Free Agent Week: Sniper Edition

The great thing about being an Oiler fan is you can actually feel hope fade as early as June. Jim Matheson gave us chapter and verse about the Oilers inability to be a player during free agent week in the Sunday Journal:

(Oilers) have about $46 million committed to players for next season and have to sign Denis Grebeshkov, Ladislav Smid, Gilbert Brule, Liam Reddox and Jason Strudwick, plus bring back Dwayne Roloson at a good buck, or sign a free agent, or trade for Josh Harding.

I figure Grebeshov will cost $3.2M or so, Smid should come in around $1M and Strudwick at half that number. That’s $50M and they have to fill out the roster with cheap guys and get a goalie too, so at some point I think we can agree that Edmonton won’t be a major player.

Unless they move an expensive roster player, Edmonton will probably need to shop in the $2M or less bargain bin. Which is no damn fun, so let’s go:

  1. Marian Gaborik: Oh doctor! It’s like mailing yourself 1985′s Pavel Bure. Averages 36 goals per 82 games.
  2. Mike Cammalleri: Smart, smart player who can find seams quicker than you can say Steve Shutt. Undersized forward, he averages 30 goals per 82 games.
  3. Martin Havlat: Stop it, you’re killing me here! Skill, speed, responsibility. A wonderful hockey player and he appears to be healthy again. Averages 29 goals per 82 gp.
  4. Petr Sykora: I still don’t know why they let him go. A nice player who has quietly scored 300 goals in the big leagues. Averages 26 goals per 82gp.
  5. Steve Sullivan: Small man with exceptional skills and a nose for the net. Averages 26 goals per 82.
  6. Alex Tanguay: A smart, clever player with all kinds of offensive skills. Expert passer, he’s also averaged 24 goals per 82 games.
  7. Todd Bertuzzi: Hey don’t laugh he has some of the things this team is looking for summer 2009. Tough to play against (and look at), he’d join Ethan Moreau in the “parade to the penalty box” many nights during the year. Averages 24 goals per 82 games.
  8. Ales Kotalik: Big winger who showed some chemistry with the real Ales during his time in Edmonton. Averages 22 goals per 82 gp.
  9. Mike Knuble: Big man who can also penalty-kill, he’s a solid scorer and despite age is healthy every winter. Averages 22 goals per 82/g.
  10. Robert Lang: Old as the hills and twice as dusty. Extremely skilled and comes with a powerplay guarantee. Averaged 22 goals per 82 games in the NHL.
  11. Nik Antropov: Huge Russian had some success with Pat Quinn in Godtropolis and seems to be getting better. Averages 21 goals per 82 gp.

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80 Responses to "Free Agent Week: Sniper Edition"

  1. Krankor says:

    Matheson's been on a real downer kick lately. The guy is well connected, but this time I wonder how much water he is carrying for the Oilers brass and how much is speculation based on Tambellini's supposedly tight-lipped shop.

    Is the message one of lowering expectations to temper criticism when/if there's no FA activity?

  2. Lowetide says:

    Krankor: I think the Oilers will probably be in a position to make trades as opposed to buying free agents. One imagines that someone will come calling for a defender at some point this summer and that's when the Oilers will get their sniper.

    And the will be active, there's a goalie to pick up and odds are pretty good it'll be a free agent.

    But the sniper comes via trade imo. Or it's Kotalik.

  3. PDO says:

    Three points:

    #1) Hossa?
    #2) Sedin's?

    I can see the exclusion of #2, but #1 is something I can still see the Oilers pursuing.

    #3) Calgary just dealt Jim Vandermeer for Prust. Prust is a 4th liner, nothing more nothing less, but Staios is a better option than Vandermeer.

    The dollars Vandermeer will make ($4,600,000 over the next 2 years) to Staios ($5,000,000 over the next 2 seasons) are negligible. The fact that Staios has a higher cap hit than salary is likely a selling point to teams trying to make the floor as well.

    I guess long story short, Staios almost assuredly has fairly decent value around the league, and judging by what guys like Kurt Sauer get paid on the free market, I think he's the guy to dump to open up a couple extra $$…

  4. PDO says:

    BTW LT, thanks for keeping up the prolific pace; especially considering all you've been through the past few weeks.

