Today’s The Day?

The rest of the NHL is looking forward to tomorrow and free agency, but there’s a chance Edmonton’s news will come today.

If Dwayne Roloson accepts the one-year offer from Edmonton and the Senators deal Dany Heatley before midnight (and they have 4 million reasons to do so) Oilers fans will have lots to talk about on Canada Day but little news will break.

I’m not certain Roloson is the right call, but if it’s a one-year deal for 3M or so then no harm done. The Heatley deal makes me nervous. Why?

Sam Gagner and Andrew Cogliano aren’t even average NHL players at this point, but the organization (and the fans) has suffered the growing pains with the good times just over the hill.

Bad organizations do this kind of thing all the time. The Kansas City A’s were legendary in this area, basically becoming a farm team for the New York Yankees for a long period of time.

A deal that brings Dany Heatley to town improves some areas and makes the Oilers a much better bet for the second season in spring 2010. The long term will be less certain, and the cap problems of today will be replaced by monster difficulties one summer from now.

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  1. gogliano says:

    I agree LT. The only way this deal makes sense is if there is problem salary going back the other way. Penner is a real NHL player whose overpaid LW salary would be a good one to lose, Nilsson the same.

    The good news is that, from the sounds of it, Murray does not have a lot of demand, so it'll take a mistake to make a bad trade.

  2. Doogie2K says:

    And as I understand it, he's looking for two forwards, so…Penner and Nilsson for Heatley? Yes, please.

  3. Oilman says:

    David Bolland, after years of 4 goals and 19 goals, just signed a 5 year extension for $3.375m per season – so, for Chicago, what does that make Kane and Toews worth, and for Edmonton – Cogliano and Gagner just had a benchmark set for the very low end I would think.

  4. GF says:

    Does it really make sense to sign Roli to a one-year deal, when there's so many netminders on the market now? The team would be committing itself to going back to the free market, a year AFTER decent goalies were cheap and plentiful.

  5. Oilman says:

    David Bolland, after years of 4 goals and 19 goals, just signed a 5 year extension for $3.375m per season – so, for Chicago, what does that make Kane and Toews worth, and for Edmonton – Cogliano and Gagner just had a benchmark set for the very low end I would think.

  6. DBO says:

    with the coming cap issue for the Blackhawks, how about making a pitch for Patrick sharp? He's young, can score 30, is awesome at the PK and is signed to $3.9 mill for 3 more years. he mostly plays wing, plays physical and the Hawks are screwed next year. With the Hawks needing to shed salary, what about Sharp and Huet for Penner? It saves them $5.4 mill in cap hit going forward allowing them to sign Havlay, we get our goalie and if you add the deal we are going o offer rollie it only adds $2 mill to our cap going forward. you get a 30 goal scorer who is a two way player in Sharp and you get a better goalie. Yes it's a cap hit, but it settles our goalie situation. Yes I know it is a lot to spend, but you get sharp in the deal and you can do it if you don't get a Heatley.

    basicaly what deal whould you rather have
    - Rollie and Heatley for $10.5 mill and still have Penner but lose Gilbert.
    -Sharp and huet for $9.4 mill and you lose penner but keep Gilbert.

  7. DBO says:

    Rob Blake signed a one year $3.5 mill deal with San jose. As per tsn

  8. uni says:

    I'd rather the Oilers avoid Heatley and offload the Penner contract if they can. I still believe in Nilsson but unless he rounds into form shed his salary as well.

    That way they set themselves up nicely with cap room to poach some choice players next year if/when the cap falls.

    Lots of bargains to be had in the summer of 2010 methinks once that cap falls, lots of buyouts and guys looking to sign when teams are up against the cap ceiling.

    No Heatley please.

  9. Downright Fierce says:

    Why are we worried about the long-term with Heatley?

    He's just going to ask for a trade in a couple seasons, right?

  10. gogliano says:

    According to Dreger's twitter, no truth to the Khabibulin to the Oilers rumor that no one has heard of.

  11. Bar Qu says:

    Nice Fierce ;)

    But seriously, will something happen already!

    It's quarter to ten for goodness sake.

  12. godot10 says:

    //David Bolland, after years of 4 goals and 19 goals, just signed a 5 year extension for $3.375m per season – so, for Chicago, what does that make Kane and Toews worth, and for Edmonton – Cogliano and Gagner just had a benchmark set for the very low end I would think.//

    David Bolland was playing tough minutes against the other teams first or second best lines.

  13. NBOilerFan says:

    The only way I can see us affording Heatley, with a $3mil offer to Rolie, is if we offer Penner & Gilbert.

    Then sign Grebs for $3.25/yr, Smid $1.25/yr, Struwick $0.5/yr which leaves about $1.5-$2 for a #3C or Brule.




    Perhaps there are other little changes that could possibly happen, like dumping Nilsson's $2mil and fill it with a slightly cheaper version, but those are slight changes in cost and talent.

    Anyone have a better solution to fit within the cap if Heatley was acquired, and still have a balanced team?

