Stanley for Pittsburgh!

This is Mark Messier with his friend Stanley.

  1. Montreal Canadiens TWENTY-TWO (’30, ’31, ’44, ’46, ’53, ’56-60, ’65, ’66, ’68, ’69, ’71, ’73, ’76-’79, ’86, ’93)
  2. Detroit Red Wings ELEVEN (’36, ’37, ’43, ’50, ’52, ’54, ’55, ’97, ’98, ’02, ’08)
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs ELEVEN (’32, ’42, ’45, ’47, ’48, ’49, ’51, ’62, ’63, ’64, ’67)
  4. Edmonton Oilers FIVE (’84, ’85, ’87, ’88, ’90)
  5. Boston Bruins FIVE (’29, ’39, ’41, ’70, ’72)
  6. New York Rangers FOUR (’28, ’33, ’40, ’94)
  7. New York Islanders FOUR (’80, ’81, ’82, ’83)
  8. Pittsburgh Penguins THREE (’91, ’92, ’09)
  9. New Jersey Devils THREE (’95, ’00, ’03)
  10. Chicago Black Hawks THREE (’34, ’38, ’61)
  11. Colorado Avalanche TWO (’96, ’01)
  12. Philadelphia Flyers TWO (’74, ’75)
  13. Anaheim Ducks ONE (’07)
  14. Carolina Hurricanes ONE (’06)
  15. Tampa Bay Lightning ONE (’04)
  16. Dallas Stars ONE (’99)
  17. Calgary Flames ONE (’89)
  18. Montreal Maroons ONE (’35)

Those are the winners since 1928. Detroit’s recent flurry (4 Stanley’s since 1997) allows the franchise to catch Toronto, whose hopes to win the thing were sent up with Anik. No one will catch Montreal in my lifetime, even if they never win again.

Congrats to the Pens, sucks to be Marian Hossa tonight.

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78 Responses to "Stanley for Pittsburgh!"

  1. PDO says:

    I finally decided on the Pens.

    So go Pens!

  2. Bruce says:

    You can cut the tension with a knife. First ten minutes were real tight, then both teams started to play. has Detroit outhitting Pittsburght 21 (!) to 12, led by Kronwall (5) and the impressive Darren Helm (4). Wings 11-3 in the circle, Pens 10-6 on the shot clock. Dan Cleary had another wonderful period. All that MacTeaching is paying off. :)

  3. PDO says:

    Talbot is a fucking beauty.

    That's what you call talent and skill and five hole :-).

  4. Lowetide says:

    Amazing how many actual NHL players are in this game. Even the kids (Helm) have an idea.

  5. PDO says:

    Crosby hit looked all kinds of dangerous/painful.

  6. mattwatt says:

    Is it just me or do the Red Wings get the calls just a bit too much.

    Crosby gets pinned up against the boards, impeding his progress and there is no call while at the other end of the rink Datsyuk gets hung up and there is an instant call.

    I just get upset sometimes when the NHL turns a bit into the NBA.

  7. PDO says:

    Is it just me or do the Red Wings get the calls just a bit too much.

    FAR too much. It's disgusting and their fans expect it.

  8. PDO says:

    And that is what you call skill and talent and top shelf!!!!!

  9. mattwatt says:

    "Amazing how many actual NHL players are in this game"

    I know, kinda like watching the 2006 Oilers.

  10. Lowetide says:

    There have been years that you could pick 5 different guys for the Smythe and be right (Kurri for instance, a couple of times).

    Anyway, I'd give the award to the Russian but would guess Crosby walks off with the hardware should the Pens win, and Z will win if Detroit comes back and grabs Stanley.

  11. PDO says:

    The hockey gods were angered by idiots in the media suggesting Osgood was a HHOF goalie.

  12. Smytty777 says:

    I'm going to disagree with you LT, the new big M (as Staples has dubbed) him wins it if the Pens pull this out.

  13. Jeff J says:

    The hockey gods were angered by idiots in the media suggesting Osgood was a HHOF goalie.

    Or belongs on Team Canada in the olympics.

  14. PDO says:

    Nik Lidstrom:

    So good he almost got Chris Osgood into the HHOF.

  15. Jeff J says:

    The Crosby line was getting killed all series. It might have been a good trade-off, though. That's:

    o Crosby, Guerin (who is ready for a nursing home), Kunitz (who has been waived multiple times since the lockout) and pick 2 Pen defensemen versus…

    o Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Cleary, Lidstrom and Rafalski.

    Crosby + four joes vs. three or four HOFers and Cleary.

