Oilers trade Brodziak

The Edmonton Oilers have traded Kyle Brodziak (and pick 161) to the Minnesota Wild for picks 99 and 133.

This trade opens up some holes on the roster, at center and in terms of penalty-killing. The Oilers went into the draft lacking depth in goal and lacking actual NHL centers. They’re going the wrong way this morning.

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94 Responses to "Oilers trade Brodziak"

  1. quain says:

    Well, thank goodness. It's not like he was a useful player or anything.

  2. PunjabiOil says:

    According to Guy Flaming the Oilers gave up a 6th round in the deal too.

    What a dumb trade. Take your value contracts, and get rid of them. Just stupid.

  3. Deano says:

    Where's Dennis?

    Someone lock the nutty professor in the batcave.

    'Expect the unexpected' indeed.

  4. uni says:

    Marked by the fact that they wasted a pick 10 spots higher to grab a player that can't even put up double digit number in junior, much less have any prayer of being more than a 5 minute a night guy in the NHL.

    Don't Wade Belaks get traded all the time for 4th and 5th round picks? Isn't the AHL chock full of pugilists who hang onto the fringes of 4th lines?

    WTF are they doing trading a useful cheap player who can actually take faceoffs on the 4th line even if they get a 3rd line centre, when they wasted a pick on a vending machine?

  5. PunjabiOil says:

    Should have traded the 3rd round pick for Jay-Bo's rights, if they were going to take fracking Abney.

    Fire Tambellini!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Minny got our 6th in the deal as well… #161

  7. mc79hockey says:

    Kind of an odd trade, particularly because so many of the youngsters like Brule et al. are waiver exempt.

  8. Smarmy Boss says:

    Uni I think Belak went in the first round if I remember right. :)

  9. 40oz says:

    Not sure what I make of this

  10. MattM says:

    This has just been a disaster of a day, hasn't it? I can't figure out any of this stuff. Throw away a useful player, waste a decently high draft pick or too, watch the biggest FA prize get his rights traded to an arch rival. Terrible.

  11. MattM says:

    That should be draft pick or two, not too, obviously.

  12. Bruce says:

    Looks like Gilbert Brule just moved up in the pecking order.

  13. B.C.B. says:

    I am wishing Lowe was still in charge. What is going on on the floor? The only way today is a success if we get Heatley this afternoon.

  14. Lowetide says:

    And Pouliot.

  15. uni says:

    Swarmy: Belak was traded for a 5th round pick to Florida by the Leafs, after they had previously grabbed him off waivers.

    The point is, as far as pugilistic coke machines go Belak is one of the few acknowledged heavy weights still active. Add to the fact that he was drafted high with higher potential than Abney.

    So WTF are the Oilers doing drafting a guy that brings nothing useful to the table over what you can get as leftovers or 5th round fodder in the 3rd round, and as a result have to trade away a good young useful role player right after?

    I'm looking at this as Brodziak for Abney right now and I'm boiling.

  16. Smarmy Boss says:

    Hfboards is a bit funnier now but to think people are near jumping off bridges because of trading bottom sixers, 4th round picks, and other teams getting negotiating rights of UFAs.

  17. OilW30 says:

    Hopefully they have something else up their sleeves…

    I'm not holding my breath though.

  18. alphahelix says:

    this is pathetic. my brain hurts.

    too bad Quinn will never know the player he'll be missing out on in Brodziak. When Quinn realizes we shipped off our #2 faceoff guy, 6'2 220, grinding, scoring, carrying around crappy linemates player he's gonna be choked. Another hometown kid shipped off for dirt.

  19. Smarmy Boss says:

    Uni: I was thinking of Belak's junior draft. I think he was a first rounder out of Saskatoon. (Sorry I'm in draft mode today)

  20. Lowetide says:

    Well they need another center now. Horcoff-Gagner-Pouliot-Brule isn't enough.

  21. PunjabiOil says:

    How about taking Vincour now?

    Ranked 21st in CHL in terms of % of team points (33%)

  22. mc79hockey says:

    Maybe Tambo thought that Quinn was talking about Brodziak.

  23. Lowetide says:

    PJ Oil: He just went to Dallas.

  24. Ribs says:

    Dang. Vincour seemed like a good kid.

  25. HBomb says:

    At this point, we need Sami Pahlsson or John Madden for that 3rd line spot.

  26. uni says:

    Swarmy: Yeah, I wasn't talking drafting, Belak went 5th overall I think, and was a big peice of the Fleury trade with Regehr.