    I still have my doubts that Nilsson is moveable or that Moreau and Pisani will be moved (because they are Quinn type players)

  14. Smytty777 says:

    NBOF: Surely we can sign a replacement level for Staios for around $1M (a Hejda type). It saves $1.7M and I would think there would be some interest in Staios for a pick. If not then you might have to eat the salary in the minor to save cap room.

  15. kris says:

    I really don't believe Murray's threat to not move Heatley after the first and I bet GM's around the league don't either.

    When Heatley's demand for a trade went public, Murray fell out of the driver's seat in trade negotiations. This deadline stuff is just a transparent attempt on Murray's part to put himself back in the driver's seat.

    If a good deal comes along after July 1st, he'll go for it, IMO.

  16. Traktor says:

    I expected more from Tambellini.

    Burke goes over Sweden to break bread with the Monster and his parents and all Tambellini can offer us is a 40 year old that failed to reach the playoffs the past 3 seasons.

    Clinging to 8th place mediocrity as always.

  17. Traktor says:

    Cue Jagr to Edmonton.

  18. jon k says:

    T: Hey Gustavsson, you want to consider playing for the Oilers?

    G: No, not really.

    T: Well why I don't come over and meet the folks anyways.

    G: Ummm.

    T: What? Isn't every GM in the league inviting themselves over to meet The Monster Family?

    It is a bonafide negotiation technique, after all.


  19. Dennis says:

    There hasn't been a whole lot of Jagr mentions by the fans and maybe they've taken a cue from the org in that manner. And maybe Tambo's waiting for Jagr as Plan B if Plan Heatley fails; it just seems awfully odd that Jagr wouldn't be odds on to be in edm given they already once worked out a conditional deal with him plus his old coach is now our real coach.

    I read the mentions of both Betts and Zigomanis and it looks like the Oilers are just gonna revamp the bottom six and the PK and hope the real improvement comes from the maturation of 13-89 along with a bounceback from 10 and a real season from 19.

    And that might not actually be a bad plan.

    What the Oilers should be looking to do is shore up the netminding situation longtime AND get rid of 12's contract plus one of the three existing post 4 mill pacts on the D: 44-71-77.

  20. Traktor says:

    Three months ago on the pipeline show:

    Guy: Do you have interest in Gustavsson?

    KP: We do, but right now our priority is Roli.

    If we use common sense and assume that Gustavsson is looking for a starters job then why would Gustavsson shoot us down before we had a chance to schmooze him?

  21. Coach pb9617 says:

    Remember Kids, SAY NO TO HEATLEY!

    Dennis – Tollefson would be a great replacement for Staios. He brings the "Hard around the boards" clearing maneuver with him! If Tambellini is looking to save dollars, that's a steal. I have a feeling Shero will be knocking on his door as well.

  22. spOILer says:

    I do most of my newspaper reading on-line, and sometimes that means I miss the little blurbs captioned in on the sidebars of the local fishwrap.

    I just came across a post draft day Calgary Sun that had a review of each Canadian team's performance in the draft stuck in the sidebar next to Garrioch's main article about the lack of deals on draft day.

    The grade and review was done by Mark Seidel, head NA scout for CSS. He noted that all of Lander, Rajala AND Abney were rated higher than their selection spots.

    Really, Abney? Is that a typo? I thought that pick was supposedly going off the board?

  23. uni says:

    Looking at other teams that drafted, particularly Toronto's 68th overall I believe, Abney seems a bit less of a reach.

    Tough guys seem to go, however, I still think that pick would have been better served on any number of players. Heck I would have traded it for a few other picks and grabbed D'Amico at 168th or something rather than take Abney.

    What's done is done. Abney apparently knows how to skate, and at the very least he's pretty young (just eligible for the draft I think). Here's hoping against hope that he turns into a shutdown 3rd checker with attitude.

  24. kris says:


    Very scary article. Grebs is the real deal and Howson knows how to pick our pockets.

  25. quain says:

    I'm not really sure who on CBJ has any value to us, aside from the obvious pieces that won't be moved (Nash, Mason)… or players Edmonton already sent into the wilderness (Hejda, Torres).

  26. jon k says:

    PDO: If there is one GM in the league to rip us off for under-appreciated, good value players, it's Howson in Columbus.

    Coach: Why the Tollefson train?

    The guy straight up cannot play hockey and takes more minutes in bad penalties than he gets in icetime.

    He played 19 games for CBJ this season and had the following stats:

    Qualcomp -0.13
    Qualteam -0.01
    GA 10
    GF 5
    GF/60 – GA/60 = -1.46

  27. Ribs says:

    CBJ took Moore in the draft…

  28. speeds says:

    Rajala to Memorial Cup hosting Brandon?

    They did draft him 14th overall in today's import draft:

  29. speeds says:


    I wouldn't complain if EDM could get Voracek.

    Hard to think of a good fit with CLB, outside of Voracek, Brassard or Filatov, and I doubt Howson will move any of the three.

  30. jon k says:

    Ribs: Grebeshkov to CBJ for Moore straight across?

    I could see it. And I don't like it.

  31. Steve says:

    Willis on Abney:

    I can't see how that's not going off the board. If it isn't, there's something seriously wrong with the board.

