Oilers Pick at 10: Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson


  • Redline Report: 6
  • ISS:4
  • Bob McKenzie: 10

Elite Prospects: An offensive type of player that skates very well, has fine technical skills, excellent hockey sense and a nose for the net. Pääjärvi is very dangerous one-on-one and also a gifted playmaker, although his sniper instinct is more obvious. Pääjärvi always puts up a lot of points. Needs to improve his defensive game as well as work ethic.

The knock on him is that he hasn’t delivered the offense expected at this point in his career. Desjardins’ NHLE: 9-13-22. He’s 6.01, 203.

“Magnus perhaps is the stereotype of the skilled Swede coming over here in recent years – outside speed extraordinaire, ability to freeze defenders and make all his good moves work even more effectively. He was a good contributor to his team at the World Junior tournament and I think will be an essential member of any NHL team in years to come.”- E.J. McGuire, Director of Central Scouting

“He loves to dangle and is arguably one of the most skilled players available in the draft. His ability to go from standing still to full speed is unparalleled. He is a tremendous puck handler, with great outside rush ability and an unmatched capability of freezing defenders. Extremely talented around the puck, it’s his play away from the puck that truly shows off his value.”- International Scouting Services 2009 NHL Draft Guide

And from the toughest marker, Redline:

“Swedish winger Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson possesses blazing speed and is the best pure skater in the entire draft. He’s also got good size and strength, and has been competing against men in the Swedish Elite League all year, so he may be ready to step in and play in the NHL right away.”

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130 Responses to "Oilers Pick at 10: Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson"

  1. Mark-Ryan says:

    Awesome. Just awesome.

    The math is wrong on this guy. Seriously. There's no reason he should have been on the board at 10. Silly, silly Toronto.

  2. Maverick says:

    Awesome is right!! I can't believe he fell to 10th. Wow!

  3. CrazyCoach says:

    Wow, I am overjoyed. Skilled kid who called the Oilers a classic team. Here's hoping he's the next Forsberg and not the next ?????

  4. doritogrande says:

    I can't believe Toronto took Kadri. I knew right then that we had a shot at Paajarvi-Svensson.

    Solves the Oilers needs for LW and size (albeit in a couple years) and possesses the traditional Oilers qualities of blinding speed and character.

    A winner.

  5. Woodguy says:

    *sheds tear*

    Never ever though the Oilers had a chance at this guy without moving up.

  6. doritogrande says:

    All the sites I've checked have him listed as 6'1. All have him as being heavier. In the range of 190 to 201.

    This is coming from the likes of:
    - Bob McKenzie's list
    - Hockeysfuture
    - HockeyDB
    - Wikipedia
    - Eurohockey

  7. oilerdago says:

    A VERY good day for the Oil.

  8. Mr DeBakey says:

    When the Souray for LA's 5th talk
    was going around this morning
    I thought they'd take MPS with the 5th,
    So I guess it worked out

  9. Clodagh says:

    New kid line:
    MPS. Gagner Cogs

  10. Mark-Ryan says:

    Svensson can, I believe, play in the AHL if he so chooses to. Same rule as Filatov.

    If he's game and not under contract, that's what they need to do.

  11. Lowetide says:

    btw: Correct on the height and weight, will change it and thanks for the heads-up.

  12. Steve says:

    This is coming from the likes of:
    - Bob McKenzie's list
    - Hockeysfuture
    - HockeyDB
    - Wikipedia
    - Eurohockey

    One of these things is not like the others.

    As far as the pick goes, I take all of my opinions on prospects from the commenters here. So I guess I'm pretty thrilled.

  13. CrazyCoach says:

    I think they leave the kid in the SEL for another season, then a year or two in the AHL. Let's not rush this kid.

  14. Lowetide says:

    I had him at #8, so from that point of view it's a good selection. Schroeder was still available though and that's a disappointment although clearly size matters again.