    The point I was making was there is no reason or logic for picking an Abney in the 3rd, when you can get better much cheaper via trade, or free via waivers or FA through the AHL et al.

    I'm incredibly disappointed right now. It's not like Brodziak was John Madden or anything, but he was cheap and useful, and looked like a potential 3rd line center with some more seasoning.

    I'll bet a beer and wings dinner with you that Abney never plays a game in the NHL.

  27. jon k says:

    Does anyone know who Oliver Roy just went to?

  28. B.C.B. says:

    Questions for the Draft experts here:

    Who is OLIVIER ROY?

  29. DBO says:

    Gregor on team 1260 said the org was dumping contracts so they have flexibility and that Brule is more of a quinn player because of his physical play. Brule loses his waiver exemption after something like 10 games.

  30. PunjabiOil says:

    Took Oliver Roy, goalie in 5th round

  31. B.C.B. says:

    Jon: the Oilers

  32. HBomb says:

    jon k: Us.

  33. DBO says:

    to the Oil. he's a goalie right.

  34. jon k says:

    Nice, that's good value for a goalie pick.

    He was the second ranked NA goalie and we took him late.

  35. Smarmy Boss says:

    Yeah I can agree to that. If you wanted a big body that can bang but can actually score goals. The better pick was Gallimore, but he did play over four hours drive away from Edmonton so they probably never saw him. ;)

  36. mc79hockey says:

    Brule loses his waiver exemption after something like 10 games.

    **Smashes head on wall.

  37. PunjabiOil says:

    Gregor on team 1260 said the org was dumping contracts so they have flexibility and that Brule is more of a quinn player because of his physical play. Brule loses his waiver exemption after something like 10 games.


  38. Greg MC says:

    Don't get this trade at all.

  39. Ducey says:

    Well, I guess we will have to see what the Oilers will do to replace Brodz.

    The message at year end was that they want to get a lot tougher. Presumably this is going to happen in the bottom 6.

    Brodz was an underrated player but not very physical.

    I guess I can forget about those magical few months when GlenX and Brods teamed up to make up one of the best 4th lines in recent memory.

    Hopefully Sam and Cogs are attending a remedial faceoff summer school.

  40. kris says:

    Well, I think it's obvious that there was something about Brodziak the Oil didn't like. I mean, they never gave him a shot at 3C even though he was an obvious candidate.

    The fact that he only netted what he did shows how easy it should be to pick up a few useful players to fill in the lineup.

  41. Smarmy Boss says:

    We've had Lowe too long, so we're used to these one off trades that don't make any sense.

    Perhaps Tambo is a regular GM that does a multitude of moves to get a complete roster. I hope.

  42. Lowetide says:

    MC: I peed my pants. Classic, classic line. Oh man.

  43. uni says:

    I don't think Gallimore was a 3rd round guy, but I would have hands down taken him over Abney at that slot.

    Good call, I wonder how he'll pan out once he faces tougher opposition outside the high school ranks.

    We already know how Abney is doing haha. Alright I'll stop whining now =).

  44. Coach pb9617 says:

    My concerns are more justified. The general manager couldn't get the same job for the stinking Canucks. The owner is Ahab.

    The president isn't running the only thing he does well.

    Submitted for your approval…

  45. jdrevenge says:

    How the hell is Calgary supposed to absorb Jay Bouws contract and still ice a winner. They must have something else going on.

  46. Bruce says:

    I guess I can forget about those magical few months when GlenX and Brods teamed up to make up one of the best 4th lines in recent memory.

    A two-man line?

  47. Coach pb9617 says:

    Nah, Bruce. McCarty was there too.

  48. Bruce says:

    The good news is that whereas we got fuck-all for GlenX, we craftily echanged Brodziak for an overage Tier Two player.


  49. uni says:

    Brody, Glen-x, and Zach were a pleasure to watch. They were no Draper-McCarthy-Maltby, but they were hands down the best 4th line on any team I've seen in a long while.

    Would have solidified the bottom line for a combined hit of 2.5 million a year too.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised the Brodziak, Wilkes-Barre connection hasn't been mentioned yet.

    Brodziak played for Richards, and Fletcher while those two were coach and Gm respectively didn't he? And, if I recall correctly had a break out season playing for them.

    Richards and Fletcher know exactly what kind of player they're getting with Brodz'.

    Good move for Minn'. Now we'll just have to see what the Oilers do…besides pick up more Coke machines.