    And that's why the Malkin and Staal lines looked so good. Babcock has had all his eggs in the basket dedicated to stopping Crosby. Quite a compliment.

    Now that Crosby's out, it will be interesting to see how Malkin does against the HOFers.

  16. Lowetide says:

    Not to be a poor sport, but lordy the Wings get calls. Back in the olden days the Habs would get those calls, clear offside calls not being called, weak calls against the other guy etc.

    Having said all that, tonight's game seems pretty straight up (Crosby injury aside and it looked like a hockey play, although an interference could have been called).

  17. Ribs says:

    The Mule takes out Crosby and now all he has to do is score a goal or two for the win and collect his Smythe.

    Malkin takes it if the Pens hold up.

  18. Jeff J says:

    Back in the olden days the Habs would get those calls…

    There it is.

    LT, I just knew you couldn't type the letters "1. Montreal Canadiens" without cleansing yourself with some snark in the comments :)

  19. Lowetide says:

    Jeff: I admit it, they've always made my blood boil.

  20. Bruce says:

    Yeah, Sid needed to have a big Game 7 to get his name into the mix. What a goddam shame, however it turns out.

    Luckily for the Pens, they got three other Top 2 overall studs to turn to. And Max Talbot.

    Wings taking shots tonight. Franzen also got Malkin but good in the first period, a drive-by head shot about three seconds after the whistle that was Detroit's first penalty. A freebie, and he took it.

  21. Bruce says:

    Hey, the words are barely off my screen, and there's Sid gettig ready to go.

  22. bookie says:

    I am hoping for Pittsburg for one very important reason. If Detroit become a 50/50 to win the cup every year then they will continue to get 'special discount'. Soon, the best players in the league will cough up a $2,000,000 discount so that they get a chance to win the cup.

    Its like a 20% salary cap bonus for the Wings.

    I dont like that you can shop your way to a cup ala Hossa.

    go pens!

  23. Bruce says:

    Fearless prediction: Brad Stuart will not be with the Detroit Red Wings next season.

  24. bookie says:

    Yes LT, the wings get the calls, but they also get worshipped by the media.

  25. PDO says:

    I'm with Bookie.

    Go Pens baby.

    FINISH THEM!!!!!!

  26. HBomb says:

    At one point I said I'd have no problem if the Pens won, even though I slightly favor Detroit?

    I have one problem with it: Matt Cooke getting a ring. Douche-nozzle.

  27. PDO says:

    H: That and the Steelers are my only complaints.

    Sid, Talbot, Guerin, Sykora and the fact that I'm sick of Detroit getting all the love are reason enough to cheer for Pitts.

  28. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    PDO said…
    I finally decided on the Pens.
    So go Pens!

    Bandwagon fans are the worst.

  29. PDO says:

    Bandwagon fans are the worst.

    I have lots of hate to go around in this series.

    I also arbed out of some Wings bets to get on the Pens, and tend to like money.

  30. PDO says:

    1st ever Russian is winning the Conn Smythe.

  31. HBomb says:

    PDO: Right, Ravens fan. I could understand the anti-Steeler sentiment.

  32. PDO says:

    H: Nailed it.

    A lot easier to cheer for them on the road.

  33. HBomb says:

    PDO: For some inexplicable reason, my favorite team in that division is the Bengals.

    Don't ask why. Outside of Carson Palmer, there really is no good reason for it.

  34. Ben says:

    The shot of one of the coaches and Crosby arguing, clearly over him wanting to take another shift, was amusing

  35. Lowetide says:

    There's nothing worse than watching your team bleed out in G7, SCF. Painful. Ty Conklin must have done something plumb awful in his past.

    Nice frozen man, Stuart.

  36. Lowetide says:

    And they have life.

  37. Ribs says:

    …And that's why the Wings keep knuckling shots from the blue.

  38. Jeff J says:

    Prediction: Crosby pitchforks Franzen in the handshake line.

  39. PDO says:

    Malkin = First Russian to win Conn Smythe.

  40. Jeff J says:

    Look at Hossa.

  41. quain says:

    Mathieu Garon is a Stanley Cup champion! Pete Peeters is the worst goaltending coach in the world! Garon for Conn Smythe! Incredible!

  42. Lowetide says:

    Man, that whole being shitty for five years works like a charm.

  43. bookie says:

    I was watching on a bit of a delay so I am late to the party here, but that is awesome – well deserved!

  44. Ribs says:

    LT, that's why I can't enjoy this like I could have. Pens have been my 2nd team since Coffey wound up there and I just can't shake the feeling that they don't deserve it. I don't think I could even fully cheer for the Oilers if they tanked for 5 years on purpose.

