Falcons 09-10 Reasonable Expectations (F)

This is Ryan Potulny. Based on minor league performance he has earned a long look at training camp this fall. With the Edmonton Oilers coming off another year with no second season, with Potulny finishing 3rd in league goal scoring (38 total) there would seem to be an opportunity.
Should Potulny be sent out and spend another season in Springfield, I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect a bigger season from the shooter.

  1. Ryan Potulny Fall ’08 Reasonable Expectations: If he plays in the AHL all season he could score 30 goals. ACTUAL: Scored 38 goals on 244 shots and delivered a quality minor league season. Potulny was the best forward on the team by a mile. Fall ’09 RE: A prolonged stay in the show and possibly the rarest of all things: another chance to make the NHL with a second organization. It could happen.
  2. Liam Reddox Fall ’08 Reasonable Expectations: If he is on the farm I’d expect he’s a feature player on the top line and delivering on all cylinders. ACTUAL: He played only 14 games in the AHL (5-4-9 -3) against tough opposition. The rest of the year saw him playing 46 games in an Oiler uniform (5-7-12 -6) and looks like he may have an NHL career. Fall ’09 RE: I think there’s every chance he plays 25 or more NHL games this season, but it can’t help him that MacT is no longer the head coach. If he’s in the AHL he will be a quality player at that level. I’ll say 25 goals and a trip to the All-Star game.
  3. Ryan Stone came over in a mid-January trade so we didn’t give him a line in the sand last fall. A quick look when he arrived gave us the idea Stone is a little shy of someone like Pouliot (and Jacques) offensively but he does bring a physical game. He did lead the club in EV scoring after Rob Daum arrived. Fall ’09 RE: A season in the 15-20 goal range combined with a gritty style should make him a fan favourite in Springfield. It’s also possible he’ll see some NHL action this season.
  4. Chris Minard wasn’t a part of the Oilers organization last fall so we have no reference point. Having said that, he’s an excellent minor league player and has scored over 30 goals in the AHL twice. Fall ’09 RE: another 30+ goal season in the minors and a chance at NHL playing time.
  5. Colin McDonald Fall ’08 Reasonable Expectations: If he gets to play with skilled men all season and a lot of PP time then 15-20 goals is reasonable. This is his time, though. If he struggles the Oilers have all kinds of options available. ACTUAL: McDonald’s positive is that he played much of the year on the “tough minutes” line and had a -8 for the season. His offense finally showed up once Rob Daum took over (see EV totals under Daum below). Fall ’09 RE: There is some hope for McDonald. 10 goals a year ago and that against tough opposition, I’ll say 15 goals and a major role on the Falcons.
  6. Geoff Paukovich Fall ’08 Reasonable Expectations: A full AHL season, 10 goals, 100 pims and anything close to middle of the pack in the plus minus column. ACTUAL: He scored 4 goals in a full (46 games) season with 51pims and a -11 against mid-level competition. On the other hand he seemed to respond at EVs under Daum (see numbers below). Fall ’09 RE: I think his arrows are looking up. The organization is looking for bigger men who are difficult to play against and he might fit the bill. I’ll borrow from last season’s projections and say 10 goals, 100 pims and add a possible callup to the show.
  7. Vyacheslav Trukhno: Fall ’08 Reasonable Expectations: He should be able to establish himself on the top 2lines and as a viable option on the 1st powerplay. ACTUAL: Trukno’s numbers were off, but his EV performance remained about level. He was used (when healthy) on the top 6F’s at even-strength by Daum after the coaching change. Fall ’09 RE: Guy Flaming has stated there’s a chance Trukhno flushes North America and plays in Europe this season. If he does try Springfield one more time, he needs to do something out of the ordinary ala Potulny this year. However, based on his own established level of ability, a reasonable number would be 35 points.
  8. Bryan Lerg Fall ’08 Reasonable Expectations: A 20-goal season in the AHL. ACTUAL: Lerg scored 9 goals in 42 AHL games, which works out to about 17 over a season. I think he should have been better, as he played against mid-level competition and was 22 years-old entering pro hockey. A disappointing year, and he could easily be flushed during what will be a summer of change. Fall ’09 RE: Lerg may be in some trouble with the organization. He has one season left on his contract and he didn’t play for Daum last season. A strong training camp is vital. If he gains a regular roster spot, 20 goals is once again a reasonable expectaton.
  9. Rob Schremp Fall ’08 Reasonable Expections: I think it’s completely reasonable to suggest Rob Schremp will lead the AHL in scoring this season. ACTUAL: A dreadful season, a devastating step into the elevator shaft that may have killed his NHL chances in one incredible, Rocky-like blow. Fall ’09 RE: A new organization. It’s best for him and the Oilers, hindsight tells us this was never a good fit.
  10. Ryan O’Marra Fall ’08 Reasonable Expectations: Playing well in that 4line role and then showing enough to move up the depth chart when injuries and callups begin. This is an excellent slot for him, here’s hoping he takes advantage. ACTUAL: He had another bad year and at this point must be close to a NP. O’Marra played the softs to a -12 and scored 1 goal in 62 AHL games. He doesn’t deserve a pro roster spot. Fall ’09 RE: There are none. If O’Marra eventually makes the NHL from where he is now it’ll be a miracle.
  11. Milan Kytnar A rookie pro whose skill set (Redline report called him a solid two-way player with good puck skills) is useful in any era and at any level. Daum is going to have a mandate that states W’s are important so we shouldn’t expect a full season. Fall ’09 RE: 50 games in the AHL and the rest in the ECHL, honing his skills and learning in the most difficult development league on the planet.