  15. William says:

    Schroeder still available at #17 as we speak, so it seems everyone so far is passing on him for one reason or another. I'd be pleased to see the Oilers trade up with someone and try and get him though at this point.

  16. Lowetide says:

    William: Agree completely. Paajarvi-Svensson AND Schroeder would be a wonderful result.

  17. HBomb says:

    Lowetide: what's considered a better league – the SEL or the AHL?

  18. Unleaded says:

    You guys would really take Schroeder over Moore at this point?! I mean I like the kid and all, but… I don't think you trade up to take the one while the other is still on the board.

  19. doritogrande says:


    I think you have to look at it on a case-to-case basis. And even then it's down to a year-to-year decision.

    I'd leave him in the SEL next year to keep him close to home and where he still has the ability to be pushed for playing time, so long as Timra's in the Elite league (Honkey, feel free to chime in here). But as soon as he begins to outplay the other teams, get him a one-way ticket to North America asap.

    You don't want to turn this kid into Jani Rita.

  20. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: Gabriel Desjardins' rates them for NHLE's like this:

    SEL .78
    AHL .44

  21. HBomb says:

    Leave him in the SEL.

    Frig, 20th overall coming up and Schroder still out there.

    Think the Flames go outside of their comfort zone and take him?

    If not, I hope Tambo is on the phone to Phoenix trying to snag the 21st overall…

  22. doritogrande says:

    According to CS, Paajarvi-Svensson is the second fastest skater in the draft. Out of a perfect 10, he scored a 9.43 (tied with Jordan Schroeder).

    Two of the guys remaining on the board I would trade into the first round to get are also in the top-5. Schroeder and John Moore.

  23. Lowetide says:

    Flames need skill, but Carter Ashton is a knuckle-dragger and Sutter likes them.

  24. William says:

    At this point, if we could swap a couple of our later round picks for a chance to draft either Schroeder or Moore, I would count it a bonus. Organizationally, we could probably use Schroeder in the system more than Moore, but can you ever have too many skilled D?

  25. NBOilerFan says:

    They just mentioned that the Flames may be dealing teir #20 pick…. coukld this be with NJ in some sort of a compensation type deal for Brent lying his way out of his 1year deal?

  26. HBomb says:

    Lowetide: I could see the Flamers going for Landon Ferraro too.

    Although Carter Ashton would be the sort of potential bust pick that would make an Oiler fan grin.

  27. Lowetide says:

    This is shades of Pouliot/Parise.

  28. HBomb says:

    Schroder screams "Gionta replacement" for the Devils.

  29. Unleaded says:

    Was just reading though the bio of Drew Shore. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know any more about the kid? At first glace, he reminds me a little of Horcoff…

  30. HBomb says:

    Schroder STILL there.

    Phoenix up next. Oiler connections aplenty.

    Watch the Oilers trade up and pass on Schroder for Moore or something.

  31. speeds says:

    Trade in for Schroeder already

  32. NBOilerFan says:

    As I expected it involved NJ.

    Do you think that Lou thought Vancouver was eyeing Josefson so they moved ahead a few?

  33. HBomb says:

    Ok, Anaheim at 21, not Phoenix.

    Too much spiced rum on the golf course today.

  34. Anonymous says:

    MPS #6 average in the 44 mock drafts at:


  35. speeds says:

    Howson, you already took Hejda, please leave Schroeder for the Oilers

  36. Lowetide says:

    speeds: I bet it's Schroeder.

  37. Lowetide says:

    John Moore. A wonderful player falls into Vancouver's lap. Dammit.

  38. HBomb says:

    Moore to Columbus.

    Axis of evil back-to-back now: Vancouver, then Calgary.

  39. speeds says:

    nice player for CLB.

    Doesn't seem to have been much of a market for trading up/down this year.

  40. Lowetide says:

    speeds: How are you feeling about the MPS pick? I was initially disappointed that Glennie wasn't there, but the more I think about it this might be an outstanding pick.