  5. Krankor says:

    LT: I agree. I can't see Tambellini standing pat, and trading brings the best opportunity for making the salary line up.

    I'd prefer not to go through the kind of embarrassing failed courtship that we saw last year with Hossa and Jagr.

    Matty also mentioned Harding again. Seems like the interest there is real enough.

  6. oil dude says:

    Look at the lineup Matheson is projecting… it is the exact same lineup that we had last year! Does anybody think that Tambellini is going to make zero changes to the roster after calling out the players at the year end PC? If Sutter can find a team to take Vandermeer's brutal contract, then the Oil can surely find a way clear 2-3 million in cap space and creative with the lineup. On a side note those comments by JayBo pretty much put the final nail in my hopes that he would sign here :(

  7. Doogie2K says:

    Lang had a really good year in Montreal until he had his Achilles tendon sliced in two. If he's healthy, he'd be a nice stopgap for a year or two until Gagner developed, but at his age, he might just pull the plug.

    As for Bertuzzi, well, Ethan Moreau doesn't need company in the penalty box. He probably doesn't want it, either. (Insert Slap Shot joke about the terrible…)

  8. Shawn says:

    I'm not convinced Edmonton won't do much in the FA market. What's to stop them from getting a big name while also dealing out one of the big four D to clear space.

  9. Deano says:

    Both Gaborik and Havlat average 54 games per 82 games.

    I think Matty's contacts are out of the loop.

  10. Baroque says:

    Supposedly Gaborik now has an unbreakable bionic groin after surgery. I hope so, because he is such a fun player to walk that the league is just more interesting when he isn't on the shelf.

    I say go with Gaborik. He's tired of being stifled in a defensive straightjacket and determined to test free agency and might come a little bit less expensive than he would be if he had a history of being durable. Maybe he will give the team he signs with a glass groin discount?

    And after playing in Minnesota, he shouldn't be scared off by cold winters!

  11. Krankor says:

    "Unbreakable Bionic Groin" would be a great name for a band.

  12. Deano says:

    The difficulty with the injuries is not really the money (its Katz's – not mine) its finding someone else to play the other third of the season.

    Using the same sloppy methods (go back until they were not hurt) Souray averages 55 and Lubo averages 66 games per 82 games. In Souray's defence he is putting up fuller seasons in the recent past than the distant past.

  13. PDO says:

    I'd take the risk on Gaborik.

    He's just too good to ignore. He'd be a fit on the PP with Hemsky, but, – once again -, we'd be left without someone to play with Hemsky.

    Lets say he would sign for $60,000,000 / 10 years. 6.0 cap hit. He instantly slides on a line with Gagner (who you hope like hell is extended sooner rather than later).

    Parlay Penner and Staios for futures.

    Find a cheap-o 3rd line C (Blair Betts? Or is he just a 4th line PK extraordinaire? Lets assume he's the option and costs $1,000,000).

    O'Sullivan (2.925) – Horcoff (5.5) – Hemsky (4.1) = 12.525
    Cogliano (.85) Gagner (.875) – Gaborik (6) = 7.725
    Moreau (2) – Betts (1) – Pisani (2.5) = 5.5

    Total for top 9 = 25.75

    Souray – Gilbert = 9.4
    Visnovsky – Grebeshkov = 8.85

    Total for top 4 D = 18.25

    That'd put us at $44,000,000.

    Leaves $12,700,000 for: Brule, Jacques, Pouliot, Stortini (=<$4,000,000), Smid, Peckham and a cheap vet (Strudwick? Ideally someone better, but…) (=<$3,000,000) and then $5,000,000 play space to finish off goaltending and IR space.

    …. certifiably insane, correct?

  14. Deano says:

    PDO – its not my money but..

    …giving any one of these oft-injured guys a 10-year contract is really dumb.

    so, yup, certifiably insane.

    If you really gotta have him I think a better way is 2 years @ $4.5MM per with a $2.5MM bonus for hitting a games played target. Or a different split. (assuming that these guys qualify for the games played bonus option.)

    Anyone else wonder why the Isles are drafting goaltenders? I wonder if DiPietro's hip is wonky?

  15. Smarmy Boss says:

    I think Matheson is attempting to convey to us that the Oilers are feeling sorry for themselves again. I was hoping we'd be done with that sort of thing when Lowe stopped playing GM.