  32. Ribs says:

    jon k: I would hope there would be more to the deal. Maybe an RFA guy comes back as well as Moore.

  33. spOILer says:

    Found it on-line. Dunno how I missed it, unless they posted it late.

    Here's the note on Abney (et alii):

  34. gogliano says:

    Rajala to the WHL would be very good news.

  35. spOILer says:

    CLB has an excess of wingers. I can see them trying to get out from under Modin's last year.

    If Grebs goes however, the only justifiable reason would be salary dump… Gilbert would have a bigger effect, and either would have to seem to be a move to make space for another move (if the rumours are true).

  36. Mike says:

    Journal says that offers have been tendered to Grebs and Ladi.

  37. Coach pb9617 says:

    Jon – he's fine on a the bottom pairing, and if they can't replace Staios with Montador *pretty please*, then he's a fine player for the 700-900 he'll cost.

  38. Black Dog says:

    The Eagle has landed.

    Great stuff the last few days LT. No need to even look at a paper.

    Not trades to speak of is what's puzzling me. Guess everyone is waiting to see where the UFAs go and then things will happen.

    And Roli? Meh.

  39. Black Dog says:

    And Bolland is a hell of a hockey player, btw.

  40. PDO says:

    Pat's alive.

    Now the madness can ensue ;)

  41. oilerdiehard says:

    Did you not have Heatley on your list of preferred players to acquire this Summer LT?

    Are you already having buyers remorse before you bought the thing? :)

  42. Bar Qu says:

    Hope the car trip went (is going) well BDHS! I am looking forward (not) to a similar but shorter trip with my three under 5 this summer.

    And I hope all this Grebs trade talk is the result of too much anticipation and not enough substantial information to discuss.

  43. Lowetide says:

    BDHS: Welcome back!

    oilerdiehard: I'm not on the Heatley train. My preference for summer is here:

  44. oilerdiehard says:

    LT – I was thinking of this post below when I said that.

    "Here's my wish list, feel free to add names.

    1. Jay Bouwmeester
    2. Marian Hossa
    3. Marian Gaborik
    4. Martin Havlat
    5. Marc Savard
    6. Jason Spezza
    7. Josh Harding
    8. Kari Lehtonen
    9. Alex Tanguay
    10. Stephen Weiss
    11. Ryan Smyth
    12. Dany Heatley
    13. Colby Armstrong
    14. Alexei Ponikarovsky
    15. Dwayne Roloson
    16. David Backes
    17. Jaraslav Halak
    18. Nik Antropov
    19. Ryan Clowe
    20. Mikael Samuelsson
    21. Tomas Vokoun (higher, save for $$'s)

    Even one player plucked from that list could have a major impact on this hockey club."

  45. Mr DeBakey says:

    From Spector at

    "Still getting word that the Edmonton Oilers are in the race for Dany Heatley.

    So, if beating Tuesday’s midnight deadline for the $4 million payment due to Heatley is a tipping point for Senators GM Bryan Murray, that could well be how the Oilers sweeten the pot to out-bid the few teams left in the running."

    The New York Rangers are one of those teams, of course, and they have never been afraid to spend. Oilers unsuccessfully offered defenceman Tom Gilbert to move up at the draft, and you can bet they are pitching Gilbert to Ottawa as well. Of their four offensive defencemen — Lubomir Visnovsky, Sheldon Souray, RFA Denis Grebeshkov and Gilbert — the Minnesota product Gilbert is the one they would part with.

    Another assumption on our part: If the Oilers are going to eat the $4 million due to Heatley, are they trying to send bust Dustin Penner Ottawa’s way? He’s got three years left at $4.25 million."

    Just shoot me

  46. pboy says:

    I would like to see patience rule the day for the Oil this summer.

    Bring back Roli on a one year deal, if he refuses, thank him and walk away. The Oilers shouldn't have that much difficulty bringing in a veteran goaltender with so many of them available, there will be at least one NHL caliber goalie looking for work by training camp.

    One of Moreau or Staios needs to be shown the door for whatever we can get, be it a draft pick or a prospect. If they can deal Staios, they could look at signing someone like Jay McKee to a 1 year deal and save a million or so going forward.

    Convert Cogliano to the wing whether he likes it or not and go out and acquire someone like Blair Betts or Manny Maholtra who can handle the load at 3rd line center and reduce the load on Horcoff.

    Trading for Heatley makes absolutely no sense to me at all. He's not a superior player to Hossa, Havlet or Gaborik, so if they insist on bringing in a superstar winger, I can't fathom why they would trade assests for Heatley when they can just throw money at one of these other guys.

  47. Dennis says:

    I forgot to mention this and I don't have the link but in the Ott Sun Quinn was quoted as saying something along the lines of perhaps their improvement in his first season would be from within and then they'd go from there.

    Sounds like a guy who knows nothing much is likely to happen.

  48. goldenchild says:

    Im not gonna lie I am scared to death for what might happen in the next 48 hours, a new GM and an owner tryiong to make their marks. If there is one thing I know about guys who make their money selling drugs, its that they like shiny, fancy things and price usually doesnt matter. If that shiny thing is Heatley then Penner has to go the other way and in a perfect world they send out a Staios or Moreau this week too. And if LA wants Souray then thats fantastic.

