Exit Ramp 5: Souray

Sheldon Souray can shoot a puck so hard even the other NHL players are impressed. On one shot last season, he injured two opposition players. He shoots the puck so hard from the point that it may actually be impossible for the goalie to move to stop it.

He’s a big man who is tough to play against and he has a mean streak. Although his lateral movement is a tad slow, he has an impressive wingspan and skates well, even better at times. I remember specifically a play where he broke his stick on a shot in the offensive end, was hopelessly out of position but the entire transaction seemed to piss him off and Souray skated like a demon to get back into the play (and actually threw the puck carrier to the ice in a play that had a trace of Slap Shot in it).

Why would the Edmonton Oilers trade Sheldon Souray? It may be the only way to acquire a pure scorer up front. Souray’s goal total from a year ago (23) was good enough to lead the Oilers (he tied Hemsky for the honor) and he was legend on the powerplay (12-11-23).

He has three seasons left on a 5.4M cap hit and would have to be considered good value even considering his injury history. He’s no puck mover and he has some coverage issues, but the Edmonton Oilers have a valuable trade asset in Sheldon Souray.

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  1. Yeti says:

    But a trade asset with a no-move clause, who would probably only waive it for a very select couple of teams…

    If we buy the GM's agenda to get bigger, meaner and tougher to play against, trading Souray would seem to be a move in the wrong direction. I just can't see it happening – but then what the hell would I know.

  2. Ben says:

    For Clowe and a 2nd.

  3. oilerdago says:

    Souray's not going to SJ for Clowe and a 2nd. They have major cap issues this season that get worse next year and that's not enough salary coming back.

    But w/Visnovsky on the back end as teh sage, this is a person I could live with moving. Problem is I don't see it with any of the California teams so I'd say it's highly likely that 44 and his booming slap shot are here this season.

    Here's hoping he has another healthy season like last year.

  4. Satisfied_to_Ignore says:

    This guy is character, offense, grit, and a little defense once and a while too. You don't have to dress a heavy like smac every game with him in the line up because he is so mean the other team is scared he will put his elbow through their face.

    You don't trade him. You do make him the captain.

  5. IceColdNews.com says:

    I agree with Satisfied_to_Ignore. Souray is everything this Oiler team needs right now: toughness, grit, determination, offense and leadership. This is not a guy you trade but instead should be made team captain.

  6. DBO says:

    And with the cap being tight for a bunch of teams both this year and next, i wonder if we could parlay just Smid into a decent top 6 winger? Chicago, Boston, Philly, NYR are all in tight and Souray's huge contract is going to be near impossible to move.

    A few deals that could work and i'd like to see to poach:
    - Smid and Cogs for Gagne (Philly)
    - Smid and prospect for Sharp (Chicago)
    - Gilbert for Kessel
    - Cogs and a pick/prospect for Dubinsky (NYR – doubt they move him, unless Sather goes crazier and wants to use Cogs for Heatley)

    Not saying they would happen, but we could do 2 of those deals and be better off then just Heatley.



    That would put us right near the cap, but have more balance, more scoring and more depth. Doesn't make us much bigger, but we're a better team.

  7. danjo says:

    hey Lowetide, with all due respect that is about the worst move this team can make right now. After Tambo's alleged commitment to get "tougher to play against" this move would be going in the opposite direction. They have nobody who even comes close to filling the roles that Souray does.

  8. HBomb says:

    With all due respect to other posters, despite the fact that Souray brings a lot to the table that the Oilers lack, you don't move a Gilbert, Visnovsky, or even a Grebeshkov beforeyou move him (37 and 77 based on long-term upside, and Visnovsky simply because he's a better all-around player at this point).

    That being said, if the Oilers went "status quo" with their top six and ditched the real lead-weight (cap wise and on the ice) from their back end (one Steve Staios), I certainly wouldn't have an issue with it.

  9. hunter1909 says:

    If there's one Oilers who I'd hate to see go the most, Souray's probably it. Tough as hell, cares about winning, a "could have played in any era" type, killer point shot, and all round terrifying on a Messier level, if not more so.

    Strip dodo Moreau off his captaincy, and give it to Souray. Find a third line center, and to hell with the rest of the offseason, Heatley included.

    Speaking of Heatley, the more I think about it the more he sounds like he's playing in the wrong era. he needs the post 1995, pre lockout Rangers.