  16. Racki says:

    Gaborik would be my first choice. Then they can drop a bit of dead weight / small forwards and make some other signings/moves to acquire a goalie and a pk/faceoff guy. I'd also like them to acquire a solid shutdown d-man, but that's wishful thinking with our cap situation.

  17. Lowetide says:

    PDO: I left out the Sedins because that's not really a ufa signing as much as a major shift (Sedins in, a bunch of stuff out).

    I agree on Staios but get the feeling Quinn/Tambellini like the veterans.

    Deano: I think the Islanders got a great prospect in that big Finn and don't really know about their overall depth. But if RD is indeed injured we'll find out July 1 when they pursue a replacement.

  18. PDO says:

    Deano – if it gets so bad though, he retires, and you're off the hook.

    He only qualifies for bonuses on a one year deal. I can't imagine the best deal he'll be offered will be a one year deal with big bonuses.

    It's certainly risky. On one side, he just had surgery that was supposed to permanently fix his groin.

    On the other side, if it didn't, he's gonna be eating cap space for a damn long time.

    I also think, given Gaborik's life style (there's a reason he apparently wants to go to LA… he's huge on exotic cars and racing, for two points), we'd have to really offer the moon to get him here.

  19. Boondock says:

    I think this might be where things get really crazy, although with our management group's past history, I'd prefer they don't take any big gambles this week.

    Looking at the numbers, it doesn't work to add a first line free agent forward. But the numbers didn't work for Philly to add Pronger and Holmgren did it anyways.

    Tambellini seems more cautious than Lowe, but as long as Vish is behind the scenes, who knows what half-baked idea they can convince themselves might work.

  20. Deano says:

    PDO – all good points.

    LT – I know that you like the big Finn, but if they are just keeping the farm stocked, there was no reason to use the first pick of the second round for him specifically. They could have waited and taken Olivier Roy in the 5th round or so…

    boondock – Vish looked pretty out-of-place with the group on stage – not sure where to stand etc.

  21. HBomb says:

    In my mind, the list of free agents on this year's UFA list worthy of a long term mega-deal (i.e. longer than six years in term) is rather short.

    1) Jay Bouwmeester
    2) Henrik and Daniel Sedin

    Honestly, that might be it.

  22. PunjabiOil says:

    I think Matheson is attempting to convey to us that the Oilers are feeling sorry for themselves again.

    LOL. Yup.

    He's advising us not to raise expectations, because a summer letdown in Oiler Country is an otherwise annual occurence.

  23. HBomb says:

    Matheson's a debbie-downer who is bitter that he's nowhere near as connected as he once was.


  24. Jfry says:

    matheson's job is to sell papers.

    i think he's well connected, but we can't break every single article down, looking for pieces. somedays he's just generating the number of words his boss is asking for. no doubt, after the draft he's a little tired himself.

    very few people can keep up the daily quality of a guy like lowetide

  25. Jfry says:

    further to that, i wish that a few mainstream media types analysed the blogs as thoroughly as the blogs look at MSM.

    philly needs to shed money…what about o'sullivan for gagne straight up…or with a draft pick…

  26. Lowetide says:

    Jfry: I think the Oilers will pursue a deal with Ottawa until something breaks there. After that, the Flyers are an option and they might do something weird on the Jagr front.

    Just a guess, mind you.

  27. HBomb says:

    Call me crazy, but I'd take Gagne over Heatley in about a half a second, given the choice.

    That being said, if they were to get Simon, Rod Phillips might actually retire this summer out of fear of the potential "Gagne to Gagner" confusion on the powerplay.

  28. DBO says:

    Jfry: been on that kick for a while now. Gagne at $5.25 for 2 years is a great pick up. if we could move O'Sullivan or to be honest even Cogliano i would make that move. How about O'Sullivan and a good prospect like Eberle for Gagne? Any takers? Or maybe O'Sullivan and Pouliot, since Philly needs to have cheap bodies to fill out their roster and we have a bunch of end of the roster players who are cheap.

  29. Lowetide says:

    The other name we should begin to discuss in all of this (to sweeten the pot)is Peckham. He'd have value to a team like Philly (or Ottawa).