I’m not going to comment on Charles Linglet or James Bates at this time but will post on the Falcons at the beginning of September and include all other Falcons not mentioned above. Finally, the Daum numbers.

Daum’s Falcons at EVs (F)

  1. Stone 28gp, 5-11-16 -1
  2. Potulny 28gp, 9-6-15 -2
  3. McDonald 28gp, 4-6-10 -5
  4. Trukhno 22gp, 1-5-6 -4
  5. Eberle 9gp, 2-4-6 -5
  6. Schremp 28gp, 0-4-4 -16
  7. G Lefebvre 21gp, 1-3-4 -8
  8. Sestito 13gp, 2-2-4 -5
  9. Paukovich 17gp, 3-1-4 -3
  10. O’Marra 23gp, 0-3-3 -6
  11. Brule 11gp, 0-3-3 -5
  12. Spurgeon 21gp, 1-1-2 -5
  13. Urquhart 8gp, 1-0-1 -2
  14. Goulet 3gp, 0-1-1 E
  15. Czuy 2gp, 0-1-1 E
  16. Huddy 2gp, 0-1-1 +1

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72 Responses to "Falcons 09-10 Reasonable Expectations (F)"

  1. Ribs says:

    …Sounds reasonable.

    The Esks are showing up tonight? That's nice.

  2. Ribs says:

    A few things…

    I think you're still giving McDonald too much hope. He did indeed have better numbers with Daum and maybe that's something…but I'm guessing it isn't. Added depth in Springfield just pushes him further down the elevator shaft. I know, I know…"Just one more quarter, mom!"

    I can see Schremp sticking around. Unless Howson wants him, I think he clears waivers.

    Kytnar is my guy to watch this year. I've heard nothing but good things about him and he seems like a guy that should make the team if the effort is there.

  3. SK Oiler Fan says:

    When you're the worst team in any league there's going to be some ugly individual numbers, but wow!

    An outsider that didn't know or care about the upsides of any Oilers prospects could make a safe bet that no one on that AHL team will have a sniff at an NHL career besides Potulny.

    Having said that, 3rd in goals in the second toughest league in the world is nothing to sneeze at. Potulny should get a much better look than last year.

    I suspect the coaching change will be a good thing for Potulny as well.

  4. Lowetide says:

    Ribs: 15 goals in the AHL, a strong role on the Falcons and some hope is too much hope?

  5. Ribs says:

    Well… I guess it depends on your definition of "strong" in this case. Did he have a strong role last year?

  6. Charlton says:

    Hmmm. I think Eberle had 3 goals and 6 assists for 9 points in 9 games. Did he not?

  7. SK Oiler Fan says:

    McDonald will be 25 in Sept.