    My personal wish list would be 2 NHL goalies born after MTV came to air, Manny Malholtra and not just because he is half east indian or a C in that mold, a cheap veteran Dman that can PK. If you can pry a scorer like Gagne or Frolov that would be terrific. But I dont think thats whats going to happen, it will be big game hunting as Katz looks for his bling.

  49. Black Dog says:

    Thanks guys, glad to be, um, back? Wherever back is.

    Seems more and more like there may not be much going on, which might make sense considering the uncertainty over the cap. Tambellini hasn't a lot of room and Gagner and Cogliano on the horizon.

    And not a lot of chips with value other then Hemsky, the kids and the guys on the blue, two who have big contracts.

    May be incremental moves and see what Quinn can do – if he turns the ship around then Tambellini will have more of value next summer.

    Of course if Tambellini does very little that will say volumes about his thoughts on MacT too.

    BarQ – don't do it! ;)

    Get little DVD players to occupy them.

    Dehydrate them until an hour before scheduled stops. Our first day doing this back at Christmas we stopped on the hour for pee breaks. Got nowhere fast.

    Pack snacks and lunches with easy access for quick pitstops.

    That is all. Good luck!

  50. uni says:

    Seriously, all this effort if there is any in pursuing Heatley would be better served pursuing Gagne.

    Pronger just knocked Philly's entire pay scale up a notch and they need cap relief. Tambellini should be throwing everything he has going for Heatley towards Gagne instead. It just makes too much sense.

  51. uni says:

    Oh, and who doesn't want to here the play-by-plays of "Gagner to Gagne…SCORES!"

  52. Anonymous says:

    Saw Moreau and Stoll at Hudson's Downtown last night. Stoll was looking pretty goofy.

    I saw gags and cogs during the winter, so I was totally unprepared for how fricken huge a big forward in the NHL actually was. The Skipper and Gilligan there were towering above everyone else.

    No trade relevance. Just reporting.


  53. Anonymous says:

    (posting anonymous because it's been so long I can't remember my password off the top of my head)


  54. Mr DeBakey says:

    Philadelphia's Cap is tight but manageable
    -Moreau + Brule for Hartnell
    - add Nash & for Gagne?

    Boston's situation is even worse.

  55. till_horcoff_is_coach says:

    I have cautious optimism about the next 72 hours… there are a boatload of oiler rumours, so it seems like they may be setting up a number of scenarios. But with nothing on Heatley yet, I hope it means they are only willing to pull the trigger ONLY if it all fits.

    It also seems that the only way a UFA prize chooses Edmonton is with a steep overpay.. So Heatley's contract is not a bargain but it is within reason for the goals he's put up. Regardless if we trade for Heatley or go for UFA, it means we are trading players away at cents to the dollar (Moreau and Staios have got to be negative value).

    I was one that was all for letting Horpensky do what they do… but with a glut of solid second line players, you think Tambo has to be trying to turn them into a bonafide first and see what he can get from Hemsky.

  56. hunter1909 says:

    If the Oilers can only get UFA's from overpayment, then perhaps getting UFA's isn't a good idea?

  57. hunter1909 says:

    "If there is one thing I know about guys who make their money selling drugs, its that they like shiny, fancy things and price usually doesnt matter."

    goldenchild: Oilers fan's Gallows humour like yours will keep me smiling until they win their next cup, around 2067.

  58. Moose says:

    Higgins has just been traded to Rangers…might be a Heatley domino that affects the Oilers.

    Don't know details of who Habs got. That's from Kevin Allen's twitter page BTW.

  59. LittleFury says:

    Higgins for Gomez.

  60. LittleFury says:

    Oops. Per TSN.

  61. Moose says:

    WTF are the Habs doing taking that contract? Unreal.

    Heatley to the Rangers now?

  62. Traktor says:

    Brilliant move by Slats.

    There goes my dream of sending Horc to the Habs.

  63. visiondude says:

    First posting here, BTW, love this blog.

    LT: sorry to hear about your moms.

    Montreal gets Gomez for Higgins…from TSN.

  64. Smarmy Boss says:

    Cripes. Gainey has finally lost the last of his marbles.

  65. jesse r says:

    Slats must be clearing room for somebody. The question is: Is it for Heatley or for a spending spree tomorrow?

  66. PDO says:

    So, safe to say Lecavalier is remaining a Bolt?

    The next 7 hours could be really interesting….

  67. gogliano says:

    Is there a problem with Higgins we don't know about? I mean, not only do they take the bad contract, they lose a pretty good player.

  68. PDO says:

    Kinda weird…

    … isn't Gomez the guy you'd want to play with Heatley on the Rags?

  69. HBomb says:

    For anyone who complains about Horcoff's deal, I always refer them to the Gomez contract.

    Why Montreal takes that thing on for five years, I have no idea.

  70. Smarmy Boss says:

    If the Habs were gonna throw money down the toilet you think they would have went with that french canadian.