  41. HBomb says:

    Schroder taking a fall that would make Rob Schremp blush. Jesus. Top five skill, easy, if he was four inches taller.

  42. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: It's incredible he's fallen this far, especially considering the number of small forwards who are succeeding at this point in the NHL.

  43. Smytty777 says:

    You have to think the Nucks are going to jump on Schroeder here, which sucks as he looks to be a player.

  44. HBomb says:

    Lowetide: If he last past these next two picks (and I suspect he will, calling Ferraro to Vancouver and Ashton to Calgary), the Oilers need to take a stab at moving up for him.

    The player is small in stature, but the reward could be enormous.

  45. doritogrande says:

    Score! I'm ordering my Moose jersey already.

  46. Lowetide says:

    Best player now by my list is Stefan Elliott.

  47. Lowetide says:

    Boy this sure looks like Calgary in the Pouliot/Parise role this season. Best of luck to the Flames this hockey season.

  48. doritogrande says:

    I was gonna say Erixon's probably tops on my list.

    Good pick by Calgary. With Brazilian Wax to develop him, Calgary's set.

  49. speeds says:


    MPS was the 2nd highest guy on my list, and I can't complain too much about that. Not like 2004 when Dubnyk was probably 30th on my list at the point he was picked.

    I quite like Schroeder, he dropped to the mid 20's so it's not like only EDM passed on him. Maybe partially a size bias, but maybe it's that combined with some other things? Then again, if Schroeder wins the ROY in 10/11, I reserve the right to complain!

  50. Lowetide says:

    I hate to admit it, but it was a good pick.

  51. Lowetide says:

    speeds: Yeah, that's about how I feel. I had Schroeder, Glennie and MPS very close so it's not like we had a Niinimaki pick.

  52. Alice says:

    Schroeder was a total steal
    Did nobody see Patrick Kane this year?

    lousy that the steal went to a conference rival, dorito, curse you!

  53. doritogrande says:

    I think Budish is my favourite now. A little off the beaten path, but he's got the size quotient.

    Who's Marcus Johansson?

  54. HBomb says:

    Sveven Swedes Svelected Svo Fjar.

  55. doritogrande says:

    Point for H-bomb.

  56. speeds says:

    Werek is tops remaining on my list LT, at #22.

    Surprisingly, my top 21 were all gone in the first 23 picks, the other 2 picks were #23 (Kassian) and #32 (Leddy).

    Predictably, as I write that, WSH takes a guy not in my top 40, lol.

  57. Lowetide says:

    speeds: Elliot, Caron and Despres are the top skaters left on my list.

    Looking ahead to tomorrow, Oilers should get a good player at 40.

  58. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    Columbus and Vancouver make out like bandits.

  59. PunjabiOil says:

    Daryl Sutter seems to have went to the Kevin Lowe school of buy high, sell low.

    I'm just glad Schoerder didn't fall in their hands.

    I suspect Speeds will be right on this guy, much like he was with Meszaros

  60. speeds says:

    The drop from Schroeder to the next best BPA at that point was sizeable IMO, I'd have been happy to overpay for a 21 overall to land Schroeder at that point.

  61. uni says:

    Magnus and Schroedinger was too much to hope for.

    I had dreams of Kulikov as well =).

  62. speeds says:

    Bob McKenzie's list has a good chance to be one of his best yet.

    He had 25 of the 26 picks so far in his top 30. The only one not in his top 30, Marcus Johansson, was 33rd.

  63. Lowetide says:

    The guy is a freak. Then again, you didn't talk to all of the GMs and scouts speeds, and I'd bet you'll be within 5 or 6.

  64. speeds says:

    sorry, that should read:

    "…to be his best yet."

    No need for qualifying given how accurate he's been so far today.

  65. Smarmy Boss says:

    I'll say this: (and probably jinx it)

    If Elliot falls to the Oilers he'd be a solid pick.