  51. DanMan says:

    Bouwmeetser is the most overrated dman in the nhl. His career high is 15 g and 42 p on a team where he was #1 dman playin 30 min a night. Not physical and a great skater kinda like tom gilbert. For $5.5-6.5 mil per the flamers can have him. The Brodz was a good trooper but we need to make room fr prospects in the bottom 6 (schremp, brule, stone, jacques, eberle, etc.). What happens to nilsson i wonder?

  52. Coach pb9617 says:

    The Brodz was a good trooper but we need to make room fr prospects in the bottom 6 (schremp, brule, stone, jacques, eberle, etc.).

    So the answer is sending out 1 of 2 guys on the roster that can win a faceoff and kill penalties as an established NHL player? With a cheap and easily out-played contract? To give Schremp, Brule and Stone playing time?

    That's completely non-sensical. That's starting over from two years ago.

  53. Lowetide says:

    I give the Flames a ton of credit here. They watched Florida suffer through the growing pains, gave up something of value (but not crippling) and will likely sign Bouwmeester to a long term deal.

    It's like VCR with Luongo. The Oilers should have considered doing something similar and then offloading one of their D. jmo.

  54. Ribs says:

    I suppose it's important to remember that Brodziak was RFA and his trade value was pretty low.

    It sure would have been nice to keep him around though.

  55. Lowetide says:

    Ribs: I don't like the move. This feels like another Chimera for Paukovich deal only worse because of the knuckle dragger.

    And if they're replacing him with Brule then we're just chasing our tails now. GET NHL PLAYERS!

  56. Coach pb9617 says:

    And if they're replacing him with Brule then we're just chasing our tails now. GET NHL PLAYERS!

    Exactly. The Oilers burned two years turning him into an NHL player and sent him out for nothing, to give a bunch of guys that aren't NHL ready a shot?!

    Can we get Kevin Lowe back?

  57. Ribs says:


    I guess we just have to hope that this is the plan.

  58. RiversQ says:

    coach said…
    Can we get Kevin Lowe back?

    And how sad is that?

  59. RiversQ says:

    Ribs said…

    I guess we just have to hope that this is the plan

    If there is a plan and this is it, I submit that moving a sub $1MM legit NHL player (although certainly just a bottom sixer) is probably not going to help. They needed two real NHL forwards before shipping out Brodziak and now they need three.

    The UFA market is not for bargain hunters.

  60. dawgbone says:

    Lowetide, if the Flames sign Bouwmeester they've crippled themselves.

    Last year they had the deepest team they've had in a while and still got bounced out in the 1st round.

    Now you are subtracting their offensive depth and adding another defenceman (albeit a damn good one)… does this make them a better team? Enought to be a contender?

    Nevermind if Kipper continues to fall apart every year of his deal.

    Adding Bouwmeester makes no sense for the Flames (unless they trade Phaneuf). They need to get more of the value guys into their lineup (like they had with Tanguay and Cammy), as well as adding a quality backup.

  61. Bruce says:

    Good move for Minn'

    I'll say. A fourth-rounder for a 25 y.o. with 175 GP. RH-shooting C with strong faceoff skills, PK experience, and an above aveage Sh%. RFA but should be cheap. Then there's that +4 rating from 2008-09 despite starting in his own zone 149 more times than the O-zone.

    A steal.

  62. DanMan says:

    brodziak was a 51% faceoff guy thats about 10 out of 20 per game. a 45% guy would be 9 out of 10. Thats a difference of one per game. Faceoff % is a useless stat anyway as half the time it is a scramble and won by the wingers. Id much rather see a more offensively talented player centering the 3rd or 4th line. we need some scoring beyond the top six

  63. Lowetide says:

    dawgbone: Except that they have all summer to ship away someone. If Sutter's really on the ball he'll trade Kipper, grab Harding and LaBarbara and make a real run.

  64. dawgbone says:

    LT, who is going to take Kipper on that contract and based on his play the last couple of years?

    Chicago couldn't give Khabibulin away for free on waivers.

  65. Lowetide says:

    dawgbone: Well then they can go down the list. Is Jokinen tradeable?

  66. Deano says:

    Dawgbone beat me to it.

    It has to be Phaneuf or Regehr.

    Iggy's gotta be untouchable you'd think.

  67. Lowetide says:

    Well by all means trade Phaneuf.

  68. Deano says:

    Good call LT, I forgot about the invisible man – Jokinen

  69. Coach pb9617 says:

    And how sad is that?

    He was good at the draft table, he just needed some…help…when it came to making trades.

    The new guy got a lifetime service award when he got the job.

  70. DanMan says:

    Tambo on 1260 right now. maybe he'll explain…

  71. dawgbone says:

    LT, there's no doubt it can be done. The question is will it be worth it when all is said and done.