  45. Jeff J says:

    Hossa might be the player hardest done by in the league. He lost what would probably have been his peak year for counting numbers b/c of the lockout…
    and now this.

  46. Lowetide says:

    Malkin wins the Smythe, that's the right call.

  47. bookie says:

    I wonder how one sided it would have been if they had Hossa at a major discount!

  48. bookie says:

    Hossa might be the player hardest done by in the league.

    What? Seems to me he made his own choice.

    Malkin was the right choice – he was an animal out there tonight and through much of the playoffs. He was killing himself out there!

  49. Ribs says:

    I wonder what Ovie is thinking right now…

  50. Jeff J says:

    What? Seems to me he made his own choice.

    Yep, and he made the right one if he wanted the best chance at winning the cup. The dice disagreed.

  51. Bar Qu says:

    I will finally come out of the closet and admit I have cheered for the Penguins this whole series (yeah, I know, real brave now) so I am happy to see this outcome. Malkin continues to be awesome, Staal looks like a guy I would love to have on the Oil and I am amazed that anyone can beat 'the Red Machine' (per Willis).

    A great final nonetheless.

  52. Ribs says:

    This is possibly the lamest Stanley Cup acceptance of all time. Why does Mario look like the happiest guy on the ice?

  53. bookie says:

    Jeff, while I dont disagree, I prefer that players dont start making a habit of giving one team a deal.

    BUT, he also left a team that fit his style really well where he thrived. When you do that you take a huge risk of not fiting in as well.

    Anyway, I dont begrudge the guy, but I am glad to see the 'cup shopping' approach fail. If it was overly succesful, the league would have to come up with some rule to keep one team from having a big 'discount' advantage.

  54. Woodguy says:

    One year ago he was an Assistant Coach in the AHL.

    Today he is the Head Coach of the Stanley Cup Champions.

    What do they say about dreams……???

  55. HBomb says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, the curse of Ty Conklin strikes again.

  56. doritogrande says:

    Anyone else think that Matt Cooke was going to steal Stanley hwen he got his turn to tool around the rink? Crook.

    Congrats to Mathieu Garon and Bill Guerin though.

  57. HBomb says:

    Congrats to Mathieu Garon and Bill Guerin though.

    And Miro Satan, and Petr Sykora.

  58. Smytty777 says:

    M.A. Fleury great quote.

  59. doritogrande says:

    And for those not watching the out of town scores, my Moose lost in 6 games tonight to the Hershey Bears, Washington affiliate. Three goals against in the first 10 minutes = no chance.

    Great season from the Moose. No way Scott Arniel doesn't have an NHL job by training camp 09.

  60. doritogrande says:

    Serious question, would anyone take Hal Gill at 2M next season?

    I think I would.

  61. bookie says:

    What the F#@$ is with this "Who are you thinking of?" question.

    The celebration does seem somewhat muted though. Everyone has their kids there and is being careful not to spill the champagne, swear, or even be too loud.

    Thats what happens when they win it away from home I guess.

  62. R O says:

    Worst officiating this series. Pens got away with murder on the ice.

  63. Coach pb9617 says:

    Worst officiating this series. Pens got away with murder on the ice.

    The what now?

  64. Bruce says:

    Fwiw: Detroit had the big edge in the first, but the Penguins wound up outhitting them 44-35, 32-14 over the last 40 minutes. That's probably cuz Detroit had a lot of the puck, shots just 24-18 but shot attempts way up there at 61-27. I though Brooks Orpik had a monster game and when I checked his stat line he had 0s across the board except for 2 stats: 9 hits and 5 blocked shots. Scuderi, Gill, Eaton, those stay-at-home dudes really carried the mail. Gill and Scuderi, each +4 the last 2 games, both 2-1 wins. They were huge.

    Wonderful save by Fleury in the last second, off one of the game's greatest stars no less; what a way to seal the deal.

  65. R O says:

    The what now?

    You didn't see the holds and hooks that the Pens were applying practically every other shift the Wings were in the neutral zone? Subtle stuff, but you see it better in replays like Guerin on Helm when Fleury didn't know where the puck was.

    I know it's the in-thing is to hate the Wings for favorable officiating, but in this series the whistles went the way of the Pens.

  66. R O says:

    every other shift the Wings were in the neutral zone

    This should say: every other shift the Wings were in the attacking zone

  67. Icecastles says:

    RO…. you're kidding, right? Yeah the Penguins got away with quite a bit this game… almost 10% as much as Detroit has been getting away with all series, if not throughout the playoffs.