    Then again, nobody knows what the bolts are doing hour to hour much less day to day.

  71. HBomb says:

    And it's not that Gomez is a bad player – he's just not worth 7.4 million per season.

  72. pboy says:

    I guess the Habs are out of the Vinny sweepstakes and the Rags might be the leading contenders in the Heatley sweeps.

    As far as Gainey losing his marbles, maybe he feels that Gomez will regain his game and become a 80-90 point player and he felt that he was going to be unable to sign one of these guys as a UFA?

  73. LittleFury says:

    With all the FAs they have coming off the books, the Habs have a ridiculous amount of cap space to work with. And it seems they decided to flush it down the crapper on a guy whose probably not much of an upgrade on Koivu. Weird move.

  74. dubya says:

    Holy crap, the Rangers got Ryan McDonagh as well (#12 overall from a couple years ago). Wow.

  75. jon k says:

    And the Habs include one of their best prospects and get a guy in return with the last name "Busto".

    You can't write this stuff. Gainey has officially lost it.

  76. Traktor says:

    "For anyone who complains about Horcoff's deal, I always refer them to the Gomez contract."

    But you could just as easily point out a steal of a deal and make Horc's contract look even worse.

    It's like that old Mighty Ducks movie – an inch to the right and you would've missed the net completely.

    For me though it's not so much as the dollars as it is accepting mediocrity. Unless you have a top 15 goalie or a top 15 center or a top 15 defensemen why be content?

    Visnovsky and Souray weren't the problem this year but that hasn't stopped us from hoping we get Jbo, right?

    Roli wasn't the problem last year but that doesn't mean we can't upgrade on him.

    I don't see why Horc would be any different.

  77. Traktor says:

    "Holy crap, the Rangers got Ryan McDonagh as well (#12 overall from a couple years ago). Wow."

    I don't believe it.

  78. Bruce says:

    Traktor: I'd rather have Horcoff than Gomez, that's for sure. Unless I was in a hockey pool I suppose.

  79. PDO says:

    I'm all for trading Horcoff.

    If we can bring in someone better.

    Which is what I don't see. Sure, we can deal Horcoff for picks/futures…. and then do what?

    How often do centers better than him become available? How successful is Edmonton at signing top UFA's?

  80. LittleFury says:

    As it stands, that's got to be one of the worst trades in Habs history.

  81. robert cleave says:

    Is Gainey getting specific signals that top end UFAs won't sign in Montreal? That's a hell of a piece of money to tie up otherwise.

  82. jon k says:

    Apparently Heatley trade is getting worked out right now. Supposedly done by midnight tonight.

  83. Traktor says:

    "Which is what I don't see. Sure, we can deal Horcoff for picks/futures…. and then do what?"

    Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.

    Uncertainly vs known mediocrity

    "who out there is available as an upgrade on Shawn Horcoff right now?"

    There might not be a single upgrade today but we also know that we don't have a shot at winning today with or without Horcoff.

    We should be building for 2-3 years down the line when Gags and Cogliano take the next step. A guy like Dubinsky will be better than Horcoff ever was in a year or two even if he's a downgrade today.

  84. Smarmy Boss says:

    I'm glad he's going to the Rangers.

  85. doritogrande says:

    Here's hoping Gainey got fired immediately after that trade. Can Gomez take the toughs, or is he a soft-minutes scorer with no size to speak of?

    And giving up McDonogh(sp?) to boot? Well that's just plain moronic.

    Ideal scenario for tomorrow is we sign a 6-7 defenseman to tandem with Peckham, re-up Grebs and Roloson, dump Staios, add Knuble in the 3-4M range and sign Blair Betts. That'll be a good day for me.

    Also, take everything I say in the next two days with a grain of salt. Double kegger tonight because no one has to work tomorrow means I won't be coherent for 2 days. Last year I don't remember being upside down on the keg, but there are pictures to prove it.

    Happy Canada Day everyone!

  86. jon k says:

    Well, being in a situation of uncertainty leads to poor decisions in my opinion. Look at Gainey today. His team was desperate for anyone to fill the top line C position and he paid the price.

    Who says the Rangers are interested in dealing Dubinsky for Horcoff?

    If you are sending out a role you have to either fill it or have a plan which projects to fill it.

    Gagner is likely never going to be a top C who also faces top opposition, nor is anyone in the pipeline.

    Horcoff might get dealt one day, but not until we have something definite on the way to replace him. So I'm happy with him here until this team does that or goes into a full rebuild.

  87. jon k says:

    dorito: Gomez can face the toughs, though perhaps not as well as Horcoff. He's certainly a very similar player, especially after coming up through the NJD's system.

  88. RiversQ says:

    I see this:

    Traktor said…
    There might not be a single upgrade today but we also know that we don't have a shot at winning today with or without Horcoff.

    …and then I see this:

    Traktor said…
    It's like that old Mighty Ducks movie – an inch to the right and you would've missed the net completely.

    Ah, nothing like clarity.

    I think I know where you're coming from now, Traktor.

  89. R O says:

    "There might not be a single upgrade today but we also know that we don't have a shot at winning today with or without Horcoff."

