “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” there’s a “Lodi” or “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”). My wife always teases me when I sing “Shooting Star” because it’s so bloody lame, but that fricking Paul Rodgers could sing the phone book and make it sound good. They should have hired Bernie Taupin.

I think Ryan Potulny might be a “small S” shooting star. I don’t know that he’ll ever get a full 500 at-bats in the show to prove it, but his shooting rates (3.48 per game last season) have always been a positive.

With the Oilers in the mix for a Heatley here or a Kotalik there or a Samuelsson should he shake loose, I’m caught one more time wondering if Ryan Potulny might be effective in the shooter role. He’s an RFA (the Oilers will have no problems signing to a franchise-friendly contract) and he’s done pretty well in the NHL at even strength (according to, he’s 1.95/60 over the years) despite not being a featured player.

Guys like Potulny need a break and GM Tambellini/coach Quinn have zero allegiance to him. Having said that, he does have some of the skills this club will be looking for this summer.

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