Even Strength Faceoffs

This is theft and if Vic asks me to take it down I will. Having said that, I can never find the damn thing and admit freely to not being even close to able when it comes to his terrific shift chart and head-to-head webtools.

Here are the Oilers 08-09 totals for Faceoffs. Pretty much self explanatory. The numbers are Defensive zone-Offensive zone, then difference (Horcoff’s is +156) and finally the neutral zone total.

  1. Shawn Horcoff 466-310 +156 434
  2. Kyle Brodziak 330-181 +149 181
  3. Zack Stortini 103-81 +23 113
  4. Fernando Pisani 142-122 +20 165
  5. Liam Reddox 117-102 +15 152
  6. Ales Hemsky 314-305 +9 434
  7. Ethan Moreau 269-260 +9 351
  8. Patrick O’Sullivan 68-68 EVEN 84
  9. JF Jacques 11-11 EVEN 21
  10. Marc Pouliot 141-153 -12 228
  11. Ales Kotalik/Ryan Potulny 69-94 -25 132
  12. Erik Cole 202-231 -29 231
  13. Dustin Penner 245-284 -39 284
  14. Andrew Cogliano 237-276 -39 338
  15. Sam Gagner 238-277 -39 305
  16. Robert Nilsson 174-219 -45 237

Interesting list, I’m always struck by just how big a hole Brodziak had this season. The d-zone FO’s combined with the sludge he was dragging around the ice should be considered whenever we compare him to someone like Pouliot. They may have been facing softer opponents overall but Brodziak did it with little help and started on his own 20 very often.

Also, Horcoff. Destined to be the whipping boy for much of the fanbase, one suspects Pat Quinn will take about 5 seconds before he’s hanging on to #10 for dear life.

Penner, Cogliano, Gagner and Nilsson had an easier time based on this chart. However, when you factor in Penner’s reasonably tough quality of opposition and the fact that Cogliano didn’t have the best linemates, we’re left with Nilsson and Gagner as the guys who played much of the season in ideal weather. Gagner’s not going anywhere, but Nilsson wasted a lot of at-bats this past season.


  1. Steve Staios 370-341 +29 470
  2. Tom Gilbert 392-369 +23 444
  3. Denis Grebeshkov 315-295 +20 395
  4. Sheldon Souray 401-394 +7 487
  5. Theo Peckham 49-43 +6 48
  6. Ladislav Smid 228-228 EVEN 280
  7. Lubomir Visnovsky 225-230 -5 304
  8. Jason Strudwick 202-213 -11 279

Staios didn’t face the toughest opposition but he did start shifts in his own zone quite a bit. Gilbert and Grebeshkov do well by this measure and Souray helps out too. Visnovsky got the edge in faceoffs and I think we can reasonably argue he covered the bet based on performance and math (specifically Corsi). The blue is too expensive to keep but there are some nice things here.

One final note: the two men on top of each of these lists have taken a major beating from large portions of the fanbase so far this off-season. Does this change anyone’s mind?

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