  10. Lowetide says:

    nhlpa has Kotalik on the Oiler roster at 2.5M per year. No doubt an error, but interesting nonetheless.

  11. danny says:

    I'm posting in the wrong thread here, apologize for that… but it's exit ramp related to souray.

    Gilbert and Grebs have an overlapping skillset, neither reproduce Sheldons.

    Has there been a comparable discussion anywhere on tracking Gilbert and/or Grebeshkov? Is it possible to gather a clearer picture of which of these similar men might be on a larger path than the other, and may make more sense to trade?

  12. Phil says:

    and all round terrifying on a Messier level, if not more so.

    Okay, let's not get carried away there, Hunter.

    The biggest problem I have with moving Souray is that he's the one FA in the past gazillion years that honestly wanted to be in Edmonton. I've said it before, but the biggest issue facing the management group is changing the perception that Edmonton is a bad place to play. Sending out players that want to be here, and chasing after players that would rather not play hockey than be here, sends the message that this team is run by assclowns.

    Case in point – Ryan Smyth. A guy who bled copper and blue, and Lowe tore out his heart over $100k (if you believe the stories). Sends a good message to the rest of the league. (Is it coincidence that this team has been looking for leadership, grit, and heart ever since?)

    Sending away Souray sends the same message, admittedly on a much smaller scale.

    They should be building a reputation of being loyal to players that want to be here.

  13. Promethian says:

    People moan about the fact that the Oilers have no "seller players" like Calgary does in Iginla (J-BO), Anaheim does in Teemu (Koivu), and Colorado did in Sakic (Smyth). There are certainly other examples around the league.

    Souray may be our only hope in that regard. Has it worked yet? Nope. But we can hope.

    If he wants out though, all this talk of which top 4 D-man to keep has already been decided. Let's just hope that if a top 4 guy leaves that their salary is north of $5M.

  14. Promethian says:

    Oh, and what he said:

    //The biggest problem I have with moving Souray is that he's the one FA in the past gazillion years that honestly wanted to be in Edmonton.//

  15. Oilman says:

    Kotalik made $2.5m last season LT – nhloa probably just hasn't updated their site.

  16. bookie says:

    I'm posting in the wrong thread here, apologize for that… but it's exit ramp related to souray.

    Danny – If you have followed past discussions here, you will know that there is no such thing as posting on the wrong thread. The debates and discussions here often drift into history lessons on the Expos, critiques of 1980's pop videos, factoids about sociology, and references to obscure cartoon moments! So…post away!

  17. bookie says:

    For a number of reasons, I would not trade Souray unless he has demanded a trade.

  18. NBOilerFan says:

    DBO said…
    A few deals that could work and i'd like to see to poach:
    - Smid and Cogs for Gagne (Philly)

    I posted in the "Exit Ramp – Smid" post early this morning the following;

    "Does Smid, O'Sullivan and prospect/pick get you into talks for Simon Gagne?"

    Probably not, but I was (hoping) Philly would be looking at it as a couple good young players plus salary space. I would love Gagne here… always have. Would Smid & Cogliano be enough?, if so, we'd need to dump a "souray" contract to afford it.What about these scenarios:

    - Staios & Cogliano ($3.8m) for Gagne ($5.25)

    - Staios, Nilsson & Cogliano ($5.8) for Gagne & Carcillo ($6.14)

    - Smid, Nilsson & Cogliano ($4.5ish) for Gagne + Prospect/Pick ($5.25)

    I'm not very good at trade proposals.

  19. LittleFury says:

    Strip dodo Moreau off his captaincy, and give it to Souray.

    And with Shelly's already established penchant for taking stupid penalties, the transition will be a smooth one.

  20. Downright Fierce says:

    …and he has a mean streak.

    This is my favourite example of that.

    Drops the mitts, checks the cuffs, checks the Captain, and KOs the fool that called him out.

    Sheldon Souray makes me so happy sometimes that I feel foolish. I know he's older, injury-prone, and has good trade value, but I would be pretty upset to see him go. I just love his brand of hockey and he seems like a great leader. He's also the best Oiler on the mic, IMO.

  21. Bill Needle says:

    There's so much fat and gristle on the Oilers roster that there's a possible exit ramp for every player on the team.
    Can't wait for Exit Ramp 45: Bryan Lerg.