    Oh and get Gallimore as well Tambo.

  66. doritogrande says:

    Bowman with the ultimate snub of Brian Leetch.

  67. PunjabiOil says:

    Someone explain how Anaheim got so much (26th and 37th) for the 21st pick, while Calgary got so little (23rd and 84th) for their 20th?

  68. Lowetide says:

    PJ: I have a theory on that. Lou mind-melds people, same thing happened Parise/Pouliot.

  69. Matt says:

    PunjabiOil: Compensation for Sutter, not that they'll admit it.

  70. uni says:

    I think Bowman was congratulating the players that won the cup under him, so not so much a snug to Leetch.

    As for the Calgary booty for their pick, maybe Howson has some loyalty to Edmonton?

    What does everyone think of Despres, how good is this kid really?

  71. HBomb says:

    Someone explain how Anaheim got so much (26th and 37th) for the 21st pick, while Calgary got so little (23rd and 84th) for their 20th?

    Because Darryl Sutter isn't as smart as Scott Howson.


  72. HBomb says:

    Actually, the "unofficial Sutter compensation" theory is more realistic. Good call.

  73. doritogrande says:


    The knock on Despres is that he's got the brains of an offensive lineman.

    No hockey sense whatsoever.

    I'll be surprised if he goes in the first round.

  74. JK says:

    The fix is totally in on the Calgary-New Jersey deal.
    I thought Lou was better than that.

    It's been a good summer so far for the Oil, though.

    Check this out:

  75. doritogrande says:

    After seeing Ashton's size, and them talking about his skating ability, I see a running mate for Steven Stamkos.

    Good trade up for Tbay.

  76. Lowetide says:

    JK said…"I thought Lou was better than that."


  77. speeds says:

    I'm also not really trying to guess who the teams will take.

    IE. I was pretty sure Carter Ashton would go in the top 30 (surprised he lasted until 29, actually), but I still didn't rank him in the top 30.

  78. doritogrande says:

    By my count, McKenzie missed 3 of his top-30.


  79. Smarmy Boss says:

    I'm guessing Detroit takes Elliot tomorrow. He's the kind of smart, talented player that they like.

  80. Lowetide says:

    There are plenty of good, talented players available for tomorrow. Man I love draft day(s).

  81. doritogrande says:

    What time does the draft resume tomorrow?

    I'm going to be working in the are of 10 to 6 CST, but I'd love to catch the 40th pick before I leave.

  82. Schitzo says:

    I love it when teams go off the board and leave you with good choices behind.

    Hickey goes at 4, you know two of Alzner, Gagner, and Voracuk will be left at 6.

    Glennie goes at 8, you know two of Cowan, MPS, Kulikov will be there at 10.

  83. Lowetide says:

    I think team 1260 is covering it beginning at 8am our time. Picks go extremely quickly in round two.

  84. speeds says:

    So who are you thinking at 40 LT?

    There's no obvious need to fill, if there was a "glaring" need they probably filled it with MPS.

    My top 4 at this point are:


    I see I have Rajala before Elliot. I don't think that's accurate, I think I would pick Elliot first if that were my choice at 40. Very good chance at least one of those 6 are available at 40 for the Oilers.

  85. speeds says:

    IT was a solid first round for the Oilers IMO, but man it could have been great if they'd found a way to land a ~20 pick to get Schroeder as well.

  86. Lowetide says:

    speeds: There are probably 10 guys I'd like at 40. Elliot, Morin, Roussel, O'Reilly, Budish, Klingberg.

    Plus I like the two goalies.

    And Ferraro. Man, lots of good players.

  87. Mr DeBakey says:

    40th – Werek. If he's gone Ryan Button

    71st – Burke Gallimore
    82nd – Benjamin Casavant
    101st – Brennan Yadlowski [in 84 the Oilers took his dad in the 4th round]
    130th – Daniel Weiss
    160th – jamie Tucker

  88. honkey says:

    doritogrande: Timra is still in SEL next season, they finished in 8th which was about expected. Since he still has one year left on this contract the people who dream of bringing him over for either junior or AHL cant stop right now.
    There still isn't any transfer agreement between Sweden and NHL so players are bound to their contract and I dont think MSP has a out-clause. But if he signs a new contract after next season it will have one I'm sure.