  30. Coach pb9617 says:

    Antropov asked Sather for $5 million per, so he's out. Tanguay wants $5 million per, so he's out. Sullivan's back could fall apart when someone pats it too roughly, so he's out.

    Out of your group, my preferences are Gaborik, Cammalleri, Knuble and pass on the rest.

    What I wouldn't give for a Zanon, Ott, Moen, Gaborik in and Souray, Nilsson and Moreau out summer.

  31. DBO says:

    And i agree with HBomb. i'd take Gagne over Heatley for what he brings. he's a 30 goal scorer who can kill penalties, is $2 million cheaper and has no baggage except for injury concerns. Is Heatley $2 mill better then Gagne? I say no way.

  32. Coach pb9617 says:

    Rod Phillips might actually retire this summer out of fear of the potential "Gagne to Gagner" confusion on the powerplay.

    If Rod stays on for two more years, he's going to have to deal with Pääjärvi-Svensson, Hartikainen and Vande Velde.

  33. Jon says:


    Gaborik for 10 years as dicussed or

    Jagr for 2???

    I have no idea if it would happen but i kinda like thinking of a 2nd line of:

    POS Gags Jagr

    Also, is anyone else thinking smid is gone?

    trade request, value, bottom 6 here top 4 elsewhere.

    To add fuel to the fire…smid+ for Lehonen

  34. DBO says:

    Not sure if anyone has thought to 2010/11 yet, but there are going to be a bunch of teams that need to dump salary to stay under the cap. Would anyone be against positionoing ourselves for that year as opposed to blowing ou wad this year? toronto looks to be lining up to have a ton of money and will pick up some good players for nothing. Not saying I would love it, but Jagr and Rollie on a one year deal, and moving some salary this year to free up space for next year wouldn't make me too unhappy. Having said that i bucked up large for 9th row seats this year so i want some playoff games. And there's the rub!

  35. Lowetide says:

    DBO: Totally. Just sign a reasonable 3line center, trade for Harding and sign LaBarbara and then pick up a solid defender from the Hejda tree.

    The Oilers need experienced players but they're less expensive every year.

  36. bookie says:

    Does anybody think that Tambellini is going to make zero changes to the roster after calling out the players at the year end PC?

    Am I the only one here who thinks that Tambi's press conference sounded like a guy looking to make only one or two changes of significance. I am thinking that we trade a D-man for a forward and add a top notch third liner or two and thats it (outside of goalie stuff).

    Listen to the PC carefully – Tambi indicates that this team needs more 'effort' and 'toughness' BUT then he says we need to see if we can get that out of the guys we have and IF NOT then we need to make some changes. (or something like that).

    The whole presser sounded to me like a guy who thought the team was terribly miscoached and that by firing MacT he felt that he solved a big part of the problem.

    He did say something about players 'not getting a free ride' or something of the sort. This was a statement to the players who were 'vs' MacT that they need to fall into line now, not gloat on their victory over the coach.

    So, yes he called out the players, but he also seemed to give them a second chance with some new (less batty) coaching in place.

    Now with Katz as an owner, I am not ruling out the big push for a player, but I just dont think that 'Big changes' in personnel were hinted at in the presser.

  37. Coach pb9617 says:

    Oilers catch a break: recent draftees aren't from Malmo.

    DBO, the roster is already set up that way if it's intelligently managed. But it won't be because, well, you know.

  38. Coach pb9617 says:

    I retract all that I said about the Brodziak trade. It all makes sense now.

    #51 – Anton Lander

  39. Gerta Rauss says:

    Would anyone be against positionoing ourselves for that year as opposed to blowing ou wad this year?

    This would probably be the wisest course of action,but I don't think the owner(or the paying public) will stand for it.

    As long as we don't do something colossally stupid in the next 7 days,I can live with it.

    I've already lowered my expectations.

  40. speeds says:


    you think 5 mil is an unreasonable price for Tanguay this summer?

    Or just a price that doesn't work well for the Oilers?

  41. gary b says:

    too much rootbeer for me tonight, so i'll play half-assed armchair GM:

    Penner and JDD to MTL for Halak (and a warm body). Habs need more size up front and have cap space.

    Souray and Nilsson to SJ for Clowe, Goc and pick(s). Sheldon gets to be near his kids and the Sharks start the shake-up.