  22. Stormwatch says:

    Okay, let's not get carried away there, Hunter.

    Hunter carried away?
    That's unpossible.

  23. Mr DeBakey says:

    From TheFourthPeriod.com:

    The Blue Jackets are scouring the market for a puck-moving defenseman and Zubov has a relationship with head coach Ken Hitchcock from their days together in Dallas.
    According to the Columbus Dispatch, Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson is also combing through the trade market. The paper lists the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs and San Jose Sharks are possible trading partners.

  24. David S says:

    "Sheldon Souray makes me so happy sometimes that I feel foolish. I know he's older, injury-prone, and has good trade value, but I would be pretty upset to see him go. I just love his brand of hockey and he seems like a great leader. He's also the best Oiler on the mic, IMO"

    Could not agree more. When he shoved Moreau aside and absolutely destroyed Weller, that did it for me. It seems we keep throwing guys away in an effort to get back to "Oilers Hockey", when in fact Souray IS Oilers Hockey in the flesh.

    Your exit ramp logic is impeccable as usual LT, but to my mind, we lose Souray and it's two steps back.

  25. 'mos says:

    I think that if Souray is moved, Dallas will push hard for him. They need a top Dman, are close to his kids on the West Coast and have parts that would be of interest to the Oilers (Neal).

  26. HBomb says:

    Souray plus what equals Steve Ott and James Neal, I ask?

  27. oilersinsider says:

    I would trade Souray sure, but it better be for the world. We'd require a top 3 forward and a dman to replace him.

    This would be one of the few times the Oilers would be dealing from a position of strength assuming Souray waives his No Trade Clause.

    Moving him would need to vastly improve upon what we currently have.

  28. Coach pb9617 says:

    HBomb – you're a smart feller.

    The one sticking point is that Hicks has a cap of 48 million and they are already there.

  29. 'mos says:

    If Dallas was to move both Neal and Ott (which I don't think they would) they would need to to get at least one gritty forward in return. The only one on the Oilers roster who fits that might be Moreau.

  30. Asiaoil says:

    Many were skeptical about the signing – but Souray has covered his number offensively and in terms of grit plus he's been decent defensively as I thought he might be in EDM. Trade him – hell no – make him the captain as others have said. The time we have wasted with Heatley should have been spend getting rid of Lowe's dumb contracts: Staios, Moreau and Nilsson in that order. Plus getting a vet 3C and goalie (the only one done).

  31. ian says:

    Best punches to knock out ratio in the league.
    Has the no trade/movement clause, which begs the question why do players get them?
    Did the Oilers offer a NTC or did Sheldon ask for one?
    Is the clause a non issue if it suits all parties?
    The team always seemed to play tougher when Sheldon was on the ice.

  32. hunter1909 says:

    "Okay, let's not get carried away there, Hunter."

    I'm not suggesting Souray's half the player Messier was, or leader, but for one one pure intimidation I'd stick Souray slightly ahead of him.

    Souray makes a few NHL players regress into small children hoping their mom comes and carries them from the ice, by the looks on some of their faces.

  33. Phil says:

    Souray makes a few NHL players regress into small children hoping their mom comes and carries them from the ice, by the looks on some of their faces.

    In his prime, Messier had this effect on almost every player in the NHL.

  34. RiversQ says:

    My only concern with Souray is his injury history. Combine that with the good year and it's tempting to cash him in now. However I could not complain if the Oilers decide to roll the dice and hope he puts up similar results this year and then revisit the issue again next year when the NMC is gone.

  35. delooper says:

    [b]In his prime, Messier had this effect on almost every player in the NHL.[/b]

    The Joel Otto exception.

  36. Bruce says:

    Goals, toughness, leadership — the same attributes that put Jarome Iginla on a pedestal in Calgary put Sheldon Souray on an exit ramp in Edmonton. Go figure.

    This is my favourite example of that.

    Or this. Hit the mute button if you want to silence the predictably pro-Canuck whining of John F. Garrett.

    According to hockeyfights.com, Souray has had a dozen fights since the lockout, posting an 11-0-1 record with most votes in the 80+% bracket (impressive considering there are three ways to split the vote). Many of them detail Souray standing up for a teammate who has taken a knee-on-knee or hit from behind, as was the case with Cole in the Souray-Ohlund scrap.