    This sounds an awful lot like "the problem isn't Horcoff."

  90. PDO says:

    Glen Sather on the Gomez deal:

    "It gives us a lot of options for tomorrow."

  91. Traktor says:

    RQ: Those are fighting words.

    "This sounds an awful lot like "the problem isn't Horcoff."

    The key word is "might" (uncertainly vs known mediocrity)

    I think it's pretty ignorant though to suggest it would be impossible to upgrade on the 25th best center in the league (not aimed at you specifically).

  92. Anonymous says:

    Sather: "Torts has talked about the young guys all year and we wanted to make some room for them, and we did."

    Look behind door #3.

  93. kris says:

    Let this be a lesson to people who say you can't move a big, overpay contract without taking back salary.

    Higgins is RFA, coming off a poor year. He should sign cheap. Not a terrible 2nd line guy either.

    Gomez is a nice player, but is clearly the poorest 7MM player in the league. He should've been impossible to move, but instead he fetched a decent, young-ish RFA and a prospect.

    Can we get Slats back now?

  94. PDO says:

    Clearly Bobby Mac reads my posts.

    Ottawa wants Penner. It'd come down to "Penner, a prospect, and a roster defenseman."

    "Edmonton is the most logical place for Heatley to end up."

  95. Ribs says:

    Free Agent Frenzy?…

    He's Ready!

  96. R O says:

    "The key word is "might" (uncertainly vs known mediocrity)"

    I think where I take issue is the phrase "known mediocrity". I don't watch every Oilers game nor do I even follow the Oilers [aside from reading this blog] but everything I see in him (from when he plays Calgary to how he rates in terms of +/- and quality of competition and all that) he seems like a damn fine player. If he's overpaid, it's only by 500k or so.

  97. LittleFury says:

    Penner, Smid and Schremp and I'll laugh my balls off.

  98. spOILer says:

    Little Fury, wouldn't you rather move more salary than that?

  99. gogliano says:

    Penner, Staios, Schremp it is!

  100. LittleFury says:

    Sure: Moreau and Nilsson for picks/prospects

  101. gogliano says:

    Penner, Smid, and prospect actually being mentioned by Mac.

  102. Bar Qu says:

    Penner, Smid and prospect is a trade I could get behind, even if it meant getting Heatley.

  103. Psyche says:

    I would rather see Smid kept and move Staios or Gilbert on the back end. Smid is still improving and offers different strengths than the other experienced defencemen. Plus his contract should be a minimal cap hit.

  104. Coach pb9617 says:

    dorito: Gomez does face the toughs and barely outscores, he's a bit worse at it than Horcoff.

  105. jon k says:

    I'll call the deal now:

    Heatley, Smith


    Penner, Smid, Nilsson, 1st/High prospect

  106. Psyche says:

    jon K, I like Jason Smith, but not at $2.6 million. How about flipping Gilbert for Volchenkov as part of the package? Brings that defensive d-man in a younger and slightly cheaper model ($2.2 million).

  107. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    Penner, Smid and Eberle.

  108. kris says:

    I wager 20 quatloos on Heatley for Penner, Smid, and Brule.

  109. Lowetide says:

    Dorito: He's 12th on the list! If the Oilers can get Heatley for Penner, Smid and a pick/prospect not named Magum PS, Theo Peckham, Riley Nash or Jordan

  110. Gerta Rauss says:

    I'll resubmit my proposal from yesterdays Roloson thread:

    "Penner,O'Sully,Staios,1st in '10,$4M payment


    Heatley and Smith"

    Closest to the actual retail price without going over wins a prize.

  111. rickibear says:

    But you could just as easily point out a steal of a deal and make Horc's contract look even worse.

    Traktor:Point of reference for you

    Outscoring centers against other teams toughs. You know Horcoff's group. Lets look at the status when contract signed.

    Datsyuk ufa 6.8M
    Zajac RFA ?
    Sedin UFA ?
    Malkin RFA 8.7M
    Carter RFA 5.0M
    Thorton UFA 7.2M
    Bolland RFA 3.6M
    Richards Rfa 5.75M
    Crosby RFA 8.7M
    Horcoff UFA 5.5M
    E. Staal RFA 8.25M

    Worse? UH? Yeah? Awful? Yeah just uh?

    Go team!

  112. Deano says:

    TSN sez JayBo is a Flame

  113. gogliano says:

    Well that smarts.

  114. PDO says:

    Bouwmeester signed in Calgary.

  115. Lowetide says:

    Good for Calgary. As much as Sutter is just awful with PR, this is a solid move. I know they'll need to move a contract but this is "the" guy and he's a Flame now.

    Good job, Calgary.

  116. PDO says:

    Son of a bitch.

  117. jon k says:

    Sutter might not be much for the cameras and media but he's got a way with the Alberta boys.

    The real kick in the crotch would be if he turns around and deals Phaneuf for some good assets or Heatley.

  118. Lowetide says:

    jon k: That would hurt for sure, but if you're Ottawa that's better value than Penner and Smid.

  119. Deano says:

    …or if he unloads Kipper's or Jokinen's deal.