    Staios to MIN for Harding (Wild potentially to lose Foster and Skoula as UFAs).

    Roughly $15M off the books, roughly $8M back (assuming $3M for Clowe, $2.5M for Harding, $1.75M for Goc). Grab a Richard Park or Radek Bonk cheaply for depth up the middle. Cogs back to playing the wing. A few $M left to grab a moderately-priced shooter.

    Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. :P

  42. Coach pb9617 says:


    you think 5 mil is an unreasonable price for Tanguay this summer?

    Or just a price that doesn't work well for the Oilers?

    The latter. It would work if they could move Penner, but the return on Penner would be too low to move him right now.

    Souray for Ott ++, sign Zanon and Gaborik. Sign Legace and Labarbera. Bury Nilsson and trade Moreau.




    That's ~$1.9 million under the cap and Staios and Pisani are out the door next summer for another $5.2 million in relief. If Quinn gets the most out of Penner on the power play and Renney just allows Horpensky to be Horpensky while the team catches a break or two with developing kids, Penner can be moved as well, giving you $9,450,000 in total off of the cap next summer. That covers Gagner and Cogliano pretty easily and leaves a big chunk for some moves.

  43. Paper Designer says:

    Is there going to be a pure salary dump move this summer? Penner for a mid-round pick? Souray to LA for a cheaper player?

    I still say that the only forward out there, short of someone taking a ridiculous discount (Havlat, Gaborik or Hossa at five million, which is NOT going to happen), is Bouwmeester. Why does best player available have to be a draft only philosophy? He'd immediately be your best blue-liner, he's good enough to live up to a big contract, and he's entering, not exiting, his best years as a player. He's Roberto Luongo: D-Man Edition.

    Hey, if you can send Souray's contract out (I'm willing to bet five and a half million on Visnovsky staying productive into his thirties, largely because I think elusive D-midgets preserve better than rugged physical ones), then landing Bouwmeester would let you send away Gilbert and a forward for an upgrade at forward, and you could roll with a blue-line of:


    Which would be, IMO, an upgrade and that doesn't even take into consideration that through trades, you've already upgraded at forward.

    The beauty is that if you don't land Bouwmeester, you can still have a strong blue-line:


    And if you've traded well, you've found a way to upgrade at forward as well.

    But it starts with a salary dump. Souray + O'Sullivan to LA for Frolov + a pick, anyone?

  44. Paper Designer says:

    And apparently, I think Bouwmeester is a forward, while pencilling him in as a defencemen. Don't say it, I know; I'm an idiot.

  45. Gerta Rauss says:

    We'd all love Bouwmeester on the Oilers PD,but us fans are standing on the dock and that ship is about to leave port.

  46. Angela says:

    teams are allowed to go above the cap by 10% in the off season. combine this with the fact that the oilers are yet to sign grebs and just maybe the oil are going to try and make a big splash in free agency.

    Perhaps they have a handshake agreement with grebs but they don't wan't to make it official until they either strike out in FA or move some salary to avoid being more than the 10% above the cap.

  47. HBomb says:

    Another day, another terribly written article by Terry Jones.

    Yes, the general of idea of it, bringing Bouwmeester to Edmonton, it makes sense, BUT:

    a) Dion Phaneuf is a future hall of famer?
    b) Who cares if Shawn Horcoff is making 7 million next season – his cap hit is 5.5 million, and that's what matters.

    Furthermore, this looks like another opportunity for Fatty Jones to take shots at Katz and Tambellini, which is something he seems to enjoy doing.

    Local journalism at its absolute worst.

  48. Phil says:

    Now that the regime is almost completely changed, I’m sort of morbidly interested to see if the rumblings about MacT being something of a stumbling block for free agents coming to Edmonton were true. My guess is that this year will be no different than the previous three summers – top players don’t want to come to Edmonton, if they have a choice. Which leaves the trade route or maybe another offer sheet.

    If I’m wrong, and we do sign a big gun, rest assured that the Oilogosphere will be up in arms over the gross overpay given to player X.