  68. R O says:

    I'm seriously not kidding Icecastles. I assume when you say Detroit got away with a lot this series, you're referring to Zetterberg in games 1 and 2 (when Malkin had an illegal breakaway AND Talbot hooked Helm on his breakway)? Or perhaps game 6, when Cooke delivered a hit to Datsyuk which was pretty much a 5-minute major – Detroit likely wins if that penalty is called.

    The only game -this series- that Detroit had the edge in officiating was game 5, and more than half of that was Pittsburgh melting down.

  69. R O says:

    Addendum: You ought to ask the Flyers, Caps and Canes how pure-as-the-driven-snow the Pens were. The officiating dice rolled sevens for them from April to June.

  70. bookie says:

    Interesting fact – Garon didnt take the cup for a spin.

  71. Bruce says:

    Stanley Cups since the merger:
    5 Edmonton

    4 Detroit
    4 NY Islanders

    3 Pittsburgh
    3 New Jersey

    2 Colorado
    2 Montreal

    1 Calgary
    1 NY Rangers
    1 Dallas
    1 Tampa Bay
    1 Carolina
    1 Anaheim

    Pennants since the merger:
    7 Edmonton

    6 Detroit

    5 NY Islanders

    4 New Jersey
    4 Philadelphia
    4 Pittsburgh

    3 Calgary
    3 Montreal

    2 Anaheim
    2 Boston
    2 Carolina
    2 Colorado
    2 Dallas
    2 Minnesota
    2 Vancouver

    1 Buffalo
    1 Chicago
    1 Los Angeles
    1 NY Rangers
    1 Florida
    1 Ottawa
    1 Tampa Bay
    1 Washington

    Way to go, Penguins.

    *humming* Still the one

  72. Bruce says:

    Interesting fact – Garon didnt take the cup for a spin.

    Not a fact, Bookie, just a reporting/recording error. I saw Garon with take his turn, laugh maniacally, and say "I'm having a better day than you, Pete!"

    OK, I made the last part up, but not the part of Mathieu with the Cup. He's flying a long way below the radar if nobody noticed.

  73. mc79hockey says:

    That was a weird little celebration, with guys taking turns skating a thirty foot stretch and dropping an F bomb for the cameras.

    I'll admit that I was cheering for Pittsburgh, because a) I picked 'em, b) Detroit has the most obnoxious online fanbase and c) I like the Oilers at the top of the list since the start of the Original 21.

    Shame they blew that chance in 2006. I was thinking about that a fair bit tonight.

  74. bookie says:

    OK, I made the last part up, but not the part of Mathieu with the Cup. He's flying a long way below the radar if nobody noticed.

    Thanks for the correction Bruce. I missed it in the 25 foot cup relay so I though perhaps he just faded back into the woodwork to ponder next season.

  75. Black Gold says: has an poll up that made me think.
    "Is this the end of the Red Wings Dynasty?"

    How many more years does Lidstrom have in him as one of the top three Dmen in the league? One, two? Zero?

    Zetterberg and Franzen take up $10M in cap space next season. That's a lot more than the $3.6M they put on the books this year.

    Zetterberg and Datsyuk at $6M and $6.7M is still good value. But Detroit no longer has the best value contract in the league.

    Is it over? I doubt it, but it's only getting harder from here on out. Zetterberg and Datsyuk have a lot of years left as point per game Selke finalists.

    There's not a lot of places on the ol' al gore to ask a question and expect a reasonable answer and there's ever less places to expect a reasonable, intelligent answer. So I thought I'd ask you folks.

  76. Muller says:

    Good for Billy Guerin, I wonder if Pronger is going to L.A.

  77. YKOil says:

    I called Detroit but seeing Gonchar win it will leave me smiling for days.

    Detroit will be a legit Stanley Cup finalist prediction as long as Lidstrom plays. After that they will only be a threat to do some damage and go deep.

    And don't kid yourself. Same can be said of Gonchar and the Penguins.

    Finally, two more years of Talbot at $1.05 million a year… (thinks of Pisani and sighs)

  78. Lowetide says:

    I think the Red Wings have some nice things moving forward even after the Lidstrom retirement, but the powerbase in their division is quickly heading 250 miles west.

    It's also true that the organization is probably a little overrated because of the two most recent trips to the SCF. Before that, they'd had a dry spell (2002) and lost to some teams they should have flushed.

    One thing both teams in the SCF did is sign NHL veterans for good prices with no real guarantee in terms of playing time. The Oilers have devoted a lot of at-bats to developing kids, and that's fine.

    But actual NHL players are extremely valuable, and we know this from the 2006 experience.

    Long story short: nice run for Detroit these last two seasons and they'll be a strong contender next year too. Dynasty?


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