    22 Goals in his last 150 AHL games for a guy who supposedly has a great shot = Time to give up hope.

  8. Jonathan Willis says:

    Colin McDonald was never going to be an NHL player on offense; I think that was clear even before he turned pro.

    He just needs enough offense to carve out a fourth line job on his other strengths (size, decent skating relative to size, defensive game).

    He's a long shot; I don't think he can do it, but he isn't out of the picture.

  9. Hockey Noob says:

    Hey LT, not much to comment on this thread that's on topic. I have to confess that you've got some really impressive comment posters on your blog. To be honest, though I enjoy your blog posts, I seem to enjoy the interactive comment stream almost more! Keep up the great work!

  10. DanMan says:

    I think McDonald can be a future quality 4th linerin the mold of Shawn Thornton. I don't think a call-up this year will happen, though

    LT: NIce work. It's nice to see Stone's #'s at the top for evs. What position do you see him playing at the NHL level?

  11. knighttown says:

    "It's nice to see Stone's #'s at the top for evs. What position do you see him playing at the NHL level?"

    Steve replies

    The position of saviour.

  12. Lowetide says:

    Ribs: I think Jonathan's work on the subject tells us Mcdonald did in fact have a prominent role on the team.

    Hockey Noob: Agree. The key to this blog is the quality of the commenters. Always has been. Even if you go back a year and read a post it's the comments after it that are worthwhile.

    Good people. Except that person who posts spam in Japanese months after a post is old. :-)

  13. hunter1909 says:

    Lowetide: I've always suspected you weren't a Schremp fan, lol.

    10th player on the depth chart?

  14. Lowetide says:

    Hunter: I was thrilled when they drafted him and at one point he was the top rated player in the system by my measure (November 2004) but he is between the devil and the deep blue sea now.

    He performed poorly for Daum and he has a new coach(s) to please at the big league level but a crushing group of men in front of him with somewhat duplicate skill sets.

    I don't see him being an Oiler to be honest.

  15. oilerdago says:

    LT: It's interesting how the fortunes of Potulny and Danny Syvret have similarities.

    Both put up big numbers last year in the AHL, both have been given a cup of coffee in the NHL. Both have things that make people question if they'll make it (size/speed).

    But both are kids I'm rooting for to make. Would be a nice story.

    Can't say I expect Potulny to make the team out of camp w/Quinn's stated preference for size unless the Heatley trade finally happens and room is created.

    Would agree w/your expectations for Stone. He could make Tambs trade of Garon worth something still.

  16. Steve says:

    Steve replies

    The position of saviour.

    Actually, I was going to say "forward".

  17. SK Oiler Fan says:

    The Oilers could desperately use a S. Thornton in the system, but if Mcdonald is going to be Shawn Thornton he's going to have to "get rid of the flippers" more often.

    Mcdonald topped out at 65PIMs in 77 games last year.

    S. Thornton topped out at 354 PIMs in 78 games in the AHL. His second pro season.

    I don't see the similarities besides they both have limited offensive ability with decent size. That describes half of the AHL.

  18. Traktor says:

    What's the chances of O'marra cracking the Oilers 4th line this year?

  19. hunter1909 says:

    O'Marra has more bust potential than Marylin Monroe.

  20. Ribs says:

    LT- Here's something Jonathan posted after his QOC compilings for Springfield….

    "Based on how Truitt and Daum rotated their lines, I’d say Colin McDonald is probably the cut-off point for the really tough competition"

    So it sounds like he was facing the toughs but he was at the bottom of the barrel to do so. Is that a prominent role? Was he good enough to advance himself in the lineup this season?

  21. Woogie says:

    A few things regarding Lerg and how you feel he had a poor year.

