Thorns Without the Rose

We’ll know in the next couple of weeks. The questions (which should be obvious for those who follow the Oilers) will be addressed and the answers will (if history repeats) be a mixed bag of “oh, my” and “what the?” for Oilers fans.

We can trace the questions back to last summer (MacT’s mentioning he’d like Reasoner to return) and the regular season (the coach’s hesitancy to use rookie Deslauriers) and the hopeless penalty killing (which ignited opponents’ powerplay like a bullet leaves a gun). They’ve hired a new group of corner boys (Quinn, Renney and Kelly “wrap your savior up in cellophane” Buchberger) but they’ll need to do much more to avoid spending the winter lost at the bottom of the world. The questions:

  1. Will they really give Roloson 4M to sign a one-year deal?
  2. Are they sure enough of Deslauriers to risk the season on him playing 25+ games?
  3. How can they improve the forwards without trading a useful defender?
  4. Who is going to play center behind Horcoff and Gagner?
  5. How many small men can play in the top 6F?
  6. Is Hemsky part of this team’s future?
  7. What can be done to fix the penalty kill?
  8. How many rugged wingers does this team require?
  9. How can this team rid themselves of the contracts that restrict them?
  10. Will Daryl Katz allow Tambellini to flush Nilsson’s contract if it comes to that?

The results should start coming in any moment now.

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