    With a pedestrian rate of just three or four scraps per season, Souray's value is more as a deterrent, which is ideal in my view for a guy you want to keep on the ice for the most part.

  37. Vic Ferrari says:

    I think that Souray is a very good fighter, Messier was more feared for the cheap shot from behind.

    Gary Roberts used to skate around behind Messier poking him in the ribs and Mark would very rarely turn around. Strange because, especially then, Mark was a lot bigger than Gary, not as good of a fighter though.

    Messier used to do the same thing to Tocchet, and Rick wouldn't turn around. Tocchet lost all credibility for me as a tough guy with that.

    You just don't see that sort of game-within-the-game any more. The regular season points ar just too important now.

    I remember Roberts goading Mess into a scrap just once. Roberts took a couple of good shots just to get in tight and pull off Messier's helmet and point. I was at the game in Calgary, and Messier had a badass, old man combover going on. We didn't even know he was going bald. The crowd went nuts, and that place was usually library-quiet in the 80s.

    I can't imagine a guy like Souray letting Roberts get away with all the goading though. I can imagine Roberts being crazy enough to do it, I just think Souray would fight him twice a game. Souray is a very good fighter.

    Also, even though he will probably never have as good a year again in terms of counting numbers … Souray is a guy who doesn't seem to mind the fishbowl. In fact, like Pronger, he seems to relish it.

    We'll see how Bouwmeester handles it if the Flames ever have a big losing skid (unlikely I know, but surely it will happen eventually). My guess is "not well".

    And if Heatley was rattled by losing in Ottawa … just wait until he loses in Edmonton! :D

  38. HBomb says:

    Bruce: I think the correct term for Garrett is "douchenozzle". He calls what Ohlund did to Cole there a "clean hit"?

    He's either ignorant or stupid. Considering he's a Canuck fan, I'm going to say it's a bit of both.

  39. Asciutto says:

    Plus getting a vet 3C and goalie (the only one done).

    And on a great contract too!

  40. Steve says:

    Count me as among the people who understand the "sell high" arguments and realize that he's not a good bet to repeat last season's performance, but don't want to trade him.

    He's just too much the opposite of every single thing wrong with the Oilers last year:
    1. not enough offense
    2. not enough toughness
    3. poor veteran leadership
    4. free agents not wanting to sign here
    5. MacTavish's weird management of Erik Cole and Dustin Penner

    Okay, maybe Souray's not the opposite of the last one. But it wouldn't surprise me that much of Cole's eventual switch to rightwing was the result of Souray pinning MacTavish against the wall and demanding it.

  41. Steve says:

    Oh, I could add "terrible penalty kill" to that list.

    At least, I think Souray's the opposite of that. I haven't looked up any numbers or anything to substantiate my argument, because that's other people's job.

  42. Steve says:

    Also, LT, do you want everybody on your "Exit ramp" list to be moved? Because if so, I'm pretty sure you've got Strudwick-Peckham as our second pairing.

  43. grease trap says:

    Never trade Souray. Make him captain. How is this even a discussion?

  44. uni says:

    Didn't watch too many games last season (hectic year at work) but from what I saw Souray is well suited for special teams. Obvious on the PP, but on the PK he just needs to stay in position and read the play. His reach is very handy, and his strength definitely showed down low when he was fighting for position or the puck and getting it headed up ice.

    That's what's so frustrating about Penner as well, with his size and strength he could be just as effective as Souray. I remember a shift Penner had where he played keep away from 2 players along the offensive boards from one side of the net to the other and only lost the puck at least 15 seconds later after having been engaged by 3 separate players. If he brought some consistency into his game he could be a helluva force, even with his average skating. Here's hoping Quinn-Renney work wonders on the big guy, and that the Heatley trade dies.

  45. spOILer says:

    Sorry to threadjack but some nice comments from Nash in The Sun today which may alleviate some concern over his dedication to hockey or to the Oilers.

    "Right now I'm just taking it year by year," Nash said.

    "I'm not too sure what's going to happen. I'm not going to stay there just because I want to finish my degree. I'm going to stay there if I feel I want to stay there for another year of hockey."

    Conventional wisdom dictates that if a player goes back to school to complete his third year, he might as well return for a fourth to get his degree.