    First off, he was by far the best rookie at camp last year. Came to camp in incredible shape, showed great speed and play making abilty especially when playing "center" and when paired with Eberle had very good chemistry. He is a very non selfish player willing to make that extra pass instead of taking a poor shot on net. Center has always been his natural position and he was always the most productive in that position,although he has always been willing to play whatever position is thrown at him. After rookie camp he dressed for one exhibition game and was sent to Springy for a couple of exhibition games and scored a few goals in each game(they were the only goals scored by Springy). Then when the regular season started Truitt sat him in the stands or if he did dress it was playing 4th line ,no PP or PK. So with all of the fighting and penalties hardly saw the ice. Then was sent to Stockton for a week where he looked very good because he finally got to play. He then was brought back to Springy sat in the stands or played 4th line again once again hardly seeing the ice. Once again he was sent back to Stockton a 2nd time where he performed well for a second time and then finally was brought back to Springy where he began to get ice time and played pretty well although went a little dry in the month of December. In January,he then was hit hard in a game and had a back injury and was out for a week. At that point Daum took over. He was healthy again then got smoked hard into the goalpost and injured his hip and could hardly walk. After the hip healed he once again injured his back in practice and was out for the season. So Daum never got a good look. Personally being the type of team player he is,Springfield was a tough environment to try and rack up points without being selfish and just shooting on net.Thats not the type of player he is. Lastly, I would use him at center and if the right quality of players are with him you will see the points rack up. Just my thoughts.

  22. Jonathan Willis says:

    Woogie: I like Lerg too; I think LT's going by the hints coming from the organization – which were basically 'he may not even be in next year's AHL plans'.

  23. Lowetide says:

    Ribs: I'd say he did enough for us to have hope for him. Not that he'll play in the NHL in 09-10 but that he may be developing as a role player who could eventually make the grade.

    As for Lerg, I like him fine but this is a player who is advanced in age for a prospect. He needed to do more last season (despite injury) and definitely needs to do more this year.

  24. Ribs says:

    Okay, LT. Fair enough.

    A "major role on the Falcons" still seems pretty lofty to me is all.

  25. Lowetide says:

    Yeah, that's cool. I could be completely wrong it but there does seem to be more traction for him than we saw previously.

  26. Yeti says:

    If we presume that (contrary to prevailing wisdom) Prenderghast was straight-speaking with the comment that what we have now is what we'll be going to camp with, then we can assume a pencilled in fourth line of:
    JFJ – Pouliot – Stortini
    with Brule and SMac as the two spare parts. Personally I can't see any of the Falcons listed as having a chance of shifting those five. Sure, Potulny has first call up if someone like POS goes down injured because he's the closest comp. Likewise with Stone when JFJ tweaks his back eating poutine. Reddox is a vanilla useful substitute. As for the rest of them, no chance.

    And more to the point, god help us if McDonald or Paukovic gets anywhere near our NHL lineup.

  27. Lowetide says:

    I think we need to wait until Quinn has a look at these guys. Paukovich isn't anything but the coach gave Nathan Perrott 40 games one season.

  28. Peter says:

    Can't argue with that Yeti. McDonald, and more so Paukovich, were closer to the ECHL last year than the NHL. I have a hard time believing either of them have any shot at the NHL unless something drastic changes.

    A nice 13th forward woulda been Troy Bodie, who managed to get a call-up from Anaheim last year. Great call on that one keeping a guy like David Rohlfs, who looks like he'll never even be a good AHL player, nevermind get into an NHL game. If we can buy out Hrabal this year, we definitely should have bought out Rohlfs last year. I know it's minor, but it just looks bad on the organization.

  29. SK Oiler Fan says:


    Sorry, off topic, but talking about that group of so called prospects is a short discussion anyway.

    Apparently Hossa and Talon had a wink wink agreement that he'd retire before his 12 year deal was up.

    I don't see how this gets proven, but how does this information even get leaked? Who would even know besides Hossa, his agent, and Chicago mngmt?

    Also, when is the last time any NHL investigation has ended in something other than: OK, nothing to see here, we'll just sweep that under the rug.

  30. Lowetide says:

    Bodie is exactly what I was talking about in regard to Perrott above. You never know what minor league guy will make an impression on the coach.

    Remember last season when Paukovich nailed Greentree (Crabtree?) in an early game against the Flames? If I were Paukovich's agent I'd tell him to park his car in the player's lot, step out and pile drive the parking attendant this fall.

    As a start.