    I hope we see him score around 30 points next season. A bit like the numbers Omark hade 2 seasons ago.
    Timrå have lost some offence so they have to give him a bigger role and the coach isn't afraid of giving ice time to young players if they deserve it.

    7 Swedes drafted in the first round is just amazing and its still lots of talent left to be picked.

  89. Mark-Ryan says:

    Mr DeBakey: I like Gallimore too, but in the 5th.

    I also think we should take a flier at Patric Cehlin in one of the late rounds (should he make it there).

  90. speeds says:

    From Gregor's live blog:

    I also asked MacGregor about the plan looking ahead to round two and beyond.

    “For our second pick we are going to go with a projection pick, a player that has a real big upside. Before I came to talk to you we were looking at what the scenarios would be and if we could make an attempt to try and get back in the first round”

    Maybe a Budish or Rajala?

  91. Lowetide says:

    That sounds like a perfect scouting report for Kris Foucault.

  92. PunjabiOil says:

    I hope the Oilers taking Vincour in the 3rd round. He accounted for 33% of the Oil Kings offense, 21st in the CHL.

  93. Clarkenstein says:

    Sutter is either the consummate "bitter beerface" or else he has "cabbage roll" gas goin' on. Either way that man has a face for radio!!

  94. Schitzo says:

    Does real big upside mean that huge, gangly euro goalie?

    Speaking of which, is it normal for zero goalies to go in the 1st round?

    Also, what was the logic in the islanders moving up to 12 just to go way off the board?

  95. doritogrande says:


    Budish sounds like a good pick by that excerpt, but you know who it sounds more like?

    Richard Panik.

  96. jon k says:

    Pretty disappointed with this year's first round.

    I'm not a fan of the MPS pick. From what I've read and watched there's a reason he fell to us.

    Hopefully the pessimist in me is wrong and he has some upside but I just don't see a lot of offensive ability in him.

    Even more disappointing though is Schroeder going to Vancouver so late. Just kills me. I think he and Hodgson will be giving us fits in years to come.

    With Schroeder and Moore still available late I wonder what the cost might have been to move the 40th into that range to get either of them.

    All in all, I think there's a very good chance that we lost ground to two teams in the NW through the draft today.

    I hope tomorrow brings new hope.

  97. jon k says:

    Also, does anyone else think that Detroit traded down to 32 because they want Rajala and he'll still be there?

  98. jon k says:

    Another last point about MPS. I sincerely hope that he gets more playing time next season. It might be prudent to try and get him into the AHL anyway.

    By his accounting he was playing 6-10 minutes this past season and was "hopeful" that he might get to average 10 minutes this coming season.

    That's simply not enough and a warning sign.

  99. Schitzo says:

    jon k: as recently as the WJC I'm pretty sure that MPS was a consensus top-3 pick. Even if he had a bad few months, he had to be doing something right to even be in the same conversation as Tavares and Hedman.

  100. Lowetide says:

    The SEL website says he averaged 11:13 a night, which was 11th among forwards on the team.

    A few other facts:

    *3rd in the SEL in points among those eligible for this year's draft.

    *7th in team points among forwards.

    *21-27 EV scoring GF/GA

    *-6 was the 5th worst among forwards on the team (best among F's was +15)

    *played a few games with Nate DeCassmiro.

  101. Coach pb9617 says:

    If that's what Tambellini told Gregor, and I am 50/50 that it was considering how mangled things get in his hands, then he's describing Budish to a T.

  102. Coach pb9617 says:

    Also, if that's what he's doing, it means the Oilers are back in the vending machine business.