    At this point, if JayBo chooses free agency over signing with Calgary, and then goes anywhere but Calgary, I’ll call it a successful UFA season for the Oilers…

  49. DBO says:

    Accordig to TSN the Sedin sisters are heading to free agency. So would anyone look at the two of them, especially since they want $5.25 per year for 12 years? Do you sign them, move Souray for a younger cheaper player (Clowe) and dump Penner for anything and move O'Sullivan for Harding/Halak? Goes against what i mentioned before, just wondering if anyone would take them? This would be our lineup


    Staios-Peckham/cheap vet

    JDD/vet backup

  50. gogliano says:

    Vancouver just got a whole lot worse, so we got that going for us.

  51. bookie says:

    I am tired of Terry Jones taking random shots at Katz and Tambi.

    I still think something weird may happen with Jagr – it may end up involving Katz's lawyers fighting with Gary Bettman's lawyers.

    I am also sick of the salary cap. I have always said that if there is one thing keeping the Oilers from being competitive, its the salary cap!

  52. bookie says:

    Also, as much as I like Bouwmeester, If there is something we have a surplus of right now its talented D-men. One more would be great as an asset. I think we are all just a little too excited at the prospect that someone might actually want to play here.

  53. Lowetide says:

    I'd sign the Sedins and find a way to make it work. Seriously. I didn't include them on this list because it represents such a major change in roster, but absolutely go get them if the Sedins are available.

  54. Dennis says:

    The trade of Brodziak makes it pretty clear that another tough min pivot is on his way to town.

    There look to be a lot of holes but there are some things that might happen that could put us back into the playoffs.

    1. 13 and 89 could grow up to the point where the soft min won't be wasted on them.

    2. there's no way 19 can be this bloody unproductive over a full season as he was down the '09 stretch.

    3. 10's had two season – albeit one of them truncated – where he was a good bet for 70 odd points. I'll stack up last year to bad luck.

  55. Dennis says:

    I just read where Matheson said Lupul would be a strong support player for the Ducks.

    The first thing anyone should ever look at with this dummy is his salary.

    Lupul does not help anyone with his 4.25 cap hit.

  56. Gerta Rauss says:

    Would anyone object to an offer for just Daniel…?

    They're not surgically joined at the hip,are they?

  57. Sean says:

    I'd agree that Lupul adds nothing to the trade at his salary.

    If the Oilers could sign Roli for 1 year and get the Sedins (ditching say Penner and O'Sullivan) you have a very good hockey club. Its a pipe dream but the end result goes 2nd round at least.

    We all have the 8 trade fix for the Oilers. What would be the over-under on the number of moves Tambo makes in the next 15 days? 3?

  58. Oilman says:

    How much cap space did the Oilers have last season when they went after Hossa? If they want someone they'll go after him and worry about the housecleaning later.

  59. bookie says:

    Would anyone object to an offer for just Daniel…?

    They're not surgically joined at the hip,are they?

    I am pretty sure that they are.

    Actually, if I remember correctly, they have essentially said they play together or they will return to Europe (that was a few years ago, but I have not heard any suggestion that it has changed).

    If the Oilers were to sign the Sedins, and could not trade away Penner and someone else, could they simply send Penner down to the AHL. As I understand it, he would go on waivers, get picked up by another team for 50% salary. the Oil would get stuck with the other 50%. The big question here is – would this count against the salary cap or would it simply cost some Katzcash?

    If it is just Katzcash, it gives the team some room to dump some players to make cap room.

    I am not advocating this with Penner as I think he is almost worth his pay and may prove to be much more with a new coach.

    If the Oilers did this (drop guys to AHL) to dump salary, would it have reputation problems (i.e. would it piss players off)?

  60. gogliano says:

    I think if you can sign the Sedins up front for a long-term and reasonable cap deal you should be willing to move real assets along with bad contracts in order to move the bad contracts on this team.

  61. Anonymous says:

    bookie if penner is waived and he gets claimed than the oilers are free of his salary and cap hit.

    If he gets sent to the minors and goes unclaimed than he must be subjected to recall waivers if the oilers want to bring him back to their roster before next season. If he gets claimed on recall waiver the oilers are on the hook for half his salary and cap hit.