  31. Oilmaniac says:

    My thoughts are that Potulny could really give brule a run for that 4th line centre spot… (if no 3c is going to enter the equation)…

    Like LT alluded to… What more is there to expect from Potulny in the minors?.. Brule still has question marks around, imo (cus of the injuries and the confidence/mental aspect).. This is the match up – battle – im most looking forward to in training camp…

    Potulny is 2-way w scoring touch.. sounds like a good 4th-liner to me..

  32. Oilmaniac says:

    "If I were Paukovich's agent I'd tell him to park his car in the player's lot, step out and pile drive the parking attendant this fall."

    F-Yeah! thats the attitude… hehehe…

  33. Peter says:

    As far as coaches favourites go, I guess you're right about that Lowetide.

    But as far as debating what should happen (rather than what will happen)I think that McDonald and Paukovich need to show they have at least a little skill through some AHL stats. We make fun of Jacques, but he produced in the AHL, and he is a huge guy that can skate, despite what he may or may not lack between the ears. Even Stortini put up 5 points in 4 AHL games to earn his call-up, as many have pointed out before. Paukovich and McDonald have no business in the NHL discussion – they were first cuts last year at camp (before Stephane Goulet!), and being mid-cuts would be an accomplishment for them this year.

  34. B.C.B. says:

    If we believe Prenderghast, and Yeti in response, and that is the fourth line, who is playing 3C? Cogs? Didn't we have enough of this last season?

    Speaking of reasonable expectations: I like your expectations of Potulny, Reddox, Stone, and Minard . . . these are the possible call ups IMO. Schremp needs not only pass Nilsson but at least three of these four at TC to play for the Oil this year, hence ever. So LT's expectation that he is traded (and I never have to talk or hear about him again) is spot on.

    LT: who in Springfield could play 3C, if injuries happen? Maybe Kytnar in two or three years, but I could not name anyone I would be comfortable this season.

  35. SK Oiler Fan says:

    It has always amazed me that some of these fringe AHL, ECHL players don't just go nuts in the AHL.

    It's like they think their skill level alone will get them to the show. Guess what, there are hundreds of other guys in the exact same position as you. What are you going to do to separate yourself from the rest?

    Have your gloves off more than on, run guys through the boards, be an agitator, anything to get noticed.

    It's not an easy way to get your shot at the bigs, but it looks like the only way alot of the Macdonalds, O'marras, Paukovichs are going to get a shot is if they look like they are bat-shit crazy on the ice.

    This strategy has worked for a few guys: Lyle Odeline or Matt Cooke for example.

  36. Peter says:

    Maybe it's just me, but I think we need to at least consider the possibility that 2 scoring lines, 1 checking line, and 1 grind line isn't the only model for an NHL team. Maybe it's the best, particularly in playoffs when you need a Pahlsson, Draper (in his prime), Madden, etc. to shut down the other team's top line, but I don't recall Buffalo needing it in '06 – they just needed more healthy d-men, or Carolina that same year. Both those teams just rolled scoring lines before the salary cap bit Buffalo and they lost several players.

    My point is, '3C' doesn't need to be a veteran checking centre. You could roll out another scoring line and I don't think it would change the entire course of the season, particularly for a team like ourselves that probably won't make the playoffs. When we get closer to being a contender, it will be more important to satisfy the traditional line roles, but right now, I'm not upset if we don't have a true checking line. I just want the guys out there that have a future with the organization, and I don't care if they need to make extra space for a top-6 forward on the 3rd line, if he's deserving of that – say Potulny, or some reborn Robbie Schremp. Trading away Nilsson for a weak return is stupid if the only reason is cuz he has to play on the 3rd line otherwise. If we have Nilsson-Pouliot-Pisani on a line, I don't think it moves us from 8th to 9th. I'm much more concerned about asset management for this coming year than about a few points in the standings, because I expect we'll fall between 10th and 12th.

    top 7 locked down in my mind:
    Chicago-Detroit-Calgary-Anaheim-SJ-St. Louis-Vancouver




    Minnesota could even pass us, but I'm counting on Backstrom having a rough start off his hip surgery.

  37. Lowetide says:

    Peter: Agreed that McDonald and Paukovich are miles and miles from helping an NHL team win hockey games.