  103. honkey says:

    jon_k: Actually he average just over 11 min as a 17 year old in a mens league. He was also the youngest player ever to play in SEL when he made his debut.
    After next season at age 19 he will have played about 170 games or so against the best players in Sweden counting pre season, Regular season and playoff games.

    My guess is he will be switching between 2nd line and 3rd line duty next year averaging about 14 min or so. No need to worry about playing time.

  104. spOILer says:

    This guy as a 17 yo has already matched what Omark did as a 19 yo, and has speed with decent size.

    The synergy with Omark and Hartikainen is nice too.

  105. Lowetide says:

    He was 6gp, 2-5-7 +6 at the U20 World Juniors (3rd on the team) and 6gp, 6-6-12 +6 (led team, 7th overall) at the U18 World Juniors.

  106. spOILer says:

    Any chance a Klingberg slides to us tomorrow? Or do we swing for the fences with Rajala?

  107. jon k says:

    Correction: The interview where he said that was after the completion of his 2007-2008 season, which makes sense when looking at the figures.

    Looking at the SEL website he averaged 7:43 for his 2007-2008 season.

    I should note that 11 minutes a game isn't exactly an encouraging figure.

    Are people saying that they would be satisfied with him averaging 12-13 minutes a game for next season, if that indeed turns out to be the case?

    Anyway, I found some more detailed statistics from his past season.

    SOG 103
    SP 7%
    PPG 1
    SHG 0
    GWG 1
    + 21
    - 27
    +/- -6

    His SOG is 5th highest on his team, but his shooting percentage is a little low over a substantial sample. It might fit somewhat with the concern over his finishing ability.

    In any case, I'm generally suspicious of players who fall in the draft without an external factor such as league agreements, or lack thereof. I realize however that tenth is not very far to fall.

    He was the obvious pick for us to make at ten, but I will reserve the ecstatic exuberance many are showing. For now.

    Is he going to be a substantially better hockey player than Jordan Schroeder? That will be remain to be seen.

    I'm very excited for the second and third rounds this year and I think at ten I would have considered trading down more than once and simply taking Schroeder and two extra seconds.

    I look forward to the remainder tomorrow.

  108. PunjabiOil says:

    Holy Mackarel, we got a lot of prospects!

  109. jon k says:

    One might also speculate that he was not getting much powerplay time given his overall icetime and single powerplay goal.

    His totals might obviously improve with increases in PP time to something closer to an SEL regular.

  110. Lowetide says:

    I wanted Glennie, and would rate Schroeder as a perfectly reasonable choice for the Oilers at 10. Having said that, MPS is also a reasonable choice and as such I think Oilers fans have a right to be pleased with the choice.

  111. PunjabiOil says:


    *The fact his points are not inflated by goal totals

    *Speed is an integral part of his game. Think of a 6"1 Cogliano with muscle.

    *He was generally considered a top 5 pick by many sources.

    *Probably should not take more than 1-2 years before making his mark at the NHL level


    *He fell, which indicates some level of question marks

    *Goal scoring ability is somewhat of an issue


    Obviously, there's nothing as a guarantee with prospects. That said, he's probably the most talented from the 6-10 group, aside from perhaps Jared Cowen. It is not as if Glennie, Kadri, OEL are without question marks.

    Tambellini took the best player available, and should be acknowledged for such.

    I would have moved 2nd, 3rd, and 3rd to move up to select Schoerder. Too bad that didn't materialize.

  112. Schitzo says:

    jon k: If he averages 11-13 minutes a game against men, I don't see the problem. I mean, what would 3rd line NHL time get him, about the same?

  113. spOILer says:

    There's what a little better than a 50% chance of a #10 becoming a decent NHL player? What are the stats on this again? We can second guess ourselves to death on the other 20 1st rounders that we coulda had.