  120. PDO says:

    I hate him.

    That didn't take long.

  121. gogliano says:

    Cap hit 6.6 million per year.

    Reasonable, but not cheap.

  122. bookie says:

    Bouwmeester signed in Calgary.

    So, here's to seeing him flounder like the rest of the flameouts under the Sutter Putters.

  123. Schitzo says:

    It would have been worth a 3rd rounder just to tie up JBO's rights for a few extra days.

    Would have done more to help us win in the next 5 years than that stupid goon we drafted, anyways.

  124. Deano says:

    If he does Heatley for Phaneuf now, then he has to move out more than one salary.

    JayBo+Heatley-Dion= $7.8MM in additional salary.

  125. docweb says:

    NO…not good (well maybe) for Calgary…terrible for Edmonton.

    Why is it that Edmonton lads will sign and play for Calgary?? I don't get it. Even as a lowly fan/season ticket holder I HATE Calgary. If you were a hockey player growing up in Edmonton I'm sure you would feel the same. Yes I know it is for big dollars but Jebus…sign with anyone else but Calgary.

    Did Tambo even try or is the atmosphere so poisoned that nobody wants to come here??

    I think I may be sick.

  126. Schitzo says:

    docweb: apparently Iginla and Langkow told him that Calgary is great – you're close to Edmonton to visit, but you don't have to live there.

  127. PDO says:

    Lets steal their headlines!!!!!

  128. docweb says:

    Holy Cow…just thought of something else…

    Bad enought I have to listen to all of my Flame friends rub it in during the winter but now all summer long as well!!!

    Do they need any Docs in Camrose, St. Albert, etc.??

    This might be the final staw.

  129. Mark-Ryan says:

    I've spent a great deal of time in Calgary. I might as well have lived there, I spent three months living out of an aunts apartment while she was in another country.

    I can not for the life of me give one real, legitimate reason why anyone believes Calgary is a better city to be in. Their city hall had somebody cut the grass more?

  130. Ben says:

    Bouwmeester isn't an Oilers fan, he has no reason to hate the Flames.

  131. quain says:

    Great signing by Calgary, Jokinen-Bouwmeester was an amazing core in Florida.

  132. Bar Qu says:

    For the love of puppies!

    Calgary has just created the best d-corps in the league and all they have to do is convince some more Phoenix-type teams to take their oversized contracts for legit players in return.

  133. Psyche says:

    Sorry for missing this but does anyone know what Heatley's cap hit is over the term of his contract?

  134. PDO says:


  135. Ian says:

    Just because Bouwmeester signed in Calgary does not automatically make him "against" Edmonton, people.

  136. PDO says:


    No… but it makes him the enemy :)

  137. Woodguy says:

    docweb: apparently Iginla and Langkow told him that Calgary is great – you're close to Edmonton to visit, but you don't have to live there.

    The above is pretty much one of the key reasons I loved Calgary too.

    I'm not a professional hockey player, but I grew up in Edmonton from 1972-1992, and lived from 1992 – 1999 in Calgary.

    I moved back to Edmonton to take advantage of a quality business opportunity.

    All things being equal, I'd live in Calgary every day of the week.

    Still wore my old Siltanen jersey to every Oil game in Calgary that I could.

    I also wore my Jim Germany #25 without impunity in Cowtown as well.

    I hate Calgary's sports teams. Loved living in Cowtown.

    If Sutter gets high quality prosepects for Kipper then signs the two best free agent goalies for $4M for the pair, he wins exec of the year next year.

  138. docweb says:

    I'm not saying Jaybo or anyone else who is raised any Oiler fan is against Edmonton…but surely you MUST be against Calgary.

    In essence, don't sign with Edmonton but never,ever sign with Calgary. Is that really too much to ask for?

    Take your millions, be happy, but don't raise a cup with Calgary… or you are the enemy. Sorry but that is how I feel.

  139. Bruce says:

    In the immortal words of Joe Schultz: "Shit. Fuck. Shitfuck. Fuckshit."

  140. Ducey says:

    I hate the Flames too, but if I am JBo and have been carrying the mail alone for years I like the look of the Flames. He now is one of three top Dmen and rather than by himself.

  141. kris says:

    Maye we can still sign Nylander.

  142. Woodguy says:

    Maye we can still sign Nylander.


  143. PDO says:

    Kypreos said it's a done deal, centered around Cogliano, Heatley has to OK it…..

  144. Lord Bob says:

    First off: if you sign for the Calgary Flames, you are either against Edmonton or you are unbelievably naive and stupid.

    Second off, if you sign with a new team three hours before you would have gotten unrestricted free agency you are unbelievably naive and stupid (I declare a trend here – has the Florida sun melted J-Bo's brain?).

    But here's the good news.

    Jarome Iginla: $7.5 million
    Jay Bouwmeester: $6.6 million
    Dion Phaneuf: $6.5 million
    Miikka Kiprusoff: $5.3 million
    Daymond Langkow: $4.5 million
    Robyn Regehr: $4.0 million
    Cory Sarich: $3.6 million

    Three bad contracts (Iginla, Langkow, Sarich), two horrifying contracts (Phaneuf, Kiprusoff), a combined zero chance of outperforming even one of those deals, a combined $38 million tied up in seven players, three of whom are pretty average and one of whom is much worse than average, and a team that expects to have any chance at doing anything, and the cap is going down.