    BCB: 3line center will likely go to Spurgeon. I expect they'll sign him to an AHL deal.

  38. Coach pb9617 says:

    If we believe Prenderghast, and Yeti in response, and that is the fourth line, who is playing 3C? Cogs?


    *rocks silently in corner*

  39. hunter1909 says:

    Just out of interest, which current player will totally shock us(in a good way) with a new coach?

  40. Coach pb9617 says:

    My point is, '3C' doesn't need to be a veteran checking centre. You could roll out another scoring line and I don't think it would change the entire course of the season, particularly for a team like ourselves that probably won't make the playoffs.

    It doesn't matter if the guy is a scorer or a checker, a hitter or a passer, a leader or a follower, the player has to at least hold the line out there.

  41. kris says:

    I'm gonna make a crazy prediction: Minard beats JFJ for the 4th line LW spot not long after the season starts and keeps it all year. The guy's career arc -and he is old to make the jump at 27- shows constant improvement. I think he takes another step this year.

    I know, I know, JFJ brings physicality. We'll see.

  42. Lowetide says:

    Well just based on change in role I think Horcoff will be the biggest surprise. Should he be relied on less for own-zone faceoffs and scut work his offense will improve.

    As for lesser players and minor leaguers, I'll pick Jacques and Peckham.

  43. kris says:


    I like a lot about that St. Louis team, and they did make the playoffs last year, but why do you say they're a lock for 6th or 7th?

    I could see them falling.

    I'd say the top 6 is set, barring massive injury problems: Detroit, Chicago, San Jose, Calgary, Vancover, Anaheim.

    After that it's a crap shoot, IMO.

  44. Ribs says:

    I'll say Cogliano (if he sticks around) will be the guy that surprises with the new coach.

  45. Peter says:

    I still have a soft spot for Brule after watching him in the Memorial Cup in 2006. I know he's really fallen far, but he's only 22 now. Maybe Columbus bringing him up too early (plus injuries) has ruined him for good, and he's always had consistency issues based on some scouting reports, but he has too much talent to be ignored, so long as he can stay healthy.

    I really think that one of Brule, Pouliot and Jacques will have a breakthrough year and became a significant contributer – not necessarily offensively, but as far as being a solid player who is worthy of ice time. Here's hoping Quinn and Renney can work some magic.

  46. Peter says:


    You could be right, but I just like their depth chart too much:


    They just ended the year strong, and their young contingent of Berglund, Perron and Oshie was so impressive. Throw in the vets like Kariya and Tkatchuk and guys in their prime like McDonald and Boyes, plus Backes, a power forward who just entered his prime, and I think they have the deepest forwards in the entire league – though they don't have the top line talent that some other teams do. Throw in 2006 1st overall Erik Johnson on D, who missed all of last year, and Kariya who missed the last 65 games or so. The only question for me is Mason. He lit it up after he grew out his red beard. If he plays well, they lock up top 7. If not, the strength of their division (the 2 best teams in the west in Chicago and Detroit, plus a solid Columbus team, and a competitive Nashville squad) could bite them a little and have them fighting for 8th.

  47. amw says:

    tambo newser at 3:30 today…

  48. scoregasm says:

    Via Dan Tencer: GM Steve Tambellini Conference Call at 3:30pm – will be live on CHED. Expect him to confirm Heatley is no longer an option.

    Thank God already.

  49. gary b says:

    Tencer on Twitter suggesting a 3:30pm conference live 630CHED conference call with Steve Tambellini, at which time the GM will no doubt fill us in on what he did during his summer vacation.

    and at precisely 3:31pm, regularly-scheduled 630CHED programming will continue.

  50. Lowetide says:

    I know people might be disappointed but imo this is a good day.

  51. Coach pb9617 says:

    I know people might be disappointed but imo this is a good day.


    Now sign Tanguay.

  52. Coach pb9617 says:

    Actually, sign Seidenberg, Tanguay and Malhotra/Lang/Moore.

    And start injecting Khabibulin with horse growth hormone.

  53. kris says:


    We can't turn Khabi into a horse. Pres. Bush explicitly ruled out the possibility of human-animal hybrids in his 2006 state of the union speach.

  54. kris says:

    CHED is a terrible radio network.