    They had a pretty balanced team going into the playoffs last year and got put out in the first round.

    Does adding Bouwmeester and losing Cammy + 1 other contract make up for that?

  72. Lowetide says:

    dawgbone: I think Bouwmeester is a talent worth making room for, in fact should he land in Calgary I think he'll have a big impact on the division. Not Luongo big, but big.

  73. DanMan says:

    "we got a lot of bodies", "there's some people who will just get a chance with us". Thats what i wanna hear

  74. jon k says:

    I would say that Calgary was a team out of balance last season. Their D was not good enough at keeping pucks out of their own net.

    Cammalleri scored a lot of goals and they'll be missed, but I think Calgary will be a significantly improved team moving him out and Bouwmeester in.

    I mean, it's not like they've got a bunch of slouches on F. Iginla is easily a 40+ goal and 90 point player most seasons.

  75. kris says:

    Now we wait for free agency, where the Oilers really shine.


    I hate to say it, but if, as it now seems, we can't get a Heatley, Bouwm, or Gaborik, there's no point keeping Souray, Vis., and Horcoff. By the time the young core of Gagner, Cogliano, O'Sullivan, Grebs, is ready, then our current vets will be to old.

    Maybe we should actually go into rebuilding mode instead of constantly finishing 9th.

    It's like a band-aid; just rip it off and get it over with.

  76. oilerdago says:

    Seems too that the Sutters are going dial it back to pre-lockout hockey – try to win every game 2-1 or 1-0.

    Cut down on the # of opportunities in front of Kipper and hope that Iginla, Lombardi and Jokinen can score just enough to win.

  77. Lowetide says:

    This thing is STILL worth fixing! The Oilers have too many players who are not able to handle the big minutes and so you acquire guys who can.

    So, center needs to be Horcoff-Gagner-Peca-Brule and LW and RW need to be similar.

    Then, when someone is good enough (say Gagner) handle heavier minutes then the Oilers can ease Peca out and have 89 share some of the tough minutes with Horcoff.

    And on it goes. But Brodziak was a player (like Chimera before him) who was about to help out.

  78. raventalon40 says:

    I can only think the Oilers have a plan to move Pouliot and get an actual bottom 6 centerman who can win draws. I hope.

  79. Deano says:

    It is more broken now than it was last night.

    Can we please see some fixing happen?

    Gotta see how the Flames get out of it if they can sign JayBo.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of the Chimera draft day trade.

  81. DanMan says:

    Its June 27 and you guys are panicking over a (possible) third line center?

    We have three former first round draft picks (brule, schremp, pouliot) who have vastly more offensive talent than Brodz. We gotta give schremp a chance this year if nothing more than to showcase him. 3 points in three games last year means hes gettinga chance with a new regime.

    Cogliano was the 3rd center for a large portion of last season, but i agree he needs to be better in the circle.

  82. Coach pb9617 says:

    And on it goes. But Brodziak was a player (like Chimera before him) who was about to help out.

    He already was helping out. Only 55 other centers took more draws than him and his zonestart was befitting of a man much older. The only 4th line center to take more faceoffs than him was Draper. And he was about to sign 3 * $700k.

    What an awful trade.

  83. jon k says:

    Technically we don't know how much he was going to make, but I suspect it was irrelevant.

    Listening to Tambellini today it seems that he plans to send another middling forward away (Nilsson?) and give a good look to players we have.

    From the sounds of it though, we send out two players, so I could see us definitely dealing for or signing a veteran C.

    If that is the case, I won't begrudge Tambellini this move.

  84. Coach pb9617 says:

    jon – in a cap world, you don't send away real NHL players on outplayable contracts for squat. Well, you can, but you won't win.

  85. jon k says:

    I'll reserve judgment for now given that we don't know Brodziak's next contract, nor that of his replacement.

    4th line minutes are generally easy to replace on the cheap however. The team needs a veteran 3rd line C and Brodziak doesn't fill that role.

    I'm fairly neutral on the trade.

  86. oilerdago says:

    All this feels like the pre-cursor to more trades.

    I don't like losing Brodziak but something had to be done to clear the logjam of bottom 6 forwards and under-achievers.

    And like you said LT, I think they have to go and get a real 3C until either Pouliot or Brule show they can handle it.

    I don't see Schremp as a solution here because he's further behind than the other 2, but maybe he comes in with a clean slate.

    The priority list is getting longer for this summer – 1LW, 3C, #1 Goalie.