    The only thing that would make less sense from the perspective of making a real hockey team and not a fantasy hockey team would be Edmonton getting Dany Heatley.

  145. Bank Shot says:

    Don't kid yourself Lord Bob. Calgary's the easy favorite to win the Northwest this year, and they've got the pieces to get out of the first round.

    A Stanley next year for the Flames is certainly a possibility.

  146. Lord Bob says:

    I dunno, Bank Shot. Have you looked at the teams to win the Stanley Cup in the cap era? They've had two things in common.

    1) Have more than three good players.
    2) Have a goalie better than I am.

    Calgary fails hard on both counts.

  147. Schitzo says:

    Man, if Iginla and Langkow are bad contracts, I shudder to think of what Heatley and Horcoff would be.

  148. R O says:

    Langkow's making a million less than horcoff and I don't think Horcoff's contract is too bad. They are the same player. That makes langkow a bargain.

    Sarich is a very good NHL defenceman. This was discussed a year or so ago at IOF.

    Iginla's season was subpar by his own standards. I wouldn't call his contract bad though, not by any stretch.

    You would take phaneuf at 6.5 million. The soft-opposition argument doesn't fly anymore, Mudcrutch saw to that.

    You're overstating my team's problems. The bad contracts on the Flames (I.e. The ones that won't provide value for money) are Kipper and Jokinen.

  149. Bruce says:

    Were there any conditionals in the Calgary-Florida deal? If JayBo signs, then … ?

  150. PDO says:

    "The expected deal would see Edmonton sending Andrew Cogliano, Dustin Penner and Ladislav Smid to the Senators in exchange for Heatley.

    Heatley will be required to waive his no-trade clause."

  151. Bank Shot says:

    You're overstating my team's problems. The bad contracts on the Flames (I.e. The ones that won't provide value for money) are Kipper and Jokinen.

    Yea pretty much, and its not as if you can get good NHL goaltending for less then $3-4 million so Kipper just has to be good next year to make the contract livable which is really quite possible seeing as the Flames are adding on defence and dumping their one way forwards.

    The Flames also have a bunch of good bargain contracts like Bouwmeester, Iginla, Regehr, Bourque, Glencross, Moss, and Conroy. One of their sub million dollar defencemen will likely outperform their contract as well.

    Lots of things to like about the Flames team next season.

  152. Lucinius says:

    Sounds insane. All three of them makes the price far too high in my opinion. Even with the rumour at Penner and Smid I was leery, but Cogliano as well? Ugh.

  153. Gerta Rauss says:

    Have you got that face palm warming up in the bullpen LT..?

  154. honkey says:

    Lets hope Heatley says no then.

  155. Coach pb9617 says:

    Fire…….Daryl Katz?

  156. PDO says:

    I think it's a deal you have to make.

    Heatley is an upgrade on Penner.

    A significant upgrade.

    Smid is a bottom pairing defenseman.

    The dollars damn near even out, and you're adding a 28 year old two time fifty goal scorer to play along side Ales Hemsky.

  157. PDO says:


    An Oiler.


    Beer for all!

  158. danny says:

    Cogliano will be getting around $4M next season. It would be impossible to win and have Gagner/Cogliano making $8M learning to play in the NHL.

    The massive upgrade the top line gets, and powerplay, covers the $3.5M swing in developing Cogs versus having Heater IMO.

    The important thing is where you go from here. We need a couple vet NHLers, that can hold their own and play for a million bucks. Not 2.5 million.

    This is going to polarize the fans much like Souray did if it goes down.

    I'm in the middle almost, but agree with PDO, when a 50 goal scorer south of 30yrs old becomes available, and at a reasonable tag, you make it happen.

  159. Bar Qu says:

    Gritting my teeth. Cogliano. Seriously!?!

  160. fever4flames says:

    wow bankshot i LIKE the way u think "A Stanley next year for the Flames is certainly a possibility."

    i gotta say i am bouncing off the wallas happy right now with joy. not surprised that j-bo wanted to sign with calgary.. after having spent time abroad, j-bo can recognize a world-class city when he sees one!

    prediction time: flames in six for the stanley cup over the penguins!!

    it's like christmastime in june!

  161. PDO says:


    Kept the top 4 D together.

    Dealt a guy who was gone within a year anyway.


  162. Schitzo says:

    PDO: Where are you seeing it done?

    And there is merit to the point that if Bolland gets 3+, how on earth do you sign cogs next year…

  163. danny says:

    omm… every minute that passes, and heatly hasn't waived his NTC makes this a little unnerving.

    Nylander fiasco was a blessing and everyone knew it, but Heatly would be a black eye that fades slow.

  164. Coach pb9617 says:

    If it happens, they can't pay Roloson anything near 3 million.

  165. docweb says:

    fever4flames et al

    "It's happening"

    Holy nightmare Batman

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