    He looks a little like Eric Cole/Ryan Smyth in some of the highlights I've seen, but there's also one where he comes from the corner, Forsberg's hangout, and slides through traffic across the crease, hanging onto the puck and then buries the backhander on the far side of the net.

    Who knows, but if he does project, he should be a very nice player for the Oilers.

    He's actually the biggest forward to go in the first round too.

  114. jon k says:

    Schitzo: The NHL is not a developmental league. I don't think he would be better suited playing 11-13 minutes in the NHL.

    I would prefer that he play 15-20 minutes a night in the AHL, against men, in a better league.

  115. jon k says:

    I think the best comparable for him is Erik Cole. Size, speed, questionable finish in cutting in from the outside.

    I hated Cole.

  116. fever4flames says:

    look..i am going 2 be honest with u here..MPS is a beauty pick and i am a bit envyous of the coilers for drafting him. however that said, what evidence exists taht the coilers wont spoil his development jani rita/andrew cogliano/sam gagner style by rushing him into the biggs way before he grows out of short pants? i for one am not convinced that anything will change. of course thats good for me as a flames fan but a shame for a player with as much raw talent as mps to get dumped into the developemental hellhole that is the edmonton farm system.

    not saying/just saying… etc

  117. spOILer says:

    jon k> the NHL is not a developmental league?

    Is there any player who has payed the game not shown a learning curve in the bigs, including Gretz?

  118. spOILer says:

    Sorry, "played", obviously.

  119. fever4flames says:

    the point is, spOILER (great name btw), that dumping a 17 y/o into the nhl is like throwing some kiddie into the deep end on his second trip to the ywca… ie he could drown under the pressure. their are fundamentals of developement that CANT be learned properly in the nhl.

  120. spOILer says:

    There's no way he plays in the show for at least 2 years. Not unless he tkes a leap and destroys a TC.

    Don't even worry about it.

  121. spOILer says:

    P.S. He's already playing against men and has been for almost two years.

  122. boopronger says:

    jon k – i dont understand your logic. MPS "falls" to 10, and its a bad pick because there must have been some reason why he dropped, but Schroeder falls all the way to 22 and there are no warning signs for that?

  123. HBomb says:

    fever4flames: As opposed to the prospect wasteland that is the Calgary Flames developmental system?

    Translation: get lost.

  124. Steve says:

    …spoil his development…andrew cogliano/sam gagner style

    Yeah, because neither of those guys is showing any signs of amounting to anything.

  125. knighttown says:

    Magnum PS, as he's being nicknamed, is a dream. I had him as my 4th ranked prospect ahead of Kane who I worry is too small to play the way they project him to.

    We look for BPA and when he falls to us we complain? EXTREMELY fortunate.

    Now on to the rest of my dream draft:

    2. Ryan O'Reilly
    3a. Toni Rajala
    3b. Alex Hutchings
    4. Olivier Roy or whichever goalie slides…

  126. Lowetide says:

    knighttown: Yeah, I think this was a pretty tough pick to question based on who was available. We`ve spent hundreds of posts ripping this team for not taking bpa and this time (imo) they did exactly that with Magnum PS.

    Great name.

  127. HBomb says:

    Magnums PS?


  128. jon k says:

    boopronger: MPS falls because there's questions whether he can be a viable offensive player due to a lack of scoring ability.

    Schroeder falls not because he hasn't shown offensive ability but because of size.

    I would say there's a difference.

    Even if there isn't, I'm saying we could have taken a player who is similarly risky but we could have acquired two other assets in the process. Especially in a deep draft.

  129. uni says:

    I would have loved for the Oilers to swap the 40th and the two 80s picks or a player (Nilsson, Schremp et al) for a 20th to grab Moore or Shroedinger. I'm still a bit let down that either of those went so late and to Columbus and Vancouver.

    At least I like Columbus, and I'll be able to see some Vancouver games though.

    As for MPS, how long before the media starts making silly Miles Per Hour jokes?

  130. uni says:

    Hours should be Seconds there…heh.

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