  87. spOILer says:

    I suspect it will be Potulny not Brule that will get 4C if we're not renaming the team the Edmonton Smurfs.


    No way no day. Quinn can fit 3 of those centres in his shirt pocket.

    It's difficult to evaluate this trade with tons of time yet till next season, and a chance to bring in a Maholtra, Pahlsson, Madden…

    But, I'm so used to the Slick Management team sending us of to war on a wobby bike with mis-matched training wheels.

  88. Lord Bob says:

    Whenever you trade a legitimate top-four NHL centre for late draft picks, you are a failure.

    Boy, I'm sure glad we got rid of Kevin Lowe and brought in a perpetual understudy who was passed over in favour of somebody's agent in Vancouver. This is working out great.

  89. godot10 says:

    //Whenever you trade a legitimate top-four NHL centre for late draft picks, you are a failure.//

    When you release a pro bowl safety for nothing, sometimes you win a SuperBowl.

    Lawyer Milloy and the New England Patriots.

    Everybody said they had to get a legitimate 3rd line centre. They just created space for one.

    And in the worst case, Pouliot is a more than adequate 4th line centre.

    The hole at centre is no worse, and they got a couple of draft picks instead of losing Brodziak on waivers.

  90. Lord Bob says:

    Sorry, godot, I didn't realise that this was a Houston Oilers blog.

    Brodziak wasn't Lawyer Milloy. He was a skilled role player who was making, in cap terms, ten cents. What are the odds that the Oilers will find somebody to replace or exceed his expectation, at that cap hit, on the open market?

    And Pouliot is an acceptable 4C, but Brodziak would have been an acceptable 3C.

  91. LittleFury says:


  92. Woodguy says:

    Wow, the reactions here are bordering on ridiculous.

    You realize that this is Brodziak you are talking about right?

    The Oilers tried to give him the 3C role last year, he wouldn't take it.

    The Oilers need a real 3C and 4C should be your developmental line.

    You cannot have "4th liners" under contract, and then try to develop players in the top 12.

    Brodziak wasn't moving himself out of the 4C, so you move him.

    The didn't get enough for him in the trade, but whatever, its not that far off.

    Now, if the Oilers don't go get a true 3C then they are truly stupid.

    I doubt that will actually be the case. (although last year's lack of getting a 3C scares me a little)

    2009/2010 will be Poultuny's, Brule's and maybe Poo's chance to make hay. Brodziak had the chance, and according to the Oilers he missed.

    I don't think he played well enough to be 3C either.

    As for penalty killing, his 4v5 GA/60 was 7.61 and thoroughly meh.

    Yes he did win 51% of his faceoffs, but you can't keep a guy for that.

    He's a good kid from Vegreville, but he didn't go out and make himself too valuable to lose.

    Poultuny, Brule, and Poo have just a good a chance as out performing their contracts too. Probably better since Brodziak was due a raise.

  93. Jfry says:

    remember when we didn't sign glenncross because we were trying to have enough room to sign hossa?

    i'm really surprised we didn't see one of staois, pisani or moreau go for a 5th, too.

    on july 1st, we're going to offer a whack fud to some free agent and then there's still jagr out there.

    if we're going to aquire 3 "real NHL players" to fill out our roster, then we have to get rid of some of the 14 to 17 "roster" players we have. brodziak will probably have a long career and turn into a bit of a rem murray, but this team needs a peca now, and he wasn't that.

    i don't get all the complaints… if you do want to change your roster (because we've missed the ploffs for 3 years), you've gotta let guys go. i have no doubt that he will be replaced with a 3C veteran and when we're up by 1 with 30 seconds left and sending him out on the ice, no one will say, "damn i wish we had brodziak."

    brodziak is not stoll, but we're reacting like he was.

  94. NBOilerFan says:

    WOW… I also cannot believe the reactions… of over-reactions on here about Brodziak, except for the one level head guy… Woodguy. He nailed it.

    Brodz was a good player and yes, a decent faceoff man, but I too see this as him not being able to step up and take the 3C spot and he is now being moved to make room for others that are knocking on the door.

    My god… stop judging Tambs so damn quick, let him work on his plan and give him some credit. I'd be shocked if he isn't going after a better more experienced 3C that also has more toughness. Brodz was simply to soft for teh 3C spot. And I'd be happy with a Pouliot/Brule/Potulny fighting for the 4C.

    Plus we also don't know what Brodz was asking for and that might even factor in if his agent is already over-valuing Brodz.

    I'm shocked that Nilsson wasn't also dealt for more picks.

    Lets give Tambs some time before jumping all overhim.

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