    "Some people look at it like that," Nash said. "I'm just looking at it one year at time. To me hockey is the most important, but school is too; I want to get an education and a degree. But if it doesn't work out with hockey, I think I can always go back and finish my degree, I don't think it's that big of a deal."

    The article also states he has never been approached by the Oilers to leave the NCAA, nor was any concern expressed over last year's wacky Ivy League sched.

  46. DBO says:

    two bottom pair solid vets just signed one year deals. Mckee to Pitt, and Mara to Montreal. These are the kinds of players I would like to see brought in, especially if we are dealing away one of Smid, Gilbert or grebeshkov. As for Souray, if we had dealt him i would have wanted to sign beauchemin (who is a similar player). I wonder if we could get a similar dman who brings the same thing but cheaper? Mind you who would fit that bill of offense, nasty and size? other then the Human Rake of course.

  47. DBO says:

    And Travis moen 3 year deal in Montreal. No idea of dollars. Some good plyers getting signed. Hope Tambellini is not asleep at the wheel waiting for the heatley thing.

  48. hunter1909 says:

    Messier was a terrifically dirty and mean player, but Souray simply scares the living daylights out of people.

    I hate to say this, but I have to laugh at the Oiler fans obsession with 'selling high', since the Oilers have been doing that ever since the Coffey trade.

    That's exactly what's wrong with the Oilers, and why no one wants to play for them. As soon as any player gets good, they're sold, traded, handed away on a silver platter in a 2 or 3 for 1 prospect swap.

  49. Smytty777 says:

    DBO: I'll be interested to see how much Moen signed for, he was a player of interest given some of our weaknesses, grit, PK.

  50. ian says:

    Seems like it is close to that time when "someone " takes a look at which UFAs' are left that would help the Oilers.
    Do the Oilers not have to move some players before they take on more salary?
    Chicken,egg, chicken, egg

  51. kris says:

    Somebody mention Souray was a good PK'er.

    I remember MacT going on and on about Souray on the PK when he was first dealy here, but I'm not so sure about this. I'm interested what others here think.

    It's clear that Souray had one of the better GAON/60 4×5 numbers on our team. But he wasn't much better than Steve "lost a step" Staios, or Tom "What's a PK?" Gilbert.

    (On a less positive note, Grebs' numbers 4 on 5 are atrocious. When you get rid of D who played less than 50 games or less than a minute of PK time a game, Grebs is the fifth worst PK'er in the league. Ouch. Let's not even mention Vis.)

    However, I'm not sure how much those numbers tell us about Souray. Obviously, the PK is a team game, and behind the net proves it. Minnesotta has 4 guys in the top 10 for GAON 60 4×5. Moreover, star D-Men like Pronger and Niedermayer are in the middle of the pack.

    At best, we know Souray is slightly better than a bunch of guys who don't kill penalties well.

    Any thoughts?

  52. oilersinsider says:

    Souray brings you what you want to see from an Oiler fans perspective. That said, you sell high and buy low.

    If the Oilers find themselves in a postion where a team is offering a solution to more of our problems than Souray solves, you have to take serious consideration to moving him.

    Ie. If San Jose called and said, we want a cannon from the point. We'll take Souray and Nillson and give you Milan Michalek and Marc-Edouard Vlasic (not that they would allow it might clear some cap room for them), you have to take it.

  53. Traktor says:

    Where was all the "sell high" crowd after Horcoff's unsustainable shooting percentage in 07/08?

    I guess "selling high" only works when you never wanted the player on the team in the first place.

    I hope we do trade Souray and when Visnovsky gets ran from behind and busts up his shoulder I'm going to laugh when nobody sticks up for him.

  54. kris says:

    Don't forget Souray's last season in Montreal:

    GF/60: 1.92
    GA/60: 3.43

    Facing decent Qualcomp.

    The guy can really fail 5×5, and that's a worry.

    Rivet, Bouillion, Komisarek, Sreit, and Dandenault all did better. (Only Niiiniimaaa was worse, and not much worse.)

    Moreover, the guy's got injury problems.

    I thought we all knew by now that shiny highlight reel stuff like deeks, big hits, super slapshots, and even goal totals. weren't the best way to evaluate a player, especially on their own.

  55. kris says:

    That said, he's a good player.

    I just think, in an ideal world, a superior 5×5, slightly cheaper, maybe younger, shutdown guy, who could really PK, would be a better way for the Oil to spend their cap dollars.