  55. Baroque says:

    We can't turn Khabi into a horse. Pres. Bush explicitly ruled out the possibility of human-animal hybrids in his 2006 state of the union speach.

    But you're in Canada – why should that matter? :)

  56. kris says:

    Let me take that back, Hall is terrible.

  57. Oilmaniac says:

    "Well just based on change in role I think Horcoff will be the biggest surprise. Should he be relied on less for own-zone faceoffs and scut work his offense will improve."


    How can you assume this when no help has been brought in, and mr.2nd in line was shipped out for pucks? Is this based solely on the assumption of coaching style?

  58. hunter1909 says:

    Heatley lol, at first I might have been dissappointed, but after all these weeks it's just boring.

  59. PunjabiOil says:

    This sucks.

    Same old disappointment, summer after summer.


  60. Steve says:

    What did they say? I assume that they're giving up on Heatley, which is good news. Did they follow it with "We're confident that the team can challenge for a playoff spot with the players we have now"? Because that would be bad news. But if they said "So now we're going to look to sign some bargain basement free agents, burying some existing deadweight contracts in the minors if necessary," that would be more good news. Anyway, recap?

  61. kris says:

    Tamb. needs to criticize the fact that the names got out, or it looks weak.

  62. kris says:

    Okay he gave a mild criticism of the names getting out.


    He seems to be dampening enthusiasm about any additions or trades.

  63. Oilmaniac says:

    f'KIN 'all eggs in one 'shit heatly' sandwich'…

  64. Oilmaniac says:

    ie. dissapointed in the 'brain trust'

  65. godot10 says:

    Internal development is the best way to build a tearm.

  66. PunjabiOil says:

    The only good news out of this press conference is that I'll save $65/month for not having to purchase a bus pass.

  67. godot10 says:

    Paraphrasing Steve T:

    MacT sucked last year.

  68. MattM says:

    Baroque: Road trips. Can't leave the starting goalie at customs :(

  69. Oilmaniac says:

    no other comments in the post-nothing, except that they are standing pat, conference..

    Well.. Im still in a mood to bitch,.. I really liked that the one fellow hit tambo with the blair betts question and he responded with coping out (too many contracts – trade only real option).. how much is betts expected to make?!? seriously!

    Are the Oil gunning for the worst PK in the league?!

  70. PunjabiOil says:

    Sutter showed you could get rid of poor contracts (Van Der Meer, Primeau).

    Tambellini in the press conference pretty much said they're out of the free agent market because they have have to shed salary in order to bring in players. No Malhotra, no Tanguay, etc. Meanwhile, our biggest cap wasters in Staios and Moreau will continue taking penalties or otherwise being liabilities on ice.

    So in summary, Tambellini's off-season consisted of:

    1. Letting Kotalik go without much negotiation, which is indicative a 2nd round pick should never have been given up at the deadline.

    2. Signed a 36 year old goaltender to a 4 year contract, with no team offering close to the similar term.

    3. Drafted Cameron Abney, a fighter, whose isn't even good in that role, and has 4 points, all while being a HS half the season in junior hockey.

    4. Traded a verstile Kyle Brodziak, who signed a 3 year, 1.1M deal – a contract with strong potential of over performance, and a clearly a type of player the Oilers needed MORE of, rather than less.

    Our damn head coach appears to be clueless about the players, and has identifiable issues that raise concern (as produced by Vic Ferrari). Our best defenceman is coming off a major shoulder injury, that may undermine his health. There still won't be anyone that can play on the third line centre role. Yet, according to Tambellini, the organization has strong confidence in the team next year.

    Steve Tambellini doesn't appear to be any better than Kevin Lowe.

    It's quite sad, actually.

  71. PunjabiOil says:

    Well.. Im still in a mood to bitch,.. I really liked that the one fellow hit tambo with the blair betts question and he responded with coping out (too many contracts – trade only real option).. how much is betts expected to make?!? seriously!

    JF Jacques, baby!

  72. Oilmaniac says:

    So I wonder what we'll will have to look forward to next off-season… another top 10 draft pick.. then more of this..? this…

    Hossa Heatly Horse shi…!?

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