  62. bookie says:

    'Anonymous' – Thanks for clarifying. The 50% cap hit on recall is what I was thinking of.

    btw – Just to reiterate, I would not stick Penner in the minors, perhaps someone else… I just used Penner as an example. I don't want to be labeled a Penner Hater…

  63. quain says:

    The chatter about the Sedins from the media kills me. Apparently, having to pay a combined $10.5M on two top three forwards makes your team unable to compete for being so top heavy, but paying Vincent Lecavalier to suck at $7.7M is a brilliant sign of being committed to success.

  64. Krankor says:

    quan: It never ceases to amaze me how underrated the Sedins are. It seems the "Sisters" pejorative has worked wonders for depressing the common perception of them.

  65. Smarmy Boss says:

    Well the "sisters" comment coupled with the belief they don't give two craps about winning the cup don't help matters.

  66. Coach pb9617 says:

    I just stopped in because I sensed that someone was hating Penner. I see that bookie clarified.

    Carry on.

  67. Jon says:

    What about some smaller moves rather than blockbuster.

    Mike Knuble 2.5 per year for 2 years

    Maholtra 2 per year for 3 years

    Roloson 1 year 2 million

    Penner Horc Hemsky
    POS Gags Knuble
    Moreau Maholtra Pisani
    Jaques Cogs Storts

    Souray Vis
    Gilbert Grebs
    Smid Staios


    With some assumptions on contracts this lineup is 55 million. I think this is the most realistic lineup.

    Does this lineup make the playoffs?

  68. spOILer says:

    coach said>
    That's ~$1.9 million under the cap and Staios and Pisani are out the door next summer for another $5.2 million in relief. If Quinn gets the most out of Penner on the power play and Renney just allows Horpensky to be Horpensky while the team catches a break or two with developing kids, Penner can be moved as well, giving you $9,450,000 in total off of the cap next summer. That covers Gagner and Cogliano pretty easily and leaves a big chunk for some moves.

    Coach, I think pure salary dumps, i.e. removing Penner without taking any salary back, are a bit optimistic these days.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Quain's pointing out that you'd need a 2.8M centre for Vinnie to have a lower cap hit than Daniel with Henrik at center.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I'm Ales. This is my sister Sedin, and this is my other sister Sedin.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Apparently the Canucks are offering $11M/yr and the Sedins are asking $14M/yr

  72. Jack D. says:

    I'm still on letdown from the draft. Talk, talk, talk. They owe us more than the Brodziak giveaway.

  73. Smarmy Boss says:

    Don't really think the Oilers owe the fans blockbuster moves. They do have to have a commitment to winning which may not require opening the Katz vault and overpaying for some star player.

  74. NormanMendoza says:

    Give me:

    - Bonk or Betts for checking centre
    - Roli for 1 yr or Anderson for 2 yrs
    - Strudwick as the end of roster option

    - Grebeshkov resigned
    - Smid re-upped

    Under Contract
    - Nilsson out


    auditions to – Brule, JFJ, Pouliot, Reddox, Potulny, Stone, Schremp for the two lineup slots and the pressbox spot.

  75. Jack D. says:

    Smarmy Boss: Yeah, I was being smarmy.

    Just read that Gainey has determined that there are no big, top-line centres available. This means one of three things:

    1) Horcoff is not available
    2) Gainey doesn't want Horcoff
    3) Horcoff is not a top-line centre.

  76. Deano says:

    Please, no more lineups with Moreau still @ 3LW.

  77. shep says:

    minnesota just made a qualifying offer to harding, what does that mean to a potential rfa offer from edm?

  78. HBomb says:

    shep: Qualifying offer is required to retain an RFA's rights.

    If no qualifying offer is issued, and RFA becomes a UFA on July 1st.

  79. Anonymous says:

    I'd sign the Sedins in a heartbeat at their asking price of 12/63 (if correct) – and you pay them in the order of 10 million years 1 and 2 — then if you need to trade them later to a bottom dweller that can't handle the cap, you have that option. 10-10-10-7-5-5-3-3-3-3-2-2 or something close to that

    We could be team Sweden II (after Detroit) in two years (and it wouldn't be a bad thing at all). Neither one is a Crosby or a Malkin or Ovechkin, but 2/3rds of a top line in one signing… you can't beat that


  80. HBomb says:

    I get the idea that the Sedins would look really, really good with Hemsky, but then again, who knows?

    He'd certainly be the best RW they ever have had.

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