  56. Doogie2K says:

    Don't forget Souray's last season in Montreal:

    GF/60: 1.92
    GA/60: 3.43

    Facing decent Qualcomp.

    The guy can really fail 5×5, and that's a worry.

    How does that compare to other years on the record?

    One of my pet peeves is people pulling out his massive minus from 2007 while dismissing or ignoring his offensive contributions. I'm inclined to believe it was an outlier, at least based on the traditional +/-, which flawed as it is, is what we have for most of his career.

    Besides, if you look at the Koivu line, whom he typically played behind…man, they just got rolled all year, well out of proportion with their numbers for the rest of their careers. I would bet they had a horrifying save percentage behind them.

  57. kris says:

    Admittedly, it's a small sample size, but Souray's +/- per 60 5×5 wasn't very good in his 26 games in 07/08 either. Not as good as youngsters Pitkannen, Gilbert, Greene, and Grebeshkov.

    He did better than Staios, and he played comp. as tough as Staios and Gilbert. He was the highest paid D on that roster, and he didn't play like it and his injury problems showed.

    So, in 3 years he's had injury problems and has struggled 5×5.

    But again, he is a good player. But he's not an untouchable; we can upgrade, IMO.

    For his career, he's -33, and by my eye he's missed a whole lot of games.

  58. blackadder says:

    Unless we're getting a goal scoring LW to play with Hemsky, I can't see any reason to trade Souray. He logs a lot of ice time, plays tough, and has the hardest shot in hockey. Put him in situations and with players in which he can succeed and he can be an impact player – something the Oilers don't exactly have a wealth of at this time.

    Unlike some, I wasn't sad to see Brodziak go. I'd like to see something similar happen to get rid of Nilsson and maybe Staios as well. But, maybe I'm an eternal optimist, I don't know, I don't believe the Oilers are that far from the playoffs right now. We've got a strong defence (although I'd like to see us add a third pairing D – not sure if Peckham is ready and not all that confident in Smid and Staios), good goaltending and some talent up front.

    The team was a mess last year at forward – every single forward had an off year and Cole, Penner, Moreau and Nilsson were disasters. If we get some kind of return to form with guys like Horcoff, Hemsky, O'Sullivan and Gagner, we have a decent, not great but decent, group of forwards. Add a third line center (Betts, Malhotra) to improve the PK and there's some promise there. Not good enough to put us in Stanley Cup contention but enough – barring injury problems – to get us into the playoffs.

  59. Doogie2K says:

    I would never pretend that Souray's a Norris Trophy candidate or anything. I'm just saying, that year doesn't seem entirely indicative of his abilities as a defenceman, especially considering his "linemates" also had aberrant +/- seasons that year.

  60. Mark-Ryan says:

    Pulling out Souray's 2007 numbers is a lot like pulling out Horcoff's 2007.

    GF/60: 2.04
    GA/60: 2.65

    I think we can all agree that those numbers are not at all indicative of the type or level of player Shawn Horcoff is. But that season is THE reason he's a minus player on his career.

    Sheldon Souray was a +1 career before that season, and he's within range of an even rating after it. And I think you can make the argument he played tougher minutes for the Oil this year than he did for the Canadiens in 07.

    The Canadiens that year were one of the most piss-poor even strength teams I've ever seen.

  61. Ribs says:

    I'm half worried and half excited to see what Burke does with Souray this season. Carbonneau ran him into the ground every game and while his point totals soared, his defensive game blew a tire. I thought MacT/Huddy played it cool with him last year and it made him more reliable everywhere on the ice. I'd like to see a bit more offense from the guy but I hope Burke doesn't get too trigger happy with him.

    I don't see Souray being moved unless he asks to be dealt and I doubt it would be because he wants to closer to his kid.

  62. R O says:

    I'm half worried and half excited to see what Burke does with Souray this season.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that mistakes Burke and Quinn for each other. I think it's a combination of the gray hair and wide face.

  63. Ribs says:

    Ack… Wow.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one either, RO.

  64. ian says:

    Yes he was tied for a number of these but not with the same players
    1st goals scored
    5th assists
    2nd total points
    3rd penalty mins
    1st power play goals
    1st for shorties
    1st for game winners
    1st for shots
    Ladies and gentlemen last years Oiler MVP
    Sheldon Souray

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